After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 80

Mingyou came to Maple Leaf Star to watch the festival, which had long been spread among the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance.

    The spirit beasts said that there were many people in the Star Alliance who wanted to harm Mingyou. In order to protect him, they must rush to the Maple Leaf Star to kill everyone and everything that may harm Mingyou.

    As for the national idol Xianluo, it was rare to come to the Maple Leaf Festival again. This time, it was the dream twin dancers dancing together or something. They were not a star chaser, and they didn’t really care.

    “Where are the tickets?! It’s gone so soon?! The spirit beasts are supposed to have priority!”

    “But the tickets were robbed by spirit beasts.” The ticket sellers kept wiping away sweat. Although spirit beasts were very rare, there might only be a dozen or so on a planet, and the number of spirit beasts in powerful administrative stars are at most three digits, but do you know how many planets there are in the Covenant? Did you know that there are also spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector? Did you know that tourists from foreign systems also got priority?

    We were really out of tickets. The spirit beasts who arrived late squatted on the side of the road, weak, pitiful and helpless.

    It’s just that they can’t get tickets for the concert of the Ten Heroes, and they can’t even get VIP tickets for the Maple Leaf Festival. What was the use of wanting the identity of this spirit beast!

    Seeing the big stuffed dumplings squatting under the tree, Mingyou couldn’t take his eyes off, and his footsteps moved towards them unconsciously. The little black cat with the hood on his head coughed dryly, and Mingyou silently retracted his gaze.

    Recently, he was freed by the big black cat, and his temper was so used to being free from other spirit beast partners. Now he actually forgot that the little black cat was on top of his head. Hold back, hold back.

    “Well, he looks so pitiful, can I give him a bag of candy?” Mingyou asked in a low voice, looking at the pitiful big plush dumplings.

    Arthur the cat sneered: “Do you believe it or not, give him a bag of candy now, and soon this whole street will be filled with pitiful spirit beasts?! Do you know who he is?”

    Mingyu shook his head. Although he didn’t know the spirit beast, as the strongest power users, unless it was overcast, it would be difficult for him to fall into the point of begging along the street. He still knew this. But this fluffy ball looked really pathetic! The mood swings he exuded were really pathetic! Maybe he was really sad?

    Also, this was a big cat! Although big cat spirit beasts in Interstellar were not all relatives of his own Dahei, but he loves crow and home, and he really couldn’t stand idly by the rare big cat spirit beast!

    Mingyou took off the hooded Arthur from the top of his head and held him in the palm of his hand, looking at him eagerly: “Then…you go deliver it? Just a bag, a small bag of non-handmade candy, no one will know it’s me who gave it.”

   The hooded black cat said, “Is there any difference between me and you? This big cat is indeed not my relative, but the big cats are basically at the top of the food chain, and they are top predators, that is, the ability user who transforms into a big cat is definitely a lot stronger than other ability users. Now the food of spirit beasts has basically been completely released, and he does not lack your bag of candy.”

    Mingyou’s line of sight moved to a big cat with the same coat color as his little cat, um, another big black cat, so he couldn’t look away.

    The black cat had very pointed and long ears, and there were two long black tufts that looked like streamers on the tip of the ears. At first glance, it looked like a caracal cat. The big black caracal was so cute. No, it was so pitiful, you see he’s lying on the ground, turning into a puddle that has lost his dreams!

    The little black cat with the hood lowered his head and bit Mingyou’s fingers in anger. Do not watch! There can only be one black cat at home!

    “I won’t bring him home.” Mingyou laughed dryly, the cat’s territorial concept was really strong, he will never make such a mistake, “I just want to ask him what help he needs.”

    “What else can he need? It’s definitely that the concert and the Maple Leaf Festival tickets have not been snatched.” The hooded black cat complained.

    Mingyou thought about the few friendship tickets in his pocket, and he continued to look at the little black cat with a hood: “Look, Brother Chenxi and Brother Zanghu both got tickets by their own luck, and I don’t have any to give. Friends of the ticket…”

    The little black cat with the hood was not very happy: “You really want to send something, right?”

    Mingyou cried and said: “That’s the big black cat, I think of you as soon as I see him, I can’t stand him. The mood swings on my back.”

   The hooded black cat bit Mingyou’s finger again and jumped out of the optical camouflage, frightening the big black caracal lying on the ground pretending to be dead.

