After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 52

   Mingyu was really moved when he opened the gift. Dahei was the prince of the Star Alliance, and his other colleagues must also be important figures. These bosses saw through his worries, and in order to soothe him, regardless of face, they got into a gift box.

    Mingyou thought, his expression must have been very distorted at that time. He was a cowardly child who loved to cry. In order to survive, he forced himself to hold back tears even if they had reached his eyes.

    After coming here, apart from bitterly crying after seeing the tragic state of Dahei and the others, he worked hard to hold back the tears and become a strong Mingyou. Now, he really wanted to hug his plushies and bawl, to cry out all the uneasiness in his heart along with all the grievances, sorrows, and loneliness when he was treated unfairly after he came into this world.

    But Dahei… But Dahei he… Mingyou held the little black palm-sized cat in his hands and collapsed: “Dahei! Dahei! Can you be serious for a second! Don’t destroy the atmosphere like this, okay!

    The black cat’s claws rested on Mingyou’s thumb, squinted and said, “What is wrong? Look at your eyes, they are as red as a rabbit. If you continue to be moved, you will probably wipe your tears and snot with my fur?”

    Mingyou blushed with anger: “I didn’t! I won’t use your fur to wipe my tears!”

    The black cat opened his eyes and sneered: “You dare? Will you swear by all the spirit beasts present? If you have wiped away your tears and snot with my scarf, you will never touch their fur again.”

    Mingyou: “…” Mingyou looked around at the spirit beasts watching the play. The spirit beasts showed encouraging smiles at him. It didn’t matter whether he swore or not, it was a loss either way.

    Mingyou concealed his guilty conscience, put down the black cat, and tried to change the subject: “But you are big figures in the Star Alliance, I can’t compare at all.

    “It’s not that we just became big figures in the Star Alliance.” The little black cat jumped on top of Mingyou’s head and lay lazily on his side, licking his paws, washing his face and combing his hair.

    Mingyou: “Is there any difference?”

    The black cat contemptuously said, “Please think about it with your not-so-smart head, there is a big difference.”

    Mingyou scratched his head, and was beaten by the little black cat with his paws. He scratched his head knowing Dahei was on top of his head, he just wanted to mess up this cat’s fur! Retaliation! Mingyu withdrew his hand. He understood what the little black cat meant.

    It was only when the spirit beasts lost their minds. After they recovered their memories, they still indulged him, and they didn’t care about it. So whether the way they got along would return to what it was before depended only on his own thoughts.

    In other words, it seemed that Mingyou’s courage was not enough. As long as Mingyou was brave enough, His Royal Highness was his cat pillow and quilt. Amazing, very exciting! Mingyou felt that he was now at the peak of his life. Just ask the entire Star Alliance, who had such a noble quilt and pillow! Wait, Dahei was the prince of the Star Alliance, didn’t that mean Dahei’s eldest brother, His Majesty the Golden Lion…

    “Dahei, your brother… That mighty golden lion…” Mingyou’s voice trembled.

    “The Emperor of the Star Alliance, His Majesty Aldrich.” The little black cat straightened his cat’s beard and laughed in his throat.

    Mingyou: “…” Mingyou squatted down with his head in his arms, and was beaten again by the little black cat with a paw pad. He already said, he was on his head! Mingyou’s head was his territory now! Don’t put his hands up!

    “That little snow leopard is His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.” Mingyou murmured.

    The indigo kangaroo smiled and shook her head: “No, the Star Alliance does not have a prince. Although we all call Hans His Highness in private, the emperor of the Star Alliance is actually decided by lottery.”

    Mingyou remembered Dahei gave him (crossed out) Chicken Soup for the Soul (crossed out) Star Alliance Common Sense. “Dahei, you said it was none of your business at that time.” He finally caught Dahei’s little braid, “You said you never lied to me!”

    “It’s none of my business, how could it be my business? “The black cat coldly snorted, “I have contributed and shed blood for the Star Alliance. As the supreme commander who led the Star Alliance to fight against the Zerg invasion, wouldn’t this honor allow me to get an exemption from the lottery?”

