After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 48

When Mingyou first saw His Majesty the Golden Lion, he was shocked by the big cat’s grace and splendor.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion had long golden fur. The aircraft was facing the setting sun, and the red glow on the horizon painted the background, making his figure even more stalwart. Under the afterglow of the setting sun, every hair of His Majesty reflected a perfect luster, like the purest gold.

    He leisurely paced down from the aircraft, and every step seemed to be stepping on the hearts of everyone. The powerful aura made Mingyou’s breathing cautious.

    Mingyou, who was full of ambition to save the little leopard from the claws of His Majesty the Lion, unconsciously let out half of his energy.

    Even if he was talking in his sleep, the little leopard dared to talk about beating up such a father, so Mingyou really admired him very much.

    Usually lounging around if able, the black cat walked out slowly from behind Mingyou, and walked to his brother’s side with graceful and calm steps like his brother.

    The two big cats with noble and elegant posture lowered their heads at the same time, and rubbed their cheeks on each other’s necks.

    “Brother, you’ve worked hard.” At this time, the black cat’s tone was very serious.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion nodded and did not answer. His eyes turned to Mingyou who was at a loss, showing a tolerant smile that belonged to an elder, and bowed his noble head: “Mingyou, thank you for saving my family, thank you for saving our heroes.”

    Mingyou was nervous. Unable to speak, he just waved his hands and shook his head repeatedly, indicating that he had only done a small job, and could not bear such a solemn thanks from His Majesty.

    The black cat glanced at Mingyou, raised its paws, and pushed his brother down.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…”

    Numerous plushies: “…”

    Mingyou holding his breath: “…”

    “Enough, don’t come here with such a phony trick, it will frighten my silly fool. The black cat regained his dignified expression, raised a paw and put it on His Majesty’s neck, “Come on, Mingyou, let me introduce you. This is my brother Aldrich. I know the name is too long, you can’t remember it, you can call him Dajin. Ouch! Brother, why are you slapping me?”

    His Majesty the Lion gave the black cat two slaps : “It’s neither big nor small. I can smell the fragrance, let’s start dinner, starving me to death.”

    “I know, brother, you’re absolutely greedy. I can hear the purring in your throat. Mingyou, let’s eat.” The black cat was slapped by his brother, but he still leaned in and hugged, “Brother, give my brother a face, the stupid nephew is dormant, don’t rush to beat him. After he wakes up, take him to the training ground for practice.”

    “By then he will be strong, when you beat him, you don’t have to worry about breaking him, it’s even more enjoyable.” The black cat winked, “Today, let’s have a good meal, have a chat, and forget about the children.”

     “Little child? Do you remember that you are younger than him? Do you really protect him as a junior?” His Majesty the Golden Lion said angrily, “Okay, I understand, don’t be fussy and pay attention to your image.”

     “What do you mean pay attention? Image? There are no outsiders here. Brother, aren’t you tired from stretching your body?” The black cat retracted his paws, purring and shaking his fur, “Silly Mingyou, it’s time for dinner. You too, what are you doing? It’s time to say hello, say hello, finish your greetings and prepare for dinner.”     

     The fluffy beasts who were standing with their heads held high and their chests out in a military posture looked at each other in dismay. Forget about it, they were subordinates of His Royal Highness and would listen to him.

    Mingyu patted his chest and let out a sigh of relief. He had held his breath until his face turned red.

    His Majesty the Lion was interrupted by his brother, after he lost all his dignity and bearing, he turned back into an ordinary big lion. Mingyou finally dared to look straight at the golden lion.

    “Your Majesty is also malnourished…Is the Spirit Beast Planet so poor?” Mingyou, who was in a relaxed mood, began to lose his mind again.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion thought for a while, then nodded and said, “It’s quite poor.” Every department was asking for money!

    “Then should we lower the price of spirit beast food?” Mingyou was a little nervous. He heard the accounting and pricing range of Dahei and the others when they were meeting, and the profit margins for spirit beast food were very high.

    “The beasts are rich, the government is poor.” His Majesty the Golden Lion added.

    Mingyou understood: “Then let’s launch a special limited-edition spirit beast health food for luxury, and charge more tax.”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…What did Arthur teach you?”

