After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I Became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 62

BOSS news was easy to find. The black cat complained: “If this is a holographic online game, it must be made by a 9-year-old. It’s too simple and full of fairy tales.”

Mingyou said in his heart, Dahei could be a little younger, such as six years old too.

He looked at the place where Dacheng and Dazi were – an imitation of the “Spirit Beast Amusement Park” in his previous life, and he couldn’t help showing a look of nostalgia.

“I thought your subconscious favorite place was our home, but I didn’t expect it to be a playground.” The black cat continued to complain.

Mingyou: “…” Dahei was jealous?

“This is the only amusement park I’ve been to in my past and present lives,” Mingyou explained, “so I’m quite fond of it.”

The black cat scratched his ears: “Didn’t you say you are not in good health, you can still go to an amusement park?”

Mingyou said: “Reservation.”

Dahei: “…Despise the privileged class.”

Mingyu was helpless. His Highness Prince of the Star Alliance said that he, a commoner, was a privileged class and despised it. Was he really okay with this?

According to the prompts on the bulletin board, two days later, spirit beast stars Dacheng and Dazi will start a national challenge in the amusement park. Players who pass all the challenges could get the ultimate reward of riding Dazi and holding Dacheng.

Now, they needed to find a place to stay in the city and wait for the challenge to begin. Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts complained one after another, and this reward could indeed be seen as Mingyou’s subconscious.

Mingyou wanted to dig a crack in the ground to hide in. The subconscious world was completely shameful to be in. He regretted it very much.

Because there were still two days left, the spirit beasts decided to take a stroll around the dream city to see what was in Mingyou’s little head and to improve their understanding of him.

Mingyou broke the jar, not only followed them to visit, but also introduced them to the people and things that appeared in his dream world, the most impressive people and things in his subconscious mind.

The place where they lived was the Spirit Beast Guest House. Every town in this dream world had a spirit beast hostel. The director and the deputy director, who were responsible for cleaning up the mess for the director, were all the two spirit beast doctors they had met in the novice village.

“The man who claimed to be the mastermind was named Xiao Yu, and the one who never introduced himself was his partner, God Qiao Hongqiao. They were the best game makers in the world from my previous life. The amusement park in my impression is the one they built with their own game IP prototype.”

“When my parents died unexpectedly in my previous life, although the nominal guardians were my grandparents, Mr. Xiao and Mr. Qiao were actually taking care of me. The park was closed for security inspection every Monday, and I was too weak to visit people. If they weren’t busy, they would take me on Monday to play, which is what I said before.”

“This time the boss fight is written ‘Monday’, is probably for this reason.”

The spirit beasts rushed into the second floor of the spirit beast research institute, dug out Mingyou’s subconscious game, and began to play the game.

Although there were only mobile and computer games, they were amazed that they could play games in a dream, and the game content was so real.

“Amazing, a classic game, it’s still fun in the interstellar era.” After playing a few times, the black cat found that there was no follow-up, and said dissatisfied, “Mingyou, let your dream world map the next game to me.”

“I can’t do it, I only played the first level, thank you.” Mingyou said helplessly when he saw that his partner spirit beasts were all playing action games.

Although he must play games, he was physically weak and could not sit by the computer for a long time, nor could he play the more intense games in the holographic world, so he only had a beginner’s tutorial for this kind of game.

“…Then what are you doing to show us the game? Let’s have a bite and be hungry?” The black cat was so angry that he slammed the handle.

Mingyou: “…Dahei, the way you dropped the handle looks like an emoji.”

The black cat: “…”

Mingyou: “Unfortunately, there is no way to take screenshots in the dream world.”

The black cat slapped Mingyou to the ground: “Tell me honestly, did you make a lot of emojis with my appearance?”

Mingyou: “…” Oops! Missed it!

Seeing Mingyou’s guilty conscience, the black cat was very happy: “You’ve already made an emoji, why didn’t you pass it on to me? Does anyone else have an emoji? Pack them all for me! I want to use them too!”

Didn’t share anything good with him! This idiot was getting more and more conscienceless!

