After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 55

When Tan Chenxi saw Mingyou, he had a strange feeling. When he saw Mingyou in the live broadcast, Tan Chenxi felt that Mingyou gave him a very familiar feeling. At that time, Tan Chenxi attributed it to their extremely similar curly hair.

    Now that he has seen the real person, Tan Chenxi had a stronger affinity for Mingyou. In addition to the intimacy, Tan Chenxi felt more pity and love for Mingyou when he noticed that Mingyou was clearly afraid of strangers, but he still gritted his teeth, his hands were shaking, and he stuttered to diagnose them.

    This feeling, was it love at first sight? Tan Chenxi fell into deep thought, then received a stab in the arm.

    “I told you to raise your arm, don’t be distracted.” Although the girl who gave him the needle was not fierce, her tone was not gentle either. Tan Chenxi lamented in his heart, there was a good example of gentleness next to her, why didn’t she learn? Ouch! This was his arm! It was flesh! Not her acupuncture prop!

    “Hey, isn’t it good to learn from the little spirit beast master next to him?” The comrade-in-arms next to him also groaned, and then the uncle who gave him the needle gave him a cotton ball.

    “With my face, I dare to be gentle, do you dare to look at it?” said the uncle with a mocking expression.

    His comrade-in-arms was immediately persuaded. Tan Chenxi sighed again in his heart, and his comrade next to him sighed as well. After they were initially diagnosed and appeased by Mingyou, they would be examined in detail by other medical personnel.

    This physical examination was mainly to collect comparison data of their bodies before and after they were soothed by Mingyou’s power of heart. If Mingyou wrote down the diagnosis, and there were existing personnel who could use the existing equipment, they would also conduct preliminary treatment here.

    In short, they also acted as experimental subjects this time, and will establish a first-hand data file for the new spirit animal science. After inspection, the scientific researchers looked at the data and became increasingly alarmed.

    The reactions of the spirit beasts were seen in the live broadcast, they could also argue that it was a placebo effect. But the comparison data made them admit that the treatment by the little spirit beast master was really immediate.

    Looking at the little spirit beast master’s reaction, it seemed that what he was doing was no big deal, just daily care. The effect achieved by daily care was more powerful than the effect brought by the huge amount of resources they spent. Did this not prove that their previous foothold of spiritual beast research was wrong?

    The collapse of the scientific foundation that had been studied for more than ten years or even decades, for scientific researchers, was tantamount to the collapse of their own cognition along with world view. If they ertr a little more vulnerable, they ertr probably going to be short-sighted.

     But if they hsf shortsightedness now, they would freeze their life on a joke. As the first group of young scientific researchers who came into contact with the Little Spirit Beast Master, they could now clearly move in the right direction. Even if the psychological pressure was great, they must persevere.

     Even the old professors who had one foot in the grave could overthrow their life achievements and worship the little spirit beast master, why can’t they as young people? The young scientific research workers present had experienced a psychological journey of collapse and rebuilding of their world outlook and confidence in a short period of time. They looked at Mingyou’s eyes as if they were looking at a bright star. The morning star of spirit beast science. Their shining star had appeared, and the darkest and most ignorant moment of research was about to pass, wasn’t it?

    And Mingyou, said star, his brain was filled with thoughts of “Tibetan Fox”. The black cat who was forced to accept the screen spamming put his paws on Mingyou’s head, and grit his teeth: “Stop it!”

    “I won’t!” Mingyou continued to frantically send Tibetan fox emojis he had seen in his mind, and continued to export, trying to pull the black cat into his camp of Tibetan fox lovers.

    “What are Mingyou and His Highness talking about? Why can I only hear half a conversation?” an old scientist asked Neil, who was most familiar with Mingyou.

    Old Neil smiled and said, “The spirit beast master and his partner are connected in spirit and can use telepathy, which is similar to a special-type power user.”

    The elderly scientists nodded. It made sense. It was obvious that Mingyou was playing with His Highness, and he didn’t know what Mingyou was saying to His Highness, that made him so angry that his ears were flat.

    Comrade Cui Li walked up to Mingyou with his normal face. He thought that his expression should be very good. Although the eyes were a little smaller, they were focused, he must be very energetic now. Didn’t he see the little spirit beast master smile more brightly than the person in front of him?

