After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 57

    Although the black cat usually walked with a lowered body, and his fur was very long, it looked like he was walking on the ground, but in fact, he had long legs. So when the black cat peasant was moving, there was a gap between the bottom of his belly and the top of the bed.

    In addition, the liger’s belly was very soft. When Mingyou stuffed himself under the black cat’s belly, it was like falling into a big, warm, soft sleeping bag, and he could not feel the cat’s weight at all. However, if the black cat refused to squat and wanted to sleep flat, Mingyou would feel the weight of Dahei’s love.

    It was unrealistic to let the black cat sleep all night without changing his posture, and Mingyou was also reluctant. Therefore, only when he was extremely insecure or irritable, would he wrap himself in the feline sleeping bag to seek a trace of peace. Before the black cat asked, Mingyou murmured while holding the cat quilt and poured out his troubles.

    “I don’t really have any feelings for this brother. I haven’t seen him before, so it’s strange to have feelings. As for expecting a brother from the sky to save me from the sea of ​​misery, I might as well expect a black cat from the sky.”

    Dahei the cat: “???” You say your brother, just say your brother, what did it mean when he suddenly mentioned him? Forget it, he was not a cat, he was a tiger, go on.

    “Those people say that my brother doesn’t like me, and I don’t feel it. I haven’t seen him before. It doesn’t matter whether he hates me or not.” Mingyou paused and said, “I don’t recognize the name Tan Changgeng. If I don’t admit that the Tan family is my home, and I don’t admit that the Tan family is my relative, they can’t hurt me.”

    “Actually, if it wasn’t for them chasing me, I wouldn’t have much hatred for the Tan family. They provided me with food, clothing, and school, and no one bullied me at school. Except that I couldn’t leave the school and couldn’t surf the internet. …”

    Before Mingyou could finish speaking, he was interrupted by the yin and yang of the black cat: “Your broken school doesn’t even have a library.”

    Mingyou said embarrassingly: “Aren’t school libraries all on the holographic network now?” 

    The black cat continued to be yin and yang: “For you, it meant that you didn’t even have a library. If you didn’t have the memory of your previous life, if you only learn from textbooks, and you have no common sense in life, you would become a big fool.”

    Mingyou: “…” It seemed so. No one had taught him any common sense since he could speak, he learned it all by observing others. However, if there was no previous life, if there was no system, he probably wouldn’t even be able to speak.

    He was in compulsory education, that was, primary school, when he was allowed to leave home to go to school. Before going to elementary school, no one in the family deliberately talked to him. He communicated with “people”, only in the system and holographic image simulation.

    Don’t tell Dahei about this. Otherwise, Mingyou was worried that Dahei would be so angry that he would lead his fluffy army to overthrow the Tan family. Shock! The black cat prince returned and found that his partner spirit beast master had been abused. Mingyou was amused by his brain.

   Dahei: “…” Why was this little fool laughing to himself again?

    “In short, it doesn’t matter what the Tan family is, or a big brother. I don’t care, I don’t care at all.” Mingyou concluded.

    The black cat snorted coldly: “No, you care.”

    Mingyou squeezed the cat’s round head with his two hands: “No, I don’t care.”

    “You care.” Mingyou let out a groan.

    “If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t hide in my belly fur and squeak for a long time.” The black cat scratched his ears, “I’m dead. I care, what’s not to admit?”

    “Pressed… crushed to death. Dahei…” Mingyou had no breath, he could only breathe out. Then, with the only breath left, he sank into his spirit, raised his hands, and the black cat who was arrogantly pressing Mingyou was lifted with a dazed expression, and rolled under the bed.

    “I’m sorry Dahei! Did I use too much strength!” Mingyou hurriedly jumped out of bed, and carried the black cat, who was lying on the ground, and carried him back to the bed with a princess hug.

    The black cat kept his stomach up with limbs outstretched. Silent, tired, did not want to speak. Mingyou rubbed the black cat’s claws, belly, and rubbed his head on the cat’s soft and fluffy belly.

    “Mingyou, do you still remember me as a human being? Your behavior is very abnormal now.” The black cat pushed Mingyou’s head away, turned his body over, straightened his limbs, and turned into a big cat.

    Mingyou said “hehe” twice, and got down on the ground like a big cat.

