After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 53

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Today, a big man was coming to the Star Alliance Central Military Academy to report. This was an evaluation of the student himself. That was, the student himself was amazing. Even when Prince Arthur entered school, he was not considered a big man, he could only say that he had a “deep background”.

    The news has spread throughout the military academy, and people who don’t know it were curious to ask, what kind of person could be called a big man.

    “The senior who took me to do experiments didn’t care about anything but science, but the day before yesterday he unexpectedly said that he would go on vacation to watch a big man?!”

    “The students in the combat department have already started group-study, and the teachers have all run away.”

    “Self-study my foot, they all ran away.”

    “Even if a big man entered the school, aren’t they reacting too much? What if they met that big man? Did they want to learn from the heroes and heroines of idol dramas and rush to touch  porcelain?”

    “The spiritual beast cultivation department teachers are also crazy. Some are full of curses, some are desperate, some are ecstatic, like the scene of a large-scale drama.”

    “Why are there so many issues in the spiritual beast cultivation department? It is said that the textbooks for this year have not yet been set. Even though school has started.”

    “This battle is too big. According to gossip, the special police are wearing plain clothes to maintain campus order.”

    “An insider told me that it is not the special police, but the special operations detachment of the Prince’s direct troops. There are all S-level power users inside.”

    “The prince’s direct troops have been dispatched? Is it Prince Arthur? Has Prince Arthur re-enrolled?!”

    “It is possible. Maybe Prince Arthur thinks that his honorary doctorate is not good, and decided to come back for a few PhDs?”

    “No wonder there are some teachers in the Spirit Beast Cultivation Department who are acting like concubines. And the real insiders poured into beauty salons to take care of their appearance, and some people might really have made a plan to touch porcelain.”

    Even if the little spirit beast master hid his identity to avoid the crowd and report to the school alone, they could indeed touch porcelain or something. The little spirit beast master was not good at getting along with people, so they could turn into spirit beasts and touch porcelain.

    All they had to do was jump down to his feet, then lay down on the ground, revealing their belly, and try to raise their heads with watery big eyes, and look at the little spirit beastmaster pitifully. The little spirit beastmaster would definitely take out food and feed them, right? That was how stray animals on the street touched porcelain!

    Not to mention the students in the military academy, the teachers, even the spec-op soldiers detachment who participated in the escort mission also whispered. They heard that the little spirit beast master had been hurt by humans, so he disliked human beings. Should they collectively turn into spirit beasts to welcome the little spirit beast master?

    “What do you think, Tan Chenxi?” Cui Li asked.

    Tan Chenxi, who was black at the moment, glanced coldly at the roommate who was on a mission with him, not wanting to speak.

    He was now at the critical moment of breaking through the boundary. He often fell asleep at night and woke up suddenly when his supernatural power erupted, and his sleep was not enough. This Tibetan fox roommate was very excited last night because he was going to see the little spirit beast master. He ground his teeth in the middle of the night, talked in his sleep, and even screamed.

    He had to wake up his roommate in the middle of the night and let him “turn into a human” or “get out”, and then barely fell asleep in the second half of the night. Tan Chenxi finally understood why there was an unwritten rule in the military camp that after a person with abilities could become a spirit beast, his roommate would also be replaced by a spirit beast. This was to let the group of spirit beasts hurt each other, and not affect others?!

    After Cui Li turned into a spirit beast, he was worried that the Tan family would take action against him, and specifically applied to him not to change the dormitory. Tan Chenxi was still very moved at the time. Now? His gratitude had been fed to the square-faced Tibetan fox with narrow eyes.

    “What do you say, what do you say?” Cui Li asked perseveringly.

    “Please stand guard and be careful not to be cut by the captain.” Tan Chenxi said quietly.

    Cui Li said: “The captain himself can’t hold back, how can he scold us?”

    Tan Chenxi followed Cui Li’s line of sight, and found that their captain was also asking the vice-captain next to him, if the whole team should turn into a spirit beast. If all the transformed spirit beasts should welcome the little spirit beast master at the entrance.

    There was a burst of sadness in Tan Chenxi’s heart. They were dressed in plain clothes and mixed into the crowd for protection purposes. If they all turned into spirit beasts, was it still necessary to wear civilian clothes for concealment?

