After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 83

The big rabbit, which had just grown a layer of short fur, was shivering when a big black cat stepped on him. This black cat was of course not Dahei of Mingyou’s family, he was a caracal cat with fur tufts.

    “Are you the kid who made it difficult for His Highness?” The big carcal cat showed a hideous expression.

    The big rabbit was too lazy to shake. He laid flat and said, “How did you find out?”

    “Mr. Mingyou is selling rabbit fur hats in the live broadcast. You are bald.” Shi Shiran, another big cat, licked his paws.

    If Mingyou was here, he would definitely scream with excitement. This big-faced cat was actually the super internet celebrity in the previous life.

    The big rabbit sighed: “It’s a mistake. Yes, I did it, what are you going to do?”

    The caracal cat wanted to scratch the fat rabbit, but was stopped by the other: “Now we are still standing on an united front, at least don’t let him get hurt now, Lest he have an excuse not to go to the battlefield.”

   The caracal snorted coldly, and stepped on the fat rabbit’s stomach a few times, so that the rabbit almost vomited before accepting it. “You gave away half of your property? Don’t you worry about losing money?”

     “I make money just to make myself happy, it’s only half of it, it doesn’t hurt my bones, I can make money after losing money.” The big rabbit shook his body and shrank into a ball.

     Since the new spirit beast food, he ate himself into a fat man in one fell swoop. What appeared to be fat now was actually full of energy. If he was in danger, he could release the energy in one breath, and the combat power would not necessarily be worse than the big cats in front of him.    But as a businessman, he was too lazy to use stored energy when he was sure that his life was not in danger. If he was trampled a few times, whatever, it doesn’t hurt anyway.

     The rabbit pretended to be uncomfortable and said, “Master Shadow, your kick is too ruthless. After all, we are friends, can you take a little more effort?” The big caracal was very unhappy. This rabbit was quite shameless. Who was his friend, the friend who was slaughtered by him?

    “Don’t talk about this, I got good information. Since you don’t let me contact His Highness directly, then this information will be given to you for free.” The rabbit opened the special area in the light brain and passed the information to them, ” I didn’t expect that Mr. Mingyou’s movements would be so fast and so… direct. Maybe my current information may not be of great use.”

    The rabbit businessman was really convinced. He heard that Mr. Mingyou tried to threaten the head of the marmot pirate with a small cookie, and he thought it was a joke. Unexpectedly, Mr. Mingyou really blatantly intervened in the chaos of the chaotic sector, and offered a reward for information with small cookies.

     This time, the chaotic star area was completely messed up, and ordinary power users had completely opposed the spirit beasts. Had His Highness ever imagined this result? Or, was this the effect His Highness wanted?

     Let Mr. Mingyou stand in front of him in a private name, and take advantage of the fisherman himself. He deserved to be called the most difficult man in the universe. This cunning, even the most notorious star thief or hunter in the Chaos Sector was ashamed.

     The Star Alliance may be about to set off a big storm. The rabbit clicked on the spirit beast appointment post on the dark net, and a group of spirit beasts challenged. If those ordinary abilities objected, they could come to the appointment, and everyone would not fight.

     Hehe, Mr. Mingyou was born, and it was no longer a storm, but a hurricane. He hoped that the final result of this storm would be good, so that his fool friend knows, maybe he will be happier.

     An idiot who was oppressed by the powerful in the autonomous star region, seeked a life in the chaotic star region, and still wanted to return to the Star Alliance, he would be happy because of this little thing.

     The big rabbit was a little empty when he thought of the half of his family’s wealth that he had lost. It feels really empty to spend money.

     “Dahei, Dahei, look at my new doll.” Mingyou took out an oversized black cat doll, and His Royal Highness Arthur was taken aback.

     “Did you shave my hair while I was sleeping!” Arthur pulled back his ears, hunched down and roared at Mingyou, his tail blown into a feather duster. How could his shedding hair make such a big doll!

    “This is not your fur.” ​​Mingyou stuffed the big cat doll to Arthur, “This is a doll made of spirit beast fur that I carefully selected that best suits your energy fluctuations, and has the effect of soothing the spirit. When you’re on a business trip, you can sleep with this pillow instead of me, so that you won’t lose sleep.”