    What the hell! In such a hidden place, he even used the ability to be invisible, how could he be discovered by other cats!

    Was this cat also a spirit beast? Why so small? Could it be an underage natural beast? Weren’t the natural beasts very fragile when they were young? Whose adults were so irresponsible?

    The big caracal said, “Little guy, where is your adult?”

    The nose of the hooded black cat spewed contemptuous air. The caracal’s meowing was so unpleasant.

    “Here you are.” The hooded black cat took out two tickets, “Don’t lie here, now the whole maple leaf star is full of spirit beasts, you are not ashamed, I also feel ashamed for being a cat.”

     The caracal looked at the two e-tickets projected by the little black cat in a hood. He scanned it with his light brain, and the tickets were actually real, and the location was quite good.

    “Is it a child of the Royal family?” The big black caracal immediately understood the identity of the hooded black cat.

    Star Alliance big cat spirit beasts were not common but not too rare, as long as they were strong enough, they may become cats. But to say that the most famous and powerful big cat family was naturally the family of the Emperor. Poor them, how did a group of cats get lured to the throne? All the big cats sympathized with them.

    “Are you from the Chaos Sector?” The hooded little black cat saw that the big caracal hadn’t recognized him yet, so he guessed the big cat’s origin.

    “Although I am an interstellar hunter in the Chaos Sector, I am a hero who fought against the Zerg battlefield and has honorary citizenship of the Star Alliance.” The big caracal said lazily, “I am very powerful.”

    “The adult spirit beast big cat , there is nothing that is not bad.” The hooded black cat continued to complain, “You are a powerful interstellar hunter, so do you know about the injured spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector being betrayed by private spirit beast sanatoriums and held as experimental subjects?”

    “Kitten is very curious and likes to be a hero. I don’t know where you heard this news, but child, as an elder, I have to advise you that adults can take care of this kind of thing.” He took out a large piece of energy crystal from his space backpack, “I’ll use this to buy your ticket.”

    If one talked about the price of the ticket itself, this energy crystal was too much. Even if one took the auction ticket from the scalper, it was impossible to exchange such a large energy crystal.

    This pure energy crystal could be replaced with a small starship in the Chaos Star Region. The big caracal could take it out and give it away, which showed that his own strength had the title of top predator.

    “Then you know.” The hooded black cat put away the energy crystal rudely. Such a large piece of energy crystal could be used to make a lot of candy, “Okay, you’ve been arrested!”

    Big caracal: “???” Were all the cat children of the Star Alliance royal family so skinny?

    “Catch this big caracal for me!” The hooded black cat raised his small paws and turned to command.

    The big caracal followed the hooded black cat and turned around, and saw a very weak-looking young man walking out of the bushes, rolling up his sleeves.

    Although the big cat was very cute, he loved the big black cat more. But he also wanted to know if he could catch a big cat after practicing self-defense for so long.

    The big caracal looked at the young man carefully, and then the whole cat hunched its back and bounced off the ground like a spring cat: “Shoot! Spirit Beast Master Mingyou!” 

Mingyou, who was about to fight the big caracal put down his hands: “You know me?”

    The hooded black cat rolled his eyes: “Can’t you just pretend? If he cheats you, you will reveal your identity.”

    Mingyou: “…Yes. Well, I’ll say it now. I’m not, do you believe it?”

   The big caracal calmed down after jumping for a while. He looked at the little black cat in the hood and said, “Prince Arthur of the Star Alliance is a big liger.”

    The hooded black cat raised his head, and the two pointed black ears on the hood twitched, but the edge of the hood could still firmly cover his hairless eyelids and brow bones. Do you finally know who he was? Come and worship him!

    “Is this Prince Arthur’s child?” The big caracal looked at the hooded black cat curiously, “No, Prince Arthur is not married yet, illegitimate child?”

    The hooded black cat who suddenly became his own illegitimate child: “……”

    Damnation! If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t wear a hood when he got bigger, it would expose his half bald cat face. He would now become a big black cat and give this guy two claws!

    “This…that…” Mingyou held up the hooded black cat who was so angry that his ears were tugging on his face. Should he reveal Dahei’s identity?

    At this time, a white bear head appeared in Mingyou’s one-shoulder backpack: “What’s the matter? Who is His Highness asking us to beat up?”

