After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 56

     After Mingyou introduced the recipe, he didn’t know how to interact with the audience. He was depressed to find that there was no difference between unlocking his authority as an anchor and not unlocking it. He didn’t know how to communicate with strangers at all. So Mingyou silently closed the anchor page, and worked as he did before, never talking about communicating with the audience.

    Arthur reached out and rubbed Mingyou’s black curly hair: “Take your time.”

    Mingyou raised his face and gave Arthur a cute smile of “don’t worry”. He saw a group of people sniffing fragrance and screaming with hunger. The spirit beast audience briefly turned their attention to the fluffy little anchor who was easy to move at a glance, and then, their attention was attracted by the smell of the food in the cafeteria.

    Although the little anchor was soft and cute, he already had a master, and they would be banned if they swore, but it was more realistic to stare at the smell of food in the live broadcast room.

    The non-spiritual beast audience did not understand this group of spiritual beasts. Were these dishes any different from ordinary canteen dishes? Why did they all look like they’ve seen a peerless delicacy, their eyes were all green.

    The audience, who was neither a spirit beast nor an S-rank ability user, could not perceive the surging energy waves in the live broadcast room and were even more puzzled. They looked at their own spirit beast elders, their eyes were already straight, and their expressions were crazy, their two claws were shrunk under their necks, and their ears were pressed against their heads, like a big plush toy.

    Even if they couldn’t perceive the emotional fluctuations of the spirit beasts, they knew that their parents were absolutely envious. Wasn’t it a canteen dish? This cafeteria dish was not outstanding in terms of color, aroma and taste… Fine, it was still amazing.

    Non-spiritual beast viewers were also attracted by the pictures in the live broadcast room, but not because of the food. The reason they were attracted was the same as the reason why Mingyou’s expression instantly turned flowery – the fluffy guys at the Central Military Academy of the Star Alliance began to line up for meals.

    The spirit beasts of the Central Military Academy were naturally subject to militarized management. When they entered the door, they became fluffy, carried their own food bowls in their mouths, lined up at each window, although their eyes were bright like big light bulbs, their tails kept wagging, and their ears flickered, they still tried their best to suppress their covetousness, and maintain order of the meal.

     Mingyou left the black cat (Arthur: ?? ) behind. After finishing the food preparation, he was now in the private room on the second floor, and he was almost sticking to the glass wall with a full view of the fluffy panorama downstairs.

     So many plushies! The whole canteen had turned into a sea of ​​fluff! This group of big plush was holding their own bowls, lined up in a line, slowly moving forward, so obedient that Mingyou could not wait to jump up and rub their heads one by one.

     Mingyou once saw a picture of a police dog eating on the Internet. The current situation was similar, but the size was doubled along with the cuteness. Of course, the food bowl was very different from the police dog’s bowl, and there were many high-tech features. Their food bowls could hold different meals, as well as prevent spills and automatically recycle food waste.

     That was not the point, the point was that the fluffy beasts would look at the food labels on each window as soon as they entered the door, then lined up to eat, and then looked around and continued to go to other windows to eat. It’s too uncontrollable!

     The non-spiritual beast audience in the anchor room was extremely shocked. Were these still the most powerful warriors in the Star Alliance? Why was even this group of mature, calm and reserved social elites who had no preference for plush, their hands ready to move?

    The daring juniors had already made a fool of themselves with their own elders. The elders glanced at their ignorant juniors, flattened their ears and stood up, resting their heads on the backs of their claws, and continued to watch the live broadcast, pretending not to see them.

    Ian, who was not a junior, also moved his hand to pet his eldest brother’s head.

    “Are you very young?” said the black bear displeased.

    Ian saw that the usually serious and restrained eldest brother was not angry, and he was cheeky. Hey, the fur of the Duran family was really thick, no wonder the little spirit beast master liked to hold his big brother Herman’s head, and rub his face against his back. He really missed a lot as a kid.

    However, spirit beasts at the time were very irritable, and they were also very afraid of their relatives who looked completely different from humans. Many people would directly send the spirit beasts to sanatoriums, and after the so-called “unstable period” passed, they would return to human beings. The relatives were brought back then, and there were very few opportunities to interact with spirit beasts.