    Cui Li first gave a military salute, and then turned into a Tibetan fox in front of Mingyou. The 2-meter big Tibetan fox had a more square face than his human form, with pointed ears and a big plush tail, as well as the iconic squinting expression.

    Wow! Mingyou excitedly held the fox’s claws and said, “Can I touch your ears?”

    The Tibetan fox tilted his head in confusion, trying his best to make a pondering expression.

    The black cat’s claws covered Mingyou’s head and shook it vigorously: “Please work hard! Don’t molest the patients!”

    “I didn’t molest the patient, but Tibetan Fox was so cute, I couldn’t control myself. “Mingyou retracted his hand aggrieved, and while checking the body of the Tibetan Fox, he looked pitifully at him with expectant eyes.

    Tibetan Fox: “???”

    Tibetan Fox: “!!!”

    Little Spirit Beast Master praised him for being cute? The little spirit beast master especially liked him? For real? This was the first time he had been praised like this! Was he on the verge of reaching the pinnacle of his life?!

    The Tibetan fox quietly glanced at the black cat sofa behind Mingyou, and was glared at by warning eyes. Hiss, His Royal Highness’s big copper bell eyes were really powerful, aren’t they so big? The little Spirit Beast Master liked his little eyes!

    The Tibetan fox, a new spirit beast, had a hard time controlling his own nature, and now he got carried away when he was complacent. Even though the black cat was staring at him, he still lowered his head hard and put his ears under Mingyou’s hands. Touch it, touch it, whatever he wanted. Where else would he like to touch? His nose? Chin? Even his fluffy tail and soft belly were all right!

    Mingyou jumped up from the black cat sofa, rushed in front of the fox, patted the Tibetan fox’s ears, scratched his chin, and laughed with joy: “This Tibetan fox is in really good condition! Dahei, who is the one who took care of the Tibetan fox? He might have the potential to become a spirit beast master!”

    The big black cat was displeased at first, but after hearing what Mingyou said was not “the Tibetan fox is so cute”, but “the breeders who take care of the Tibetan fox are very good”, he felt a little more comfortable.

     The cunning Mingyou who hugged several small spirit beasts and leaned back against his cat sofa, actually rushed towards the Tibetan fox? Was it because their group of partner spirit beasts indulged him too much?

     “He is just an ordinary soldier, and there is no special training staff.” The black cat was very clear about the configuration of his troops. Although the Cui family had a little strength in the military, it was impossible for each of their children to be assigned a spirit beast cultivator to take care of them. Plus Cui Li has no military rank.

     “Really? Impossible, his state is much better than other spirit beasts.” Mingyou rubbed the head of the Tibetan fox, “According to the data, he only changed shape last year, and is now in a period of transition? His mental state is better than spirit beasts who have been transformed for five or six years.”

     The black cat glanced to the side, and the officer who led the team turned back into a human and walked over. Mingyou suddenly hugged the fox’s head.

     Tibetan fox: … about to be strangled to death…

     The black cat sighed helplessly: “Change back. He can understand the words of the spirit beasts.” The officer turned back into a black dog. The tail was wagging so happily, it must be a dog.

     “Cui Li has no special treatment in the army. However, his roommate has applied for the qualification of a spiritual beast trainer, and Cui Li is taken care of by this roommate when he transforms into a beast,” said the black dog.

     Arthur’s eyes widened slightly. Ouch, wasn’t that a coincidence? “Tan Chenxi come in!” The black dog shouted in a clear voice.

   Tan Chenxi blankly walked out. What was wrong? What happened? He looked at his Tibetan fox roommate who tried to stretch out his paws towards him, as if begging him for help. What happened to Cui Li? Offended the little spirit beast master? No, the little spirit beast master held his Tibetan fox head so tightly, obviously he liked him very much?

    When Mingyou saw Tan Chenxi coming, his arms tightened even more. The big Tibetan fox spat out half of his soul. No, this fox really can’t. Tan Chenxi, save me…

   Tan Chenxi clearly received the distress message from his roommate. Although the chief didn’t say anything, but his roommate was really pitiful, so Tan Chenxi mustered up his courage and said: “Your Excellency, Cui Li is out of breath.”

    Mingyou’s body froze. He quickly loosened his arms, patted the Tibetan fox’s head embarrassedly, took out a nutrition cube from the system backpack and stuffed it into the fox’s mouth.