Other spirit beasts who were preparing to persuade: “…”

Was there something wrong with him being angry, His Highness? Was he proud of himself becoming an emoji? Wait, they’ve become memes too? The beasts were silent.

The black cat squatted on the back of Mingyou, who was lying on the ground, and said very seriously: “We are going to disclose the existence of spirit beasts to the entire Star Alliance. People suddenly turn into beasts, and ordinary people must be worried. Emoji packs are such things. It is very down-to-earth and suitable for promoting the people-friendly image of spirit beasts.”

The spirit beasts continued to ponder. Your Highness, was this serious? Use the expression pack of spirit beasts to reduce the people’s resistance?

“You’ll know when you try it. Anyway, there won’t be less meat.” The black cat’s ears flattened.

All the spirit beasts looked at the cat’s fat belly, he more than a little bit of meat! Although the body shape of the energy body had nothing to do with the human one, wasn’t he getting more and more rounded? Even if his ability became stronger, a fat cat flying in the sky, don’t he feel ashamed, Your Highness?

Their bodies were also developing in a rounded direction, but they were not as fluffy as Dahei, so the spirit beasts who seemed to be relatively normal, complained without self-awareness.

The emoji thing was over. The black cat was still thinking about the game he played.

“Wait for me to go out, and add the element of one-life clearance to the spirit beast game to be made.” The black cat said.

The other spirit beasts hurriedly stopped them. They wanted to make a game for all ages, clear the level in one life, how could they attract children to come in? Didn’t he know that spirit beast masters should be cultivated from children!

Amid the persistent muttering of the black cat, they arrived at a middle school again.

“Is this the school where the Tan family put you under house arrest?” The yellow monkey stuck his head into the school gate, with an expression as if he was about to rush in and kill.

The school where Mingyou was under house arrest, would his heart have a shadow on this school?

“No, this is my previous life’s school.” Mingyou glanced at the plaque and said.

Past life again?

The fluffy people followed Mingyou into the school gate and saw the students dancing folk dance on the playground.

Mingyou explained: “When I was in high school, the radio gymnastics in the school was changed to folk dance. Unfortunately, I was too weak to dance with them. When I could go to school, I would lie on the railing of the teaching building and watch them dance.”

Black Cat: “It seems to be very interesting. How about we change the gymnastics in the military camp to dancing?”

All fluffies, including the dancer Dahong, said in unison: “No way!” Your Highness, can he suddenly slap his head and think things through?

They were collectively complaining about the black cat, and a burly man came over: “You young man, what are you doing in the valley?”

“Uh, I’m not a student of the school.” Mingyou was not surprised when he saw his high school head teacher appear. Then, they chatted happily.

The fluffy people who became the background boards pricked up their ears and listened to the two of them chatting. When the man left, Mingyou introduced him to them: “This is my class teacher in my previous life.”

The fluffy people all said that Mingyou had now come back as the top student in the college entrance examination of Skyblue Star, which could be considered as a fulfillment of his promise. But what dialect was this?

The fluffy people were very puzzled, and then found that they unconsciously began to imitate the head teacher’s tone of voice. This dialect was poisonous!

Mingyu laughed. There were so many poisonous dialects in his previous life that as long as he stayed in a place for a while, his Mandarin would immediately shift to the local dialect, and it would be difficult to change it back.

After leaving school, they went to the hospital in Mingyou’s previous life, and went to the shopping mall from his previous life… The city was very simple, and there was very little content in it. Even the plants were just repeating a few.

Even if they knew that this world was false, the monotony of this world made the spirit beasts feel very uncomfortable.

What made them even more uncomfortable was that Mingyou only lived for seventeen years in his previous life, and this life was longer than the previous one, but in his subconscious world, except for their group of spirit beasts and the mum in pajamas who couldn’t speak in the novice village, there were no traces of his current life in Mingyou’s subconscious. Including his big brother, who failed to have a role in this dream world.

“Your Royal Highness, when we go back, we will put a trip to the Capital Star on the agenda.” The white bear leaned into the black cat’s ear and whispered.

