After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 50

“What? School is about to start?” When Mingyou was dragged out of the laboratory by Arthur, his expression looked like a bear child who hadn’t started his holiday homework the day before school started.

    “I’m going to school, so what are you going to do?” Mingyou hugged Dahei’s head and rubbed it, “Can I bring a spirit beast when I go to school?”

    Arthur patted Mingyou’s little head with his paw and said: ” What are you thinking, how could it be possible for you to live on campus?” Mingyou held Arthur’s paw pad: “Is there enough money to rent a big house near the school with enough space for me and eleven spirit beasts?”

Seriously, who asked you to rent a house? Mingyou listened to Arthur’s explanation for a long time, and finally understood that he only needed to report attendance. When going to school and exams, there would be teachers who would help him.

    “I’ll send someone to pick you up. Don’t worry about the care home, the robot will cook for us.” The black cat’s ears flattened his head, “Isn’t this how we lived before? With you and without you, there’s no difference.”

    Mingyou: “…” His heart felt guilty. Recently, he was really addicted to research and neglected the care of spirit beasts.

    “Although I won’t be able to give you delicious food everyday, I should be able to do regular physical examinations for you.” Mingyou massaged the black cat’s paws and tried his best to defend himself, “I go to school, what should I do about your daily physical examination?”

    Arthur glanced at Mingyou: “You really don’t dare to go to school alone, right?”

    Mingyou immediately said: “Dare, why don’t I dare!”

    Arthur stroked his beard and said: “Really?”

    Mingyou raised his arms, clenched his fists, and made a muscular pose: “No problem!”

    “Can you go through the check-in procedure by myself?” His fists clenched and his elbows pressed down: “No problem!” 

“If there are a lot of people?” Fist clenched: “No problem!”

    “You are already famous in the live broadcast now, and you have taken people’s jobs, just like killing your parents, many people in the spiritual beast academia regard you as an enemy.”

    Mingyou’s fists trembled slightly: “No, no problem. “

    “That group of people has many disciples and grandchildren. Basically, all your teachers and classmates are your enemies.”

    He released his fists: “No…no problem?” Mingyou was dumbfounded.

    Arthur said: “If that’s the case, then I won’t send anyone to accompany you. Come on.”

    Mingyou swooped forward, hugged the black cat’s neck tightly, buried his face in the cat’s fur and rubbed hard: “I was wrong, amazing and wonderful Dahei, please accompany me!”

    Arthur said: “I’ll go out first, and someone will come here to pick you up tomorrow. Cheer up. How did you grow up alone? You came here all the way from Sky Blue Star? You can do it before, and you can do it now.”

     Mingyou buried his face in fur, and said in a muffled voice, “Is it the same as now? At that time, I was being hunted. When people are threatened with their lives, even if they are reluctant  to contact strangers, they will burst into action.”

 The black cat’s ears popped up. The fluffy beasts in the hall who were busy with work all turned their heads to look at Mingyou.

    The current hall occupied a very large area. The four walls of the hall were made of color-changing transparent materials, and sunlight could shine in at any time of the day; the floor of the hall was covered with a thick carpet with all kinds of soft cushions that made people and spirit beasts feel paralyzed. Throw pillows and lazy sofas, as well as scattered cat climbing frames and cabins. The robot was responsible for the cleaning and sanitation here every day.

    All the fluffy people were all awake, and the evil boss Arthur immediately spread all the work of promoting the food of spirit beasts to his subordinates.

    Arthur: Don’t care if you haven’t been exposed to these jobs before, learn them all from me!

    A group of fluffies had to study and work hard at the same time. They usually nested in this hall, lying in various positions that made them most comfortable, and their claws controlled the light curtain in front of them, handling all kinds of tedious work.

    After Mingyou was dragged out of the laboratory by Arthur, he also came to this hall, surrounded by a group of plush, and was “educated” by the serious black cat. While the fluffy ones worked, they pricked up their ears for eavesdropping. When they heard the word “chasing and killing”, they all exploded, and they couldn’t do any more work.

    The little fox Xianluo sprinted and jumped into Mingyou’s arms: “Chase? How dare they?”

