After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 60

    After the little snow leopard woke up, he shrank again. After the black cat turned into a small kitten, he was still big enough that he could occupy the entire top of Mingyou’s head. And the poor little snow leopard, was only half the size of a palm, looked like a newborn kitten. Arthur looked at his eldest nephew who was “rejuvenated”, and didn’t know how to react.

    In the end, Prince Arthur became Dahei, because it would free his mind and not think about it.

    The little snow leopard shrank as soon as he woke up and turned into a kitten, and was immediately sent to the high-tech constant temperature incubator by the indigo kangaroo.

    Fortunately, there was a kangaroo, while the other fluffy ones had gone crazy. The polar bear held his face and screamed, the wolf’s anxious three-legged walking led to a fall, the yellow monkey and the blue seal collided, and the deer brother and sister moved a lot and were ordered by the indigo kangaroo to move back.

    Only the red fox was smart. He knew that he was useless, so he turned into a little fox early, staying on top of the alpaca brother, overlooking all living beings.

    After Mingyou came back, this group of plush finally found their backbone, and all of them lay on the ground and turned into fur cushions. It seemed that they couldn’t get up for a while.

    “Your Royal Highness Hans, do you remember who I am?” Mingyou took the little snow leopard out of the incubator, and used his heart to sort out the energy in the little leopard.

    Little snow leopard sniffed Mingyou’s fingers, rubbed his wet nose on his fingertips twice, and said in a milky voice, “Meow!” Mom! This delicious taste was definitely motherly!

    Mingyou: “…No, I’m not a mother, I’m the caretaker, the one who feeds you.”

    The little snow leopard who couldn’t stand still tilted his head. Wasn’t it a mother who feeds the food?

    The black cat brought his head close to him: “Stupid boy, you don’t really have amnesia, right? Do you remember who I am?”

    The little snow leopard looked at the big head that was suddenly approaching, and was frightened at first. Then he noticed a familiar smell. Although he couldn’t remember what it smelled like, the smell gave him a lot of peace of mind.

    “Meow?” The little snow leopard, who was scared out of his mind, resumed meowing. He tried to raise his small head and used his nose to approach the big cat’s nose.

    A big cat and a kitten were nose-to-nose, and Mingyou’s heart waswas so soft.

    “Meow!” The leopard tried to stand up in Mingyou’s palm and stumbled towards the black cat, causing the big cat to keep retreating.

    Now the eldest nephew was half the size of a palm, and if he was not careful, he would flatten him. In order not to turn against his eldest brother, he stayed away from the little snow leopard.

    “Meow! Meow!” Little snow leopard shouted in a milky voice. Mommy mommy! This was definitely my mom!

    The black cat’s back footsteps froze. Big nephew, was he finished yet? Mingyou was his mother, and I am also your mother. Do you call your mother when you see someone?

    In order to test the cognition of the little snow leopard, the big black cat asked its fluffy subordinates, including the white alpaca and the big Tibetan fox, to line up for the little snow leopard to recognize people.

    Little Snow Leopard: I don’t know, I don’t know.

    The little snow leopard showed his little baby teeth to the stranger, and made a threatening sound in his throat. Mingyou hurriedly hugged the little snow leopard to comfort him. The indigo kangaroo was very sad. It was understandable for the others. But she took care of His Highness Hans while he was sleeping. How could His Highness Hans not remember her scent?

    Mingyou sent the little snow leopard to the black cat again: “Who is he?”

    The black cat: “You still haven’t let go of the opportunity to give him a new name.”

    The little snow leopard tried to pounce on the little black cat: ” Mom!”

    The black cat flattened his ears and raised his paws against the face of the little snow leopard: “I’m your uncle, not your mother.”


    “I said no.”


    “I’m not!”

    “Mom, Mom!”

    “Can you call me uncle?” The black cat was so angry that his fangs were bared, and Mingyou punched him on the forehead.

    Mingyou said solemnly: “Don’t scare the child.”

    The black cat was very unhappy: “Where is the child? He is older than me, thank you!”

    “He is a child now.” Mingyou said, “Should we tell His Majesty?”