    Arthur’s tail hung down and his ears perked up. He squatted and tilted his head: “Who can’t sleep? You can’t sleep.”

    Mingyou thought, he hasn’t slept at all recently, and he has been studying hard in the system. He won’t tell him that.

    “You have bags under your eyes.” Mingyou said, “Don’t think you quickly turned back into a big cat, that I didn’t notice it.”

    Arthur’s hind legs stiffened, “I don’t!”

    Mingyou put the news screenshots for Arthur to see.

    Arthur quibbled: “The picture is fake.”

    “Take it.” Mingyou put the black cat doll into Arthur’s arms.

    Arthur hugged the big doll and frowned. He was such a big liger, could he hold a doll? Besides, it’s not because he couldn’t sleep that he had dark circles under the eyes, he just had too many things, and some things could only be done by staying up late.

    For an ability user, it was no problem to sleep a few nights less. But there were too many troubles, and it still consumed a lot of energy, which made Arthur feel very tired.

    “Meow?” Diandian bit his little cat doll and came over, and found the cat mother… Uncle was holding the same doll as him.

    “Meow!” Diandian happily dropped his doll, jumped on Arthur’s big doll and stepped on it. Then he found that the “scent” of the doll was not that of Uncle Dahei at all, so he jumped off the big doll in disgust, took his own little doll in his mouth, hissing, biting and kicking with his legs. The liger’s face twitched slightly.

    This bear boy, did he like him, or did he have a bad opinion of him? How could he use the noble doll of his fur as a hunting practice object?

    Also, he was a leopard! Stop meowing! Arthur had a headache. Should he throw the eldest nephew back to his eldest brother, so that the nephew would not be spoiled and his eldest brother will settle accounts?

    Mingyou took out a cat toy from the system backpack, which was also a fur ball made of spirit beast fur: “Come on, play and dance.”

   The little snow leopard immediately put down his little doll and looking like a tiger, he lowered his body, raised his tail, and twisted his body like a snake: “Meow!”

    “It’s not like this, learn from me!” Arthur saw that the little snow leopard had been scratching for a long time without catching the ball.

    “Hey!” Mingyou raised the stick, but Arthur grabbed the hair ball in his mouth, “Dahei is amazing!”

    Arthur spat out the fur ball: “Did you see it? You have to predict the ball trajectory… Stupid Mingyou! Live broadcast is not allowed!”

    Mingyou laughed. The big cat teaching a kitten how to catch the cat toy was so cute, he really wanted to share it with the whole Star Alliance audience. His big black cat was the cutest in the universe!

    Arthur snorted coldly, turned back into a human, picked up Diandian, and gave him to Adeline who was working hard next door.

    For Adeline, taking care of the little leopard was not work, but rest. She saw the little leopard jumping, and the exhaustion of work was swept away immediately.

    “His Royal Highness is really getting more and more lively.” Adeline smiled, “It seems that he will grow up soon.”

    “He now rejects the memory of his growing up, so he stays at this stage. When he accepts those memories, he will really grow up.” Arthur always stood up straight when he was in human form, and Mingyou felt very tired.

    So Mingyou stretched out his finger and poked Arthur’s waist. Hey, it’s hard, it doesn’t feel like Dahei’s waist at all, which was all soft flesh and hair.

    Arthur: “…What are you doing?”

    “You’re too thin, you should grow more meat.” Mingyou pinched his waist, although he didn’t have any fat on his waist, he still wanted to say, “You need more padding like an inner tube.”

    Arthur: “…What’s wrong with you?” What’s wrong with his waist and abdominal muscles? He actually wanted a swimming ring?

    “Okay, okay, flirt back in your room and say, don’t put flashbangs in front of me.” Adeline’s mother smiled, pushed Arthur and Mingyou out of the door, and continued to work while watching the cub.

    Arthur was angry. Where was he flirting with Mingyou?! The vicious idea of him wanting him to be fatter was called flirting?! Mingyou stretched out his fingers and poked Arthur’s waist again.

    Arthur: “…Besides, make me grow a swimming ring, and I will throw you out.”

