After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 82

    After the concert, Mingyou and the others rushed back to No. 1 Healing Star.

    Fan brothers and sisters from all over the world were flocking to Maple Leaf Star, and they would definitely be caught when they went out. Even if they disguised themselves, they could not underestimate the people’s sharp eyes. It was better to go home first.

    What’s more, for Mingyou squatting at home, the dose of this wave of going out was already too much, and he urgently needed to go home to replenish energy of squatting at home.

    “I really want to stay at home yet want to go out. After I go out, I want to go home immediately.” Mingyou, who changed into home clothes, leaned against the black cat sofa, sat in front of the spinning wheel and chatted with the audience in the live broadcast room.

    While spinning thread, he kneaded the big black cat behind him. After kneading a handful of fur, he stuffed the fur into the robot for processing, and took out the treated cat hair to continue spinning.

    The black cat had spread out into a pancake, and buried his head under his paws, looking like a broken jar. The fact that he shed his hair had been announced, and the entire Star Alliance knew that their great big black cat was now a hair loss monster, and half of his face was bald.

    This time, the internet did not laugh at him, but took a screenshot of their own domestic cats, saying that all cats were like this, the eyelids and eyebrows would be bald, and His Royal Highness the black cat was also a cat. It was normal for him to be bald, don’t care.

    Using the biological body to comfort the spirit beast cat of the energy body, His Royal Highness Arthur did not get comforted.

    “Do you want to buy a small toy made of Dahei fur? This is not good, I don’t have enough myself, but I can make a little hat for you with a little rabbit fur here, which has a good defense. I don’t know how much it will sell for, but it’s already put on the live auction page, let’s watch it.”

    Mingyou said, the little snow leopard wearing the same rabbit fur hood and cape as Arthur’s, holding a doll that was bigger than his body. The black cat doll walked towards Mingyou with difficulty.

    In the end, the felt toy made of the fur of the big black cat that Mingyou had accumulated was snatched away by the little snow leopard.

    When they returned home, His Majesty the Golden Lion had already used work as an excuse to leave early, leaving only the wilted little snow leopard.

    Mingyu was shocked. Doesn’t Xiaotian have surveillance? Didn’t His Majesty not abuse the little snow leopard?

    After inquiring, Mingyou found out that His Majesty the Golden Lion stole all the snacks hidden by the little snow leopard and ate them. Because of “worthless gadgets” such as snacks, there would be many more after Mingyou returned, Xiaotian didn’t bother Mingyou with such trivial things.

    As His Majesty the Emperor of the Star Alliance, what was wrong with having some snacks while watching the kids? What’s more, His Majesty the Emperor was Dahei’s brother, the father of the little snow leopard, and Mingyou was also a family member. When the family ate something at home, Xiaotian’s operation logic told him that there was no need to pay attention.

    Mingyu thought about it, it seemed to be the case. It would be too outlandish if Big Brother Golden Lion had to report for some snacks at home.

    But…he was the little snow leopard’s father, how could he eat up all the snacks that his own son treasured in one bite, and even drink up the special milk powder that he had prepared for Diandian!

    Mr. Lion, who stole his son’s snacks, will be called Big Brother Orange Cat in the future. Mingyou slandered. Although getting snacks and milk powder eaten was not a big deal in terms of reason and logic, the little snow leopard was just a child. For him, this was a big deal.

    Moreover, the little snow leopard, whose mind was gradually growing up, finally remembered. In front of him, this abominable big golden lion who only secretly ate his favorite snacks and drank his favorite specially formulated milk powder was indeed his biological father.

    Dahei was not his mother, Dahei was his uncle. And his mother had passed away. This dealt his fragile little mind suffer a heavy blow. He doesn’t want this father.

    Although this had nothing to do with His Majesty the Great Golden Lion-His Majesty stole snacks, at most it could only be regarded as the last straw that crushed a fragile little heart, but His Majesty the Golden Lion really did not know how to coax children.

    If it was his black cat brother who had lost his parents, he knew how to coax him. Anyway, his father and mother were old. Except for miscalculating his own lifespan, it was super unreliable to give birth to a child and raise him.