    Mingyou: “…” He went to wipe the black paint off the ice sculpture. Dahei, turn back into your larger form, one must take responsibility for themself!

    The emperor, prince, and other spirit beasts were actually human, so let’s leave it behind for the time being. Although Mingyou had tried very hard to digest this sudden and powerful amount of information, Dahei really did not give him a break.

    What did it mean that he made merits for the Star Alliance, he had shed blood for the Star Alliance, and he was determined not to be the emperor? The style of the Star Alliance royal family was so strange that even the image of the entire Star Alliance in Mingyou’s mind collapsed.

    In Skyblue Star’s education, the Star Alliance was a group of old bureaucrats who didn’t work and still sucked the blood of the autonomous star region. In the books he came to read in the sanatorium, the Star Alliance had a normal government with good and bad personnel, but the upper echelons still hoped that the Star Alliance would develop a better and more positive government.

    But with the voice of his own Dahei howling in Mingyou’s mind, the Star Alliance government had turned into a group of big and small beasts rolling around, whimpering and roaring “I don’t want to go to work” in various animal languages.

    Excuse him, with such a cute governing body, could he become a civil servant? Although he didn’t know anything about government affairs, he was very good at feeding and grooming! Mingyou forced the black cat to manually clean the ice sculpture, and shook his head vigorously to get rid of the strange picture in his mind.

    The black cat was reluctantly rubbing the ice sculpture, muttering a series of swear words in meows while cleaning. The indigo kangaroo covered Mingyou’s ears with both claws and stared at the black cat with disapproval.

    “I’m so tired, I’m quitting.” The black cat threw the mop, lay down on the ground, and began twisting on the ground like a worm with curled claws. “There are robots, why do I need to do this, Mingyou is abusing cats!”

    “Your Highness, do you remember that you are actually a big liger?” Herman asked.

    Dahei continued to roll around slowly on the ground: “Ligers are referred to as big cats for short.”

    Herman: “…”

    Mingyou pulled down the indigo kangaroo’s paws that covered his eyes, and laughed: “Okay, Dahei, don’t be rude, let Xiaotian come.”

    Xiaotian watched the excitement for a long time, and now he came out and sent a “<( ̄︶ ̄)>” holographic emoji, and ordered a group of robots to rush over with their robotic arms, and the big black cat lying on the ground was run over.

    Black Cat: “… believe me or not, I’ll donate you to the Star Alliance Library?”

    Mingyou rushed over and hugged the big black cat who was going to dismantle the robot: “Dahei, don’t be angry. Wait for the robot to finish. If it’s dismantled, don’t we have to spend money to repair it?”

    The black cat shrugged twice without moving, and sat down in anger, “meow woo woo” scolding, and was reprimanded by the indigo kangaroo.

    Mingyou rubbed the black cat’s pointed ears on his cheeks, and his mood completely calmed down. What about the big names in the Covenant? As Dahei said, they still got along with him like this on the premise of knowing his identity. So apart from himself, no one cared about any differences in status. As long as he didn’t care, this life could go on.

    “Stop rubbing, your ears are itchy.” The black cat pushed Mingyou, who was clinging to him, “It’s still early, so let’s cook. You’ve been starving us for so many days!”

    Mingyou defended himself: “I don’t have a robot to help. I still have a lot of nutritious biscuits left for cooking… Okay, you greedy cat, I’ll do it now. Let’s eat hot pot.”

    The hot pot base was simple, and the seasonings were thrown into the pot. Fry the base until fragrant, pour in the water and it was done. The bottom of the pot could be boiled slowly when the vegetables were being rinsed, and the more they ate, the more fragrant it was.

    “You’re so lazy.” The black cat muttered, “You just make a hot pot base, and we will prepare all the dishes.” Although he complained, the black cat followed Mingyou into the kitchen to help him handle the ingredients.

    The other plushies went upstairs to wash up, take care of their fur, and instructed the robot to clean up the area where the gifts were delivered, and then went into the kitchen to help with the work.