    Tan Chenxi’s head hurt. When he thought that he was going to become a spirit beast, his head hurt even more.

    Today’s phobia of spirit animals was doubled.jpg.

    Mingyou put on the clothes that Arthur gave him, and rode the Prince’s special “Decepticon” ship to the capital. He was now lying on the panoramic glass window sightseeing, like a bumpkin who has entered the city for the first time, drinking in the overlooking scenery of the capital star.

    Speaking of “Decepticon”, this name seemed a bit familiar? Mingyou thought for a while, and said to Arthur, who was giving orders to the subordinates around him: “Dahei, I remembered that the Decepticons were the name of a villainous robot organization in my previous life.

    Arthur, who was talking about his business: “…” This young man, on a whim, said something that made people want to kill him every day.

    “You record that story, and if it’s interesting, I’ll adapt it into a work that fits our worldview. Congratulations, your charitable foundation has another long-term income.” Arthur said angrily, “Stop lying on the window. Come here.”

    Mingyou wiped the window with his cuff and walked to the polar bear’s arms and sat down. The bear sitting on the carpet immediately adjusted his sitting position and turned into a comfortable ursine sofa. Mingyou raised his head, his expression simple and well-behaved. Dahei, please tell me, I’m sitting on the sofa and listening.

    Arthur: “…There is a sofa, why are you sitting against the bear?”

    Mingyou leaned back, with the white bear’s chin on his head, and his hands on the big white bear’s two forearms, sitting like a mountain king: “The polar bear sofa is comfortable.”

    Arthur: “…” Forget it, he didn’t care about this young man. If he wanted to care about stupid Mingyou, he would be so angry that he would die young sooner or later.

    “We’ll take you directly to the Spirit Beast Research Institute to find Old Neil, your teacher.” Arthur said, “There must be a lot of people watching along the way, follow me obediently, and wear the holographic glasses if you’re afraid. The glasses will replace all the people around you with your favorite plushies.”

    ​​Mingyou raised his hands above his head, tried his best to get over the head of the polar bear, and made an “O”.

    Arthur: “…” Mingyou, who had entered the city for the first time, was over-excited. Arthur hoped he would see many human beings later, and he could maintain his current state of excitement.

    Xiaotian’s projection appeared and taught Mingyou to use the holographic glasses. Mingyou only needed to touch his temples and a super cool, full-coverage glasses completely covered his eyes.

    Xiaotian: “Don’t worry. I will monitor your heart rate and emotional fluctuations, and automatically adjust the holographic glasses for you (づ ̄3 ̄)づ.”

    “Thank you Xiaotian.” Mingyou stretched out his hand, poked Xiaotian and popped the emoticon.

    The expression “(づ ̄3 ̄)づ” was poked and turned into colored soap bubbles. The soap bubbles swelled and flew forward, all over Arthur’s face.

    Arthur: “???” Was this AI going to rebel? Still should be donated.

    “Xiaotian can already detect emotional energy fluctuations?” The blue seal hurriedly changed the topic, lest Arthur directly dismantle Xiaotian, “Did the previous experiment succeed?”

    Xiaotian projected a holographic thumb and said: ” Yes, I am testing version 1.0 now, and I will try my best to upgrade the version.”

    Arthur waved away the holographic colored soap bubbles covering his eyes: “Mingyou, do you have anything else to ask?”

    Mingyou nodded vigorously: ” There are, there are, there are many things.”

    Arthur regretted his routine question.

    Mingyou: “Are you all going to school with me? Aren’t spirit beasts a secret?”

    Arthur: “The campus of the Star Alliance Central Military Academy is completely closed, and outsiders cannot enter the school. The school has a combat department that specializes in cultivating supernatural beings. Many geniuses in the combat department can become spirit beasts before they enter school, so students and teachers know about spirit beasts.”

    Mingyou: “Are there so many people who know about spirit beasts? Aren’t there a lot of people watching my live broadcast room? Aren’t there tens of thousands of viewers?”

    Arthur: “Be bolder, please count the number in billions. “

    Mingyou almost fainted. How many viewers were there in the live room?!

