After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 63

When the ninth test was over, Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts gathered around Dacheng and Dazi. After discussing with the two, they said, “How about you beat us up here? Then we won’t have to recuperate when we go back.”

Mingyou was still persuading everyone to discuss things, don’t fight and kill, not to mention this was a subconscious dream, Dacheng and Dazi couldn’t control themselves. In the end, the black cat patted his paws and decided to give these two a suspended death sentence. After returning to reality, see how the two performed, and then determine the sentence.

If the two performed well, just invite everyone to a meal; if the performance was not good, hum! Dacheng and Dazi lowered their front paws (hoofs), thanking His Royal Highness Dahei for not killing them.

But the black cat regretted it as soon as he made the decision. He carried an excited Mingyou on his back, and stomped his paws: “What is this? Is this a circus? Am I a tiger in a circus!!”

Mingyou was very happy: “Dahei fights himself, this is like a classic old game I played in my previous life, circus race!”

The black cat whirled his tail and said, “Then what is the mechanism of the classic old games you played in your previous life?”

Mingyou said, “Jumping through a fire ring, jumping off platforms, and avoiding obstacles?”

The black cat roared: “Isn’t this a circus! Circuses should be banned! This is animal cruelty!”

Mingyou said embarrassingly: “That’s a game… Dahei, you have supernatural abilities, it shouldn’t be difficult?”

Dacheng and Dazi announced the new rules: “You cannot use abilities in this level, you can only avoid the level with physical fitness.”

Mingyou: “…”

Dahei: “I regret it, I will make a specimen of you now.”

Dacheng and Dazi lowered their front paws/hoofs again: “Your Highness is wrong! This rule was not set by us, this was a task that is automatically generated by the subconscious dream world!”

Mingyou hurriedly poked the system: [System, who set this task rule? 】

System: [Automatically generated according to your and their subconsciousness, the purpose was to collect your spiritual power and help Dacheng and Dazi wake up. 】

It seemed that this time the circus jumping the ring of fire task had one third of his pot. Mingyou decided not to tell Dahei about this. He had already made Dahei angry, and if he knew about it, he would probably be made to kneel.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, finish the task first, so we can go home together.” Mingyou touched the black cat’s ears, seeing that the cat was still angry, he lowered his head and kissed the tip of the black cat’s ear, “The family cooks delicious food for you, Dahei is not angry. Dahei, you are the most powerful spirit beast in the Star Alliance, and this little test of agility will not be failed.”

The black cat snorted fiercely, and walked towards the arena proudly. Behind the two of them, a two-meter-long red panda and a purple horse that could use his front hooves as hands bumped shoulders and whispered.

“The two of them are too close to be normal.”

“That little kid just opened his mouth with sweet words, it’s amazing.”

“How many spirit beasts does Mingyou have? He won’t do this to every spirit beast, will he?”

“Maybe his partner spirit beasts are all our comrades in arms. His Royal Highness and the ten heroes, and we have a complete picture book hahaha.”

“How is that possible hahaha.”

Although the two knew that they would suffer when they came out of the dream, since they were sure that they would suffer, of course, they would continue to gossip. The days when they were frozen were too boring, obviously their bodies could not move, but their consciousness was clear. Although they could fall asleep, sometimes when they woke up, they felt uncomfortable and wanted to go crazy.

Fortunately, they had a comrade-in-arms to accompany them, otherwise they wouldn’t be unable to last alone. The intertwined spiritual power of the two people weaved into a dream, had become the only way to deal with the loneliness when they were awake. So in this loneliness, the two were a little overexcited now that they knew that they were about to wake up.

The black cat stopped moving his tail, swung and tied it to Mingyou’s waist to prevent him from brushing it off. Mingyou pressed his body against the big black cat’s back and hugged the big black cat tightly with his arms, trying his best to make himself and the black cat one.

With a whistle, the black cat kicked his hind legs and set off from the starting point. When he ran ten meters, a group of sharp-toothed monsters with maces appeared behind him, rushing towards him with howls.

The black cat glanced back, and his fur exploded: “What are they yelling about?? They want to catch me and cook dragon tiger hot pot?! What is dragon and tiger fighting? What is going on in the minds of Dacheng and Dazi? What are you thinking?!”