    “Of course they dared… That’s not the problem.” Leaning into Mingyou’s arms, “Did you call the police? They dare to kill people in the capital of ​​the Star Alliance. Have you asked the Star Alliance government?”

    “Don’t get excited, this is just my guess. They just want to arrest me… Maybe it can’t be called a chase, it should be called capture? There’s no way to call the police about this, right? They just need to say it’s an internal family affair.”

    “Although I am no longer from the Tan family, I was raised by the Tan family.” Mingyou said helplessly.

    Leo’s monkey face expression was very ferocious: “Are they still looking for you?”

    “I don’t know, now I am not Tan Changgeng, I am Mingyou.” Mingyou said solemnly, “They are looking for Tan Changgeng, and I am Mingyou. What’s the matter?”

    The indignant fluffies: “…” Well, it made sense.

    Numerous plushs recovered from their anxious state, and one by one they collapsed on the cushions, sofas, and wooden shelves: “Yes, they are looking for Tan Changgeng, and it has nothing to do with Mingyou.”

    “What does the orphan of Spirit Beast Planet have to do with the Tan family of Sky Blue Star?” Arthur yawned.

    Mingyou’s eyes and his hands were quick, and he brought the tip of the black cat’s tail close to his mouth. Arthur immediately closed his mouth and stared at Mingyou who was doing something wrong with fierce eyes. Mingyou let go of Dahei’s tail.

    “If you dare to put my tail in my mouth, I will bite off your hand.” Arthur threatened.

    Mingyou: Well-behaved but no one would believe it.jpg.

    The little red fox raised his claws and patted Mingyou’s chest: “I will protect you, they won’t get close to you.”

    “Okay!” Mingyou picked up the little fox, and rubbed their cheeks together. His plush was so cute!

    “How about I accompany Mingyou to report this time.” Xianluo said little fox.

    Arthur glanced at the little red fox: “No, this time I have arranged a good person, you all stay here for me to work hard, no one should be lazy.”

    Xianluo wanted to say something, but was taken away by the polar bear from Mingyou’s arms. The big white bear whispered in the little fox’s ear: “Don’t make trouble, His Highness is going to take off his vest.”

    The little fox nodded. It turned out that when His Highness said he was arranging someone to accompany Mingyou, he meant His Highness himself. Mingyou pitifully looked at the black cat. He would like to say that a person arranged by Dahei was also a stranger to him, and he would be afraid too. But he couldn’t be cowardly.

    He was nineteen years old, couldn’t he even go to college to report attendance? Dahei and the others had very important things to do. The other spirit beasts in the Covenant were counting on Dahei and the others to quickly build a food factory for spirit beasts, and he could not cause any trouble.

    Mingyou could do it! If he couldn’t even go to school to register, what kind of school was he going to! Mingyou cheered himself up in his heart. Wasn’t it just overturning the foundation of the current Star Alliance spiritual beasts, and almost making all the relevant personnel of the Alliance unemployed? It was not a big deal!

    Mingyou: … If this was not a big problem, what would be a big problem? In Mingyou’s mind, an angel Mingyou was cheering him up, and a devil Mingyou kept saying sour words, and he was about to be considered schizophrenic.

    During the live broadcast, Mingyou didn’t think about this. Now that he was leaving this secure paradise, when he faced the outside world, he realized what kind of sensation his live broadcasts had caused.

    People in the spirit beast academia must hate him to death. He probably wouldn’t be able to attend school peacefully. However, even if he thought of these things in advance, Mingyou would still do a thorough job of popularizing science in the live broadcast room, and even increase his efforts.

    Were the jobs of this group of people more important than spirit beast lives? The direction of scientific research was wrong, making money through killing people, that was a crime.

    He was a righteous tamer. Within the scope of his ability, he must fight side by side with his fellow spirit beasts and fight evil to the end! In the end, the angel Mingyou got a boost and defeated the frustrated devil Mingyou, and punched the latter out of Mingyou’s head with one hit.

    Mingyou regained his blind optimism and self-confidence. “I will definitely get along with the person sent by Dahei.” Mingyou hugged the black cat’s neck, rubbed his cheeks against the cat’s ears, and said, “I won’t embarrass Dahei.”