The black cat nodded solemnly. Make a small plan first and fill Mingyou’s dreams with the famous tourist attractions of the Star Alliance.

Mingyou saw the sadness of the spirit beasts. He was depressed. Originally thought it was a public execution, but it turned out to be a miserable sale. In fact, in his previous life, accompanied by the virtual spirit beasts, he had a pretty good life.

After walking around, looking at the monotonous and repetitive scenery, everyone’s nature was getting lower and lower. They returned to the spirit beast hostel, waiting for the boss.

When they could start the boss challenge, they must beat up Dacheng and Dazi to vent their depression.

Mingyou really wanted to tell them that the challenge set by Dacheng and Dazi was definitely not sparring. But now the big plushies were surrounded by low pressure, and he dared not speak.

Mingyou: [System, that’s not right, even if I didn’t leave too many impressions in my subconscious in the first nineteen years of this life, the recuperation star in this life won’t leave anything behind, right? 】

System: [Just make a simple copy, how many subconscious fragments do you want me to extract? You can make it if you want, and the knowledge value is all yours.]

Mingyou: “…” Well, the case was solved. It was not that his heart was monotonous at all, it was entirely the fault of the system, a junk game maker who cut corners. But for this reason, he couldn’t say it, he could only recognize it by pinching his nose.

After they went back, he would make them more delicious food. They should be able to forget what happened in their dreams, right? Mingyou thought uncertainly.

He really thought about how to divert the attention of his partner spirit beasts, but he didn’t expect Dacheng and Dazi to come out so kindly to attract firepower.

“The first level, roller coaster. They’re in the car, we…we’re on the roof? Can’t fall off?!”

“The second level, the ice dodgeball contest. They smash, we dodge, but we have to wear clothes with limited mobility??”

“The third level, jumping machine. Jump a hundred times in a row?”

There were ten levels in total, and after reading the first three levels, the spirit beasts fell silent.

“Mingyou, please explain honestly, is this your subconscious or the subconscious of the two of them?” The polar bear said solemnly.

Although he was very sorry for those two big cuties, Mingyou still told the truth: “The nature of the dungeon is controlled by the boss’s subconscious, so it’s uncontrollable, and there may be casualties.”

“However, if there are casualties, that is, being kicked out of the dream, the mental power is slightly damaged. You can make up for it after eating a few nutrient cubes. Don’t worry.”

All the plush looked at each other. Was this a concern about casualties? They always felt like they were being played by these two bastards? These challenges are completely spoofing them, right?!

They continued to bite the bullet and watch. The fourth level, bumper cars. But their car was a tricycle;

The fifth level, carousel. The rotation speed was fast, and the ride not only flew sideways, but also had no seat belt;

The sixth level, archery. But they were the targets.

The seventh level, dance machine. It’s also super fast.

The eighth level, the air pirate ship. Experience 360 ​​degree rotation.

The ninth test wad a written test, which involved memorizing a lot of things in a short period of time.

The final level, the rules only said that it was an obstacle race. As for the obstacles, they will only know when the game starts.

Dacheng was wearing pumpkin pants, a red cape, a small crown, holding a fairy stick, and doing a pose on Dazi, who was wearing a pair of wings and pretending to be a pegasus: “The rule is a single challenge, if the challenger fails, that person is forever disqualified. As long as one person can pass the test, this level is considered to be passed by all.”

“But Mingyou is an exception. He must survive to the end and participate in the final obstacle race. If Mingyou is eliminated, the challenge will be considered a failure.”

“Do you understand the rules?”

Mingyou pointed to his nose: “What? I need to participate too? I’m here for the obstacle course?!”

Dacheng circled around on Dazi’s back. He waved the fairy stick and said, “Yes. You need to bring a partner to participate in the final level.”

“Isn’t there only one chance at the last level?” Mingyou was dumbfounded.

Dacheng finished grandstanding, squatted on Dazi’s back, and flicked his super cute big tail: “Yes, the ultimate challenge will definitely require a little difficulty.”

Mingyou started poking at the system frantically to see if he could buy some cheating props with knowledge points. And the other plushies went out collectively.