    If it wasn’t for the post-war sanatorium filled with wounded soldiers, his eldest brother would have stayed at the sanatorium where he had to become a spirit beast. They themselves were afraid of losing their minds and hurting their families. But now, with enough food, the spirit beasts could maintain complete sanity, so it was okay to stay at home, right?

    The spirit beasts and the audience were also thinking about this issue themselves. Maybe when they stayed at home in the future, the only problem that would give them a headache was that these little guys didn’t know how to respect their elders at all. Treat them like a group of plushies that won’t hurt them.

    See how those bear children usually treated pets? Pulling their tail and pulling their ears, they might even climb on top of them and jump around. What a headache.

    These bear children didn’t understand the difference between ordinary animals and spirit beasts. They had to train these bear children to respect and care for animals from an early age, be civilized and polite. It would be best to let this group of bear children know that they would be beaten if they weren’t polite.

    By the way, just beat them back. Just slap the bear child to the ground and beat them hard. After a few beats, they won’t dare to misbehave. No matter whether they doted on their children or not, the fluffy ones who were very arrogant after letting go of their nature made up their minds instantly, then continued to lie on their claws and watch the live broadcast.

    The food in the cafeteria was indeed not as delicate as the food the little anchor made for His Royal Highness and the Ten Heroes at the nursing home. But as the little anchor said, spirit beasts were greatly affected by environment and emotions.

    In the cafeteria, in addition to energy-filled food of insufficient quality and quantity, there were also a large number of spirit beasts that were constantly swallowing saliva. The emotional waves of the spirit beasts filled the entire live broadcast room, causing the audience watching the live broadcast to be dragged into a vortex of hunger.

    This situation was also reflected in humans, but they were not as intuitive as they couldn’t directly feel the emotional fluctuations.

    The spirit beast audience watched for a while, closed their eyes, twitched their noses a few times, and opened their eyes. Some of them thought of when they were eating a large pot of rice in the cafeteria, but more people thought of the lively restaurants they had been to.

    How could eating with a group of people compare to being alone? Even if there were no acquaintances around, if the surrounding people were eating with relish and contented faces, the food that one eats in their mouth seemed to be a lot more fragrant.

    This was the reason why takeout always felt like there was no dine-in flavor. The spirit beasts who haven’t been out for a long time remembered their experience of going to kebabs, eating hot pot, and visiting the snack street with their friends. In fact, these foods themselves may not be delicious, but a group of people getting together and mingling, so the speed of eating was always particularly fast.

    Most people hated the sound of other people chewing their food and smacking their mouths, but if they were  in a lively scene, the aroma of the food and the sound of swallowing food and drinks was not annoying, but instead full of appetite.

    The throats of the spirit beast audience twitched. This feeling of greed was stronger than when they watched the live broadcast of the little anchor in the nursing home. Compared with delicate food, restrained diners, and warm scenes, perhaps such noisy scenes full of fireworks could stimulate people’s appetite more.

    After all, the thing about appetite was originally a firework in the world of “unrefined halls”. When appetite came up, there was no need for an elegant environment, a delicate platter, or even a complex aroma. They were still satisfied holding a pinched and deformed hamburger, squatting on the side of the road.

    They were very hungry. Although their diets have begun to change, their energy was quite sufficient, and soon they would be able to eat high-end products such as nutritious biscuits, but they were suddenly not satisfied with this.

    They imagined that a group of spirit beast companions gathered together and ate the same meals as they did when they were human. Fast food, fried food, hot pot skewers, and even nibbling energy crystal melon seeds, drinking tree sap juice and chewing leaves together would feel delicious, right?

    In this way, when they were in the army, although the food in the cafeteria could not be compared with that at home, they seemed to eat more vigorously, and their dissatisfaction would be slightly weaker.

    In the past, the form of spirit beasts was a secret. Under the subtle propaganda of some people, they even thought that spirit beastization was a “monster” that cannot be in contact with too many outsiders, so after becoming a spirit beast they were basically isolated unless they communicated with comrades in the military camp.