    The black cat scratched his ears: “Yes, let him come to see the child.”

    The black cat immediately contacted his brother, and His Majesty the golden lion put down all official duties and hurried over.

    He stretched out his hand towards the little snow leopard in the form of a human. The little snow leopard was so frightened that it screamed and arched into Mingyou’s arms.

    His Majesty Emperor Aldrich: “…”

    The black cat comforted his brother and said, “Now his mind is just a child who has just learned to speak. He may have regarded your human form as another race. Try turning into an orange cat?”

    His Majesty Emperor Aldrich grabbed his arrogant younger brother’s pointed ears: “What cat? You say it again?”

    “It hurts, big brother, don’t pull it, the ear will be pulled off.” The black cat covered his ears and said, “Golden lion, a golden lion, the most powerful and domineering golden lion in the entire Star Alliance.”

    His Majesty Emperor Aldridge snorted coldly, turned into a golden lion, shook his fur, and slapped his brother to the ground with a slap.

    The little snow leopard saw from Mingyou’s fingers that his black cat mother was being bullied by a strange golden lion, so he mustered up the courage to jump out of Mingyou’s palm, and roared at the big lion with a small kitten sound.

    “Bad man! Bully mom! Kill you! Meow!” Super fierce!

    His Majesty the Golden Lion tilted his head: “Mom?”

    Seeing His Majesty the Emperor turned into a spirit beast, Mingyou, who finally exhaled with a suffocated breath, explained, “Maybe it’s because Dahei was … It was His Highness Hans’ first sight. Because of the cat he saw, he regarded Dahei as his mother. Maybe this is similar to the imprint of a chick?”

    His Majesty the Big Golden Lion: “… Arthur will let him call him that?”

    The black cat lay on the ground, rubbed his ears and said, “I corrected him, but he doesn’t listen.”

    His Majesty the Great Golden Lion didn’t believe it, and he tried to reason with his son.

    “Hans, he’s your uncle.”

    “Bad man, kill you!”

    “Your mother has passed away.”

    “Bite you oooooooo!”

    “I’m your father!”

    “Meowoo meow meow!” Little Snow Leopard stood up in Mingyou’s palm, with two claws exposed, facing the front. After a half-step, he almost rolled out of Mingyou’s palm, and was supported by Mingyou’s other hand, “Kill you to death!”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion =_=#. Raise the claw and pop out the tip of the claw.

    “Brother, calm down, he is still a little baby.”

    “Your Majesty, don’t get angry with His Royal Highness Hans, he doesn’t understand anything now.”

    “Calm down, take a deep breath, don’t be on the same level as a child.”

    “We became small back then. When I was young, my mind was also very immature. This is normal, Your Majesty, please calm down.”

    “Your Majesty, His Highness Hans is so small right now, he can’t stand your paws!”

    “Mingyou, take His Highness Hans back a little and don’t let his Highness Hans provoke his Majesty!”

    Mingyou hugged the little snow leopard who was brave enough to fight the bad guys who bullied his mother to the end, and hid behind the indigo kangaroo.

    With the qualifications of the kangaroo mother, it was estimated that she was the only person who had the courage to beat up His Majesty the Emperor?

    The white alpaca and the Tibetan fox huddled in the corner, shivering while watching this royal family drama. Tan Chenxi’s urge to complain rose up. In the few days he lived here, his filter for His Royal Highness and his ten heroes was almost shattered.

    Could the higher ups of the Star Alliance not betray their image? Could these guys be serious? Now the high-level Star Alliance in his mind had become a big exhibition of funny stuffed dumplings!

    The fox patted Tan Chenxi’s butt: “Datan, the royal family relationship is really harmonious and enviable.”

    The white alpaca turned his head, opened his mouth, bah.

    Fox roommate: “…” He raised a paw and touched his face: “Can you control your instincts?”

    The white alpaca was expressionless: “No. I am a newbie who has just changed shape for a few days now.”

    The Tibetan fox moved, trying his best to stay away from the white alpaca. An alpaca roommate who used his old excuses couldn’t be bothered.

    Everyone finally remembered that there were strangers present, and recovered a little bit of seriousness.