“This game, play it yourself.”

“You should still be in amber.”

“Anyway, the forced quitting is just mental damage, so I decided to force quit.”

“Come to save you, you also caused trouble for us, thank you if you don’t save it.”

“It’s good to be frozen. You are not sure you will die. Maybe you can wake up after thousands of years, and rounding up is time travel.”

“That’s right, you will have time traveled, and in the future, remember to put a bunch of flowers in front of our tombstone.”

“Let’s bury their ice sculptures in the soil first, and put a wreath on the mound.”

Mingyou: “…” No way, right? Were they really leaving? Come back! ! Didn’t they already know that the dream world was dangerous and difficult? What about their comradeship?!

“We are indeed mentally prepared to deal with danger, but we are not mentally prepared to be spoofed.” The black cat said displeased.

Mingyou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “This is a splicing of subconscious fragments, it’s just nature, and it’s not their real thoughts. If they knew that we came to save them, they would definitely leave with us directly.”

The black cat scratched his ears in dissatisfaction. He really had enough of this dream world! However, the fluffy ones were really just talking angrily, and were not really ready to give up on saving their comrades.

The last level had unknown rules, but they assigned challenging tasks according to what they were good at.

Although Mingyou must stay at the end, it seemed that only Mingyou could clear the ninth level, so Mingyou undertook the work of breaking through the ninth level. If they go, they would only be eliminated.

“His Royal Highness is a full-line ability user. The final challenge is to let His Highness down, and the possibility of passing the test is higher.” The other fluffy people said, “But Your Highness, you have been lazy for a few months, eating, sleeping, sleeping and eating. Like a pig, can you handle the obstacle course with your skills?”

Mingyou: “!!!” Don’t say the word “pig”!

“Yeah, in Xiaoyou’s dream setting, I’m a pig cat. So let’s challenge you. As a pig cat, how about I doze off and eat?” The big black cat smiled.

The cat smiled kindly and was super cute. The question mark on the top of the plush head, what was a pig cat?

Mingyou smirked and went to coax the big black cat. He must be able to figure out a way to make this happen! After making a fuss, the challenge officially began.

The first challenge was done by the polar bear. The white bear thought that he would not be thrown off if he iced himself on the top of the fully enclosed roller coaster.

But he underestimated the speed of the roller coaster. In just one lap, cracks appeared in his ice. But it didn’t matter, Dabai added another layer of ice.

“Next is the volcano area!” Dacheng shouted happily while sitting in the front carriage of the roller coaster.

Dabai: “Volcanic area? Don’t be afraid, as long as my ice has the ability to maintain it, it will… ah!!!!”

A pillar of fire sprayed towards the white bear, and then a huge volcanic rock smashed towards him. The big polar bear hurriedly blocked it with his abilities.

What kind of roller coaster was this called? Why would the roller coaster be smashed by fire and meteorites?!

“It shouldn’t be a problem, right? Based on Dabai’s combat experience, this obstacle is trivial, right?” Mingyou nervously hugged the black cat’s neck.

“Let go, I’ll be strangled to death.” The black cat struggled hard, “It’s a trivial matter. He was in a hurry at the beginning. This is far worse than what we encountered on the battlefield.”

Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the polar bear successfully passed the volcanic area.

It should be fine now… eh?! Why did the roller coaster disintegrate? Why did Dabai’s carriage derail and fall off?!

“The challenge failed, the next one.” Dacheng waved his big tail, bouncing on the ground.

The polar bear, who was caught off guard and failed the challenge, was sucked away by a black hole before he could shout a curse. In reality, the white bear stumbled a bit, tore off the pipe, opened the holographic warehouse and jumped out cursing.

The researchers, who were nervously waiting for the results, Daqing, Dalu and Xiaolu were taken aback.

“What’s wrong?” the indigo kangaroo asked hurriedly. “What happened? Why did you wake up suddenly?”

“It’s nothing, I was trapped by Dacheng.” After the white bear finished scolding, he found a corner to lie down and waited for the result.

