After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 59

  The Alpaca brother and Tibetan fox roommate temporarily settled in the nursing home. The excuse to the outside world was that after the little spirit beast master gave Tan Chenxi some energy, Tan Chenxi who had been stuck in a bottleneck for a long time, broke through on the spot and became a spirit beast.

   This phenomenon was worth studying, so Tan Chenxi and Cui Li were both left in the sanatorium and cooperated with the little spirit beast master to do research.

    After the news came out, everyone was in an uproar. Originally, the ability of the little spirit beast master was only useful for spirit beasts, and only aimed at the highest combat powers. Many people thought that this matter had nothing to do with them, and they held a melon-eating attitude about it, waiting to see the big guys tear up for the little spirit beast master.

    But the ability of the little spirit beast master, if it could help a S-level ability user break through the bottleneck, the nature would be different.

    There were indeed rumors before that after the little spirit beast master helped some S-level ability users channel energy, they all felt that they were one step closer to breaking through the bottleneck. But “feeling” and having an instance appear directly were two different things.

    They all inquired about Tan Chenxi’s news. Although Sky Blue Star thought that their secrecy was very strict, as long as someone had the heart to ask, it was impossible to really cover it up. So soon, the Tan family’s filthy affair spread throughout the high-ranking families of the Star Alliance.

    “Tan Chenxi was originally a genius. Before the age of ten, he was an S-level power user. Unfortunately, the resources could not keep up in the later period. The Tan family committed a crime.” 

    “There may be some troubles from the Tan family. He has never returned home, and he probably has a knot.”

    “I heard that his real brother had been found. Did he break through after his brother was found, one less knot in his heart??”

    “You’re not well informed, right? His younger brother was delivered by a military doctor. His younger brother was born prematurely, and at that time it was determined that he might not survive. Later, he was found weak and could not become a supernatural person.”

    “Wow , so the so-called fake brother is the real brother? If I were Tan Chenxi, I would definitely be pissed off.”

    “Okay, my heart will be doubled. Just like this, our little spirit beast master can help him break through, amazing.”

    “I don’t know where his younger brother is. It’s really pitiful. What kind of power struggle did the previous generation have to bully a child who couldn’t even awaken his supernatural powers.”

    “In the future, he only needs to make a symbolic call to his father for living expenses every month. Rounding up means to cut off the relationship with the family?”

    “It’s well, bloody. He has a bright future, and doesn’t need to care about a small piece of Sky Blue Star. My family seems to have a business relationship with the Tan family? It’s broken, and this kind of wolf-hearted family can’t afford it.”

 “The spirit beast and the wolf family are watching you silently.”

  “The spirit beast and the dog family are watching you silently.”

    “Go away, wolves and dogs with energy bodies have no relationship with ordinary wolves and dogs.”

    After the melon eaters learned about Tan Chenxi, they thought that he, who had no family resources at all, could rely on it. With the help of a little spirit beast master, a power user who needed a subsistence allowance in the army and had a serious heart knot could break through the bottleneck. Those S-level power users in their family who ate, slept, and drank well, after encountering the little spirit beast master, couldn’t they take off immediately?

    Plus they heard that the ability of a spirit beast master could be cultivated, not just a special ability. If they trained a large number of spirit beast masters, even if the number of S-rank ability users who became spirit beasts increased by one percentage point, the combat power of the Star Alliance and their own family would increase by 100 million!

    How to train spirit beast masters? Send a message above, they absolutely supported it! While the melon eaters were enthusiastic about the spirit beast master, they threw a piece of melon rind at the Tan family. It wasn’t difficult to do.

    So the Tan family, who was far away, suddenly discovered that more than half of their family’s foreign business had been cut off. Even if it was not broken, the other party did not tell them politely at all that they would not renew the contract next time.

    What on earth was this? After they inquired, they learned that their eldest son, who was expelled from the family, had a lot of luck. He happened to be in the guard of the spirit beast masters. He happened to be examined by the spirit beast masters and turned into spirit beast form.

    As long as Tan Chenxi didn’t mess around and had such an experience, his future would be bright. Therefore, the well-informed people of the Star Alliance took advantage of the Tan family and sold them to Tan Chenxi.