    He couldn’t accept the fact that the little snow leopard lost his mother, let alone comfort the little snow leopard. He didn’t want to cry with the little snow leopard, so he sneaked away.

    “It’s not really a snack issue!” His Majesty the Golden Lion said solemnly in the video contact.

    Arthur snickered. Yes, yes, not a snack issue. He pulled out the sister-in-law as a shield. It’s not because of a guilty conscience that the problem of snacks is a ghost. Am I missing something for you? He just want to eat the little snow leopard’s favorite snack in front of the little snow leopard, right?

    Nasty father, you deserve to be rejected by your son. Arthur was very distressed for his eldest nephew who was older than himself, and robbed the black cat doll Mingyou wanted to keep for his nephew.     

Although Mingyou also felt sorry for the little snow leopard, this was the first big black cat doll he made and he was actually very reluctant. But his own Dahei had spoken, and he could only obey, like a little daughter-in-law who had no status at home.

     After the little snow leopard got the big black cat doll, his spirit recovered a lot.     Now, wherever the little snow leopard goes, he will carry this black cat doll in his mouth. Because the cat doll was slightly larger than him, when he was holding the black cat doll, his two front claws couldn’t even reach the ground.

     Mingyou watched for a long time, but he couldn’t understand how the little snow leopard dragged the big cat doll everywhere on the premise that both front paws and claws were off the ground.     Mingyou asked this question in the live broadcast room, and the audience talked a lot.

     “First, this is the first time I saw Mr. Mingyou’s live broadcast of spirit beasts for the general public. Can I, can I talk! My cat is like this too! He can move freely with a doll bigger than his body!”

     “Okay ! Excited, I didn’t expect Mr. Minghou’s live broadcast to be on the ordinary live broadcast network, and we can watch it too. Diandian is really cute, I heard that this is His Highness Hans? His Highness is so cute.”

     “During the live broadcast I have seen too many of the royal family’s secrets, will I be silenced (laughs), His Majesty the orange cat, hahahahaha.”

    “The father who stole the child’s snacks is indeed a father. I often do this too. I know it’s not good, but the child’s snacks are too fragrant (repentance).”

    “Maybe cats can also walk upright. If the doll is used as a fulcrum, it is equivalent to moving with a cane?”

    “This explanation is reasonable. In other words, it is a three-legged cat.”

    “The animal fur clothes were actually bought with money, I thought it was exchanged with contribution value.”

    “If the contribution value is exchanged, it will be too expensive to auction, and the contribution value is much harder to earn than money. And I heard Mr. Mingyou said that the follow-up production will come up, and the spirit beasts will be equipped with special stuff. So spirit beasts don’t need to spend money to buy it. This little piece of clothing is sold as a luxury item to raise money for future research.”

    “Although I have no money, I have to say that there are a lot of rich people in this interstellar space. It should be able to be auctioned at a good price. Ordinary rich people buy it for collection, and it preserves its value more than any antique or spaceship.”

    “This clothes can still be produced?! How much fur does it take to make a piece of clothing? Dear Highness, the big black cat, this dress is too much to make!”

    “It’s okay to brush the fur from the spirit beast behind me while making the dress. My eyes are on the doll at my feet.”

    “Using the fur of cats and dogs at home as toys for cats and dogs, and there is no difference between spirit beast masters and parents of furry children (laughs and tears).”

    The spirit beasts shivered at the barrage of ordinary people. Because the base was too large, their comments had been submerged in the vast ocean of the people. Therefore, the spirit beasts could only discuss in the internal forum, and by the way, there were ordinary S-level ability users interspersed and haunting at any time.

    “I didn’t expect the little anchor to broadcast live publicly. His Highness is really shameless (a shameless praise).”

    “In the future, the live broadcast that does not involve secrets may be open to the public? If Mr. Mingyou will live broadcast, the public will definitely be more convinced. “

    “The live broadcast is still the royal family and the ten heroes. In the future, the group of spirit beasts with the highest status in the Star Alliance may come to visit. This is really a top- notch anchor.”

“Dangdang, the room supervisor. This time, I can give a reward to the superintendent, and we will never lose the fan power of our spirit beasts.”