    Mingyou thought to himself, Dahei was sharp, he usually allowed him to kneel on the carpet while he faced the wall and reflected about it. 

    “Okay, okay, I just thought, won’t you get tired if you keep your back so straight all the time?” Mingyou said, “Don’t big cats just like to be lazy? At home, there is no need to be tense all the time. I think Your muscles are all stiff.”

    Arthur was silent for a while, then said, “I’m used to it.” It turned out that Mingyou didn’t dislike his stiff waist, and he didn’t really like the fat belly of the swimming ring, but just cared about him. Forget it, don’t get mad at this stupid idiot who can’t speak.

    “At home, change the habit back.” The elder Mingyou said arrogantly, “Who sees your back being so straight, Dabai and the others straighten your back right away, I look so tired.” He poked, he poked hard.

    “Stop poking, I know, I will change.” Arthur stopped Mingyou from poking. This guy had completely treated his human appearance as a big black cat. Did he know that he was acting ambiguous now?

    Arthur wanted to remind him, but he was worried that after Mingyou woke up, the current atmosphere between the two would become awkward, so he had to swallow the depression and let him mess around.

    “That’s right.” Mingyou jumped and hung on Arthur’s back, just like he usually treated the big black cat, “I have good news for you.”

    “What good news? Don’t you want to be kicked?” Arthur walked towards the study with Mingyou on his back. His work was not done yet.

    Mingyou was addicted to research, which made his spirit beast partners very worried, so he “encouraged” Mingyou to play the most popular holographic online game of the Star Alliance.

    Mingyou was not at all interested in those “primitive planetary social customs” magic martial arts and hot weapon battles, and liked interstellar holographic online games. Spacecraft! Super robot! This was the romance of men!

    Mingyou was very excited to play games for an hour every day, and he was abused for fifty-nine out of sixty minutes.

    The spirit beast partners had the intention to make Mingyou kryptonite stronger, but Mingyou couldn’t wait to split a penny in half except for raising spirit beasts, which had completely become a scourge of other players’ gaming experience. He never tired of pitting a team to another place to continue pitting.

    It’s quite nice to see Mingyou being a cheater himself, but very unhappy to be his teammate. After his spirit beast partners tried to persuade him to no avail, they could only sigh and say that Mingyou was happy.

     “I was kicked and scolded, hehe.” Mingyou laughed, “but I grabbed a good piece of equipment for free. Wearing this, I can use my healer to slap the fixed team. Victory!”

     Arthur’s mouth twitched. Look at his deposit, why was he embarrassed to pay for the game?

     “I’m not happy about this.” Mingyou said, “There are many spirit beasts who signed up for my help thread, and they gave me their real identity. Go to the Star Alliance and restore their status as a citizen of the Star Alliance!”

     “I have attracted so many high-end spirit beast talents to you, should you give me some reward?” Mingyou hinted hard.

    Arthur didn’t understand what Mingyou was implying. Although he communicated with Mingyou most of the time, Mingyou was pondering too many strange things, so that even if he communicated with him, he didn’t understand: “What do you want?”

    Mingyou was stunned. He just wanted a reward, but he hadn’t figured out what he wanted.

    “Let me think about it.” Mingyou jumped off Arthur’s back, folded his arms and frowned in thought.

    Arthur: “…Then think about it. Is there anything else to be happy about?”

    “Oh, there is. Xiaotian has already sent you all the information I exchanged?” Mingyou asked.

    Arthur nodded. Most of his dark circles and eye bags were due to this. This information involved some high-ranking members of the alliance. They really got together and wanted to fight back.

    They seemed to already know that at the official level of the Star Alliance, it was impossible to fight him, so they wanted to go the wrong way.

    He didn’t know which mad scientist told them that they could use spirit beasts to create powerful forbidden weapons that could not be matched by spirit beasts in the entire alliance. As long as they had that weapon, even if they couldn’t drive the Big Cat family out of the Star Alliance, they could still make a fortune in the Chaos Sector.

    For non-spiritual beasts, weapons would make them feel more secure. He didn’t know what evidence the other party came up with, but they actually believed it.