    The kitchen in the nursing home was as big as a school playground in order to make it easier for the spirit beasts to come in and do work (steal food). There was also an elevator that went directly to the underground freezer. Mingyou no longer needed to run up and down stairs with meat from a fridge taller than him. Although Mingyou himself didn’t feel tired, all the fluffy people felt uncomfortable watching this scene.

    Mingyou stood on the high platform, holding a large shovel about his height, humming a song while happily frying the hot pot base in a pot big enough to bathe inside, while the fluffy ones were processing the ingredients, mentally chatting in the group.

    Dabai: “His Highness’s idea really worked, and Mingyou’s mood really eased up.”

    The brave and fearless Dahei with an iron fist: “That’s right, it doesn’t matter how familiar I am with this trick. Mingyou spoils me the most. I’m good at it.”

    Dahuang: “Your Highness, why is your nickname so exaggerated?” (Da Huang was silenced for a minute.)

    Dahui: “Mingyou has such a big heart, he accepted it so quickly? I thought after he knew about our identities, he would be restrained for a while.”

    The brave and fearless Dahei: “According to my understanding of Mingyou, he is just forcing himself to accept it, forcing himself not to think about it. He doesn’t want to ruin his current life.”

    Daqing: “Mingyou is a good boy with a soft heart.”

    Dalan: “…It turns out that His Highness deliberately painted the ice cube black, so that he could be reprimanded by Mingyou, and then played tricks on Mingyou to make him happy, to eliminate emotional misgivings?”

    Dalu said, “I always thought that His Highness was jealous of Huo Ritian’s cuteness?” (Dalu was silenced for an hour.)

    Numerous fluffy subordinates: “…” Dalu, one just needs to know something in their heart, but he actually said it? This ban was not out of place.

    Dabai: “Since Mingyou accepts our identity, can we send him to school together? I’m still worried that Mingyou will be bullied in school.”

    Xiaolu: “Seconded. Mingyou is not good at getting along with people. If he was ridiculed by those old immortals and their disciples, he won’t know how to reply.”

    Dahong: “Your Royal Highness, let’s go together. We are both Mingyou’s parents, how can we not accompany our children to school?”

    Dahuang: “…I just mentioned a nickname, Your Highness, isn’t it too much for you to silence me?” (Dahuang was silenced for five minutes.)

    The plush elders chatted in the group, Mingyou’s fried hot pot ingredients were also cooking. They had a delicious hot pot meal together after a long absence. On the table, they, who had already confessed to Mingyou, were finally able to speak freely. To eat hot pot, they have to chat, to have the best atmosphere. So Mingyou listened to the gossip and secrets of the upper ranks of the Star Alliance, and his hands trembled slightly.

    “What are you afraid of? When it comes to secrets, you are the biggest secret of the Star Alliance, right?” The black cat despised him.

    Mingyou was at a loss: “Really?”

    “Yeah, yes, eat your food.” The black cat fished out a spoonful of vegetables, and Mingyou began to worry about how he would eat the vegetables given to him. He was not a spirit beast, so even if he ate a lot, he shouldn’t hiccup or gain weight?

    “Are you dissatisfied with my body size and appetite?” The black cat narrowed his eyes.

    Mingyou shook his head vigorously, and obediently held the bowl to eat, slandering in his heart. Dahei looked mature, reliable, elegant and graceful, but how could he be so grumpy when he became a big cat? When human beings became spirit beasts would their temper be affected by animal nature? This was a good research topic.

    Mingyou stopped shaking, and the group of fluffies felt relieved and continued to pour vegetables into their mouths at the dining table. The topics ranged from the seniors of the Academy of Sciences who were idiots, to the old stubborn idiots in the military, and even a lot of idiots at the top of the government. In short, Mingyou’s ears were filled with a series of “idiots”, and even the indigo kangaroo didn’t say anything, scolding more vigorously than anyone else.

    After scolding the idiots, they began to recall bittersweet thoughts again, starting from the beginning of their military career, talking about how much they made great contributions on the battlefield. The scenes of blood and flesh on the battlefield they described made Mingyou stare at the red meat in his bowl. But after listening to it a lot, Mingyou calmly regained his appetite and continued to eat the food given by Dahei.

