After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 54

Arthur had been thinking about when to let Mingyou and Tan Chenxi recognize each other.

    Having a blood relative with goodwill may be useful for Mingyou. After he checked Tan Chenxi’s history, he decided that Tan Chenxi would help Mingyou keep his secrets – even if he didn’t want to keep the secret, no one would believe him. Others would only think that the Tan family’s face was as big as a pot.

    But when Arthur tactfully told Mingyou that Tan Chenxi was now serving in the Star Alliance Army, Mingyou’s reaction was only an “oh”, that was it. This gave Arthur a big headache. What did that mean? Did he care or not? Should he arrange a meeting between Mingyou and his brother?

    Arthur continued to test, but Mingyou’s thinking was very jumpy, Arthur said “A” to him, he immediately skipped “BCD” and went directly to “E”. He made an analogy.

    Arthur: “After the death of Dahui’s parents, the Yan family treated him badly. But he also has a sister who has a good relationship with him. Like your brother, she is in the Star Alliance army.”

    Mingyou: “Really? Dahei, let’s form a band together with Dahui and release an album!”

    Arthur: “???”

    After repeatedly rambling, Arthur was so angry that he almost wanted to point things out. But after, with Mingyou’s soft heart, even if he wasn’t interested in finding his big brother, he would follow his words to see. If Mingyou and Tan Chenxi met and made his condition worse, it would put the cart before the horse.

    In the end, after careful consideration, Arthur decided to let Tan Chenxi’s detachment undertake the mission of guarding the Star Alliance Central Military Academy. The idea of psychic links was powerful, and sometimes there was telepathy between blood relatives. Among them, the telepathy of twins and affectionate brothers was the most frequent.

    When Xianluo was dancing live in the sanatorium, he and his twin brother Xianwei linked their spirits despite being separated by a distant interstellar space. If they get along for a long time, people who are not related by blood may also have a connection.

    Just like when his sister-in-law died, his brother, his eldest nephew, and himself all had a feeling of losing something important in their hearts. It was said that Louis felt the same at the time. According to Mingyou’s latest research, this should be the resonance generated by the so-called emotional power.

    Mingyou and Tan Chenxi didn’t have a deep bond, but they were brothers. Even if they haven’t seen each other and didn’t know what the other looked like, as long as they meet, there would definitely be some special feelings between the brothers.

    When Mingyou and Tan Chenxi understand each other’s identities, check Mingyou’s wishes to arrange for him to talk with Tan Chenxi. And if Tan Chenxi doubted Mingyou’s identity, he could also take this opportunity to observe Tan Chenxi’s attitude towards the matter.

    For this reason, Arthur specially assigned Tan Chenxi’s group the task of close protection, just so that the two of them could see each other. Mingyou’s gaze indeed turned towards Tan Chenxi, but a Tibetan fox?!

    Arthur adjusted his holographic contact lenses to Mingyou’s field of vision, and when he saw the strange-looking fox, he was speechless. How did a fox grow up like this? Even if the fox himself looked like this, after becoming a spirit beast, it was not related to his appearance.

    Arthur put away his holographic vision and looked at the excited Mingyou, not knowing what to say. His spiritual power was very powerful, and his use of emotional power was also the number one in the Star Alliance. His brother was right in front of him, what about his telepathy? Had he been eaten by that fox with a square face and squinting eyes?

    As expected of Mingyou! When Arthur shared the news in the small group, Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts all sighed, this was not Mingyou’s fault, it was the problem of holographic projection.

    “If it were me, it would be too embarrassing for me to find a big brother that looks exactly like other apes in a group.”

    “Just talking about the size, the Tibetan fox is quite conspicuous. Besides, he is also very good-looking. It’s conspicuous.”

    “Mingyou and Tan Chenxi have never gotten along, so it’s normal that they didn’t recognize each other.”

    “I think that fox is very good, and looks very energetic. No wonder Mingyou likes this kind of spirited beast.”

    “I look better.”

    “(Tibetan fox emoticon pack) (Tibetan fox emoticon pack) (Tibetan fox emoticon pack) No wonder Mingyou is so excited, this Tibetan fox is also a big star on the internet.”

    Arthur smiled: You guys, you all agree with what Mingyou does, right? Spoiling a child is not this kind of doting either.

