After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 61

When Mingyou woke up, he saw an unremarkable ceiling. He was confused for a moment, remembering that he had recovered his body and finally left the sanatorium. When he returned home, he could practice as a spiritual beast master.

Mingyou patted his face: “Cheer up! When you receive a novice spirit beast and become a spirit beast master, the danger in the wild will be nothing to you!”

As soon as he cheered for himself, he was struck by lightning from nowhere. Mingyou breathed black smoke and fell back on the bed. After a while, Mingyou woke up again with the cry.

He patted his face and complained: [System, can you wake me up in a gentler way? 】

The system did not speak.

[But you can actually wake me up, it’s amazing. 】Mingyou boasted.

When they were ready, and they entered the “dreamland”, the researchers said because the two frozen spirit beasts were very powerful, and there were too many people, all kinds of energies affected each other. As a result, they were all confused by the “dream” intertwined with various spiritual powers.

But over time, they would gradually wake up. If they could meet someone who went in the dream, their waking speed would speed up.

System: [Nonsense, I am more advanced than them. According to the system confidentiality code, the dream may reveal the existence of the system, so I have taken over the dream. 】

[The cost of constructing a dream is half for the system and half for the host. 】

[Generate a new side quest. Dear host, please clear the dream copy created by the system based on your subconscious mind. One of the clearance conditions is to collect all the companions of the spirit beasts; the second clearance condition is to defeat two dream bosses within the rules proposed by the dream bosses Dacheng and Dazi. 】

[Rewards for mission completion, all members leave the dream, Dacheng and Dazi wake up; mission failure, all members are mentally damaged. 】

The system said a lot, and Mingyou said in confusion: “That’s it? That’s the reward? Anyway, give me some knowledge points too.” His knowledge value had been deducted and only five digits were left! The five-digit knowledge value was not enough for Dahei’s half-year ration!

The system was silent, completely ignoring Mingyou. It eased the difficulty of awakening Dacheng and Dazi, and avoided all risks. The host was really greedy. It was a pity that the system had no self-awareness, otherwise it would definitely complain.

Mingyou saw that the system was ignoring him, and knew that this matter was not negotiable, the reward was so stingy, whether he liked it or not. He sighed, and at the urging of his mother, changed his clothes and went downstairs for breakfast.

“Why do you need breakfast! You’re going to be late!” The mother in the apron looked just like his mother in his previous life, and her temper was just as hot.

The mother yelled at Mingyou, and asked him to wash up quickly. With his luggage on his back and two boiled eggs, he went to the Spirit Beast Research Institute to pick up a novice spirit beast.

“It’s too late, be careful that the novice retailer has been taken out, you don’t want to go out for a trip today!” The apron mother roared while akimbo.

Mingyou shrank his neck in obedience. Was his mother in his previous life so grumpy? Did it seem to be a little bit true? Mingyou was urged by his mother to run around the room, quickly packed his luggage and prepared to go out.

Their house was a two-story villa, and when he got to the first floor, his mother was smiling at him with two boiled eggs and a bottle of juice. The mother was exactly the same as the woman he saw in the photo, even the clothes were the same. Because in his impression, he had only seen such a mother.

Mingyou was stunned when he saw his mother in pajamas. Unexpectedly, in his subconscious, both mothers were there. If there was no system, would he indulge in this false world?

Pajama mother handed him the thing and continued to smile. The expression remained the same, and there was no sound. Because Mingyou didn’t know the other expressions of his mother in this life, nor had he heard the voice of his mother in this life.

Mingyou took the eggs and juice and smiled wryly. He thought he certainly would not indulge in this world. It was not okay for his mother to become paralyzed and mute. But both mothers were there, what about his father in his previous life?

The scumbag father of Mingyou in this life would definitely not appear into the subconscious, but the father in his previous life would definitely appear, right?

Mingyou looked around, and the mother in the apron continued to roar: “What are you dawdling at?!”

“Where’s my dad?” Mingyou asked.

