After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 58

    Mingyou carried Tan Chenxi into the medical room. With a wave of the little black cat’s paw, a group of medical personnel appeared and began to examine Tan Chenxi.

    Mingyou shivered while holding his little black cat. Why did so many strangers suddenly appear at home? Where did they come from?

    The little cat twitched his tail and shook his ears: “You don’t care how they came out? You can’t see them normally, does it matter?”

    Well…that made sense? Mingyou rubbed the cat’s head in his arms: “Can I, can I study in the medical room?”

    The Star Alliance was very proficient in dealing with the problem of transforming from a biological body to an energy body. But if he watched from the sidelines, he should be able to increase his knowledge points a lot, right?

    “As long as you’re not afraid of strangers, you can go. This treatment does not require a sterile environment.” The little cat said, “Please put me on your head, that’s where I should be. Don’t strangle me with your arms. Do you know how to hold a cat?”

    Mingyou embarrassingly put the little black cat on top of his head, and followed the medical staff into the medical room. Although he was nervous seeing strangers, his eldest brother was lying on the platform shining brightly. Mingyou’s worry about Tan Chenxi overwhelmed his fear of strangers.

    Then, when he heard the sound of acquiring knowledge points from the system, the sudden wealth shocked his eyes. What was nervousness? Could it be converted into knowledge points? With these knowledge points, he could unlock the complete spiritual beast cultivation course.

    Through these explorations, Mingyou finally reduced the knowledge value of the complete spiritual beast cultivation course in the system to an acceptable value.

    Although after redeeming the spiritual beast cultivation course, his knowledge value was almost zero. But these courses may be enough for him to study for a lifetime.

    [System: Haha, you think too much.】

    Mingyou: “…” System, why did it suddenly appear again? What about no self-awareness? How bad were the programmers who wrote the code? Were the programmers the same dog ones as the ones in his previous life?

    Mingyou patted his face, let the system turn on the video recording function, recorded the whole process of the treatment, and went back to think about it.

    Although the system could directly inject the knowledge related to treatment into his brain, knowledge points would only become more and more difficult to obtain in the future, and Mingyou would not rely on the system for the knowledge that he could learn by himself.

    Outside the treatment room, Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts all gathered. However, they took up too much space, so all the fluffy ones except the big kangaroo had turned into their cub appearances.

    The indigo kangaroo was not at ease with strangers, so the snow leopard who had not woken up in the pouch could not turn smaller.

    The Tibetan fox also couldn’t turn smaller. He paced nervously in the corridor, leaning on the glass wall from time to time to take a look, and he couldn’t stop muttering, “Is he changed?” It felt like the whole fox’s nerves were tense. He looked like a novice dad waiting for his wife to give birth outside the delivery room.

    Tibetan fox was big, and it looked like he was in the way. After the kangaroo thought about it, she punched the Tibetan fox on the forehead.

    The Tibetan fox foamed at the mouth and was poisoned. Another medical staff person came out of nowhere and sent the fox to another medical room to lie down.

    The indigo kangaroo blew her fist. It was quiet now. A group of little fluffies huddled together and shivered. The education of mother kangaroo was still so simple and rude, so terrible.

    Just as he was about to take advantage of the little bear’s attention to the treatment room and bite, the little gray wolf tucked his tail, squatted down obediently, and didn’t dare to act naughty. Mother Kangaroo was here, so be honest.

    The medical staff’s movements were orderly and smooth, and it was obvious that they were very skilled in dealing with this kind of thing.

    Under the influence of their relaxed attitude, Mingyou’s spirit unconsciously relaxed. When he saw the medical staff talking to each other, he cautiously joined the conversation and asked some questions he had seen from the treatment process.

    The medical staff were first surprised that Mingyou, who was afraid of society, would take the initiative to talk to them. They were very happy to teach Mingyou, just like teaching their own students.

    Tan Chenxi was lying on the platform, listening to the medical staff  using him as a teaching prop, pointing and pointing to and fro, teaching Mingyou, with a very ugly expression.

    But at this time, no one could see his expression no matter how unhappy he was. The light was too dazzling. The medical staff and Mingyou, as well as the little black cat on Mingyou’s head, all put on medical goggles.