    The golden lion lay on his side, rolling his eyes in anger. This kid, he doesn’t want it anymore. Whoever wants can pick it up! He was going to put the little boy in a cardboard box and throw it out!

    The baby snow leopard didn’t know that he was about to start squatting in a cardboard box and become a stray cat waiting to be adopted by a kind person. He was now holding the small feeding bottle Mingyou gave him. The milk mixed in the feeding bottle was mixed with spirit beast juice, and he drank with a satisfied face.

    The little guy was drinking and drinking, lying on his back to reveal his small belly with sparse fluff, claws holding the small bottle, and feet moving around, looking extremely happy. For children, being able to eat was probably the happiest thing.

    The golden lion lay on his side on the ground, squinting at his furry child, with a decadent look.

    Dahei was afraid that his elder brother would get angry with him and turned into a small black cat lying on Mingyou’s head. He thought that if his elder brother was angry again, the orange cat’s slap would not reach Mingyou’s head.

    After Mingyou waited for the little snow leopard to fill his stomach, he carried the little black cat on his head and went to check the leopard’s body. Now he had very advanced equipment and could examine the baby leopard’s body in detail.

    Although the little snow leopard was a spiritual beast, he also had a kitten’s vigilance against strangers. So Mingyou did not immediately take the little snow leopard to the research institute, but did the test at home. He planned to wait for the snow leopard to adapt to the new environment before taking him to the institute.

    “Diandian is in very good condition, he is a very healthy baby spirit beast.” Mingyou said, “Just like Dahei and the others, when the energy in his body returns to normal, his consciousness and body will recover. “

    When Mingyou learned that Hans’s nickname was actually Dian, he directly started using the new nickname. How cute. The black cat rolled his eyes while on Mingyou’s head with his paws in his hands. Love his left paw. Hans was older than him, and his looks and loveliness were absolutely irrelevant.

    “It seems that I can only let him stay with you for a while.” Although His Majesty the Golden Lion was very angry that his furry child had forgotten his father, and recognized his uncle as his mother, after hearing that the child was all right, he was still relieved. Although he wanted to beat his furry child to death, he still cared about his health. This was a father’s feelings.

    “When he is in the recovery period, he can train his abilities.” The black cat said, “You don’t have to worry about him delaying the course.”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion nodded. Now Hans could finally train his abilities. His mother must be very happy. Now was the busiest time, and His Majesty the Golden Lion did not stay overnight. After he packed a load of Mingyou’s handmade food, he was ready to leave.

    Before leaving, His Majesty the golden lion wanted to pick up the little snow leopard and warned him. He didn’t know if Hans finally felt the blood relationship between His Majesty and him. The little snow leopard was very quiet at the moment, and did not look at His Majesty like before.

    Seeing the golden lion squatting on the ground, raising the little leopard with two paws, and looking at each other affectionately, Mingyou felt a very familiar feeling. He thought about it, and slammed his fist into the palm of his hand. Hey, wasn’t this the classic scene from The Lion King?

    The big lion said to the little lion, “As far as the sun can reach, is my territory. One day I will set like the sun, and you will be like the new sunrise, the new king.” Could it be that His Majesty the Golden Lion was going to say such a classic line.

    “Child, one day, I will leave the throne. And you will be crowned king.” His Majesty the Golden Lion showed a vicious smile and said the most vicious curse.

    The little black cat shook, and lifted his paws: “Brother, I know you’re angry, you shouldn’t mean that right?”

    The other fluffy people shivered. Okay, His Majesty was very mad. He actually said that His Highness Hans would inherit the throne. After His Highness Hans sobered up, he wondered if he would run away from home.

    When Mingyou heard this line, he felt a sense of insight. He slammed his fist into the palm of his hand again: “Isn’t this similar to the lines in World of Warcraft? This line is unlucky.”

    “It is very unlucky, no matter how you hear it.” The unlucky things the two of them said were obviously not the same thing.

    Arthur suddenly thought that if Hans succeeded to the throne, the group of people who nominally had the same inheritance rights as Hans would be safe. The next time the throne was thrown and the lottery was drawn, they wouldn’t have to turn against each other and set off a bloody storm, and the Star Alliance would be safe. So, he immediately shut up and stopped persuading.