    The white bear’s voice fell after realizing it, and another small head squeezed out of the one-shoulder backpack. Ah no, the little gray wolf’s head: “Wow!” Are you going to fight!

    The big black caracal was silent for a while, and he suddenly thought of a rumor. Legend had it that the spirit beast master Mingyou could make adult spirit beasts smaller. It was said that this was a magical means of treating spirit beasts?

    Most of the spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector did not believe such absurd rumors. They were spirit beasts themselves, didn’t they know how stable the structure of the energy body of spirit beasts were? What becomes bigger and smaller, you think we are plasticine, and what was concentrated was the essence?

    But now…”His Royal Highness?” The big caracal asked uncertainly.

    The little black cat in the hood said strangely: “Wasn’t it the illegitimate child of His Royal Highness?”

    The little white bear, like a stuffed toy, looked around: “Where is it? Someone came to the door with His Highness’s illegitimate child?”

   The little gray wolf also shook his head vigorously, and then was dizzy and kept sticking his tongue out.

    “It’s not Dahei’s illegitimate child who came to the door, it’s Dahei who recognizes himself as Dahei’s illegitimate child.” Mingyou explained in a language that he couldn’t understand.

    The little white bear silently shrank his head back. It turned out to not be a bloody story, he went back to his backpack to catch up and prepare for the concert at night. The little gray wolf also shrank his head back. He was a little dizzy now and needed to rest for a while.

    The hooded black cat gritted his teeth. It was rare for him to sneak out of his busy schedule to accompany Mingyou out to climb the mountain for a while, and these two had to keep up and say they were guards. It turned out that the guard was sleeping in the backpack? Did you two want to lose your job?!

    “It’s really His Royal Highness, it’s amazing, it turns out that spirit beasts can really shrink.” The big caracal was still as calm as always, and had a strong psychological quality, asked, “Can you still get bigger?”

    “Yes, I’m too lazy to do so.” The hooded black cat jumped on Mingyou’s head and lay down, “Isn’t it better to have a mount than walking by yourself?”

    “Good idea.” The big caracal nodded, “In the future, when I have a spirit beast master, I will also become smaller and use the spirit beast master as a mount.”

    Mingyou: “…” It really deserved to be a cat, so they have reached a consensus?

    “Let’s find a place to talk?” The hooded black cat didn’t expect to climb a mountain by himself, and he could find a breakthrough point for the things he was worrying about recently. Could this be Mingyou’s luck bonus?

    “There’s nothing to talk about. Since His Royal Highness wants to take action, I’ll send you the information directly.” Caracal said generously, “I was going to gather a few friends to try it out, but if the Star Alliance officials want to intervene, we won’t. It’s messed up. If it’s useful, please feel free to say it.”

    Mingyou was very curious. How could the big caracal talk so well? Was this the reason why the charm and prestige of his Dahei was too powerful?

    The hooded little black cat did not look surprised at all, and exchanged contact information with the big caracal.

    The big caracal glanced at Mingyou again, as if to keep this most talked-about legend in the entire Star Alliance in his heart, and then walked away with his paw pads on, and there was no nostalgia at all.

    Compared with the groundhog holding a sign asking for shelter, and the rabbit crying and touching porcelain, the calm attitude of the big caracal made Mingyou very impractical. He thought that when the spirit beasts saw him, they would cry and hug thighs for support.

    “They may be like this on the Internet. In reality, not everyone can afford to lose face.” The hooded black cat said, “Besides, they understand in their hearts that it is impossible to add other partner spirit beasts around you.”

    Mingyou nodded: ” It’s enough for me to raise you all, I won’t be able to raise any more.” Now that his partner couldn’t even make a scratching board for each beast, how could he raise other spirit beasts? Does he dare?

    “But this big caracal is really free and easy, I can only think of one person.” The little black cat with a hood tapped his claws in the void, letting Xiaotian drag out the information on the people worth noting in the Chaos Sector in his database.

    After Xiaotian passed the comparison, he pulled out a hologram of a middle-aged man with a black head and a lazy face, like he didn’t wake up.

    “The name is ominous, the code name is Shadow, the free hunter in the chaos star area, the style is not bad, but he likes to rob star thieves when he has something to do, so the reward ranking in the dark market has always been in the top ten.” The hooded little black cat said, ” By the way, you and I are tied for first place.”

    Mingyou’s eyes brightened: “Really! We are both amazing!”

