After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 81

The sun had dipped below the horizon, but the supernatural fire power ignited the sky, making the earth brighter than day.

    Ordinary people were laughing and clapping their hands, constantly praising the dance while the spirit beasts were already sluggish.

    “As for what? Is it a big move for a dance? Is this the waywardness of a hero dancer? Love, love!”

    “The Zerg is defeated, the world is at peace, and supernatural powers are used to set off fireworks. What kind of singing and dancing, tactical leaning back.”

    “I seem to see a hundred warships firing laser cannons in the air. Are all of your spirit beasts so scary?

    “Is it the S-level power user who went the wrong way again? Silent and cute, no, our spirit beasts are not so scary, who would have such a terrifying flame domain!”

    “Whoever said that coordination is not easy to practice, I will slap his head with a paw! Major General Xianluo is enough, Lord Xianwei is not a spirit beast raised by Mr. Mingyou. In such a short period of time, he can cooperate with Major General Xianluo to use the flame domain. Lord Xianwei, can the stronger warriors not be so weak! (I am weak and I have low self-esteem)”

     “Maybe twins spirit beasts also have similar spiritual links and energy links. But it is indeed strong enough, this plus one is definitely far greater than two.”

     “It’s really cool to set fire in the sky, this is the most handsome dance I’ve ever seen! Every year, the Maple Leaf Festival comes this way, I’ll come every year!”     

“It’s unlikely. Major General Xianluo probably doesn’t have much time to participate in the little Maple Leaf Festival, so this time he might just dance for Mr. Mingyou (waving his hand).”

     “Am I the only beast here worried that the field will fall down, are we all finished?! What kind of performance is this! Are you not afraid of losing the audience by exposing them to high-energy weapons!”

    “I’m not afraid. Today, His Royal Highness and the other ten heroes are here. Mr. Mingyou is sitting next to Prince Arthur in the front row and applauding hard. What are one and a half flame fields? This includes Prince Arthur, and also ten heroes to protect us (waving hands).”

    “Your Highness, are they really still recovering from their injuries? Why do I think their strength is much stronger than before they were injured? Even a flame attack is already scared to death, Your Highness. But the only full-system spirit beast in the entire interstellar space has been very proficient at transforming energy, and now he has a domain?”

    “Okay, Your Highness is a weakened version of the army of spirit beasts.”

    “Mom, I want to learn how to set off fireworks! Come on, little brat, you haven’t even learned how to cook with supernatural powers!”

    “Hahaha, are you all learning to keep your promises and supernatural powers to set fire to cook? Have you blown up a few kitchens?”

    The spirit beasts were shaking and frying for a while, it turned into a calm spirit beast with smooth and supple fur. Isn’t it just using the ability to set off fireworks? I can do it later. First, I’ll fry the kitchen.

    Ordinary S-rank power user sighed while looking at the forum post. It felt so hard to be a spirit beast. In the past, they thought that spirit beasts were the pinnacle of power users, but now they found that it was like an online game, and full level was the beginning of the game.

    Did the Star Alliance want to open a training class for spirit beasts? Let novice spirit beasts learn how to be spirit beasts from scratch?

    If it was Mr. Mingyou, he would definitely be able to write teaching materials for the spiritual beast training class, right? But Mr. Mingyou was really busy. Can’t they just create a few more spirit beast masters out of thin air to fight for Mr. Mingyou?

    Ordinary S-rank power users fell into deep melancholy, and the younger brothers beside them were confused. Why did their strong boss/leader/supervisor show a “I’m weak and pitiful” expression? What the hell was going on here?

    Xianluo and Xianwei, two red foxes, set a large fire in the air. They were jumping in the flames, and they were very excited. Xianwei finally understood why Xianluo’s dance was better than his.

    When Xianluo danced, he was in a better mood than him. He was always trembling, afraid of dancing the wrong way. Xianluo didn’t care about this, he only cared about whether he was happy or not. If dance couldn’t even infect oneself, how could it infect others?

    “Brother, what were you thinking about when you were dancing?” asked fox Xianluo.

    The big fox Xianwei pondered for a while, and said in a hesitant tone: “If the firelight ignited not the air, but the enemy’s battleship, it would be more beautiful, right?”

