After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 49

The ice sheet where they were now was close to the Arctic Circle and had been able to see the rays of the sun. Mingyou refused the thin thermostatic clothing, and insisted on wrapping himself into a big ball, saying that it would feel warmer.

    For Mingyou’s many quirks, his family’s spirit beasts had passed many times, and this time was no different. So it was not difficult to understand that His Royal Highness wore a reindeer headband, a red vest, a holly wreath around his neck, and a snowflake on his tail.

    The two deer also wore decorations. Under the threat of his sister, Kerry was wronged and changed back to the appearance when he was a child. The little fox Xianluo went into Mingyou’s arms, and only a small red head was exposed at Mingyou’s neckline.

    For fire attribute power users, the abundant ice attribute energy here was really uncomfortable. Herman was happy. Although he still looked like a big bear, his happy appearance was like when he turned into a little polar bear cub. He even made skates with his supernatural powers and performed figure skating for Mingyou on the ice lake.

    Mingyou really wanted to accompany Herman, but the weather was so cold that he was afraid that if he played the suona, his mouth would stick to the mouth of the instrument and could not be removed. So accompaniment was handed over to Xiaotian.

    Seeing Herman’s graceful dancing on the ice, which was completely inconsistent with his bulky figure, Xianluo Fox wanted to jump out of Mingyou’s arms several times to compete with Herman Bear. But as soon as he showed half of his body, he retracted back into Mingyou’s arms.

    Xianluo the fox: I hate ice energy (╬◣д◢)!

    “When you get back to Capital Star, I’ll take you to the ice skating rink in the sports park. I’m definitely better at dancing than him!” Xianluo could only talk about his strength

    Herman glanced at the big talker fox, spread his arms and jumped high, a domineering triple jump in response to Xianluo. Although Xianluo was a dancer, when it came to ice sports, Heman would never admit defeat!

    Yan Yi pulled at the reindeer headband on his head, looked past the Bear, and looked at the aurora in the sky. This mentally retarded bear, as soon as he came to a place with strong ice attribute energy, he appeared to be drunk and revealed his true nature again.

    Xianluo the fox saw Herman’s provocation and gnashed his teeth in anger. Seeing Xianluo, Heman flattened his ears out of anger, he calmed his breath, and asked Xiaotian to change the accompaniment music and dance again.

    Xianluo the fox: ψ(◣д◢)ψ!! He was actually provoked by this cumbersome bear! This was absolutely unbearable!

    Mingyou was amused and laughed when he saw the fluffies, one big and one small, with sparking eyes.

    The indigo kangaroo in thermostat clothing smiled and shook her head, then returned to the RV to take care of the sleeping little leopard. The yellow monkey scratched his head, and asked the blue seal beside him who was also eager to dance on the ice: “Louis, aren’t we here to find Leon and Huo Hao?” Why did they start playing here?

    “Dahuang?! Are you awake?” The blue seal said in surprise.

     Yellow Monkey: “…Are you all going to be surprised?”

    The blue seal smiled and said: “Just kidding. It seems that there is no difference between you being awake and not waking up. What about your former rebellious energy? How can you still be a good monkey after restoring your memory?”

   The yellow monkey: “…You guys still have to ask again?” 

    The blue seal patted the ice with his front flippers and laughed.

     Dahuang: “…” What about you people? Didn’t he just have a slightly better temper, as for laughing at him? Should he revive his old rebellious monkey personality?

    Just when the monkey was thinking, Mingyou sneezed, Dahuang immediately took out a scarf and wrapped it around Mingyou’s neck: “Go and put on warmer clothing!”

    Mingyou hugged Xianluo, trembling, and went back to the RV to wear a thermostatic suit. The constant temperature suits were like spandex, and when they were put on, they looked like kitschy superheroes in the movies of his previous life, which made Mingyou very uncomfortable. But… ahhh! A sneeze!

    What about his super spirit beast master physique? Why didn’t it work in the ice field?!