Mingyou buried his face in the back of the black cat’s head and dared not speak. If it was Dragon Tiger Fighting Hotpot, it was probably the fragments extracted from his subconscious.

He repented. Although he never ate wild animals, the matter of “eating” penetrated into the subconscious of the people in his previous life. When he saw Dahei at first glance, he thought that he might be caught and made into a human meat skewer. When he found that the black cat was not dangerous, a thought popped into his mind,

The cat was so big that it couldn’t be simmered in one pot. Ahem, throw this pot to Dacheng and Dazi. Mingyu thought guiltily. The two of them should be more resistant to beatings than him, their energy body’s self-healing ability was also stronger, and the back of the pot is moving.

In order to justify his merits, Mingyou spent points to let the system help measure the speed of the weirdos behind him. When the monster chased, it moved forward at a constant speed, and the speed was 60% of the starting speed of the black cat.

Mingyou also had his own skills in the dream. His skill was to charge spirit beast energy.

The stamina bar of the black cat was long. This test cannot use abilities, but there was limited ability to restore the endurance bar. That was, exchange the health bar with the blue bar.

Mingyou’s skill could restore mana to the black cat. According to the calculation, excluding the bars that automatically recovered in this test, the black cat could have a total of three endurance bars.

Running did not cost stamina, but the speed gradually decreased; jumping, dodging, and accelerating used stamina. The black cat must keep a certain amount of stamina bar all the way to avoid various obstacles.

Although Mingyou laughed and said that this was a math problem in elementary school, the black cat was not a precise machine. The two of them could only estimate a value, and then evenly distribute the endurance bar.

“That being said, this obstacle is too dark, isn’t it?!” The black cat who had just jumped over a circle of fire and was knocked by a cow that jumped out angrily said angrily.

Mingyou wanted to say that the game he played in his previous life was such a hell. But he didn’t dare to say it, and he would be exposed when he said it. Circus games were common, and so was the Star Alliance. But if the obstacles in it were similar to the games he played in his previous life, then he couldn’t get rid of the blame.

The agility of cats was amazing. Even though the obstacles in this test were many and difficult, Dahei survived the test without any danger and successfully reached the end. He even had the strength to hit Dacheng and Dazi right at the moment he crossed the finish line.

The black cat grabbed Dazi’s neck and slammed him to the ground; then he jumped up and slapped Dacheng causing him to roll twice on the ground. “You can excuse the content of the test that has nothing to do with you, but you are looking for fun while you are right, right? Shouting about a great show?”

Dacheng and Dazi, who were taken off the waves, lay on the ground and pretended to be dead, not daring to speak. The two of them were so far apart, why could His Highness still hear their applause?

The black cat pulled out the game panel: “Because the map boss words will be displayed in the nearby dialogue bar.”

They were determined to be a BOSS, so the two spirit beasts without the game panel: “…”

Mingyou hugged the black cat and didn’t let go. It felt really great to be led by the big cat, he really wanted to ride Dahei for a walk every day. But Dahei was too lazy. Not only did he refuse to let himself ride, but he didn’t even want to walk on the road. The old black cat lay on top of his head and let him walk.

The black cat glared fiercely at Mingyou who was lying on his back, slapped Mingyou’s butt with his tail, and then carried Mingyou on his back way, leading his warriors through the halo representing the destination.

When passing through the halo, Dacheng and Dazi whispered to each other again. Looking at Mingyou’s stickiness towards His Highness, and looking at His Highness’s pampering energy towards Mingyou, these two definitely were together!

So what exactly was going on with multiple partners? When they wake up, they will probably know, right?

Mingyou opened his eyes and saw an ordinary ceiling in front of him. He was in a daze, and the ceiling in front of him turned into a pile of fur.

The indigo kangaroo gave Mingyou a big hug: “Mingyou, are you okay? You have slept too long.”

Too long? Did he sleep for a few years? But in a few years, he won’t be in such good spirits now. More conservative, sleep for ten days and a half months?

“You woke up half an hour later than us.” The black cat sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, holding a nutrition cube box in one hand and a biscuit jar in the other, and took turns pouring food into his mouth.

Half an hour? What is half an hour too long? Mingyu was helpless. He coaxed the anxious kangaroo, got up and checked the body of his spirit beasts. When these spirit beasts woke up, people from the research institute should have already checked their bodies. But Mingyou still thought that he had to check it again to be at ease.