    “I don’t know which poor spirit beast rabbit was shaved by the anchor. It’s such a big pile of fur. How long does it take.”

    “Isn’t that lucky spirit beast rabbit shaved by the anchor? With the anchor’s soft and kind personality, this pile of hair must have charged a lot?”

    “Gossip, A famous profiteer rabbit in the the star area is bald.”

 “Don’t make a joke, there are so many profiteers in the chaos sector, which one is it?”

    “Yes, yes, the profiteer rabbit is a whole family, which profiteer rabbit is bald. Go and see for yourself. The boss of the one with the most abundant supply is the bald one.”

“Don’t drive up the auction price, this little dress is best obtained by ordinary rich people, so as to increase the participation of ordinary rich people in the spirit beast business. But I really want it.”

    “Yes, I want to wear rabbit fur. The fur hat will go to that profiteer rabbit’s house to show off power.”

    “Let’s see first, maybe no one will buy it, we can buy it (dream).”

    He was indeed dreaming, and now the ordinary people and rich people have started internal planning. How to buy this rabbit fur hat.

    Spirit beasts were indeed the strongest power users, but the strongest did not mean that they will make money. There must be spirit beasts in a top rich family, but most of the time the richest people in the top rich family were not spirit beasts – if they became spirit beasts, there was no time to make money. Do they think everyone was a family of profiteer rabbits?

    “Buy, buy, buy, buy it and wear it for my family.” A rich man said excitedly.

    “I’m different, I want to wear it myself. For a spirit beast, his own hair is definitely better than this one plucked from other spirit beasts, but for ordinary people like us, it’s probably no better than that. Spirit Beast fur has more powerful anti-power equipment.” A rich man calmly said.

    “I turned my eyes to my dad. Dad, can you make fur clothes for me? My dad said, yes, find me a spirit beast master who can make clothes first.” A certain rich man said depressedly.

    “We can mobilize the spirit beasts at home to shave and change clothes to Mr. Mingyou.” A certain rich man is daydreaming.

    The spirit beasts could not laugh or cry. Mr. Mingyou’s knowledge of available parts of the spirit beasts was enough to let others cancel their plans to experiment with spirit beasts, but the effect of this was too ridiculous.

    Yes, yes, as the energy body of the spirit beast, the energy of fur and any part of the body was similar. The energy body was greatly affected by emotional energy, forcing the spirit beast to give something, be careful that there is a curse mixed in it. The most useful was the voluntarily donated fur.

    It’s also warm, looks good, doesn’t fluff, and even fills up a set of waterproof and anti-electricity. Ordinary people were complaining, isn’t this the same as the legendary “unicorn”?

    The blood or horns or hair donated voluntarily by a unicorn had a powerful blessing and purification effect, but if something was taken involuntarily, it had a powerful curse. If it’s something one gets by killing a unicorn, they’ll be cursed even when you die.

    Their spirit beasts were just like real-life unicorns. This was good, so that no one will play with the idea of spirit beasts.

    “Those who make up their minds will definitely still make up their minds. They don’t necessarily believe in Mr. Mingyou’s research. This group of people is just like those who believe that eating human flesh will lead to immortality. They only believe what they want in their minds. It should be said. Yes, even if these people are crazy and experiment with spirit beasts, they will never get the results they want.”

    This comment was liked by many people. True, they can’t expect everyone to be normal. At least, those crazy bad guys will never get the results they want.

    Want the help of spirit beasts? Yes, replace it with sincerity. Really, don’t you have any money to buy a small item? nothing? Goodbye then.

    The spirit beasts themselves were also very happy. They knew that when they fall into the hands of the enemy, they may inevitably encounter some very tragic things. But Mingyou’s research at least reassured them that the enemy could not use what they researched on them to hurt their comrades. No matter how much tossing, everything was in vain!

    “Is this true?” On a planet surrounded by magnetic field turbulence in the Chaos Sector, a man in a white coat was pale.

    And the thorn-headed man in front of him sneered: “You are a researcher, and you don’t know if it’s true or false?”

    “Whether it’s true or false, we can’t look back.” Another old man was cold and icy Said , “If you can’t study anything, all of you will be ruined.”