     The big plushies chatted while eating hot pot, and glanced at Mingyou from the corner of their eyes. Seeing that Mingyou accepted the humans they talked about well, they breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, what His Highness said was right. He talked about things when he was a human being like a small talk at the dinner table. There wouldn’t be any resistance in Mingyou’s head.

     After Mingyou got used to it, he wouldn’t be afraid when he saw his own spirit beasts changing to a living person walking around the house, right? But wasn’t Mingyou too thick in the head? Didn’t ordinary people get scared when they hear what happened on the battlefield? Why did he only see the bowl of meat and vegetables in front of him? Then again, if Mingyou’s nerves weren’t enough, he wouldn’t trust a black cat of unknown origin.

    Dahei the cat of unknown origin: ??? Didn’t this group of subordinates only show a little respect to his position when they encountered difficulties?

    In the end, Mingyou didn’t finish all the food that the big black cat gave him. Under the black cat’s contemptuous eyes, he poured all the dishes into the cat’s bowl. Although the black cat showed an expression of “o (▼ ▼ ) o”, he still helped Mingyou to sweep away the leftovers with the perked ears.

    The hot pot was so delicious, hiccup. After eating hot pot, they must take a shower. But this time Mingyu was a little hesitant. The fluffy people in front of them were actually people, and there were men and women. Wasn’t it a bit inappropriate to rush into the bathroom together?

    “First of all, we have energy bodies, animal shape and human shape have nothing to do with it” The black cat said lazily, “As for you… After you go to the battlefield, everyone uses a big bathhouse. Everyone is queuing up to take a bath, and they are not interested in looking at anyone’s body.”

    “The opposite sex… Although Daqing and Xiaolu don’t mind, several recruits have been stripped by their own hands. But we all know that you can be shy, didn’t you realize that the newly built bathhouse is divided into male and female?”

    “So Daqing and Xiaolu are so powerful?” Mingyou’s face was shocked. What happened to cause that?!

    “I’ll ask Xiaotian to send you media reports about our lives later.” The black cat shivered.

    Mingyou, who was dumped in foam: “Dahei! Don’t shake your fur when you take a shower!”

    Dahei: I shake, I shake, I shake and purr.

    Mingyou immediately jumped up and pressed the black cat down.

    “Don’t play while taking a bath. Believe it or not, Instructor Adeline will rush in and hang the two of you naked at the door of the bathhouse.” The yellow monkey sat in the bath with a towel around his neck.

    Mingyou and the black cat immediately sat upright, took a bath obediently, and dared not make trouble again. Mingyou winked at the big black cat: Did Daqing really strip people naked and hang them at the door of the bathroom?

    The big black cat nodded vigorously: Yes, it’s true and scary.

    Mingyu sucked in a breath of cold air. He was well-behaved, Daqing would definitely not treat him like this, but Dahei had to be careful. But Dahei was the prince, mother Daqing should be merciful, right?

    The black cat ▼_▼. No, of course not, the great kangaroo mother of course treated her children equally. No mentions of any black history.

    After taking a shower and blowing hair/fur, Mingyou carefully checked his luggage. Tomorrow, he would temporarily leave the nursing home and go to the capital star for school. He had never been to the Capital Star in his life! A little scared but still excited!

    “Dabai has already arranged a route for you. After the report is finished, we will go on a tour.” After the black cat dried his fur, it fluffed up, and even his long legs could no longer be seen, becoming a short-legged cat .

    Mingyou took out a comb from the system backpack to help the black cat: “You guys are recovering now, shouldn’t you be very busy? No need to accompany me, I’m fine myself.” He must cheer up and not disgrace his partner spirit beast. Mingyou returned to blind optimism.

    “Aren’t we still in a convalescence period? Is there any major matter in the Star Alliance that needs injured heroes who are still in convalescence to come forward and solve it?” The black cat put his head in Mingyou’s arms and asked him to scratch his chin. Public affairs can be solved through the holographic network, and we don’t need to run around.”