“You go to check your body first.” The black cat put down the cookie jar and put his paws against Mingyou’s face, “Our bodies have been checked, and there is no problem.”

“I’ll check it out, just for a while.” Mingyou waved his hands, trying to get closer to the black cat.

“They’ve always been like this?” Dacheng, whose cheeks were stuffed with nutritious biscuits, but his articulation was still clear, asked curiously.

“They’ve always been like this.” Dahui said.

Dacheng looked at his serious and outdated teammates in surprise: “Even you?”

The wolf glanced at Dacheng and said nothing. He walked to the table and pushed the backpack on the table with his paws: “Herman, Xiaoyou woke up, why are you pretending to be mute?”

The backpack was motionless.

Mingyou failed to check the body of the black cat as he wished, and was aggrieved by the yellow monkey and the indigo kangaroo for a medical examination: “What’s wrong with Dabai? Backpack?”

“He is silent in his backpack.” The big wolf said, “You come back and persuade him.”

Silent? Why? Mingyou was wondering when he was picked up by Dahuang and stuffed into the two-in-one inspection and treatment cabin. Mingyou, who had just woken up, fell asleep again.

After sleeping for more than half an hour, when Mingyou woke up again, he had already slept back on the only sofa in the hall of the house, sitting next to a fluffy man who was pouring food into his mouth.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten spirit beasts finally… wait, nine?

“Where’s Dabai?” Mingyou got up from the big black cat’s pillow and said nervously, “Could it be that Dabai failed the test and was kicked out of the dream, and his mental injury is very serious. He is being treated?”

“No, he’s fine.” The black cat swallowed the food in his mouth and said, “He’s in the backpack at your feet.”

Mingyou hurriedly looked at the backpack at his feet. The backpack was motionless. He picked up the backpack and tried to unzip it. Can’t pull it open?

“Dabai? Dabai? What are you doing inside? Come out.” Mingyou smiled, “Isn’t it boring inside?

The backpack was motionless.

“What’s wrong with Dabai?” Mingyou worked hard for a while, but the zipper couldn’t be opened, so he had to give up.

“I think since he was careless, maybe he feels a little ashamed?” The black cat said, “Ignore him and wait for him to figure it out for himself.”

Mingyou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “What’s the shame? Who knew that the test in the dream was so strange? In the first level, except for Dahui and Dahei, everyone else must be crushed.”

The backpack finally shook.

“Dabai, don’t be silent. Isn’t that just a little bit less mobile? Let’s develop targeted training, shall we?” Mingyou said, “It’s useless to be silent. Although your injuries haven’t completely improved, you should do some training. No problem.”

The backpack was zipped open, and a little white bear, like a little girl’s favorite toy, climbed out of the backpack. The little bear stretched out his arms, Mingyou picked up the little polar bear, and kissed the bear’s round ears: “Let me make the plan, as a spirit beast master, it is my duty to help my spirit beasts become stronger. .”

Dacheng almost choked on a nutritional biscuit, he leaned into Dazi’s ear and whispered: “He kissed Herman, he actually kissed Herman, and His Highness is not angry?”

“His Royal Highness is not angry with Herman, but His Highness has already fired a death glare at you.” Dazi said.

Dacheng: “…” Oops, forget that this is not subconscious, with His Highness’s hearing, at such a distance, as long as he has the energy, he could hear it clearly.

The big black cat raised his claws, exposing his claws, and pulled it horizontally into the air. You are finished.

Dacheng lowered his head frantically and stuffed food into his mouth. Even if he was to be finished, he still had some time before he became a ghost.

The little white bear hugged Mingyou’s neck and hung in Mingyou’s arms, like a koala, and continued to self-isolate. The little snow leopard woke up at this time. He crawled out of the kangaroo’s pouch and shook his head to find his caretaker.

Seeing that his place was actually occupied by a strange little white bear, the little snow leopard made a threatening hissing sound. The little bear looked back at the little snow leopard, and continued to lie on Mingyou’s neck, ignoring the little leopard.

The snow leopard jumped out of the nursery bag, stepped on the soft carpet, and stumbled towards Mingyou. The other plushies stuffed food into their mouths while looking at the little snow leopard with doting eyes.

