After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 51

When a group of fluffies inspected the factory, the staff started to shiver in anxiety. As expected of interstellar heroes who survived hails of bullets, their momentum was really too powerful.

    “Dong dong dong, dong dong dong.” The big wolf’s tail kept hitting the floor.

    “Yan Yi, your tail is so noisy.” The polar bear said.

    The gray wolf glanced at the white bear, and his tail continued to hit the floor. Xianluo, who had turned into a big red fox, also began to hit the floor with his tail. The indigo kangaroo was reminded of Mingyou and the baby leopard in the nursing home, and her muscular tail also began to hit the floor. The yellow monkey snorted, and his tail slapped the floor. A muscular deer, and a slim deer, glanced back at their short tails, thought for a moment, and began to stomp the floor with their hooves.

    The blue seal looked at the polar bear whose expression gradually collapsed. “Aren’t you going to make noise too?” The bear’s ears were stuck to his forehead.

    The blue seal raised its front flippers, “pat” against the ground.

    The polar bear: “…”

    Polar bear: “His Royal Highness said, we can only go back after he sends a message.”

    “Pa-ta, pa-ta, pa-ta.” The tails, hooves and front flippers of the spirit beast colleagues knocked on the floor. Creating a very rhythmic drumming beat.

    Other factory workers quietly watched through the glass of the VIP lounge. Were the ten heroes communicating with passwords?

    “Don’t look at it, it must be a military secret.” The supervisor drove the person away.

    “Dabai, what do you say?” All the spirit beast colleagues asked in unison.

    Herman frowned. These guys, even stopped using his name, actually called him Dabai. Were they determined to act in disobedience? What about their conduct as Star Alliance soldiers? 

     “His Highness did not give an order through formal procedures, it was not a military order.” Yan Yi, who partially served as Arthur’s secretary, pushed the glasses that did not exist on his nose.

    Herman: “…” Since he already mentioned this, could he say anything?

    So this group of fluffy beasts made an electronic agreement. If His Highness was angry, everyone would bear His Highness’s anger together. Herman raised a bear paw and pressed a paw print on the agreement, very sad in his heart.

    This electronic document was a joint responsibility agreement signed by front-line soldiers when they needed to take different actions from those ordered by the higher ups in an emergency. After signing this agreement, if disobeying the order caused serious consequences, everyone would take responsibility together.

    They didn’t use it on the battlefield against the Zerg, but now they used it. Sure enough, after becoming a spirit beast, would it affect the brain? After signing the agreement, Herman immediately told the factory manager that he had something to do, the visit was postponed, and then he drove the aircraft and raced home at breakneck pace.

    A group of fluffy people who listened to the sound of the aircraft siren narrowed their eyes. When the agreement was just signed, Herman seemed very reluctant, but as soon as they said they were going home, the bear became a barbarian.

    He was just pretending before, right? ! Herman pretended not to notice the sneers of his colleagues. What black belly, what was black belly? He was a big polar bear. Look at his belly fur. It was pure white without a trace of mottled color.

    After getting off the aircraft, these fluffy beasts immediately acted like they were at the 100-meter sprint and rushed towards the resting hall. They heard the terrifying roar of His Highness from afar. Could it be that Mingyou refused to accept His Highness who became a human, causing His Highness to blacken?

    Bloody pictures appeared in their minds, and they were afraid that as soon as they entered the door, they would see the terrible picture of Mingyou’s blood splashing – at this time, they completely forgot that the youth was almost immune to the attack of the energy body, and if the black cat really bites Mingyou, he might chip his own tooth. When they ran to the door of the hall, the growls of the black cat became clearer.

    “Stupid Mingyou! Stop for me!”

    “I was wrong, Dahei! Dahei, calm down!”

    “I can’t stop this anger! Stop for me!”

    “Take a deep breath, take a deep breath, Dahei, your fur is blown up! The volume has doubled!”

    “Who caused this?!”

    Numerous plushies pushed open the door and saw Mingyou being kicked up and down by His Royal Highness the black cat, his agility was better than when he had just entered the barracks. Almost comparable to S-ranks.