    The system couldn’t bear it anymore, even if it didn’t have self-awareness, it ran out to remind Mingyou: [Host, the resistance of the super spirit beast master’s physique is for the spirit beast, and there is no bonus to the resistance in the natural environment. 】

    Mingyou rubbed his nose:【I think the physique as a super spirit beast master needs to be improved. 】

    System:【The host is requested to seriously cultivate his fighting skills and super powers. 】

    Mingyou, who has been addicted to research and study recently and neglected to practice martial arts and super powers, shut up.

    He, a spiritual beast master who was a half-way monk, even if he started cultivating fighting skills, he would probably be the most rubbish fighter. Rather than cultivating this, he might as well learn escape and concealment techniques, so that his spirit beasts could feel more at ease.

    The system hated this host who was not good at fighting with others. In the end, it changed the course, allowing Mingyou to develop in the direction of his desire, and his speed and defense were greatly improved. This was another story.

    At present, Mingyou had no resistance to the natural environment, so he could only obediently put on tight-fitting thermostat clothes.

    He pulled at the clothes that were close to his skin, and as soon as he let go, the clothes rebounded with a “click”: “If you put this on, you can’t wear a down jacket.”

    The yellow monkey handed a down jacket to Mingyou: “It can be worn. The thermostatic suit can be adjusted to body temperature.”

    “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Mingyou immediately put on his down jacket.

    He still felt more secure in a fluffy parka. The little fox who continued to stay at Mingyou’s neckline nodded.

    “I said it earlier, but you didn’t listen.” The monkey was helpless.

    When Mingyou saw the snow, he rushed out, and Herman the bear also rushed out. One person and one bear were enjoying themselves in the ice and snow, as if they had never seen snow in their life.

    “Herman is an ice-attribute power user. He has liked snow since he was a child. What’s wrong with Mingyou?” The yellow monkey scratched his head.

    Dressed up as a reindeer, the black cat who was fighting Mingyou coldly flicked his tail. A small bell was tied to his tail, and the bell rang: “He must have never seen it in his life. It is said that he lived since he was a child in his last life. In the hospital, maybe he hasn’t seen it before.”

    The yellow monkey was silent for a while, and followed him out with a shovel. He had built a snowman for his younger brother before, and Mingyou might also want the same. As for Leon and Huo Hao… oh, sorry, this monkey forgot about them too.

    Arthur did not forget. It was just that he couldn’t help it. It was better to accompany Mingyou to build a snowman. Based on the energy fluctuations, they quickly found the remaining two comrades in a frozen cave.

    An orange red panda was riding on a purple horse. They were in high spirits; the purple horse held his head high and made a roaring pose while the red panda raised his arms.  Hmm, looked very spirited, but strangely enough these two were sealed in ice.

    The reason why they thought it was funny, rather than worrying, was of course because these two entered the ice cube by themselves, and put a sign before being frozen. The two left a special message in front of the ice cube.

    According to the message, Leon and Huo Ritian walked together before they lost their memory and wanted to find a more comfortable place for their territory. Then they saw a meteor falling, and that rock had strong energy fluctuations, so they went to see it.

    Looking at it, they found that the energy of the meteor would make the residual zerg energy in their bodies very quiet. However, when the residual energy of the insect system became quiet, the waves of their energy bodies also became smooth, as if they were frozen.

    The two took off immediately, thinking that they didn’t know if they could survive anyway, so it was better to take a risk and stay here and try to survive. If they could survive in the future, the spirit beasts would find a way to resist the zerg energy; if they couldn’t survive, their remains would definitely make outstanding contributions to medical science. 

    So the two researchers of the advance team set up the message, and were obediently sealed in “ice”. Okay, very good, very spiritual. After seeing their message, Arthur commented again. His whole body was shaking. He was out of breath.

    These two did not send messages directly with their light brain, but left a message directly in front of the ice cube, and made positioning and defensive measures for the cave, likely worried that after seeing the message from the light brain, he would run over as soon as possible. Carry the two idiots out of the cave, right?

    Arthur knew that these two people had the potential of being science madmen, but he never imagined that these two would actually experiment with themselves. Couldn’t they make a report first and send someone else to study it? Fine, Arthur knew that these two did it for good reason.

