After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 78

    Mingyou was looking at the giant groundhog. The huge groundhog’s stomach was orange-yellow, the back was yellow-black, and the head was pure black, like wearing a half-face mask.

    His gaze moved to the groundhog’s well-developed pectoral muscles. Hmm, kinda cool.

    While Mingyou was watching the groundhog, the groundhog was also watching Mingyou.

    This sensationalist spirit beast master had soft-looking black curly hair, and the baby fat on his cheeks also looked soft, and his eyes that were innocent and harmless like a small animal were also very soft, and the whole person looked like a soft bun. Oh, looks easy to fool.

    “Can you raise me?” The groundhog held his face with both claws, and his big eyes contained a starry sky.

    “No.” Mingyou didn’t need to think at all, and immediately refused, “Sorry, I have cats at home, so I can’t keep mice.”

    Groundhog: “…I’m not a mouse.”

    “I know, groundhogs are similar to mice… ?” Mingyou scratched his head, “My family is not a real cat, it’s a cat, a big cat.”

    Marmot: “…What is a marmot? My race is a marmot.”

    “Well, a marmot is a groundhog.” Mingyou looked at Leo, who looked vigilant, “Why do we have to order such a big private room alone, or do we pay for it ourselves? Is this your friend?

    “The fluffy people buy good things, how can they be so wasteful? The flesh hurt.

    “It’s not a friend. This is the head of the star thieves.” Leo said, “We don’t pay, we will pay the bill to His Highness, and let His Highness report it.”

    Mingyou had a headache: “Is there any difference between paying Dahei and paying us?”

    Leo reminded, “His Royal Highness will also reimburse the bill, we don’t spend any money.”

    Mingyou thought to himself, His Royal Highness reported the bill to his eldest brother. Was there any difference between the eldest brother spending money and them? I mean, why can’t this groundhog spend money? Wasn’t he the head of the star thief? The star thief must be rich. But it seemed a little embarrassing to say such words in front of others?

    Groundhog: “…You don’t have to be embarrassed. Is there any difference between your previous words and your subtext?”

    Mingyou hurriedly put his face behind Leo and looked at the groundhog with horror: “You can read minds?!”

    Groundhog: “…No, but your thoughts are written on your face?”

    Mingyou: “…Really?”

    Groundhog: “Really.”

    Mingyou: “Then you can already see that I want to call the police?”

    Groundhog: “…Why call the police.”

    Mingyou wondered: “Why shouldn’t you call the police when you see the star thief?”

    Groundhog and Mingyou looked at each other.

    Leo held his forehead: “He is here, holding a sign, its obviously related to Maple Leaf Star. In this auction, he is probably working with Maple Leaf Star. He also knew that we would appear here.”

    Mingyou immediately connected Arthur’s contact: “Dahei! Maple Leaf Star and Star Thief are colluding! We have now caught a star thief leader, can we exchange the bounty?”

    Arthur, who was resting, glanced at the groundhog in the corner and said: “He appears in front of you in the form of a spirit beast? You can try to beat him up.”

    Mingyou immediately rolled up his sleeves, eager to try, and was pressed by Leo on the sofa.

    “His Royal Highness, please don’t order indiscriminately. Mingyou will take it seriously.” Leo said speechlessly.

    Arthur crossed his legs, put his right elbow on the back of the chair, and put his cheek on a clenched fist: “You have a festival with him, but he is a star thief who was included in the Star Alliance, you can’t do anything about him, let Mingyou vent your anger? Don’t worry, Mingyou beats him, and no one will trouble him.”

    Mingyou’s eyes lit up: “Really?!”

    “Just think about it, the entire Star Alliance knows you are stupid and sweet. If you beat someone, they will only think that someone else has messed with you.” Arthur sneered, “Not to mention you the opponent is still a star thief.”

    Mingyou nodded vigorously: “Brother Monkey, let me go.”

    Although the groundhog was very cute, this spiritual animal groundhog probably won’t carry the plague like the living groundhog. But when he saw this groundhog, he felt the negative emotions in his monkey brother’s heart, and the vigilant radar above Mingyou’s head immediately called the police.

    Although he said “it’s not your friend”, he was actually ready for battle. His system was very excited, and had already turned on all-round scanning. It was really useful for Mingyou to verify the system’s self-defense course in reality.