    After the medical staff explained to Mingyou, the knowledge points in the system increased rapidly. Mingyou made a preliminary estimate. After redeeming the primary course of spiritual beast cultivation this time, there were still points left.

    Mingyou remembered the old scientists he met at the Central Military Academy. If they taught him, he must be able to gain a lot of knowledge points, right?

    According to Dahei, now that he went to school, almost no one can teach him, and he could choose the knowledge he wanted to learn. Then it would be better to graduate quickly and learn from those old scientists who seem to be knowledgeable on the holographic website.

    The knowledge points that could be gained from Grandpa Neil had been drained, and the rest, with Mingyou’s current knowledge reserve, could not be learned. He should find more people to extract knowledge points from.

    After the treatment, Mingyou looked at his knowledge points and sighed with satisfaction. Exchange!

    With a flash of golden light, there is an additional “Spiritual Beast Basic Cultivation Encyclopedia” in the course of the whole department. The classification of the attributes of the spiritual beasts Mingyou wanted has also been sorted out by the system, and he did not need to explore by himself.

    Mingyou clicked on the attribute classification of spirit beasts with his mind, and his eyes were occupied by dense text, almost blinding him instantly.

    It was said that there were only simple classifications such as gold, wood, water, fire, soil, light and darkness? The classification of the system was too complicated, right?

    System: [Please do not question the knowledge of the system. There are as many types of energy as there are types of attributes of spirit beasts.】

    Mingyou sighed. The little black cat patted Mingyou’s forehead with its paw: “What are you thinking about?”

    “The classification of spiritual beasts is really complicated.” Mingyou said, “There are as many types of energy classifications as there are attributes of spiritual beasts. This workload, It’s too big.”

    Little Black Cat: “???” Although he suddenly said something with a lot of information, how did he suddenly think of the classification of spirit beasts from his brother’s transformation into a beast?

    The medical staff looked at Mingyou in surprise.

    “Has no one put forward this conjecture before?” Mingyou was surprised by the shock of the medical staff.

    An older medical staff member was silent for a while, and said, “Someone mentioned it. Professor Liang once mentioned it. But it was rejected by the spiritual beast academia.”

    Mingyou asked, “Where is Professor Liang now? Dahei, can I visit her?”

    The black cat said, “Of course you can. But she is not from the field of spiritual beasts, but from the field of energy science.”

    “The world of spiritual beasts is not separate from the world of energy science. You have an energy body.” Mingyou said, “Before I go to see Professor Liang, I need make-up lessons in energy science.” Then go to Professor Liang to learn from the scriptures. Mingyu, who was very confident in his memory, thought.

    “Which professor’s class do you want, I can help you invite people over.” The black cat said, “But shouldn’t you pay more attention to your poor elder brother now? Don’t look at your elder brother becoming…What’s up?”

    Mingyou quickly took off his medical glasses. When he looked up on the platform, his expression immediately became extremely strange.

    “It’s cute, it’s your favorite fluffy.” The little black cat felt the extremely complicated and shocking feelings from Mingyou’s heart, and wondered.

    Mingyou murmured: “Cute…it’s cute.”

    Tan Chenxi turned into a spirit beast, covered with thick creamy white curly fur, like a thick layer of felt. His head was also fluffy, and there is a layer of curly hair like cream on top of cake, and two pointed ears are exposed, like wearing a felt hat with exposed ears.

    But…but…but this was a grass mud horse (non-swearing) ah! Mingyu’s whole person was not well.

    It was said that spiritual beasts of the same blood would change according to factors such as their own power attributes and soul character, the color and type of the hair will change to a certain extent, and the spiritual beasts for each person were unique. But they basically belonged to a similar biological classification.

    That was to say, no matter whether Tan Chenxi’s classification came from his mother or his father, if Mingyou, who shared the same mother with him, could become a spirit beast, there was a high probability that he was also an alpaca or something close.

    Mingyou took a deep breath, took another deep breath, squatted down, and breathed. His eyes were sluggish: “Alright, fortunately, I’m not a power user, I can’t become a spirit beast.”

    He didn’t want to become a grass and mud horse!!! Was the malice in this world too heavy?!