    The Tibetan Fox’s squinting eyes turned into wide slits, and then he tried his best to put his head back in Mingyou’s arms. It does not matter! He can do it! No worry about his breath! Hey hey hey…

    Tan Chenxi: “…” His hands were itchy and wanted to beat his roommate. If he helped this guy in the future, he couldn’t look at pictures of mom and brother all day!

    “If he looks like this, he is in good condition?” Arthur said displeased. What kind of state was this? Wasn’t this just an ordinary fox who ignored military discipline, ignored the commander, ignored his face, and acted like a spoiled brat?

    “After being transformed into a spirit beast, the power user will unleash their nature. It is difficult for spirit beasts in the chaotic period to control the balance between human and beast, so the fluctuation of energy will be very chaotic, and the wavelength of mental power is very fast, which means that their spirit is always tense. Such a spirit beast is easily exhausted. Coupled with insufficient energy supply, the exhausted state will last for a long time.”

    “But the Tibetan fox is different. His spirit is very relaxed, even if the energy intake is insufficient. However, as an energy body, the spirit beast will be affected by the power of mind and emotion. Therefore, his state is very good. Such a relaxed posture is the best state of a spirit beast.”

    “So I think there must be a very strong bond around him. Someone who is responsible and has a deep bond with him will take care of him, so that he can relax.” Mingyou shifted his gaze, avoiding Tan Chenxi’s face. Because everyone knew that he was nervous, Mingyou’s actions did not attract any attention.

    “As I said before, for spirit beast masters, talent comes second, and bonds are the most important. Even if spirit beasts take care of each other, as long as they have a strong enough bond, there will be a collective optimization effect.”

    “I see the data of the spirit beasts. The spirit beasts in Dahei’s army are generally better than those in other military regions; in the Dahei army, there is the title of hero squad, and the spirit beasts in the spirit beast squad who have supported each other since the beginning of the war The state of the spirit beasts is better than that of other newly formed spirit beast teams.”

    “If the Tibetan fox has been cared for by people he knows well since he became a beast, his condition is better than other spirit beasts in the chaotic period, which is normal. ” After Mingyou concluded, the others were thoughtful. Arthur looked at the black dog.

    The black dog said: “There is an unwritten rule in the army. After an ability person can transform into a beast, he will change dormitory and live with other spirit beasts. After Cui Li transformed the beast, he submitted an application not to transfer the dormitory. Therefore, he is still with Tan Chenxi.”

    Mingyou said: “That’s right. Regardless of whether Mr. Tan has the potential to become a spirit beast master, for humans, if the environment suddenly changes, they will not adapt. Spirit beasts are particularly susceptible to emotions and environments. When the body undergoes great changes, the environment also changes, and it definitely would be more uncomfortable.”

     “And spirit beasts in the change period will emit chaotic energy fluctuations, and these energy waves may also affect each other. So when spirit beasts are recovering, they tend to occupy a large area by themselves, that is, to avoid being affected by other spirit beasts.” Mingyou paused and added, “Also avoid affecting other spirit beasts.”

     Although the spirit beasts at the time lost their sanity and memory , their subconscious still held the idea of ​​protecting others.

     “This kind of thing can be found by monitoring the body data of the spirit beasts and the energy fluctuations emitted.” Mingyou’s tone became not very good, “No need for a spirit beast master, no need for the power of the heart, just use the current instrument to detect it. Why has no one discovered this so far?!”

     He originally thought that the physical and mental state of the Tibetan fox was better than that of other spirit beasts because someone took care of him. But… his brother himself was in the transformation stage, and he absolutely did not have the energy to take care of a spirit beast in a chaotic stage.

     So the reason why the Tibetan fox was in the best condition was very simple. Because there was no change in rooms. Just because there was no dormitory change. It was because of the simplicity that Mingyou was particularly angry.

     He really had enough. Even though Dahei told him countless times that the Star Alliance’s spiritual beasts were just going the wrong way, everyone still tried very hard to take care of the spiritual beasts. But this kind of thing could be found with careful observation, right? They could find out just by doing a set of data comparisons? Why had no one found out?

    In his world, there were stories of Newton being smashed by an apple and Columbus setting up an egg to prove his theory. Later generations were surprised that it was very simple after something was discovered.