As soon as he woke up, he was taken to a medical examination, and then he ate like crazy. Dacheng and Dazi, who had no idea about the current situation, were stunned.

“What is this? Your Highness’s son?” Dacheng asked, “His Highness and Mingyou?”

Mingyou, who had a little white bear hanging around his neck, picked up the little snow leopard and shook his head frantically: “No no no, it’s not me, I can’t give birth.”

“Now that there are technological means, the same sex can also use the in vitro uterus method to birth children, you don’t have to give birth.” Dacheng said, “His Royal Highness’s illegitimate child?”

“Have you finished yet?” The black cat grabbed the empty cookie jar and threw it at the little panda who was gossipy and not afraid of death.

Dacheng avoided the cookie jar: “Could it be that His Majesty had a new queen while we were recovering?”

Apart from His Royal Highness and His Majesty’s children, Dacheng did not believe that His Royal Highness, who was extremely casual, would care for a child personally.

“This is His Highness Hans.” Seeing that the more and more Dacheng spoke, the more outrageous, in order to prevent Dacheng from being burned to death by His Majesty, Daqing kindly explained, “Just as Dabai can become smaller, His Highness Hans is being treated.”

“I have asked Xiaotian to sort things out during this period of time. Please read it carefully before you talk.” The big black cat said angrily, “If you talk nonsense again, I will tear your mouth to pieces. .”

The red panda hurriedly raised its two paws to cover his mouth, and his eyes widened in fear, looking very cute.

Mingyu was very distressed. The red panda was so cute, why couldn’t he not speak? If the panda couldn’t speak, it was a perfect little cute god.

“It doesn’t matter, if he talks nonsense again, I’ll turn him into a little cutie.” The black cat licked his paws, and finally ate sixty percent full and relaxed a little.

Mingyou stopped the little snow leopard who persevered and wanted to bite the little white bear’s butt, and hurriedly gave the little leopard the special spirit beast milk: “Okay.”

Dacheng was so startled that his tail stood up. Wasn’t this guy named Mingyou supposed to be very soft-tempered and doted on spirit beasts? Shouldn’t he be refuting His Highness now, saying that His Highness was too cruel?

Dazi looked at Dcheng, who was in a daze, and sighed deeply. Dacheng was helpless. Wait, why orange? Dazi looked at his purple fur in deep thought. Was his name Dazi? No way? Why did they have to have such a bad name?

“You can choose not to make a contract with Mingyou.” Dahui sneered.

Dazi: “…You are all Mingyou’s contracted spirit beasts?”

The wolf nodded. Dazi was in a tangle. To tell the truth, he was a very fashionable person. He was such a fashionable person that the requirements for names were very high. But all his comrades in arms had signed contracts with Mingyou, so he couldn’t help but fit in with the group.

“It doesn’t matter, no matter what my name is, I’m the cutest spirit beast in the entire Star Alliance.” Dacheng was horrified for a second, and then started to shudder again, “The red panda is the best in the world, the most adorable god in the world, unparalleled!”

Mingyou glanced at the snarling red panda and kept sighing. Why did this little panda have such a mouth? When he knew that this little panda was nicknamed Huo Ritian, he should have been able to foresee this scene. But Mingyou had been deceiving himself, thinking that maybe the little panda might be cute too.

Look, weren’t he and Dahei cute? But he was wrong. Huo Ritian, this was not a middle school name at all, what was this called? He couldn’t think of any words to describe it. Forget it, there are defects, maybe he was also a regrettable beauty. Like Venus with a broken arm.

Mingyou sighed hard while holding the bottle, and the little snow leopard that finally calmed down pressed against the black cat’s scarf: “By the way, does the Star Alliance have giant pandas? The baby pandas are also very cute, and they are not inferior to the red pandas.”

The little panda said unhappily, “Then what kind of giant panda baby, how could it be better than the century-old cute me?”

“He can really compare. There are no giant pandas in the Covenant?” Mingyou was curious. He hadn’t been to the zoo, nor had he watched TV or the Internet, and he didn’t know what common animals were in the Covenant.

“Whether it’s an ordinary giant panda or a spirit beast giant panda, there’s none.” The blue seal hiccupped, then covered his mouth in embarrassment with two front flippers.