    “I was wrong.” The groundhog persuaded when he saw Arthur. He knew that this freak prince could really make Mingyou beat him up, and then publicized that he had offended Mingyou and was killed by him.

    The groundhog was not qualified to watch the live broadcast directly, but according to an insider, Mingyou in the live broadcast seemed to have a very special physique and could beat spirit beasts, but it was not clear that Mingyou’s physique was only for spirit beasts who had signed a contract with Mingyou, or for all spirits.

    Even though Arthur was bluffing, when he saw Mingyou beside him, two deer had already climbed out of his backpack and jumped to the ground to turn into muscular deer that could walk upright.

    Two muscular deer hugged their front hooves, guarding Mingyou left and right, and stared at his muscles with very bad eyes, as if trying to make a gesture with him. Groundhog thought he was strong, but probably not strong enough to play against ten heroes one-on-one.

    Besides, he came alone and held a sign asking for support in public, so he didn’t come to do bad things.

    Mingyu looked at Leo. It didn’t matter if the other party was begging for mercy or something, as long as Brother Monkey gave an order, he would dare to rush up and beat him.

    Even if the room was broken, it wasn’t a big deal to lose money. His family was also considered to be the tyrant of this planet, right? It’s just one room, so it should be fine. But Dahei said that if you don’t have power, wouldn’t that be a waste.

    “Listen to what he has to say.” Leo understood Mingyou’s eyes, and the sharp expression on his face involuntarily turned into a simple and indulgent smile when he was at home, from a burly man with a ferocious face to a good old foolish man said, “The matter between me and him, when I get better, I will find him to solve it by myself.”

At that time, he will fill up the buffs for Brother Monkey, and he will use the skill card to give him a few halo special effects. He didn’t know if there were any more hidden weapons. As long as no one was found with a weapon, it is not a weapon.

    By the way, spirit beast items couldn’t be called weapons. When the time came, let other partners get together and fill up the items that Brother Monkey could use. What kind of damage reduction and resistance reduction, the speed of blood recovery and blue recovery was also full.

    Mingyou made a list in his heart, and then asked Leo, Dalu and Xiaolu with all his heart, what omissions he didn’t consider.

    Dalu and Xiaolu smiled, “It’s good, that’s it.”

    Leo hesitated. He actually wanted to say that he was going to beat the groundhog in front of him fairly and justly according to the duel of star thieves. But what Mingyou said sounded a little cool?

    Let’s talk about it when the time came, maybe the other party also had a spirit beast master, then he wouldn’t be unfair.

    “What is absolute fairness in the world of star thieves, are you stupid?” Arthur saw Leo’s words in the group, and then said contemptuously, “Groundhog, give you a chance to fight Leo, Whether you win or lose, I agree with your surrender.”

    Groundhog: “…I am not a groundhog… Forget it, I will be a groundhog in the future. How did you know I was going to surrender… Forget it, no matter what you do You know, as long as you get beaten up?” Anyway, the spirit beast can’t be beaten to death, it’s a good deal!

    “If you can win, I will let Mingyou formulate a training plan for you.” Arthur said lazily, “If you can win, it means that your strength is worthy of our attention, and I will give you more resources. If you lose, then it proves that your worth is nothing more than that. Come and help me for a year of free labor, and then talk about the treatment.”

    Groundhog: “…Are you serious? Even if he has a spirit beast teacher to take care of him now, He is still seriously injured, didn’t he just regain his human form?” He was eager to try, eager to try, but Leo was his defeat.

    “Seriously, we can sign the contract first. Although the star thief can tear up the contract, as the prince of the Star Alliance, the contract signed in my name cannot be torn up casually.” Arthur put down his legs and got out of the chair. Standing up, “I’m going to the Vanity Fair of Maple Leaf Star again, and by the way, who is your insider. I accept your surrender, and I acquiesce in revealing the news, but the thief should be caught or caught, right?”

    “Go, go, come on.” Groundhog sold the collaborator without hesitation. You are already on the line with Mingyou, who else do you need to work with? “When are we going to fight?”

     “It can be done now.” Mingyou agreed with Leo. Since Dahei has spoken, this fight must be fought. The big deal was that he let the two deer hold the groundhog and let the monkey beat him.