     “Most people don’t sell it to Tan Chenxi. Tan Chenxi is not worth it. They just found out about the Tan family, and they don’t like the Tan family’s style, so just let it go.” 

    A young man with red hair was sitting On the window frame, looking into the distance. His expression was indifferent, as if the current crisis of the Tan family had nothing to do with his pre-determined heir.     

    “The people of the Tan family are cold-hearted, they may take back Tan Chenxi.” A middle-aged woman smiled tenderly, “They can abandon Tan Changgeng once, and they can abandon ‘Tan Changgeng’ a second time.”

    “Unless they find Chang Geng, Tan Chenxi won’t come back. Whether it’s from personal hatred or for the future, staying in the Star Alliance army is definitely better than this small Sky Blue Star.” The red-haired young man turned his head and looked at the woman who had a somewhat similar face, and frowned in disgust.

    “Your words are similar to my unlucky sister.” The woman also walked to the window. She looked up at the sky, “I don’t understand, what’s so good about the Star Alliance.”

     “It doesn’t matter whether the Star Alliance is good or not, the important thing is that we already have the ability to go to the stars, and pretending that we can’t go is deceiving ourselves, it will only make people laugh.” The red-haired youth slanted, jumped off the high windowsill, and disappeared in a flash of flame.

     The woman turned back and said to an old man in the shadows, “This person has a wild heart, and it seems that he won’t be used so easily by us. It’s not all your fault. How did you lose Tan Changgeng? Whether it’s Tan Chenxi or this kid, none of them are easy to handle.”

     The man didn’t speak, he ignored the woman’s jumping and scolding, and turned to leave.

     Sky Blue Star’s style was still incompatible with the overall style of the Star Alliance, full of a suffocating sense of conspiracy.

     Mingyou didn’t know this, and wouldn’t be afraid anymore. As long as the images of these people were all turned into alpacas, he would only laugh at the thought of a group of alpacas pondering intrigues.     

    After Tan Chenxi stayed in the nursing home, Mingyou deepened his understanding of Tan Chenxi through feeding and grooming. It turned out that the elder brother was a doting sibling. So as long as he acted like a spoiled child, could he get alpaca wool? ——Mingyou was still thinking about the fur of his brother.

     Tan Chenxi also deepened his understanding of Mingyou. Mingyou used the mighty liger as a sofa…Mingyou used the mighty liger as a cushion…Mingyou used the mighty liger as a mattress…Mingyou used the mighty liger as a blanket…

    Oh, His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, the greatest and most almighty of the Star Alliance, was also an almighty Dahei here with Mingyou. An alpaca squatted in the corner, watching Mingyou lean on the black cat sofa to read a book, looking as if he had encountered some problem.

    Mingyou rolled around on the black cat’s back, pinched the big cat’s ears and said that Dahei was a big rabbit, and then picked up the black cat’s tail and scratched the black cat’s nose. When the black cat patted him with a paw pad, he calmed down and continued to read.

    Tired of watching, continuing the above behavior, and so on.Great, this was his brother. Brother Alpaca turned his attention to other spirit beasts.

    The great ten heroes doted on Mingyou even more than His Royal Highness who turned into a big black cat. There were spirit beasts laying on Mingyou’s feet to give him a foot massage. There were spirit beasts making shaved ice for Mingyou with supernatural abilities; spirit beasts became smaller to make Mingyou a scarf; spirit beasts were feeding him cut fruits. 

   The other spirit beasts surrounded Mingyou, serving this little spirit beast master with all their might. Brother Alpaca didn’t know what expression to make. After thinking about it for a long time, he finally remembered where he had seen such a scene.

    In the ancient court dramas with primitive civilization as the background, the emperors who were served by the harem seemed to be like his own younger brother. Tan Chenxi never believed in these nonsense TV dramas. How was it possible that there were still many noble people willing to share a person with others?

    Now, he understood. Sorry, he was too young. Look at his younger brother, how harmonious this harem was.

    “Ah ah ah ah, my brain is going to explode!” Mingyou patted the holographic screen with both hands, and then rolled around on the black cat, “How could I have put this knowledge in a few days? Put it all into my head!”