“Can you think about my partner spirit beast to intercede with you every day?” The apron mother roared, “It’s because he spoils you so much! That’s why he spoils you so lazy!”

Mingyou: “???” Partner spirit beast? No, Mom, he was talking about his dad!

At this time, a beast-eared man with dog ears and a big tail, who would be a golden retriever, came out of the kitchen: “Honey, don’t be so irritable. Mingyou is not in good health.”

Mingyou: “…”

The golden retriever’s father pushed his glasses with a paw and said, “Mingou, if you really don’t want to go out, forget it. Dad will keep you. It’s too dangerous outside, and Dad can’t bear you.”

Mingyou: “…”

The mother in the apron continued to roar like a godzilla: “I told you not to spoil him so much! This is his own choice, and he should be responsible for his choice. Even if he is weak, he can do what he can. It’s a matter of principle. My child won’t be weak in spirit because of a weak body!”

“But dear…”

“No buts!”

“Ah, moms and dad, I’ll go first!” Mingyou rushed out of the door and almost stumbled to the ground. Gosh! What the hell kind of world was this!

Even if there were two mothers in his family, his father had actually become the partner spirit beast of his mother in the previous life, and he was still a golden retriever! Mingyou regretted agreeing to make his subconscious into a dream world. He didn’t know what terrifying sight he would see. This was simply a public execution, okay?

He refused to admit that this was a dream world constructed by his subconscious mind! He never thought that his father looked like a golden retriever in front of his mother! Absolutely not!

Mingyou ran a long way, and then found himself lost in despair. He had never seen the town, and of course he didn’t know the way.

[System, is there a map? 】 Mingyou asked cheekily.

Holographic game, it was not too much to give a minimap or something?

“Yes.” The system said, “Unlock with knowledge value.”

Mingyou: “…”

He clicked on the familiar cursor and saw the familiar interface. It was the game world!

However, map navigation, task prompts, etc. that should be built-in functions, now were all unlocked with knowledge points. Although the knowledge points required was not worth much, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat!

[System, are you too pitiful? 】Mingyou tried to bargain.

The system remained silent. It didn’t force buy or sell, if he thinks it’s a pit, don’t buy it.

Mingyou took a few deep breaths and silently unlocked it. He didn’t know how many knowledge would be spent on this mission. The system wouldn’t drain all the remaining five-digit knowledge values ​​at the beginning of the world, right?

But it didn’t work without spending money. Clearing the customs quickly and bringing all the consciousness of the partner spirit beasts back to the real world was more important than anything else.

Mingyou took a deep look at his knowledge value and closed the system page, out of sight and out of mind. Following the map, he finally found the house.

The Spirit Beast Research Institute was too shabby. The dream world built by the system seemed to be poorly modeled. As soon as Mingyou finished complaining, as soon as he entered the hut, he saw a familiar scene and almost cried out in shock.

What kind of Spirit Beast Research Institute is this? This was the lobby on the first floor of the Red Dog Company, the game developer of “The World of Spirits”! By the way, he subconsciously gave the novice spirit beast doctor who gave the initial spirit beast, which seemed to be related to dogs?

“Mingyou, you’re late this time.” Mingyou turned around stiffly like a rusted robot. Behind him, a man in a white coat with a tender face was smiling at him.

With this sunny smile and tender face, some people believed that he was a young college student who had just entered the university. It was hard to imagine that when Mingyou saw this man, he was already in his forties. Sure enough, it was him!

“That…Mr. Xiao.” Mingyou said embarrassingly, “Hello, I’m sorry, I’m late.”

How did his subconscious even show this guy? Although this guy was indeed his benefactor. At that time, when he heard the news of the unexpected death of his parents, when all his thoughts were lost, Mr. Xiao suddenly appeared, strongly suppressed the relatives who wanted to take his family property, hired a powerful lawyer for him, and prepared a special account with self-aware AI and stopped his self-destructive tendencies.

His parents and Mr. Xiao were just partners, ordinary friends. Mr. Xiao treated the child of his ordinary friends much better than his relatives.