    No wonder spirit beasts in the army were in better condition. Now the spirit beasts that had retreated from the front lines could also shake their fur and chat with other spirit beast friends. Everyone was a human, eating together and talking about the scenery, watching the live broadcast of their favorite show, or playing games with snacks, it would be very fragrant.

    “It’s good.” Mingyou was brought to the table by Arthur. He glanced downstairs while he was eating, and saw a large group of big plushies eating happily, giggling and poking their chopsticks in the face several times.

    Although Arthur wanted to reprimand him, when he saw the content expressions of the spirit beasts downstairs, he couldn’t help but smile. In the end, they and the school leaders gave up communicating at the dinner table. A group of people held a large bowl full of food, moved chairs and sat in a row beside the glass wall.

    “Then, that fiery red-headed brother is a stubborn brawler. He is usually reckless and doesn’t deal with anyone in the same grade. Now he actually worked his brain and shared meals with people.”

    “Is it too lazy to line up? So everyone fights at the table?”

    “That aqua blue sea lion, whether in human form or animal form, is very gentle and shy, and it is said that his family was very strict since he was a child. Now that he eats so deliciously, his head is stuffed into the food bowl. Whatever, but why is his food bowl so big? Students are not allowed to bring their own food bowl, this guy! Deduct points!”

    “Hahaha, I didn’t expect a sly little guy.”

    “Hey, I usually see them either flabbergasted or violent, but I’ve never seen them so well-behaved. Who said spirit beasts are monsters that can’t control themselves? Look at how well-behaved the students in our school are.”

    “Who said the spirit beast is a monster?! I’m going to put him in a sack!”

    “Mingyou calm down.”

    “His Royal Highness has already done it.”

    “If you want to do it, I will accompany you next time.”

    “His Royal Highness tore his wig. I saw once, and I don’t know if he is still wearing a wig.”

    “If it grows out, I will burn his hair off.”

    “How can such a person stay in the Star Alliance government?”

    Mingyou’s partners, the spirit beasts, expressed their opinions one after another, hearing Arthur raise an eyebrow. Should he change back to a black cat at this time, so that he could suppress this group of nonchalant subordinates? As long as he was more rash than his subordinates, no one could let him clean up the mess?

    Just as Arthur was swaying back and forth between “Let stupid Mingyou be more familiar with his human shape” and “Become Dahei and lead his subordinates to beat that low-key bastard for a long time”, Mingyou’s head light bulb lit up, and he spoke surprising words: “I finally understand why the study of spirit beasts went astray.”

    Everyone present: “???” The spirit beast audience who are inhaling the aroma of the food in the live broadcast room, and the plush people in the live broadcast room. Ordinary audience: “???”

    He completely forgot what audience he had in the live broadcast room, and got carried away, Mingyou said: “Look, the spirit beasts are actually the most powerful abilities of the Star Alliance, so their status must be very high, right?” 

    Beside him, the people and spirit beasts, as well as those in the live broadcast room nodded. That was right, the status of spiritual beasts was very high, so it was difficult for them to imagine why spiritual beast study could not develop.    

     “But the number of spirit beasts is very low. Most of any political enemies in their family, as well as other enemies, are not spirit beasts? “

    Arthur turned off the live. His political intuition was not as good as that of his brother, so at this time, he turned his attention to the orange cat in the corner without any sense of existence… No, the golden lion.

    The golden lion’s head lifted up from the food bowl. Although there was still soup hanging from the fur around his mouth, he had already revealed a very reliable, mighty and domineering look.

    The golden lion squatting on the ground, put down the food bowl, raised his head and a paw: “Wait, let Mingyou finish.”

    Arthur nodded and said, “Continue.”

    Mingyou shook his head . “No, no, I remembered that I was in the live broadcast. I can’t talk nonsense like this, it will cause you trouble. I’m sorry, I’ve lost my mind again.”

    Everyone: “…” Could he not stop after saying such a shocking sentence?!