    Regardless of whether these two events were real history, Mingyou admitted that many scientific research results and many axiom theorems were proven by others, and those who learned later would think it is very simple.

     But even though reason told him so, Mingyou was still furious when he repeatedly saw that they ignored some things that could be discovered as long as they were careful enough and jumped out of the existing framework, causing the spirit beast to suffer so much pain for no reason.

     Was it difficult to just do a set of comparative experiments? Was it hard? The Star Alliance produced countless achievements in other natural sciences every year. Was it really difficult to use this simple scientific thinking in spiritual beast research?

     When Mingyou was angry, the light blue energy on his body suddenly burst out uncontrollably, and the energy fluctuated in circles, wrapping all the spirit beasts and non-spirit beasts present. They all felt Mingyou’s anger, distress, and incomprehension of the current state of Star Alliance Spirit Beasts.

     “In the Star Alliance, the former spiritual beast study was not science, but theology.” Old Neil lightly smashed the floor with his cane and said indifferently.

     Mingyu suddenly calmed down. He raised his head and asked Old Neil, “Is it the same as the geocentric theory and the heliocentric theory?”

     Old Neil smiled bitterly: “These two theories… are really ancient theories. No matter how advanced human beings develop, It is still difficult to avoid repeating the same mistakes.”     

     Mingyou was silent. After a long while, he rubbed his face and said, “Dahei, can you make full decisions about matters in your army?”

    Arthur flicked his tail and wrapped it Mingyou’s waist: “I can’t, have you forgotten that there is a lion in the corner who stole his brother’s snacks?”

    His Majesty the golden lion who was suddenly despised: “???” He wanted to reprimand his younger brother for being ignorant and not giving him face, but when he opened his mouth, there was a loud “hiccup”.

    Everyone: “…”

    The golden lion covered his face with his claws, please treat him as non-existent.

    Everyone: “…”

    Your Majesty, what exactly was he here for? Was he here to be funny? Could his big cat family not become spirit beasts at formal occasions? After becoming a spirit beast, his cat’s disease coudn’t be controlled at all!

    “Then I’ll be relieved.” Seeing His Majesty the Lion suddenly drop the chain, his king’s domineering was put on dispel by this burp, making the mighty His Majesty become a huge orange cat, but Mingyou’s mind was relaxed. Now, the fluctuation of the power of his heart also softened.

    The people of the big cat family ertr really amazing, they could easily calm the negative emotions in his heart. This was the case with Dahei, and so was His Majesty the Great Golden Lion.

    “Thank you for your hard work.” Mingyou said to the soldiers present.

    The spirit beasts looked at each other, then shook their big heads vigorously. It was not hard, it was not hard, where could they, the strongest S-level power users, be troubled? The people in the remote star area were still eating grass and soil, so they can be called hard work.

    Wait, it seems that the recipe of their spirit beasts should be to eat grass and soil? The spirit beasts fell into contemplation together. Seeing his subordinates collectively in a daze, Arthur turned back into a human, pressed Mingyou into his arms, and coughed dryly: “The physical examination continues. For the reform of the management system related to spirit beasts, I will immediately submit an application to His Majesty, everyone please don’t worry.”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion removed his two paws covering his eyes, lay back on the sofa, took out a box of nutrition cubes, and poured it out. Yes, the military department was the territory of the younger brother, the proposal should be made by him, what should he worry about? Keep snacking.

    Burp, the nutrition cubes were delicious. Could the spirit beast fruit trees mature earlier? If they had the top natural power user to ripen them, could he own a whole forest of spirit beasts and fruits?

    Arthur glanced at his big orange cat brother out of the corner of his eye. Were people in the big cat family especially unreliable after they became spirit beasts? But he was not like that. He became a black cat, still the wisest cat. It was estimated that it was because he a child of destiny and luck.

    Mingyou continued his physical examinations. Cui Li and Tan Chenxi did not return to the team, but were invited by a group of elderly scientists to the next cubicle to conduct a detailed physical examination.

    According to the inspection, not only was the physical condition of the Tibetan fox better than that of the spirit beasts of the same stage, but Tan Chenxi’s physical condition was also the best among the S-level power users who would transform into beasts.

    Tan Chenxi: “…” He obviously had a strong phobia of spirit beasts. He was so afraid that he couldn’t sleep at night. He should be in the worst state, right?