    “Da… Arthur, why are you smiling so grimly?” Mingyou found that Arthur’s expression was not right, “Are you jealous? Don’t worry, the black cat is the cutest spirit beast in the universe, and the Tibetan fox can’t compare to you!”

    All the partner spirit beasts turned their heads and stared at Mingyou. It’s arrived, come again. Every time Mingyou’s frivolous behavior returned, such words appeared.

    “I’m not jealous.” Arthur flicked Mingyou’s forehead. “What Da Arthur? Can you call me by my name for once? It’s not his fault, it was the name “Arthur”, which made him feel awkward.

    Arthur was pronounced the same. Speaking of Arthur, the first image that popped out of his head was naturally the famous king and knight. Cough. In fact, it was not weird to equip the black cat Arthur with a sword. Future spirit beast props could be considered. Mingyou thought about his Dahei  wearing a crown, cape fluttering, and holding a sword in his claws.

    Seeing Mingyou, Arthur didn’t know which mental hillside he walked to, so he helplessly rubbed Mingyou’s head: “If you want to see the Tibetan fox, I’ll call him over later so you can see to your heart’s content.”

    The Tibetan fox happened to be Tan Chenxi’s roommate, just use this excuse to call Tan Chenxi over.

    “That’s not good? Aren’t spirit beasts human too? It’s too disrespectful to call someone over for this kind of thing.” Mingyou waved his hand, “No need, no need, I’ll take a look from a distance to satisfy my cravings.” Just seeing the Tibetan fox from a distance would be enough.

    “He is my subordinate. Go to the school hospital to find a room later, and you can help them do a physical examination.” Arthur seemed like an upright boss. Mingyou believed it and no longer objected.

    “Aren’t I going to go to the cafeteria to cook later?” Mingyou asked, “When will the physical examination be done?”

    Arthur replied, “You can do the physical examination now, and then cook after. We will just have lunch at the school hospital. Eat a little, and you will cook a big meal for the spirit beast alumni for dinner.”

    Mingyou calculated the time and sent the menu to Arthur: “Then let the chefs and robots at the school help with the preparatory work, I just need to use my power to help reconcile the energy, so as not to waste too much time .”

    It was just a matter of cooking at home and letting his partner spirit beasts help him. Mingyou was reluctant to let his spirit beasts get tired when he cooked for strangers he didn’t know. People were distant and close. No matter how much Mingyou liked spirit beasts, he had to take care of his own spirit beasts first.

    “Okay.” Arthur asked Herman to organize this matter.

    In addition to being his bodyguard, Herman also served as his adjutant. Generally, such trivial matters were all the responsibility of Herman the polar bear.

    Although Herman couldn’t change back to a human form for the time being, a spirit beast could speak with light-brain voice software and communicate with people without hindrance.

    When looking at his polar bear with an elite look while discussing with the person in charge of the school, Mingyou fell into the state of “my plush is so amazing and cute”, and the spirit beast parents felt very helpless.

    Other onlookers also felt helpless. Would this kid get along with people? This kind of self-indulgent attitude was really uncomfortable. They can’t say he was not polite, as long as someone greeted him, he was more polite than anyone else; but they couldn’t say he valued them very much, when no one talked to him, he only saw His Royal Highness and the ten heroes, even the Emperor was ignored by him, as if everyone else was a set board in his eyes.

    Anyway, it was very awkward. If someone asked Mingyou about this, Mingyou himself knew why he is so socially awkward. Mingyou had never gotten along with strangers in either his past or present life, and all his social experience came from the game “Elf World”. Obviously, subconsciously, he still believed that “The World of Spirits” was a real world.

    In the game, Mingyou had always been a loner and never teamed up with other players. The way he behaved in the world now was copied from the game. That was to say, except for “partners” and “teammates”, others in his eyes were “NPCs”. When there was no dialogue, they were completely ignored.

    Although his partner spirit beasts didn’t know the specific root of Mingyou’s problem, they could guess that it had something to do with Mingyou never communicating with outsiders.

    When they create more opportunities for Mingyou to get along with strangers, and when Mingyou could take the initiative to take off his holographic glasses, this problem should be solved. They were not anxious. It took patience to raise children. The kind eyes of the plush parents.jpg.

    Comrade Tibetan Fox did not know that because of his beauty, he had attracted the attention of the number one male god in the minds of the Star Alliance Spirit Beasts – Spirit Beast Master Mingyou. After all, he was not a Tibetan fox, just an ordinary man. So when he received the medical examination notice, he thought it was “unit welfare”, and he was still showing off to Tan Chenxi. This time they got a big benefit.