    These experiments may have already started. It’s just that they had been tossing around in the Chaos Sector, and that place has always been a place where the strong eat the weak and have no human rights. This kind of illegal experiment was just trivial, and no one cared at all.

    Even if that rabbit hadn’t stabbed Arthur in the face about this matter, and it was not the soldiers who had been with Arthur or the heroic beasts who had shed blood for the alliance, the Star Alliance would still not be able to manage.

     The Chaos Sector was not under the jurisdiction of the Star Alliance, it was an unlawful place. The Alliance attacking the Chaos Sector was equivalent to taking action against others, and will make them hostile to the entire Chaos Sector.

    Mingyou understood this. No matter how well the country in his previous life developed, it would not be able to control the lives of other countries. Evacuate at most.

    Now, presumably what they were doing was saving their compatriots in a foreign land? Anyway, he has been on the same battlefield, and recognized in his heart that he was a member of the Star Alliance, and the spirit beasts who have contributed to the Star Alliance must be his compatriots.

    The Star Alliance’s position was stable. Besides, this time was not an official action, it was the private action of Mingyou, the spirit beast master. The personnel were hired with spirit beast cookies. The Chaos Sector had been completely divided because of Mingyou’s “crazy” behavior. Mingyou still didn’t know this, but Arthur, who knew it, really said he didn’t expect it.

    Breaking the unspoken rules that have lasted for thousands of years in the Chaos Sector for the sake of little biscuits, the spirit beasts of the Chaos Sector were really… amazing.

    “I got new news from Rabbit. There may be a special energy signal similar to the fluctuation of the energy body in a place. But this kind of signal is too weak to be deciphered.” Mingyou said, “I want to go to that place.”

    For others it was impossible to decipher, he was a spirit beast master with a system, his parents died, and he had memories of a past life, and he was a real protagonist template. Maybe he could find something.

    Arthur glared at Mingyou: “How can Rabbit contact you directly?” Didn’t this guy just get beaten up by Caracal and the others? The caracal also took credit.

    Only then did Arthur know that the caracal who stole his name was actually his admirer. Fortunately, he didn’t tell others that his name, which he had been depressed for for a long time, was robbed, otherwise he would be embarrassed.

    The caracal also told him the news. With the money that almost broke the cash chain of his business empire, the rabbit let the caravan take the most expensive equipment and searched every possible place, and finally found a person with energy fluctuations similar to the idea passed by his friends.

    Arthur was thinking about an excuse to explore that place, and whether to take Mingyou or not. Intellectually, Arthur knew that the most accurate information could be obtained by taking Mingyou. His hidden secret may be their biggest trump card.

    But emotionally, Arthur really didn’t want to take Mingyou to the Chaos Sector, a place full of beast rules. Just docking at the airport in the Chaos Sector, the slave traders selling at each starship would probably make Mingyou feel uncomfortable for a long time.

    Even if the Star Alliance had many problems, the Star Alliance was a peaceful and unified interstellar “country” after all, and even the people of the administrative star in the autonomous star area could live a stable life for the time being.

    Real people were not as good as grass, and there would always be a place of chaos and division. Without a country, there aas no home. Chaos Sector was complete anarchy.

    “I asked the rabbit.” Mingyou patted Arthur on the shoulder, seeing that he was still frowning, he stretched out his hand and tapped Arthur’s frown, “Among the information I exchanged for the biscuits, there are the Rabbit’s unusual behavior. Just a little guess, you will know what the rabbit is doing.”

    “He knows the missing energy body, and may use this energy to find the other party’s base. And he is a ruthless, stingy businessman. Even if he detects something on a large scale, others will only think that he is looking for some business opportunities, such as ores and treasures, and will not connect him with such things that are completely unprofitable.”

     “The person who gave me the news mistakenly thought that the Rabbit family had business dealings with the illegal experimental group, so I should pay more attention.” Mingyou said, “But I know that he dares to offend you for his friends, so it’s nothing to take revenge with half of his family property, anyway, he is so It’s amazing, can you make more money, right?”

     “So I forced him to ask, and if he doesn’t answer, I’ll call on other spirit beasts not to buy his stuff.” Mingyou clenched his fists, “I still haven’t made a confession to his family. If he doesn’t give in, I won’t supply his family! He gave in!”