“The animal form of spirit beasts is very similar to unmutated animals of the original planet. Now the animals of the Star Alliance have undergone further evolution and mutation, so they look different from before.” Dazi, a researcher, knew animals very well. He explained, “Giant pandas are living fossils on primitive planets. In the interstellar age, they couldn’t adapt to the interstellar environment, and they all became extinct.”

Mingyou froze. “What’s wrong?” The black cat poked the petrified Mingyou. Mingyou began to burst into tears, and it was so violent that it was even worse than when he saw the big black cat injured.

The black cat was unhappy: “Why are you so sad to hear that the giant panda has become extinct?” Could it be that the beast that had the best relationship with Cunyou in the previous life was the giant panda?

“That’s a national treasure, a symbol of China.” Mingyou sniffed, plunged his head into the black cat’s scarf, and squeezed the little snow leopard out.

Little Snow Leopard: “???” Forget it, bottle milk is so delicious[]~( ̄▽ ̄)~*!

Dahei: “…” I don’t understand why you are crying.

After Mingyou eased his emotions and wiped away his tears with a black cat’s fur, he said, “Are there no giant pandas at all?”

“In the past, but they were gone when I was young.” This time, it was the blue seal who had finished hiccupping. Because Dazi saw that Mingyou was using His Royal Highness as a handkerchief, and was in a petrified state.

“Giant panda, in my family.” The little white bear hung on Mingyou’s neck in a sullen voice, “My cousin. Like His Royal Highness Hans, he was born with special abilities. He finally transformed into a beast at the age of fifteen, and then he weakened to death.”

After that, many S-rank ability users suffered from “spiritual beast phobia” and did not dare to break through the bottleneck and become spiritual beasts. But the ability was not something to hold back if you wanted to hold back. Some people who wanted to make breakthroughs would never be able to make breakthroughs in their entire lives, and those who didn’t want to make breakthroughs would not be able to push back their realm.

Mingyu was stunned. He looked down at the little snow leopard who was leaning against the black cat, holding a small feeding bottle with all four claws, and sucking milk until his eyes narrowed.

“Not in the future,” Mingyou assured.

“Okay.” Dabai rubbed Mingyou, “In the future, there will be special spirit beasts that others can’t support, so let’s raise them.”

“Okay.” The black cat agreed on behalf of Mingyou, “Maybe I can buy a giant panda cub for Mingyou as a son.”

Mingyou burst into tears and laughed: “Dahei, there won’t be any S-rank ability person who wants to be someone else’s son, right?”

“Who knows? If they are your son or daughter, you will be able to take care of you. It is estimated that there are people several times your age who are vying to be your son and daughter.” The black cat complained.

All the fluffy ones except Dazi and Dacheng nodded, and even the little snow leopard drinking milk and the little white bear hanging around Mingyou’s neck tried their best to nod their heads.

Mingyou: “…Then I happily accept it.” Although this joke was very funny, he dared not take it too far or he would be beaten to death.

Dazi and Dacheng looked at each other. How powerful is this young man?

“I think Dazi is a very good name.” Dazi said immediately, “When will we conclude a contract?” Although he didn’t know what’s going on, he was determined to settle this relationship first! Who cares about a harem? His Highness doesn’t care!

“You can anytime.” Mingyou glanced at his friendship with Dacheng and Dazi.

“Quick, quick.” Dacheng and Dazi said eagerly. As researchers, they were just too curious, and couldn’t wait to experience the Spirit Beast Master contract for themselves.

Mingyu couldn’t help laughing. How could these two have a feeling of experimenting with themselves? Was this a common problem for researchers?

Now that there were two more spirit beast researchers, his work with Dalan may be easier-although Mingyou had a research institute, his vigilance against others had not completely disappeared, especially some secrets, which could not be known. Therefore, core research, such as the special cultivation plan for his partner spirit beasts, must be completed by both him and Dalan.

Dalan was a half-way researcher, and he had to learn many jobs before he could get started. Mingyou also had to learn. The two of them were half-baked researchers who stumbled in a lot of work, and progress was very slow. With two self-researchers with experience, Mingyou thought, he and Dalan should grow a lot faster, right?

Dacheng and Dazi were rushing to sign a contract, Mingyou flipped through the system mall and gave Dacheng a charming bow tie and Dazi an anklet.