    Arthur raised an eyebrow. The Star Alliance was an interstellar alliance. How could silly Mingyou’s knowledge be like that of a primitive planet’s resident, not even to the level of an interstellar immigrant. Skyblue Star’s education was indeed very problematic.

    “Anything else?” Arthur sullenly asked again.

    Then, as expected, he got another lot of questions from Mingyou. This journey was spent by Mingyou who kept chatting and asking questions. Arthur was annoyed by the questioning, and began to order his soldiers with his eyes closed, and asked his subordinates to answer the questions.

    Arthur and his heroic subordinates worked together, and finally answered all the questions of the ignorant Mingyou. Mingyou was content, while Arthur and the other fluffy collapsed on the ground.

    This young man had too many questions, and all of them were common sense questions, which made people feel helpless and angry – the helplessness was towards Mingyou, and the anger was naturally towards Skyblue Star and the Tan family.

    Mingyou waved his hands again and again: “No, no, I think other people from Skyblue Star are definitely not as ignorant as me. I can’t leave school, I can’t surf the Internet, I don’t even have a place to buy extra-curricular books, and the only way to acquire knowledge was textbooks. They are different from me.”

    “Yes, yes, you are the only one in Skyblue Star who is a little stupid.” Arthur pulled Mingyou up from the polar bear sofa, “Check your appearance, we’re almost at the destination.”

    Mingyou stiffened. Arthur patted Mingyou on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, I’ll cover you, even if your head is empty, I won’t let you fall.”

    “If you fall, your partner spirit beasts will serve as a cushion for you.” Arthur glanced at his subordinates and added.

    “What are you worried about, we’ll protect you.”

    “Mingyou, cheer up!”

    “We have cleared the field ahead of time, and no one with bad intentions will come forward.”

    “Mingyou, please rest assured and rely on me.”

    “Who dares to bully you and me? Burn them with fire!”

    Spirit beasts, they only said a word, and their fluffy head rubbed against Mingyou’s body, messing up the clothes that Arthur had just arranged for him.

    Arthur rubbed his temples, snapped his fingers, and stretched out a robotic arm from the ceiling of the ship, imprisoning all his spirit beast subordinates, and then re-tidied Mingyou’s clothes: “Even if you can’t help it, please don’t make trouble. “

    He was tired. In the past, it was his subordinates who cleaned up messes for him. It was really tick for tack, the time had come for him to do the same for someone else.

    The Decepticon landed at the Star Alliance Military Academy’s exclusive airport, and the principal had been waiting there for a long time. But standing in the middle of the people who greeted him was not the headmaster, but Arthur’s brother.

    Arthur was startled when he walked out of the ship hatch. Why did his brother leave government affairs and come here?

    His Majesty Emperor Aldrich first nodded to Arthur, then passed his interstellar hero brother and the interstellar hero plushies, and walked towards Mingyou, who was firmly blocked by the plush.

    “Mingyou, you’ve worked hard.” His Majesty Emperor Aldridge had hair that was more brilliant than gold. Although his facial features were similar to Arthur’s, just looking at his hair and eye color, he was too different from Arthur. No wonder Arthur misunderstood when he was a little black cat that he was picked it up and ran away from home.

     “It’s not hard, it’s not hard.” When Mingyou was nervous, Xiaotian automatically helped him put on his holographic glasses, and His Majesty, who was full of kingly grace, turned into a golden lion with a bang.

     The golden lion raised his front paws, come, hold the paws.

     Mingyou: “…” His expression twisted, and he quickly grabbed the lion’s claws. Although the touch was still a human hand, the holographic pattern was really cute. Mingyu thought silently in his heart.

     His Majesty Emperor Aldrich was stunned for a moment when he saw the holographic glasses that suddenly appeared on Mingyou’s face, and then helplessly said: “What image did Xiaotian make for me?”

     “The big golden lion.” The pupil of Arthur’s one eye shone with subtle red light, half of his field of vision became Mingyou’s field of vision.

     He and his spirit beast subordinates also wore holographic glasses, but they were contact lens type. The reason why they didn’t use this kind of high-tech for Mingyou was because Mingyou’s holographic glasses were dismantled by himself, and they added a lot of data that could be used by spirit beast masters, such as emotional fluctuation detection, spirit beast body data detection etc.