     Arthur: “…Your threat is about to kill him, and he will be a ghost if he doesn’t give in.” He can still make a comeback after disposing of his family’s wealth, and he was stared at by Mingyou. Come on, was this still living?

    Mingyou let go of his fist, scratched his head and said, “Didn’t I learn from you? I definitely can’t do this kind of thing, how could I just suppress others? I’m not a big bad guy. I’ll scare him, if he sees through me, I have the next step.”

    Arthur was curious: “What’s the next step?”

    Mingyou said: “If he cooperates with me, I will let him become the direct sales supplier of spirit beast food in Chaos Sector. I didn’t expect that he was cowardly, and didn’t throw out my conditions.”

    Arthur: “…Don’t tell the rabbit about this, he will be mad at you.”

    “If he is reliable, this will happen in the future. The conditions will still be given to him. A person who would do such a thing for a friend, I think when he avenges his friend, he can be worthy of our trust.” Mingyou said innocently.

    Arthur thought to himself, the enemy of the enemy was a friend. It was likely that only a simple-minded person like Mingyou would think so. How many connections were there? Were all of Mingyou’s brain circuits straight lines? This couldn’t be called a loop at all.

    “Well, I’ll see later.” Arthur had no choice but to say.

    “Anyway, I have to go.” Mingyou said, “You’re not surprised at all, you must already know about this. You don’t want me to go, so I’m going too.”

    “It’s dangerous.” Arthur was serious.

    Mingyou said: “It’s not dangerous. I believe in you. Can they be more dangerous than the Zerg?”

    Arthur: “…” At this time, he thought, it’s really not good that his record was too brilliant, so Mingyou could feel confident.

    Arthur frowned: “The Chaos Sector is too chaotic, I don’t want you to go.”

    Mingyou stretched out his finger to poke Arthur’s brow again, and he cut the chaotic finger away with his hand. Arthur thought to himself, it’s really embarrassing that this guy’s bad habits developed on the black cat couldn’t be used on him in human form.

    “I know it’s chaotic. I specifically searched the Internet for Chaos Sectors, and I went to the dark web to watch some very tragic documentaries.” Mingyou said, “I’m mentally prepared. Besides, we’re not going to liberate the Chaos sector. All human beings in the star area, just to find out the news. The big deal is that I stay on the ship, even if I don’t get off the ship, who can rush up to show me what bloody things happened? You worry are too much.”

    Arthur continued to frown. That being said, but what if they were attacked? Mingyou had never seen a real bloody battle.

    “I’ll think about it.” Arthur said.

    Mingyou gave Arthur a thumbs up: “Don’t think about it, I’ll decide for you.”

    Arthur immediately felt a heart attack, and his voice couldn’t help raising a few octaves: “What are you doing!”

    Mingyou covered his ears, carefully laughed: “What are you thinking? It’s like I’ve done a lot of bad things. I’m so good.”

    Arthur’s chest was jammed. You’ve shaved all the star alliance spirit beasts, how dare he say he was good?!

    “What have you done?” Arthur found a chair and sat down. He was afraid that he would be too angry, and he would collapse with a brain hemorrhage.

    Mingyou helped Arthur massage his head and press his temples. Arthur was even more worried. Mingyou was so attentive, there must be something important!

    “I have discussed with my system for a long time, and turned this into a side mission.” Mingyou said pitifully, “After completing this mission, I interpreted the information carried in the energy wandering in that cosmic space. If I can pay off the debt, I can also earn a large amount of knowledge value. If I don’t do this task, my knowledge value will be deducted to a negative number.”

    “That number is a very large negative number. A negative number that will never end in my life. Carrying this kind of debt, my light brain is completely useless.” Mingyou tried his best to look pitiful, “It is very serious, very serious. In order to keep my golden finger from being damaged, I have to complete this task.”

    Arthur: “…Are you doing a suicide attack?”

    Mingyou: “How can I call this a suicide attack, who am I attacking? I call it a suicide threat.”

    Arthur: “…You are still very proud? Say, who gave you the idea, this is definitely not an idea that a small head can come up with!”