    “Tan Chenxi quietly sneaked back to Sky Blue star to find you after learning that your identity was replaced by someone else. It’s not that he doesn’t care about you, but he can’t do anything about it. If you want to talk to him, I’ll call him.” The black cat calmed down for a while before continuing the topic.

    Mingyou buried his face on the sheets and said in a muffled voice, “No need. The more people who know my identity, the more dangerous it is.”

    “Have you forgotten who your partner is? Me, Arthur, the interstellar hero, the prince of the Star Alliance, the big boss behind the military department.” The black cat tilted his head and looked at Mingyou who was trying to suffocate himself, “I said no danger, there is no danger, I said it can be done, you can do it.”

    Mingyou almost laughed. He turned and faced the black cat: “Okay, since His Royal Highness has said so, then I will meet my big brother.”

    “What I said just now is true, I really don’t care. I just want to ask one thing clearly.”

    “Did I really kill my mother?” Mingyou chuckled, “Everyone in the Tan family said he hated me because they think I killed my mother.”

    “The rest of the Tan family hated me because I’m a waste. Of course I’m not a waste, so I didn’t care at all.”

    “But big brother…” Mingyou smiled again, “Of course I know, even if my mother delayed the rescue time in order to give birth to me, it cannot be considered that I killed my mother. Just like my parents had an accident in order to earn more medical expenses for me in my previous life, I cannot take their love for me as a burden. I know, I know…but I still want to ask…” Mingyou buried his face in the sheets again, “Oh, what’s the use of asking? It’s stupid to look for approval from a stranger. It’s clear.”

    “You’re really stupid.” The black cat put a paw gently on the back of Mingyou’s head, and pressed it hard.

    “Woooooooooo!” Dahei, are you going to suffocate me? Murder the pro-spiritual beastmaster!” Mingyou used a lot of energy to break free from the cat’s claws. Even if he was extremely powerful, he couldn’t exert his strength when someone grabbed the back of his head.

    Mingyou was about to pounce on the black cat and press his face on the bed, but the black cat turned into a human. Mingyou, who was a madman, immediately sat upright, and even put both hands on his knees.

    Arthur adjusted his pajamas, sat cross-legged in front of Mingyou, and said, “Mingyou, do you have any misunderstandings about the medical technology of the Star Alliance?”

    Mingyou: “It’s similar to the cultivation of spirit beasts?”

    Arthur: “…Please don’t insult them. If the big shots in the medical world hear it, they will be angry.”

    Mingyou hugged his head and made an expression like a duck hugging his head. He had never been sick, how would he know how good the Star Alliance’s medical technology was? The spirit beasts were starving even as the most powerful warriors of the Star Alliance. Couldn’t Star Alliance science be really bad?

    “Energy body and biological body are twothingsn. So even if spirit animal science has not been very good, as long as the warriors could transform into human form and become biological, our doctors could pull them back from death.” Arthur helplessly said, “Look at old Neil, he is almost four hundred years old.”

    “Yes.” Mingyou was like a chicken pecking at rice, “No wonder everyone was in no hurry before the war.” Anyway, as long as he could become a human, all problems could be solved, so in fact, the development of spiritual beastism was not very important? Hey, he thought it was  someone trying to fight for power and bully the spirit beast, but did they just slack off? The simple-minded Mingyu thought.

    “Born in sorrow and dying in peace. The ancients did not deceive me.” Mingyou began to drop his book bag, Arthur wrote down this sentence, and decided to use it to pretend to be a force in the future. 

    “Your mother hadn’t retired at the time, she was an active duty officer. When she was injured, she was treated by a military doctor from the Star Alliance.”

    “Do you think you were watching a TV series from ancient times? You still protect the big and the young? Let me tell you the truth, according to the rules of the Star Alliance, there are no human rights before a child is born. Hospitals give priority to the safety of pregnant women. So there is no such thing as your mother’s refusal to receive treatment in order to give birth to you, resulting in death.”

    “She was in a coma at that time, which military doctor dared to make a decision without authorization and kill an active-duty officer, he should wait to eat in prison.” Arthur snorted coldly, “I have already checked your case. The military doctor’s record is that the aunt was attacked and gave birth prematurely, although her body was indeed weakened by this delivery, but if there was a miscarriage, her body would still be weak, weaker than the normal birth of a child.”