    “Non-spiritual beast ability users can also get the opportunity to have a physical examination. I heard that the little spirit beast master’s ability to soothe spirit beasts is also effective for S-level ability users who have entered the bottleneck period.” Cui Li took Tan Chenxi’s shoulder, winked and said, “Seize this opportunity, transform into a beast in one fell swoop, and scare the little spirit beast master!”

    Tan Chenxi expressionlessly threw his Tibetan fox roommate off his shoulders, and patted his shoulders in disgust. It looked like something was dirty on his shoulders. The character of this fox roommate was more and more similar to that of a spirit beast. Could transforming into beast form also affect one’s character as a human being?

    Tan Chenxi took a deep breath. He thought that the fact that he couldn’t transform into a beast for so long was all caused by this mentally retarded Tibetan fox roommate.

    When they learned that Mingyou was going to rent the school hospital to do medical examinations for the soldiers who participated in the escort mission this time, the people in the school infirmary went crazy. They all wanted to see what skills Mingyou had.

    But this opportunity obviously did not fall on their heads. He gave Mingyou a place to start, and was divided up by a group of old scientists.

    The principal was very angry: “What can you do? Your own hands are shaking!”

    “What! I never shake my hands!” The old Neil scolded the principal with a cane. Seeing that the two old plushies were quarreling, Mingyou hurriedly tried to persuade them: “Why don’t we have a live broadcast, so that everyone can learn. The machine I modified can also stay in the school… Da… Arthur, can my modified machine stay at school?”

    “You still call me Dahei.” Arthur was convinced. It was so hard to get Mingyou to change his mouth? “Forget the live broadcast, Xiaotian will record and broadcast some clips before they can be published. The equipment can stay, and I have already applied a patent for you.”

    “Okay.” Mingyou said to the principal, “With the machine, the school hospital can help the spirit beasts check their bodies.”

    The principal smiled wryly. It wasn’t they didn’t have machines to check spirit beast bodies of spirit beasts, but they didn’t have spirit beast masters.

    When a spirit beast master checked the body of a spirit beast in person, was it the same as a machine inspection? Even if the data of the spirit beast master using the special ability called “power of the heart” to appease the spirit beast would be recorded by the machine, could the first-hand data viewed on the spot be the same as the data recorded by the machine?

    Did he understand the sense of ceremony?! In the end, the principal rolled up his sleeves and snatched up a few spots for the more flexible young professors in the school who were studying spiritual beasts. Those old immortals should just stand by, watch and don’t make trouble. It was still up to the young people to start the fight.

    The old scientists couldn’t help beating their chests. Knowing that Mingyou would go to the school hospital to check the body of the spirit beasts for treatment, they brought over their most proud disciples and grandchildren.

    Lost a billion! Mingyu shook his head. He thought, he should check the bodies of these old people first. He was afraid that these elders would get angry and then sick after arguing with their blood pressure soaring. He heard that if the pressure was strong enough, they would explode into fireworks with a “bang”.

    “Isn’t it right, Dahei?” Ming You said.

    Arthur: “…I don’t know, I don’t know, and you have already said this bad joke before.”

    Mingyou continued to scratch his head. Did he? He thought he had come up with a whole new joke. And this joke was obviously so funny, where can it be? Dahei was really demanding. Mingyou angrily began to perform medical examinations on the quarreling elderly plushess in front of him.

    The old scientists and the old principal stopped quarreling, and they quickly turned into spirit beasts with dry hair and rickets, lining up for Mingyou to help check their bodies. While recording the data, Mingyou used the power of his heart to sort out the energy in their bodies.

    It could be seen that these old spirit beasts had paid great attention to maintenance, so although the energy supply of spirit beasts had been insufficient for a long time, it had not affected their human health, but their abilities were weakened.

    After the age of 150, a S-level ability user of the Star Alliance could change into beast form, and the ability began to decline, and after that, one did not become a beast as much as possible. At the very least, they could no longer fight frequently as a spirit beast.

    Therefore, the Star Alliance army had a rule that after the age of 150, spirit beasts must retire from the elite frontline troops. If there was no such regulation, many spirit beasts might burn their own spiritual power and vitality due to insufficient energy supply, burn themselves into idiots, or even burn themselves to death.