    “Maybe, he knows something and deliberately disturbs our minds. I don’t believe it, everything he said is correct!”

    Despite this, the researcher heart has sunk. The experimental data they had now, not only failed to study the results they wanted, but proved Mingyou’s words.

    Could spirit beasts have complete control over their bodies? Even if they lose consciousness, but the energy body itself has the “consciousness” of resistance?

    Only with your heart can you exchange for the help of spirit beasts? How can such a fairy tale happen in the dark reality. This was impossible!

    Even if the experimental data confirmed this, they absolutely did not believe it. Beside them, a faint energy point circled around them, flew into the sky, and was annihilated by the violent energy magnetic field.

    But after a faint energy point was annihilated, a second energy point flew out immediately, one after another, in a continuous manner.  

Over to the leopard with the black cat doll in his mouth. He put the cat doll on the ground, climbed on top, curled up into a ball of fur, squinted and started to take a nap.

    Since he regained a trace of memory, Mingyou had never seen the cute appearance of Xiaodian sleeping with his stomach turned, which made him very sad.

    “What are you sad about? When he grows up a little bit and regains all his memories, he will return to the way he used to be heartless.” He still turned his stomach to sleep, and made Mingyou lie on his stomach to sleep. The cat rolled his eyes.

    “Okay.” Mingyou put away the spinning wheel and glanced at the auction page.

    If this rabbit fur hat was sold, he should be able to equip all spirit beasts except Dahei with energy-crystallized scratching boards and climbing frames.

    “What about my share?” The big black cat stretched out two paws and rubbed Mingyou’s head.

    “I didn’t see the right one.” Mingyou’s face was deformed by the black cat’s claws, and he could clearly explain to the big cat, “I want to do it in one step.”

    “Not enough? What do you want?” The black cat wondered. He had never used such an expensive scratching board in his life.

    “The kind of special crystals dug up are good, but I haven’t seen similar gems on the market yet. I have to look for them. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just buy one for you and make do.” Mingyou regrettably said.

    How much he wished he could directly give Dahei the best cat scratching board and climbing frame, but if he couldn’t buy it, he couldn’t keep Dahei waiting and watching other spirit beasts playing with new toys at home?

    The gem cat scratching board and climbing frame could make do with it first, and then replace it when he finds something good. Anyway, the cat scratching board and climbing frame cannot be used all the time, and they will always be replaced.

    Seeing that Mingyou was seriously thinking about paying money, Arthur quickly explained: “I don’t really want you to buy a gem cat scratching board. This is too expensive, let’s replace it with wood. Scratching boards and cat climbing frames made of wood are good. I like wood.”

    “Both.” Mingyou was very happy. When you have no money, you can only choose one of the two. Who else chooses when you have money? Of course he want them all.

    It was the philosophy of adults. If you don’t have money, you can’t be called an adult. Mingyu thought proudly.

    Arthur still wanted to persuade him, but the elder Mingyou held the financial power of the family, and his protest was invalid. As long as Arthur complained to his orange cat elder brother, he was severely hung up by the elder brother.

    Did anyone care? Couldn’t afford a gem cat scratching board? Our big cat family has always been diligent and thrifty, and there is no such extravagant cat as you!

    Arthur kicked his ears to indicate that he was not extravagant at all. He was penniless and depended entirely on others to support him. If he did not spend his own money, it was not a luxury.

    In the big cat family, there was no ancestral training that cannot be raised by others. He has a bad stomach, can he still eat soft rice? Cats can’t eat hard things.

    So the luxury cat scratching board was settled. The people at Mingyou’s Research Institute were very supportive.

    It’s not called luxury, it’s called research. Didn’t you see Mr. Mingyou monitoring the physical data of his spirit beasts after using new toys every day? These physical data is enough for them to study for a long time.

    Research tools were expensive, right? Which of their instruments was not enough for a small executive star to pay a year’s tax? What are gems?

    Research was burning money, wasn’t it normal? Well, normal. The only burden of spending too much money in Mingyou’s heart was also blown away by his own researchers.

