After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 79

When Leo pretended to be Sun Wukong with his divine costume, the high-energy response made Maple Leaf’s military detectors frantically call the police, scaring the planet into thinking that there was an enemy attacking.

    Fortunately, Arthur happened to be with the Maple Leaf Star Archon at the time to watch the live broadcast of the yellow monkey beating the star thief leader, which was the best time to clear the misunderstanding.

    Although the misunderstanding was resolved, Arthur and the Archon of Maple Leaf left all their work behind and hurried to the scene of the accident to deal with the follow-up.

    When Leo received the news, he was waiting in the VIP room of the auction house, and the rabbit who came to touch the porcelain also came along.

    When Arthur hurried into the room, Mingyou was frantically brushing the rabbit’s fur. He even sunk into the rabbit’s fur, leaving only half of his body twisting outside, as if he was swallowed by a stuffed monster.

    Arthur tried his best to recite the sutra “Don’t get angry” in his heart. He took a few deep breaths and said, “Mingyou, what are you doing?”

    Mingyou pulled his head and body out of the rabbit’s fur, and held the fur in his arms: “I will make you a cloak from rabbit fur.”

    Arthur: “…” He suddenly wondered if he should continue to be angry.

    Leo and the two muscular deer looked at each other a few times, thinking to themselves, Mingyou really ate His Highness to the death. Whenever His Highness was on the verge of rage, Mingyou could always calm His Highness’s anger with one sentence.

    “Dahei… ah, Arthur, look, this bunny’s fur is much better than my brother’s! Fortunately, I always carry a tool to deal with the fur, and I can use it immediately after plucking it off.” Mingyou said as he quickly put the fur on his body into a large container.

    In order to deal with Dahei’s cat hair in time, Mingyou’s hand speed was fast enough to participate in a piano competition.

    However, with his ability to play the piano, he could really participate in the competition, and maybe even win the crown of the most talented young pianist in the entire Star Alliance. Although Mingyou himself, he preferred to play suona.

    “What’s going on with that god outfit today?” Arthur sat next to Mingyou, the rabbit moved to the side, and obediently vacated a place for him, without daring to say a word.

    Although he dared to come out to touch porcelain, Prince Arthur’s deterrent power in the entire Star Alliance was very strong. Even if he thought that he should probably be able to beat the black liger in front of him, he did not dare to make a mistake.

    What’s more, when he saw the magical costume that the little anchor took out, he didn’t dare to make a guarantee, saying that he could beat this young spirit beast.

    “That’s what I mentioned to you, Sun Wukong’s equipment.” Mingyou took out an oversized spinning wheel and started spinning threads manually. It was the first time he had seen fur with such energy, and he had to deal with it quickly.

    Wasn’t it said that good spirit beasts were malnourished, so the quality of fur was not very good? Why was this guy’s hair so good? Was it because of the special attributes, or was there some kind of adventure? No matter what, now he could finally make small clothes for Dahei.

    He didn’t know if this rabbit had lost his it will be better if the hair grows again. He had to exchange contact information with this bunny, so that he could wait for the bunny to change to better fur, continue to brush, and maybe make small clothes for the whole family of spirit beasts.

    Now, the first piece of clothing made of spirit beast wool could only be given to Dahei first.

    “I know, what I mean is that its energy response is too strong.” Arthur looked at Mingyou’s skilled spinning movements, and felt that there was pain all over his body, “It’s like a battleship using an energy cannon.” It hurts, but there was a kind of pain called phantom hair pain.

    “Spirit beast equipment is a prop that uses the power of a spirit beast as an energy response. Its principle is similar to your current energy weapons. Therefore, the energy response is naturally similar to that of a battleship’s energy cannon.” The rabbit hair that had been urgently treated in his hand quickly turned into thread after thread in his hand. “Specifically, I will study it when I go back.”

    “Can it be mass-produced?” Arthur was present in front of three outsiders, and asked the questions that these three outsiders were most concerned about.

    Mingyou took out a machine, and an afterimage appeared in his hand. He injected the power of his heart into the rabbit fur in a special way, and spun it into a thread with special energy fluctuations. The two energies interweave to form a stable energy field.