    However, this kind of regulation could be well implemented in peacetime, protecting the safety and health of spirit beasts. During the war, the spirit beasts could only burn themselves and fight with all their strength.

    In this war against the Zerg, “only” a five-figure number of soldiers were sacrificed, because most of them were spirit beasts who burned themselves to the ground and failed to leave their bodies behind. When the spirit beast fought with all their strength, it was comparable to a fully armed warship.

    Therefore, in the Martyrs Cemetery, there were no corpses in their graves, only “black boxes”. The black box is a part of the optical brain, and it was made of the strongest material to ensure that when the spirit beast disappeared, the black box could record their identity, last words and the last images of life.

    Now the Star Alliance had begun to massively publicize information regarding the Zerg war, most of which was obtained from the black boxes of various martyrs. After Mingyou learned that the spirit beasts were transformed from humans, he told about the contribution of spirit beasts on the battlefield against the Zerg.

    He looked at the almost solidified energy bodies of the old spirit beasts, and his head involuntarily thought of this matter.

    He thought that Gu Hai’s consciousness could cross space and return to Dalan’s side. The other spirit beasts were energy as well. After their consciousness energy was solidified, would they also return to the place they wanted to go back to, seeing their hometown, The deceased had one last look, and only after confirming the safety of their hometown and villagers would they leave happily?

    When there was time, Mingyou wanted to beg Dahei and take him to the Martyrs Cemetery. Although the system said that this world had no past and present lives, no ghosts and ghosts, but Gu Hai’s consciousness could stay for a short time, and the consciousness of the martyrs might also be able to.

    If he could see the consciousness of these martyrs, he must tell them that the war had been won, the Star Alliance was safe, and their fathers and villagers would not be threatened by the Zerg.

    Moreover, he met his destined partner, Dahei, and Dabai, their partner spirit beasts. Together, they would promote the new spirit beast science, so that all spirit beasts could eat well, and they no longer had to worry about excessive consumption of supernatural powers and endangering their lives. The comrades of martyrs would be fine in the future.

    They could rest in peace. The soul turns into a spiritual light, and there should be no regrets before ushering in a new life, right? Mingyou’s expression became more and more serious, and his fluctuations became stronger and stronger. His partner spirit beasts all felt Mingyou’s mood. Among them, Arthur, who was most closely related to Mingyou’s mind, also “read” his specific thoughts.

    Although he didn’t know how this young man who was thinking about his day went astray, he suddenly thought of going to the martyrs from physical examination of these old spirit beasts, but Arthur did have a plan to take Mingyou to the martyrs’ cemetery.

    He should indeed take Mingyou and tell his comrades in arms floating in the sea of ​​stars, that the Star Alliance and spirit beasts would usher in a glorious future.

    “Everyone is in good condition, you just need to replenish the energy of the corresponding element.” After Mingyou relieved the physical discomfort of the elderly spirit beasts, “Besides, you can cooperate with the power of heart… Forget it, wait for me to train it. Let’s talk about this after a new spirit beast master is released.”

    Old Neil asked, “Don’t spirit beast masters look at talent? Can they be trained from ordinary people?”

    “Of course, Gu Hai was a spirit beast master.” Mingyou said. Among spirit beast masters, those who could use the power of heart were not common. Gu Hai could use the power of his heart, a proper spirit beast master.

    “Gu Hai.” Old Neil looked sad.

    Speaking of which, Gu Hai was considered his great-great-great-great-great-grandson. It turned out this kid Gu Hai was so talented? If he valued Gu Hai a little more, wouldn’t the Spirit Beast Study of the Star Alliance be different?

    But soon, Old Neil shook his head and smiled bitterly. If it weren’t for the war, the internal reshuffle of the Star Alliance would greatly weaken noble interest groups, and they would not dare to promote the new spiritual beast study with such a big fanfare.

    If Gu Hai was discovered before the war, he would probably have suffered the same tragic end of the murdered spirit beast masters on the planet of spirit beast masters. All he could say was, it was a pity that Gu Hai died. Otherwise, with his pure Star Alliance faction, the promotion of new spirit beast research would be much faster.

    After Mingyou massaged and combed with the power of his heart, the elderly spirit beasts felt the existence of their spirit beast energy bodies again. Before, after they turned into spirit beasts, they felt paralyzed. It was difficult and they did not dare to use their own mental power to control their movements.