    It was hard to imagine that more than two months ago, Mingyou was a physically weak chicken who would pant after running a few steps. Mingyou saw a group of plushs at the door, his eyes lit up as if he had seen a savior, and he rushed towards them.

    The upright yellow monkey, with long hands and long legs, quick eyes and hands, suddenly jumped up from the cat climbing frame, hugged Mingyou mid-air, who pounced like a cat, and shoved him behind the kangaroo. The group of plushs immediately squeezed forward, covering Mingyou.

    “Your Royal Highness, what’s the matter? You’re not…” Herman stood up, pushed his paw forward, and stopped the black cat from rushing over.

    “Get out of the way! I must put pound Mingyou’s status into his head!” The black cat growled.

    Mingyu’s head shrank. What status? Bleeding? Dahei was so irritable.

    All the plushies looked at each other. His Highness and Mingyou were not quite right. Hadn’t His Highness revealed his true form? Didn’t he show up in human form? Why did he become a cat again? If he had lost his vest, shouldn’t it be Mingyou who was angry now? Why was His Highness so angry that he puffed out to twice his size, but Mingyou had a guilty expression on his face?

    “Your Royal Highness, calm down first.” The kangaroo, as an elder, stepped forward to comfort the black cat, “If you have something to say, don’t scare the child.”

    “Child? He’s almost 20 years old and you still call him a baby, so he’s a giant baby?” The black cat was crazy with yin and yang. His pointed fangs were exposed and he kept looking at Mingyou’s neck with malicious eyes, as if he wanted to bite it off in one bite.

    Mingyou shrank his neck and gave a flattering smile to the angry black cat. Under the appeasement of the indigo kangaroo, and under the pressure of the unswerving attitude of guarding subordinates, the black cat was sitting on the sofa with crossed legs like a human, and complained about Mingyou’s mentally deficient behavior.

    Speaking of excitement, the black cat’s claws were waving in front of him, as if words could no longer describe his anger, and he had to rely on body language. The fluffy subordinates perked up their ears and listened carefully.

    Mingyou had communicated with His Highness many times, so in his spiritual environment, he had seen the vague figure of His Highness’s human form?

    Oh, they all forgot about it. Mingyou kept everything in his heart and never told them about it. He thought that the person in His Highness’s heart environment was the big cat’s former partner?

    It was normal for Mingyou to think so. After all, he always thought that they were all beasts from the spirit beast planet, and he would never have thought that the person hidden in His Highness’s spiritual illusion was himself. Coupled with the matter of Dalan and his partner, Mingyou must have been more convinced of his judgment.

    Mingyou thought that His Highness’s former partner had an affair with His Highness? Numerous plushies looked at the blue seal with condemning eyes: It was all his fault! Taught the kids wrong!

    Blue Seal: ??? This seal was wronged, but dared not say anything.

    Then, the plush heard the story of the black cat, and the prince of the Star Alliance, two little childhood sweethearts. Even the black cat was named after the Star Alliance Prince.

    Arthur: “Dahei, what name is that? It’s too unsuitable. From now on, you can be like me, just call Arthur.”

    Dahei: “Okay~~~”

    All the big fluffy heads tilted to the right as if rehearsed. What was going on with this conversation? Wasn’t Dahei the name Mingyou gave? What happened to the timeline? His Highness, who hadn’t met, had always been called Arthur, where did this come from?

    The story continued. After that, Arthur and Dahei cooperated tacitly on the battlefield, and the cat came to this sanatorium for a serious injury. But his childhood sweetheart, Prince Arthur, had never visited Dahei or sent any communications.

    Numerou fluffy heads then all tilted to the left. How did His Highness Arthur become a scumbag? Was there a missing piece in the middle of the story? 10,000 words were missing from the plot?

    Then, little Mingyou finally appeared. He and the black cat met and also got onto the black cat’s account book. But although the black cat enjoyed Mingyou’s care, he and his ex-partner were separated by a galaxy in terms of appearance, background, and behavior.