     The groundhog looked at Mingyou: “The gap between your personality and appearance is so big that it’s a bit scary.” Where was this guy soft? Why did he look like he was afraid that the world would not be chaotic? And it seemed a little violent? He doesn’t think he wanted to rush up to fight in person.

     “Is there?” Mingyou scratched his head, still with a silly and soft sheep expression.     “No. He’s talking nonsense.” Leo was helpless. His Royal Highness had set all the conditions and sent the electronic contract, what else could he do?

     How did it turn into a fight with someone after going out for a walk? Also, when did His Highness know that the groundhog would come to find Mingyou? Did he know about this?

    Now that he thought about it, how did Mingyou know about this place, and why did he go straight here with a very clear purpose, all of which were very problematic.

    He originally thought, did Mingyou know in advance from Xianwei or Xianluo that there were good things in the auction house here, and if he wanted to buy something for His Highness or them, he would go straight here, but now… Maybe he was being deceived?

    Leo looked at Mingyou, and Mingyou’s eyes floated a little. He didn’t know anything, he just listened to Dahei’s command. When listening to Dahei’s command, one didn’t need to ask the cause and effect, and one didn’t need to use their brain. Wasn’t it enough to have an external cat with a black head?

    Leo sighed inwardly. His Highness was really calculating. Who would suspect Mingyou, who had no intrigue at all? What’s more, this was not to pit him, but to help unravel a heart knot.

    “Find a place to practice.” Leo said, “I have a spirit beast master, even if the spirit beast master does not end, I am better than you, and I allow you to bring weapons.”

    Groundhog: “The weapons that spirit beasts can carry are all a hindrance. But you said so, then I have to take it.”

    Mingyou and the system talked for a long time, finally got a “loan” from the system, and bought the set of spirit beast props that he had been interested in for a long time. Pushed to Leo.

    Leo glanced at the spirit beast items listed by Mingyou, and his words, “This was obtained from the light brain loan, I will work hard on research in the future” and the smile on the corner of his mouth deepened.

    In fact, the grudge with this groundhog had long since been irrelevant. It’s still the time of the star thief. Although every few years, the life experience after that was too rich and happy. He can’t remember the previous things.

    But Mingyou wanted to see him put on this outfit and beat people, of course he would satisfy him. What’s more, watching the colleagues in the group frantically smash lemons was also very nice.

    The groundhog looked at Leo’s smile, and then turned to look at Mingyou and the two devilish deer who were whispering, feeling that something was wrong. But there was a problem, and he had to bite the bullet.

    Groundhog was not an ordinary star thief, he was half a dark line of the Star Alliance in the Chaos Sector. Compared with the constraints of the Star Alliance, the freedom and wantonness of the Chaos Sector made him very comfortable, so he never thought of returning before.

    But after learning about the Spirit Beast Master, as a half-dark line of the Alliance, the Groundhog certainly wouldn’t think that this was a smoke bomb released by the them, like other star thieves and ambitionists in some autonomous star regions.

    The power user world of the Star Alliance was really going to change. The groundhog could sit firmly in the position of one of the uncrowned kings of the Chaos Sector because of his stronger sense of intuition. So he immediately launched all resources and intelligence relations, ready to surrender immediately.

    Even if he became a knife in the hands of the Star Alliance to slaughter star thieves, it was better than starving to death.

    In other words, the spirit beast biscuits were really delicious, the dark market was really hard to find, and the price was almost using small resource stars in the chaos star area as currency.

    He heard that this was the strategy of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur. The groundhog thought, why didn’t he kill that sly big black cat in the first place?

    The radar on Mingyou’s head suddenly thought about it randomly. He pressed his right hand on the wrist of his left hand. If there was hair, the hair on his whole body would explode.

    “Mingyou, what’s wrong?” Leo, Dalu and Xiaolu wondered.

    Mingyou looked at the groundhog with vigilant eyes: “What are you thinking about dangerous. Are you hostile to Dahei… Arthur?”

    Groundhog: “…!!!” What was the origin of this guy? Why could he be discovered just by thinking about it in his heart?!