    “Okay, come on.” Arthur said with hope in his heart. Although he had made detailed plans and wrote thousands of words of script, he was still worried that Mingyou would react in a way that did not follow his script.

    Mingyou was cheated by a friend once, would he think this concealment was also cheating? The thought of Mingyou’s hopes of immigrating to the so-called spirit beast planet made Arthur’s head pound.

    He was sad to find that he was so worried that he was shedding fur. Now his two eyes had sparse cat hair, which looked like he had eyeshadow. After Mingyou found out, Arthur could only focus on his evolution, so the strange fur disorder was put aside.

    However, this kind of excuse obviously couldn’t deceive Mingyou. In the end, the poor black cat had to change his words, saying that he washed his face too hard. Mingyou’s expression at that time was very interesting, looking at the black cat like looking at a big bear child.

    Although His Royal Highness Arthur was indeed such a person in the eyes of many acquaintances, he was particularly angry that Mingyou looked at him with such eyes. It was not that he had never acted like one, but he had never been a bear child in front of Mingyou! On the contrary, Mingyou was the bear child in their interactions! Even tried to put his tail in his mouth while he was yawning! Scared him!

    The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and he slapped Mingyou’s arm with his tail.

    Mingyou, who was caring about his fluffy family one by one:??? Dahei was jealous again? It doesn’t matter, he still loved Dahei. He held the cat’s head, Mua~~~

    Dahei had a messy expression on his face. Was this guy his nemesis? Now, His Royal Highness Arthur suddenly wanted Mingyou to be frightened by this change.

    That night, His Royal Highness Arthur took an aircraft and left the No. 1 Planet. Mingyou smiled and waved his black cat away. But when the aircraft disappeared from his field of vision, the smile on Mingyou’s face disappeared.

    The yellow monkey’s monkey placed a hand on Mingyou’s shoulder: “His Royal Highness will be back tomorrow.”

    Mingyou wanted to force a smile to reassure the surrounding fluffies. But after he noticed that the smile he squeezed out made the spirit beasts more worried, he couldn’t help but restrain his smile and said, “I know, I’m just not used to it.”

    His beautiful life began when he met the black cat. After coming here, he had not been separated from Dahei for a day. So even for just one day, Mingyou’s heart still seemed to be empty, as if half of his soul had been dug out.

    In Mingyou’s heart, his happiness was tied to the black cat, and it was everything the black cat had brought him now. Leaving the black cat, he seemed to be beaten back to his original lonely self. With so many fluffy creatures by his side, it stood to reason that Mingyou shouldn’t be so afraid. But he always felt that the departure of the black cat heralded something.

    Now these plushies were only by his side because they needed recuperation. When everyone was in good health, they would definitely return to their own lives. This was not the same as the game. In that world, spirit beasts captured from the wild became family. From then on, they hardly ever left.

    But Mingyou had been with the spirit beasts for more than two months. From the few times the spirit beasts talked to each other, he knew that these spirit beasts had their own family and friends, their own careers and dreams, and their own lives. When the spirit beasts recover, although they are still friends with themselves, they will definitely return to their lives.

    Mingyu was already mentally prepared. But Dahei was different. Dahei said that he was already part of his household registration book, and he was his family. So, could he not leave Dahei? No matter what the future was, could he stick with Dahei?

    Dahei said that this sanatorium would be his home in the future. Dahei would accompany him, and he would welcome other people who needed help. Dahei had drawn a very happy and beautiful future blueprint for himself. Could he look forward to such a future?

    “Dahei will come back.” Mingyou murmured, “He won’t leave me.” Because Dahei knew that if he left, Mingyou was a waste who couldn’t do anything well. He couldn’t even communicate with people normally.

    Knowing that spirit beasts had their own society, and that there would also be intrigues in this society, Mingyou sadly found that he may not even be able to unconditionally trust spirit beasts. What a dangerous thing he did when he held the black cat and told him everything.

    But Mingyou knew his original state of mind. He had lost everything, nothing left but the healthy body given by his mother. He desperately needed psychological support to make himself survive. Dahei made a mistake and became his psychological pillar.

    His life experience in the past and present life was very thin, whether he was locked in the hospital or in the school, his life experience had severely hampered his mental growth.