    “Theoretically yes. I’m studying the mechanical engineering of spirit beasts, and this is knowledge that can be learned. But if you compare this divine suit to a battleship, now I can only make small ones.” Mingyou wiped a hand on his head, “Don’t worry, I’m learning very fast, we’ll be able to change guns in a few years, and then I’ll build a set for each of you.”

    “If it can only be made by hand, it’s not considered mass production, right?” An officer interrupted.

    Mingyou glanced at the stranger, but now his mental power was highly concentrated on the rabbit fur, and he was not afraid of society, so he said coldly: “It can be mass produced, but my hand-made spirit beast weapons have injected my heart into it. Strength and spiritual power will be better than the mechanized mass-produced spirit beast weapons.”

    Maple Leaf Star Archon: “…It’s really enviable.”

    “Go back and make clothes.” Arthur saw Mingyou sweating profusely, while helping him wipe the sweat.

    “It’s too late, the rabbit fur just picked up has the strongest energy response.” Mingyou shook his head, “I want the best for you.”

    It’s hard to find a gift for Dahei, although Mingyou knew that the current situation was actually not suitable for him to do handicrafts, but that’s all he could do.

    His money and knowledge value were limited, and the gifts he gave to the spirit beast partner must be the most suitable, not a penny could be spent indiscriminately, and the places that could be saved must be saved.

    After conveying his thoughts to the spirit beast partners present, his partners didn’t know whether to be moved or speechless. Well, they finally figured out why Dahong and Dahuang got the gifts first.

    It’s just because Mingyou happened to find the most suitable gift for them. It’s just that Mingyou’s standard of “can’t spend a penny” was obviously very different from theirs.

    For example, natural energy crystal tree fox scratching board or something, obviously there was no need to buy it, right?

    Dahuang’s costume was very cool, but Mingyou’s timing was also very wrong. It’s just a fight with the head of the star thief, it’s not a matter of life and death. Could it be that Mingyou specially made a loan to his own education light brain just to make Dahuang pretend to be a boss?

    And the special cloak for the little black cat that Mingyou was spinning hard… Arthur said that he had fur and doesn’t need the hair of other spirit beasts to make clothes. But seeing Mingyou working so hard, they couldn’t say anything to attack.

    In the end, Arthur could only pat Mingyou’s head to show encouragement, and then held a meeting with others here to discuss the participation of the star thief leader, and how to use the shock caused by this divine outfit to gain greater benefits. Mingyou, on the other hand, concentrated on continuing to engage in textiles.

    The rabbit was next to Mingyou, watching him stretch out his hand and grab a spinning wheel from his fur for a while, as skilled as a weaver on a primitive planet, and couldn’t help but mutter: “Are the skills that a spirit beast master needs to know too much? How many?”

    “Most spirit beast masters specialize in one subject, but how can they be able to master them all? I’m also learning now.” Mingyou distracted and chatted with the rabbit, “I won’t brush your hair for nothing, I’ll trade it for food. “

     ‘No need, what you gave me is enough.” The rabbit was easy to talk to at this time, and he didn’t look like a rogue who touched porcelain before. “I didn’t expect that the hair of spirit beasts could be made into things.”

     “Spirit beast props and weapons, most of them need the materials of the spirit beasts. The materials of the energy body are the most useful.” Mingyou opened his mouth, it was a big bomb, and Arthur’s meeting could not go on.

     “Let’s go back and talk about this.” Arthur smacked Mingyou on the head.     Mingyou: “…Is what I said a secret? You haven’t discovered it before? No?”     

“Someone has tried it, but the fur of the spirit beast is not easy to use, other parts… Isn’t that a human experiment ??” said the big rabbit.

    Mingyou shook his head: “If it wasn’t for the fur that was voluntarily donated by the spirit beasts, other people would not be able to use it at all. Part of the energy body will disappear when it leaves the body. Even if it is specially treated, it will only show its appearance.”

    “As for other parts, the energy body is a whole, and the energy value of fur and other parts is similar, so there is no need to use other parts.” Mingyou held a large mass of thread that he had processed, and put it into a large tank filled with a specially configured solution to continue processing. He put away the spinning wheel and took out the loom.

    People who don’t know Mingyou were speechless. What strange things were in Mingyou’s space backpack? Space backpacks were very expensive, and the space inside was very limited. Most people put things in them for emergency use.