    Mingyou was confused: “What?”

    The black cat pushed hard on Mingyou’s back with a paw: “Go, go, go, and prepare dinner.” After Mingyou left, the black cat said to His Majesty, “Brother, don’t say anything.”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion domineeringly glanced at his younger brother: “I will ask if you have damaged him, what is this? Isn’t it you who is retreating? You are trying to hide your attitude, Mingyou is not stupid and will notice it. Won’t you have a problem when you transform back?”

    “I made it clear to him from the very beginning that when the observation period is over, I will tell him everything.” The black cat drooped its ears and said, “But doesn’t he have social anxiety? I’m afraid of scaring him?”

     “Are you really afraid of scaring him, not afraid of anything else?” His Majesty the Golden Lion looked up and down with a look of contempt at his stupid little brother who had shrunk into a black furball.

     The black cat with drooping ears posing as a black seal tilted his head in confusion.     What else was there to be afraid of? What other what?

     His Majesty the Lion snorted coldly, not wanting to pay any attention to his stupid brother. He paced to the other fluffy ones, greeting the heroes one by one.

     Even the fluffy ones who hadn’t recovered their memories for the time being expressed their full respect to His Majesty the Great Golden Lion. Subconsciously, they know how great this majesty was.

     The black cat raised his paws and scratched his drooping ears. What was his brother talking about? Why only speak half of it? This cat would be anxious to death!

     He was about to ask another question, when Mingyou’s angry voice came from the RV: “Dahei! Where are the greenstone leaves I carved?”

 The black cat purred: “It’s a little high on the cabinet. …You wait, I’ll get it.” He didn’t care to ask his big brother, so he spread his paws and helped Mingyou get things.

     His Majesty the golden lion watched the  black cat’s back with eyes that hated iron that wouldn’t become steel, then a little smile appeared on the mighty and domineering golden cat’s face.

     The fluffies looked at each other in dismay, and always felt that the smile of His Majesty the lion was malicious.

     The indigo kangaroo thought about it, took out the sleeping little leopard from her nursery bag, and handed him to His Majesty the golden lion. 

    The yellow monkey hurriedly asked with his eyes: Didn’t the bald-haired monkey brother say to take good care of this little one?

    Indigo kangaroo: First, use the baby leopard to divert His Majesty’s attention to protect Mingyou and Dahei.

    The other fluffies quickly reached a consensus with their eyes and betrayed the poor little leopard together. Mingyou’s previous strategy to protect the little leopard fell apart in an instant.

    When His Majesty the Golden Lion saw his stupid son, his face was mixed with love and anger, and his expression was extremely distorted.

    He raised a paw, and several times wanted to slap the baby leopard whose belly was bulging. But in the end, he still sighed, maintaining the posture of raising his front claws, and carefully held his stupid son.

    When Mingyou came out of the RV with a cauldron that was estimated to be two meters in diameter and filled with soup, he saw His Majesty holding his son like a statue, and his expression became stiff.

    Dahuang used his supernatural ability to build an earth ladder, and Mingyou walked up the ladder and put the pot firmly into the stove.

    The black cat with two baskets full of vegetables tied on his back asked, “Brother, what kind of wooden person are you acting like?”

    “Hans is sleeping.” His Majesty the Lion said.

    Arthur: “You can just put him anywhere, why hold him like this? Even if you don’t want other people holding your child, you can ask the robot to bring a cradle over.”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion suddenly realized, “That’s right.”

    The black cat handed the vegetables over to the other fluffy ones, and helped His Majesty the golden lion hug his nephew: “Brother, why are you like a novice dad? How did you take me and my nephew before?”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion defended: “How many years ago did that happen? I forgot how to take care of a child.”

    “I understand, it must have been my sister-in-law and our housekeeper who took care of me and my nephew. Responsible for teaching people.” The black cat complained.

    He called the robot, got a cradle, and put the eldest nephew into the cradle.

    “Do you still have a parenting robot?” His Majesty the Lion stretched out, moved his stiff body, and avoided the black cat’s complaints.

    The black cat said proudly: Mingyou changed it. Our robots have been updated by him and Xiaotian.”

    “Who is Xiaotian?” asked the golden lion.