    “Spiritual beast phobia, every S-level ability user who is about to transform into a beast has it.” Old Neil said, “Your symptoms are already very mild.”

    The old principal sighed: “Probably because you have been getting along with spirit beasts all the time. The reason why we know spirit beasts better than other S-level power users. The biggest fear comes from the unknown. It was wrong for us to hide spirit beasts from the common people and ordinary power users.”

    Tan Chenxi continued “…”. His state was called the best, how miserable were the other S-level ability users? No wonder it was so difficult for S-level power users to break through the bottleneck.

    “Speaking of which, this Tibetan fox is indeed more agile and lively than other spirit beasts of the same stage.” An old scientist rubbed the Tibetan fox’s ears, and the fox immediately rubbed back, like a big dog , “Hey, looking at the small eyes, it’s very spirited.”

   “Indeed, full of energy.”

    “The luster of the hair is very good. Under the premise of the same energy intake, the state of the spirit beast really has a lot to do with the mood.”

    “After all, Spiritual beasts are energy bodies. Mood affects spiritual power, and naturally also affects supernatural powers.”

    “So on the battlefield against Zerg, the formidable power of spirit beasts was generally much greater than that in normal training. This was not just a matter of fact. Because of the release of the power restrictions.”

    “Work hard, work hard, you two may become the most powerful spirit beasts in the same class.”

    “I don’t know what this kid’s spirit beast status is. Which family are you from? Are there any other spirit beasts in the family?”

    Tan Chenxi reported his family name. “Sky Blue Star.”

    Old Neil started, “Is your mother’s name Ping Wanshu?”

    Tan Chenxi was startled. “It seems so.”

    Old Neil sighed, “Your mother was a good child, but she cared about your father too much. You work hard, stay in the Star Alliance, and don’t go back to Sky Blue Star. Sky Blue Star is a stagnant beach, and the dragon cannot fly.”

     Tan Chenxi nodded. If he found his younger brother, the two of them would stay far away from the Sky blue star, regardless of what rights and interests the people on the little broken ball were fighting for. Where was the appeal?

    But this elder actually knew about his mother. Did he know anything about what happened back then? Tan Chenxi was a little impatient. It was hard to find someone who might know what happened back then, but because of the huge gap between their identities, he didn’t know how to ask.

    The Tibetan Fox roommate, who was rubbing his paws back and forth among the grandparents, felt Tan Chenxi’s mood, jumped back, and pushed his roommate with his paws. What was the hurry? Since the two of them were named and praised by the little spirit beast master, they will have many opportunities to contact this group of people in the future.

    Tan Chenxi took a deep breath. He moved the mouth of his roommate. That’s right, I… damn!!! Tibetan fox roommate bit Tan Chenxi’s hand with a very innocent expression. He was sorry, he was just a new spirit beast, He couldn’t control himself.

    Tan Chenxi was patient, and couldn’t beat his roommate in front of so many people. So how can he be in the best state among the S-level power users who are about to transform into beasts with such a serious phobia of spirit beasts?!

    “Phew, it’s finally over.” Mingyou stretched his arms upwards and lay down on the black cat sofa behind him. This person was paralyzed. He was so amazing to be in close contact with so many strangers, and even made no problems. He must worship himself! As expected of Mingyou! He was really amazing!

    “Mmmmm, you’re really amazing.” After turning into a human to appease his subordinates, he changed back into a big black cat who became Mingyou’s sofa and then turned into a human again.

    Mingyu’s face was full of dissatisfaction. He also wanted to lie down on the black cat sofa for a while longer.

    Arthur said angrily: “Aren’t you going to go to the spirit beast canteen to invite the spirit beasts to eat? Are you still going? If you don’t go, I will send a cancellation notice.”

    “Go, why not.” Mingyou rubbed his face, energized again.

    The little spirit beasts hanging on him jumped to the ground, turned back into big spirit beasts, and guarded Mingyou.

    “Mingyou, what do you want to do?” Only the little red fox continued to stay on top of Mingyou’s head arrogantly and refused to come down.

    “It’s just an ordinary canteen cauldron.” Mingyou said, “It’s just a change of ingredients and seasonings. The food that the spirit beasts eat is not very complicated.”