    Of course, these tests did not violate privacy. Only when the spirit beast agreed, would the special function of the spirit beast master would be activated.

    Although Mingyou patted his chest and said that there was absolutely no problem with his transformation, Arthur was still worried that Mingyou’s modified version of the holographic glasses would break. With the current holographic glasses, if there was a problem, he could deal with it more quickly and be safer. Even if Xiaotian sent him a lot of scientific literature that contact holographic lenses were safe, he would ignore it.

    However, Mingyou himself really liked this kind of holographic glasses. Although the concept of contact lenses can have a sci-fi feel, the full-coverage holographic glasses were more like the images in various sci-fi animations he had seen in his previous life, which felt very cool.

    “That’s okay.” His Majesty Emperor Aldridge received the data from Xiaotian, and half of his field of vision became Mingyou’s holographic glasses field of vision.

    Hearing that Mingyou had added content related to the cultivation of spirit beasts to the holographic glasses, His Majesty Emperor Aldrich was very curious about what interesting things would be seen in these functions.

    Mingyou touched the glasses on his face. It turned out that invisible holographic projection contact lenses were standard for the Star Alliance? It was really futuristic.

    [System: I am more advanced than them. 】

    Mingyou: “…” You said you don’t have self-awareness? Why would the system refute on such an insignificant matter? Was this also a function implanted by the programmer? Was this programmer too strong?

    His Majesty Emperor Aldrich had come to the scene, and those present who wanted to make trouble shrank back their claws. In fact, when they saw the human form of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, they already wanted to turn around and run away. Prince Arthur had changed from a spirit beast to a human being, which meant that His Royal Highness’s injury was almost healed. What was the use of them struggling?

    When Prince Arthur didn’t have any prestige, he was able to rely on his strong personal charisma to differentiate a team of die-hard loyalists to follow him. Now that Prince Arthur was the number one hero of the Star Alliance, with an unprecedented reputation, how many people dared to oppose him?

    What’s more… their eyes turned to the middle of the two royal brothers, the young man who was half a head shorter than them – the genius who made a sensation on the intranet and changed the world of spiritual beasts by himself. Legend had it that he inherited the inheritance of an entire planet. The spirit beast master Mingyou.

    The fact that Prince Arthur could stand here in human form showed that Mingyu’s theory was correct. The spiritual beast academia of the entire Star Alliance will enter a new milestone starting today.

    Old Neil tidied up his clothes and stepped forward with a cane. He also said hello to Arthur first, and before he could say hello to Mingyou, he was supported by him. In Mingyou’s eyes, he was an old deer whose muscles had atrophied, his face was full of folds, and even his antlers had dried up.

    “Teacher Laolu?” Mingyou asked.

    Old Neil nodded with a smile: “Yes, it’s me. Xiaoyou, how are you.”

    “Mmmm, I’m fine. When I’m free, I’ll check your body.” Mingyou knew that Xiaotian’s holographic images of the ability users who can transform into beasts are all based on their own spirit beast images in the database, so Old Neil’s spirit beast form is probably already very bad.

    “Okay.” Old Neil smiled, “Just call me old Neil, I don’t dare to be your teacher, you are my teacher.”

    Mingyou hurriedly said, “Grandpa Neil, don’t say that, I will pay more attention in the future. I want to study with you. My basic subjects are still weak.”

    When Old Neil heard Mingyou called him “Grandpa Neil”, the wrinkles on his face were like flowers, and every streak revealed happiness: “Okay, okay, since you called me grandpa, I’ll teach you anything you want to learn. If I can’t teach it, and I still have many old friends who can teach you.”

    Seeing that Mingyou had just met Old Neil, he called him grandpa, and a series of sweet words coaxed the elder. Seeing the teeth but not the eyes, the spirit beast parents were stunned.

    Plushies: Wait, Mingyou, what about social fear?

    Mingyou: Social fear? What did social anxiety have to do with the spirit beasts in front of you?

    Plushies: But, these spirit beasts are all holographic projections?

    Mingyou: But what I see are spirit beasts, and their energy fluctuations also belong to spirit beasts.