    Xiaotian immediately introduced himself with a holographic projection expression to His Majesty the Golden Lion. It’s me, it’s me *归▽归*!

    His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…” Very good, very energetic.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion wanted to say something. But as soon as the bottom of the hot pot was heated, the aroma was like an explosive wave, swept by strong energy fluctuations.

    All thoughts in His Majesty’s head were blown away by the aroma, and all he could hear was the growling in his throat.

    Even the large and small fluffy people who were fed by Mingyou every day couldn’t stand it. They stopped the table setting one by one. No matter what color their eyes were, they were now glowing with a faint green light, they stared at the churning cauldron.

    “Your Majesty, although you ordered dishes before, this place is close to the ice field, the weather is too cold, so those dishes would be cold soon after they are brought out, and they are not very delicious. I replaced it with hot pot at my own discretion, if you can’t eat it. I’ll change to something else immediately.” Although Dahei said that he had communicated with his brother, Mingyou changed the menu without authorization, still felt a little uneasy.

    “That’s fine!” The aroma and energy fluctuations were much more overbearing than the dishes in the live broadcast room! His Majesty the Golden Lion kept swallowing, not wanting to appear too greedy and unseemly.

    Looking at this group of spirit beasts raised by Mingyou, they all showed coveting expressions. One could imagine how awesome this hot pot was. His silly brother was raising his paws to wipe his saliva.

    “I’ll introduce the hotpot soup base, let’s start eating. I just tested it before, and I haven’t brought out the finished product yet.” Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief.

    In addition to red and clear soup, hot pot could also be divided into many different kinds. There were four types of soup bases for this special hotpot for spirit beasts.

    The first was naturally the most classic red soup pot base. The red hotpot had a thick soup that had been boiled with the thigh bones of wild beasts for a whole night. It added spicy flavored edible plants rich in violent energy, and a little bit would only numb one’s mouth. Creating a spicy taste that could make spirit beasts eat heartily.

    This kind of pot base Mingyou could only taste a little bit, and if one ate too much, they would be poisoned. But for spirit beasts, as long as it was digestible energy, it was their food.

    In particular, Xianluo, a spirit beast that was very attuned to fire-type energy, had his head in the pot.

    The second was the seafood soup base that was rich in water and ice energy waves.

    The blue seal found a lot of algae, shells, and energy crystal ore suitable for the consumption of spirit animals from the sea, as well as many marine animals with a similar energy content to the wild beasts. These were stewed in Mingyou’s cauldron to make a base of umami-flavored seafood.

    Xianluo covered his nose and scoffed at the energy in the seafood pot. The blue seal and the polar bear had already poured fish fillets into the bottom of the seafood pot, and their fierce posture was as if they had encountered an enemy.

    The third type of pot base was a clear soup base. Here he boiled all kinds of mushrooms and twigs rich in herbal energy, to create a light green and elegant soup base full of the unique fragrance of grass and trees.

    This pot was mainly for simmering various leafy vegetables. Of course, the thin slices of wild animal tenderloin that were not very strong could also be cooked in the clear soup base.

    But the spirit beasts had poured a bunch of meat, shrimp, shellfish and fish into the bottom of the vegetarian pot. The vegetarian pot that Mingyou painstakingly boiled was like a green crystal, and it became cloudy within a minute, which made Mingyou very upset.

    “Eat meat.” The black cat’s paws skillfully held chopsticks for Mingyou to grab the meat. When Mingyou tasted the strong fragrance of herbs in the meat, he silently poured a plate of meat into the bottom of the vegetarian pot.

    The hotpot soup base was used to cook meat and vegetables. What about beauty? He just wanted deliciousness!

    The last type of hotpot was the dessert soup base. Mingyou made a pot of syrup with fruits and honey, which was used to soak fruits and leaves, as well as various foods carved from energy crystals.

    Of course, he could also put the carved food into other pots. Even if it was a stone, it can gain flavor after cooking for a long time. When Mingyou was boiling the soup, he also put energy crystals in it.

    However, it took a long time to cook the energy crystals. It was more convenient to cook the dishes in a short time, or eat them directly wrapped in syrup.