    The big fox Xianluo flicked his tail and stretched out a front paw. The fox paw was like a human hand, with thumbs up. Okay, it’s his twin brother, just as he thought.

    At this moment, the haze in Xianwei’s heart finally dissipated. It turned out that this was the mood he had been suppressing all along. He wished his flames and dances would be more ardent than dancing inexplicable dances in front of a crowd of ordinary people.

    The flame should not be a decoration on the stage, “the flame of convicting sin”, this was the name of the team that he and Xianluo came up with when he was a child.

    At that time, the current Maple Leaf Star Archon, who was still a military academy student, took the two little foxes to play a game of defeating the star thieves, and said that he would join this team and become their captain and senior. 

But now, the consul was as smooth as a fox, and his fox was like a dog that obeyed. Only Xianluo had realized his dream, using the Zerg as fuel, lighting the most beautiful flame, and dancing the most beautiful dance on the battlefield.     

“Am I still in time?” Xianwei asked after the opening dance of the Maple Leaf Festival.     Xianluo said: “Spiritual beasts have a long lifespan.” After speaking, he changed from a big fox to a small fox, and rushed into the arms of Mingyou who came to greet him.

    The flames in the sky were his greetings to his long-lost hometown, but also a farewell. Soon, the performance he will participate in will be his future path. Although he was very happy to be reunited with his eldest brother, he already had a new family, and he would welcome the new stage with his new family.

    Xianwei looked enviously at Xianluo nestled in Mingyou’s arms, acting coquettishly while bickering with his comrades in arms, as if returning to his most carefree childhood.

    Will he be so happy in the future? Even if not, his future life will always be better than the gloomy life he had been suppressing himself for decades.

    “I’ll leave it to you next.” Xianwei, as the main director of the Maple Leaf Festival performance, defied all opinions and let Mingyou and their performance join the Maple Leaf Festival stage as the finale.

    After the finale, it was the last fireworks display of the Maple Leaf Festival. The staff in charge of fireworks shows were under a lot of pressure right now. They thought that no matter how gorgeous the fireworks were, they couldn’t compare to the fireworks that filled the sky in the opening dance of the Maple Leaf Festival.

    During the rehearsal, Xianluo and Xianwei didn’t show a complete dance. They didn’t know that the performance was so explosive. This Maple Leaf Festival had a perfect opening dance but no proper fireworks to end it, an imperfection that drove the self-proclaimed artists of Maple Leafs crazy.

    “Sir, do you want to set fire to the sky when the Maple Leaf Festival is over?” the deputy consul suggested.

    Maple Leaf Star Archon laughed. Could he give him a torch now and burn him to ashes? Do you think that all spirit beasts know how to create domains? Are you making fun of me?

    “The little fox at the time is really promising now.” The Maple Leaf Star Archon recalled that he had gone to take care of Xianluo and Xianwei in order to save money for the Chaos Sector.

    As a result, he saved enough money, but he failed to realize his dream and became the greatest star thief hunter, but became the consul of Maple Leaf Star. Life was so unpredictable.

    A performance aroused many people’s memories and emotions. Even Arthur and the others were a little disappointed. Only Mingyou was still in that silly music: “When we play, do you want to get some domains out?”

    His Royal Highness Prince Arthur was rare. Rolling his eyes like a human: “Mingyou, where are you going to lead your partners to declare war? Do you know that if we release the power with all our strength, Maple Leaf Star’s warning system will be directly scrapped?”

    “Huh? Is it so weak?” Mingyu was puzzled.

    The Maple Leaf Star Archon, who had just come over to shake hands with Xianluo and Xianwei, turned around and left.

    Weak his foot! They’re just a small tourist-oriented admin star, how many warships and laser cannons did he want their energy shield to protect against?!

    “It’s hard work.” The Archon of Maple Leaf Star suppressed his anger and came to offer condolences to the actors. By the way, he asked whether the special edition concert of the spirit beasts at the finale would also make Maple Leaf Star’s defense system madly call the police.

    “Don’t worry, we won’t use combat abilities.” Mingyou, as the head of the family, said on behalf of his own spirit beast, “It shouldn’t be considered combat abilities. I haven’t used it in battle yet.”