The matter of the dream was obviously related to Mingyou’s light brain. He wouldn’t tell the others that the dream had become a dungeon clearance.

The white bear turned over and lay on his side against the wall. Referred to as silent lying. He was a little unconfident in his combat ability, but this challenge actually failed, which hit him hard.

The white bear repeated the review, thinking that he was careless. Why didn’t he think about all the possibilities in advance? How stupid, he actually froze himself to the carriage and lost his mobility! Speaking of which, mobility was his weakness.

The polar bear became angrier the more he thought about it. He turned into a little bear, climbed on the table and grabbed a pack with a lot of nutrition cube boxes. The nutrition cube boxes in the backpack that were going to be used to replenish energy for them all fell to the ground. He drilled into the backpack and pulled it up from the inside. zipper.

Everyone looked silently at the polar bear who got into the backpack. What exactly happened to Herman in the dream? It was a big blow, wasn’t it?

In the dream, Dabai was eliminated, giving the remaining people enough warning.

“You can’t treat this as an ordinary spoof game, but treat this as combat training.” The black cat pretended to be a pig for a while, and finally got serious. “Take the challenge as a training mission, and take all enemy attacks into account.”

The fluffy people nodded. The second challenger for the first level was the grey wolf. Dahui was best at gravity and psychic power, and he could float himself on a roller coaster to deal with most dangers.

But the ability of the wolf to control gravity was very useful. They originally wanted to use the wolf as one of their trump cards, and wait until the next few levels before letting him play.

In this dream state, they could not use their abilities as they wished in reality. Their ability had become a “skill”, and the release requires “spirit value”, “knowledge”, and had a “cooling time”.

Items could not be used during the challenge, that meant, it was impossible to drink potions to regain mana. Naturally, the speed of mana regeneration was slow, and due to the difficulty of the challenge, they may need to use up all their blue bars. Since the wolf played early, it was estimated that it will be difficult to play again later.

But among the remaining people, only Dahui had the ability to maintain his balance on the rapidly and irregularly advancing roller coaster while maintaining his mobility and counterattack ability, so he can only be let go.

“It’s really too pitiful that the carriage may be disappear.” The monkey scratched his head, “Otherwise, I could resist the attack even if I’m an earthen shell.”

The big bad wolf came on stage and passed the first level without any danger. But as they had expected before, the big wolf’s blue bar was exhausted, and after that, he would be a tool to test the rules at most.

“Dabai is out first, Xiaoyou and His Royal Highness should play the last two levels. There are still seven levels left, but there are only four of us, which means that everyone must pass at least two levels.” Dalan said, ” Dahui has already figured out the power of the attack, we need to eat some attacks next, exchange the blood bar for the blue bar, and clear the limit.”

Mingyou took out a pen and paper from the system backpack, lay down on the ground and wrote frantically, trying to come up with the best solution to exchange health bars for blue bars.

He thought it was just a simple challenge, but he didn’t expect it to be so difficult. They were all careless.

“Although we have to follow their rules, there are too many things that can be done outside the rules.” The black cat said, “Don’t play the game honestly. The second level should be easier, we have to try out the rules’ bottom line.”

“Dalan, you can wrap yourself in water and move forward. The skirt will not limit your mobility. You go to the second level. In the second level, you must try out two points.”

“First, is it possible to attack the BOSS? Second, the limitation of the scope of activities.” The blue seal nodded.

Mingyou took out a piece of paper with a “swoosh”: “According to the calculation, you can withstand a maximum of ten attacks in each level. However, the recovery speed of the blood bar is faster than that of the blue bar, and each level will restore 10% of the blood volume.”

The black cat glanced at the calculation: “Dahui will appear in the eighth stage. Try to attack hard.”

The wolf nodded. The blue recovered in the eighth level was estimated to be enough for him to insist on not being thrown out within the time.

The blue seal began the second level. After being careful enough, no matter whether the ice surface cracked and a frog monster jumped out, or the sky suddenly filled with hail, there was no danger to the blue seal.