    In fact, he was not a luxury person. After knowing the value of these gems, he did have a slight hesitation. Although he was hesitant, he was soon convinced by the reason that “my spirit beast needs to grab a board and climb a frame, and must buy, buy, buy, this is a necessity”. But obviously, the researcher’s excuse was better than his own.

    That’s right, research is to burn money, can it be called a luxury to do research? As long as there is output, it is called contributing to society. So, what to buy next for his partners?

    Mingyou’s spirit beasts were stunned and found that there were many more luxuries in their room. All toys and decorations were precious energy crystals or gems, and all blankets and cushions were replaced with spirit animal hair… Wait, spirit animal fur?!

    “Where did you get so much fur?” Arthur, who had just returned from the meeting, rubbed his messy hair.

    “I offered a reward to let them treat the animal fur and send it over, and I will recycle it for reuse.” Mingyou pointed to the advertisement hanging on his live broadcast room and said, “When you work, I live broadcast to make toys. I told them when I was there, they are very motivated to send fur.” 

Pick up the fur of all the interstellar spirit beasts and make nests for his own spirit beast partners! Mingyu expressed satisfaction with his wit.

    Arthur looked at the house full of spirit animal wool and didn’t know what expression to make.

    The home was full of energy and felt hundreds of times more comfortable than it used to be – and rightfully so! Such a room of spirit beast fur! How many spirit beasts have shaved off their hair!

    Every time a partner spirit beast used a nest, nearly ten spirit beasts were completely bald. Cherish the spirit beast, please reject the spirit beast’s wool weaving nest.

    When Mingyou’s partners “come home from get off work” one by one, looking at a home that had changed a lot every day, all of them showed an expression of not knowing what to do.

    Should they smile happily, or should they smile bitterly? So many spirit animal hairs, Mingyou, do you really dare…

    “The spirit beasts who sent fur are very happy.” Mingyou was a little aggrieved. Why did his partners act like he had done something bad? He bought all these furs, paid or bartered them. The audience of spirit beasts actively donated fur to support his research. Was it still his fault?

    “Support… your research?” Arthur heard a very high-level word.

    Mingyou nodded like a chicken pecking rice: “They gave me fur, and I did research on the reuse of the body tissue of spirit beasts, and it was confirmed that the energy of the spirit beast and other parts of the body of the spirit beast is the same, and they can be used directly for reuse. Moreover, only voluntarily donated fur has this use.”

    Arthur and the ten heroes: “…” Very good, very powerful.

    “This excuse… reason, how did you come up with it?” Arthur was very puzzled.

    Mingyou explained his psychological journey. He buys luxury goods→researchers say it is for research→then he buys animal hair to make a nest for his partners is also for research. Yep, that’s it.

    Do you all donate hair? Can I exchange food for toys or for a unique ability coordination training manual?

    Spirit Beasts: Donate! I’ll go home and shave now! Must support the research of spirit beast masters! This is for the benefit of our spirit beasts!

    Arthur: “…You really don’t think there is a problem with this?”

    Mingyou tilted his head: “Where is the problem?”

    He really did it for research. Look at him, he obtained a lot of useful data, and the use of spirit animal fur was a step closer, and the knowledge value obtained is even enough to pay off the loan of the system.

    Now that he was publishing a paper, the teachers at the institute all said that his paper was an inter-generational discovery and was worthy of one hundred Star Alliance highest science awards. Impeccable.

    Arthur: “…Well, it’s impeccable, keep trying.” He could see that his stupid Mingyou didn’t suddenly turn black, but really didn’t realize that he was black.

    No matter how many research results he comes up with, his starting point for doing this was just to lick the fur of the spirit beasts of the entire Star Alliance and make a nest for them! Just like that!

    Forget it, exchanging small biscuits for spirit beast hair, bartering, and shaved spirit beasts were very satisfied, what can they say?

    When Arthur and the others went out and saw their relatives, they were all embarrassed when they saw that their relatives had uniformly turned into short-haired species.

    “Is Mr. Mingyou’s research still going well?” asked the elders and seniors they respected very much, “I have mobilized the whole family to donate hair! I originally wanted to donate hair for free, but Mr. Mingyou insisted on giving something. I am so embarrassed. 

Arthur: “…Very well, he will publish the paper soon.”