    The hooded black cat sneered: “I don’t think this is something to be proud of.” Even so, the corners of his mouth turned up wildly, the cat’s tail stood up straight behind him, and even his ears turned into devil horns.

    “He was indeed active on the battlefield against the Zerg. He performed assassination missions, and he was very powerful.” What the hooded black cat didn’t say, he paid attention to this person first, because his name was also “Shadow” , and this name was much louder than his Shadow Liger. As long as the shadow was mentioned, people immediately think of this elusive star hunter, not his shadow liger.

    How come the name of his brother, the Golden Demon King, has not been bumped, but the name he finally came up with had bumped into someone? This person was quite powerful, he actually couldn’t grab this name.

    Up to now, Arthur’s name had a lot of decorations in front of it, but people who mentioned him will say “Star Hero”, “Hero Prince”, “One of the greatest Star Marshals”, “One of the greatest men of this century”, but no one mentioned the title of “Shadow”. The title he racked his brains for was completely in vain!

    Now his code name seemed to have completely changed to “Prince”, “His Royal Highness”, or “His Royal Highness Big Black Cat”.

    The little black cat in the hood stepped on Mingyou’s hair displeased: “Go home.” If you don’t go shopping, don’t go shopping anymore, you’re a cat! The more you think, the more angry you are!

    “Well, go home and have a good rest, don’t affect the state of the concert at night.” When Mingyou heard the code name of the big caracal “Shadow”, he knew what was wrong with him. It’s really annoying to hit names or something.

    After the big caracal walked a few hundred meters, he immediately ran up a tree to hide, and took out his light brain and stabbed a friend.

    “Share [ticket] [ticket], you can’t imagine what I’ve encountered!”

    “Damn, how did you get the ticket? Did you meet a fool to refund the ticket?!”

    “No, this ticket is Prince Arthur gave it to me!”

    “…It’s not going to be a big cat pretending to be a relative of Prince Arthur, right?”

    “It’s even more bizarre than this! I just changed back to a spirit beast and rested in a tree, a little black cat in a hood suddenly jumped out to deliver the tickets!”

    “Little black cat? It’s not what I think, right?”

    “It’s not what you think, it’s not His Highness’s illegitimate son, it’s His Highness himself! His Highness can really change size!”

    “…Are you mentally retarded? When you saw the little black cat, didn’t you immediately think of the previous rumors, His Highness can become smaller! You shouldn’t say in front of His Highness that he is his own illegitimate child? You won’t do that. Isn’t it reliable?”

    “How is it possible, you think too much.” The big caracal licked his ears with his paws, “This is not the point, the point is that I also saw Mr. Mingyou!”

    “Then, you roll on the spot, beg Mr. Ming take care of him? (Lemon Lemon)”

    “No, I counseled QAQ, chatted for a few words, and walked for a walk. I didn’t even mix a small cookie.”


    “Trash cat.”

    “What do you want?”

    “Is your adventure just used to prove that you are useless?”

    “Anyway, ask a few questions about your physical condition, this is an opportunity for a free medical examination! Our non-system spirit beasts can’t be exchanged for money at all. You have a chance!”

    “Why are you so useless? Just kick out of the group, this group can’t hold a waste cat.”

   The big caracal’s frustrated ears were pressed to his forehead, as if he had combed them. Like a little girl who was pulling her hair.

    What could he do? He was so nervous that he didn’t know what to say. Moreover, there was His Royal Highness, the Prince of the Star Alliance, whom he admired very much. He doesn’t even dare to act like a spoiled child.

    Could they understand the feelings of those who meet idols? The most regrettable thing about the big caracal was that he had never seen that mighty black liger on the battlefield. He heard that His Highness’s name was also Shadow, wasn’t it a coincidence! After he heard about it, he was proud for a long time.

    In the end, he finally got an adventure. Not only did he fail to ask the spirit beast master to ask for the biscuits made by the spirit beast master himself, he didn’t even have the courage to ask the idol prince for an autograph photo.

    QAQ He really was a waste cat! Among the feline animal spirits, there was no such wasteful cat as him!

    “Stop talking about this, let’s change the subject.” The big caracal drooped his ears and tail, “His Royal Highness is investigating the disappearance of the spirit beasts in the Chaos Star District.”

    The group was silent for a few seconds, and then everyone who usually dived jumped out.