    Little snow leopard tilted his head with a “meow”, wondering if he understood the vicious curse of his father.

    But when the old father put him down, as soon as he jumped into Mingyou’s hands, he turned his head and bit his father’s claws. Although his little baby teeth could not break through his father’s fur, his father’s anger was about to rise again.

    Mingyou flashed behind the indigo kangaroo and hid, and threw the little black cat above his head.

    The little black cat flipped his body in the air, turned into a big cat on the ground, turned around and roared at Mingyou: “Don’t throw me out as bait!”

    Mingyou crouched behind the indigo kangaroo and said: “Dahei, leave this to you!”

    Oh! Fireballs appeared around His Majesty the Golden Lion. Aseries of fireballs. Was this a direct fireball burst?! Not to mention whether the little snow leopard would walk up to his old father with a long sword and say “I will be crowned king”, his father seemed to let the snow leopard make sure that he would be the prince for life in advance!

    The black cat used his supernatural powers to cover His Majesty the golden lion: “Brother, you won’t really fight, will you? Don’t be ridiculous, even if you want to beat a child, don’t use supernatural powers. After Hans gets better, I’ll tie him up and let you beat him, okay?”

    The golden lion scattered the fireballs and snorted coldly: “I’ve decided, I will try my best to push him to the throne.”

    The black cat: “… Ok?” Brother, as long as he didn’t recommend him, it was fine.

    The black cat took out a flower handkerchief from somewhere, held the corner of the handkerchief with pointed claws, and waved the golden lion’s flying machine goodbye.

    When the golden lion’s flying machine was gone, the black cat wiped the corners of his eyes with the handkerchief, and said sadly: “This child, what are you doing to provoke big brother? Big brother has a big belly, but his mind is very small. This is miserable, He can only be at ease for less than a hundred years.”

    Wasn’t a hundred years enough? Mingyou, who was still thinking of the earth era, scratched his head: “Dahei, when you are fake crying, please don’t put the corners of your mouth up so high.”

    Dahei waved his handkerchief, and his face almost broke out into laughs. Mingyou snatched the black cat’s handkerchief and wrapped the sneezing little snow leopard in his swaddling clothes: “Go home soon, Diandian’s body is very weak and can’t blow for a long time.”

    “Could it be that the energy body still catches a cold? I think he must be just like me, he is struggling.” The black cat muttered.

    Mingyou: “…” When he got home, he blankly stuffed the little snow leopard between the front paws of the black cat.

    The little snow leopard wriggled, his entire body sunk into the fur of the big black cat, leaving only a small head outside. He smacked his mouth twice, wrapped in the black cat’s fur, and fell asleep sweetly.

    He was really sleeping this time, not hibernating. After sleeping for a day or two, he would wake up. The black cat looked down at his eldest nephew who had turned into a baby, and his eyes were full of curiosity. Although he became a spirit beast very early, it was only after he went to kindergarten.

    The black cat looked at him, saw the messy hair on the eldest nephew’s head, and felt extremely uncomfortable. He quietly looked around, and found that no one was paying attention to him, especially Mingyou, who was discussing the nephew’s body with the holographic connection of the research institute, so he didn’t have time to pay attention to him for the time being.

    So he lowered his head, stuck out his tongue, and licked the fur on his eldest nephew’s head, smoothing out the messy hairs, especially the part behind the ears.


    The black cat stiffened.

    Mingyou complained: “Xiaotian! You forgot to turn off the camera sound!”

    Xiaotian made an expression of beating his head and sticking out his tongue: “Pfft!”

    The black cat frowned. Mingyou ran away, and Xiaotian projected a villain to follow him, hugging his head and running around. The black cat grabbed the little snow leopard’s neck skin and followed Mingyou in pursuit.

    The little snow leopard swayed in the mouth of the big black cat, like a cradle, and slept very soundly.

    “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, mother Dahei please forgive me.”

    “Mother Dahei please forgive me ( ̄▽ ̄)/.”