    The seniors jumped away happily, and the tip of their tails were drawing hearts. Help Mr. Mingyou! Very happy!

    “Mingyou is indeed doing research.” Yan Yi said. He’ll beat up anyone who says he’s not doing research!

    “Mingyou is indeed doing research.” Herman said. If it was revealed that Mingyou just wanted to make a nest for them, they will probably be wiped out.

    “It doesn’t matter what the story is, Mingyou has used these hairs to research many good results, and that’s enough.” Adeline, who was finally able to become a human, worked hard to say good things for her own Mingyou.

    “Mingyou’s approach is fine.” Leo said solemnly. No matter, he can’t be wrong anyway.

    “So much hair, where did Mingyou get things for? Do you make cookies day and night?” Kerry was curious.

    Ellie silently opened the details of the acquisition page.

    “Little black cat doll.”

    “Little white bear doll.”

    “Little gray wolf doll.”

    “Little seal doll.”

    “Little panda doll.”

    “Antler carving.”

    “Horse tail brush.”

    “Kangaroo’s Venom Perfume.”

    “All auctioned.” Ellie sighed, “Since Mingyou learned to auction, he has learned how to reuse waste.”

    These things were things that have faded from their daily metabolism. Pick it up, keep it, and sell it all. Energy doesn’t matter, what buyers want was the thrill of chasing idols.

    “Want to sell fur?” Arthur was very puzzled.

    Ellie said: “We’ve all started shedding our hair and horns. After making a souvenir, we can replace it with other things. Mingyou has the potential to be a profiteer.”

    “He made these things live. After finishing auction them immediately.”

    “Then those spirit beast audiences will organize spontaneously, and the whole family will gather together to buy these things.”

    Even they will deal with the early stage and clearly price the energy, Mingyou does not need a little thought.” Louis finally turned back into a human, and even went home. When he came home, he found that the seals in the family were all bald.

    “I, we want to support Mr. Mingyou.” His family and the elders he didn’t deal with stammered.

    Louis’s anger disappeared instantly. Forget it, the past is over, Gu Hai didn’t care about it back then, what did he care about.

    In that scientific research environment back then, all the authorities said that Gu Hai was wrong, should ordinary people be allowed to defend him?

    As for the family wanting to fight for power, or even wanting to use his current power to seek benefits, this was not a sin to die for. After all, they just “wanted” and couldn’t.

    Although it was impossible for everyone to be a family that loves each other in harmony, there was no need to become enemies.

    His bald parents were relieved. Louie ran away in great embarrassment. Louie was embarrassed at the thought of his parents’ hair in his own nest. But you said you should throw the nest away…isn’t it more precious!

    “Amazing, I’m willing to bow down.” The little panda shivered while holding his tail. Although he could also become a human, he still maintained the appearance of a red panda.

    Because others saw him as a red panda, they will be very tolerant to him. If they see the flat expression of the human figure, he will really be flattened.

    “I saw the row of tassels in front of my window, and I knew there was a lot of hair in my house.” Leon sighed, “The spirit beast family has some secrets on how to deal with their own hair.”

    Although there was no principle summed up, but in a long period of time, everyone still found out some uses of the hair. However, they couldnt maintain the energy in the fur of the spirit beast, and can only make it a mere souvenir.

    Even so, the spirit beast hair souvenir remained a priceless and highly regarded treasure in the Star Alliance luxury market.

    Now Mingyou directly disclosed the method of preservation and initial processing of spirit beast hair for free, and families with spirit beasts could use their own fur to make things.

    For the spirit beasts, Mingyou was completely sending them money and equipment, and the generosity made people want to give Mingyou a patent fee on a regular basis every year.

    Mingyou actually used the luxury of the fur, antlers, and claws that His Royal Highness and Ten Heroes shed in exchange. They could only say that Mr. Mingyou was really kind to the point of being silly and sweet.

    Did His Highness and the Ten Heroes know about this? Sign the purchase contract before they find out! We must not let Mr. Mingyou go back!

    “Actually, your shedding is still dead hair. I didn’t save the energy in it. They won’t use those things to detect your energy body state.” Mingyou patted his chest, expressing that he was very careful, “And you all agreed! I didn’t make an assertion!”