    “When we really need to travel, we take turns, and will not leave you alone. You are the big treasure of all the spirit beasts in our Star Alliance, and you cannot have any problems. We will protect you personally, don’t worry.” The black cat yawned, “At least I’ll be with you every day when I’m at leisure.”

    Although Mingyou was very moved, he was still very puzzled: “Dahei, but as a prince, how can you be the most idle?” 

    The black cat yawned again: “Yes, I am the prince, there is the emperor above, but there are countless subordinates who can be squeezed, if I am not idle who is idle. From ancient times to the present, aren’t the leaders the most idle people in the country?”

    Mingyou: “…” Although he thought Dahei was so idle now, it really had nothing to do with any royal family. He probably understood why the big cat family refused to be the emperor. If the big cat family was as lazy as Dahei, it was really admirable for such a lazy cat to lead the Star Alliance.

    Mingyou curled up beside the black cat’s fur, and fell asleep in the familiar smell and temperature. The black cat who kept yawning opened his eyes and carefully looked at Mingyou’s very insecure posture, with a mischievous smile in his eyes.

    The next morning, Mingyou habitually rubbed his cat pillow and said good morning with half-squinted eyes. Then he felt that the pillow in his arms didn’t feel right.

    Eh! Where’s the fur on his cat pillow?! The energy and emotional fluctuations were from his cat pillow, but Dahei couldn’t turn completely bald overnight, right?! Mingyou’s drowsiness was wiped away, and he widened his eyes.

    “Morning, Mingyou.” A man in silk pajamas said confusedly, then rolled over with Mingyou in his arms and continued to sleep.

    Mingyou: “…” Mingyou rolled and crawled away from the man’s arms, and fell off the bed with a “thump”.

    “Noisy.” The man muttered, “Does it hurt? Stupid Mingyou.”

   This tone was his family’s Dahei. This time Mingyou didn’t let the story of two people turn into an emotional entanglement between three people. He climbed back on the bed, knelt beside the man and looked at him carefully.

    Okay, it was definitely His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, who changed into a cat yesterday. How did Dahei become a human QAQ!!!

    “Da, Dahei, wake up.” Mingyou stretched out a finger and carefully poked the man’s shoulder.

    “Call me after breakfast,” the man said, reaching out and pulling up the quilt, covering his head. Okay, it’s Dahei that slept in bed, that was right.

    “Dahei, Dahei, get up.” Mingyou stretched out his finger and poked the man’s head again, “You have become a human.”

    “I was originally a human.” The man said confusedly, “You are not a human, I just became a human.”

    Mingyou couldn’t help laughing and crying. Dahei, you are a person now, and your image has collapsed! Do you know how much the difference between what you say now and your appearance is? He was still thinking yesterday, Dahei, you were so stable and elegant when you were in human form, but did you just look stable and elegant?

    “Dahei, I mean, the fur on your body, your tail, and your belly are all gone.” Mingyou stretched out his finger, poked, poked, and poked, “Get up!”

    “Stupid Mingyou, don’t try to scare me. My fur is fine…” The man reached out and touched his belly, then jumped up from the bed, “Why is it light?! Where’s my belly fur?!”

    Mingyou : “…” Mingyou’s hands trembled, he silently covered his face, and then his whole body trembled. He can’t laugh. But he can’t help it…Hahahahahaha!

    Arthur looked down and said, “I’ve become a human?” Then he heard Mingyou’s laughter. Arthur said angrily, “Mingyou, is it funny?”

    Mingyou covered his face and shook his head vigorously. Not funny, not funny, not funny at all hahaha.

    “I was so scared that I fell asleep.” Arthur slowly got up from the bed and scratched his hair, “Didn’t I scare you?”

    Mingyou put down his hands covering his face and said honestly, “I was scared.”

    Arthur glanced at Mingyou and said, “You shouldn’t be scared at this time.”

    Mingyou: “…Dahei, can you not say such wayward words with this face?”

    Arthur said angrily: “What happened to my face?”

    Mingyou: “Your face is like a perfect god, but as soon as you speak, it turns back into black cat.”