    “If this is all your fault, is the aunt also at fault? She didn’t expect to be attacked when she was pregnant a few months ago.”

    “The biggest mistake should be the Tan family’s fault, or the fault of the planet’s customs. They still think that a child born naturally is a normal child, and excludes the cultivation outside the body. The body is the greatest contribution to the liberation of the female labor force, but it can’t be tolerated by someone who turns against intelligence.”

    Arthur grabbed the soft flesh of Mingyou’s cheek and said, “Both my aunt and your mother are victims of this anti-intellectual custom. So if you want to do something for the original, you might as well set aside a part of your spirit beast fund to use it in a poor and backward place, which is good for the outside world. Propaganda and subsidies for production?”

    Mingyou had been completely stunned by Arthur: “Is that so? My mother and I are actually victims of anti-intellectual customs?”

    “Yes. Of course, that star thief is also your enemy. But auntie’s amniotic fluid broke and she drove the mecha to wipe out the opponent.” Arthur was shocked when he saw the original battle report.

    He also thought that Ping Wanshu’s revenge was paid for by the military, but he did not expect that she wiped out the enemy herself. When the reinforcements came, Ping Wanshu was seriously injured, and her last sentence before she fell into a coma was to ask how much money would be exchanged this time. Her youngest son was about to be born, and she wanted to save funds for her youngest son.

    Mingyou’s character, although most of it came from his previous life, was very similar to his mother Ping Wanshu in his inconspicuous parts. Arthur thought about it and told Mingyou what happened to Ping Wanshu at that time. He knew that Mingyou would be sad about what happened at the beginning. Mingyou didn’t ask, he would not open his scar and let him hurt again.

    But when Mingyou asked, he naturally knew everything. So Mingyou knew for the first time what his mother really looked like. “It turns out that after my mother gave birth to me, she lived with me for a while.” Mingyou was shocked. He thought his mother died in childbirth!

    “Of course, she died when you were one year old.” Arthur wondered, “You don’t even know this?”

    Mingyou murmured, “Because when a child’s brain is not fully developed, I am not conscious, no memories of the past.” Even if the soul was reborn through time, should the hardware be matched?

    “When you were born, you were expected; after you were born, you also lived in the love of your mother.” Arthur was a little provocative. “So, why are you listening to the Tan family?”

    Mingyou smiled and smiled. Laughing and crying. He didn’t kill his mother. It turned out that his mother did not die of dystocia, but the sequelae of power explosion. It was the star thief’s fault, the anti-intellectual Tan family’s fault, not his fault. His birth was not a mistake. Born to be human, no need to be sorry.

    “Thank you, thank you Dahei.” Mingyou burst into tears, “Thank you for telling me this.”

    Arthur took Mingyou into his arms and lightly patted his back. He thought that his partner was a little remiss. He had never realized that Mingyou still had such a deep shadow in his heart.

    Arthur originally thought that the cold sea in Mingyou’s heart came from the ruthlessness of the Tan family and the betrayal of his friends. But perhaps, in the past ten years before Mingyou, the accusations of “murderer who killed his mother” were the real reason for the coldness in his heart.

    In this environment, it was rare for Mingyou to grow to what he is today. Perhaps the things of the past life and the things of the spirit beasts have become a harbor that blesses his soul. But now, Mingyou no longer needed to constantly recall the past life to find a reason for himself to live.

    “Tomorrow I will ask you for leave, and I will say you are tired and sick. Tomorrow I will arrange for Tan Chenxi to come to see you. Do you want to see the Tibetan fox? He happens to be Tan Chenxi’s roommate, since you like the fox, I will let him also come.” Arthur hesitated for a while, but finally lowered his head and kissed Mingyou’s hair swirl. Maybe at this time, Mingyou needed a little physical intimacy between people.

    “It doesn’t matter, eldest brother, I want to hide the fox.” Mingyou choked and said stubbornly in a hoarse voice with a nasal tone.

    “Okay, Tan Chenxi doesn’t matter, the key is Tibetan fox.” Arthur kissed Mingyou’s hair again. Mingyou used the same shampoo and body wash as him, so Mingyou smelled exactly the same as his. They seem to be fused together.