    Arthur pulled Mingyou behind him. You might as well not explain it! Seeing that Brother flame was almost scared by you, he turned into a spirit beast on the spot, and all his abilities were flashing!

    “You can temporarily turn off the early warning system.” Arthur suggested, “Now the Maple Leaf Star has concentrated most of the spirit beasts that are currently free in the entire Star Alliance, and no one will come to the Maple Leaf Star for trouble at this time.”

    Maple Leaf Star Archon nodded with a complicated look. True. Even if the Zerg appeared now, a planet of spirit beasts would be enough for them to eat a pot.

    Mingyou missed seeing the next Maple Leaf Festival performance. He had to bring his spirit beast partners for final preparations before the performance. Grinding gears on the spot, it was not bright. After the final rehearsal, the tension of his spirit beast partners dissipated a lot.

    “Actually, the jar was broken.” The big white bear was expressionless.

    “Yeah.” The big bad wolf was pretending to be cool.

    “I’m a researcher, why did I join the band?” Dacheng still doesn’t understand why he wanted to join the show.

    The purple horse had no opinion. How fashionable to play, just right for him. Daqing was a little shy. She had never done such a fashionable performance, and she didn’t even perform on the stage in the class when she was in school.

    Dalan was rolling the big inflatable ball to ease the tension in his heart. Mingyou applauded him from the side, Dahuang kept sighing while holding his forehead. He always felt that the behavior of his comrades was getting more and more strange.

    “Sister, are you okay?” Kerry looked at the pile of musical instruments in front of him with a bleak expression.

    Playing musical instruments with supernatural powers, even if he had rehearsed with good results, he still felt very unreliable.

    “Follow Mingyou, there will be no problem.” Xiaou was blindly confident in this, and learned ten percent from Mingyou.

    “Okay, it’s time for us to appear.” The little fox crouched on top of his brother’s head to remind, “The stage holographic projection has been turned on, you can’t see the audience, and you can’t hear the audience’s shouts, so the performance can’t be completed, Just shoot yourself and don’t apologize.”

    Mingyou suggested: “Dahong, don’t say such terrible words. Suicide is impossible, everyone shave to apologize.”

    Many spirit beasts glared at Mingyou. Mingyou! Are you the devil!

    Arthur thoughtfully said, “That’s a good proposal.” Everyone shaved, and no one said he had bald eyelids.

    His fluffy subordinates sorted out the instruments around them one after another, left their bosses behind, and walked onto the stage without looking back. This boss, don’t do it!

    Arthur touched his nose, silently changed back to a big black cat, and began to wear his costume. He put on a wide-brimmed hat, and his ears popped out of the hat: “Can you still see that my eyelids are bald?”

    “I can’t see it now. I’ll add some powder, so if you look at it from a distance, you shouldn’t be able to see it.” Mingyou took out a pile of fluff made of rabbit hair and black dye, and carefully gave Dahei eyelid makeup.

    The matte powder had a felt-like feel, and as long as one didn’t look closely, they couldn’t see that the black cat’s eyelids were hairless. Arthur looked in the mirror for a long time in the holographic projection and nodded. Okay, Mingyou’s makeup was pretty good.

    “What are you still doing? You’re on stage!” The polar bear ran back to the backstage and waved his paws at Arthur and Mingyou.

    “Come here.” Mingyou sorted out his clothes and walked on the stage side by side with his black cat.

    The performances of the Maple Leaf Festival were performed on different stages, basically covering the entire Maple Leaf Star. Now transportation was very convenient, this distance, as long as there are audiences who wanted to watch the performance, they could finish all the performances.

    The finale performance was generally the Maple Leaf Star’s most attractive show after the opening dance. However, ordinary audiences found that most of the tickets for this performance were “internal special purchases”, and only a small number of tickets were released, and they were immediately sold out.

    They asked the reasons one after another on the Internet, and when they learned that these tickets were robbed by spirit beasts using their own special channels, they all were speechless.

    “I wanted to roar that it’s not fair, but when I saw that the tickets were actually exchanged for contribution points, I…you should be happy.”

    “What’s wrong with exchanging contribution points! You actually exchanged concert tickets! You are stupid. Oh! Well, it’s me and other ordinary people who don’t understand the realm of spirit beasts (bleak).”