    His Majesty Emperor Aldrich smiled and sighed: “Our family Mingyou is really…how to say, sometimes his nerves are unexpectedly rough.”

    “It should be said that most of the time his nerves are very rough.” Arthur’s heart calmed, if he hadn’t known Mingyou’s nerves, he wouldn’t have thought of the idea of ​​using holographic glasses to turn everyone around him into beast form.

    For everyone else, it was a bad idea. They know in their heart that this was a holographic projection, and they would definitely be nervous. And facing spirit beasts, shouldn’t they be more nervous?

    However, Mingyou, who was tough and was good at self-hypnosis, could really treat people like spirit beasts when he put on his glasses. Moreover, when Mingyou got along with spirit beasts, it was similar to the normal way of getting along with people, so there was no sense of abruptness at all.

    His Majesty Emperor Aldrich handed over the court to Old Neil and asked him to take Mingyou to meet his old buddies. He began to greet the other spirit beast heroes with more formal etiquette. After the fluffy people in the spaceship shook hands with His Majesty, the Emperor personally hung the badges of honor as necklaces.

    Mingyou greeted the elderly spirit beasts in front of him, and glanced at his own plushies.

    “Mingyou, come here.” Arthur waved at Mingyou.

    Mingyou was surprised: “Dahei… uh, Arthur, are you possessed?”

    Arthur: “…Why do you ask that?”

    Mingyou said solemnly: “You actually called me Mingyou.”

    Arthur held Mingyou’s cheeks and said, “Please don’t suddenly start talking about cross talk in front of so many people.”

    Mingyou covered his cheeks. Fine, it was time to be serious. But surrounded by fluffy star eyes, he couldn’t be serious.

     “You’ve been looking this way because you want to take a photo together.” Arthur glared at Mingyou, telling him to be honest, “You stand in the middle.”

    The other spirit beasts surrounded them and raised the medals around their necks with their claws. Smile for the camera! The photo was taken and immediately sent to the news media headquarters of the Star Alliance.

    At this moment, the war against the Zerg was fully declassified to the public, and the post-war commemoration work and awarding work were carried out in an all-round way. At the same time, the news of the spirit beasts and spirit beast masters was simultaneously announced to the entire Star Alliance.

    Many people are doomed to be sleepless tonight. Many residents of the administrative planet spontaneously took to the streets, holding fluorescent candles, mourning and praying for the martyrs who died on the battlefield.

    But the current Mingyou didn’t know that this photo he took would become an important symbol of a turning point in the history of the Star Alliance. He just looked at his own plushies with ribbon medals, he felt was very cute, so he just wanted to get together and take a photo.

    “It’s amazing.” Mingyou touched the medals one by one and was satisfied.

    Looking at this young man who was too lively and even a little “defiant” among so many people watching, the others looked at each other in dismay. The good little spirit beast master was very shy? Wasn’t this too arrogant?

    Mingyou: There are no people in my eyes, just a bunch of stuffed dumplings that I don’t know.

    Unfamiliar stuffed dumplings were best treated as non-existent. This was the first rule of Mingyou’s spirit beast master’s adventure rules. What was more, he interacted with his partner spirit beasts, they didn’t mind themselves, what did he mind?

    In short, Mingyou was still not good at socializing in this state. But he was now in the middle of a group of important people, so this behavior was not abrupt. After all, this group of big people gathered together to chat, as long as they didn’t beckon others, it would have nothing to do with others.

    After Mingyou touched the medal of his partner spirit beasts, he ran back to Old Neil and continued to chat with him and his old guys about the problems encountered in research.

    Old Neil and the group of old scientists laughed very kindly. Hey, this kid was so lively. Lively was good. They were very worried after knowing that Mingyou’s entire clan was destroyed and he was the only one left, so he still had a serious social barrier.

    Although Mingyou could only wear holographic glasses and treat them as spirit beasts, he could talk to them normally, but Mingyou’s optimistic and cheerful appearance was not fake. As long as Mingyou had sunshine in his heart, he would come out of the shadows sooner or later. .

    Such a good child, he wanted to lead the spiritual beast academia into a new future, and normal people hoped that his personal life could also be happy and prosperous.