    Arthur was coaxing a child. After coaxing Mingyou to sleep, he was about to kiss him on the forehead, and suddenly felt a strange energy fluctuation. Arthur frowned and opened the curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

    On the large balcony outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, it was crowded with plush dumplings of all sizes. They all squatted obediently with their front paws and claws, and even the kangaroo squatted with her paws.

    All the fluffy fluffy looked up at Arthur: Dear, we didn’t stop you.

    Arthur: “…you don’t sleep, what are you doing lying on my window?”

    “Isn’t this because Mingyou is in a chaotic mood, so we are a little worried?” The yellow monkey scratched his head and said, “Is he okay?”

    “Okay, very good, he is going to see the Tibetan fox tomorrow.” Arthur said angrily, “Go back to sleep.”

   The plush dumplings jumped from the edge of the balcony, like a flowing river. Arthur pressed his temples and suddenly felt that the joke he had made with Mingyou before came true. Harem or something :). No anger, no anger, no one could replace the angered body.

    As soon as Tan Chenxi entered the spaceship returning to the military camp, the order came. He and his Tibetan fox roommate were invited as “guests” on the Planet Nursing Home.

    The envious eyes of all the comrades-in-arms turned red. Although they knew for a long time, the special situation of Tan Chenxi and Cui Li would definitely be investigated by researchers. But what they didn’t expect was that the researchers were the little spirit beast masters themselves.

    “Do they need a control group? I’m in a really bad state, I think I can be a control group for you!”

    “Do you need to do chores? For example, the physical work of carrying you to the dissection table, there must be someone to do it?”

    “I’m very good at shorthand, even better than the brain, helping to record the experimental data is absolutely no problem!”

    “Last time we met It’s in the mission, it’s too formal. Brother Tan, please help me with autographed photos or something, you know.”

    “Forget the autographed photos, their handwriting must not flow out. But the souvenirs must be there, even if you pick them up for me. A flower will do.”

    “I’ll be able to pass it off very easily, I have a box of greenstone candies from the little spirit beastmaster, thank you.”

    Because of the complicated family, apart from having a good relationship with Cui Li, he had a good relationship with other comrades in arms. The plain Tan Chenxi felt the treatment of celebrities in the army for the first time.

    But now the most shining star in the army was not him, but the Tibetan fox roommate. When his roommate learned that the little spirit beast master specially named him, he was so proud that he even wagged his tail, like a big dog.

    Even though the fox was a canidae, the energy body was not a real animal. Tan Chenxi really didn’t understand how his roommate changed from a Tibetan fox to a dog. The fox gave himself a body massage and took care of his fur.

    He wanted to put on sunglasses again, hang metal chains or something, but Tan Chenxi threw all the decorations away, and dragged him out of the door by the ears: “We are going to see the officer, not going out for a spring outing, you are normal to me Click!”

    “Ow, ooh, my ears are crooked! If I don’t look good, the little spirit beast master will blame you, and I won’t eat your good fruit!” The Tibetan fox screamed.

    Tan Chenxi twisted his hands hard: “Where did you get that yin-yang tone? Believe it or not, I’ll twist your ears off for you now?”

    Tan Chenxi then said: “Should we calculate your account for destroying the common items in the dormitory after you became a fox?”

    Tibetan fox roommate: “…”

    “Return to a human form.” Tan Chenxi said coldly.

    The roommate turned back into a man: “I’m just joking, don’t take it so seriously. You can’t always take a joke.”

    Tan Chenxi didn’t answer. He was tired. So how could he still be in a good state with such a strong phobia of spirit beasts? However, seeing the little spirit beast master, Tan Chenxi was still in a good mood even if the mental retardation of his fox roommate deepened the fear of spirit beasts.

    Now the little spirit beast master had almost become the public darling in the army. The soft and warm boy who was like a little sheep could easily make people feel protective. What’s more, the little spirit beast master was particularly powerful. It’s just that they only dared to think about it. Who dared to rob the Prince and the Ten Heroes?

    Tan Chenxi sighed in his heart. He had lived for more than 20 years, and for the first time he felt a heartbeat. But the heart was broken in love, and it was too tragic. Tan Chenxi’s heart was sweet and bitter for a while. On the way to the Rehabilitation Star, his mood was as if he had knocked over a seasoning plate, and the five flavors were complicated.