    In particular, the appearance of the spirit beast was closely related to personality. If he could become a spirit beast, he would definitely not be like his brother, a white alpaca who looked majestic and has an elegant and cool head. He was definitely the kind of grass-mud horse that looked very funny!

    After feeling the collapse in Mingyou’s heart, Dahei searched the Internet for “Alpaca”, and finally knew why Mingyou looked like this.

    It turned out that the alpaca was also known as “divine beast” and “grass mud horse”. It was an older and more famous emoticon pack predecessor than the Tibetan fox on the Internet.

    Interesting, Tan Chenxi’s room could be changed to “expression pack bedroom”. Maybe they were both emoticons, so they were attracted to each other and became friends?

    After Mingyou sorted out his thoughts, he walked in front of the comatose white alpaca who had just transformed into an alpaca, and touched the thick white curly hair on the top of his alpaca elder brother’s head: “Brother turned into an alpaca, he’s not black.”

    “His attributes should be related to ice.” The little black cat used his mental power to probe the alpaca energy body, and said, “He seems to have awakened a special ability for the second time, and is qualified to enter my special unit.”

    “I have to prepare more food for my eldest brother.” Mingyou smiled, “The eldest brother should be the first batch of spirit beasts who can eat their own food as soon as they awaken their special abilities.”

    “Envy.” Although the little black cat was not short of food now, he still had enough to eat, but he was still envious.

    Tan Chenxi’s life was also very good. When he transformed into a beast, his younger brother was already a spirit beast master. His future was limitless. Of course, luckier still was the silly Tibetan fox. He had a life-saving grace for Tan Chenxi, and he happened to be very fond of Mingyou. He had no worries about food and clothing in this life.

    Mingyou continued to rub the white curly fur on the top of his eldest brother’s head, the more he rubbed it, the more addicted he became. Hey, alpaca was worthy of being a source of textile materials that could replace sheep. Big brother’s hair was comparable to cashmere, which was really comfortable.

    He didn’t know if his big brother would change his hair color. If the eldest brother’s wool could be harvested every few months like alpaca wool, he could pluck the eldest brother’s alpaca wool and make clothes for his partner spirit beasts.

    Clothes made from the fur of spirit beasts should have special effects, right? Mingyou looked at his eldest brother’s fur, his eyes were very malicious. Tan Chenxi’s four hooves twitched, wondering if he felt Mingyou’s malice.

    The medical staff left, and Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts rushed in. When they saw the cute white alpaca who was still in a coma, they all showed interest. They were thinking about how cute Mingyou would look if he could become a spirit beast.

    Mingyou could not become a spirit beast, so they could only take a few more glances at Tan Chenxi and make up their own minds.

    “Mythical beast, it’s really suitable for Xiaoyou.”

    “Alpacas are docile and timid, and they just spit on other people’s faces when they are in a hurry. They really look like Xiaoyou.”

    “Looking at the chubby appearance, it feels exactly the same as Xiaoyou.”

    “This curly fur feels so good, it feels as good as Mingyou’s hair.”

    “Herbivorous animals, Mingyou is indeed a herbivorous animal. “

    “Looking at the two deer next to me, I really can’t tell the lie that herbivorous animals are more docile.”

    “No, it is precisely because of the two deer on both sides that Mingyou is more suitable as a herbivorous animal. Have you forgotten Mingyou’s strength?” “

    “That’s right, although Mingyou doesn’t have such exaggerated muscles, his ability to strike with force is indeed similar to those of those two deer.”

    Mingyou was full of small question marks. Was there something wrong with his partners? It was not him lying on the table, it was his brother! Mingyou scratched the little black cat on his head, and was hit on the back of the hand by the little black cat.

    Alas, forget it, as long as they were happy, it doesn’t matter if he gave them big brother to watch. Mingyou checked the physical condition of his alpaca elder brother, and after confirming that the alpaca elder brother was in good condition, he went to the laboratory to study.

    The knowledge of spiritual beast cultivation that he just unlocked was still hot, and he had to enter the system immediately. The little black cat saw that Mingyou entered the holographic network to study, and knew that he would ignore him for the time being, so he flicked his tail and went to contact Professor Liang Xia.

    Arthur was not familiar with Liang Xia, so he contacted Old Neil first. From Old Neil, Arthur learned that Liang Xia’s departure from the spiritual beast academia was long before he was born.