    Arthur: “…” Arthur walked up to Mingyou, grabbed his cheek and said, “Come on, let me Let me see, is this mouth talking nonsense? Huh?”

    Mingyou quickly begged for mercy. Arthur let go of his hand, arrogantly hummed, and yawned while washing up. Mingyou touched his cheek and looked at Arthur’s back. Although he was startled when he woke up in the morning, it seemed that he was not very resistant to Dahei’s human figure after such a fuss. After all, the humanoid Dahei shouted “Where’s my belly fur?” after waking up.

    Mingyu’s expression gradually distorted. Hahahahahaha, “where was my belly hair?” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Don’t use that face to say such funny things, okay? Dahei had the potential to be a comedian!

    “Mingyou, I’m warning you, if you laugh again, you can sleep by yourself at night.” Arthur leaned against the door frame of the bathroom and said sullenly.

    Mingyou shuddered and whispered, “Please don’t use your human form to say such things.”

    “So?” Arthur turned into a human-shaped light, exploded with a “pop”, and became a big black cat.

    “Wow.” Mingyou still exclaimed when he watched the cat transform again.

    “What?” The black cat turned into a big cat light, the light shrank and elongated, and exploded with a “pop”, changing back to Arthur in silk pajamas.

    “Wow.” Mingyou turned into a creature that only said “Wow”.

    “Again.” Changed back to the big cat. “And so.” Change back to human.

    “That’s it.” The big change cat

    “Hahahaha, don’t change any more, Dahei.” Mingyou laughed so hard that he could hardly breathe.

    “Come and wash up, I’m going to report to school today.” Arthur snorted coldly, “Also, please call me Arthur when I’m in human form. Don’t you think the name Dahei is very inappropriate for people?”

    Mingyou wiped away tears, he said, “Isn’t the big cat stupid?”

    Arthur mocked: “So you know it.”

    Mingyou: “…” Oops! He hurriedly shut his mouth and obediently washed and changed his clothes. After changing clothes, Mingyou’s question mark appeared again. “By the way, Dahei, why do you have your own clothes after you become a human?”

    “Spirit beasts can energize clothes. Moreover, according to this ability of spirit beasts, the system is also designed with automatic clothes changing. As long as the light brain sets the mode, when the body changes, they can put on pre-set clothes.”

    “Dahei, after you turn into a spirit beast, is it really useful?”

    “You tell a group of energy bodies that are useful? Why don’t you? Are you saying that the sunlight you are basking in now is fruitful?”

    “Dahei, the color of your hair and eyes is the same as when you were a cat. Isn’t the spiritual beast the embodiment of supernatural power?”

    “It’s the opposite. A power user who can become a spirit beast will be affected by the energy body, and their hair color and eye color will change. This is called the change of ‘half energy body’. You haven’t read this in your books yet. “

    “I’m studying spirit beasts, not power users. Fine, I’ll make up for this part of the lesson right away! Dahei, power users can be transformed into half-energy bodies, doesn’t that mean you can get cat ears and tail?”

    “No, at least not now. Power users who can transform into beasts are in a state of insufficient energy, especially those with special powers, who dare not use power easily, who will waste power I can try this kind of boring thing.”

     Mingyou said: “How can this be called boring? Humanoid appearance is better to use various high-tech weapons. If human beings can have a semi-energy incarnation, they can freely switch state and weapons, and even turn some of your energy into their body when they are fatally attacked, making the attack ineffective.”

     Arthur: “…” He stopped and took a deep look at the boy beside him.

     Mingyou was sluggish: “What, what’s wrong.” Would he dare talk nonsense in front of the humanoid Dahei?

     “As expected of my partner spirit beast master, very good, very thoughtful.” Arthur rubbed Mingyou’s soft black curly hair, and it felt really good. Mingyou liked to play with the big black cat’s fur, and Arthur had long been greedy for Mingyou’s curly hair.

     “When I can conjure a tail, I’ll play with you.” Arthur promised.

     Mingyou: “…No need? It seems perverted.”

     Arthur: “Are you sure you don’t? This black cat’s tail is no longer available for you to play with.”