    “Really?! His Highness is really investigating! He is going to break the unspoken rules of the Chaos Sector?!”

    “Who stabbed this matter to His Highness? Isn’t this embarrassing for His Highness? His Highness will definitely not abandon the spirit beasts who have been on the battlefield, but the Chaos Sector itself has nothing to do with the Star Alliance, so let His Highness take action?”

    “Who said it wasn’t? His Highness was injured like that at the time, and he sent messages one by one to keep us, saying injured spirit beasts are not as good as the beasts outside. If there is no force to protect them, they may be attacked by others. At least in the public spirit beast sanatorium, his elder brother, His Majesty the Golden Lion, is staring at him and does not dare to mess around. Other private nursing homes don’t know about it. If you are retained like this and leave, don’t you have to be responsible for yourself?”

    “Don’t say it, His Highness has done enough for us, and now he has also publicly announced that the spirit beasts who have been on the battlefield in the Chaos and Autonomous Star regions can directly transfer their nationality, as long as they have not violated the laws of the Star Alliance, you can immediately get official status, and reissue the merits and medals for the previous battlefield performance. We can’t trouble him with this kind of thing.”

    “The official involvement of the Star Alliance in the Chaos Sector will definitely cause chaos in the Sector. Now the surrounding environment of the Alliance has finally been balanced, and it is estimated that there will be another conflict.”

    “The Star Alliance spirit beasts are almost all recovering from injuries. If there is trouble in the chaotic star area, the Star Alliance is estimated to be a bit difficult.

    “His Highness will definitely take action when he finds out about this matter. He is so noble and idealistic that he can’t bear it.”

    “I feel very complicated. I actually want His Highness to help. On the battlefield, I’m used to relying on His Highness’s command, it is very troublesome to use your own brain. But rationally, I know that I am sorry for His Highness.”

    “The relatives and friends of the missing spirit beasts must be crazy, and it is normal to go to the doctor in a hurry. It’s just… Well, forget it, I My friends have also disappeared, and I understand their feelings.”

    “I understand, but this is too much. Now that His Highness will definitely take action, how will the mess be cleaned up? Those careerists in the Chaos Sector and the Autonomous Sector probably have excuses. The riots have moved. Now the Star Alliance is completely weak, what if the Zerg comes again during the civil war? I found several Zerg whistleblowers in the Chaos Star District.”

    “We can only continue to follow His Highness. If anyone opposes His Highness, We will fight with him. What else can we do?”

    “Let’s save people first. I just hope that no one thinks this is His Highness’s fault, His Highness is not their parents, so he should take care of all their affairs. Now that they are all in the Chaos Star Region, and they still think that someone will be the master of their own family, why don’t they stay in the Star Alliance?”

    “Thinking that His Highness will be uncomfortable, you will feel aggrieved. People are good and they are bullied.”

    There was a lot of discussion in the group. The big caracal nodded vigorously. That’s right, this group of people was bullying His Royal Highness! The big caracal clasped his claws together, hoping to tell His Royal Highness the accident to the spirit beasts.

    In this group of spirit beasts named “His Royal Highness Liger”, and the group of friends who have fought for the Chaos Sector, many people began to send similar emojis.

    Claws together. I hope that something has happened to the spirit beast who made His Highness embarrassed. It doesn’t need to be a big deal, just a little cold.

    Get used to you! On a certain spaceship, after getting the news, a certain rabbit who didn’t even have time to attend the Maple Leaf Festival and the concert sneezed wildly.

    He was wrapped in a quilt and shivered. Was it a bit too much to sell all the hair for the spirit beast food, and now it feels chilly when he turns back to the spirit beast, as if he has the symptoms of a cold.

    How could a spirit beast catch a cold? He immediately turned back into a human, took his temperature, and sure enough he caught a cold.

    The humanoid Rabbit looked at the thermometer for a while and was speechless. After he became a power user, how many years has he not had a cold? Did the fur of the spirit beast still have this effect? It seems that he can’t sell fur every year.

    Even if he sold it, he could only sell half of it. That’s horrible. When he thought that his fur can’t be converted into resources, he feel sad when I touch porcelain rabbits. If he rounded it up, he will lose hundreds of millions! He also wanted to mobilize the whole family to sell rabbit fur together!