    Liang Xia first studied Energetics. She tried to use Energetics to explain spiritual beasts. She was criticized by the spiritual beast community, saying that she studied spiritual beasts as dead things, and finally rose to the level of political and moral violations of human rights. Criticism from above.

    Liang Xia suffered a great blow, and finally left the spiritual beast academia. Although Liang Xia returned to the field of energy science, it seemed that the blow to her was too great, she basically did not have any significant academic output for so many years.

    When Liang Xia received Arthur’s communication request and met the prince on the holographic network, she stared at Arthur for a long time.

    Liang Xia murmured: “Does the spirit beast master really say that? How many categories of energy are there, and how many categories of spirit beasts?”

    Arthur nodded: “That’s right. After he learned about you, he hopes to learn energy from you.”

    Liang Xia continued to sit on the chair in a daze. After a while, she said, “Does he really agree with my theory? Can I really continue my research?”

    Arthur said, “Yes.”

    In the academic world, the Star Alliance government generally did not interfere, hoping to give academia a free environment. There were specialties in the art industry, and they themselves did not understand what was right. Laymen interfering with insiders would be a disaster.

    So although he regretted what happened to Liang Xia, even if Arthur was born at that time, he couldn’t help Liang Xia. Liang Xia stood on the opposite side of the entire spirit beast academia.

    “Can you protect him?” Liang Xia suddenly raised a question that was completely irrelevant to the topic being discussed, “Can you protect him?”

    Arthur clenched his right fist and placed it on his heart: “I swear by my life.”

    Liang Xia was silent for a while, then suddenly smiled: “I believe in you, Your Royal Highness, you saved the entire Star Alliance, I believe in your words.”

    “The information I have compiled over the years can be provided to the Spirit Beast Master for free. My only request is that when he decides the classification of spirit beasts, he can mention that a spirit beast scientist named Liang Xia provided him with help.”

    A spirit beast scientist named Liang Xia? Arthur finally understood why Liang Xia, who was called a rare genius in a thousand years by the academic circles, would “fall down” after that. She was not at a loss, she was just alone, and silently continuing to study spiritual beasts. She didn’t give up. However, these studies were not suitable for the spirit beast science community at that time, so her results were not published.

    “You don’t have to think too much about it, you just need to study with Mingyou.” Arthur said, “I will be responsible for the rest. Whether it’s promotion, or justifying your name, you don’t need to worry about these small things.”

    “I will provide you with a research environment with complete peace of mind. If you like, I can provide you with accommodation on the health star. If you don’t like your current job, I can cancel your contract for you, and then you can come to our newly created institute. “

    Arthur knew that Liang Xia’s job title had never risen over the years. Her current academic and working environment was definitely not friendly.

    Academic research could not rely solely on feelings and ideals. Although many scientists had made amazing results based on their feelings and ideals. But Arthur, as one of the executives allocating resources, must consider rewarding these results with benefits. Arthur had prepared the contract, and as long as Liang Xia agreed, her treatment would be equal to Mingyou.

    This was Mingyu’s own suggestion. He planned to gather a group of old scientists who wanted to be with the current spiritual beast academia in the new spiritual beast research institute. The treatment of these old scientists was the same as his starting point, and would be linked to results later.

    If there was a result, it would be the same as Mingyou, directly through Arthur’s newly created enterprise, converted into a commodity, and they would get a share. If scientists worked on theories that could not be directly translated into benefits, Mingyou’s newly established foundation would pay for their results.

    Mingyou was now very motivated to make money. In addition to raising his own plushies, he also had to raise a group of like-minded scientists. As a parent, the burden on his shoulders is too heavy.

    “Earth Civilization Foundation?” Liang Xia saw the name at a glance.

    “There were many talented people in Mingyou’s hometown. They had an independent civilization and created many literary and artistic works. These works, Mingyou is going to sell them, and the money obtained will support the construction of spiritual beasts in the name of his hometown.” He explained, “Earth is the name they call their mother planet.”

    “Earth…” Liang Xia showed a nostalgic smile, “I heard that the origin of all interstellar civilizations is called Earth.”

    When people can’t go to the starry sky to explore, and even without the concept of “interstellar”, their world was only the sky and the earth.