    What made his mood even more complicated was that his Tibetan fox roommate was very generous, and he changed back to a fox again.

    The staff of Recuperation Star who picked them up smiled and said, “No wonder Mr. Mingyou asked Tibetan Fox to pass by. He is indeed very energetic. I hope that the comrades who will transform into beasts in the future will be as energetic as him.”

    Fox roommate had spirited behavior. Was it spirited to bite the sheets, quilts and pillows? Did grinding his teeth, snoring and talking in his sleep at night count as spirited? Was it spirited to like nibbling on the door frame of the cabinet? As for howling at every turn, it was trivial.

    If the strongest warriors in the S-rank power user’s barracks all become spiritual beasts with the virtues of the Tibetan fox roommate… Tan Chenxi shuddered violently. The country will not be the country!

    He looked at the vast galaxy outside the spaceship window, his expression very melancholy. When he got off the spaceship, his spirit was still very bad. Cui Li was specially reminded that because of Mingyou’s social anxiety, he could only enter the sanatorium by turning into a fox.

    Cui Li proudly looked at Tan Chenxi, turned into a fluffy square-faced squinting fox, jumped off the spaceship with dancing claws, and then fell to the ground.

    “The ladder hasn’t been put down yet, what kind of acrobatics are you doing?!” Tan Chenxi looked at the group of spirit beasts who were looking at them curiously, trying to find a crack to get in.

    Arthur cut away the fluffy subordinates who were blocking the way in front of him, walked up to Tan Chenxi and said, “Come with me. Dalan, you go to Cui Li for a medical examination.”

    The blue seal nodded, ran to the ground with his head on the ground, and in front of the Tibetan fox who couldn’t get up for a long time, curiously patted the fox’s butt with his front flippers. This guy, was he being funny on purpose? The spirit beast jumped from such a low place, how could his head land on the ground? However, his head was so hard that he fell directly to the ground, as if he was not injured at all.

    “Dahuang, come and help me. He seems to be of the earth type too.” The blue seal stopped the yellow monkey who wanted to follow him back to watch.

    The monkey was a little unhappy. His brother wanted to see his elder brother now, and he was a little uncomfortable. This was definitely not a sense of crisis.

    “Don’t make do with it, give the brothers some time to be alone.” The blue seal said, “Don’t go there, it’s enough to have His Highness here. There are too many people, and it’s not easy for them to chat.”

    The other fluffies wanted to follow sighed. Alright alright, after the matter was over, they would ask His Highness again.

    Tan Chenxi followed Arthur and arrived at the small courtyard of the nursing home. He once saw this small yard in the live broadcast. Compared with the past, this small yard was now wider and had many more facilities, some of which were still under construction. Shelves, cradles, slides, and even a swimming pool with living water, is this a nursing home or an amusement park?

    Tan Chenxi looked up at the big Ferris wheel under construction not far away. A Ferris wheel without a trailer. Wasn’t this really an amusement park?

    “That is the spirit beast running wheel. It’s similar to a hamster running wheel.” Arthur said, “After installing the energy ore, the spirit beast running wheel can simulate different energy fields.”

    Tan Chenxi: “…” Although this training method was also found in the military camp, it still looks like a running wheel… Was this also the content of new spirit beast cultivation?

    When Tan Chenxi was thinking, Mingyou greeted him from the room: “Dahei! Why did I wake up, you are all gone!”

    Arthur quickly caught Mingyou, who was not wearing shoes, and said, “Tan Chenxi and Cui Li are here, I picked them up. Who told you to sleep in?”

    Mingyou discovered that a familiar stranger was following behind Arthur, he was so frightened that he almost jumped into Arthur’s arms. Tan Chenxi quickly took a few steps back and distanced himself from Mingyou.

    Arthur took off his coat and put it on Mingyou’s shoulders: “Since you’ve come down, let’s talk in the hall.”

    Mingyou put on Arthur’s coat and said, “I haven’t washed or changed my clothes, isn’t it very good? It ‘s rude.”

    “It’s too late to say this now.” Arthur pushed Mingyou onto the only sofa in the middle of the hall, and then said to Tan Chenxi, “We usually sit on the carpet, you can sit anywhere.” He became a black cat.