    “So that’s the case, so it’s impossible for those who experiment with human… animal bodies to succeed?” The rabbit tilted his head, but he had too much fur on his body, and his head and body were joined together, and he couldn’t tell where the head was. It’s the body, only the eyes in are crooked.

    “Of course it’s impossible.” Mingyou picked up the thread and asked Arthur to dry it with his supernatural powers. “Not only is it impossible, but he might even be cursed.”

    Although this world did not have a complete reincarnation, the spiritual child is also energy. When the spirit beasts were too obsessed, they may form a powerful force. For example, Gu Hai could cross the galaxy and return to Dalan.

    “Curse? How powerful a curse?” The big rabbit was curious.

    “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it before. But putting a mark on the other party and letting all the spirit beasts know that he is a bad person can definitely be done easily.” Mingyou’s hand paused, He turned to the big rabbit and said, “Do you know the inside story of using spirit beasts to conduct illegal experiments?”

    Arthur: “He must be joking.” This rabbit he knew was an “ordinary” businessman.

    Big Rabbit: “I know.”

    Arthur: “…” Damn! Because Arthur was too shocked, his internal power almost exploded, and he performed a big live cat on the spot.

    The star thief’s chief groundhog pretended to be trembling: “Should I avoid it?”

    The Maple Leaf Star Archon hesitated. Is he avoiding it, protecting his life wisely, or seeking wealth and wealth at risk?

    “What do you need to exchange for your information?” Arthur pulled Mingyou away from the big rabbit.

    Mingyou changed positions holding the loom and rabbit wool and continued to weave. Everyone looked at Mingyou who continued to weave and was speechless.

    “Mingyou, are you still in the mood to weave?” The deer wondered.

    Mingyou: “Arthur will definitely solve such a serious matter. I can’t help, at least I can’t cause trouble. It’s better to pretend that I don’t exist at this time.”

    Everyone was even more speechless. Mingyou’s consciousness was good, but could people really hear such shocking news and continue to weave with a normal heart? And with Mingyou’s usual performance, he paid special attention to spirit beasts, so he should be more panicked.

    The rabbit’s long ears hidden in a large mass of fur moved, and said, “The recipe for making clothes from spirit beast hair, give me a copy. I can partner with you.”

    “Where did you find a bunch of spirit beasts fur to make clothes?” Arthur asked suspiciously. Could it be this rabbit did the illegal experiments?

    The rabbit rolled his eyes: “Our whole family has a lot of hair, can’t we sell our own hair to make rabbit food?”

    Everyone: “…” It was indeed the most powerful merchant family in the chaotic star region, and it didn’t even release its own rabbit hair.

    “Okay, we can cooperate to make spirit beast props and spirit beast weapons, and I also need your connections in the Chaos Sector.” Arthur was very ambitious. Now with Mingyou, he was equivalent to mastering the most high-end abilities of the Star Alliance, so the previously unresolved issues of autonomous and chaotic star regions may be resolved in his lifetime.

    He could live for at least two or three hundred years, and he will definitely be able to solve it.

    The rabbit grinned and said, “There are a few spirit beast sanatoriums in your Star Alliance that have problems. Some seriously injured spirit beasts without family backers were transported to the Chaos Sector. One of them happened to be my friend. You said, leaving behind the obsession to guide me to take revenge.”

    “His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, you failed to protect the soldiers in the chaotic sector who went to the battlefield because they trusted you and brought their own rations.”

    The atmosphere of the scene was like falling into an ice cellar. Only Mingyou’s weaving cart made a creaking sound, like an awl, breaking the ice. Also ruined the atmosphere.

    Rabbit was originally very satisfied with the bombshell he dropped, but there was also a young weaver. The atmosphere he created was instantly lost by the “creaky” sound of the weaving cart.

    “The Star Alliance is not just Dahei. You can say that Dahei is a leader who convinces other spirit beasts, but if you say that those spirit beasts go to battle for Dahei only, you are insulting those who put everything together. The awakening of the warriors who protect their homeland?” Mingyou was very irrational when it comes to the black cat.

    Mouth cannon, right? Who was keyboard warrior Mingyou afraid of? Keyboard warriors often did things like wearing high hats, come on, let’s wear them facing each other.