    His Majesty the golden lion held a vegetable leaf carved from greenstone, scalded it in the syrup, and put it in his mouth. The little leopard would definitely like this dish. He liked sweets.

    There were four types of pot bases, and there were more types of hot pot dips.

    Various energy crystals and plants that could be eaten by spirit beasts were crushed into fine powder by supernatural powers, various flavor sauces carefully prepared by Mingyou, and fruit rich in energy fluctuations, the spirit beasts could prepare their favorite dips according to their own tastes.

    If the spirit beast had a difficult choosing, Mingyou also tailor-made special dipping sauce for them. As long as they consulted Mingyou, the spirit beast master, they could use the most suitable dipping sauce in terms of nutrition and energy ratio.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion first tasted the dipping sauce specially prepared by Mingyou, and then tried to prepare a dipping sauce himself.

    Although the dipping sauce prepared by him was not as delicious as the one prepared by Mingyou, it was more satisfying to eat the dipping sauce prepared by himself.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion was eating and eating, he forgot his etiquette and his identity, and he waved his chopsticks in a lion-like manner.

    The dinner table was like a battlefield. The black cat saw that the situation was getting out of control, and immediately brought a bowl of meat and vegetables to Mingyou, and asked the robot to set up a small table for him, so that Mingyou would not be affected by the spirit beasts who had red eyes.

    Mingyou held the meat and vegetables that his black cat grabbed for him, and then had a bowl of white rice, while eating and watching the group of fluff in front of him.

    He saw this group of fluffy spirit beasts holding a pair of half-meter-long chopsticks in one paw and a colander in the other. The doe, who was very concerned about her appearance, turned into a muscular deer in order to grab food and burst her muscles. The little red fox who paid attention to the mask on his face also took off the mask and turned into a big fox.

    Mingyou muttered in his heart, fortunately he made a large pot with a diameter of two meters, and built a large round table, otherwise the group would not be able to squeeze in.

    Smash it, smash it, the sleeping little snow leopard seemed to smell the aroma of hot pot, turned over and started licking his tongue.

    Mingyou smiled and shook the cradle, and turned on the air and energy purification device to isolate the smell of hot pot from the cradle.

    The little snow leopard, who couldn’t smell the fragrance, quieted down, spread his feet, belly up, and continued to sleep soundly. Mingyou put a small quilt on the belly of the tumultuous little snow leopard, and helped comb his sleepy cheeks.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion, who was robbing food, glanced at his son who was sleeping soundly, just in time to see Mingyou covering the little snow leopard with a quilt.

    He looked dazed for a moment, then withdrew his gaze, and continued to grab Mingyou’s specially made greenstone sausage from his brother’s chopsticks, pretending to be unaffected.

    “Brother! Can you stop grabbing food from my chopsticks!” The black cat got angry.

    “I don’t know what’s best.” His Majesty the Golden Lion crunched the greenstone ham sausage and indifferently glanced at his brother.

    The black cat was so angry that his tail turned into a propeller and was slapped by the white bear.

    Herman: “Don’t flick your tail when you eat, Yan Yi can control his tail, and so can you, Your Highness.”

    The black cat: “…” He couldn’t think of why he thought Herman should be recruited as a guard?!

    After eating hot pot, the spirit beasts not only ate the soup base, but even drank all the seasonings.

    Mingyou: “…” This was really a group of good frugal beasts, no waste.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion packed some hot pot seasoning, a basket of greenstone ingredients hand-carved by Mingyou, and a box of blue salt stone powder found by the blue seal, ready to take home the next day.

    Today, it was rare for Mingyou not to sleep with the black cat, so he gave the room to the big cat brothers.

    Arthur was very worried: “Are you okay? Can you sleep?”

    “It doesn’t matter! I have them!” Mingyou thought to himself, as long as he didn’t go to systematic training and reading at night, he would be able to sleep well.

    Although he would be startled not to see black fur after waking up, Mingyou was still able to sleep peacefully with the scent of other fluffy beasts around him. His nightmare symptoms had improved a lot.

    While the big black cat was relieved, a hint of sourness inevitably poured out of his heart. The child he protected has grown up, and he must feel a little melancholy.

    His Majesty the golden lion lay on the bed and squinted: “Are you sure you think of Mingyou as your child?”