The random dangers they encountered on the battlefield were much greater than this. If he hadn’t thought that this was just a game, Dabai would never have missed it. Now Dabai must be extremely regretful.

Dalan did not dodge blindly, he tried to roll up a ball with water and threw it back to Dacheng and Dazi.

But the ball he threw were blocked by a barrier, which could not hurt Dacheng and Dazi.

His range of activities was the entire ice lake, no more than five meters away from the ice surface. Beyond this range, there was an air wall. In other words, it was unrealistic to stay in the air for a long time to avoid danger.

After the second pass, the big blue seal is left with 60% mana and half of his health. If it wasn’t for testing the rules, his health could have been higher.

The black cat said: “Dalan, you continue to go to the third level!”

The blue seal could not only control the flow of water, but also control the airflow after Mingyou had replenished him with enough energy. Jumping off the building will tie their feet and limit their range of movement. The big blue seal that can control the airflow was the most suitable person for this level. After this level, Dalan still had some health left, and the blue bar still had 20% left.

When the bumper wheel came to Dahuang to appear, he dug holes and built walls everywhere in the field, almost overturned Dacheng’s luxury armored car, and was given a warning card by the off-court referee Dazi.

“It seems that they will make rules in their favor at any time. But three warning cards can drive us out, and each of us can commit two fouls.” The black cat patted his claws. “We each have only one merry-go-round, and he’s unlikely to throw the merry-go-round like a carriage, Dahuang just needs to fix himself and hit back.”

Finally, the judgment of the black cat was proved to be correct. Dahuang won the game very easily. Even the health and mana bars were still intact.

The black cat took turns to send his subordinates, and everyone’s health and mana bars were distributed in turn. When they reached the ninth level, all the plushies was bloody and empty, but no one else was eliminated.

According to Dahei’s request, Mingyou became a computing tool. Of course, his brain power calculation would definitely not meet the requirements of the big cat, but he cheated with the system. The system took Mingyou’s knowledge value and temporarily played the role of Xiaotian’s AI. Mingyou only needed to organize and spread the word.

Mingyou finally saw the terrifying commanding ability of the black cat. Obviously it was just a dream, and it didn’t matter even if he “died”, but after the first “sacrifice”, the black cat quickly found a way to keep everyone alive to the end.

Mingyou thought, on the battlefield, was Dahei’s thinking so quick, his emotions so calm, and his observation so meticulous? In every battle he commanded, did he think about how to save the lives of his comrades as much as possible while obtaining the greatest results?

Mingyou lifted the black cat’s ears, which turned into airplanes, and asked him this question in a low voice.

Worship! His Dahei was really awesome! I finally saw the side of Dahei as a hero!

“Are you stupid?” The black cat said indifferently, “In war, there is only victory. In order to win, I may have a 300% mortality rate.” 300% means that all the soldiers who were originally defending the formation were killed, and they will continue to replenish their troops and continue to die in battle.

Mingyou: “…”

“Don’t think about war, with you little head. The war is over, as long as we are strong enough, no one will invade us again. Even the Zerg are bullying the soft and afraid of the strong.” The black cat stretched out his paws to cover Mingyou’s head, “Go through the level, clear the level early, and beat Dacheng and Dazi as soon as possible.”

“…Beat them up.” Mingyou smiled dryly, “Dacheng and Dazi didn’t deliberately create such a test, and they didn’t feel very spoofed afterwards. But they really designed a lot of interesting mechanisms.”

“The two of them were originally responsible for the development of combat simulation machines. But that was a long time ago. I didn’t expect this to be the most profound thing in their subconscious.” The black cat said, his cat paws were put down from Mingyou’s head, and he tried hard at pushing Mingyou’s back, “Go to the exam, go, don’t waste time.”

Mingyou scratched his head and sat in the examination room. Now, he needed to finish reading the thick book in front of him, and then take the closed-book exam.

When Mingyou opened the book, he almost cried out in surprise. This book was full of names. The name was followed by the name of the unit, the battle and the time of the sacrifice. This was a roster of martyrs.

Mingyou looked suspiciously at the examiners in front of him.