    When the groundhog looked at Mingyou’s recovery of his murderous intent towards Prince Arthur, his body was covered in thorns, and the whole mouse couldn’t help shaking. It’s terrifying when honest people get angry.

    Big Rabbit turned his head: “But he shouldn’t take any responsibility when something happened on the Covenant’s territory.”

    “I’ll take the responsibility.” Arthur said blankly, “Give me the information, no matter how big the shady story is, I’ll take it all. It’s lifted.”

   The big rabbit grinned: “Even if there is your big cat family behind it?”

    Arthur: “If there is a shadow of my family behind it, will it be so difficult for the Star Alliance to change the throne every time?”

    Big rabbit: “… …Well, you’re right, you wonderful family.”

    Seeing that he had nothing to do with him, Mingyou continued to bury his head in weaving. While weaving, he poked the system in his heart: [Can I still get a loan? 】

    System: 【What do you want to do? 】

    Mingyou: 【I want to blast away all the bad guys who persecute spirit beasts, I need more and stronger spirit beast technology. 】

    System: 【No money, no loan. However, you can quickly clear the basic spirit beast mechanics course in exchange for more knowledge points. I’ve updated the mods now, so you won’t be caught up at night researching by the big black anymore. 】

    Mingyou: 【OK.] Mingyou, who was embarrassed with the system, pretended that nothing happened, but his fingers were shaking a little.

    Some people fall into extreme calm when they are extremely angry. Mingyu was like that. When he knew that His Majesty the Great Golden Lion himself was lying on the experimental platform and stopped the so-called “spirit beast experiment” of the group of people, he knew that this kind of thing must be indispensable in secret.

    Even if the Star Alliance did not have it, the Chaos Sector, or even the Autonomous Sector, in such a big starry sky, there would always be places where the light cannot shine.

    It’s just that Mingyou didn’t expect that he would run into this directly, which was a coincidence. Maybe… It’s not a coincidence, but after the rabbit knew where he and Dahei were, he deliberately came to touch the porcelain.

    The rabbit said that Dahei had failed the spirit beast warriors in the Chaos Sector, but in fact, Dahei was the one he trusted most in his heart, right?

    Heh, angora rabbit was really good at touching porcelain. This was a series of porcelain touches, the old king of porcelain touches. Don’t call him angora rabbit in the future, just call him porcelain rabbit. Mingyou slandered.

    Porcelain Rabbit’s actions this time were too obvious, even Mingyou’s not-so-smart little head and melon seeds could see it, and it was naturally impossible for others to not see it.

    The Maple Leaf Star Archon secretly looked at Arthur, who was much younger than him. Had His Highness the Prince’s reputation in the Chaos Sector actually reached such a high level? Even this stingy rabbit who was all black and white, even in the outer galaxy, trusted His Royal Highness?

    Groundhog wondered in his heart, what kind of force actually bypassed his intelligence network. He prided himself on being one of the uncrowned kings of the Chaos Sector, but he didn’t get any news at all. Gah! When Lao Tzu finds out about you, Lao Tzu has to shake you into pieces with sound waves!

    Mingyou was weaving, and he was secretly watching Arthur. Arthur’s expression was serious, like a marble carving. His back was straight, like a javelin. Only at this time could Mingyou see the traces left by Arthur’s long-term military life.

    At this time, Arthur was not a lazy cat in his family, but a heroic marshal of the Star Alliance. Mingyu’s eyes were a little tight.

    In fact, he didn’t want to see Arthur like this. Such an Arthur was handsome, reliable, and made his heart flutter. But when his family was Dahei, he was much happier when he was a big cat than when he was a big liger.

    If possible, he hoped that his family’s plushies could eat, sleep, play, and continue to eat every day, and all become plump. Don’t worry so much, don’t suffer so much, don’t have so many responsibilities that can overwhelm people.

    But such a thing was impossible, so he could only learn to take these responsibilities with his partners. Although he was short and his shoulders were thin, he could always share a little weight and contribute a little bit of strength, right?

    Arthur and the rabbit talked all night. The Maple Leaf Star Archon, who wanted to get away several times in the middle, finally gritted his teeth and stayed. Not only did he stay, but he also turned into a spirit beast to use his “beast nature” to resist his rational retreat.