   The black cat said angrily, “Brother, just say what you want to say, don’t hesitate to hide it.”

    His Majesty coldly said: “Are you ready to sleep with Mingyou as a cat for life?”

    big black cat said: “Why not?”

    His Majesty: “You become human?”

    The black cat said: “He will faint.”

    His Majesty the golden lion: “…” He rolled his eyes. This topic was a bit out of whack.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion decided to struggle: “If Mingyou has a lover in the future…”

   The black cat sighed: “Love? His anxiety is not good, and it is estimated that he can only live with the spirit beast for a lifetime.”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion : “…” Che, this topic really can’t go on.

    It seemed that the key was not that his brother could see the little bit of changed feelings in his heart, but Mingyou. Mingyou may not be good, his brother couldn’t see clearly, this relationship was useless.

    “Sleep.” His Majesty the golden lion domineeringly occupied most of the bed, lying on his side and closing his eyes.

    “Brother, I can probably guess what you want to say.” The black cat was silent for a while, then suddenly said, “That kind of thing, let’s go with the flow, don’t worry.”

    “What am I worried about? Or are you worried that Mingyou only likes his Dahei and doesn’t like Prince Arthur of the Star Alliance?” His Majesty the Lion snorted.

    The black cat was choked up by his brother’s words, and jumped to the ground angrily, ready to sleep on the carpet.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion laughed. In fact, his brother’s feelings for Mingyou haven’t reached the level of love. This feeling was a mix of friendship, gratitude and even affection. But what did it matter? Hormones would subside, and impure love might be transformed into the most sincere companionship.

    He said this deliberately, of course, it was selfish. Mingyou had already entered his household registration book. Of course, if such a good spirit beast master could stay in his own home, he must not be taken away by others.

    Arthur was not too young, His Majesty had long been looking for suitable spouses for Arthur among people of the right age. If it weren’t for the outbreak of war, Arthur would have started nonstop blind dates now. To urge marriage, even His Royal Highness the Prince of the Star Alliance could not escape.

    The war had delayed His Majesty the Golden Lion’s urging of marriage to his younger brother, but now that he had a super suitable partner by his side, could His Majesty, the eldest brother like a father, not be excited?

    After eating the super delicious hot pot, His Majesty was even more excited. This sister-in-law, he was going to make a decision!

    However, if his stupid younger brother was not strong enough, His Majesty was ready to become Mingyou’s maiden family and recognize Mingyou as his younger brother. Anyway, Mingyou would be a member of the big cat family in the future. Whether he would become the big cat’s brother or the big cat’s daughter-in-law depended on the ability of his brother.

    With Mingyou’s symptoms that he couldn’t sleep well without holding the black cat, the success rate of his brother was still quite high. But his younger brother has only cared about his comrades and the nephew since he was a child, and he doesn’t know anything about adult matters. His Majesty the Lion couldn’t help but arrange a retreat and make other plans.

    As a result, the two cat brothers slept together for one night and hardly talked about anything.

    After all, the two of them were chatting on the liaison every day, and they had already chatted long ago, so there was nothing to talk about.

    Early the next morning, the black cat who had been lying on the ground all night looked at the thin blanket on his body, then glanced at the golden lion who was still sleeping soundly, and threw the thin blanket on the bed with his ears turned. Going out the door to find his little young man.

    Although his brother had a good conscience and covered him with a thin blanket at night, he would rather be a blanket for the young man himself. Mingyou got up early and was now making breakfast.

    “Why did you get up so early?” After the black cat finished washing, he squatted behind Mingyou and put his big head on his shoulder.

    Mingyou took a deep breath while holding the cat head that he had not seen all night. After making up for the black cat element, he said, “Make more food for His Majesty and bring it back to give to others.”

    Even His Majesty the Emperor of the Spirit Beast Planet, should be usually not missed, right? This time, in order to take care of his mood and other conditions, His Majesty the Golden Lion specially came to visit them, and Mingyou was very fond of this Emperor.

    “You’ve done enough.” The black cat opened his mouth, Mingyou packed biscuits of various flavors and stuffed the biscuits into the black cat’s mouth.