“What’s your name, Mr. Xiao, please call me Goujian.” Goujian smiled.

Mingyou: “…” It turned out that Mr. Xiao in his subconscious had this character. But it seemed that Mr. Xiao originally had this character.

Goujian ignored Mingyou’s horrified expression, rubbed his hands, and said regretfully, “You are late, and the novice spirit beasts have been sent out. Now, there is only one problem spirit beast left in the research institute.”

Mingyou: “…” Wasn’t this the classic plot of the original collector’s edition of “The World of Spirits”?

“The remaining problem spirit beast, everything is good, but he’s lazy. Besides being lazy, he is especially gluttonous.” Goujian continued, “He is called the greedy cat beast. If you have to go on a trip today, take the spirit beast away.”

Greedy cat? Okay, he was done. Mingyou has no face to love. He could imagine a future where he would be punished by kneeling against the wall when his partner returned to reality. He wanted to say, we can discuss this, don’t take the greedy cat beast first, let’s change the name first. But the professor had already entered the door to get the cat beast.

He was like a hunter by the river, pulling a thick hemp rope and dragging a big black cat that was estimated to be two meters long without counting his tail.

This black cat has a round head, ears like a house cat, and a scarf like a lion. The leash was similar to an ordinary cat and dog harness-type, as if he was wearing a small vest. Now he was squinting, unhappyily squatting, being dragged to slide on the floor.

Mingyou looked at the plush dumpling that was pulled out with flattened ears, and couldn’t help laughing: “Dahei, are you alright?” Didn’t  look happy? Has Dahei regained consciousness?

After Goujian dragged out the squatting black cat, he panted: “Although he is a bit heavy, but you have the physique of a super spirit beast master inherited from our town, you will definitely be able to drag him. Hey, it seems that you really like him.”

“No no no, where is this a pig cat beast, this is obviously a super mighty and domineering black tiger!” Mingyou had a strong desire to survive, trying to save his life in danger, “Look at his strong posture! Mr. Xiao, don’t talk nonsense.”

“I already said to call me Goujian, what is Mr. Xiao.” Goujian scratched his head, “Are your eyes okay? Look…”

He walked in front of the big black cat, and first stretched out his hand and pulled the big black cat’s face: “Look at the flesh of this cheek, it can be pulled so long. And this belly.” He planned to squat down and patted the side of the black cat’s belly, “When squatting down, all the meat is on the ground.”

“Mr. Xiao, you really got it wrong.” Mingyou took a step back, “Dahei is not fat, he is just fluffy.”

His big fangs were showing! Ears were thrown like helicopter propellers! Don’t kill Goujian!

Goujian laughed: “You are so funny. He is obviously fat.”

The black cat slowly moved its fat buttocks, turned his head to face Goujian, snorted, and bit his laughing head.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, spit out Mr. Xiao! This can’t be eaten!” Mingyou hurriedly went to rescue the professor.

The black cat stood up, held the posture of holding the dog’s head, and ran away with the man in his mouth.

Mingyou stretched out a hand and chased after him: “Dahei! Put him down! Put him down! You can’t eat it!”

“Da Hei, stop! Mr. Xiao is going to be bitten to death by you!”

The black cat – continue to run.

At this time, a figure arrived from upstairs and stepped on the black cat’s back. The black cat jumped. The person who came was as handsome as the humanoid Dahei. He and the humanoid Dahei were considered complimentary, with different styles.

Mingyou looked at this man who was wearing a long gown and had long hair, fluttering immortal and they were obviously not in the same style of painting, and there were even immortal swords around his body, and he knelt on the ground with a plop. Great, in his subconscious, there were people who could control Mr. Xiao.

The game company’s art savior, Wannian’s almighty CEO who cleaned up the mess for the chairman, God Qiao, he was finally here, why didn’t he come earlier! Come before Goujian said the word “pig cat”!

God Qiao opened the mouth of the cat on the ground, and took out Goujian from the mouth of the dead cat. Goujian shook his head vigorously like a real dog, and shook the cat saliva of the immortal in front of him: “It’s okay, it’s okay, he’s playing with me.”