    First of all, they did not trust the people of the Academy of Sciences, and they are worried that the Academy of Sciences would do tricks; secondly, the energy of the meteor was constantly moving, and it would soon be integrated into these ice cubes, which could not be absorbed and utilized by them, so they did not want to miss this chance.

    Now they used their energy bodies as a medium to absorb a lot of strange energy and became a very imposing ice sculpture. OK, that’s great. Arthur was so angry that he wanted to bury the ice sculpture in the ground and let them both reflect on themselves.

    After Mingyou’s inspection, it was determined that the condition of these two was too good, even better than the condition of the black cat that had been nursed.

    However, Mingyou was currently unable to determine the specific reason for the “freeze”. He was very afraid that after the “thaw”, this little panda would also melt and turn into water. Therefore, they could only let the ice sculpture stay in the cave, and then help them thaw it after the research was done.

    Because the two of them were in very good physical condition, and coupled with their trust in Mingyou, this group of fluffy beasts thought their comrades had been saved and started to play in the snow. This was also very heartless.

    “Don’t worry, that’s not actually an ice cube. If you don’t wake them up, they won’t be thawed, so we can move them back to the yard to study.” Mingyou exchanged a detailed “thawing” plan from the system, so he didn’t panic at all. This ice sculpture contributed a large amount of knowledge to him, and the two balanced out, he even made a small profit.

    In addition to the gain of knowledge points, Mingyou finally confirmed his speculation about special powers from the principle of the ice sculpture. Next, as long as the ice sculpture could be thawed, he could complete the research.

    In the future, the spirit beasts of the special category would no longer have to worry about ability replenishment. The boulder in Mingyou’s heart was finally removed, and he was very happy.

    Seeing that Mingyou, who valued ​​spirit beasts very much, was so relaxed, the other spirit beasts were also relieved. After they were relieved, they didn’t want to look at this ice sculpture anymore. An eyesore. Were they both mentally retarded? Still role-playing?

    “Is this the spirit of revolutionary optimism?” Mingyou admired these two people very much. When in a desperate situation, they can still think of putting out a message. It was really amazing.

    Numerous fluffs rolled their eyes. However, after these two became ice sculptures, Mingyou couldn’t play, which made him very depressed.

    That purple horse was so awe inspiring, ​​it was like a legendary horse. Mingyou had already named him “Ziyanliu”.

    Ziyanliu was the model for the “Horse stepping on Flying Swallows”. Ziyanliu was one of the nine horses collected by Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty. Later generations praised Ziyanliu as a top-quality horse as famous as the Red Rabbit. How suitable the name Ziyanliu was for that purple spirit horse!

    Of course, the final name of this purple horse would definitely become Dazi, but Mingyou could call the horse that in his heart. Ziyanliu had already made Mingyou greedy enough, and the red panda made Mingyou so greedy that tears flowed from the corners of his eyes and mouth, as if he were demented.

    Red panda, also known as the lesser panda. They had orange-red bodies, circular stripes, big fluffy tails, round little heads, and super pretty white eye markings. Although some people confused the red panda with a raccoon, in fact, as long as one saw pictures of these two, it was impossible to confuse the two. Red pandas and raccoons looked completely different.

    First, the red panda was a warm orange-red color, and the raccoon was gray-black; second, the red panda has white pointed ears as big as a cat, while the raccoon has small semi-circular black ears; finally, the red panda had a smaller tail. In short, the cuteness of a red panda completely overpowered the little raccoon. These were two species that were not alike in the slightest.

    Red pandas were generally only half a meter long, about the same size as an ordinary house cat. But this red panda, like the other spirit beasts, had a larger body of about two meters. Double the size, double the cuteness. Mingyou couldn’t control himself when he saw the big orange fluffy tail.

    But it was useless even if he couldn’t control himself now, he couldn’t touch it through the ice. The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t sleep. The little panda was so cute, the little panda was so cute, the big pointed ears were so cute, the white eye markings were so cute, and the fluffy tail was so cute, he really wanted to touch, he really wanted to roll in the panda’s arms!