    “If you don’t say it directly, I can also guess what you want to say.” Arthur said, “Spiritual beasts can only take advantage when they transform into beasts. If you want to fight for power and profit, you must naturally weaken the spiritual beast.”

    “Except for the special Hans, everyone in our family could transform into beasts very early. Most of the top families I have come into contact with, and also the elite people in my main personnel can transform into beasts. The world around me, I really didn’t think about this matter.”

    Arthur rubbed Mingyou’s head: “But according to the proportion, there are indeed more non-spiritual beasts than spiritual beasts, making the presence of spiritual beasts weak, and even provoking confrontation between them and ordinary people. It is indeed something that some people with more ambition than sense may think.”

    Mingyou was sluggish. Dahei, was it really okay for him to say it so bluntly? Believe it or not, they would start a riot right now?

    “I originally thought that the academic world was stupid, but it may be given by spirit beasts, not as much as non-spirit beasts. After all, among researchers, the proportion of spirit beasts is even less.” Arthur glanced at Old Neil and the others. “But it doesn’t matter, as long as energy is sufficient, the proportion of spirit beasts with S-rank abilities will be greatly increased. After that, the peak of ability users can reach spirit beasts, and they can’t always kill gifted ability users.”

    “Smash their pots first, and then give them more benefits than that group of wastes with great ambitions. The new spiritual beasts will definitely develop very quickly.”

    “Thank you Mingyou, you solved a problem I have been puzzling over for a long time. I think I know how to quickly promote new spirit beasts.” Arthur raised his glass.

    Mingyou stupidly raised his glass, which was snatched by the polar bear who gave him a carton of milk.

    Mingyou: “…” He was an adult! Burp, this milk is delicious! Gulugulugulu…

    “Dahei, let’s buy more of this milk and drink it at home!” Mingyou’s brain was distracted.

    Arthur: “…Okay.” This child, could he cooperate with him?

    Mingyou blinked, feeling Arthur’s strong desire to pretend. He hesitated, put down the milk, and started clapping like a little seal.

    Arthur: “…”

    Mingyou’s partners put down the food in their hands, and copied Mingyou, with the real blue sea leopard applauding the loudest. For applause, this seal would definitely not lose!

    Arthur glanced at the blue seal. This guy’s personality had completely recovered to the point before he lost Gu Hai. Although this was a good thing, he still felt that when Dalan was cosplaying with Gu Hai, it would be more worry-free.

    When His Majesty the Golden Lion saw that he had nothing to do, he pushed his rice bowl to the secretary next to him that served as a housekeeper.

    “Your Majesty…Aren’t you panicking?” the secretary asked.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion persevered and pushed the food bowl towards the secretary.

    “Your Majesty, do you want to rest for a while?” the secretary asked.

    His Majesty the golden lion was about to use the food bowl as a weapon and slam the secretary to the ground.

    Secretary: “…Okay, I’ll add more for you.” Can a spirit beast really endure no matter how much they ate?

    His Majesty the Big Golden Lion covered his mouth: “Hiccup.”

    Arthur silently controlled the live broadcast, blocking his brother’s existence in the live broadcast room, saving face for his brother. In order not to let his brother use the excuse of “I am ashamed in the live broadcast room, I am ashamed, I can no longer wear this crown” as an excuse, he must maintain the majesty of the lion.

    He remembered his sister-in-law’s roar. “Order! You’re not a lion at all! You’re an orange cat! Stop stealing Hans and Arthur’s snacks! Are you a snack thief?!”

    Tsk tsk, when he went to visit his sister-in-law, the sister-in-law sued the elder brother in front of him. “Okay, let’s stop talking about serious topics and continue to eat.”

    “Stop applauding!”

    Arthur glanced at the surrounding subordinates who were applauding non-stop. With Mingyou, his purpose of pretending to be coercive couldn’t be achieved, he should have understood it long ago.

    The fluffy subordinates present continued to eat and drink as they should, and the bomb dropped by Arthur seemed to have no effect on them. Other researchers were lost in thought. They are wondering, between “stupid” and “bad”, which excuse would make their face a little better.