“It came down so quickly?” The little panda yawned, revealing his little pink tongue. Holding his big tail, he wiped his eyes, stood up and stretched.

“I’ll take it down.” Mingyou said, “It’s a bit difficult now.”

This dream can’t be detected, and the system could help Mingyou cheat as long as it received his knowledge value. So Mingyou would definitely pass this test.

But this kind of content that cannot be memorized by logic and could only be memorized by rote, Mingyou really couldn’t memorize it.

The little panda walked to the table, picked up the book in front of Mingyou and flipped through it, and said, “I’m not embarrassing you. Thank you, I had a good time. But when I go out, I’ll probably be beaten.”

Mingyou’s eyes were as round as Dahei’s: “Are you awake?”

“Well, I woke up when Herman was disqualified.” Dacheng said, “When I saw Herman was hit, I instinctively wanted to rush out to save him, but I was restricted and couldn’t leave the carriage. When I was in a hurry, my head went back to my senses.”

“I also woke up at that time. But a guy sent me an email saying that I had to complete this test.” Dazi raised his hoof and scratched his head.

Mingyou was stunned again, why could a horse act like a human? “Can you, can you say this now? Is the test not over yet?” Mingyou said, “Don’t I have to pass the test?”

“It’s true that you have to pass the exam, but the ninth level doesn’t stipulate that I can’t talk on the side.” Dacheng opened the book, then closed it, “I read, you write it.”

Mingyou opened the test paper. The test paper didn’t ask him to write down everything by default, it was just ordinary fill-in-the-blank questions, with a total of 100 questions. Dacheng could quickly give the answer without reading the book.

In fact, Mingyou didn’t need Dacheng to give the answer, he could fill in the blanks directly according to the projection of the system. So he knew that when he closed the book, the answers he gave were all correct.

Perhaps, Big Orange really memorized that book.

System: [This copy comes from his subconscious fragment, which is a part of his memory, so he does remember it all. 】

How can it be? Mingyou did not believe that human memory could reach this level.

“I originally had hyperamnesia.” The red panda saw Mingyou’s doubts and smiled, “His Royal Highness forced me to seek treatment after knowing it, which made me stupid. As a result, when the war stimulated me, it seemed that I was going to fall ill again.”

“When you wake up, we will continue to treat.” Mingyou said, “Dahei will definitely force you to get treat again.”

“Well, Your Highness will definitely.” Red Panda scratched his ears, “After you go out, don’t tell His Highness the content of the exam, and don’t tell him that I am awake.”

Mingyou said embarrassedly: “It’s too late. I have a heart-to-heart connection with Dahei, and I told him through spiritual dialogue.”

Little Panda: “…Can you still use magic in dreams? Is your ability so strong? What kind of spirit beast are you? What attributes? Telepathy must be a special type, what else? Are there other attributes?”

Dazi also came over, a horse’s face full of inquiry. The two men were clearly delinquent scholars.

“I’m not a spirit beast, I’m a spirit beast master. To be specific, I’ll tell you when you wake up.” Mingyou paused for a while, and said in a more embarrassing tone, “Dahei told me to pass a message/order.”

Little Panda and Purple Horse: “…” Delete what number? How to delete the number? What did His Highness want to do? It’s impossible to just wipe them off, right??

“Don’t worry, I will protect you. Dahei is also angry, how could he kill you.” Mingyou comforted, “Dahei is not such a person.”

“I’m very curious. Your Highness actually accepts your name Dahei. Could it be that he has a crush on you?” The little panda opened his round eyes, and the scholar’s expression turned into a gossiping expression.

Since it was all scheduled to be deleted, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, although His Royal Highness was a tiger, it was impossible for him to really eat this little panda.

“I… I named all my partner spirit beasts.” Mingyou smiled and scratched his head, “You will know when you go out.”

“Partner with spirit beasts? All? Isn’t His Highness your only partner?” Dazi brought his face closer, “His Royal Highness would actually agree? What is the relationship between you two?

It’s not actually one-on-one… Mingyou was speechless. Don’t tell him he’s a playboy scumbag, okay?!

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