    Arthur put his front paws on his back and watched Mingyou roll around on the bed with a pillow in his arms. Suddenly, he was a little glad that the two had turned into an ice sculpture.

    Before so many different spirit beasts, Mingyou did not lose his temper. He was a shadow liger, and had always been ranked first in Mingyou’s heart for the most lovely and majestic spirit beasts. Now, a red panda riding a tall horse, claws pointing to the sky, and showing a pink tongue, suddenly captured Mingyou’s heart. Arthur was very unconvinced.

    Were his ears not pointed enough? Was his head not round enough? Was his tail not fluffy enough? Everyone looked like a cat. Compared to the orange-red fake cat, he was a real big cat (black cat/shadow liger).

    How could that bastard Huo Ritian, who was obviously big but brazenly called himself “Little Panda”, be cuter than him? The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and with a wave of his claws, he pushed Mingyou, who was rolling on the bed, onto the ground.

    “The little panda is so cute, you go to sleep with the ice sculpture.” Arthur was strangely yin and yang.

    Mingyou: “…” Oops, his cat was jealous. He actually forgot that cats were very jealous, especially those of the same race.

    That meant, one could go out and play with a dog, and the cat would be fine if it smelled the canine. But if you interact with other cats outside, just wait for your cat to start growling.

    When Dahei’s nephew and eldest brother came to visit, Mingyou discovered the jealousy of his black cat. Unexpectedly, the red panda was also classified as the “same family” by the cat.

    Mingyou sat on the carpet, with cold sweat on his forehead. Wait, if red pandas were regarded as the same clan by the big cats in the family, so a regular panda… If there was a giant panda spirit beast, wouldn’t Dahei… Mingyou suddenly felt that it was really inconvenient to have a fierce cat at home.

    But the future was the future, and now the super-sized red panda was beyond his reach in the ice sculpture, and the panda spirit beasts were even more invisible. Mingyou had to coax the black cat in front of him.

    He immediately said countless sweet words, patted his chest and made countless promises that he might not be able to keep in the future, and swore that the black cat was definitely the number one beast in his heart, and finally coaxed his cat, blanket, cat and pillow back.

    Mingyou buried his face in the black cat’s neck fur and sighed. He did not want to be a scumbag, the spirit beast was so cute, it bewitched him. He really didn’t want to give up the whole forest for a tree. That was it for now. In the future, the boat will naturally go straight, and there will always be a way (to get to other plushies).

    Arthur didn’t know if he was coaxed by Mingyou. Anyway, when he got up the next day, Arthur asked the robot to wrap a layer of cloth on the ice sculpture of the red panda riding on a horse.

    Mingyou said weakly: “They’re really not in ice, they won’t melt in the sun.”

    Arthur licked his paws: “Cover from dust.”

    Mingyou: “…” He couldn’t refute.

    The remaining spirit beasts looked at each other. His Highness, with his sour tone, was he jealous of Huo Ritian’s cuteness?

    Huo Ritian’s catchphrase: You’re more cute? You all can’t compare to me (tongue sticking out).

    Before, they scoffed at Huo Ritian. Spirit beasts wanted power! Strength! What was cute? Could he fill his stomach? Now there was the little spirit beast master. Yes, cuteness did fill the stomach. If he learned about the quirks of the little spirit beast master?

    The little fox Xianluo shifted his mask, feeling very anxious. The little fox was cute too, they even have the same color. Was there a big difference between red and orange-red? Not big at all! Why was his face still not healed? If Huo Ritian came out of the ice, and his face was not well, how could he compete with Huo Ritian for the position of top cutie?

    Huo Ritian, as his name suggested, was particularly arrogant, even more than His Royal Highness Prince Arthur. Huo Ritian was a nickname he gave himself.

    When in human form, his arrogance and personality would only make people want to beat him up. But after he turned into an oversized red panda, no matter what expressions or actions he made, people would only call him cute.

    Huo Ritian has never been not in the top three on the list of the cutest spirit beasts privately ranked in the military. If there was anyone cuter than him, he would take action and boost his cuteness even further.