    A person’s mental age did not grow with age, but grew with experience. Although he had the body of a nineteen-year-old, he was an ignorant child inside. Even if he tried to make himself more mature and stronger, he didn’t know how to do it.

    In the more than two months he had spent with Dahei, he had seen, learned, and experienced more than in his two lifetimes combined. He finally knew how to get along with “people”, and finally knew what family was. If there was no Dahei… If Dahei left him, could he really walk on his own legs?

    Dahei also had his own family and his own life. He was the Prince of the Spirit Beast Planet, and a hero of the entire Star Alliance. On his shoulders was the hope of all the spirit beast comrades who had fought bloody battles with him on the battlefield.

    It would definitely be very, very busy in the future. Mingyou originally thought that he might be able to become Dahei’s “personal doctor” or “personal nutritionist” or something like that, and always follow by Dahei’s side.

     But now Mingyou thought sadly, he had social phobia and was afraid of strangers. He couldn’t even go to school by himself. Following Dahei’s side would only cause trouble for him.     Such unsatisfactory thoughts and expressions could not be seen by Dahei, and he would definitely be worried.

     Mingyou didn’t want to be a drag on Dahei, although he may be a drag now anyway.     “Don’t tell Dahei.” Mingyou said to the other fluffy family members, “I’m just not used to it. If Dahei knows he will definitely laugh at me.”

     “I have to pack my luggage and memorize the precautions that Dahei wrote to me.” Mingyou rolled up his sleeves and decided to keep himself busy. When he was busy, he wouldn’t overthink things.

     At night, just stay in the system, and let it help put his body into deep sleep. After being reincarnated into this world, since he became conscious, since he knew his situation, Mingyou couldn’t fall asleep on his own, and depended on the system to “sleep”.

     But now with Dahei, Mingyou could finally fall asleep naturally. But naturally falling asleep and system sleep-aid were both rest, there was no difference. No problem, no problem at all.

    While Mingyou was packing, the other spirit beasts in the family naturally wanted to help. With this help, Mingyou found out that it was not a good thing for a beast to have multiple limbs. One by one, they seemed to be stuffing the entire bedroom directly into his system backpack. Even if his system backpack could fit, it was the principle of the matter.

    “I’m just going to report for attendance.” Mingyou said, “I don’t need pots and pans… I don’t need greenstone candies, I won’t eat this.”

    The female deer took back her most precious greenstone candy box, and then raised her hoof to point to the antlers on her elder brother’s head.

    Mingyou: “…I don’t need Dalu’s antlers either.”

    Xianluo was so anxious that he vomited sparks. No matter how he cleaned up, he felt that it was not enough. Even if the Tan family couldn’t cause any trouble, as His Highness said, everyone majoring in spiritual beasts might be the enemy of their Mingyou. What if someone rushed out for a suicide attack?

    Even if His Highness would accompany Mingyou, His Highness was still hurt. Could he protect Mingyou? Even if His Highness could protect him, Mingyou might be injured. Should we put Xiaoyou in protective clothing?

    “Ordinary vehicles may also have problems. We should arrange explosion-proof vehicles.” Leo also followed the little red fox to talk conspiracies. “If they are in a hurry, they may ignore the safety of the students and launch missiles directly.”

    Herman hesitated: “That’s the Central Military Academy of the Star Alliance? They won’t mess around, right?”

    “They dared to leak the route coordinates of the King, what else would they dare to do?” The blue seal slapped the ground with his front flippers, “We really need explosion-proof vehicles.”

    Yan Yi was quiet for a long time, and suddenly said: “Just let His Highness drive a mecha.”

    Herman: “…Yan Yi, are you being sarcastic?”

    Yan Yi glanced at Herman: “I’m not kidding.”

    Herman: ” …”

    The indigo kangaroo hugged the baby leopard who was sleeping, and frowned: “I will prepare some poison bombs for you, if anyone gets close to you, throw them.”

    “That’s okay but I’m afraid he will hurt himself . “Kerry said, “It’s better to prepare a few more protective shields that automatically activate.”