    “Inside news, this performance is a concert where Prince Arthur and Mr. Mingyou will perform together with ten heroes, so the spirit beasts only use the contribution value to grab tickets.”

    “Huh?! No wonder. Hahaha, why was it only announced now? Are we afraid that we will crowd out the Maple Leaf Star?”

    “If you can’t see the scene, it’s not bad to be able to watch the holographic performance. I decided to drive around the venue to get a feel for the atmosphere. Is this the closest I’ve ever been to the interstellar heroes?”

    “I didn’t expect that His Royal Highness would actually perform on the stage. Is there any special name for this performance? I’m really curious.”

    “Maybe, but I won’t know until after the performance?”

    “Ahhhhh, His Royal Highness the black cat is so sudden! Our support club is now urgently formulating the pattern of the support light stick waving, it’s going crazy!”

    “Just put the flag of the Star Alliance, this time. But it’s a hero concert.”

    “That’s true. There are also military flags. And the cartoons of His Royal Highness and the Ten Heroes. But Mr. Mingyou’s cheering pattern is very difficult.”

    “A smiling face of a human boy is enough, right? Mingyou won’t care about this.”

    Some pushers on the star network were waiting for this moment to lead the spirit beasts to grab the rhythm of ordinary people’s “welfare”, but found that this group of people did not follow the rhythm they expected at all.

    What a waste of spirit beasts to use their contribution points to grab tickets. It is so happy to be able to breathe the air under the same sky as His Royal Highness. The performance effect of spirit beasts exploded. It was estimated that not selling tickets to ordinary people was to protect ordinary people, and the last “His Royal Highness”. Everything has its own reason, don’t you know better than His Highness?” The golden sentence blocked them so that they didn’t know how to bring rhythm.

    Before any rhythm could be picked up, a group of people madly stepped on them, saying that they were enemy agents with bad intentions. It’s really hard to target interstellar heroes.

    “Boss, do you still have this rhythm?” a member of the navy asked.

    The boss of a certain navy was silent for a while, and said, “When I took the order, I really thought that the other party didn’t say that the rhythm was with His Royal Highness?”

    A certain navy member nodded: “Of course not, they just said it was a senior official of the Star Alliance. Abuse of private rights, laymen put on stage performances to make a fool of themselves, going to screw up the Maple Leaf Festival with stinky feet, and the tickets were all delivered internally because they were worried that they wouldn’t be sold.”

    A navy boss: “Help me find out who placed the order, I went to open a starship and bomb their house.”

    The younger brothers grabbed the boss and prevented the boss from running away. Boss! Although we are outlaws in the Chaos Sector, we can’t be so chaotic! I know you worship Prince Arthur, but you can’t throw yourself into the trap for Prince Arthur!

    “Don’t let me get hold of him!” An intelligence chief in the Chaos Sector who also served as a navy roared and felt uncomfortable.

    Why was he not a spirit beast? If he was more powerful and could become a spirit beast, he would be able to know this kind of gossip that only spreads among spirit beasts, and he would be able to chase tickets and watch His Highness’s performance live.

    The strong ones in the Chaos Sector were respected, and those with S-level abilities had no human rights! The intelligence chief wept. I want to be stronger!

    At this moment, many S-rank ability users thought so. They can’t change into spirit beasts, they can’t even grab a performance ticket, and even if they buy them with contribution points, the spirit beasts will have a priority in queuing ahead of them. It’s too hard for the weak.

    “Dahei, you are amazing, and I am still in the mood to read the comments on the Internet.” When he took the stage, Mingyou, who had always been full of self-confidence, finally started to get nervous.

    “Just take a look at it and grasp the direction of public opinion.” The black cat straightened his hat with his paws and walked to a row of violins. With a wave of his paw, a dozen violins floated into the air and began to tune themselves.

    Other spirit beasts were also in place. They were like conductors, standing on the small stage in front of their respective instruments, using their abilities to control the row of instruments in front of them. Only Mingyou was in front of the piano and was in charge of only one piano.

    The auditorium under the stage had been completely remodeled, and the on-site guide asked the audience to turn back into spirit beasts, saying that in this way they could better experience the music played.