    The black cat sprinted and slapped Mingyou on the head with his paw. And poor Xiaotian was shut down by the big black cat on the holographic network. The little snow leopard smacked his mouth, as if reminiscing about the taste of bottled milk.

    The physical condition of the little snow leopard made the newly established Spirit Beast Research Institute very curious. They didn’t see the ten heroes’ shrinking treatment, and this time they just took the little snow leopard as the observation object.

    But the little snow leopard had a very exclusive character. As long as Mingyou and Dahei were not there, others should not even try to approach him even with food. Mingyu was very pleased. It seems that such a little snow leopard would not be easily deceived.

    “You’re like a child now.” The black cat said angrily.

    “No, you are the mother Dahei.” Mingyou laughed, and then the black cat patted his head with his paw.

    The academic ability of the researchers of the institute was very strong. They quickly grasped the key to energy body compression.

    “Actually, as long as energetics is used as a tool to study energy bodies, many things can be easily solved.” Liang Xia said, “Although energy is a dead thing, when you study living things, you first study the dead things that you can see, like biological tissue. In the end, I discovered the existence of soul energy.”

    When Liang Xia said this, her expression was very confident. Even though she was beaten countless times, she still believed in her research. Arthur asked Xiaotian to write down this remark, concocted an interview, and prepared to publish this report on the official media of the Star Alliance after the new spirit of beasts came out.

    Of course, Liang Xia was different from Mingyou. Mingyou was completely out of control. Liang Xia’s interview was concocted, and Arthur must be approved by Liang Xia. The interview draft was also polished by Liang Xia herself.

    Mingyou’s graduation thesis was to be Spirit Beast Energetics. His paper would also lay the foundation for new spiritual animal science. Now the people in this institute, who were both his mentors and his students, were wholeheartedly helping Mingyou improve his thesis and strive to be a blockbuster.

    The research on the little snow leopard also led to finding the thawing process for the red panda and the purple horse. After Mingyou unlocked the basic cultivation of spirit beasts with knowledge points, he understood the specific classification of spirit beasts, naturally he also knew what the “special system” energy was.

    In general, if the planet was regarded as a living body. There were three sources of power. One was the energy directly from the transformation of stars, such as grass, fire, air, etc. This was generally a common power.

    After this kind of power was exercised to the limit, it could reach the energy fluctuation that is infinitely close to the “life body” of stars, that is, “light”.

    In other words, most of the “light” was not actually the so-called special power. The “light” system that could effectively kill the Zerg was actually powers used by ordinary power users to exercise the limits of their own powers and sublimate them.

    When the spirit beasts tempered their abilities, their own energy bodies, to the extreme, not only would the abilities undergo changes, but their own life would also be improved, their lifespans would break through the boundaries of ordinary abilities.

    Old Neil was a power user who broke through the limit by mistake. The reason why it was said by mistake was that there was no effective means of replenishing energy, and it was almost impossible for a power user to repeatedly train his power after being transformed into a spirit beast. Therefore, to break through the limit, talent and adventure were indispensable.

    The energy supplements of ordinary psychics mainly came from stellar energy. As the saying went, “Everything grows by the sun.” The solar energy of the planet was the most abundant resource. Therefore, although they had not found the most effective way to eat, as long as they ate enough, they could ensure the health of their energy body.

    That was to say, if they ate five or six points full, their basic health could still be guaranteed, but they would lose some weight. If they didn’t exercise often, this five or six points of fullness was enough.

    And those with special abilities were derived from “mutated” energy. This “mutation” energy was mainly divided into two types, one was power derived from the ability user itself. Intelligent beings were as mysterious as the stars. The power that erupted from the depths of their souls shocked the stars. Therefore, human spirit, emotion, and even life had powerful energy.

    Dahui’s psychic power was one of them. His spiritual power was extremely powerful, so powerful that it could be embodied. The power of Mingyou’s heart could actually be counted as one of them. This power was derived from “human beings” themselves.

    The other was the power of non-stellar bodies. Among them, the “planet” they lived on and the power contained in the moons surrounding the “planet” have the most profound impact on the power user. There were mainly two kinds of powers possessed by power users-the “attraction” derived from the “magnetic force” and “gravity” of the planet, and the “dark power” derived from the moon.