    In the sky, what illuminated people was called the sun, and what accompanied people to sleep at night was called the moon and stars; looking up was the sky, and looking down was the earth. When they knew that the world was not two planes, the sky and the earth, and that what was under their feet was actually a large sphere, they called their home planet Earth. Earth, in other words, is synonymous with the home planet.

    “Yes.” Arthur thought Mingyou’s previous civilization was really a primitive civilization without the ability of interstellar immigration, so it was normal to call the planet Earth.

    “I’ll sort out the information and go immediately.” Liang Xia immediately decided. She waited for more than a hundred years, and finally when it was time to return to the world of spirit beasts, she could not tolerate the slightest hesitation.

    “I will send someone to pick you up.” Arthur said, “I will try my best to avoid any accidents, so the process of picking you up may be a little serious, I hope you can understand.” In other words, Arthur would directly send the army.

    Liang Xia immediately said solemnly: “I understand. I won’t cause you any trouble.”

    The planet of the Spirit Beast Master was destroyed, and this academic environment was almost the same as the battlefield. Liang Xia thought. Fortunately, she was alone, and her relatives basically cut off ties with her when she was expelled from the spiritual beast academia in disguise, so there was no need to worry that someone would blackmail her with someone important to her.

    After dealing with Liang Xia, Arthur told Mingyou the good news. Mingyou, who was holding a bowl and pouring food into his mouth, said vaguely with his head spinning, “So you didn’t lie to me, someone from the Star Alliance already figured out the correct route.”

    “Talk after eating.” Arthur changed into his prince’s uniform, put on ordinary clothes, and went to the kitchen to serve meals. As a result, he found that his meal was not left in the kitchen.

    Arthur: “???” Was his status too low?

    The angry Arthur turned into a big black cat and fought with Dabai who was preparing the meal tonight. How dare he not leave him a meal, this stupid bear!

    After Mingyou filled his stomach, he lay down on the carpet for a long time, and his mind filled with knowledge felt a little better. In order to study efficiently, he used the remaining knowledge points to exchange some props to improve concentration and memory. Thanks to the knowledge points that brother contributed to the treatment today, otherwise he would have to nibble on this knowledge slowly by himself.

    After his mind was a little clearer, Mingyou finally remembered that he still had a big brother lying in the medical room.

    “By the way, does my eldest brother have food?” Superficial familial love Mingyou asked.

    The white bear, who was bitten by the black cat, tidied up his fur and said, “There are preparations made for him. The Tibetan fox is taking care of him.”

    Can the Tibetan fox really take care of his big brother? Mingyu was a little worried. He took the black cat who had stuffed a little nutrition cube and made do with it for dinner, and went to find his brother.

    Mingyou looked at the tail of the big black cat that was spiraling into the sky behind him, and said helplessly: “Dabai said, you have nutrient cubes, so you don’t need to leave meals.”

    Since he started planting spirit beast fruit trees, Mingyou estimated the stock of nutrient cubes in his hand, and started to give the black cat an unlimited supply. At present, only the black cat had this kind of treatment for his partners. So the black cat sneezed the hardest. There were nutritious cubes to eat, what else was left to eat?

    “Is this a matter of rice? It’s a question of treatment, it’s a question of status.” The black cat flattened his ears, the more he thought about it, the more angry he became.

    Mingyu didn’t know how to persuade him. He could only hold the black cat’s head in his arms, and apologized in a good voice, saying that in the future, he would keep whatever he would eat for the black cat, and the black cat would always have a mouthful of food at home.

    The other passing partner spirit beasts rolled their eyes one after another. It was as if the family was poor and could not afford to eat. His Highness was arrogant there, and Mingyou kept pampering him. His Highness was getting more and more arrogant, it was all his fault.

    His Royal Highness was on a business trip, and he wanted to keep food at home for him, who was sure whether he would come back for dinner? Even nutrition cubes didn’t count as meals? The spirit beasts all over the world were still waiting to be fed. His Highness was really extravagant.

    This group of fluffies chose to forget that when Mingyou was obsessed with research and locked himself in the research institute, they were also dissatisfied when they were eating the energy crystals, biscuits and nutrition cubes. The spirit beasts of this family had all been eroded by Mingyou’s extravagant life.