    The situation on the stage and in the auditorium would be broadcast live to the whole Maple leaf star through holographic live broadcast, and then would be directly edited and broadcasted to the audience of the whole Star Alliance.

    This was the first time that Prince Arthur and his ten heroes, carrying their little spirit beastmaster, were so neatly presented in public. The media had already thought of a shocking title and were ready to make a century-old impact on this show.

    Not at the awarding scene, not at any ceremony, but a performance for the people of the whole alliance. This ingenious appearance deserved to be their Royal Highness Prince Arthur.

    This kind of novel appearance, His Royal Highness Prince Arthur must have thought deeply, right? We must read it well!

    The ordinary audience of Maple Leaf Star gathered together, waving light sticks, forming a pattern that was invisible to the people on the stage, expressing their love and gratitude to Prince Arthur and the heroes.

    “Wow, a lot of plush!” a child said happily, “a lot of plush!”

    “They are all spirit beasts.” His parents were also very happy, “These are the most elite warriors of our Star Alliance. “

    Maybe these spirit beasts were heroes who have been on the battlefield and fought the Zerg.” Another person said, “No, it must be. All the spirit beasts of our Star Alliance have been on the battlefield.”

    “Everyone is so good. Spirit beasts are indeed no different from people.” An old man said, “It’s much better than ordinary audiences.”

    “After all, most of them are soldiers, so the order must be kept very well.” Another old man also said, “So I say those who are uncontrollable beasts are not stupid, they are simply bad! I dare not say anything else, but basically all the spirit beasts of our alliance have had military experience, and they are all our children soldiers! They are all beasts, and they are not worth it. Trust, is there anyone else you can trust!”

    “That’s right, this is our soldier.”

    “It’s still a special ability soldier, our most powerful soldier.”

    “It’s so cute and fluffy, I really want to have a spirit beast boyfriend.”

    “I want a spirit beast wife, beast ears hehe.”

    “Speaking of which, in society, spirit beasts are tall, rich, handsome, white and rich, right?”

    “Can’t they be short rich ugly and black rich ugly?”

    “I think people of that status can still afford genetic adjustment.”

    The attention of the ordinary audience members was completely attracted by the pile of plush people in the audience. Although the plush on the stage were also very cute, it seemed strange that each plush seemed to use their ability to control a lot of musical instruments to play, but no matter how rare and powerful, could it compare to numbers?

    That’s a fluffy ocean! Quantitative changes directly lead to great changes! Even if one was not a plush lover, they can’t refuse to sit in the auditorium, squatting neatly, with a serious expression, but the tail was shaking all the time, and the ears are twitching wildly!

    “I really want to throw myself into the fluffy ocean and roll around.” Netizens looked at the recorded video of the unofficial live broadcast streaming on the Internet and issued a unified cry.

    How could the strongest warriors of our Star Alliance be so cute? I want to touch their furry belly, I want to pinch their claws and the tip of their tail, I want to move their ears hard.So cute!

     “It’s just such a group of darlings who are fighting bloody battles for us, and there are many darlings who can’t come back. When I think of this, I want to cry again.”

“It’s hard to move me, but the humanized performance and sacrifice of spirit beasts made me especially unbearable. As a result, now the soldiers are all fluffy and fighting, and my tears suddenly burst, alas.”

    “Whether it is a human being or a human being, I will be moved by the sacrifice. I just can’t understand, such a good group of cutied, how can anyone have the heart to black them? Look at this big fluffy face, look at this humanized expression, look at this chaotic ears and tail, I will be a fan of spirit beasts from now on, whoever scolds spirit beasts, I wish him a blocked account book.”

     “I wish him a blocked account book +1. Crazy screenshots, every time A spirit beast is so cute, and there are so many spirit beasts, but I haven’t seen one exactly the same, even the twin foxes who danced together in the opening dance are obviously different, this is a plush paradise!”

     “Let’s study. If you are admitted to the major of Spirit Beast Master, you may have a big plush that is super powerful and can support yourself.”

    “Study hard and study hard, ah ah ah ah, I must become a spirit beast master, I want to have my cuteness!”