    The black cat groaned: “Who told you to put this knowledge into your head within a few days?”

    “I should add a chip to my head, and the rote content can be directly recorded into the chip. Okay?” Mingyou didn’t listen to the black cat at all, he continued to roll around on the big cat. The black cat sighed.

    The polar bear made the fruit cut by the monkey into ice, and then the wolf pressed it with gravity, and the fruit ice turned into fruit ice puree: “Eat some fruit and rest for a while.”

    Mingyou took the fruit puree aggrievedly, took a bite and put a mouthful into the black cat’s mouth: “Star Alliance technology is so advanced, why hasn’t a chip been implanted in the brain?”

     “The light brain is the implanted chip.” The blue seal did not know when he started wearing a pair of small round glasses. He pushed up his glasses with his front flippers, looking like a scholar, “Our brain domain has also been developed. As for the direct implantation of knowledge, some people in the Star Alliance are studying it, but there is no technology to implant a large amount of knowledge yet. The human brain is much more complex than the universe. If you are not careful, your brain will become paste. Who dares to try it randomly.”

    Mingyu murmured in his heart. But his system did it. His system was indeed much more advanced than the current technology of the Covenant.

    [System: You only understand now??】

    Mingyou continued to mutter in his heart. The system always complained when it doubted his advanced level.

    “If it doesn’t work, I can only use special means.” Mingyou finished eating the fruit puree, handed the bowl to the cleaning robot who came to collect it, and rubbed his hair into a messy chicken coop.

    After rubbing, he jumped on the black cat and rubbed the cat’s head again.

    The black cat squinted his eyes and looked like a Buddhist cat, while Mingyou moved around casually, obviously he was used to it.

    Cui Li moved next to his alpaca roommate little by little: “Datan, you think if I move my head over, will Mingyou rub my head?”

    Big Brother Alpaca: “???”

    With that strange question, he was certain that his Tibetan fox roommate definitely had a problem. He thought that the Tibetan fox roommate wanted to say whether Mingyou was too disrespectful to His Highness, or whether His Highness and the ten heroes were too indulgent towards Mingyou. As a result, this squinting fox with a square face was actually envious of His Highness being pet by Mingyou?

    Brother alpaca began to doubt life. Although he thought that there was something wrong with his roommate, the spirit beasts present were so indulgent towards Mingyou, it seemed that he was the only one who thought this scene was very problematic. Was this the so-called MAX affinity of a spirit beast master to the spirit beast? Was there something wrong with his spirit beast transformation?

    “Brother Chenxi ah ah ah ah!” He was thinking when his younger brother rushed towards him.

    Because he wanted to hide his identity, Mingyou didn’t call him eldest brother, but called him Chenxi. In addition, his Tibetan fox roommate was also touched, and Mingyou called him Dazhanghu.

    “What’s wrong?” The alpaca turned his head and looked helplessly as his younger brother who came to sleep with him after playing with His Royal Highness the black cat.

    Mingyou was lying on the thick white curly alpaca’s fur, and sighed: “Professor Liang will come to the nursing home tonight, what should I do if I haven’t memorized Energy Basics?”

    The elder brother calmly said: ” Not much. Don’t. Normal people can’t memorize it.” Dazanghu nodded and added: “Even a person who studies Energetics can’t memorize the whole book.”

    Mingyou got up from his alpaca brother’s back: “It seems that you can’t give me any advice anymore, so I’ll go to Teacher Lu.”

    Mingyou ran back to the black cat, turned the cat who was taking a nap with his eyes closed into a kitten, put it on his head, and ran away wearing slippers and leaving his room full of spirit beasts.

    Brother Alpaca sighed deeply. Was his brother a little too spoiled? He raised his head and looked around at the other spirit beasts in the room. Except for him, the other spirit beasts, including the Tibetan fox, were smiling, saying that Mingyou was so lively and cute.

    He turned into a “…” face again. He really didn’t want to admit that he had a problem. Sure enough, the world still had problems.

    After Arthur established the Spiritual Beast Research Institute for Mingyou on the Healing Star, Old Neil was the first to readily agree to join the research institute. Because of Mingyou’s social anxiety, this institute was a certain distance from the nursing home. Anyway, this was a whole planet, they could choose any location, there were so many places.