    Ellie nodded: “We have to trust His Highness. Just prepare a few more protective shields. Xiaotian, you will follow Mingyou when the time comes. Let’s go together. Mingyou’s reaction ability is not as good as yours.”

    Xiaotian projection: “<( ̄3 ̄)> No problem, leave it to me!”

    Mingyou: “…” Was he still going to school? Was he going to school in an enemy-occupied area? No, this was no longer going to enemy-occupied areas, but crossing the line of fire.

    Mingyou wanted to say no, but the fluffy crowd stopped him with their eyes and told him to stay away. What did children know? Stay aside, let the adults take care of the little things.

    Mingyou shivered, and even the emptiness of Dahei’s departure dissipated a lot. What explosion-proof vehicle, what protective cover, and even military mecha? Do they want to open a unit directly to protect him?

    Herman sighed: “Actually, with your status, you should be equipped with an escort force of at least 100 people.”

    “How can one hundred people be enough? One hundred people are on the light side.”

    “Mingyou is the treasure of our Star Alliance, no number of people is enough.”

    “One Mingyou is worth an elite teacher.”

    “All the spirit beasts of the alliance are all supported by Mingyou’s research. How can this be worth only a teacher?”

    “His Highness is still not cautious enough. What school is Mingyou going to go to at this time? Who can teach Mingyou among those people?”

    “Diploma or something? It is the stepping stone of his career. What more stepping stone does Mingyou need? Now all the universities in the Star Alliance are begging to give him an honorary doctorate?”

    “Yes, yes, even if Mingyou has weaker basic knowledge, they can come here to teach. Why? Let him go to school?”

    “I understand what His Highness means. His Highness still wants Mingyou to live an ordinary life. But the question is…. is Mingyou an ordinary person?”

    “Let’s talk to His Highness. What about the school? There’s no need to go. We can let someone come to teach him at home.”

    “That’s right. If those people want to attend class, you can ask Mingyou to give them online lessons.”

Like bear parents who doted on their children. Children didn’t want to go to school? Then he won’t need to go! What was good about going to school? Couldn’t they ask for a tutor? Even if they wanted their children to make friends, they could also screen out peers with good behavior and come to their home instead!

    Besides, their child’s level was so high, which teacher was qualified to teach him? No need to go to school!

    Mingyou: “…” No, no, no, don’t get excited, don’t go find Dahei, he still wanted to go to this school. He couldn’t just stay here and see no one, right?

    All the fluffies said in unison: “If you don’t want to see anyone, you can do that!”

    Mingyou: “…” Dahei, come back soon. He found that among his partner spirit beasts, he was the only one who was more reliable, and even Dabai’s position had been biased by the other fluffy ones.

    Therefore, it was fundamentally wrong to say that children would not go to school if they did not want to go to school! They can’t indulge him in a glass greenhouse just because the outside world might be malicious! Such a child would not grow up!

    All the plushies said in unison: “Then don’t grow up! We will support you for a lifetime!”

    Mingyou: “…” Okay, they couldn’t communicate anymore. He hoped that Dahei could withstand the pressure and not be suppressed by the momentum of these plushies who suddenly entered parenthood.

     “What kind of expression do you have? You’re not happy to see your brother?” His Majesty Aldrich said displeased.

     Arthur’s golden pupils flickered. He leaned back on the chair, crossed his legs, and placed his hands on his knees: “How is that possible? My dear brother, I am very happy. I have a headache now, those subordinates who doted on Mingyou are going to rebel.”

     His Majesty Aldrich asked curiously: “Rebel? What rebellion?”

     “They are going to directly send the reorganized troops into the Central Military Academy of the Star Alliance, to give Mingyou protection.” Arthur said angrily, “If I don’t agree, they won’t let Mingyou go to school.”

    His Majesty the Emperor Aldrich laughed: “I understand. Mingyou is indeed very important and worth protecting with a whole army.”

    Arthur rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t be funny. The Star Alliance Military Academy is located in the capital star. They seem to think that Mingyou is going to school on a planet occupied by the Zerg, or in the dark star region?”

    “Their concerns are not unreasonable. I recently received news that Mingyou’s bounty has ranked first on the dark list.” His Majesty said.