    Although the black cat wanted to forget his former partner, people who were used to eating rich food would feel fresh when they ate a small dish of porridge occasionally, but if they ate too much, they would feel bland and miss the delicious food of the past. To His Royal Highness the black cat, Mingyou was like the porridge and side dishes he ate when wanted a change of taste.

    Comrade Mingyou had always known that Dahei had a perfect ex-partner in his heart. He was his white moonlight and red cinnabar of his heart. When Mingyou went to sleep every night, he constantly compared himself with Dahei’s predecessor. Even if it was only a vague figure, Mingyou felt deep despair.

    When the black cat introduced the Star Alliance to him and asked him if he knew the Prince of the Star Alliance, Mingyou vaguely understood the identity of the predecessor. Mingyou thought that even if the black cat was in a desperate situation, even if the other party never came to see him, he still cared about the other party and hoped to get news from them.

    The Star Alliance prince, as expected, was a natural pair with the prince of the Spirit Beast Star. Later, Dahei’s body gradually improved, and he was able to leave the recuperation planet. He found the other party, reconciled with them, and gave the healing bell that Ming Xiaoyou gave him to the prince.

    Later, Prince Arthur drove the aircraft to the recuperation planet, and found Mingyou who didn’t know that his Dahei had reconciled with his ex-partner. He was sitting alone in the big empty room, waiting for the black cat.

    His Highness Prince Arthur proudly showed the bell on his wrist. Look! The thing he gave to the black cat was now on his wrist, and he tied it to him with his own paws!

    “I am the Prince of the Star Alliance.” Can he compare with his identity? Hurry up and leave Dahei’s side if you know what’s best!

    ↑The story ended here. ↑

    Prince Arthur’s fluffy subordinates were constantly doing neck stretches, their heads turned left and right, and they felt that their necks didn’t hurt anymore. This story was wonderful. Throw it away if it had no use, and pick it up immediately if it had any value. The image of Prince Arthur was really very realistic.

    Of course, regarding Arthur’s unrequited love, even if he was abandoned, even if he had a gentle and considerate new partner, the image of a black cat who chased him back as soon as his health improved was also amazing.

    As for the one whose heart was as bright as a sunny day, but he had been silently enduring everything without daring to say anything, the humble and cowardly Mingyou, would numb himself and enjoy a fleeting day of happiness with Dahei. The appearance was even more vivid on paper. Mingyou even composed a song for this story, and when he felt down when he thought of the black cat’s ex, he secretly sang it out.

    “What you can’t get is always in turmoil, and those who are favored have nothing to fear.” – This lyric was the best interpretation of the entanglement between them.

    “Mingou, go to the corner and reflect on yourself.” The indigo kangaroo couldn’t hold back her smile. How could this kid do this? His Royal Highness Arthur getting together with himself, no wonder he wanted to kill Mingyou.

    Mingyou’s head drooped, and he obediently walked to the corner. He was kneeling on the carpet, his hands on his knees, his head against the wall, and he faced the wall for reflection.

    “This lyric is good, remember to send me the song.” When Herman the bear encountered music, his mind would twitch.

    His words successfully aroused the anger of the black cat again. Mingyou was protected and he couldn’t beat him, could he beat Dabai instead? So the big white bear was stomped on the ground frantically by the paws of His Highness, the big black cat he loved most.

    “His Royal Highness, calm down, it’s not like you don’t know, Dabai’s brain will definitely turn when he hears good music, and he has to wear sound-isolating headphones even on the battlefield.” The yellow monkey and the kangaroo hurriedly took the black cat from the white bear.

    The gray wolf grinned at the aggrieved polar bear rubbing his belly. Retribution! He should have been beaten long ago! The polar bear glanced at the wolf, flipped a page in his already densely packed notebook, and made another note.

    “Amazing!” Kerry, who was sluggish for a long time, finally came to his senses, and finally showed a shocked expression, “How did Mingyou’s brain develop? How can he act in his mind alone? A whole emotional drama?”