    “My family is very dark, stingy, and very sensitive to the frequency of energy fluctuations, so I made this energy moderator, just like an air purifier, it can… Sigh!” Mingyou was talking about serious academic issues, and suddenly held his head.

    “I will take Mingyou to go through the check-in procedures.” Arthur pulled Mingyou’s cheeks and dragged Mingyou back to the main force.

    The old scientists were shocked. “His Royal Highness… Since he entered the military, he has never been so emotional.” Old Neil muttered, “Did he restrain his previous temperament?”

    “His Royal Highness deliberately acting very close to Mingyou in front of the camera?”

    “It should be like this. He told the media that Xiaoyou’s backer was him.”

    “That’s good, Xiaoyou has a prince to protect him, so he should be worry-free in this life.”

    “Wrong, I see that His Majesty treats Mingyou the same way he treats children? With the big cat family protecting him, what are you worried about? Their family is the best.”

    “I thought His Royal Highness would hide Mingyou, but I didn’t expect him to be there. He’s not afraid to put Mingyou in danger?”

    “What fire? It’s smart to be open like this.” The scientists thought about it and nodded. Yep, that was smart.

    Arthur let the whole world see how close they were to Mingyou, and how much respect they had given Mingyou. Let the whole world know Mingyou’s status in their hearts and in the Star Alliance, so as to deter evildoers.

    If they wanted to do something with Mingyou, they would be against all of them, or against the entire Star Alliance. And all the rumors after Mingyou’s identity was made public, with Arthur’s ability, they would definitely not let them spread to his ears.

    Mingyou wouldn’t get along with people with bad intentions, he wouldn’t accept any media interviews, and he won’t encounter anything he doesn’t want to encounter.

    Arthur would do everything Mingyou didn’t want to do. And where Mingyou wanted to grow, Arthur would also let Mingyou go. His Royal Highness, who treated his subordinates as siblings, treated his partner, the spirit beast master Mingyou, the same way.

    The news of Mingyou spread throughout the entire Star Alliance in an instant. Their most beloved Prince Arthur pinched Mingyou’s cheek and dragged Mingyou into a pile of plushies, and then immediately protected Mingyou. The video clip in the middle was reprinted by the whole network, and instantly rushed to the first place on the daily click list.

    Netizens were talking. “I just found out that the war against the Zerg was so tragic, and how great Prince Arthur and the ten heroes are. I changed my life goal to recommending a pillow seat to His Royal Highness Prince Arthur… Who is that kid! Get his profile for me!”

    “Whoever has the strength, go first. People with diabetes go, don’t let the upstairs taste the sweetness.”

    “This person is obviously the little spirit beast master mentioned before, right? His Royal Highness and the ten heroes were rescued by him.”

    “As a spiritual beast, His Royal Highness Mingyou has the same high QAQ status as His Royal Highness.”

    “There is a spiritual beast certification label? Damn, this cow is really a god. I hand the microphone upstairs, I heard that you spirit beasts have been hungry all the time?”

    “Yes, there’s just not enough to eat. Although it is hard for you to believe that in the interstellar era, as the strongest power users, we can’t get enough to eat, but not enough is not enough. Wow, I heard that Mingyou will be there today. The Spirit Beast Cafeteria in the Military Academy prepared a feast for everyone, and every spirit beast has a share. Hey hey, hey hey, I touched my student ID and laughed out loud.”

    “Wretched! It’s outrageous! Why! The Star Alliance doesn’t only have one military academy! We are hungry too!”

    “There is no way, the Central Military Academy is the prince’s alma mater, and His Royal Highness must be close to his alma mater first.”

    “I still can’t believe it, was the problem our Star Alliance scientists have studied for a long time really solved by a young man who is less than twenty years old?”

    “My most respected Professor Neil said, applied science is very cruel, it’s all about the results. Mingyou can solve the problem of feeding the spirit beasts, and he can cure His Royal Highness and the ten heroes. He is very powerful. Besides, the research was not all gathered by himself.”

    “Yes, Mingyou’s interview said, he is only the data organizer, not discoverer. He became the only survivor of the beastmaster planet because he had a very good memory. I guess he may have hypermnesia, and he can’t forget.”