    When Tan Chenxi woke up, he immediately looked in the mirror. He left home when he was very young, and he didn’t know what it would look like after the people in the family became spirit beasts.

    When he saw himself in the mirror, he was silent for a while, like a concubine in mourning. Well, his parents were indeed dead (father: ???).

    The Tibetan fox roommate was very happy. “That’s great, your eyes are also very small after you transform into a beast.” The fox roommate said cheerfully.

    Tan Chenxi glanced at his roommate silently, and opened his half-squinted eyes completely. Sorry, he has big watery eyes. Squinting aside.

    Tibetan fox roommate: “…” This was not scientific! Why did an alpaca have such big eyes!

    The white alpaca nodded. Alpacas had big eyes, and the eyes of the entire camel family were not small, sorry.

    “But at least you can’t laugh at my weird expression in the future.” The Tibetan fox roommate fluttered his teeth and claws, “We are a duo of expression packs, no one should laugh at anyone!”

    Tan Chenxi: “…I want to become a human. Teach me how to turn back into a human.” After turning back into a human, even if he died on the battlefield, he would never turn into a spirit beast again for the rest of his life!

    After becoming a spirit beast, he found that his phobia of spirit beasts had no cure. Change what was not good, became an alpaca! Even if he couldn’t be a little more powerful and domineering, at least it was normal? What the hell was an alpaca? All wanted to smile when they saw his face, okay?!

    “Big brother!” The little black cat with a propeller tail on top of Mingyou’s head rushed in, hugging his big brother’s head and rubbing, “Is everything better?

    The fox said happily. “When the energy body stabilizes, you will know how to change back.” The black cat was tired from shaking his tail, and finally stopped the propeller, “How do you feel?”

    “Very good, thank you for your concern, Your Highness.” The white alpaca’s expression was very serious, the same as when Tan Chenxi was in human form, which disappointed the little black cat. He thought that after Tan Chenxi became a spirit beast, he would match his appearance and become a little more funny.

    “Does the food fit?” Mingyou touched the thick fur on the elder brother’s back, and thought again in his mind whether he could help the alpaca elder brother shave and make clothes for his partners.

    Tan Chenxi shuddered, and he looked at Mingyou puzzled. Mingyou has bad intentions for him? Mingyou sensed Tan Chenxi’s doubts, and withdrew his hand embarrassedly: “No, no, no, I don’t want to do bad things, I just wonder if an alpaca will shed its fur.”

    Tan Chenxi: “…??” 

    Mingyou said embarrassedly: “That, big brother, if you want to change your fur, can you leave some fur for me, and I will make clothes for Dahei and them.”

    Tan Chenxi: “!!!”

    The big Tibetan fox rolled on the ground with laughter: “Yes, yes, alpacas were originally raised to shave their fur and make clothes! Hahahahaha.”

    “If I change hair, I will keep it for you. But the Tibetan fox’s fur is also usable. Yes, I can peel off his fur now and make you a fur coat.” Brother Alpaca couldn’t bear to be angry with his younger brother, and aimed his ire at his roommate instead.

    The big Tibetan fox scrunched up and shrunk the corner: “Take care of animals and stay away from animal products.”

    “Pfft, big brother, you scared the Tibetan fox.” Mingyou laughed, “But our family’s spirit beast is actually an alpaca, so the fear of our family’s struggle for power has disappeared.” 

    The little black cat asked curiously, “Why?”

    Mingyou began to speak and gesture. Originally, the Tan family should be a very dark, and ruthless family power struggle, but if all the Tan family members were replaced by a group of alpacas, the protagonists who were fighting for power and intrigue would all become a group of serious grass mud horses, this scene immediately changed flavors

    The little black cat imagined it, and then rolled on top of Mingyou’s head laughing. The Tibetan fox roommate thought for a moment, turned his back, and the fox turned into a quivering stuffed ball. After thinking about it, Brother Alpaca didn’t know whether to laugh or be embarrassed. This scene was really funny, but it was not funny if one of the characters became himself.

    “It turns out that the Tan family is an alpaca family, so it’s not scary at all.” Mingyou was wearing slippers, sitting on a chair with his little feet raised, unable to breathe with laughter. Either way, it was hilarious. A flock of alpacas.