    However, Mingyou’s social anxiety had improved a lot after meeting Tan Chenxi. Now he and acquaintances could basically chat normally, and Old Neil was within the range of acquaintances.

    Mingyou learned to fly an aircraft, and after being specially granted a small family aircraft license, he likes to take his partner spirit beasts for a trip in the sky. Most of the other partner spirit beasts were very busy, only the little cat who basically pushed everything to his subordinates, had the most opportunities to accompany Mingyou for a walk.

    Mingyou was very excited that he could fly. He stepped onto the small personal aircraft like a scooter in his previous life, and kept talking to the little black cat above his head about the beauty under his feet.

    The little black cat pouted and twitched his ears. He couldn’t understand Mingyou’s hobby of making all the energy shields of the aircraft transparent, making him feel like he was riding a scooter in the sky.

    However, Mingyou’s courage was unexpectedly large, and he was not afraid of heights at all. Some pilots who were used to flying would be afraid when they looked at the void under their feet when walking. Was Mingyou considered stupid?

    The speed of the aircraft was very fast, no one cared about speeding here, and there was a kitten on his head to protect him. Mingyou drove the personal aircraft at the speed limit, and went to the Spirit Beast Food Factory for a walk before going to the Spirit Beast Research Institute.

    Although the little black cat had driven a battleship at the limit, he still protested against Mingyou’s drag racing behavior; driving a small family aircraft to supersonic speed. But the protest was ineffective. Not only was Mingyou not going to slow down, he also tried to work with Xiaotian to further transform his flying scooter.

    It was hard for the little black cat to imagine that Mingyou and his family would become more and more disobedient, and the AI ​​that was about to come up with the omnic crisis will produce what results. He missed the little guy Mingyou, who had been submissive and trembling before. Now this stupid and bold Mingyou was really worrying to Dahei.

    When Mingyou arrived at the institute, Old Neil came out to greet him with a cane. Although it was unnecessary to meet like this, Old Neil wanted to be the first to see Mingyou. Then like a grandfather leading his grandson, he held Mingyou’s hand and entered the research room while chatting.

    It had been a long time since he had such an intimate conversation with the younger generation.

    “Professor Liang is coming. I want to surprise her. But they are pouring cold water on me one by one, saying that it is impossible for me to memorize “Energy Basics”. Even if it can’t be helped, don’t hit me.” Mingyou muttered, muttered, like an ordinary grandson complaining to his grandfather.

    Old Neil responded with a smile, criticizing those few people from time to time. Passing researchers couldn’t help but hold their foreheads. Old Neil, did he still remember that the person he complained about was an interstellar hero? But Mingyou’s memory was really enviable. He was a natural researcher.

    Now all the scholars in the institute were Mingyou’s teachers. Mingyou had expanded the scope of “acquaintances” to 80% of the institute’s staff, and the remaining 20% had not yet been assigned to teach Mingyou.

    The old scientists Mingyou met at the beginning were all willing to move to this institute. However, they were not like old Neil, who had been “unemployed” at home for a long time and had no other business. They also have to deal with their own disciples and grandchildren, so that they could settle down, and not cause trouble to Mingyou.

    All of them wished that Mingyou would not worry about any trivial matters other than research. If Mingyou’s research status was affected because of their own trivial matters, they would be so angry that they would use crutches to smash skulls.

    “Liang Xia is a very gentle child. As long as you have the energy to learn, she will treat you well.” To the nearly four-hundred-year-old elder Neil, everyone was a child, “So even if you don’t memorize Energy Studies. It doesn’t matter.”

    Mingyou patted his chest: “That’s good. I’m afraid Teacher Liang will think I’m stupid and disappointing.”

    “If you’re stupid, there are no smart people in this Star Alliance.” Arthur the cat was on top of Mingyou’s head, licked his paws and washed his face, while complaining, “Don’t say that outside, excessive modesty is arrogance, and some people will be dissatisfied with you.”

    “I see.” Mingyou responded seriously.

    Arthur’s tail twitched. Mingyou’s attitude was quite different from before. This was not too long ago, just a few days ago. Mingyou seems to have changed since he reconciled with Tan Chenxi.