As he spoke, blood began to flow from his head. He wiped the blood from his face and smiled happily like a child.

Mingyu trembled. How could there be such a strange thing in his subconscious!

He rushed over and raised the dead cat above his head: “That! Mr. Xiao, Mr. Qiao, I’m leaving, goodbye!”

Before Mingyou left, he looked back at these two people who had taken care of him like a father since his parents passed away.

The blood on Goujian’s face had been wiped clean, he smiled and gave Mingyou a thumbs up. God Qiao also smiled and nodded to Mingyou with a smile. They were like two elders who finally confirmed that their children were doing well, showing a relieved smile.

Mingyu’s eyes are a little hot. This was also one of his regrets in his previous life. He promised them that he would live well, but he couldn’t live past the age of seventeen. They must be sad for themselves.

If a person died, he can tell the good news of his next life to those who will be sad for him. This was his subconscious. The system uses his subconscious to shape the dream. The relatives who died before him are still alive, and the relatives who watched him pass away can see with their own eyes the dream of him being happy and healthy.

Mingyou carried the black cat all the way to the forest. The big cat woke up, struggling frantically, flipping his ears and tail, and trying to bite Mingyou’s head. Mingyou had no choice but to put the grumpy big black cat on the ground.

As soon as the big black cat touched the ground, he immediately softened like a lump of liquid and collapsed into a ball.

“Da Hei, we have to hurry up and set off and find some partners.” Mingyou tried to persuade.

The black cat not only ignored Mingyou, but even changed from being a farmer to lying on his side.

“Dahei, shall I take you away?”

The black cat bared his fangs.

“Then I carry you?”

The black cat stretched out his paws.

“You go by yourself?”

The black cat closed his eyes and started to sleep.

Mingyou: “…” What to do? Dahei was completely insane! The insane Dahei was so scary!

Fortunately, when he met Dahei, Dahei was in a state of sanity! Mingyou had no choice but to buy the quest prompt, and then according to the prompt, he bought a nutrient cube from the system that could only be used in dreams and would disappear automatically after leaving the dream.

He just said that the system just wanted to scam his knowledge points! When the nutrition cube came out, the black cat finally looked at Mingyou.Mingyou fed the black cat a nutritional cube, and the big cat finally agreed and let Mingyou carry him.

So Mingyou wrapped a black cat on his shoulders, just like carrying a wild boar, and carried his fat partner on the road. Oh no, Dahei was not fat, he was just fluffy.

When Mingyou was about to leave the forest, he was blocked by a red fox.

“Dahong…” Mingyou was very excited when he saw the red fox, as if he saw his relatives. Ah no, Dahong was originally his relative.

“Dahong, are you awake?” Mingyou asked with a fluke.

The red fox didn’t answer. He stood on four claws and began to dance. The red fox danced beautifully, but Mingyou was not in the mood to appreciate it, because on his shoulders there was a black cat singing to the rhythm of the big red fox dancing.

The black cat’s voice was like the sound of a siren, and his hair stood on end when he heard it.

It would be fine if it was just unpleasant, but when Dahei was screaming, the rhythm was chaotic, and the rhythm of the big red fox was successfully disturbed. The red fox’s footsteps were chaotic, he tripped on his claws, and he fell to the ground with a thud, smashing a big hole.

Mingyou: “…” Oh, no.

“Ow!” The red fox looked up, and a flame vortex appeared.

Mingyou ran away carrying Dahei, while Dahei was still singing like a siren on his shoulder.

“Dahei! I beg you! Stop howling! Dahong is going to burn us to death! Wake up and use your invincible powers to find a way!” Mingyou exclaimed.

The black cat snorted coldly: “How? What? I’m just a pig cat that only knows how to eat and sleep. What can I do?”

Mingyou: “…”

“Da, Dahei, when did you wake up?” Mingyou shivered while avoiding the flames. This flame was so cold…

The black cat continued to snort coldly: “Who knows? After all, I’m just a big pig cat who can’t do anything except eat, drink and sleep.”