    Hold on, he only sells half, so they can sell it all. While drinking cold medicine, Porcelain Rabbit wondered how to mobilize the whole family to sell wool together, and how to take the brokerage fee from the family and not be beaten. The whole family was good at doing business, so it’s not easy to cheat.

    He remembered the fool friend who came to him to “call the police” after the energy body dissipated and told him to be careful. It’s the foolish friend who was easy to deceive, and he could take out the purse at will. Without such a foolish friend, he didn’t know how much he would lose.

    According to the lifespan of the spirit beast, he probably lost more money than his current family fortune. It’s so frustrating.

    Mingyou was going to start a live broadcast to sell clothes, but Dabai and Dahui suddenly entered a period of anxiety before taking the stage. He had to temporarily put aside the plan to make money and give psychological counseling to the bear and wolf.

    The little white bear shrunk into a stuffed ball: “I haven’t performed in public yet.”

    Dahui, who always disliked being a little gray wolf, had now completely turned into a heartless puppy, trying to paralyze his instincts He didn’t even say a word: “Wang Wang, Wang Wang Wang!”

    Mingyou had no choice but to hold a little white bear and a little gray wolf in his arms, hoping to use his blind optimism to infect these two who were completely nervous and couldn’t extricate themselves.

    The hooded black cat was also very nervous. He had to go on stage too, but his hair hasn’t grown yet!

    Although he was inspired by the little cloak that Mingyou sewed for him, when he was ready to go on stage, he would wear clothes and a wide-brimmed hat to cover the bald spot above his eyelids. But what if he accidentally exposed the bald spot? The stalk of his pink belly hasn’t passed yet, was the talk of the bald cat coming again?

    Should he not be on stage? The hooded little black cat stepped and twisted his foot, and fell to make a cake.

    Mingyou immediately came to coax the little black cat. My God, was this show going to go well? But the tickets were all sold out, so they can’t cancel it, right?

    “How about you all wear holographic glasses?” Mingyou suggested, “Look at me, you won’t be nervous when you wear holographic glasses.”

    His spirit beasts nodded. It can only be this way. The big red fox licked his claws and looked at his new family with disdain. A bunch of rubbish, even going on stage will be nervous.

    “It’s really not good. When the time comes, Mingyou and I will perform on stage, and you will all stay under the stage.” Dahong said with contempt, and was glared at by other spirit beasts.

    Did he grow up performing on stage?! Well, it’s really amazing.

    The little white bear shrank his limbs, lowered his head and whimpered, very sad. It was his dream to hold a concert. What if he messed up? His whole body stiffened.

    “How could we mess up.” Mingyou patted his chest, “You forget, can your emotions be mobilized by me? As long as I don’t have stage fright, you won’t have stage fright!” Glancing at Mingyou, he was even more worried.

    Mingyou was very confident at this time. After he takes the stage, maybe his mentality will have to be mediated by the resonance of their group of spirit beast partners.

    Do you think your social anxiety has healed? Unless all the audiences under the stage become spirit beasts, you can’t be worthy of our reliance at all.

    “It’s really possible that there are all spirit beasts in the audience. Who can beat them to grab the tickets.” Dalan glanced at the ticketing system, “Besides, only a small part of the tickets for our concerts entered the market, and most of them can only be used for exchange with contribution value.”

    Mingyou said that he was not nervous at all. As long as he knew that the audience was full of stuffed dumplings, not only was he not nervous, but he was also very excited.

    The hooded black cat glanced at Mingyou and stopped tossing his claws. Forget it, he has to perform on stage anyway, even if it is found that his cat’s face was half bald… Then he will be found, anyway, the matter of his hair change will be announced soon.

    Of course, it cannot be hidden and tucked away in such an important research that a spirit beast needs to change their fur and shape. Otherwise, which spirit beast would endure like him and enter the form changing period, but without knowing his own physical state, rashly undertake difficult tasks. What if life was in danger?

    This was a necessary sacrifice. The hooded black cat pulled his hood down, so frustrated that the cat’s ears drooped. Couldn’t he be free from “bald”?

    So angry. When he finished changing his hair, he must turn the Chaos Sector upside down. He was unhappy, and he must make people as unhappy as him.

    Mingyou listened to the swearing oath by the claws of the little black cat in the hood, and applauded together with the blue seal. Dahei looks good, we support you.

    The indigo kangaroo shook her head helplessly. His Highness was still so childish.