     “I was wrong.” Mingyou immediately admitted as always.

    “Morning, Mingyou, Your Highness… ehhh? How did you become a human being, Your Highness?” The white bear was so frightened that he fell to the ground and made a loud noise.

    Mingyou hurriedly rushed over to help the polar bear up: “Dabai? Does it hurt? Is there any problem?”

   “The bear’s skin is thick and fleshy, what could be the problem?” Arthur covered his mouth with his hands and yawned, “When I fell asleep, I changed back, probably because the energy body was injured and the body was unstable.”

    Dabai: “…” Do you think I will believe it? He was a beast too, okay?! Unless the physical condition was too bad, the body of an ability user would activate the self-protection mechanism automatically and became a spirit beast. Otherwise, the form change of the ability user could be switched consciously and actively?! His Highness, his words were deceiving Mingyou!

    Lie to Mingyou? The white bear glanced at Mingyou who was not afraid of Arthur’s figure, as if he had completely accepted it. His Highness was lying to Xiaoyou? Mingyou has opened up? How did His Highness do it? Could it be that His Royal Highness was best at entertaining relatives with colorful clothes?

    As long as he was shameless, he was invincible? The polar bear was very itchy. He wanted to quickly find out how His Royal Highness made Mingyou accept his human form so quickly. He was eager to learn. As for humiliation, His Highness could lose face, why couldn’t he lose it?

    “Don’t think about it.” When Mingyou went to the kitchen to instruct a robot to make breakfast, Arthur said indifferently to the bear’s question, “When you are in animal form, you can approach Mingyou as you like, but when you are in human form, please avoid suspicion.”

    Avoid suspicion? The polar bear was dumbfounded. Then…… The white bear collapsed: “Your Highness! You can’t! At least you shouldn’t! Mingyou is still a child!”

    Arthur gave the polar bear a white look. When is a nineteen-year-old a child? Besides, he didn’t necessarily have those kinds of feelings for Mingyou now. But the big cat had to mark the territory first? Stupid bear go away.

    His Royal Highness Prince Arthur walked into the kitchen to steal a meal with graceful steps… No, I helped Mingyou make breakfast.

    So a bunch of fluffies got up and saw a white bear ornament that seemed to have lost his soul at the door of the kitchen. Looking into the kitchen along the bear ornament’s line of sight, they saw two humans who were chatting while cooking.

    Two humans?! Why were there two humans?! Where did another human come from?! Why was he acting so close to our family’s Mingyou?! The parents didn’t care to ask the reason why the white bear lost his soul, they rushed into the kitchen, and then braked in front of Mingyou, causing a traffic accident.

    “Are you hungry? Breakfast will be ready soon.” Mingyou looked at the fluffy people who were smashed into a ball in front of him, and said with concern, “Today, there are pancakes with soy milk. I added a lot of eggs to each pancake!”

    Arthur glanced at his stupid fluffy subordinates, and said arrogantly: “Either come help, or go back to the dining room and wait for the meal, don’t make trouble here.”

    Mingyou sighed: “Dahei, can you stop being so violent? Please? Pay a little attention to your current image. Can your words and actions be worthy of your perfect face and temperament?”

    Arthur stretched out his long legs and hooked his feet, causing Mingyou to lose his balance , fall into a ball of plush, and not get up for a long time.

    “Does this fit?” Arthur asked humbly.

    Mingyou pulled himself out of the furpile, wanting to cry without tears: “It fits, it fits, everything fits.” Dahei, did he know how difficult it was to take care of his black curly hair!

    “You should have said that earlier. Why say so much nonsense?” Arthur rolled up his sleeves and continued to gracefully cut vegetables, “What are you still doing on the ground? Are you pretending to be fake and shoddy carpets? That won’t save you when it’s time to work.”

    Fluffy ones: “…” His Highness was not like this when he was in human form, how could he still act like when he was a big black cat? DId he take the wrong medicine?

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  1. Omg…MY life is getting richer and livelier with DaHei nonsense on everything…though there are some truth in DaHei nonsense🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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