    Sure enough, when he turned into a red honey badger, it was like a change of person immediately. What family, future, and the intricate forces of the Star Alliance were all left behind by him. Life and death are bearish! Do it if you don’t like it! Who am I, the Great Flame Demon Honey Badger, afraid of in my life!

    Mingyou saw the honey badger suddenly appear, showing a more exaggerated shocked expression than hearing the shady scene of the nursing home. Fire element honey badger, how irritable was this? The human shell was so powerful that it can restrain such a violent soul.

    “I’ll take the lead!” The dull hair on the badger’s head was like a flame. He had one foot on the small table and his hands in a fighting posture.

    “No, you are too conspicuous, you are still a serving consul, and you will attract attention if you leave suddenly.” Arthur calmly pulled the badger off the table, 

“Groundhog, I’ll leave it to you to investigate the news. If you have done a good job, you will be converted in advance.”

     “Without this benefit, I will do my best. I will not let go of the guy who uses spirit beasts for illegal experiments.” The groundhog added, “Of course, this benefit you have since said, then I must take it.” 

The big rabbit squinted at the groundhog. It’s him who has the most nonsense.     Mingyou stayed up all night, and finally sewed the little cloak.

     He rubbed his eyes and handed the little cape to Arthur. It was obviously so hairy, but after it was woven into a cloak, there was only a small piece. But the energy response of this little cloak surprised the spirit beasts present.

     The rabbit turned his head hard and looked at his own fur. Was his own rabbit fur so good? Was the defense that strong? Although he was indeed a spirit beast that mainly focused on defense, but was it only fur that was so powerful? Should he shave his hair and make himself a dress?     

Arthur took the small cape with the hood, and although he wanted to try it on, he didn’t want strangers to see his half-bald cat face, so he had to endure it.     

“Go back to rest first and wait for the groundhog news.” Arthur said.

     Mingyu nodded. During this time, he had to work hard for more knowledge.

    After Arthur returned, he passed the news to his subordinates and his elder brother, the Golden Lion, who was teasing his son in the nursing home.

    Brother Golden Lion was about to rush to outer space to let the group know why he was called the Golden Flash Demon King and was stopped by the indigo kangaroo.

    “Murdering is second, and the most important thing is to retrieve the spirit beasts they imprisoned.” Daqing said, “I suggest carrying out a list of sanatoriums for spirit beasts across the galaxy in the name of equipping new spirit beast treatment equipment. “

    Most of the spirit beasts they dared to use must have been seriously injured in the war and had no family backing. From the list, we can find out the spirit beasts that may be missing.

     “I have considered this matter.” Arthur said, “I have equipped all the spirit beast warriors of the Star Alliance with a special black box, which is managed by Xiaotian. I have checked all the black boxes and registered the status of spirit beasts. Everything is getting better. The problem this time is the private spirit beast sanatorium. Most of the spirit beasts in it are non-organized spirit beasts.” 

The Star Alliance had many powerful power users who were unique and independent, and were not under the jurisdiction of the government. In the autonomous sector or chaos sector, they engaged in relatively free jobs, such as hunters and guards. These powerful people, when the Zerg invaded, participated in the battle in the name of mercenaries and were also heroes of the Star Alliance.

     After that, some spirit beasts accepted the invitation of the Alliance and were recuperating like natives; most of the freelance spirit beasts searched for a sanatorium for spirit beasts that they thought was safer, and were unwilling to accept the Star Alliance’s “recruitment for security”.

    The problem this time was the private nursing homes. Therefore, the rabbit would use the high hat to press Arthur. Because of this, it can be said that it was a special event in which the freelance spirit beasts in the Chaos and Autonomous Sectors were “betrayed by their own people”. 

This kind of “private incident” should apply to the “unspoken rules” of the underground world, and the Alliance will generally not take action. The matter was very complicated, Mingyou can’t understand. He only needed to know that his family’s Dahei will shoot, and his spirit beast partners would play with injuries. 

    I will do my best. Mingyou said in his heart, but did not dare to say out loud. As soon as he said it, Dahei knew that he was going to stay up all night. Mingyou didn’t want to face the wall and think about it, and he didn’t want to write a review.