     “Maybe the planet stuffed all the data into the planet’s main AI, and brought it out as a light brain for Mingyou? So he doesn’t necessarily have hypermnesia, but he has the strongest learning ability?”

     “It is also possible that he is a spirit beast master. The only young man on the planet. Didn’t the experts say it? The Beast Master Planet is a large research base, and it was filled with researchers who have escaped. Mingyou is the only new generation.”

     “Escape, tsk tsk tsk. Applied science is really cruel. If there is no research result, just kill the person who has researched the result (funny).”

     “Don’t talk nonsense, be careful that you lose your account.”

    Mingyou happily signed and received his student card. From now on, he would be a glorious college student! His highest diploma would finally not be a high school diploma!

    While he admired his student card and treated it like a treasure, many official media of the Star Alliance released his text interviews, which comprehensively explained the matter of the spirit beast master planet, and discussed the knowledge of spirit beasts. The future made its own outlook.

    While guarding him, the fluffy people behind him were busy monitoring public opinion and sending out some “fake news” at any time to guide everyone to discuss spirit beasts and spirit beast masters.

    “If I wear holographic glasses all the time, I think I’ll be fine even if I go to school normally.” After successfully completing the admission procedures, Mingyou’s self-confidence burst.

    “Okay, do you want us to be your companions?” Arthur asked humbly, “Before that, for your safety, we have to buy a piece of land nearby and build a house for you.”

    Mingyou: “…Why buy land? 

    Arthur said, “You know that we… yes, we, including you, are in the top 100 for bounties on the dark web? Each of your partners has at least an entire medium-sized star thief group after their lives.”

    Mingyou: “Wow, that’s amazing! No, I mean, I’d better go back to the nursing home obediently.” Terrible. There were still dark web killers or something, how was this world completely different from what he imagined?

    Uh, it seems like this world was more normal? What he imagined…Using legendary spirit beasts to destroy the world or dominate the world? Time reversal? National mind control? Mingyu fell into deep thought. It seemed that the content of his brain was a little scary.

    “Why are you distracted again?” Arthur told him about safety issues for a long time, and found that Mingyou was dazed, and he didn’t know which hillside to run to.

    “I’m thinking, will this world be the same as mine, where someone uses the legendary divine beast to destroy the twelve dimensions or something?” Mingyou touched his curly hair, “Then you and I master the creation of the world. Save all the dimensions and recreate the world with the power of the twelve spirit beast slates.”

    Mingyou’s words were privately chatted through the optical network, so only he and his partner spirit beasts could hear. Arthur made an exception and opened the channel to his brother who knew that Mingyou had a previous life.

    Now, the big cat brothers and a group of fluffies were all petrified. They also thought that the Zerg invasion was an unprecedented crisis for the Star Alliance. Mingyou’s previous world was just a small backward planet that had not yet started interstellar immigration, right? Why did they start destroying the twelve dimensions? Was something wrong with his planet?

    Mingyou found that he was talking nonsense about the content of his brain supplement again, and shut up.

    “Very good, you can write down what you said, and I will adapt it into an animation or a game.” Arthur’s mind turned frantically, “Your charity foundation has another long-term income, congratulations.”

    Mingyou: “…Okay .” It seemed that he has to find time to sort out the popular animation, film, video, game music, etc. from his previous life, and contribute to the fictional planet of spirit beast masters big image. The planet of the beastmasters was equal to Earth, and the creators of those anime, video games, etc. were all his predecessors. This setting was very interesting.

    Mingyou was chatting with Arthur, the corner of his eyes drifted to the crowd next to him. No, to the herd of beasts. In Mingyou’s vision, the holographic images of ability users who could transform were of their beast form, while the images of people who couldn’t transform into beasts were all apes.

    Among the great apes, a large fox with khaki fur caught Mingyou’s eyes. Character face, squinting eyes, that detached look, could this be…

    Mingyou pulled Arthur’s cuffs with both hands, his voice trembling with excitement: “Dahei! Look! Look! It’s a Tibetan fox! Tibetan fox Ah!!”

    Arthur: “???” Tibetan fox? Where did a tibetan fox come from? What about a fox? Why was he so excited??? 

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