    “Am I the only one thinking, why did Mingyou substitute his relationship with His Royal Highness into love?” The younger sister raised her hoof.

    The little red fox jumped and ran to Mingyou, who had been thinking about it, and poked his leg with his claws: “Mingyou, why did you use love to compare your relationship with His Highness?”

    Mingyou muttered: “Don’t you think that the complicated relationship between the former partner and the current partner, it would be easier to sort out the thinking with the analogy of love?”

    Many fluffies shook their heads wildly, except for the blue seal without ears, their ears waved back and forth. No, no, no, they don’t feel that his line of thought had been sorted out at all. Mingyou’s way of thinking was completely out of place. Obviously the pieces of information he got were correct, how did he metaphorically put together a flower puzzle into an ugly rat with claws? His ability was too powerful, teach them?

    “Mingyou, in the future, if you don’t want to be a spirit beast master, become a screenwriter of emotional dramas, you can probably support yourself.” The yellow monkey put his hands on his hips and scratched his head. Although he really wanted to save his poor newly recognized younger brother, but…he really couldn’t help with this, Mingyou’s misunderstanding was too big to save him, so he said goodbye.

    “Okay, Mingyou, now that you know that the scumbag man and cat licking Dahei in the emotional drama script you wrote are the same, what do you think?” Yan Yi said with a smile. Why was this young man so funny? Even funnier than when he was two years old.

    “I want to die.” Mingyou’s head slammed against the wall, “This is the black history of my life. I think that after a few hundred years, Dahei will laugh at me regarding this incident.”

    The black cat said angrily: “Why in front of the grave? Why can’t I laugh at you in your face?”

    Mingyou continued to hit the wall with his forehead: “Because Dahei is a spirit beast, and spirit beasts live longer than ordinary people, right? Even after I die, you won’t give up laughing at me.”

    Spirit Beasts: “…” The happy atmosphere suddenly turned sad. Mingyou was a master at destroying the atmosphere. Whether it was a good or a bad atmosphere, he could instantly destroy the mood.

    “The lifespan of a powerful ability user is indeed longer than that of a non-ability person, but ordinary people can also extend their lifespan by using genetic medicine, and can you be called an ordinary person?! If so, there would be no more ordinary person in this Star Alliance!” The black cat rushed up and slapped Mingyou’s little head.

    Mingyou’s little head shook, and sure enough, there was a sound of frozen tofu slag colliding with each other.

    “Mingyou, I think there is something wrong with the direction of your thinking?” Adeline said gently, “The key question you should think about now, aren’t spirit beasts originally human?”

    Mingyou : “…You are all human?”

    All the fluffies nodded frantically.

    Mingyou: “…The Spirit Beast Planet doesn’t exist?”

    All the fluffies nodded frantically.

    Mingyou: “…” Mingyou rolled his eyes and fainted.

    “Wow!” “Ow!” “Squeak!” “Kakaka!”… The spirit beasts screamed and swarmed.

    He hurriedly lowered his body, and the black cat who was supporting the fainted Mingyou covered his face. It turned out that Mingyou was not accepting, but had a very delayed reaction. As expected of this idiot!

    Mingyou had a nightmare. After waking up from the nightmare, he saw familiar black fur in front of him. Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief, hugged the black cat in his arms and hugged his pillow and took a breath: “Good morning, Dahei!”

    The black cat carried by the peasant lazily raised his eyes: “Don’t say good morning to me at night.”

    “It’s night?” Mingyou’s eyes widened, “Why did I take a nap for so long?”

    The black cat tilted his head in confusion, his ears flickered: “Stupid Mingyou, have you lost your memory?”

    Mingyou followed the black cat and tilted his head in confusion: “What amnesia?”

    The black cat scoffed: “Forgot the love-hate relationship between the two princes of the Spirit Beast Planet and the Star Alliance that you made up and white lotus Mingyou?”

    Mingyou: “…” Mingyou hugged his head and curled up into a shrimp: “Wasn’t that a nightmare I just had?”