    There was a high probability that spirit beasts did not want to hurt Mingyou, but there were still many non-spirit beasts. Even many power users didn’t know about spirit beasts at all, and naturally they didn’t know Mingyou’s importance. The high-end killers were reluctant to take action, and those ordinary power users who were looking for money would definitely be interested in Mingyou’s bounty.

    “I will always accompany him.” Arthur said, “As long as the spirit beasts don’t attack, unless they dare to fly a Star Destroyer above the capital star to rebel directly, other abilities will not pose any threat to me.”

    Arthur seemed to suddenly think of something funny, as a narrow smile appeared on his golden-ratio face: “If any spirit beast would rather go hungry and come to assassinate Mingyou, I’m looking forward to their shocked expression.”

    “Shocked?” His Majesty Aldrich felt as if he had been scratched by his own claws, and was so itchy, “Does Mingyou have any special abilities against spirit beasts?”

    “His physique of a spirit beast master makes him basically immune to attacks by energy bodies such as spirit beasts.” Arthur didn’t sell his brother, “If there are spirit beasts that use their special abilities to bypass the high-tech weapon blockade of the capital star to come and kill Mingyou, I will set up a venue for him, install a camera, and let them have a fair one-on-one duel in the live broadcast.”

    People’s physiques were different, Mingyou could likely punch a spirit beast’s lights out in extreme anger.

    His Majesty Aldrich touched the top of his head. Fortunately, he was not a big lion now, so he didn’t straighten his fur: “So powerful?”

    “Yes.” Arthur laughed, “After I tell Mingyou everything, I’m going to invite some spirit beasts to spar under the live camera. If those spirit beasts who are ill-intentioned know that Mingyou is powerful, they will probably put away their bad thoughts.”

    He knew that there were many parties in the dark and autonomous regions who wanted to “capture” Mingyou. But unless they dispatched spirit beasts, it was impossible for them to break through the defense of the Star Alliance and come to Mingyou.

    If their spirit beasts came to Mingyou without any high-tech assistance, they wouldn’t know who was imprisoning who. He wondered if Mingyou could turn spirit beasts that were hostile to him into cub form. If possible, let Mingyou keep a few enemy spirit beasts as pets.

    Emperor Aldridge said with a strange expression: “If you become a cub, you can be a pet for Mingyou, and if you eat the feast made by Xiaoyou, their hearts would be immediately stolen.”

    What would the enemy think? To be a pet for Xiaoyou, was this a punishment or a blessing?

    Arthur was stunned for a moment, then raised his forehead: “That seems to be the case. Forget it.” Alas, Mingyou was really guilty.

    “It’s time for you to go.” Emperor Aldridge said, “Aren’t you going to pick up Mingyou?”

    Arthur sighed: “Let me keep procrastinating for a while.”

    His Majesty Aldridge couldn’t help laughing. It was the first time he saw his fearless younger brother show such a withdrawn expression. No matter how worried, Arthur wouldn’t back down. He finally arrived on the planet of the No. 1 sanatorium, and stepped on the ground for the first time in human form.

    Human perception was completely different from that of spirit beasts. The renovated sanatorium, in the “eyes” of a spirit beast, was full of energy that made the beasts feel so comfortable that they couldn’t wait to lie down and reveal their soft, fluffy stomach. But in the eyes of human beings, this was just a big simple yard. Only when the supernatural power was running could the difference in this center be felt.

    If Arthur was still a black cat, he would be rushing into the door with joy, raising his head and shouting and announcing his existence. But now, he took a leisurely but steady pace, bypassing the spirit beast entertainment facilities in the yard, and quietly walked into the small building.

    In the hall on the first floor, the other plushies had been taken away to inspect the spirit beast food production factory.

    Here, Mingyou was alone, sitting on the sofa in the center of the hall in a daze. Mingyou had probably never been so alone since he came here. But he remembered that he was over the nursing home to let them go. It had been less than a minute since this coming and going, why did Mingyou show such a lonely look? Arthur was very helpless.

    Mingyou was in a daze, and suddenly heard Xiaotian’s reminder that the person sent by Dahei to pick him up had arrived at the door. He quickly stood up and wanted to go out to greet him, but found that someone had already reached the door.