    The black cat thought for a while, and added that Mingyou didn’t change his appearance, but something changed inside. Although Mingyou used to be very close to them, he always seemed to be separated from this world by something. He seemed to immerse himself in another fantasy world, rejecting everything in this world.

    Mingyou didn’t understand the people and things in this world with normal thinking. He always used “brain supplements” to distort what he saw and heard into the world he knew, so as to create an escape for himself. A realistic fantasy world.

    This kind of thing had happened to him before. But at that time, he had deep eight-grade syndrome, which was different from Mingyou. Although Mingyou also had a bit of middle schooler disease, what he did was not fantasy, but an escape from reality.

    After Mingyou met him, he consciously broke away from that fantasy world. But their previous efforts were nothing compared to the moment when Tan Chenxi and Mingyou recognized each other.

    This made Arthur depressed for a long time. He knew that his subordinates must not be very happy. Although this was normal. People need to know where they came from, so that they would not be confused about where they were going. Mingyou’s biggest knot was whether he should have not come to this world, and whether his birth was a mistake.

    He said “Tan Changgeng is not me, I don’t care about this identity”, but in fact he really cared. No one else cared about his “original role” in this world. Now Mingyou had “taken back” Tan Changgeng’s identity, and his brother and the same mother had recognized him, as if the world had recognized him.

    The little kitten bit his paw, and then spat out a few cat hairs. Sigh, the more he thought about it, the more angry he became! What kind of brother, don’t they only have a blood relationship? How could they not compare to this big brother who had never cared about Mingyou?

    They treated Mingyou much better than this big brother! This scumbag! The little black cat thought angrily.

    Brother Alpaca didn’t know that the unusually exaggerated doting of Mingyou by the spiritual beasts he had seen in the past few days was not the norm. The normality was actually Mingyou’s doting on these spiritual beasts. These spirit beasts specially acted for him to see. That’s right, they were all jealous, eating this big brother’s vinegar.

    And the stupid alpaca brother didn’t notice this. How could he have noticed this? The spirit beasts in front of him were His Royal Highness Prince and the ten heroes? How could they be so childish?

    So what was wrong, he couldn’t think of anything, he missed the correct answer, and there was a Tibetan fox roommate with an abnormal brain circuit next to him to make trouble, his thoughts could only become more and more chaotic, and he began to doubt himself.

    Mingyou stayed with Old Neil for a while, then went to the research institute to accost the researchers who were minoring in Energetics to extract knowledge points.

    After knowing that Spirit Beasts and Energetics were closely related, Old Neil, as an honorary deputy director, always paid attention to his background in Energetics when he recruited people.

    Although Star Alliance Spirit Beast Science rejected Liang Xia’s research before, as long as the Spirit Beast had an energy body, it was a consensus that those who studied Spirit Beast Science would minor in Energetics. Therefore, the path of spiritual beast learning was not particularly biased, and the Star Alliance had been safe for so many years.

     Those who have studied spiritual animal science were not bad in energy science. Mingyou was like a scorpion in a melon field, a bee in a garden, a monkey in a peach garden, asking questions all over the place, everyone studied together. There was only one person, and the learning progress was not fast enough.

     The little black cat complained: “You blow my fur, how can you work? Don’t pluck my hair!”

     Mingyou embarrassedly retracted his hand: “Just one and you won’t be bald. You have an energy body, as long as you have energy, you can’t be bald.”

     The black cat snorted, and twitched Mingyou’s cheek with his tail. That being said, he had experienced the scandal of a bald belly, and he must not allow such a thing to happen again.

    When Liang Xia arrived, Mingyou was in class. Although Mingyou thought that he should go to meet Liang Xia in person, Arthur asked Liang Xia to go through a thorough security check before coming to the institute. Mingyou’s anxiety was still not cured. Seeing so many strangers shaking their heads, this kind of welcome was even more impolite.

    So Mingyou continued class, and the black cat turned into a human and went to meet Liang Xia. As soon as Mingyou went to class, he devoted himself to it, and his attention was even more concentrated than that of the teacher on the podium.