    “Stupid” meant one’s own stupidity, but “bad” could be bad for others. Although being blinded and biased by the bad guys makes them seem stupid, but this stupidity seemed to be more excusable?

    Old Neil and a group of old spirit beast scientific researchers were thinking, was there such a thing? Even if this kind of thing was not the main reason, it may really affect the scientific research work. In the live broadcast room, some spirit beasts fell into contemplation. In particular, the spirit beast rulers of those families with few spirit beasts looked even more gloomy.

    The superiors always liked conspiracy theories. Everyone was fighting for power and profit, so what if it affected scientific research? If they were not spirit beasts, they would dare want to kill the superiors like this. Some people were shivering and sweating.

    No matter whether they had done anything or not, as long as they dared to stop the promotion of new spirit beasts, no matter how perfect the reason was they would definitely be hated by the spirit beasts, and they would be charged with trumped-up crimes.

    When His Royal Highness Prince Arthur spoke of this “possibility”, he did not need to prove whether this “possible” was real or not. He could split the opposing interest groups and turn a purely academic issue into a serious political issue.

    Poison! It was so poisonous! That little anchor was definitely inspired by Prince Arthur! The little anchor was actually a puppet introduced by Prince Arthur! So Mingyou was easily attracted by Arthur, and he was hidden behind others again, and many people even gave him a lower evaluation. Although the little Spirit Beast Master may be a genius academically, he was too naive and stupid in other aspects, and had completely become a political tool for Prince Arthur.

    After the live broadcast, Mingyou, said political tool, was panting on the back of the big black cat. This live broadcast lasted for a long time, and it didn’t end until all the spirit beast students had eaten their meals and reluctantly left the cafeteria.

    When they left the cafeteria, the way they turned back every three steps made the cafeteria masters’ hearts tighten. Did they prepare too little food, why did these children look like they were not full? Military academy students, how could they train if they didn’t have enough to eat?

    “But they’ve never eaten enough before, right?” One canteen chef said the truth.

    The other canteen chefs felt even more distressed. Mingyou’s heart also hurt, but his heart was even more empty. Glancing at the screen, the conspiracy theory that the group of spirit beasts were not spirit beasts had opened their minds, and it had even reached the point of thinking up a terrible plan of spirit beast genocide. 

    Mingyou knew that he was silly for a while and gave Arthur a hassle. “I made a mistake, Dahei, and I will never say too much in the future. In front of outsiders, I must close my mouth with a zipper.” Mingyou lay on the cat blanket, grabbed the black cat’s two cat ears and seriously admitted his mistake.

    Arthur: “???” Your mistake is to treat me like a blanket and tug at my ears? Mingou, are you getting more and more arrogant?

    Mingyou, who was getting more and more arrogant, grabbed the black cat’s tail and put it under his neck, it was more comfortable: “I was wrong, Dahei don’t be angry.”

    Arthur: “…” I’m too lazy to care about you.

    “Don’t worry, Mingyou, you’re right.” Heman couldn’t stand it any longer, and said, “His Royal Highness has resolved the crisis, and it has achieved very good results. The promotion of spiritual beasts will definitely go smoothly in the future.”

    Mingyou could not believe it: “Really?” He couldn’t tell from the barrage that the problem had been solved, and it was obviously more serious, right?

    “Really.” Yan Yig couldn’t bear to see that his Highness take advantage, and enjoyed Mingyou’s bad apology (Arthur: ???), “You can say it casually in the future, even if you say it wrong, we will still be there. We will help you deal with the aftermath.”

    “That’s fine, I’ll control myself.” Mingyou didn’t want to cause trouble to his plushies.

    He hugged his head and thumped it twice, really wanting to smash his head open to see if it really contained the frozen tofu slag that Dahei said. Every time, it was like this since the start. Talking outside was nothing but brainless words, talking without thinking at all.

    In the past, he would at most be ridiculed by others, but now his words and deeds would bring trouble to his partner, so he must be cautious in words and deeds. He wondered if it would be better for Dahei to add a silence mode to him when he went out?