    Wasn’t it very complicated? The young researchers sighed in their hearts. They were hit by Mingyou’s anger fluctuations before, but they hadn’t recovered yet. Emotions could really turn into energy and have such a powerful impact. Their mood was infected by that anger and sadness, and Mingyou’s questions kept echoing in their minds. Why didn’t they use the most basic scientific thinking in research? Who blinded their eyes and hearts?

    Gu Hai, who had already been sacrificed, was able to find the right path. Could there be other scientific research workers who walked on the right path through the simplest and most basic scientific thinking? Then got results?

    Spirit Beast Master Planet, who destroyed the Spirit Beast Master Planet? No matter how many questions there were in their hearts, what they urgently needed to do now was to stand firm on the side of the little spirit beast master. Spirit Beast study was science, not theology. They had to move forward, never backward.

    After Mingyou came to the cafeteria, he was finally able to live stream happily. He had long wanted to start a live broadcast, and this time, he was finally able to interact with the audience.

    He heard that most of the audience members were spirit beasts and their families, and their rewards were especially generous. From now on, he would be able to see the specific reward amount, and see how much money he had earned in his live broadcast every day.

    He heard that the audience may number in the hundreds of millions? If each person gave him a dollar, he would be a billionaire! Come on, Xiaotian, let’s find out how much it would cost to make a cat litter made of energy crystals for Dahei. He didn’t want low-level energy crystals, Dahei’s litter must be of the highest purity!

    Mingyou opened the link, Mingyou closed the page. Mingyou cried and said, “Dahei, is the inflation of your Star Alliance so serious? How many zeros are there? I’m blinded.”

    Arthur rolled up his sleeves to help Mingyou stir the energy crystal powder seasoning: “Please say our Star Alliance. You can eat a bowl of noodles with meat at the back door of the school for ten coins. What is inflation? You are looking at the most precious energy mineral resources in the Star Alliance, and it is under military management. It won’t flow into the market, and it’s all sold by gram.”

    Mingyou stammered: “Is this the equivalent of carving a nest out of diamonds? I understand. I will work hard to make money. Dahei, you wait, I can definitely afford you.”

     Arthur: “What kind of brain circuit do you have? Do I need a diamond cat litter? Do I have that luxury? This kind of cat litter is not comfortable to sleep at all, right?”

    His Majesty the golden lion, was lying in the corner of the kitchen waiting to eat, and glanced domineeringly at his stupid younger brother. This answer wasw also very questionable, okay? Was he being raised by Mingyou by default?

    “I’ll look for any suitable materials.” Mingyou said, “When can we go to the market? I can see at a glance which materials are most suitable for spirit beasts, and maybe I can find a treasure.”

    There was the system, as long as he could get a specific introduction to the item in front of him by spending knowledge points. The more Mingyu thought about it, the more excited he became. Was he finally going to go on a male protagonist’s traditional scavenger hunt?

    “As long as they see your face, the price of everything you buy will probably be raised.” Arthur joked.

    Mingyou touched his face: “Pretend then?”

    “Let’s talk about it later.” Arthur poured the seasoning into the cauldron, “Is it delicious?” Nod. Compared with the meticulous operation Mingyou usually cooked for them, this time was too rough.

    “Big pot dishes, the taste will not be bad.” Mingyou’s heart power covered all the pots, manipulating the robot to cook frantically, “Okay, I’ll start the live broadcast.”

    “Wow! It turns out that the real anchor’s perspective is like this! Mingyou was surprised and almost sprinkled the wrong seasoning. “Hello everyone, I’m Mingyou, the anchor of the No. 1 Nursing Home’s live broadcast room.

    “Your partner is very dark.” Arthur glanced at Mingyou, too lazy to let Mingyou change his words.

    The live broadcast suddenly started, and the audience poured into the live broadcast room and sent a bunch of lemony words.

    “It turns out that the gossip is true, the anchor really went to the Central Military Academy? I pinch the lemon QAQ.”

    “Spiritual Beast Cafeteria? Is the anchor planning to invite the whole school’s spirit beasts to eat? What kind of welfare is this?? Why didn’t I go to the Central Military Academy?!”

    “This year’s freshman who lost the election by one point was crying while holding his fluffy tail.”

    “The spirit beast at the scene said that I could smell the aroma, hehe, knocking on the pot and waiting for the meal. “

    “Is it really okay for the seniors who have graduated to eat with their expired student ID cards with a shy face? Drive them all out (funny)!”