    “Fine, it’s not scary.” Brother Alpaca looked at his younger brother’s smile, and suddenly realized that there was nothing wrong with turning into an alpaca. At least, the younger brother seemed to have less resistance to the Tan family. The younger brother also showed a smile at himself. The face change was not bad at all.

    “Speaking of which, my arrogant and cool ex-friend was also from the Tan family, right?” Mingyou suddenly remembered something, “He might be my half-brother? Then after he becomes a spirit beast, he should also be from the alpaca family, right? A red alpaca?”

    Speaking of which, his former friend had a stubborn sideburn on his head. If he became an alpaca, would it be a red alpaca with dull wool? Double horned sheep? Okay, it was indeed very similar to his character, the tyrant was cool and dazzling.

    Mingyu couldn’t help laughing. He couldn’t imagine what his former friend would look like when he turned into an alpaca. What to do? He really wanted to go watch.

    “If you want to see it, I’ll find a chance for you to see it.” Of course, the little black cat immediately complied with his silly request, “But although he has red hair, he hasn’t become a spirit beast? After he changes, it may not be this hair color.”

    For example, Tan Chenxi used to have black curly hair, but after turning into a spirit beast, it turned white. When he turned back into a human form, his hair would most likely turn into white curly hair.

    So there was no surprise to see people with colorful hair and pupils in this world. No one wondered why they dyed such a vulgar color and wore such an ugly contact, they may be the strongest power user who could become a spirit beast.

    “He may still be red haired. He is a fire attribute.” Mingyou said, “So after he entered the Tan family, no one will doubt his appearance. Now that I think about it, he only entered the Tan family when he was about to graduate, maybe he was waiting for the spirit beast change.”

    Mingyou remembered that his former friend was in a bad state for a while, and then he took sick leave for more than half a month. That was just before the college entrance examination, and Mingyou was still worried about whether it would affect his college entrance examination.

    Should he thank his ex-friend for arranging his return to Tan house after the college entrance examination? Otherwise, even if he could get into a relationship with his partner spirit beasts and enter the university without exams, he would still regret having missed the college entrance examination in two lifetimes.

    What the head teacher in the previous life said, give him the whole champion, and he remembered it now. Based on his grades, he should be considered the number one student in the college entrance examination for Sky Blue Star, right? Although he changed the world, he still met the expectations of the head teacher.

    “Oh, then your ex-friend is probably a red alpaca. Very good, very festive.” The little black cat smiled strangely, “I will find someone to take a picture of him first. I will also get you some alpaca photos of people, and put together an alpaca photo book as a gift for you.”

    “In the future, when you think about the past and feel bored in your heart, just open the Tan family photo album I gave you.” After the black cat finished speaking, he rolled on top of Mingyou’s head with laughter.

    “Okay.” Mingyou was looking forward to this gift.

    Brother Alpaca had a “…” face throughout the whole process, not knowing what to say. It should be a good thing that His Highness doted on Mingyou so much. But why couldn’t he laugh? Shouldn’t his photos be included in this alpaca photo album?

    “Ah, it’s easy.” Mingyou stretched his back after laughing enough, “Brother, let’s reconcile.”

    “We have never broken.” Brother Alpaca reminded.

    Mingyou scratched his head, this time the black cat didn’t hit the back of his hand: “That’s right, we haven’t broken up before, but we were separated artificially. Brother, do you have a picture of mother? I want to know what mother looks like.”

    Tan Chenxi took out the necklace he was carrying with him from his backpack. Mingyou opened the necklace, and a small holographic projection appeared above the necklace. In the holographic projection, a laughing woman, holding a small baby who couldn’t see her face, was looking up at him.

    When Mingyou saw this small holographic projection, tears burst out uncontrollably. The woman in the holographic projection smiled happily and cheerfully. She was holding the baby very carefully. He was indeed loved.

    “Thank you brother. Give me a copy of the photo.” Mingyou picked up the little black cat on top of his head and wiped his tears with the little black cat’s fur.

    “Okay…” Brother Alpaca’s new sadness was washed away by Mingyou’s actions. Why was as His Highness treated as a handkerchief to wipe away tears and snot?!!

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