    Liang Xia came outside the research office that temporarily served as a classroom. Mingyou didn’t notice Liang Xia monitoring the students like the head teacher. She walked beside the glass window and watched Mingyou listen while taking notes.

    “Although the light brain can memorize the content of the lecture, Mingyou likes to use this primitive way of shorthand.” Although Old Neil complained, he couldn’t hide the smile on his face. “He said memorization is better with writing, and reading a hundred series is not as good as copying a book once. Alas, this stupid child, his way of learning is too backward.”

    “His handwriting is very beautiful.” Liang Xia said gently, “Many children today are unable to write. “

    He tried to memorize the “Basics of Energetics” before you came, and said he would give you a surprise. No matter how good his memory is, it is too exaggerated to memorize such a thick book. “Old Neil continued to show off, “I have to persuade him, you are very gentle, as long as he has the heart to study, you will like him, you don’t have to work so hard.”

    “Can he really memorize it?” Liang Xia asked curiously, ” I heard he has photographic memory?”

    “No, he just has a good memory.” Arthur specifically checked. That is not a good thing. If Mingyou has a photographic memory, Arthur would definitely have Mingyou go for treatment, regardless of his opinion.

    “His memory is selective. In terms of academics, he remembers very well, and he also remembers things that he is interested in, such as spirit beasts, very clearly. But in normal times, he is a little confused, and he is often lost. He is a normal person. “

    As Arthur was talking, Mingyou just finished his class. He touched his head, jumped up from the chair, and almost kicked the table over: “Where’s my cat? Dahei!”

    “Mingyou, His Royal Highness went to pick up Professor Liang Xia.” The teacher in class laughed. .

    Mingyou was stunned for a moment, then patted his chest and said, “Yes, I was so serious in class that I forgot.” After speaking, he started to clean up the desk. “Huh? Where’s my pen cap? Ah, I’m wearing Dahei’s scarf!” 

   “I have to ask Xiaotian to send a message to have Dahei come back soon. What’s my communication password?”

     Arthur couldn’t bear it any longer and pushed the door: “Why did you turn your fingerprint password into a digital password again?”

     Mingyou said embarrassedly: “I just want to prove that I will never forget the password.”     

    “You change a password every day and refuse to write it down. Remember that there are ghosts.” Arthur tapped Mingyou on the head, and handed the pen cap from the small pocket on his uniform, “Also, don’t put anything weird on my hair.”

     “Don’t you forget it too. That’s it.” After muttering twice, Mingyou saw a stranger coming in, and reflexedly hid behind Arthur.

     “This is Professor Liang Xia.” Arthur pulled Mingyou out of his back and introduced, “You wanted to give Professor Liang a good impression right? Cheer up.”

    Mingyou took a deep breath, then stretched out a hand stiffly to introduce himself. After Liang Xia smiled and shook hands with Mingyou, she asked Mingyou a few questions she had just overheard and talked about in class. Mingyou immediately answered and added his own understanding.

    Liang Xia continued to ask, and Mingyou continued to answer. From this class, they talked about the content of the book “Energy Fundamentals”. Liang Xia found that even though Mingyou didn’t memorize the book completely, he probably already remembered the important knowledge points. At this level, if he took the test, as long as the calculation was correct, it was easy to get a full score.

    Such a good boy, who wouldn’t want to accept him as a student? Mingyou had written a lot of drafts, thinking about what to talk to her after meeting this unfamiliar but definitely respectable scholar. Daily matters or things about spirit beasts? Or should he talk about the happiness of his own spirit beast as an entry point?

    He didn’t expect that Liang Xia started to chat with him about academics just after meeting him, and before finishing the self-introduction. The two chatted, the teacher in the class joined in, Old Neil also joined in, and later other researchers who didn’t have experiments at hand also joined in.

    They moved from a small office to a large conference room; from a simple oral discussion, then a holographic projection device was added. This welcome meeting turned into a purely academic discussion.

    Arthur, although not a researcher, also joined the discussion. He was a rare spirit beast of all types, and he had specially formed a special unit of spirit beasts, and he had a deep understanding of the topic. For historical reasons, researchers were rarely able to directly conduct experiments on spirit beasts, so researchers’ understanding of spirit beasts was not necessarily as profound as his. He could explain many of the theories proposed by researchers from examples he has seen.