    Big crisis! Xianluo the fox looked down at his paws. Did he want to pluck out Huo Ritian’s proud tail fur before this guy came out of the ice? But this guy was in the ice, how was he going to pluck out the fur? Worry.

    Mingyou didn’t know that because he showed too much covetousness for Dacheng’s tail, it triggered a sense of crisis among the spirit beasts. Now he just wanted to hurry back to perfect his research and release Dacheng and Dazi from the ice.

    He wanted to ride a tall horse! He wanted to touch the little panda’s tail! He couldn’t control himself anymore! Mingyou clenched his fists and shouted in his heart.

    He didn’t dare to shout aloud, his Dahei would be jealous. The next day, after Mingyou sampled the minerals near the cave, the group returned to the small courtyard they had been away from for a long time.

    As soon as he returned to the small yard, Mingyou was too shocked to step into the house. “This is our home? Did I go to the wrong place?” Mingyou’s voice trembled.

    What was their home like? White walls, several floors of a newly built building, and his handmade toys in the courtyard, that was all. Now, just in terms of floor space, it was as big as ten of their previous homes, right?

    “Ten? It’s a hundred times.” Arthur snorted coldly, “All the outdoor swimming pools with living water, heated indoor swimming pools, and open-air hot springs you want are ready.

    “With different energy attributes, this place is divided into different environments such as grassland, woodland, volcanic area, and icefield area, which fits the power characteristics of each spirit beast.”

    “In addition to the expansion of the house where you live, a new laboratory has been built for you. There is a staff dormitory in a place far away from us. There will be a spiritual animal food processing factory. But don’t worry, the animal food processing factory is a several hours’ drive away from us, so you won’t be able to meet strangers.”

    “The convalescent park and the production park are completely separate. We still live in the convalescent park. The convalescent park is our home and it will not change.” Arthur concluded, “Go back and let Xiaotian show you the floorplan and how it needs to be rebuilt. Discuss with Xiaotian yourself. You have the right to decide all the planning of the convalescent area.”

    Mingyou said in a daze: “Dahei, when did you remodel our home?”

    “As soon as we left, the construction team arrived.” Arthur said proudly, “Are you surprised?” Arthur raised his head and planned to be praised.

    They kept it a secret, just to give Mingyou a big surprise. Looking at the other fluffies’ expressions, Mingyou knew that these guys knew about the major renovation, and he was the only one who was kept in the dark.

    Xiaotian holographically projected the plan. The planet where the No. 1 Sanatorium was located is divided into two areas. The production park was basically an area filled with humans, and the sanatorium park uses the original environment of the planet and basically did not affect the original ecological environment.

    Mingyou once mentioned to the black cat a handful of living facilities, which were available in the sanatorium. The entire sanatorium had been built into a large-scale leisure and entertainment park, which was all maintained and operated by robots, so that Mingyou would not be afraid when he saw strangers.

    What Mingyou had envisioned, the artificial transformation of the most suitable environment for spirit beasts, had all been realized.

    Mingyou just made a conjecture, this artificially modified environment was not necessarily useful for spirit beasts, and it cost a lot. Mingyou was going to wait to earn enough money, and then slowly transform it step by step. He didn’t expect the black cat to be so fast, and now he set up a big frame for the special environment of the spiritual beasts he expected to recuperate.

    In the future, he only needed to plant trees in each park and add details. Mingyou was really surprised, so surprised that he was speechless.

    He smiled at the planning map that looked like a holographic game map for a long time. Before it was too late to put the luggage, Mingyou kept expanding and shrinking each area to check the specific appearance of each newly added rest area. His expression seemed to be about to rush into the holographic projection immediately and carry out major construction.

    Arthur’s two claws held Mingyou down, and he said in an angry voice: “Okay, I know you are very excited, but now you should go back, take a good bath and sleep. After a few days of rest, take your favorite red panda with you. After being rescued, let’s talk about further construction of the sanatorium.”

    “No, my favorite is you, the black cat!” Mingyou held the black cat’s paws in both hands, his eyes were extremely pious.

    The other fluffy beasts carried their luggage into the house and divided rooms, ignoring Mingyou who was confessing. They already knew a lot about Mingyou’s fascination with spirit beasts, and they were tired of hearing Mingyou’s confession and would not believe it.