    “The most important thing to become a spirit beast master is your mind. If you don’t get an administrative star champion, you’re embarrassed to talk to me. Does the spirit beast say what you want? Work hard! Struggle!”

    “According to the gossip, Mr. Mingyou, the only spirit beast master in the interstellar space, can cook, make clothes, massage, and help spirit beasts train their abilities, which is called decathlon. At least we need to be proficient in one of them, right?”

    “As an ordinary employee of a spirit beast sanatorium who has seen Mr. Mingyou with his own eyes, I must say that Mr. Mingyou can do more than that. He can assemble precision machines with his bare hands. His attainment is also very strong.”

    “As a weak and helpless S-level power user who has seen Mr. Mingyou live broadcast with his own eyes and did not win tickets, I have to say that Mr. Mingyou can do more than that. Fight spirit beasts hand-to-hand. They are also very good at fighting, and their strength is outrageous. Those who want to become spirit beast masters, are they ready to beat their own disobedient spirit beasts with their bare hands?”

    “Damn, spirit beasts. Can the master beat the spirit beast with his bare hands?! Who is the real strongest power user!”

    “The spirit beast master will be fed back by the contract spirit beast, and the physical and mental power will be greatly strengthened, and the power of the contract spirit beast will be greatly strengthened. It is ineffective for damage, which can be regarded as injury-free for teammates. Therefore, although spirit beast masters may not be able to reach Mr. Mingyou’s formidable strength in the future, it is still no problem to beat up their own disobedient spirit beasts.”

    They jumped for joy while pretending to be shivering. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have powers, as long as you can have a spirit beast and become a spirit beast master, you can have the strength to beat the most powerful person – spirit beast. This was a great temptation for many ordinary people who dreamed of becoming a supernatural being but cannot achieve it for various reasons.

    Even if they know that it was definitely more difficult to become a spirit beast master than to become a power user, there were many possibilities if there were many paths.

    Ordinary people were talking about the spirit beast master and a large group of cute plush audience, only the spirit beasts was paying attention to the concert itself. Most of the spirit beasts have watched Mingyou’s live broadcast and heard their performance in the live broadcast room.

    They thought that this concert was also a spirit beast holding a musical instrument, and everyone came to play a normal performance. Who knew, it was actually a spirit beast that controlled a suite of musical instruments, why was this called playing, this was the control ability of the dazzling supernatural power!

    Even if they were controlling the same instrument, the rhythm should be the same when playing, but at least they couldn’t, having a hundred violins, cellos, flutes, etc. play together at the same time. If they use pure power, maybe they can’t even control a musical instrument.

    What was the most powerful person! Look at His Royal Highness and the ten heroes, this spirit beast controlled a band, this was the strongest ability person! We, spirit beasts, were not worthy!

    At the beginning of the performance, the spirit beast audience was already shocked and dumbfounded. Eleven spirit beasts controlled nearly 1,000 musical instruments in total, and directly gave a performance by a large symphony orchestra. Can they be more showy?

    Okay, they know that although they are still recovering in name, they are actually the strongest in the universe.

    They wanted to cry. Was this the difference between the domestic spirit beasts with spirit beast masters and the wandering spirit beasts who were helpless and lonely?

    When the music sounded, their minds were already at peace. Was beaten calmly. This symphony, they have seen the introduction on the program list. They still remembered the first piano piece that Mr. Mingyou played in the live broadcast room.

    That piano piece rekindled the hearts of many spirit beasts who were in very poor condition at the time. Now this group symphony was at the work “Ninth Symphony” by Mr. Beethoven, who used music as a weapon.

    In the spirit beast master planet that had disappeared, every spirit beast master was so amazing. They used their surging emotions to create a lot of shocking works.

    The spirit beasts watching the live broadcast were already familiar with the experience of this senior spirit beast teacher, and they would still be shocked when they heard his works again. Listening to the concert live this time, the shock they received was stronger than that in the holographic live broadcast room.

    The emotional energy fluctuations that Mingyou called the power of the heart, through the sound waves of the music, penetrated into their energy bodies, as if they had also become part of the music, become musical notes, and emitted the same energy fluctuations as those on the stage.