    Arthur thought for a while, then turned into a little cat again, jumping on Mingyou and squatting on his shoulders, trying his best to reduce his sense of existence. With a flick of his long fluffy tail, he wrapped around Mingyou’s neck like a scarf.

    Mingyou held Arthur’s tail and shrank his neck. The plush touch made him feel safe. As long as Dahei was around, even if he wanted to chat with his big brother… Still can’t do it. Mingyou sat stupidly on the sofa, and Tan Chenxi stood opposite the sofa blankly. The two looked at each other for a while, and the awkward atmosphere gradually spread.

    Arthur sighed and asked Xiaotian to direct a robot to bring a chair to Tan Chenxi.

    “Sit down first.” Arthur said.

    Tan Chenxi’s face was shocked: “…A cat can actually talk?!”

    Arthur the cat: “…”

    Arthur the cat: “Wait, no, you don’t even know that special powers can communicate directly with the mind. ?!”

    Tan Chenxi: “…Yes, yes. I’m sorry.” Suddenly speaking without thinking, shame!

    “Mingyou is too shy, let me speak for him.” Arthur said.

    “No, I’ll do it myself.” Mingyou held down the little black cat’s head and summoned up his courage, “Well, bro, hello, it’s the first time we met.”

    First time? Haven’t they just met? Tan Chenxi was confused. Wait, bro? ! How can that be!

    “No, no, Mr. Ming, just call me Tan Chenxi, or Xiao Tan.” Tan Chenxi said hurriedly.

    Mingyou: “…” Did Big Brother make a mistake?

    Arthur the cat sneered: “It really is a real brother, your ability to find the wrong key is exactly the same as yours. Now you know my pain, right?”

    Mingyou said embarrassingly: “It seems… yes.” How to communicate? Isn’t the big brother the one he imagined?

    “Brother?” Tan Chenxi didn’t get the wrong point this time, “Brother?!”

    “Ah.” Mingyou scratched the black curly hair on the top of his head, and said, “Brother, Tan Changgeng from Sky Blue star is fake.”

    Tan Chenxi was silent for a while, then his voice trembled: “I know.”

    Arthur sneered: “After the S-level ability user becomes a spirit beast, part of the body will be transformed into energy, so the color of the hair and eyes will be different. But your fake younger brother was not a spirit beast when he went to school. I am really curious about how two black haired people gave birth to a red haired child.”

    Tan Chenxi: “…” This talkative kitten with a bad personality, who was it? Definitely not His Royal Highness, whom he admired!

    “Dahei, don’t say a word. Forget it, you don’t need to save face for the Tan family. Anyway, it’s none of my eldest brother’s business.” Mingyou pampered Arthur as always, “My eldest brother is innocent.”

    Tan Chenxi: “…” His younger brother’s personality was also a bit different from what he imagined. Wait, was he his brother? So when he looked at him, the intimacy and desire for protection came from his heart, because they were brothers?

    The heat on Tan Chenxi’s face slowly rose. I’m crazy? Dream lover (crossed out) Love at first sight (crossed out). His younger brother (√).

    Tan Chenxi could hardly breathe. This was not a question of falling out of love at all! He didn’t tell anyone about love at first sight, did he? He thought it should not be? As long as he didn’t say it, black history didn’t exist, right?

    Wait, there seemed to be a Tibetan fox… Tan Chenxi was heartbroken. He decided to go back and beat the Tibetan fox to lose his memory. In the remote research room, the Tibetan fox, who was undergoing a comprehensive physical examination, sneezed, shook his body violently, and tore off all the probes on his body.

    The blue seal: “…Your attributes are not soil, but demolition?”

    The Tibetan fox shivered. He was not, he just couldn’t control my sneeze all of a sudden! Shouldn’t this probe be expensive? His pocket money was not enough, and even the meal card was rubbed from Tan Chenxi. Please don’t make him pay!

    “That, eldest brother, come back to your senses?” Mingyou saw Tan Chenxi getting nervous, but he wasn’t nervous anymore.

    Mingyou stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Tan Chenxi. Tan Chenxi immediately bounced off the chair, then fell back, and slammed his head on the ground.