“Dacheng’s mental strength is very strong, and the charm value is also high. The bonus of the bow tie can also confuse the enemy’s spirit more easily, reduce the enemy’s vigilance, and make better use of illusions. He should use illusions in the future. The route that best suits your talent.”

The role of the charm bow tie in the game was to increase the charm value and have its own charm effect. In reality, it was to use mental power to reduce the vigilance of the other party.

“Dazi’s ability to manipulate air is very powerful. Unlike Dalan’s ability to manipulate clouds and fog on a large scale to change the weather, Dazi uses airflow to enhance his speed. As Dazi’s speed increases, the wind anklet will adjust the airflow and cover Dazi’s body, increasing his defense and attack power.”

The effect of the wind accessory in the game was that with the increase of speed, buffs of attack and defense were superimposed. In reality, the use of airflow was used to achieve this effect.

Dacheng and Dazi were holding the spirit beast props that Mingyou gave them, and their eyes were wide. If it weren’t for the fact that this thing was very precious, they really wanted to dismantle the spirit beast props and study them carefully.

Mingyou looked at Dazi’s “hand” holding the anklet, and silently asked Xiaotian to take a screenshot. New emoji package get. Although spirit beasts were in animal form, they could reverse the body structure of animals and make movements similar to those of humans, which was really suitable for becoming an emoji.

By the way, remember to share a copy of the emoji with Dahei. The black cat grinned when he saw the new emoji in the mailbox. Mingyou’s aesthetics for emojis were much better than his aesthetics for names.

Mingyou re-examined his own spirit beasts, and found that the spirit beasts only needed to replenish energy, and he felt at ease. Dahei’s partners have all been awakened, and the first phase of the main quest was completed? It’s time to have a party to celebrate.

“By the way, what about the Tibetan Fox and my brother?” Mingyou only remembered that he had a brother after a day.

“They applied to go back to the military camp when we went to the subconscious dreamland.” The black cat said, “Now they should go on their mission.”

Tan Chenxi’s original words are that he couldn’t be raised by Mingyou here for a lifetime. He also wanted to try his best to improve himself and become Mingyou’s support.

And the Tibetan fox screamed, “No, I can stay here and be raised by Xiaoyou for a lifetime” and then was dragged by the tail by Tan Chenxi who changed back into human form. The Tibetan fox’s paws left several deep ravines on the ground to show his inner reluctance.

After Mingyou heard it, he couldn’t stand a smile: “Brother Cui is going to be beaten up by Brother Chenxi again.”

Although he could keep the Tibetan fox and llama for the rest of his life, it was a good thing that his brother could regain his ambition. Everyone must have a dream, and then they would be full of enthusiasm for life.

“Unfortunately, they won’t be able to eat at this banquet.” Mingyou said, “I will prepare special food for Brother Chenxi and Brother Cui, can I send it to them?”

Although his elder brother said that Mingyou did not need to be raised, Mingyou, as a spirit beast master, must be nice to the spirit beasts he was close to.

The black cat knew that Mingyou was that kind of fool. If one gave him a little gentleness, he couldn’t wait to pour all kindness into you. Tan Chenxi didn’t have time to do anything for Mingyou. Mingyou only heard Tan Chenxi said that he wanted to be a good brother, so he consciously threw himself into the role of a good brother.

He raised his paws and rubbed Mingyou’s head: “I’ll find someone to send it for you.”

“I want to send a copy for Your Majesty.” Mingyou decided to help his partner spirit beast’s family make a special recipe first. “Does anyone else want a special recipe for their family? You can bring the spirit beast info over for me to see.”

The other partner spirit beasts fell into contemplation. Their big fluffy heads whispered together for a long time, and decided to make a quota for one family, and they couldn’t get tired of Mingyou. Dalu and Xiaolu said that they shared a quota, and the other’s will was their own.

But Dahuang and Daqing said that they could transfer their places for a fee, because they had no relatives. “In exchange for some money, buy a gift for Mingyou.” Dahuang and Daqing had the same idea.

Although the status of the two of them in the Star Alliance would definitely not be lower now, in terms of money, soldiers couldn’t compare to business people. They wanted to buy Mingyou precious good things, the more money the better. But now that they could change back to human beings, they would go through retirement procedures and officially join the group company created by Dahei.