    The black cat pulled out his paws and patted Mingyou’s head: “I’m sorry, it’s not a nightmare. I haven’t lost my mind yet, have you figured out how to compensate me?”

    Mingyou said pitifully: “Aren’t you compensating me? You lied to me!”

    “Lied? Where did we lie? When did we talk about the spirit beast planet? Wasn’t it all your own speculation? I just talked about observation. That I would tell you all the truth at the end of the period. Isn’t it better for me to move forward?” Arthur was righteous. Now he was the victim, he was not guilty at all!

    Mingyou held his head and thought hard for a while, that seemed to be the case? Dahei did say that he would tell himself all the truth when the observation period was over, and what spirit beast planet stuff was made up by himself. They didn’t lie to him, they just didn’t correct his misconceptions.

    Mingyou was a little wronged, but he didn’t know how he was wronged. He turned over to the black cat, silently pleading with him.

    “Is it hard for you to accept that we are human?” Arthur’s paw pushed Mingyou’s back, “Have you decided to ignore us in the future? Your newly recognized mother Adeline and monkey brother are ignored? The two of them are all alone, and their relatives died at the hands of the star thieves. Now you are their only relative. Do you really want to cut ties with them?”

    Mingyou turned over and stared angrily at the black cat with a wicked smile. He grabbed the black cat’s paw and bit it hard.

    “What the hell! Why are you acting like Yan Yi as a puppy? You still bite!” Arthur’s ears exploded into fur.

    “I didn’t bite a person, I bit a cat.” Mingyou spat out two mouthfuls of cat hair.

    Arthur sneered: “Do you believe it or not that I will give you a change now?”

    Mingyou’s mind pictured with the inhumanly perfect face after Dahei turned into a human, and silently let go of his hand: “Dahei, you don’t seem like a human even if you turn into a human.”

    Arthur: “???” Do you believe that I won’t send you flying in the air?

    Mingyou said: “Like the sun god!”

    Arthur: “…Why the sun god?”

    Mingyou said: “Because Dahei is shining! Super warm! If he is a god, it must be the sun god!”

    Arthur: “…Sorry, I still don’t understand your brain circuits. If I were the sun, it would definitely be a sun that has become a black hole. Have you ever seen a dark sun, you idiot.”

    “I’m not stupid.” Mingyou muttered, hugging Arthur’s neck and burying his face, “I’m sorry, I still need a little time to accept this.”

    It was impossible to cut off the relationship. The spirit beasts were everything to him. He was only worried about being abandoned, how could he leave voluntarily?

    “Get up, I brought you a gift.” Arthur pushed Mingyou with his claws and said, “I’m really sorry for keeping it from you for so long. At first it was for confidentiality, and later… We were worried about your social anxiety. After testing you several times, you refused to accept that spirit beasts were human.”

    “We also thought about whether we should continue to hide it. If you don’t leave here, the dream of compiling a spirit beast planet for you is not impossible. But how could we keep you here?”

    “Mingyou, do you know how important your presence is to the Star Alliance?” Arthur said, “I think you should know about S-level power users. After a capable person breaks through the limit, he can energize himself and form a beast-shaped energy body, with a strong ability to adapt to the environment, and can survive in space.”

    “But the Star Alliance’s research on spirit beasts has been very backward. Spirit beasts are energy bodies, that is, a construct of supernatural power. To change into this form, it will consume a lot of energy. If the energy supply is insufficient, the spiritual power of spirit beasts, even vitality will be consumed.”

    “In addition, as long as a power user breaks through the boundary, he must turn into a spirit beast every once in a while, otherwise the body will not be able to withstand the power. So, the Star Alliance has always been skeptical of spirit beast transformation. They think that turning into a spiritual beast is a degeneration of supernatural power.”

    “I don’t want to sell it badly. You are now studying spiritual beasts. The current situation of the spiritual beasts, apart from the human matter, you have already understood the rest.”

    “Thank you.” The black cat rubbed the soft black curly hair on Mingyou’s head with his paws, “With you, the spirit beasts can finally fill their stomachs. When they fight in the future, they will no longer have to overdraw their mental strength and vitality.”