    After waking up, Heman, who found that the little spirit beast master was gone, followed the smell and found the kitchen. Seeing that Mingyou was feeding the black cat again, he sighed.

    No matter how hard His Highness practiced his supernatural powers, he could not stop the symptoms of sneezing after eating. Mingyou was the culprit.

    He hoped that His Highness would be able to restrain himself a little after he became a human being. What he ate after becoming a human would really turn into fat. If His Royal Highness the Hero Prince of the Covenant became a big fat man, it will really damage the image of the Star Alliance.

    “Dabai, good morning.” Mingyou dragged the black cat behind him and stuffed a bag of biscuits into the bear’s claws, “Eat some biscuits to pad your stomach first, I’ll have breakfast ready in no time, today is new stuffing.”

    The polar bear looked at the biscuit in his paw with a sad face. Okay, it was not just His Highness who was in danger of becoming fat. Their little spirit beast master was trying to fatten all of them.

    “Dahui, Dahong… Ah, everyone is awake, good morning!” Mingyou greeted everyone energetically, and distributed a bag of cookies to everyone.

    After a good night’s sleep, His Majesty the Golden Lion sniffed the smell of the food and came to the kitchen. Mingyou also treated him equally and gave a bag of small biscuits.

    His Majesty the Lion opened the biscuits and poured them into his mouth: “Do you usually live so extravagantly?”

   When the elder brother got up, he could no longer stick to his young man, and Arthur, who could only accompany the elder brother, said, “Eat a bag of small biscuits before breakfast, why is it called extravagant?”

    “Do you dare to say this to the audience in the live broadcast room?” His Majesty the Golden Lion said angrily.

    “I dare now.” The black cat said, and immediately posted on the forum.

    “Is it a luxury to eat a box of cookies before breakfast? ” was topped as a hot post on the forum, and spirit beasts were watching.

    “Thank you for your invitation. Ordinary biscuits are not extravagant, but I know what your Highness Prince wants to show off, so…why hasn’t His Majesty named His Highness yet??”

    “Look, His Highness is really angry. He’s sarcastic.”

    “Before His Majesty deletes the post, press a claw first.”

    “Leave a claw mark and wait to delete the post.”

    “No! Not really! When will the biscuits go on sale? I have to get a box every morning!”

    “Ordinary cookies certainly not, but they reveal a small hand-made biscuits division that it …… “

    ” Your Highness posts can be changed, as was raised in the small division partner. Is it a luxury for the little spirit beast master to feed the biscuits made by himself? Of course not! How can the biscuits made by the self-raised spirit beast master be considered a luxury? So where do the spirit beast masters get them?”

    “Yes, as long as you can get spirit beastmasters, what are biscuits? It’s not a luxury to eat hand-carved greenstone lollipops every day. Please, His Highness, quickly send us a little spirit beastmaster!”

    “The non-spiritual beasts are trembling, shouldn’t I be there? In this post?”

    ” This post has been deleted, the landlord is suspected of inciting a war, and has been banned for a day.”

    Look, they will say, His Highness would definitely be cleaned up by His Majesty. The emperor crossed their waist for a while, but the result was bad.

    Arthur said: “Look, I said I really dare.”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…” It was his fault. He actually forgot how bearish his brother was.

    “The steamer is done! Come and help me serve the buns!” Mingyou interrupted the conversation between the big cat brothers.

    As soon as the steamer was opened, the smell of buns mixed with water vapor permeated the whole kitchen. Xiaotian also closed the ventilation system, so that all the sleepy plushies were immediately involved in the steamed food. Fragrant and meaty aroma leaking from the folds of the bun.

    “Do you use the aroma of food to drive away sleepiness every day?” His Majesty the Golden Lion, who was completely sober, felt a little sour in his heart, as if he had eaten a whole basket of lemons.

    “I’m not. I’m woken up by Mingyou’s greetings every day.” The black cat raised his paws and scratched his ears. “He always opened my ears and shouted ‘good morning’ into my ears.”

    “I didn’t!” Mingyou hurriedly defended. Damn Dahei, how could he speak ill of him in front of His Majesty the lion!

    “You know the truth in your heart.” The black cat glanced at his young man with disdain, and walked slowly to the restaurant of the RV to have breakfast.