Maybe in the future, they could also live a luxurious life. First of all, buy Mingyou more planets suitable for cultivating spirit beast fruit trees? Simple, buy a whole energy ore star directly for Mingyou. Daqing and Dahuang calculated the little idea of ​​raising Mingyou in their hearts, and they cackled.

“According to convention, if a new member joins the team, we should start the live broadcast.” Mingyou remembered that he had not started the live broadcast for almost a month.

The live broadcast income was fast, and he had more spirit beast partners to support, so he must step up to make money. Use the live broadcast to make a small profit first, and then bring the goods to sell the newly produced spirit beast food, and then make a big profit. Mingyou cracked the little abacus in his heart to support his eleven spirit beasts.

“We will have a banquet and eat a big meal live? Yes.” The black cat laughed wickedly, “By the way, show them our poor little Hans, and advertise for a future kindergarten of spirit beasts.”

“It’s cute, not pitiful. Our family is pitiful.” Mingyou gently scratched the neck of the little snow leopard, and the little leopard made a purring sound, like a kitten.

“Okay, cute.” The black cat squinted at his eldest nephew. If the eldest nephew woke up, he must ask while recording what the eldest nephew thought about calling him mother.

“Compared to the spirit beast sanatorium, perhaps the spirit beast kindergarten is indeed more suitable for Mingyou.” The polar bear finally recovered and returned to normal, “But Mingyou can’t take care of so many spirit beasts. Only the special system spirits that are in particularly poor condition. How can anyone enter the park?”


“Claws up.”

“Raise your hooves.”

“There are other spirit beasts that are in particularly poor condition. You can also let Mingyou take a look. Both the nursing home and the kindergarten can be opened at the same time, and more people will be hired at that time.”

“Then the selection of spirit beast masters is going to speed up. Didn’t His Highness say to make a game? Do you have any plans now?”

“Now, when the Star Alliance is deciphering the war against the Zerg invasion, it also popularized the spirit beasts. Now it’s time to popularize the spirit beast masters, and the people are very interested in the spirit beast masters.”

“It has to wait for Mingyou to sort out the basic spirit beasts. This is a big project.”

Mingyou raised his hand weakly: “Actually, I have already sorted it out.” In fact, he had already bought it from the system.

All the fluffy turned their heads and stared at Mingyou. Numerous plushies: “Mingyou! You are such a genius!”

The black cat was angry: “Stupid Mingyou! You stayed up late again!”

The plushies were reminded by the black cat, they reacted and said angrily: “Mingyou! Don’t stay up late!”

Mingyou: “…” Didn’t they care about the basic cultivation of spirit beasts first? Nobody cared.

Mingyou was trained one by one by all the plushs except Dazi and Dacheng. If it wasn’t for Dahei who stipulated that everyone could only scold for ten minutes, it was estimated that Mingyou would be scolded all day.

Dazi and Dacheng stayed alone in the corner, watching their comrades, yelling at the shivering young man kneeling on the carpet.

“Why do I feel that we are a little out of tune?”

“Have we really only slept for over a year? Why do I feel like the world is completely different?”

Dacheng bit his tail and said, “No, I have to find a way to blend in.”

Dazi asked, “How do you want to fit in?”

Dacheng pondered hard. Although Mingyou has invited him to study together, it was not enough, he must occupy the most shining position.

So after Mingyou was finally trained by his partners, who had been thinking about it, he asked, “Mingyou, I heard that you have insomnia, and you have to hold the plush to fall asleep?”

“It doesn’t count as insomnia, I just don’t sleep well.” Mingyou was embarrassed.

He was such a big man, and it was really hard to say he had to sleep with Dahei in his arms.

Dacheng showed a friendly smile. He turned his head and hugged his tail: “My tail can be hugged by you.”

Lying upside down not far from Mingyou, the black cat who was overseeing work while eating snacks had his ears pricked up like a pair of horns.

Mingyou’s eyes were glued to Dacheng’s tail, and he couldn’t get down.

“When His Highness is away, you can sleep with me.” Dacheng said.

He knows the situation. If this was a palace fighting drama, His Royal Highness was the powerful and powerful Queen, and he must not challenge it. But he could compete for the position of favorite concubine. The black cat’s demon horns changed back to cat ears, and the red fox looked blankly at the little panda holding his tail.

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