    Mingyou’s heart froze when he saw this person. He had seen this man. He had seen this person in Dahei’s heart space. However, at that time, he only saw a vague figure, and only glimpsed the man’s terrifying aura. Now, he finally saw the whole picture.

    The visitor was wearing a black close-fitting military uniform, with medals on the shoulders, golden chains hanging on the chest, and a belt around the waist; the trousers were the same. There were long boots, the back hem of the clothes embroidered with dark gold lines rose and fell with the movement of his footsteps.

    Although his stride seemed leisurely and his posture relaxed, the rhythm of the boots seemed to be exactly the same every time. From his straight back to his taut legs, every gesture of his gestures exemplified grace and self-discipline.

     Mingyou never cared about a person’s appearance, but when he saw this person, he was so shocked that he was speechless, as if he could not describe the beauty of this person in any language. This man was so perfect that he was not human.

     Mingyou’s mood fell to a low point in an instant, and his eyes couldn’t help but be stained with sadness. Even though he had only glimpsed a vague figure before, the first time he saw this person, he knew that this was definitely someone who left an extremely deep mark in Dahei’s heart. Likely his ex-partner.

     When Mingyou saw this person in the illusion of Dahei’s heart, he repeatedly compared this person with himself. A comrade-in-arms who could partner with His Royal Highness, the Prince of the Spirit Beast Planet must have a high status, right? He was born into a noble family, and must have received a very good education, right? He also fought side by side with Dahei, did he have a life-long friendship? He may even be Dahei’s childhood sweetheart. But Mingyou has been blindly optimistic.

    Although this figure and Dahei have a good relationship, this person had never seen Dahei since he was injured. Maybe… Maybe that childhood sweetheart was a scumbag? Maybe the him who entered while taking advantage of this has a higher status in Dahei’s mind?

    Dahei said that he was in his family registry book. “That, that…” Mingyou felt that he could not show weakness. He’s Dahei’s current partner. But as soon as he saw his face, which was as perfect as a god, he was stuck in his throat and couldn’t say it.

    Inferiority flooded him like a tide. Tsk, Mingyou’s social fear was too serious. Seeing Mingyou’s dull expression, Arthur felt very depressed. He raised his cuffs, revealing a wrist and a small bell.

    Arthur shook his hand, and the healing bell energy spread, making a “ding” sound. “I’m the Prince of the Star Alliance.” Arthur cut to the chase and metaphorically ripped off his vest.

    Mingyou was stunned when he saw the healing bell he gave Dahei on Arthur’s wrist. His soul was flooded with a tide of despair. The whole heart is covered with hard ice. “Is this from Dahei?” Mingyou opened his mouth, his voice hoarse, like a traveler who had been thirsty for a long time in the desert.

    Arthur: “What?” Mingyou did not look alright?

    Mingyou lowered his head, tears welling up in his heart. He sniffed: “Dahei gave you the bell?”

    Arthur: “???”

    He suddenly understood what Mingyou meant. Mingyou… Didn’t realize that he was Dahei, but thought Dahei gave him the bell? So why was he so sad and desperate? This guy couldn’t be that stupid, could he? Besides, even if Dahei used the bell as a token, would Mingyou be so sad that he started to cry?

    “I think there must be a misunderstanding between us.” Arthur waved his hand with a headache. “Please explain to me in detail what is going on in your little head.”

    The tone of this sentence was a bit familiar. Mingyou sniffed and stammered out what he knew. He already knew that Dahei had a great ex-partner. Now the perfect ex-partner suddenly appeared, holding the bell he gave to Dahei in his hand, and he said, “I am the prince of the Star Alliance”, and who to be a pair with the prince of the spirit beast planet. Could Mingyou not want to cry?

    He, a latecomer, was slapped in the face by Dahei’s ex-partner, white moonlight, probably childhood sweetheart (?), and even a noble (??) who was married (??).

    Arthur understood. Arthur understood completely. Arthur understood that in Mingyou’s mind, he had the script of a vicious female supporting role (male supporting character?), and Mingyou himself had the role of being let down and deceived.

    And Dahei? A scum cat. Arthur smiled, and kept smiling: “Idiot Mingyou, come here. I’ll show you a big cat :).”

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