    Mingyou, whose face was buried in the soft and warm cat scarf, took a deep breath, Dahei’s scent filled his nose, diluting the sadness and anxiety in his heart.

    “No need for thanks. This is what I should do as a citizen of the Star Alliance.” Mingyou’s face rubbed a few times on the cat’s fur. In a silly state, “Even people in the autonomous star area are also citizens of the Star Alliance, right? I should thank you for keeping the Zerg from the borders, and not letting the war affect the lives of ordinary people.”

    “Yes, with your words, our sacrifices were not in vain.” The black cat jumped out of bed and purred, “Come on, open the presents.”

    “Okay!” Mingyou sorted out his clothes, put on his coat, and followed the black cat downstairs.

    In the hall, gift boxes were already piled up. Except for a giant gift box that was two or three meters high in the middle, the other gift boxes were very small, the largest being only half a meter high. Mingyou counted, there were ten boxes in total, and each gift box had its own color to indicate who gave him the gift.

    “Which one should we open first?” The black cat licked its paws and turned into a small black cat. He pulled out a black box from the gift pile.

    Mingyou looked at the black gift box with great anticipation. There should be a gift from Dahei in the black gift box, right? He didn’t know what Dahei would give him. The little black cat raised his tail and opened the box with one paw. The box was actually empty.

    “Empty?” Mingyou, who expected something, was a little disappointed.

    The little black cat held the lid of the gift box and entered the box with slight difficulty. He squatted in the box, and pulled the ribbon inside to fasten the lid: “Okay, my gift is ready, you can take it apart.”

    Mingyou: “!!!” He put the black He held up the gift box, and the hand that opened the lid of the gift box trembled. The box was opened, and there was nothing inside except a little black cat licking his paws.

    “Meow!” The little black cat raised his claws in greeting.

    Mingyou took the little black cat out of the gift box and put him on top of his head. He found a white box from the pile of gifts, and after opening it, a white “teddy bear” was sitting in the box obediently and motionless. Mingyou took the little bear out of the box and put him on his shoulders.

    In the gray box, the little wolf wagged his tail and barked as soon as he saw the light. He didn’t wait for Mingyou to take him out, he jumped out of the gift box, licked his hand wildly, then turned and bit the little polar bear’s leg. The little gray wolf became a gray wolf ice sculpture.

    In the red gift box, the little red fox with half a mask was holding a sprig of baby’s breath in his hand. When he and Mingyou first met, he gave Mingyou some gypsophila. Mingyou pinned the plant to the little red fox’s mask, and the little fox let out two cheers and kicked the little gray wolf ice sculpture away, domineeringly occupying Mingyou’s legs.

    Mingyou quickly picked up the little wolf ice sculpture and blew on it, which forced the little white bear to thaw the ice. The little wolf immediately got into Mingyou’s arms and shivered. After calming the gray wolf for a while, Mingyou opened the two identical green boxes.

    The younger sister Ellie raised her head and shouted “yoyo”, her expression was pure and innocent, but Kerry had a lifeless face, and seemed to hate his petite appearance. Two little deer jumped to Mingyou’s side, and one squatted on each side. The younger sister’s head was next to Mingyou, and Kerry took out some greenstone candy to eat.

    While Kerry nibbled on the greenstone candy, the yellow gift box opened by itself, and a little yellow monkey with a metal stick jumped out of it. He flipped and somersaulted in front of Mingyou, and the metal stick in his hand was swirling like a tiger, bringing out the sound of the wind breaking through the air. Mingyou quickly applauded. The little yellow monkey smiled and turned the metal stick back into a bracelet to buckle on his wrist, and then jumped to Mingyou’s other shoulder.

    “The rest of the gifts are things you haven’t seen before.” The little black cat smirked.

    Mingyou picked up the indigo box. In addition to an indigo kangaroo, there was also a little sleeping snow leopard: “No, I have seen this little snow leopard.”

    The indigo kangaroo raised the little snow leopard with a smile and give the little cub to Mingyou. Although the motherly kangaroo liked her cubs very much, people were biased. When facing her favorite cub, the mother kangaroo could give other cubs as gifts.