    The aroma of hot pot yesterday was too overbearing, so he ate it outside. Just eat a bun today, just eat it in the restaurant.

    His Majesty the golden lion had itchy paws, and he really wanted to beat his black cat brother to the ground.

    He was still wounded, he will bear with it. His Majesty the Lion thought with a sigh of relief.

   The spirit beasts had big mouths, so Mingyou made each bun the size of an adult’s palm to make it easy for the plushies to eat.

    There were meat and vegetarian centers in the bun stuffing, as well as seafood. There was no difference in the appearance of the buns. Mingyou originally wanted to prank the spirit beasts to “draw a lottery”, but the spirit beasts were very sensitive to energy fluctuations and could not be deceived at all.

    However, in order to make Mingyou happy, the spirit beasts deliberately ate buns with fillings they didn’t like, and then made exaggerated expressions to satisfy Mingyou’s “bad taste”.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion was a special and fire type, and he didn’t like buns with ice and water energy at all.

    Although for a hungry spirit beast, any food was good. But there were better ones, why should he choose the one that didn’t suit him?

    “No, big brother, you must try every kind of stuffed bun, and don’t let Mingyou’s hard work go to waste.” However, his bastard brother directly stuffed a seafood bun into his mouth.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…” Be patient, the younger brother was still a wounded person and could not be beaten.

    “The relationship between Dahei and His Majesty is really good.” Mingyou was very envious.

    The yellow monkey handed a plain stuffed bun to Mingyou. Don’t be envious, you have a brother too.

    “Yes, I have a brother too.” Mingyou nibbled on the buns.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion’s ears perked up. What was the matter with this monkey? How did he become Mingyou’s brother? What was the matter with Arthur? Couldn’t even look at a young man who had already entered his household registration book?

    When he was leaving, His Majesty the golden lion held the black cat’s ear and whispered, telling the black cat to take good care of Mingyou, and don’t let him be deceived by others.

    The black cat impatiently scratched his ears. His brother really thought too much. With Mingyou’s character, he was still worried about how to let the youth contact more people.

    Although they are willing to accompany Mingyou all the time, Arthur still hoped that Mingyou could live a normal life, communicate and get along with his classmates, and become friends with some like-minded people of the same age.

    Mingyou once mentioned that he wanted to travel somewhere. But because of his fear of crowds, even if he reluctantly went out, he would be on alert all the time, and it was impossible to experience the joy of traveling. This would not work.

    The young man in his family should live the happiest life no matter when and where. So don’t talk about a big monkey brother, even if it was Tan Chenxi, Arthur will tie him a bow and send him to Mingyou. Mingyu was worth it.

    “I don’t know if His Majesty will like the gift I gave.” Mingyou said nervously after seeing the golden lion leave.

    Arthur licked a paw, and while washing his face, he said: “He likes it, I definitely like it, he must be very confused now, should he share the gift from you?”

    “I think he must really want to take it for himself. “Arthur showed a thieving look on his face.

    “Pfft, Da Hei, don’t say that, His Majesty is not that kind of cat.” Mingyou was amused by the black cat.

    Arthur snorted: “You still don’t believe it? Do you know my brother, or do I know my brother?”

    “But your eldest brother is His Majesty the Emperor after all.”

    “What happened to His Majesty the Emperor? I’m still His Royal Highness. The little leopard is still His Royal Highness.”

    “Yes, the little leopard is the future emperor.”

    “…You’d better not say this in front of him, he won’t admit it. And our throne is not based on paternity.”

    ” What is that?” Mingyou was curious, “Could it be to choose the most talented big cat?”

    Arthur said: “No, it is to choose the unluckiest cat.”

    Mingyou: “…” Could this spirit beast planet get better? Does His Majesty the Emperor, who was particularly unlucky, do any good to the Spirit Beast Planet?

    “Stop talking about this, set off, we must find the remaining two today.” Arthur scratched his ears and wondered, “Their energy waves actually overlap, after the spirit beast loses sense, they should be very territorial. And these two are not ice attributes, why are they running on ice?” Arthur was puzzled. 

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  1. Please don’t let this be a novel where the main couple just gets together in the end of the novel…


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