    Fortunately, the floor of the hall was covered with a thick carpet in order to make it easier for the fluffies to lie around and Mingyou to run around barefoot, otherwise Tan Chenxi would have to go into the medical room to get bandaged.

    “Are you okay?” Mingyou hurriedly helped Tan Chenxi up, “Yes, is it so difficult to accept?”

    Although he was not familiar with this big brother, he didn’t expect him to admit himself. But still a little embarrassed. Mingyou thought frantically.

    “Could he not be shocked? His younger brother, who was placed under house arrest by the Tan family, suddenly became an orphan from the planet of Spirit Beast Master, and he also became the founder of the new spirit beast science. Who would believe you?” Arthur covered his paws and smiled strangely, “Would you like to have a blood test to recognize your relatives? I’ve seen it in TV shows.”

    “Oh, oh, yes, that’s genetic testing, right?” Mingyou said, “Let’s take a test?”

    “No need. I know, you’re my younger brother.” Tan Chenxi calmed down, “His Royal Highness won’t joke. Besides, it’s not good for you to have an additional identity like this.” Not only was it not good, but it would cause Mingyou a lot of trouble.

    After Tan Chenxi calmed down, his brain started to work. He glanced at the little black cat on Mingyou’s shoulder, and then at Mingyou, who was worried, and said solemnly: “I will definitely keep this secret and won’t tell anyone.”

    “I believe in you. And you said someone else. I won’t believe it either.” Arthur licked his paws, washed his face, licked his paws, and scratched his ears, “Mingyou is indeed the heir to the planet of the beastmaster. There are very complicated things in it. You should treat Mingyou as picked up by the beastmaster to raise him. It’s alright.”

     “If it wasn’t for the spirit beast master who has been teaching Mingyou, he probably wouldn’t be able to say anything right now. The Tan family locked him up, and apart from telling him that he was the murderer of his mother, no one would talk to him about it. He communicates normally. Even after school, he has no access to any other books except textbooks, not even an online account.”

     Mingyou was shocked. Didn’t he hide it from Dahei? How did Dahei know about his childhood!

     “Poor child, luckily he was picked up by the spirit beast masters.” While washing his face, Arthur looked at Tan Chenxi, who was looking more and more painful, with round cat eyes, “Originally, now Tan Changgeng has changed his mind. With someone else, he will be the safest and most comfortable if he continues to live as Mingyou.”

    “But the child has a knot in his heart. It is said that you didn’t go to see him because you hated him as the murderer of your mother? He has been thinking about this.”

    “Think, now facing a poor, weak and stupid fool, you should say something against your heart and tell him that he did not kill your mother, that his birth was not wrong, your mother expected him to be born.”

    “Dahei, can you say fewer words?” Mingyou couldn’t help laughing and crying, “Why do you talk so much. Brother, don’t listen to him. He’s talking nonsense.”

    “Didn’t you risk your identity to just to ask him this? “Arthur brought out the yin and yang of the cat star to the fullest.

    “No!” Mingyou said confidently. Not since I chatted with Dahei yesterday! “I-I heard that eldest brother is looking for me.” Mingyou’s righteousness turned into a stammer when he saw Tan Chenxi’s face, “That, eldest brother, I’m fine, don’t look for it.”

    Tan Chenxi looks like a stone statue. Just stood there, motionless. After a long while, he said with difficulty: “Who said that? Who said that I hate you?”

    Mingyou: “…”

    Big brother glowed?

    Mingyou: “Big brother! Calm down! Don’t get excited! Say something!”

    “It’s the Tan family, the servants of the Tan family, and my stepmother! It’s our little aunt…”

    “Calm, calm, take a deep breath, take a deep breath, Dahei!!!! What happened to my brother?!!!”

    “Isn’t he about to break through the bottleneck and transform into a beast, what are you yelling?” The black cat moved his ears with both claws, “It hurts my ears.”

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  1. Come, who wants to drown this good for nothing family in spittle? Don’t brush your teeth – that way, it’s more powerful!!! 😤😤😤 Our poor Mingyu, don’t worry – you’ll have an additional fluffy incoming!!!


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  3. “They still think that a child born naturally is a normal child, and excludes the cultivation outside the body. The body is the greatest contribution to the liberation of the female labor force…” this section is actually talking about artificial wombs, btw.


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