Mingyou QaQ: “…Da Hei, I was wrong, I reflect about it when I went back! You are definitely not fat, just fluffy. Think of a way, I can’t run anymore.”

The sound of the black cat’s nose breathing was like a sneeze. However, although he did not forgive Mingyou, he still used his supernatural powers to disperse the red fox’s flame vortex.

“Dahong, why are you howling?” The black cat jumped off Mingyou’s shoulders, rushed up, and slapped the big red fox seriously. The black cat sprinted so fast that he almost flashed in front of the red fox.

Mingyou vigorously chased after the black cat, shouting while chasing: “Dahei! Stop it! Even if you hit, don’t slap them in the face! Why are you still slapping!”

“When a cat fights, it’s either teeth or a slap.” The black cat said lazily, “Looking at his disgraced face, I don’t want to bite it.”

The red fox turned into a little fox with a “bang”, and rolled on the ground while crying.

“Don’t cry, cry again and I’ll bite you to death!” The black cat showed his fangs.

Mingyou snatched the little red fox from the big cat’s mouth: “Dahei, have you regained consciousness or not?”

Big black cat: “How do I know? I’m just a pig cat.”

Mingyou: “…” Fine, he knew that Dahei wouldn’t forgive him any time soon. He bought a spirit beast ball from the system and put the little red fox into the ball, avoiding the cat’s harassment.

The black cat went to the ground and didn’t leave. He was just a pig cat. The pig cat was so lazy and fat, how could he walk by himself? Mingyou worked tirelessly to carry the shameless big black cat and came to the first town. As soon as he arrived at the town gate, he found the trail of Dabai and Dahui.

The traces of these two are being posted on the bulletin board at the gate of the town – the concert of the famous spirit beast musicians Dabai and Dahui would be held tonight.

“In my subconscious, Dabai and Dahui are both musicians.” Mingyou laughed.

“Yes, Dahong is also a dancer.” Dahei on Mingyou’s shoulder pointed to the corner of the bulletin board, “The spirit beast dancer Dahong Fox is going to perform on the same stage as the polar bear and the gray wolf, and now the red fox is in the forest. Practicing dancing here, and the townspeople don’t bother him.”

Mingyou said: “They are so powerful in my heart.”

“Yes, only I am a pig cat.” The black cat said.

Mingyou: “…” Was the pig cat thing going to end?! Dahei, can he keep talking about pigs and cats? You are the spirit beast star, ah no, he was the greatest hero prince in the entire Star Alliance! The measure cannot be so small!

Big black cat: “What is the great prince, I don’t know, I only know how to eat and sleep.”

Mingyou: “…” Or, maybe, his partner didn’t regain consciousness, so he was always a “pig cat”. This must be his subconscious Dahei, not the real one.

“If you want to meet Dahui and Dabai, you have to pass the test of their orchestra.” Mingyou found that he had one more task.

When conquering Dahong, there are actually tasks. The task of subduing Dahong was to accompany Dahong. If Dahong was satisfied, Dahong would join the team; if Dahong was not satisfied, he would enter battle mode and could only fight to conquer.

But when the system spawned the quest, Dahei started to howl with his throat long ago, and Ming You couldn’t stop it at all. Unless he stuffed his head in the black mouth. But the accompaniment stopped abruptly, and it was estimated that Dahong would not be satisfied.

“Music is good, my music is the best.” The black cat said with a smile, like a well-behaved and cute domestic cat.

Mingyou shook his head: “Dahei, do you want to beat him all the way?”

Black cat: “What did you say? How could I choose such a thankless thing? Am I that kind of cat?”

“Oh, yes, in your heart I may really be. So in order to achieve your subconscious image, should I deliberately make trouble?” The black cat asked very modestly, “What do you think, Mingyou?”

“Dahei, are you awake or not? Please be accurate, we are on the way to save Dacheng and Dazi.” Mingyou couldn’t help laughing.

The black cat struggled and jumped off Mingyou, shaking his hair: “What do you think?”

Mingyu dared not speak.