    “Stop beating, your head is already stupid enough, and you will really become a fool if you beat it again.” The black cat shook his fur and pushed Mingyou to the ground, attracting glares from the other fluffy subordinates.

    The yellow monkey came over and helped Mingyou up. The red fox immediately came over and motioned the monkey to put Mingyou on his back. The bully cat doesn’t carry, he carried Mingyou!

    The indigo kangaroo bopped the black cat’s head and said, “Don’t break Mingyou.”

    “Mingyou, lean on me.”

    “Are you tired? Shall I massage you?” said the polar bear.

    Behind the sister deer ran over with a warm towel, there was a muscular deer who sighed and muttered. The muscular deer took the towel from his sister’s head and wiped Mingyou’s face.

    Arthur: “…Are you pampering Mingyou too much?” Cunning Mingyou was about to become the little emperor of the family! No, even the emperor of the Star Alliance does not have this kind of treatment!

    “Where is it? Your Highness, you should focus more on your work and stop bullying Mingyou.” Yan Yi said.

    Arthur: “…” Bullying? Who bullied whom? Wasn’t that silly Mingyou still pulling his ears? Was his status in the family too low? Was he still their most esteemed prince, His Royal Highness?

    Mingyou couldn’t help laughing, first touched the red fox’s ears, thanked Dahong for making himself a blanket, then put it next to the big black cat, hugged the angrily big black cat and kissed twice: “Don’t be angry, Dahei, I still love you the most.”

    Arthur glared at Mingyou angrily. Stupid Mingyou, did he still remember that he was human? Whether he liked it or not, saying that casually, he really had the potential to be a scumbag.

    What kind of love-hate relationship did he make up between the scumbag Prince Arthur and the big scumbag Dahei, he was a scumbag himself. Arthur was so angry that he slapped Mingyou twice with his tail, and then lay down on the ground, letting Mingyou roll around on him, in the name of giving him a massage.

    The other fluffy people watched Mingyou rolling on the cat’s back with kindly expressions, as if rolling the black cat into a real cat blanket.

    Now they are on the return ship. Although he had to come to school tomorrow, after discussing with his subordinates, Arthur decided to go home.

    Mingyou worried that it was too troublesome, Arthur told him that it would only take two hours. Mingyou only had work in the afternoon. They would get up in the morning and finish breakfast then slowly come over, so there was plenty of time.

    Even after lunch, there was plenty of time. Mingyou measured the distance between the healing planet and the capital planet, and made an analogy with people who lived on a non-space travel society. This was probably the feeling of taking a two-hour private jet to go to work, right?

    Hiss, now he finally felt like part of the privileged class. Mingyou opened his account and counted the number of zeros in the live broadcast salary that had just arrived, and generously asked Xiaotian to pay the fuel cost of the spacecraft.

    In fact, Mingyou wanted to count the maintenance fee of this spaceship as his own, but he found that there seemed to be a lot of zeros in his account, but in fact he couldn’t even support a spaceship. Gotta keep trying.

    Rewards or something, except when his own plush first appeared in the live broadcast room, at other times, most of these audience members were rich. Well, everyone is rich, right?

    Audiences: Wait, the live broadcast room is the Prince and the Ten Heroes. Who would want to give them a reward? What if they thought we were insulting them with money? !

    Mingyou made up their minds and felt very worried. Don’t expect anything like a reward, he won’t be able to revive himself, and it was even more unrealistic to let his own group of Star Alliance bigwigs partner with spirit beasts. He was sorry for his partner’s spirit beasts for accepting advertisements or something. He really could only sell goods.

    Although he had shares in the Spirit Beast Food Factory, could he get a share of the products sold from his live broadcast room? One percent… no, one in a thousand, one in ten thousand will do! In the face of Mingyou’s forehead slap and whimsical inquiry, many fluffy ones fell silent.

    Although making money to support a family was a good thing, why did Mingyou always think about raising a large group of spirit beasts by himself? Were they the kind of spirit beasts that would be raised by Mingyou? Obviously they should be raising Mingyou, right?