    “After the groundhog finds the clue, I may take you to a dangerous place.” After communicating with His Majesty the Great Golden Lion, Arthur said to Mingyou, “I need your strength.”

    “If you don’t take me there, I will also follow secretly.” Mingyou said something that made Arthur want him to go to the wall immediately and reflect about it.

    “How are you going to follow?” Arthur asked “humbly”.

    Mingyou thought for a while, and said, “Maybe I can use the biscuits in exchange for the help of other spirit beasts?”

    Arthur: “…Do you believe that I will break your net?”

    Mingyou stood akimbo: “You can’t break it, now my light brain has been connected to the Internet!”

    Arthur: “…I will take you there, don’t do extra things.”

    Mingyou nodded. Since Dahei said so, then it would not be an accident that he followed him to the Chaos Sector.

    “Then what should we do now?” Mingyou fought high.

    Arthur rubbed his temples: “According to the previous plan, when it’s time to go shopping, and when it’s time for a concert, there’s a concert, pretend that nothing happened.”

    Mingyou thought about it and said, “Then do I want to hold a concert now? Making clothes on live broadcast? I still have a lot of rabbit fur.”

    Arthur: “…Where did you get a lot of rabbit hair?”

    Mingyou said honestly: “When I said goodbye to porcelain Rabbit, took his hair. I exchanged it for food!”

    Arthur: “…He let you shave?”

    Mingyou nodded: “He’s very honest, and now he’s completely bald.”

    Arthur couldn’t imagine what a shaved stingy rabbit looked like, let alone how Mingyou made that stingy rabbit shave obediently. Wasn’t fur important to spirit beasts?!

    Or, for the businessman rabbit, the fur that can grow was cheap currency, which could be earned in exchange for a lot of food? Arthur suddenly felt like he had lost. It was absolutely impossible for him to trade his cat fur for food.

    “Because you have someone to raise you, naturally you won’t.” Because he became a honey badger, and Arthur returned to the old maple star consul to complain, “The full do not know the hungry.”

    Arthur did not speak. Fine, what he said did feel a little bit like standing and talking without back pain.

    Because Dahong was preparing for the Maple Leaf Festival, Arthur didn’t tell him that he was going to fight again. But Dahong soon knew.

    Mingyou was an idiot, his mouth was very strict, but his mood was completely unguarded against his partner spirit beasts, so Dahong knows it as soon as he perceived it.

    Dahong was very calm, but the fox Xianwei was a little irritable, and he wanted to rush up and beat people right away. Mingyou found that Big Brother Xianwei seemed to have a more impulsive personality than his own.

    “He’s not impulsive, he just has a stronger sense of justice than me.” Xianluo explained, “Or, after all, he is easily impulsive because of righteous indignation.”

    Mingyou: “… Then shouldn’t it be him who joined the army?”

    Xianluo laughed: “My eldest brother always wanted to join the army when he was a child, but then he was bound by his family and other people’s wishes imposed on him, so he gave up his childhood dream and just wanted to become a dancer wholeheartedly.” Being qualified in the eyes of parents.

    When a person was so beaten that he lost his self-confidence, he had already tried his best to fulfill other people’s dreams. How could he still have the energy to pursue his own dreams?

    Only a genius like Xianluo who had exceeded the expectations of others can have the confidence to go to a brand new field and pursue a wish that was completely unfamiliar and not understood by everyone close to him. Courage was really a luxury.

    “Then Dahong must protect his brother well.” Mingyou didn’t quite understand it, but he seemed to understand, “Now Dahong is already very powerful, so although Dahong is young, he can actually treat himself as a big brother, take good care of Big Brother Xianwei, let Xianwei has also realize his dream.”

    Xianluo was a little embarrassed: “Okay.” Mingyou really could easily say embarrassing words.

    Although he was the younger brother, it was a great idea to be Xianwei’s elder brother and help him realize his dream.

    This matter was temporarily over. In addition to taking the time to study frantically in the holographic space of the system, Mingyou pretended to be very relaxed at other times, went shopping, bought things, and ate various Maple Leaf Star snacks.

    He originally wanted to give Maple Leaf Star a live broadcast food tour, but when he thought that his live broadcast must be good, but he could not get the advertising fee, Mingyou gave up the idea.