    Only by lying on the stomach, being motionless, could energy be saved, so that their energy body did not consume their mental force and vitality. Now, when they tried to walk a few steps, although they were limping, although they were extremely slow, they did move.

    There was no need to spend too much mental power, just like their humanoid form, when their consciousness moved, their energy body would move along with them. The old spirit beasts were like patients who had been paralyzed for many years, and they were finally able to move, dragging their heavy bodies and crawling all over the floor. Even though it can’t be called crawling, more like squirming with difficulty.

    Mingyu was sad. He couldn’t imagine that his partner spirit beasts would become like this when they got old. But the old spirit beasts were very excited. If they were not excited, they wouldn’t have fun regardless of their appearance.

    The young professors who came to help fight stared blankly at the spirit beasts who were slowly wriggling all over the ground, and even trying to roll around. Any words were stuck in their throats. They only had one thought now, that was, to find a way to develop a relationship and let the little spirit beast master help their own elders.

    After S-rank ability users could transform into a beast, unless they were seriously injured, their ability disappeared completely, and they became an ordinary person, or even after their ability declined, they must become a spirit beast every once in a while. It was said that this was because their life form had changed.

    So every once in a while, they saw their beloved elders lying at home like a statue. Unable move, what did it feel like? They tried it once, and for just an hour, they seemed to see death. Perhaps something worse than death.

    Fortunately, there was a holographic network now. When the bodies of the elderly spirit beasts could not move, their minds could go to the holographic network to temporarily “leave” the body, and have a normal body in the virtual world. Otherwise, who could persevere?

    But now, with the little Spirit Beast Master, their elders didn’t need to enter the holographic network, they could slowly take a walk in the sun and feel the long-lost feeling of the breeze blowing through their fur. They could also surround their elders, playing a childish game of tail-chasing with them as they did many years ago.

    Mingyou was very insensitive to humans, but after humans became spirit beasts, he was very sensitive to their thoughts. He felt the excitement of the old spirit beasts in front of him, and said softly: “Don’t worry, the cultivation of spirit beast masters is only related to knowledge and mind. As long as someone can establish a strong emotional connection with spirit beasts, it is easy to do.”

    “Whether the spiritual power is strong or not is only related to the amplifying power of the spiritual beast master towards the spiritual beast. If they are just an ordinary trainer, they don’t need a strong spiritual power.”

    “Even ordinary people without spiritual power have enough power. The knowledge of spirit beasts is enough to take good care of spirit beasts.”

    “And according to my research, spirit beast masters can appease and help spirit beasts, and spirit beasts will feedback spirit beast masters and increase the spirit beast masters’ spiritual power. In principle, spirit beast masters can progress together with spirit beasts.”

    Mingyou beckoned to his own plushies, and his partner spirit beasts moved towards him and surrounded him. Seeing that their fur had buried Mingyou, the big fox quickly turned into a little red fox and jumped on top of Mingyou’s head to stay. Today the bully black cat was not here, he could finally occupy the throne above Mingyou’s head!

    Arthur glanced at Xianluo who said “there is no Dahei in the house, the fox was king”, and snorted inwardly.

    The polar bear scratched his ears and turned into a little white bear. The other partner spirit beasts also turned into small spirit beasts in turn, only the muscular Kerry and Yan Yi, who became childish when they became small, were a little unhappy.

    However, Kerry was stared at by his sister for a few times, and then he obediently turned back into a little deer; Yan Yi turned into a little wolf cub while gnashing his teeth under the scrutiny of his nemesis Herman.

    He couldn’t be looked down upon by the enemy! Thinking so, the little gray wolf rushed towards the little white bear, and was caught by Mingyou’s hands, and he was kept in the youth’s arms to prevent him from making trouble.

    “Can you turn smaller by yourself?” Although the elderly spirit beasts had seen spirit beasts shrinking in the live broadcast room, this was the first time they had seen the process of change.

    This was an amazing rejuvenation! Even if it was just a temporary rejuvenation of the spirit beast energy body, it was still rejuvenation! They previously guessed whether this reduction required any special and complicated method, and whether it was expensive, that only Prince Arthur and the Ten Heroes who were treated by the Star Alliance could use it.

    Now it seemed, where was the special and complicated? Wasn’t the change immediate?