    Mingyou shook his head vigorously: “I thought of it myself!”

    Arthur: “…Xiaotian, give me the highest authority, and see if there is a chat group that Mingyou joined, except for me, there are other spirit beast partners.”

    Mingyou covered his light brain: “No!! You are violating my privacy!”

    Arthur grabbed Mingyou’s collar and pressed the man Sitting on his lap, he imprisoned Mingyou, who wanted to escape, with his arms: “Even if you run away, I can still see it. Xiaotian!”

    “Come here, Your Highness, I forgot about the highest authority. It’s over.” Xiaotian projected a crying emoji, “Sir, the relevant chat records have been sent to you. Mingyou, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to betray you QAQ!”

    “Dahei, are you a cat tyrant!” Mingyou revealed the same QAQ face as Xiaotian.

    Arthur put Mingyou’s head on his shoulder with one hand, and dragged the chat record with one hand in the void.

    Sure enough, except for him, all the spirit beast partners in this group were there, and most of the discussions were about “how to make the big black cat who is domineering like a crab become more obedient” and so on that made his blood pressure soar.

    Chat record:

    Mingyou: Dahei definitely already knew about this! He doesn’t want me to go! How can I not go! Surely only I can fix this! So many big cuties are waiting for my rescue! Come on, help me find a way to convince Dahei!

    Dahui: Don’t use so many exclamation marks, it’s annoying my eyes. Mingyou, His Highness is worried about your safety. You can help us solve technical problems remotely.

    Dabai: Yes, it’s too dangerous.

    Mingyou: I don’t care I don’t care! I’m going to use an exclamation mark! I’m going! Roll! If you don’t let me go, I’ll secretly go!

    Da Hui: …you can do whatever you want.

    Dabai: I can’t think of a way to let His Royal Highness let you go (Big White Bear waving.jpg).

    Dahuang: Unless you cry, make trouble and hang yourself, how could His Highness agree.

    Mingyou: Brother Monkey, what a great idea!

    Dahuang: …I didn’t say anything (monkeys fly away.jpg).

    Daqing: Mingyou, even if you threaten to cry, make trouble, and hang yourself, His Highness will not believe it. Be good, listen to His Highness.

    Dacheng: Yes, unless you really make a dilemma to make His Highness embarrassed, such as why your brain is going to explode. But how is that possible.

    Mingyou: As expected of Huo Ritian, his mind is good. I can really do this.

    Dacheng: Goodbye! I’m not here! Oops! Who can help me withdraw it ah ah ah ah ah! “

    Dazi: … Mingyou, you wouldn’t really do dangerous things, would you?

    Da Lan: How could Mingyou do dangerous things. The light brain that he brought in his previous life is also an educational light brain, and it definitely doesn’t have the function of self-destruction. At most, he would borrow another sum of money from Guangnao, and then secretly keep up with the black technology we don’t know, making His Highness have to compromise.

    Mingyou: I haven’t thought of this! I just asked light brain, it’s really possible! Thank you Dalan=3=.

    Dalan: I didn’t say anything, don’t put my hat on my head…

    Dalan: Where is the retract button?!

    Dahui: You just say what you say and I will help the little one make a plan?!

    Dabai: It’s over, let’s disband this group, sooner or later, we will be shaved by His Royal Highness (big black cat with a bloody knife.jpg). 

Mingyou: Hee hee hee, I’m the group owner , I can’t disband, and I won’t allow you to leave. If you leave, I’ll transfer the group record to Dahei. Hey, hey, it’s not that easy to get on the pirate ship.

    Mingyou: (づ ̄3 ̄)づ, things have been resolved, thank you all!

    Everyone: @¥#¥#%#&*! ! !

    Arthur was in a complicated mood after reading the chat log.

    Shouldn’t his subordinates carry this pot? The subordinates seem to have been trying very hard to persuade Mingyou to give up, and complained about some very unreliable opinions, and then Mingyou did it?

    Mingyou, he can find an executable route from other people’s nonsense. I blame you wrongly. You are not stupid, but your brain circuit is different from ordinary people. You are a genius!