    The black cat flattened his ears, obviously not moved at all. Stupid Mingyouou, when he confessed, could he stare at bell-like eyes with his pious eyes? He glanced at the holographic plan and confessed to him. What’s the matter? Oh, Mingyou, what he liked was the sanatorium he gave him. Although the gift achieved the expected surprise effect, Arthur was not happy at all.

    After Mingyou rested for a day, he locked himself in the newly repaired laboratory to study how to rescue Dazi and Dacheng. When their food was reduced from a handmade meal with love made by the little spirit beast to a variety of nutritional cubes and nutritional biscuits made by machines, Arthur’s mood was even worse.

    “It’s really easy to change from frugality to luxury, and it’s difficult to change from luxury to frugality.” Adeline the kangaroo finally woke up, but Mingyou, who still didn’t know she was sober, sighed while looking at the nutritious biscuits in the bowl.

    The black cat twitched his ears, and his tail spiraled into the air.

    “Be patient, the most important thing to save Leon and Huo Ritian now.” After Heman finished eating the biscuits, he touched his stomach. While the nutrition and energy were sufficient, his stomach told him that the food intake was not nearly enough. He wanted to eat seafood hotpot.

    “Why don’t we try to cook by ourselves?” Although the blue seal was a half-baked researcher, Mingyou’s current research knowledge was too esoteric, he couldn’t help, and he was “expelled” out of the laboratory.

    “It’s not that I haven’t tried it. Robots can also cook according to Xiaoyou’s recipe, but the taste always feels wrong.” Leo held the bowl and chewed the tender leaves expressionlessly, “This was what Mingyou said, Is there a difference in the power of emotion?”

    “The energy body is really hard to use. When you turn into a human form, how can you eat the emotion in the food?” Yan Yi put down the bowl and felt barely full.

    The two deer chewed greenstone candy. They didn’t want to eat dinner anymore, they just wanted to eat through a stock of greenstone candies carved by Mingyou.

    “Give me one.” Xianluo spread his paws. The two fawns hesitated for a while, and they only gave Xianluo a thumb-sized candy.

    “Stingy.” Xianluo the fox threw the candy into his mouth. He regretted that he didn’t save more candy.

    In the past, there was a little spirit beast masters who made tailor-made food for them. Greenstone was a crystal of natural energy, which was not very suitable for him. After he got tired of eating, he didn’t save the greenstone candy.

    A crowd of fluffy look at each other, and kept sighing. From luxury to frugal was difficult. They used to feel very happy when they were full, but now they have begun to pick on the taste of food, and even the emotional power contained in it. Hypocritical!

    “Your Royal Highness, are you about to become human again?” The hypocritical fluffy beasts began to change the subject.

    The black cat’s ears were close to his forehead, and he said angrily: “Yes.”

    “How long?” The fluffy people asked.

    The black cat’s tail slammed the ground hard: “It can be done now.”

    The fluffy ones: “…” Wait, was it so sudden?!

    “Then… Your Highness, when did you drop your horse in front of Xiaoyou?” Herman was so nervous that he used honorifics.

    The black cat raised its head and looked up at the sky: “I don’t know.”

   The fluffy ones: “…”

    The black cat sighed deeply, and his wildly flapping tail stopped, and said weakly: “But these few days, I have to accompany Mingyou to the school to report.”

    Because of the stricter military training, the reporting time of the Central Military Academy of the Star Alliance was earlier than that of an ordinary Star Alliance University. After the freshmen report, the Star Alliance Military Academy would first review the identity and power level of the freshmen, and then divide them into different groups for military training. Military training results would have an impact on future class assignments and tasks.

    For example, natural beasts such as Arthur, military training would directly give actual combat tasks, which were similar to the tasks performed by active duty soldiers in the army. Ordinary students in military academies without supernatural abilities may just shout “one, two, one” on the parade ground.

    Mingyou would be studying the spiritual beast cultivation major, if the new student’s ability level was high enough, he may also be assigned to the actual combat group. After all, every actual combat mission must be equipped with logistics personnel. Students who majored in the cultivation of spirit beasts would definitely serve in the logistics force in the future.