Black Cat: “Wake up after being smashed by that weirdo.”

Mingyou: “…”

Black Cat: “But I remember what happened before I woke up. I was locked in a small ball and called a weirdo pig cat by a man in a white coat.”

“After finally getting out of the small ball, I was knocked unconscious by the strange man with the sword and put on the leash.”

“Hehe, it turns out that in your subconscious, you want to put a leash on me.” The black cat was yin and yang, “I didn’t expect you to have such a hobby?”

“It’s not that I don’t have it, I really don’t know what’s going on!” Mingyou felt that he could not explain clearly. What the hell was going on here! He never thought about it that way!

“You may not know about the subconscious. But it’s definitely your deepest thought.” The black cat asked, “Guess, how is it, does the way I put on the leash suit you?”

Mingyou silently took off the leash of the black cat, smashed it into a ball, and threw it into the trash can.

“Sort! Sort! Sort wet and dry garbage! Fine!” A robot rushed over with a red light on and yelled at Mingyou.

Mingyou: “…”

The black cat scratched his ears: “Dry and wet garbage sorting, which primitive planet’s ancient history is this? Why do you put this kind of thing in your subconscious?”

Mingyou’s face was expressionless: “I don’t know.” It was probably a headache from sorting garbage before his death in the previous life. Damn garbage sorting.

“Fortunately, use your subconscious to dream about the dream world. It’s really interesting.” The black cat licked his paws, washed his face, and took care of the cat. From “a pig cat” to a normal and reliable black cat prince, “No knowing what other interesting scenarios will come up.”

Mingyou squatted down against the wall silently. Hold his head in frustration. Why did he use his subconscious to dream in the first place, and what was added to it!

“But this dream world is really amazing. It’s definitely not the kind of virtual world that our Star Alliance technology can create.” The black cat said seriously, “Is it your light brain?”

Mingyou hugged his head: “I can’t tell.”

“Well, I won’t ask further. Don’t worry, I will tell other people to keep it a secret. After we go out, just refuse to disclose this dream situation on the grounds that the subconscious involves privacy.” The black cat was surprised. Good talk.

Mingyu thought about it. No, the black cat had always been very talkative. He had revealed a lot, and the black cat guessed more, but he had always trusted himself and ignored his secrets.

“Dahei, you are so kind.” Mingyou rushed towards the black cat, hugging the cat’s scarf and rubbing hard, “You are the best black cat in the world.”

“Yeah, I’m the best black cat in the world. But in your subconscious, Dabai and Dahui are musicians, Dahong is a dancer, and I’m just a disgusted pig cat.” Dahei switched to yin and yang strange energy mode in seconds.

Mingyou: “…” After all, how is he going to untie the black cat’s heart?

“You are the first spirit beast I set off on a trip with, can’t this prove my love for you?” Mingyou said affectionately.

“Well, I’m a little satisfied with this.” The black cat said calmly, “Otherwise, I would have shot you to death when I heard the name Pig Cat.”

Mingyou: “…” Okay, he still had a chance.

Mingyou: “This, I’ll explain it to you later. Let’s go to Dabai and Dahui first.”

The black cat sneered: “I’ll wait for your explanation to see if you can worm your way out.”

Mingyou: “…” He can, he must.

The “pig cat” crisis was temporarily lifted. After Mingyou coaxed the little red fox with a nutrition cube, he took the little fox who had not regained consciousness to find Dabai and Dahui. Dabai and Dahui were in tuxedos, two spirit beasts were on stage playing instruments with a group of human musicians.

Dabai started to play electronic rock on the piano. He didn’t know how a piano played electronic rock, but he could only say that everything was possible in the dream. When Dabai’s music changed, the musicians on stage tore off their suits to reveal casual clothes, and began to sing and dance on the spot. Only the wolf was still playing the violin, looking lonely.

The black cat took a deep breath: “You know the two of them very well.”

Just after the black cat finished speaking, the big wolf turned into a little grey wolf with a “poof”, chased after the white bear’s tail and biting, while the musicians on the stage were still dancing.