    Arthur gritted his teeth, pressed Mingyou’s head into his arms and moved it hard, more fiercely than Mingyou rubbed his cat ears: “Can your little head think of something in the world?! Don’t make trouble for me every day!”

    “I’m not I didn’t, I never did anything for you.” Mingyou, whose hair was messy like a chicken coop, tried to defend himself, “Today is only the first time!”

    “If there is a first time, there will be a second time!”

    “Please don’t blame me for taking out loans!”

    “Opening this hole, you have tasted the benefits, and you will definitely do it again!”

    “I said don’t blame me for things I haven’t done!”

    Arthur and Mingyou were arguing with each other. After half an hour, both of them were so tired that they stretched out on their chairs and gasped.

    How could a argument be more tiring than a fight, this stupid Mingyou was really a headache.

    “Okay, I’ll take you there.” Arthur carefully looked at Mingyou’s face, which was getting more and more flat, with fierce eyes, if he was a big black cat now, he would definitely want to bite Mingyou’s head, “but you must be obedient, you must not mess around. That is the chaotic star area, and even I can’t save you if you mess up.”

    How could Mingyou keep a simple and ignorant expression and do such a hateful thing? Was his belly darker than his hair?!

    Mingyou made the comparison, and proudly declared his victory: “No problem. You have to believe me, when did I mess around outside?”

    Arthur believed in Mingyou on this point. he will never run around when he goes out with him. Even if he ran around, he would put him on his head as a hat and then run around.

    “Thank you, Dahei!” Mingyou hugged Arthur and kissed his forehead. After that, he jumped off Arthur’s lap like a rabbit, his face blushing and said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I forgot that you’re still a person!”

    “I’ve always been a person.” Arthur said tiredly, “The big black cat is me now, there’s no difference.”

    “Really, hahaha.” Mingyou scratched his head and smirked. He actually got the cheapness of a big humanoid cat! Dahei was not angry yet! Does it prove that the big cat in human form also had a little bit of ambiguous thoughts about him?

    He secretly glanced at his perfect human-shaped cat, secretly hiding his bad thoughts. Bah, you old-fashioned. Every day you sleep with the big beauty in his arms, and his thoughts are getting more and more impure.

    After two lifetimes, Mingyou, who finally stepped into the mood of a wretched adult, thought sadly.

    “What are you thinking? A person sighs next to him?” Arthur rubbed his temples, his head hurting.

    “It’s nothing.” Mingyou saw that Arthur was very tired, so he was busy massaging again, “Would you like to return to work as a spirit beast? I will massage you with the power of my heart while you work?

    “I get very emotional when I am grading documents.” Arthur took out a document asking for free spirit beast food, “For example, if it is now, I will seriously explain to him how unreliable his advice is. If I were Dahei…”

    “If your brain is eaten by zombies, you can dig a hole and bury yourself to sleep and wait for your brain to grow in the next life. You don’t need to submit this kind of suggestion to advertise that you have no brains. This is something no one else wants to know.” Arthur gritted his teeth.

    Mingyou smiled. It was really not easy to be the prince. Although he knew that these opinions were grandstanding or even deliberately disgusting, he can’t be angry.

    This kind of thing could indeed only be done by Prince Arthur, who was in a humanoid shell. If it was the big black cat, he would have torn these documents to shreds with his claws.

    “Can’t you let your eldest brother solve it? You are not officially working, right?” Mingyou said, “You shouldn’t have done these things in the first place.”

    “I am responsible for the promotion of spirit beast food and spirit animal science. I don’t know these things very well.” Arthur said, “My current documents are all for my eldest brother to read.”

    Mingyou slandered. His Royal Highness the Great Golden Lion was really good at calling his younger brother. The work was done by the younger brother, and the son was also brought to the younger brother.

    “Let’s cut off the supply of snacks for eldest brother.” Mingyou suggested. Can’t solve it, can’t bully his own people?

    Arthur glanced at the document in front of him, and said tiredly: “Do you believe that he made it worse because he didn’t have enough to eat? Instead of relying on the big brother, it is better to hope to grow up quickly and help me share some of the burden.”

    Mingyou thought to himself. He might actually be able to do this.

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