    Mingyou’s situation was special. Arthur believed that no one in the spiritual beast cultivation major was qualified to teach Mingyou. And military training was completely unnecessary for Mingyou.

    A waste of time, Mingyou might as well stay in the laboratory and do experiments for a while. The spirit beasts of the Star Alliance were still waiting for Mingyou to save their hungry stomachs.

    The current scholars of Spirit Beast Science wanted Mingyou to study with ordinary students and pull him into their academic circle, so that they could play tricks. But pragmatic scientists had suppressed this remark.

    After Mingyou entered the school, he would receive special lectures and special exams from Neil and others. If Mingyou’s basic knowledge was solid enough, Neil wanted Mingyou to complete all the basic subjects in the university within one month, and then directly grant him the title of honorary doctor.

    The basic subjects were naturally the natural science courses such as the Common Language of the Star Alliance, politics, and mathematics. There was no need to take a test for the special class of spirit beasts, and they were still waiting for Mingyou to compile a new textbook. This year’s Spirit Beast major was waiting for Mingyou to teach them.

    As for those who opposed it? Yes, there must be. But the natural science world was very cruel, and practical science was consequentialism. They had not achieved anything for so many years, but Mingyou could cure His Royal Highness Arthur and the ten heroes. Mingyou was amazing.

    If the production line of spirit beast food was successful, even if Mingyou was not yet twenty years old, he would be the undisputed leader of spirit beast academia.

    Now, Neil, the old man who had one foot into the coffin, decided to use up his lifetime of prestige and connections to escort Mingyou to the top of the spiritual beast academia. Any big deal, he would lie on the ground touching porcelain :). He would like to see which brave young man would dare to confront him, a nearly 400-year-old old man. Oh, how brittle the bones of this old man are. If they touched him, his whole body might get smashed, how would they pay for it?

    After Old Neil released his words, the spirit beast academia trembled. Don’t dare to move. Don’t dare to move. The matter was more complicated. Arthur hoped that Mingyou didn’t have to worry about anything, so he would escort Mingyou all the way. Mingyou only needed to follow him to report and follow him to the exam. The rest, he would handle.

    But to follow Mingyou to school to deal with these problems, Arthur naturally couldn’t use the appearance of a black cat. And after becoming spirit beasts, their tempers would be affected by their instincts. Maybe if they disagree, he would use his paws to overturn the table.

    In human society, they still have to put on human skin to act better. With the end in sight, the nutritious biscuits in the black cat’s mouth were no longer fragrant. Although he doesn’t have the delicious food that Mingyu cooks freshly every day -_-.

    “Then… how about you hide it for a while?” Herman had a bad idea, “Meet Mingyou as the Prince of the Star Alliance? If you don’t tell him you are Dahei?”

    The black cat said: “Herman, did your IQ also decrease after becoming a bear? After he goes to the Central Military Academy of the Star Alliance and immediately will know what is going on with the spirit beasts. We didn’t use any pseudonyms in front of him, so how could he know who we are?”

    “When he gets angry, who will coax him? I won’t coax him anyway.” The black cat’s ears drooped, “It’s okay to lose his temper, if he finally opens up to us and closes his heart…”

    Herman, being scolded by his Highness, hugged his head and was extremely troubled. Yes, Mingyou’s psychological problems were very serious, what should they do if the stimulation was too great?

    The fluffy ears all drooped down, and Yan Yi, who usually pretended not to care about Mingyou, was no exception. If their young man suffered a little bit of grievance, they would feel very distressed, not to mention that this grievance may be caused by them?

    “Your Royal Highness, I can only rely on you.” So the fluffy people started to throw the pot.

    His Royal Highness Prince Arthur can do anything! Arthur: “Hehe.”

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7 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 49

  1. What an excellent chapter! From the hilarity of these frozen researchers and everyone’s (but especially Arthur’s) jealousy to the sad lack of homemade food to the build up for the next chapter, it’s been a ride. I kept dreading the end of the chapter! 😆

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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