    “Do you think this benefit is good enough? Let me tell you, The welfare of the people who came to carry out the protection mission this time is better. Not only can they come to the spirit beast canteen to eat, but they also got the opportunity to be checked by the anchor today, tsk tsk tsk, why do we only have food to eat.”

    “You want the anchor to eat. Checking the body of the spirit beasts in the whole school? You want to exhaust the anchor. The anchor will definitely focus on cultivating spirit beast breeders in the future, and will not accept medical examination orders.”

    “If a spirit beast is seriously ill, will the anchor let go? Let’s see what His Royal Highness has arranged. I hope to protect our anchor.”

    “I am the one who has obtained the medical examination qualification. Are you envious? Jealous? Here it is. Is it taking the luck of your royal roommate again? Why doesn’t your lucky roommate have a Xingbo account? We’re going to retweet the beast!”

    “Hmph, this time is my roommate taking my luck? The anchor hugged me. Holding my head and not letting go, saying that I am very cute. (Tibetan fox sticking out its tongue).”

    “With the anchor’s love for spirit beasts, it is estimated that any spirit beast he sees will be particularly liked, hehe.”

    “I’m a special one, and the anchor is also angry with me.”

    “I’m angry?! I’ve already brought my ammunition. Is it a secret? It’s not a secret, so let’s talk about it in detail!”

    “It’s not a secret, right? It’s just that the anchor found that the square-faced squinting fox was in better condition than the spirit beast of the same stage. After inquiring, he found that the squinting fox did not change roommates, and the others changed roommates, saying that spirit beasts are very sensitive to emotions and environments. When the beast is just transformed in an unfamiliar environment, it will aggravate the chaotic period, and the energy waves emitted by the spirit beasts in the chaos period will make each other more uncomfortable, so they get angry.”

    “Tsk tsk, I personally felt the anchor’s heart. It’s really amazing. I understood his thoughts in an instant, what is this called? Touching the soul of the opponent? I feel like I fell in love with the anchor at first sight!”

    “First of all, you have to beat the ten heroes.”

    “First of all, You have to defeat the anchor’s big cat sofa.”

    “What is the big cat sofa?”

    “Doesn’t the anchor have social fear? In addition to checking the body of the spirit beast, he also checked the body of his comrades who haven’t transformed. His face was so pale that he stuttered when he spoke. His Highness turned back into a big cat, acted like a sofa, surrounded the anchor with his tail, and gave the anchor a sense of security, so that the anchor could persevere.”

    “The anchor is really good, especially gentle. The power of his heart, it is estimated that only a person with a pure and kind heart like him can learn it. The power of the heart is to show his feelings to the spirit beasts without reservation. If there is a ghost in your heart, how dare you show your heart to others like this?”

    “I just said, the power of emotion is an invasion of privacy, how can ordinary people dare to be so calm. But when you meet a fool like the anchor, you will definitely feel relieved?”

    “The anchor is indeed very calm. He is very sweet? But where is he stupid? If he is stupid, what are other spiritual beast scholars? Are they born with a brain?”

    “Hahaha, congratulations, you have been banned hahahaha.”

    “It’s time for dinner, don’t talk anymore, I’m going to line up for dinner!”

    The barrage made Mingyou dazzled, and he finally gave up communicating with the audience. Sure enough, it was impossible for him to chat with a large group of strangers. He should just be an autistic anchor who pretended the audience doesn’t exist.

    “It’s out of the pot.” Mingyou said, “Scrambled eggs, braised pork, steamed fish, pork chops, pies… It’s a combination of Chinese and Western, so rich.”

    Combination of Chinese and Western? What was this evaluation? Mingyou’s partners, the spirit beasts, looked at the large pot of dishes in the cafeteria, and their stomachs started to growl. Although the cooking method was very crude, the finished product looked unexpectedly delicious. And His Majesty the Golden Lion had already eaten a bowl.

    Why did he come here to greet his younger brother and Mingyou after taking off his official duties? Of course it’s for this bite of food!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Personally, I hope the “they don’t know they’re brothers”-thing doesn’t get dragged on for a long time. I know they haven’t seen each other before so it would be a miracle if they had done that on first meeting, but I hope it doesn’t drag on for a long time.

    And there were a few typos of the same kind:
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