    While discussing, Mingyou kept looking at Arthur with crinkled eyes. When his Dahei became a human, he was even more reliable than when he was a black cat, and he deserved to be the prince of the Star Alliance.

    Mingyou counted Dahei’s halo in his heart, just his face and body; his family is already the only one in the Star Alliance. Even the big orange cat with the same father and mother… ah no, His Majesty the Golden Lion, was not as perfect as Dahei.

    Such a good Dahei, accompanying himself every day, was it a waste of time? Dahei should go to a wider world and accept the worship of more people. Mingyu’s mood suddenly fell. After the discussion, his mood still did not improve. Others just thought he was worried about the status quo of spiritual beast study.

    Liang Xia was very satisfied with this discussion. Liang Xia, who was very optimistic about the future, smiled and told him to go back to rest without having to accompany her to dinner. She ate a little by herself. She had to go back to sort out the information and quickly join the research.

    Only Arthur, who knew Mingyou very well, knew what Mingyou was thinking. He was too lazy to explain much to Mingyou, he turned into a big cat, and turned into a mount.

    Mingyou: “…Dahei, can you change your way of comfort? I’m worried that I will throw you because of a stress reaction.”

    The black cat glanced at Mingyou: “You throw me, but it won’t hurt or itch, at best it will be more uncomfortable in the face, but in the end, it wasn’t you who felt bad.”

    Mingyou hugged the black cat and buried his face under the cat’s chin: “Speaking of it, is it okay for you to be with me all the time?”

    “If it matters, can you keep me?” The black cat sneered. He stood up, stepped on Mingyou with two feet, then turned into a human, and stretched out his hand to Mingyou: “Get up, go home.”

    Mingyou took Arthur’s hand and stood up. He and Arthur held hands, and when they stepped onto Arthur’s aircraft, he glanced at him, his heart beating faster for no reason.

    “What are you thinking about?” Arthur asked after letting Xiaotian start the aircraft.

    Mingyou said seriously: “I found out that I may be a face control.”

    Arthur looked at Mingyou suspiciously.

    Mingyou said: “If strangers were as good-looking as you, Arthur, I might not be afraid of society.”

    Arthur: “…” Although he was complimenting him, why did it sound so awkward.

    “Why didn’t you call me Dahei?” Arthur asked.

    Mingyou scratched his head and said, “I don’t want to escape from reality anymore. I want to try to accept your other identity.” Mingyou always knew very well that Arthur being like a cat was an excuse. Dahei was his black cat, and Arthur was the Star Alliance’s heroic prince. That was why he refused to change his mind.

    “Oh.” Arthur was not moved, but rather angry. Hehe, what they wanted to achieve, Mingyou figured it out only after meeting Tan Chenxi once. This brotherhood was truly amazing and touching (black cat-style yin and yang).

    “I want to remember your other name, I want to integrate into your life with another identity.” Mingyou said about his ambition, “Is this a bit greedy?”

    “Yes, very greedy. You can be more greedy.” Arthur said casually, “If you want, I can keep your brother and the Tibetan fox here and live with us.”

    Mingyou shook his head vigorously: “No, no, my eldest brother and I are both adults, each has our own careers, and we will each have our own family in the future. What does it look like to stick together? We are not used to having two strangers in our family. I see his nerves are tense.”

    Everyone surrounded him and kept feeding him. In order to secure the hearts of his partner spirit beasts, Mingyou could work hard to follow their wishes, but to be honest, this is really tiring. Except for the black cat, Mingyou didn’t often coddle his spirit beasts. As a parent, he should be the one who took care of people, but suddenly being taken care of in every possible way was really stressful.

    Family? stranger? Arthur finally let out a sigh of relief. Stupid Mingyu was still not a scumbag.

    “When he is stable, I will let them go back to the barracks. He just needs more military exploits to prove himself. Although it is very dangerous, this is the way of soldiers.” Arthur said.

    Mingyu nodded. The two of them were in a warm relationship. Xiaotian had communication at home, the polar bear was holding his face and screaming: “Mingyou! Your Highness! Come back soon! His Highness Hans is awake!”

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