    Arthur and Mingyou’s spirit beast partners carefully recalled what they agreed. They finally remembered, in the drowsiness, promised Mingyou something.

    “Everyone, can I use the things you dropped to sell for money?”

    “Are you short of money?”

    “Lack of something.”

    “Sell it, it doesn’t matter.”

 The spirit beast partners were very generous. If it was a living body, they also feel embarrassed. But the energy body, this was just the “crystal” of ordinary energy, which was no different from the abilities they use, and can be sold.

    Mingyou had spent too much money recently, and all of their money had been invested in starting a company and a factory. If they could sell the fur that had fallen off and relieve the family’s financial burden, they can be considered a contribution to the family. Who knows…

    “The profiteer rabbit that you shaved will definitely be ashamed.” Arthur touched his forehead. This kind of take advantage of himself, and let the spirit beasts of the entire Star Alliance think that he is taking advantage of it, and he is ashamed of himself.

    Arthur thought for a while. If he was another spirit beast, he probably thought he had earned it.

    “Forget it, just change it. You’ve saved enough hair, don’t change it later.” Arthur stopped it in time.

    Mingyu nodded. He was also reluctant to sell too many souvenirs of his spirit beast partners. If it weren’t for the fact that he really couldn’t make so many handmade toys and cookies, he would have been prepared to trade his own for it. Of course, he also used the food and toys he made for many useful things.

    Mingyou asked Xiaotian to share the email with all his spirit beast partners: “I heard you say that the spirit beast sanatorium in the Chaos Sector is actually an illegal experiment den, and it has spread in the information market of the Chaos Sector, so I just put up a bounty, shouldn’t it be a problem?”

    “Mingyou’s special biscuits for information.”

    “Mingyou’s special toy for information.”

    “Mingyou’s special collection is limited to out-of-print fruit wine from the destroyed spirit beast master planet for information and help.”

    “Is there any powerful spirit beasts to help? I want to rescue those spirit beasts that were captured.”

    “I will specially customize food gift packs, props gift packs, and medical checkup gift packs for the spirit beasts participating in this rescue operation.”

    “The food and props during the operation are all included. After the internal evaluation of the spirit beasts participating in this operation, contribute intelligence and the most powerful spirit beasts, and you will also receive my guidance to help develop exclusive coordination moves (you seem to be called the field of supernatural power).”

    “Please help everyone (hands folded).”

    Arthur: ” …”

    His spirit beast partners: “…”

    Everyone immediately followed the dark web link, found the original post, and saw the comments below. Good guy, the appointment has already started.

    “Ah, ah, ah, it’s a real person! This certification is a real person! Mr. Mingyou, I’ll sign up!

    “A bag of biscuits is enough!”

    “I bring my own dry food, I bring my own dry food! Mr. Mingou look at me!”

    “Damn, the spirit beast with the most contributions is selected internally, and promises to help develop moves in the field? I’ll calm down.”

    “Sign up. Sign up, press the paw by the paw, the location has been reported, make an appointment, don’t grab the spot if you can’t beat it!”

    “Who will organize a competition? We will directly select the qualified people, and there is no need for Mr. Mingyou to screen.”

    “I’m the only one who noticed that the Star Alliance is actually going to intervene in the Chaos Sector? Are you going to be chained like this? Are you still spirit beasts? What about your dignity? Just become domestic beasts! “

    Mr. Mingyou is willing to raise it, and I am willing to hand the reins to Mr. Mingyou in person (with a wink).”

    “You can eat as much as you want. I want to eat first and then be free. Goodbye.”

    “Wait until I open the realm. Let you all the sharks who say they are free or not, hehe.”

    “I wonder if the spirit beasts who have participated in the war against the Zerg will have priority?”

    “There must be, hehe, Your Highness, I’m here to defect to you!”

    “Go away! Come fight!”

    Arthur took a deep breath. This guy wasn’t joking, he really offered a reward.

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4 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 82

  1. Lmao he really did it 🤣😂🤣😂 offering some biscuits and other benefits for some information and rescue team exploration 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 respect black belly mingyou, even though he himself didn’t know that..


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