    The former was because the power user lived on the planet and was deeply affected by the gravitational force on the planet, so it was possible to awaken this power. Another “special ability” of Dahui was “attraction”.

    “Dark Power” is a power named by the initial spirit beast research, but Mingyou prefered to call it “Moon Power” – the civilization of this Star Alliance was very similar to his previous life. For the moon, there were also many moon legends. Rather than naming it with the slightly evil “darkness”, “Moon Power” was not only more accurate, but also more acceptable to the public.

    The power of the moon was actually a variant of the power of the sun. If the moon was also regarded as an energy source, when the moon received the energy of the sun, it would react in its own “body”, just like how humans breathed in oxygen and breathed out carbon dioxide. The by-product of the moon’s “breathing” was the power of the moon.

    The power of the moon was a highly aggregated energy similar to the power of the sun. Some superpowers were naturally compatible with the power of the moon and could use the power of the moon, which was equivalent to finding another way to temper their energy body into something similar to solar energy.

    This was also the reason why special power users were stronger than ordinary power users of the same level. As a high concentrated energy, the power of the moon could naturally kill the Zerg. And the ability of the big wolf that originated from his body itself had a good effect on the Zerg who were also living bodies.

    Among special powers, powers derived from living bodies or planets, as long as their own vitality was still strong, as long as they still lived on the planet, the replenishment rate was faster; the power users with the power of the moon were more miserable.

    The power of the moon was not directly absorbed by other life on the planet, especially animals. The power of the moon was mainly found in ores, or a few plants that bloomed at night, which was just as good as the recipes of the previous spiritual animal research. The poor “dark” power users could only slowly recover energy basking at night under the moon.

    And the little leopard was a poor half-dark spirit beast. His other half attribute was “mind power”. The spirit beasts of the “dark” type were basically of the “psychic type”. Mingyou speculated that only superhumans with extremely powerful mental power could absorb the power of the moon and become “dark” superpowers.

    This was only a preliminary classification. There were as many types of energy as there were possible types of abilities. Not now, maybe in the future. However, power users didn’t need to know too much, just like humans in this world didn’t need to understand every organ in their body. They just needed to know what kind of power they had, what kind of energy they should add, and what kind of training they should do.

    Research was the business of psychics. They would use their huge knowledge to build a worry-free logistics team for the spirit beasts. After Mingyou figured out what happened to the special spirit beast, he knew how the red panda and the purple horse froze themselves.

    The power of the moon was not only possessed by moons. In principle, a small planet that could not emit light by itself may generate the power of the moon. Meteorites were naturally also possible.

    The meteorite that smashed down had a very strong energy fluctuation of moon power. But this energy was too strong, the little panda and the purple horse couldn’t “eat” it. Their bodies instinctively packaged the power of the moon and covered them outside their bodies, allowing them to go dormant in an “energy cocoon” formed by the power of the moon.

    Tragically, they created the energy cocoon entirely by instinct of the spirit beast. After wrapping themselves in the cocoon, they didn’t know how to get out, and couldn’t get out by themselves. If no one rescued them, they were expected to stay in this “ice sculpture” for a long time until the energy of the energy cocoon slowly dissipated.

    At that time, they didn’t know whether they were dead or alive. It was possible that their energy bodies directly assimilate with the energy cocoons and become like insects in amber. The body tissue was lifelike, but the life force has been burned, and only an empty shell remained.

    “This possibility is very high. Their consciousness is now in a deep sleep state, and the fluctuation of consciousness is weakening every day. Although the weakening rate is very low, it will disappear sooner or later over time.” Old Neil was excited. Other researchers were also excited.

    Mingyou, the half-baked researcher, shivered. Why would he think that this group of people would let the red panda and the purple horse stay frozen like this, waiting for hundreds or thousands of years to dig out and study.

    “There are two solutions now. One is to unfreeze from the outside.”

    “But we recommend the other way, it is safer. The other is to stimulate their consciousness, make their consciousness active and disperse the energy cocoon on their own.”