    “Of course I’ll give you a share.” Arthur licked his paws and turned his head at a 180-degree angle that was very relaxed, “The first batch of products will come out in a few days, right on your live broadcast. We can also invite a group of spirit beasts to try it out.”

    “You can also make a batch of handmade food and sell it together. The price can be set at a hundred times the price of ordinary spirit beast food. It doesn’t need to be too high. The threshold is set, the supply is limited, and it all depends on the quick grab, and everyone can only buy one.”

    “As for reselling or use it for research, they are free to choose.” The black cat showed a profiteer’s smile, “Ordinary spiritual beast food is also limited. One person can only buy ten copies. The first live broadcast is 20% off, the price for early adopters. If they think the taste is good, so they place an order from our factory.”

    “For the time being, spirit beast food only accepts direct online sales, and does not accept franchising and cooperation. After the market accepts it and the spirit beast food testing system is perfected, the equipment will be opened for sale, allowing the private sector to enter the spirit beast food industry.”

    “The high-end spirit beast products  you make by hand are only sold in your live broadcast room. In addition to food, didn’t you want to sell spirit beast equipment? This will be directly auctioned on the Internet, and I will apply for permission for you.” Dahei’s smile became more and more terrifying, “We will rely on you to support us in the future, come on, Mingyou.” 

   Mingyou raised his hands and made a gesture of clenching his fists and showing his muscles: “No problem! Leave it to me!”

   Arthur, who was grinning, and Mingyou, who was very excited, were silent. The military can’t do business, right? That’s okay, these were all under Mingyou’s name, and Mingyou had nothing to do with the army.

    Was this a big profiteer and a small profiteer seeing eye to eye? No, it was the profiteer cat and the profiteer spirit beast master who saw each other. They mourned for a few seconds for the purses of the other spirit beasts, and then happily joined the discussion of robbing money.

    If they were raised by Mingyou, it seemed to be a happy thing. It was like when the elders heard their favorite junior pat their chest and promise that they would make the elders eat and drink spicy food in the future, and all the expenses of the elders would be paid by themselves. Whether they wanted money from the younger generation was one thing, if the younger generation had this heart, it was enough to make them happy.

    Of course, they didn’t expect that they would really be “corrupted” by the luxury life provided by Mingyou, which was a later story.

    Now, there was only a group of elders of spirit beasts who was very sympathetic to the “children’s words” of the little spirit beast master.

    After returning home, Mingyou jumped around the house with excitement. As a small person, he went out successfully today. Although he brought a lot of trouble to his partner, he came back alive, which was a victory!

    Ooooooooh! He was going to clean the house, then go to the laboratory for a walk, and then go to the unfinished manual work…

    The black cat stood up alone, with his claws holding Mingyou’s back collar, and stuffed the person inside the bathroom. Wash and sleep! Although it was daytime for the healing star, it was not a reason for Mingyou to stay up late!

    Xiaotian thoughtfully turned the house into night mode to adjust for Mingyou’s jet lag. Interplanetary rest, the only trouble is jet lag. However, Mingyou’s biological clock was still very punctual, not changed due to jet lag.

    When he was lying on the bed, he immediately felt sleepy and huddled under the belly of the black cat, leaving only his nose outside.

    The cat quilt said angrily: “Can you cover the quilt well? Although your super spirit beast master physique is very strong, don’t you feel uncomfortable under pressure?”

    “Not uncomfortable.” Mingyou went under the belly of the black cat again. “By the way, Dahei, did you suddenly add a physical examination item today to let me see my brother.

    “I thought you hadn’t noticed it until now. How did you find out? You two brothers really have special telepathy and can detect the connection between blood relatives?”

    Mingyou hid his face in the cat’s fur. The black cat glanced: “What are you thinking? Are you writing a novel? How can there be such a miraculous thing? Where is the magic of telepathy? Don’t you and I both have telepathy?!

    “I know his name, and although I haven’t seen him or been to the Tan family home, his photo is still hanging in the school’s honor room.” Mingyou said, “He is an excellent graduate.”

    Dahei: “…” Mingyou’s reason for recognizing Tan Chenxi was surprisingly simple, leaving him speechless for a while.

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