    They were surprised to see that energy fluctuations overflowed from their bodies. It was the power that symbolized human emotions. It was what Mingyou said. The important power of the contract between spirit beast masters and spirit beasts was beings who have feelings. A creature, a special power that can surpass itself in its extreme state.

    It was a power that belonged only to human beings who were weak because of their emotions. They no longer remembered the specific pitch of the music. Every “cell” in their body seemed to be receiving the baptism of this concert, but it was a feast of energy.

    With the development of music, they seemed to have eaten a big meal, all the exhaustion from their whole body was swept away, and energy seemed to fill their whole body, even if it was new food of spirit beast, it couldn’t give them such a surging sense of filling. .

    They felt that they had a better control over their bodies, their energy bodies had become much stronger, and they could even feel that the hidden injuries in their energy bodies were gradually getting better.

    What kind of concert was this! It was a gourmet feast! This was also a comprehensive and careful power treatment!

    Can a healer in the alliance do this? Or, was this a treatment that could only be done by spirit beasts? This was what Mr. Minguou said about the special healing skills of spirit beasts. Was it a healing skill that all spirit beasts can learn?

    It turned out that this was not a theory, but had been proven in practice? The spirit beasts were baptized by music, so comfortable that they didn’t want to think about anything in his mind, but he had to think.

    Such a powerful research can directly allow a large number of spiritual beasts to receive treatment. Why did Mr. Mingyou not directly publish it in the form of a paper? Why wasn’t there a press conference? Why hadn’t the Star Alliance government rewarded it?

    Why did His Royal Highness Prince Arthur use the form of a concert to let the ten heroes and Mr. Mingyou collectively appear in front of the public for the first time, and why was this epoch-making achievement told to them in such a roundabout way? Very thoughtful.

    Then don’t think about it – the spirit beasts give up thinking, because the stage has entered the final movement. In the final movement, the spirit beasts not only have to control the instruments, but also sing.

    With this exaggerated single-mindedness, their control over abilities has risen to a new level. Mingyou smiled with frowning eyes, shaking his head while typing on the piano keyboard, singing with his plush.

    It doesn’t matter what the goddess of joy is, the merciful God was just a proxy, the gods were just a metaphor they used to praise, and the most important thing was the desire of hundreds of millions of people to unite, overcome difficulties and laugh together.

    Dedicate their precious friendship, at this moment, no matter good or bad, all the world was family. Such an arrogant wish was conveyed to the hearts of every spirit beast through music, making them feel as if at this moment, they had indeed achieved the same heart.

    After the symphony performance ended, Mingyou raised his head, looked at the embodied energy notes, and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

    At this time, the black cat removed the holographic disguise of the stage, and they finally faced the audience. Facing a horde of plushies.

    The eyes of this group of fluffy people were sparkling, as bright as the stars. Their spiritual power and emotional power converged into a sea of ​​energy, linking every spirit beast.

    This resonance made healthy spirit beasts stronger and sickly spirit beasts regain their vitality. As Arthur and Mingyou deduced before, using music as a medium, the effect of the “healing power” cast was really amazing.

    “Our healing records will definitely sell for a good price.” Mingyou whispered to his spirit beasts with his spiritual link.

    Being moved and immersing their souls into the spiritual sea of ​​the spirit beasts on the scene, His Royal Highness Prince Arthur and the Ten Heroes, who resonated with all the audience at the scene, immediately seemed to be kicked in the buttocks. From the spiritual link with the audience, rolled out from the incomparably surging emotion. They looked at Mingyu with complicated eyes.

    Mingyou scratched his head in confusion: “What’s wrong?” Did I say something wrong?

    “Come on, step down.” The black cat said angrily.

    This idiot would destroy the atmosphere as always, and make them feel nothing, and now they are full of thoughts on how to make money. Alas, poor.

    The other partner spirit beasts also frowned, thinking of their shriveled purse and the embarrassment of being cared for by Mingyou.

    When you are so moved, Mingyou, can he forget about the money! How can they still be immersed in the atmosphere of joy! Forget it, no more fun. They still want to advertise and sell more healing records.

    Although ordinary audiences couldn’t hear the energy fluctuations, with their reputation, it should be no problem if they wanted to sell some records to ordinary people of the Star Alliance.

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