    “I warn you, don’t hit Arthur’s idea.” Mingyou’s hair was almost turned into hedgehog thorns, and he could even launch it like a porcupine, “Believe it or not, no matter how strong you are in the Chaos Sector, asa long as you say in the live broadcast room, exchange the heads of your star thief group for the spirit beast cookies, your star thief group will disappear from this world immediately?”

    This time it was the groundhog’s turn to stand up. His eyes turned into dangerous vertical pupils, staring at Mingyou unhappily.

    Mingyou raised his head: “You can try.”

    After saying that, he didn’t wait for an answer at all, a light fell on Dalu and Xiaolu, and the two immediately made fists. And around his body, there was a mask, and there were runes that the groundhog couldn’t understand.

    Mingyou didn’t know when a stack of cards appeared between his fingers. He clasped the cards tightly with his fingers and stared at the groundhog. The groundhog suddenly had a premonition that he was locked on by a deadly weapon. This kind of premonition had saved his life many times, and he did not dare to ignore it.

    “Wait, I have absolutely no intention of being an enemy of you.” The groundhog raised his hands and surrendered immediately, “Look at me coming alone, it is enough to show my sincerity. As for the hostility to His Royal Highness, I admit that I regret it. When I was an enemy with His Royal Highness, I didn’t cut down the grass and roots, which put me in such an embarrassing situation.”

    The groundhog admitted his hostility to Prince Arthur at that moment. He knew that since the other party had already made a fighting stance, he would definitely not listen to his rhetoric. Instead of arguing, admit it. In the eyes of normal people, a person’s evil thoughts for a moment can be forgiven.

    Mingyou did put the card away as the groundhog expected. But the mask on his body and the set of two deer did not disappear.

    “Cut down Arthur’s roots? Then you lead your star thief group to fight with the Zerg? With the habit of the Zerg devouring everything, I don’t believe that they will because you are not the Star Alliance, but the star thieves of the chaotic star area. I’ll let you go.” Mingyou said sharply.

    The groundhog said seriously: “I know. It is because of the Zerg that I am willing to join His Highness Prince Arthur. I still have this self-respect.”

Only then did he remove the big green and small green’s armament and the energy shield on his body. However, the energy shield on the surface has been removed, and his defense had not been lifted.

    In fact, when he came here, he was already fully armed. Unless the other party bombarded him with a starship, he would not be able to break the defense of his energy shield.

    Of course, the attack of the spirit beast could probably also break his defense. At this time, he was about to perform a hand tearing spirit beast. Besides, wasn’t there a spirit beast by his side?

    Secretly, Dahei didn’t know how many people he had sent to protect him. At least he could feel a lot of powerful spiritual powers following him, and among them were two spiritual powers that he was very familiar with. His alpaca elder brother and Tibetan fox brother were also among the guards.

    Speaking of which, the Tibetan fox seemed to be the natural enemy of the groundhog? Mingyou glanced at the groundhog with inexplicable eyes.

    He now unilaterally decided that the groundhog was expelled from the ranks of lovely spirit beasts. All the spirit beasts who had the intention to kill the black cat in his family were expelled from the ranks of lovely spirit beasts.

    He didn’t know if the system would sell props that sealed evil spirits in “The World of Spirits”. If there was, he would first equip him with a dozen sealing props. He will not and would not dare to kill spirit beasts, but he could still do things like lock spirit beasts in a small black room.

    The sharp thorns on Mingyou’s body turned back to soft fur, but the groundhog no longer dared to despise this person that looked like a little sheep.

    Anyone who could think of the vicious idea of ​​exchanging spirit beast biscuits for the head of his star thief group was definitely not to be messed with.

    What’s even more sad was that, with his understanding of spirit beasts, spirit beast cookies could indeed be exchanged for the heads of their star thief group. The group of hungry spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector would set off a killing spree. Even within their star cluster, it may be split due to the spirit beast cookies.

    “I heard that the head of the regiment can be exchanged for a small biscuit?”

    “The other way around, who is with me?”

    “Let’s all go together. A small biscuit can last a long time.”

    ↑The above was the brain of a groundhog repair. ↑

    The star thief leader Groundhog no longer dared to mess around, and he didn’t even dare to think about it.

    This little spirit beast master was so domineering, he even cared about what he think. Forget it, don’t slander, what if the bully spirit beast master who knew how to read minds got angry again.