    Anyway, it was not the first time Mingyou “sold” the baby leopard. The kangaroo did it without any psychological burden. After Mingyou took the baby snow leopard, the indigo kangaroo jumped out of the gift box and turned back to normal size, and then took the snow leopard back from Mingyou and stuffed him into her pouch.

    Mingyou smiled and opened the blue gift box. Unsurprisingly, there was a blue baby seal. The baby seal was as cute as the ones that Mingyou saw in his previous life. The little blue seal shifted his front flippers and hind legs like a fluffy pillow.

    He raised his head to Mingyou and said, “Mmmm” a few times, then stretched out his front flippers and pulled out a blue gem from his fur. A gem with strong water energy fluctuations.

    “Wow! Dalan! Where did you find this?” Mingyou said in surprise, “With this, I can help you make a water attribute power booster!” 

    The blue seal tilted her head and said, “Mmmm” Twice, with a very proud expression.

    The other fluffies stared at the little blue seal with contempt. They agreed to give themselves to Mingyou as a gift. The little red fox hid an extra flower, and the little yellow monkey danced as an extra. That was all, the seal actually gave a gem, wasn’t that a foul?!

    The little blue seal squirmed to Mingyou’s side, put his head on his lap, and continued to smile proudly. What foul? They didn’t say no to giving other gifts. The others were foolish not to bring other valuable gifts!

    Little Blue Seal: Super inflated! Proud!

    The other plushies began to rack their brains, thinking about what other valuable things they could give Mingyou later.

    “This big box is Dazi and Dacheng, right?” Mingyou first petted the ones that had come out, and then put down all the spirit beasts except the little black cat on his head, and ran to unwrap the biggest gift box.

    “It’s so high.” Mingyou took off the little black cat on top of his head, lifted it up and said, “Dahei will take it apart.”

    The black cat stood up from Mingyou’s raised hand, and lifted the edge of the lid of the gift box with both claws. Take a deep breath, lift…he couldn’t lift it up.

    “Pfft…” Little polar bear laughed. He turned back into a big bear, stood on tiptoe, and pushed the lid a crack.

    The big white bear was stunned: “…”

    The black cat: “Pfft.”

    “I’ll try it.” The kangaroo tried it, but she could only open the lid a crack too, “This box is too big, who installed it?”

    “Let Xiaotian use a mechanical arm to open it.” The little gray wolf changed back to Yan Yi, trying to make himself forget what happened just now with a sullen face. That was why he said that he hated being a wolf cub the most! He couldn’t control himself!

    “Let Xiaotian help again?” Kerry, who turned into a muscular deer, gestured, his height could not open the lid.

    “It’s boring not to open a gift yourself.” The little yellow monkey grew in size and hugged Mingyou, “Ride on my shoulders to open it.”

    Mingyou blushed. He was not a child! Why was he sitting on someone’s shoulders! But he had been lifted up, and even if he went down now, he had already lost face. In order not to waste his shame, Mingyou still opened the gift box. After the gift box was opened, then what?

    “How are we going to get them out of the box?” the little black cat asked, licking its paws.

    The fluffy people gathered together to discuss for a while, and handed Mingyou a large saw.

    Mingyou: “…” His previous emotions were about to fade away. Mingyou grimaced, sawing open the box, and finally saw the gift inside. The whole block of ice was all black. Painted all black?! Mingyou touched the black ice with trembling hands. The ice cube was covered with dried black paint, not sticky at all.

    “Who… who did this?!!!” Mingyou roared.

    All the fluffy beasts raised their claws and pointed to the top of Mingyou’s head. The little black cat tilted its head: “Meow?”

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    He even wrote a song HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  3. Omg.. I loled hard when dahei recounted all mingyou’s made-up tear-jerking-old-drama between him and dahei, and I almost out of breath when mingyou even compose a song and actually singing it out loud..

    And maybe dahei still jealous of mingyou’s favour the orange panda more than him lmao


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