    He decided to copy all the flavors he liked with ingredients that were useful to spirit beasts, and then come to a live broadcast of Maple Leaf Star’s special spirit beast snacks to sell them well.

    Money was more fragrant if you earned it yourself. Suddenly, Minyou thought of a petty citizen mentality. After a few days of shopping, Mingyou’s other plushie partners came to Maple Leaf Star.

    Originally, only Herman and Yan Yi would come – as the main force of the band, it was absolutely impossible not to show up when they were going to perform. Now everyone was here, even the indigo kangaroo mother had entrusted the little leopard to His Majesty the golden lion who was on temporary leave.

    “Brother, can you take better care of me?” Mingyou was very worried.

    “It should be fine.” Arthur’s tone was uncertain.

    The kangaroo said: “I asked Xiaotian to help, and he will pass the monitoring over at any time.”

    Xiaotian: “Wrap it around me, I will stop His Majesty’s dangerous behavior! I am a qualified nanny AI!”

    Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief temporarily. Although he really didn’t trust His Majesty the Golden Lion’s ability to bring children, Xiaotian could still trust him.

    “Why are you all here?” Mingyou asked.

    “You must be in a bad mood.” The blue seal came over, “We’ll accompany you.”

    “I’m just doing research on the monkey’s costume.” The little panda said proudly.

    Dazi said, “Would you like to ride a horse and go to space?” He has no future, why don’t you understand Huo Ritian?

    “We are with you.” Daqing gave Mingyou a big hug, and then gave Arthur a hug, “Your Royal Highness, don’t listen to those people who can use you and put a high hat on you, you have already done it well. It ‘s good enough.”

    Arthur chuckled: “No one can do it well enough, I can only do what I can do now, with a clear conscience.”

    The kangaroo nodded slightly. His Highness was in good spirits, so she was relieved. When she heard the sarcastic words of the businessman rabbit who touched porcelain relayed by Leo, the kangaroo was so angry that she almost drove the spaceship directly and smashed the rabbit into slag.

    It’s not Arthur’s responsibility, Arthur had done enough. Even if Arthur was a hero, should Arthur be responsible for the shadows of the entire Star Alliance?

    Not to mention the matter of the injured spirit beast, Arthur had done everything he could, and defied the public opinion to let the non-editing spirit beasts receive the same treatment.

    But many spirit beasts who were used to freedom could not accept the fact that Arthur let them wear a special black box that could be monitored at any time, and chose to leave on their own to find a place they trusted for healing. Was this still Arthur’s fault?

    Mingyou’s thoughts were the same as those of the big green kangaroo. He and the kangaroo were madly complaining about the rabbit, and the people who listened to it kept laughing.

    Although Mingyou liked spirit beasts very much, he paid more attention to the people in front of the spirit beasts. But as Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts, they liked Mingyou’s “hypocrisy” the most. Who doesn’t want to be special? Mingyou’s “hypocrisy” made them feel very comfortable.

    Even though the spirit beasts used to be Mingyou’s spiritual sustenance, but now, they are different.

    “By the way, Dahei, put on the little cloak I gave you and let Daqing and the others see it.” Mingyou urged.

    Arthur sighed, first turning into a big black cat, then shrinking into a small black cat, and put on the hood and cloak.

    The little black cat put on a pure white hood, and the cat ears could still pop out of the cloak. It looked so cute that the kangaroo mother couldn’t help but put the hood on the cape. Held him up and took a dozen holographic photos.

    “You will all have it in the future!” Mingyou was very skilled at drawing cakes.

    The other plushies who just came to Maple Leaf Star looked at each other in dismay. While it’s really cute, could they say they don’t want it? It looked so much like stuffed dolls, didn’t they want their faces?

    “The defensive power of this cloak is stronger than that of the energy mask.” Leo explained, “It is almost one-tenth of the defensive power of my god armor, which is a weakened version of the spirit beast equipment.”

    “Mingyou, please give me one!” The fluffy partners who just came to Maple Leaf Star said in unison. Face or something, how can strength be important? Who was not a strength fan yet?

    “Okay, okay, all of them.” Mingyou held out a bunch of design drawings, “Come on, let’s choose the style! I just happen to be making clothes live, and I can also sell handmade clothes to other spirit beasts.”

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