    Leo and the two deer looked at the groundhog as if they were looking at a dead mouse. Although from the perspective of biology, groundhogs and squirrels were close relatives, it didn’t matter anymore. Dead groundhogs, no different from mice, will be swept into stinky gutters.

    This guy, thinking of something bad, actually had the intention of killing His Royal Highness. Didn’t he know that the “heart” of the spirit beast was transparent to the spirit beast master? What’s more, for something as obvious as “killing intent”, Mingyou could perceive it without special investigation.

    His Royal Highness the black cat, and their group of spirit beast partners, were Mingyou’s inverse scales, and they were furious. In fact, they really wanted to see Mingyou play a star thief leader because he was angry.

     However, such a bloody thing as a reward cannot be done by Mingyou. His hands need to be clean, just make a feast of spirit beast food. All the sins and bloodshed, they could let Mingyou know, but they must never let him be contaminated.

     So, let them clean up the scum that makes Mingyou angry. Besides, His Royal Highness, the black cat who was often “persecuted” and “despised” by them, wasn’t he their inverse scale?

     So, when the groundhog came to the one-on-one spirit beast training ground, armed with a full set of spirit beast weapons of alien technology that he had bought, and equipped it like a mechanical groundhog, he saw a huge explosion.     

What kind of monkey was this? He was suspended in mid-air, stepping on the floating clouds, and with a wave of his hand, the ground under his feet cracked and a large pit appeared. The stones in the crater flew upwards, covering him like lava. The fire light faded little by little, and the golden light appeared little by little. On the mighty big monkey, a layer of golden armor appeared.

    He was walking on long boots, wearing a golden crown, bright armor, a long stick with unknown runes in his hand, and colorful clouds behind him, as if a god and Buddha were born.

    Leo glanced down, and his eyes locked on the gray mechanical suit, which looked like a small fish in a holographic game.     

Groundhog: “…Your outfit is so cool, where did you buy it?” Judging from the special effects, he lost a lot!

    The two deer siblings were also shocked. When did Dahuang learn the special effects?!

    Mingyou asked Xiaotian to send the holographic video of Dahuang’s transformation to the group, and the fluffy people in the group were completely sour.

    Dahong, who was dancing, slapped his foot, Yan Yi and Heman of Capital Star overturned the teacup in front of them, Daqing lifted the Snow Leopard’s cradle by 360 degrees, and Dacheng, Dazi and Dalan who were in the research room almost accidentally smashed expensive research equipment.

    The expression of His Royal Highness, the human-shaped black cat who was talking and laughing, distorted for a moment, and finally managed to control the cosmic scolding.

    Mingyou also praised wildly in the group: “As expected of a super expensive costume, the special effects are automatically filled when they appear on the stage. By the way, this special effect can be controlled, and you can repeat it countless times when you need special effects, and also when you don’t need effects. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to change clothes in a low-key manner with one button? (thumbs up)”

    The red fox with the gem fox scratching board suddenly shriveled. Compared with the gem fox scratching board, which can be bought with money, the monkey was dressed in magical clothes, which was a good thing that cannot be asked for. Hearing about these things could only be exchanged for the knowledge acquired by Mingyou from the light brain brought by the previous life. And even if the knowledge value was enough, there may not be god-level props suitable for them in the light brain.

    Why! Why that monkey?! Was it because of the Sun Wukong story in Mingyou’s previous life? ! Why was Sun Wukong a monkey, a little fox that can breathe fire, isn’t it?!

    “Xianluo, what’s wrong with you? Your feet hurt?” Xianwei the fox looked at his brother who suddenly fell to the ground and couldn’t get up for a long time, worried.

    The fox Xianluo rolled his eyes and drooped his ears, as if he had lost his dreams and even his soul: “Mingyou gave Dahuang a set of god-level equipment.” 

The fox Xianwei was full of question marks. Who was Dahuang? Oh, it was Leo the rhubarb monkey. What was god-level equipment? How was it similar to the terminology of online games?

    But he couldn’t ask any more, because his younger brother had already started scratching the floor, digging a big hole in the floor of the dance training room. He needed to get a contact to fix the floor right away.

    “Are you still fighting?” The yellow monkey possessed by Sun Wukong looked at the golden hoop stick in his hand, his eyes twitching slightly. After he put on this equipment, the “value” of this equipment appeared in his mind.