    Dacheng turned his head and asked Dazi: “The Chaos Sector is down, who will govern it? The grassroots poverty alleviation cadres of the Star Alliance are tired enough.”

    Dazi brushed his mane and said, “You mind him. Who will govern, we are not grassroots poverty alleviation cadres anyway.”

    Dacheng was silent. What he said made sense. It really sounded like an upper-level leader who will be scolded to death.

    A word from the leader, the grassroots run and break their legs, and the grassroots cadres of the Star Alliance will be pitiful again. But if the welfare was full, in fact… maybe… maybe… it’s okay. Dacheng mourned.

    At dusk, the Maple Leaf Festival began. The opening dance of the Maple Leaf Festival was led by Xianluo and Xianwei. For the first time, Mingyou saw Xianluo wearing a gorgeous dress and dancing with a fan.

    Xianluo’s dancing clothes were a bit like the robes of his previous life in ancient China, with wide sleeves and fluttering robes.

    He didn’t know how to dance, but he felt that Xianluo and Xianwei danced very nicely, which made people completely immersed in their wonderful dance moves, and even felt the thoughts they wanted to express in their dances.

    However, the dance of Xianluo and Xianwei in human form just made Mingyou feel good-looking. When Xianluo and Xianwei turned into two big red foxes and danced in the sky above the Maple Leaf Festival, Mingyou really ignited with flames.

    He slapped his palms, and shouted louder than the most ardent fans. At first glance, he was a brainless fan among the brainless fans.

    Arthur, who was sitting beside him in human form, applauded unhurriedly, and glanced at Mingyou with contempt in his eyes.

    Compared to human dance, you simply like watching the big fox dance, right? As long as it’s spirit beast, even if you dance around, do you think you can dance better than humans?

    But the dance of the two big foxes using their supernatural abilities was really beautiful. Even the spectators outside were mesmerized, as if they saw grand fireworks.

    They originally thought that if they couldn’t grab or buy the tickets in the front row, they could only look at the holographic projection to feel the atmosphere of the scene. Who knows, this dance can jump to the sky.

    “Was this the spirit beast mentioned in the news report? That big fox is so beautiful.” An old woman exclaimed, “The spirit beast can dance in the sky, what’s so scary?”

    “Just like the legendary fairy It’s like a beast.” His wife also nodded, “So this is a spirit beast, so good.”

    “Mom! Look! Big fox!” The little girl applauded.

    Her mother’s expression was similar to her daughter’s, full of excitement: “Husband, the big fox dances!”

    “The fireworks are beautiful.” Her husband nodded slightly, holding his overexcited wife and daughter tightly, Afraid that they would be scattered by the crowd.

    “I really want it to be a fairy tale scene.” A middle-aged man with a group of children who looked like a teacher said, “You guys take a good look and go back and write your essay.”

    “Your sentence doesn’t quite fit the fairy tale scene.” Beside him, a colleague who was younger than him complained.

    But the children cooperated and shouted “Okay”, clenching their fists tightly, jumping and screaming with excitement, not at all depressed about the composition to be written in the future. Seeing the scene in this fairy tale book, the children have endless words in their hearts.

    The effect was very good. The Maple Leaf Festival was indeed the best time for spirit beasts to appear in front of ordinary people.” Arthur looked at the data compiled by Xiaotian and nodded with satisfaction.

    Xianluo and Xianwei were originally big stars in Interstellar, with many fans, and their popularity among the passers-by was unbelievably good. It was most suitable for them to lead the frenzy of spirit beast stars first.

    Arthur doesn’t believe it. Those who say that spirit beasts are all beasts can reason more than real passers-by and quarrel more than fans.

    “The reaction of the spirit beast is a bit interesting.” Xiaotian projected a smirk.

    As soon as he heard the word “spirit beast”, Mingyou immediately stretched out his head to look at it.

    Let me see, the little cuties of spirit beasts commented on the dance of Dahong and Dahong’s brother.

    Hmm… so scary? ! Shivering?!

    Mingyou: “…What are they afraid of?”

    Arthur laughed: “What else can you be afraid of? These fireworks are good-looking, but it hurts when you touch them. Did you forget Xianluo’s fire tree and silver flower night? The power-enhanced version of fox fire.”

    Mingyou thought about it, that’s true. Now if the fireworks were placed against the ground, it was estimated that the sphere of Maple Leaf Star would be flattened.

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