    “As long as you master the energy body compression method, you can also become smaller. But Grandpa Neil, your energy body is very empty, I don’t recommend you to become smaller.” Mingyou added, “It will become very small and unsafe, it might blow away.”

    The old spirit beasts nodded slowly, but their hearts became even hotter. Even if it was not absolutely safe, it didn’t matter if they became a little spirit beast the size of a thumb. They could also build themselves a special paradise for spirit animals at home, saving money and having fun! Who didn’t have a desire to become smaller as a child?

    Mingyou saw the gleaming eyes of these old spirit beasts, and knew that they definitely didn’t listen. Forget it, anyway, the Star Alliance had not yet cultivated other spirit beast masters. Even if these old spirit beasts wanted to become smaller, they would have to wait a few years.

    At that time, their energy bodies would be stronger, and maybe they wouldn’t become too small. Maybe it will change from a tiny spirit beast to a small spirit beast? Mingyu thought with uncertainty.

    When Tan Chenxi and others came over for a physical examination, they saw the elderly spirit beasts still wriggling all over the floor. The S-level power users who had been transformed into spirits knew what this meant, and their eyes were red. But people who hadn’t turned into a beast, such as Tan Chenxi, felt chills down their spines.

    Would they be like this in the future? Or worse? Were they not image-conscious? No matter how excited they were, now that a group of strangers had come in, shouldn’t they stop? And if it was uncomfortable to transform into a spirit beast, why didn’t they change back? After changing back, couldn’t they move fast with a cane?

    “Stop, stop, stop, and give space to other people for medical examination.” Arthur couldn’t stand it any longer.

    The old spirit beasts murmured and said some willful words such as “Why do we old people give up to the young people”, and reluctantly changed back to human form.

    After changing back into human form, most of them blushed. Eh, they hadn’t felt so comfortable in spirit beast form for a long time. Now when it comes time to become a spirit beast, they immediately went online to pass the time, forgetting that after becoming a spirit beast, the natural part would be magnified.

    “Come one by one.” Mingyou glanced at the list, my god, this time there were hundreds of people to have a physical examination, which would take most of the day, “Dahei, help me find someone to buy meals, I’ll have a boxed lunch. Is the lunch box from the military academy delicious?”

    “Probably delicious.” Arthur couldn’t remember such a small thing, “Adeline worked in the school, she may know.”

    The little kangaroo jumped on the ground, turned back into a big kangaroo, and went to order box lunches in batches from the school staff. Originally, let Xiaotian do this kind of thing. But for Mingyou’s box lunch, she had to watch the cook with her own eyes.

    They didn’t have to worry about eating food brought by Mingyou. What if someone poisoned Mingyou’s food? His Majesty the golden lion had driven the others away, and turned himself into a lion lying on the sofa, pouring nutrition cubes and biscuits into his mouth, pretending that he did not exist.

    Mingyou kept glancing at the golden lion. Big cat… He really wanted to sit on the feline sofa. He had been sitting here for a long time and his back hurt. This chair was not comfortable at all, he wanted a black cat sofa.

    Big black cat sofa. Big black cat sofa. Big black cat sofa. Big black cat sofa. Big black cat sofa… Arthur was swiped by the idea conveyed by Mingyou.

    You guy… Arthur angrily patted Mingyou on the head: “Hold on, just for one day.”

    Mingyou’s expression was very innocent. What was he putting up with? He didn’t say anything, Dahei, why was he suddenly irritable? Ah, big black cat sofa. Big black cat sofa. Big black cat sofa… He was just thinking, but didn’t say it. Couldn’t he even think about it? Dahei, you are so overbearing.

    Arthur: “…Your thoughts are too strong, and it will cover the screen in my mind, making it very noisy.”

    “You can block it.” Mingyou continued to meditate in his heart, his waist was sore, and he wanted a big black cat sofa.

    Arthur glanced at his fluffy subordinates. Although the little red fox raised his claws, Arthur still called the little gray wolf: “Yan Yi, change back.”

   The little gray wolf glanced at him angrily. With a glance from his boss, he jumped to the ground and turned into a big wolf. He drilled into Mingyou’s back, and his body fell into a mass of silver-gray fur. Although there is no big black cat sofa, the big wolf sofa was also excellent. Mingyu’s waist was finally comfortable. This damn chair, why was it so uncomfortable? His old waist… Mingyou scolded.