    In short, if he went down with this stick, it was estimated that he could blow up a starship. And he still didn’t know how to restrain his strength while wearing this equipment.

    “If I go down with this stick, I can turn you into ashes.” – It was said that this was the line of Sun Wukong. Leo thought, with this stick, maybe the mechanical marmot would really be wiped out. No kidding.

    Although he did have a little grudge with this star thief leader, but these petty grudges had not risen to the point of life and death, at most he just wanted to beat the other party.

    Otherwise, His Royal Highness Arthur would not accept the surrender of this star thief leader. In fact, when he and His Royal Highness obliterated the star thief group of the enemy, it was still a cooperative relationship with this person.

    Ashes or something, forget it. Leo suddenly felt buddha. Although he felt that the real Buddha might not be that Buddha, but as an adjective, it could still explain his current aspirations.

    When one person was strong enough to wipe out another person, it seemed that the small frictions in the past no longer mattered. Everyone’s level was different. Do people get angry with ants?

    The golden hoop in Leo’s hand lightly tapped mid-air, a landslide occurred next to the mechanical groundhog, and the entire spirit beast training ground began to frantically call the police, and erected an energy shield.

    “Don’t fight, don’t fight, our training ground can’t hold it anymore. I’ll give you the money back, please don’t tear us down!” The boss of the training ground rushed out and roared wildly at the big monkey in the air.

    Mingyou glanced at the training ground. Well, it’s already half torn down. The spirit beasts were fighting in the city, and it really wasn’t right.

    “Let’s go to space to fight.” Mingyou suggested, “I want to see, a full set of divine armor with full power can destroy a few asteroids.”

    Mechanical groundhog: “…” Are you serious?

    “When His Highness is free, let’s go together.” Yellow Monkey saw that the mechanical groundhog was sitting on the ground, unable to get up again, and calmly landed, ignoring this previous knot.

    “Then try again when you get home.” Mingyou touched the armor on the yellow monkey and couldn’t put it down. “When everyone comes back, let’s go to space to watch fireworks together.”

    Dalu and Xiaolu also stretched out their hooves and touched the yellow monkey. nonstop. Envy, envy, they wanted too.

    “Okay.” The monkey let them touch, smiling until his eyes turned into crescents.

    The mechanical groundhog struggled for a long time, but was unable to get up from the ground. Later, he finally found out that the power system of his mechanical armor actually failed, so he couldn’t stand up. It’s not that he had weak legs, it’s all this damn garbage armor!

    The groundhog put away the mechanical equipment and finally stood up with trembling legs. He looked at the big pit in front of him, and the boss of the spirit beast training ground who was crying at the bottom of the big pit, and was speechless for a while.

    He didn’t feel Leo’s ability fluctuations at all. Could this be the effect of purely relying on equipment? He simply wore a small battleship gun on the body, right?!

    What kind of equipment was this! Had the Star Alliance army grown to such a terrifying level? Then it’s useless! He might as well go home and knit!

    The spirit beasts of their Star Alliance were suffocated and bombarded casually, and they also returned a star-destroying cannon with beast claws. The chaotic star area was not immediately razed by them? The thought of the groundhog made his scalp go numb. No, no, it’s not their alliance, but our Star Alliance.

    Your Highness! He was going to surrender! He will surrender all his treasures! It doesn’t matter if he start out as a soldier! You see, is it still comfortable for him to pinch your legs!

    “I’m convinced, I’m completely convinced.” The groundhog nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice, with a dog-leg look on his face, “It’s amazing. Is this the new spirit animal science? What kind of black technology is this? Don’t tell me, I know it’s a secret, so I sigh with emotion.”

    After Leo asked Xiaotian to take several pictures of him, he put away the equipment reluctantly and turned back into a human: “Ready to come. Give your Highness a free job.”

    “Okay, okay, absolutely no problem. But can we buy food from you?” Groundhog rubbed his claws hard, “We can buy it at double the market price of your Star Alliance.”

    After Mingyou asked Arthur, he said, “Yes. You can also use double the price to buy things that other Star Alliance spirit beasts can buy, but priority is last, you have to wait for them to finish the line, and you have stock. You can only buy it. But ordinary food is already sufficient now, so you don’t have to queue.”