    “If we have the frequency of their consciousness, we can force them into a special holographic network. Then we send people into the world of consciousness projection to wake them up.”

    Listening to the researcher’s instructions, Mingyou followed the science fiction novel like plot. Mingyou listened and used knowledge points to unlock the relevant content to make up lessons; and the content he understood would provide him with new knowledge points, forming a cycle. He finally understood.

    “As long as they don’t reject me, my heart power can react in harmony with them, and I can directly use my mental power fluctuations.” Mingyou said, “They don’t know me and may reject me. But with my partner it should be fine.” The system said so.

    “Synchronization? This is too powerful! It is said that only the most powerful special-type power users can do this kind of thing!” Old Neil touched Mingyou’s head, “It’s up to you.”

    Mingyu said it was OK. The system said yes, the problem should not be big. He just didn’t know what the inner world of these two looked like. Wouldn’t it be a Zerg battlefield?

    “It’s possible. Their consciousness is a collection of their deepest subconscious.” The researcher who was very familiar with the technology of dreaming said, “But in order to wake them up more easily, it is best to create the world with your own subconscious mind.

    “The consciousness of the person who enters can form a world. Then use the consciousness world of the red panda and the purple horse, whose minds are uncontrolled.”

    “Use mine. Your thinking is too dangerous.” Mingyou said quickly. Anyway, the world of thinking was half illusory. Even if he reveals events from his previous lives, they don’t know which ones are true and which are false.

    “It’s fine if you don’t mind.” The black cat readily agreed. He also knew that the group of spirit beasts who had been on the battlefield, in all likelihood, would subconsciously shape the scene of the battlefield. That subconscious world was too dangerous.

    The subconscious mind was the world in which strong emotions reside. No matter how happy they laughed, the pain mixed with anger, sadness, and regret in their hearts was definitely more profound than happiness.

    Compared to them, even if Mingyou’s subconscious was suffering, he was probably under house arrest in the school. If they really set up Mingyou’s school, just to relive the life of a school bully, Mingyou just needs to call help behind the school bully cat.

    When the black cat knew that Mingyou showed a confident look, he must have something to rely on. This reliance may come from the light brain he brought from his previous life, or it may come from some other secrets of his own. The black cat won’t go into details, he just needed to give Mingyou enough trust.

    After their discussion, they decided to let the deer siblings and mother kangaroo, the three people with the strongest melee ability and detection ability, stay and guard the “server”.

    The little snow leopard was naturally left behind. The time in the conscious world passed much faster than the real world, and they estimated that they would only stay in the holographic warehouse for a day or two. Before the war, they had a new game to open the server, and the time game was much longer than this.

    Hearing the game, Mingyou was refreshed: “Yes, there are holographic games in this world, can I play when I come back?” After nineteen years of disconnection, he almost forgot about the game.

    “Yes.” Arthur said.

    “No.” Old Neil said with a dark face. A good researcher, what if he was addicted to games.

    Mingyou shrank his neck and gave a look to Dahei. Let’s chat in private! Arthur was lost in thought. He hadn’t played games for a long time, did he want to buy a number to take Mingyou? Otherwise, he should just make a game and give Mingyou GM permission.

    It just so happened that he was thinking about integrating the basic knowledge of spirit beasts into the game and creating a national holographic online game, so that more young people could take the initiative to learn knowledge and understand spirit beasts.

    This game was divided into two kinds of accounts, one was a spirit beast account, and the other was an ordinary person account. The spirit beast account directly acted as a “smart NPC” in it, and the ability was the magic modification of their own ability. It could form a team with people or be a boss.

    Ordinary people learned how to partner with spirit beasts to help them grow. The spirit beasts they received at first were all AI spirit beasts, and the top players had the opportunity to get the “legendary spirit beast”, and the “legendary spirit beasts” were naturally real people.

    This online game was a way of universally electing spirit beast masters. Rather than putting spiritual beasts into the education of ordinary citizens from now on, it was estimated that this method could more quickly screen out the first batch of spiritual beast masters.

    Arthur believed that young people would definitely memorize a large book of “Notes on Spirit Beasts” for a chance to get a legendary spirit beast :). 

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