Mingyou: “…” When Dabai and Dahui woke up, would they also want to kill him?

The black cat took a deep breath and said, “You really know the two of them very well.”

The little red fox lay on top of Mingyou’s head and yawned. His two small claws overlapped, and his small head lay sideways on the overlapping claws. Well, he had a good night’s sleep but had a nightmare. The bully in the dream, the black cat, was as annoying as ever.

“Mingyou, what task are you completing? Show it over.” The little red fox who woke up said, “It’s not impossible to beat. I don’t want to be beaten by myself. I will be laughed at. You definitely can’t bear to be laughed at. wrong?”

Mingyou: “…” Dahong woke up? Wait, are you really awake when you speak? Why do I think you’re still dreaming? Before Mingyou could speak, the red fox had already jumped off Mingyou’s head, turned into a big fox, and burned everything with flames.

Charred bear and wolf… They blew out a few smoke rings, shook off the ashes from their bodies, turned back into a polar bear and big wolf, and rushed towards the red fox. The black cat grinned and rushed into the battle.

Mingyou watched blankly as they smashed the entire theater into ruins. The poor NPCs were like balloons, with a “poof” sound. Were they really awake? When they woke up, did they just break the dream? Was this a new dungeon clearance guide? What kind of labyrinth meant directly demolishing the wall, right?

Mingyou watched blankly as the black cat and the red fox beat the white bear and the gray wolf together. The latter two woke up, then the four beat the martial artist yellow monkey in the next city, and then the group challenged the deer siblings.

This dream mission had become a mess. Mingyou and the others demolished another city, they didn’t know what to say. Why were his partners so keen to tear down the house? He shouldn’t have told Dahei that it didn’t matter if this dream was demolished, it wouldn’t affect their consciousness.

These guys didn’t bother to follow the rules and just acted. What? Do pre-tasks? Wait for a specific world to open a quest? Need to collect a lot of things to hand in quests? You are so arrogant. Come! Fight the guy! They demolished the place where this guy was staying, dragged him out and beat him up!

“Look, it’s really efficient.” The black cat dismantled the entire library, carried the tail of the librarian blue seal, and walked out upright. In addition to ellipses, Mingyou was still speechless.

“There is still Daqing left. I see which of you dares to beat her.” Mingyou thought that he could struggle.

“This is a dream. In other words, it won’t hurt if you beat them.” The big black cat threw the big blue seal on the ground, and Mingyou hurriedly went to heal the big blue seal, “We want to quickly end the dream exploration so that we can push the boss. Daqing will understand.”

The blue seal hugged Mingyou, and his head was buried in Mingyou’s arms, he was extremely aggrieved. He was not insane at all! When this group of people appeared, he was already sober! But they couldn’t help but say that it was too much to beat him first!

Mingyou patted the blue seal on the back and stared at the bully cat with condemning eyes.

The black cat glared back. Dalan was a scholar, Dahong was a dancer, Dabai and Dahui were musicians, Dahuang, Dalu, and Xiaolu were martial artists, Daqing would also have a good identity that was very high in the Mingyou dream world.

And what about him? Oh, pig cat. When they get out, he’ll boil Mingyou into a stupid soup and drink it! There’s no slag left!

Mingyu shuddered. He racked his brains and continued to think about how to fool Dahei and make Dahei give up pursuing the “pig cat”.

Dangerous! It’s a pity that Dahei and the others wanted to secretly challenge Daqing, but they didn’t achieve it. Daqing’s identity was a kindergarten director.

The principal mother waited at the door early, greeted them with a smile, and said that they had already packed up and set off immediately – when they gathered, Daqing also woke up with them.

Dalan was so angry that he turned into a little seal and rolled around. He was awake too! But he still got beat up!

Mingyou hugged the little seal while comforting, and said: “Only the boss is left. This time you can’t demolish the house. According to the mission, we must follow the boss’s rules.”

Except for Daqing, the other plushies looked unhappy. Bad beating? Well, wait until you go out and beat :).

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