    The little red fox silently put down his paws. He thought that his bully, the black cat boss, might be watching out for him. But it didn’t matter, even if he couldn’t be Mingyou’s big fox sofa and could stay on the throne above Mingyou’s head, he still had the illusion that he had become the first in the little spirit beast master’s mind. Xianluo was very humble.

    The other spirit beasts who underwent physical examinations watched blankly as the little wolf turned into a big wolf, and then turned into a wolf sofa. Could it be so easy to turn bigger and smaller? It turned out that His Royal Highness and the ten heroes really doted on the little spirit beast master so much?

    But then again, if they could become the partner of the little spirit beast master, let alone a spirit beast sofa, a spirit beast mattress would be fine. They were also very humble.

    “Everyone is in good condition, but the status of the special spirit beasts is a little worse.” Mingyou’s inspection speed was very fast for the young and strong spirit beasts. Even if there were some small problems with these spirit beasts, he just asked Xiaotian to record the problem and send it to this group of people to solve it by himself. Compared with spirit beasts, the people who were about to transform into beasts had more problems.

    If they wanted to build a spiritual body, they needed a lot of energy. If the replenishment was not timely, although there would be no major problems with their current power level, vitality, and spiritual power, it would be very uncomfortable during this period. Specifically, each “adaptation period” of the S-level ability user’s transformation beast was caused by insufficient energy.

    In order to better check the bodies of these power users, Mingyou took off the holographic glasses, and when he used the power of his heart to test the bodies of these power users, he could better observe the state of these people.

    Those power users were very surprised when they saw Mingyou take off the holographic glasses, and then his face turned pale all of a sudden. Seeing Mingyou’s lively and cheerful appearance before, they thought that the little spirit beast master’s social anxiety might not be as serious as they thought.

    “Mingyou, you don’t need to do this.” Old Neil said quickly.

    Arthur said: “Let him do it.”

    His Majesty the lion stopped pouring food into his mouth, stood up and shook his fur, showing disapproval of his younger brother.

    “He knows exactly what he is doing, and Xiaotian is also checking his body data.” Arthur said, “Let him do it.” After that, he let Yan Yi get out of the way and changed back to a little gray wolf.

    Arthur’s body glowed and turned into a black cat: “The black cat sofa you ordered is here.”

    Mingyou: “Pfft…”

    He leaned on the black cat, and the cat flicked his tail, acting like a quilt on his body. The black cat’s warm cat fur, smell, and emotional waves were as warm as spring sunshine. Mingyou seemed to have entered a safe house. His rapid breathing gradually eased, and blood returned to his face and limbs. Although his hands still trembled slightly and his voice stuttered a little when he touched others, he was able to communicate with people.

    The golden lion lay back on the sofa in the corner and continued to pour food into his mouth. Today, he was going to eat up his stupid brother’s stock, hiccup.

    The little wolf looked down at his claws with a shocked expression. Why did Mingyou’s condition improve from using the wolf sofa to the black cat sofa? Where was the wolf sofa inferior to the black cat sofa? Was his fur not soft enough? Should he go some grooming?

    Mingyou rubbed the gray wolf’s ears in tears and laughed: “It’s not that Dahui is not good enough, it’s just that Dahei makes people feel more secure.”

    The little gray wolf: “…” I don’t accept this explanation. Where was His Highness… Fine, His Highness did give people a sense of security when it comes to major events.

    The little gray wolf, who also often relied on the black cat, was in a tangle. The little red fox above Mingyou’s head shrunk silently and began to feel depressed.

    Although he occupied the position that the bully black cat used to occupy, why did he still have the feeling of losing? Damn bully cat! If it was him who saw Mingyou for the first time, iot would be him! The other partner spirit beasts, meditated, yawned, and some had fun playing with their claws.

    Anyway, they never thought of competing with His Highness for favor. In their hearts, His Royal Highness was also a big child who needed to be loved, and his status was only a little worse than Mingyou.

    With the safe house buff provided by the black cat sofa, Mingyou finally completed the feat of “intimate” contact with multiple strangers and completed the medical report. His brother’s report was naturally among them. When Mingyou saw the name “Tan Chenxi”, his eyes flashed, and as if nothing had happened, he naturally turned to the next document.

    Cui Li, the spirit beast form was… a Tibetan fox?! Mingyou’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, and the exhaustion from working for a long time was swept away! 

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