     “You can also accumulate contribution points for a year of free labor, but after a year, the Star Alliance Contribution Point Mall will be open to you again. In addition, your crimes will also be settled, and you will not be exonerated just because you surrendered.”

     “I hope you have not committed crimes that will be shot immediately.” Mingyou repeated Arthur’s words, and he frowned, “The star thief has never committed a crime and was shot to death. It’s not a crime, right?”

     “Star Alliance laws don’t apply to star thieves, as long as they don’t take action against citizens, it’s not a crime. And if Star Alliance citizens go to their territory, they must follow suit. They do things according to their rules.” Leo explained to Mingyou, “You can treat the Chaos Sector as a foreign country.”

    “Oh, I see.” Mingyou said, “Anyway, if Dahei says it’s okay, it’s okay. Brother Monkey, what kind of hatred do you have with him, can you do this now?”

    “My hatred with him was that I used to be a star thief. The hatred of time. I am no longer a star thief, and he is not a star thief now, so we have no hatred.” Leo touched Mingyou’s head, “Are you still shopping?”

    “Walking, I have to buy for Dahei.” After Mingyou finished speaking, he ran to the boss of the crying spirit beast training ground, “Don’t cry, can I still pay for it?”

   The boss of the spirit beast training ground stretched out his hand while crying. You don’t need to pay much, a box of cookies made by the host himself is enough.”

    Mingyou: “…” Does this guy really feel sorry for the spirit beast training ground they destroyed, or is he just selling miserable.

    But he didn’t expect the divine weapon to be so powerful, it was indeed his fault. Mingyou nodded: “Okay. But the biscuits are delicious when they are fresh. I don’t carry them with me, they are all eaten and made. Do you want to wait for me to make them and send them to you after I get home, or replace them with energy crystal candies?”

    “Please give me candy.” Of course, get it first! The boss of the spirit beast training ground said immediately.

    Mingyou couldn’t help but smile: “Okay. I’ll give you candy. If you don’t sell it, can you show me your spirit beast form? I’ll give you the best candy for you.”

    The boss of the spirit beast training ground immediately became A big snow-white rabbit, or the famous satin-haired, long-haired Angora rabbits!

    Mingyou’s depression of being touched by porcelain disappeared immediately. It’s you! Oh my god, look at this fluffy mass, it was like a big plush ball, he can’t even see the ears and eyes! People can’t wait to jump into the pile of plush immediately!

    “I’ll give it to you, I’ll give you all this.” Mingyou pulled out things hard, candies, snacks, and small toys, all of them.

    Dalu, Xiaolu and Leo who were left behind: “…” Here comes Mingyou’s careless behavior.

    Which rabbit was this? Why did he suddenly run out to touch porcelain? The quality of his spirit beast training ground is not good, shouldn’t he reflect on it himself and even compensate us? He was actually embarrassed to cry and ask Mingyou for something, what about face as the strongest power user?

    And this was not a fire attribute spirit beast, it was clearly an outsider spirit beast. Wasn’t this just like the groundhog, who came to meet Mingyou by chance? How many spirit beasts knew about Mingyou’s coming to Maple Leaf Star.

    Wait, it seemed that Mingyou himself hung an advertisement for the suspension of updates, saying that he went to the Maple Leaf Star to watch the Festival. This…Well, in order to drain the Maple Leaf Festival, Mingyou and His Highness have done everything they can.

    Then they remembered that Mingyou and Arthur were going to hold a “concert” at Maple Leaf Star to promote the “healing record”. Tickets for the concert were now on sale with contribution points.

    Selling concert tickets in the Star Alliance Contribution Mall was something that only His Royal Highness could think of. Many spirit beasts were complaining, but the tickets were sold out within seconds of being released, and they didn’t know what kind of hand speed they used to grab the tickets.

    The groundhog, who was watching Mingyou licking the rabbit, was very depressed. Why was he not being treated like this? Was he not cute? Or, because Mingyou had cats, he hated mice?

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4 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 78

  1. Pity the poor marmot! Aren’t they cute? But, alas, this marmot had to have thought bad things about the future hubby so selling meng is a pipe dream I’m afraid!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    1. Marmots are cute! They look round hella derpy when they’re scared and I love it 😂
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