After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 47

Mingyu was stunned. Although he was called silly by Dahei, he also knew that such words could not be said in the live broadcast room.

    He hurriedly held the snow leopard in his arms: “Child is hungry, we do not take his words of beating up someone seriously.”

    The leopard pawed at Mingyou grumbling, and then started snoring.

    Sleep, fell asleep? Mingyu was stunned. Although he understood that it was easy to get sleepy when one was full, was this silly child okay? Mingyou moved the snow leopard to re-examine his body and found that the feline had actually entered a deep sleep.

    No, it was not a deep sleep anymore, it was hibernation. According to research, beasts would go into “dormancy” when they repaired their damage, and will also “hibernate” when they were not nourished for a long time. “Hibernation” was a way to reduce self-consumption, which was similar that of ordinary animals in nature.

    Mingyou suspected that the silly leopard who just said the “Father Defeating Declaration” may have been in a state of semi-sleepwalking, and he had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

    Listening, the silly leopard moved his mouth, making a purring sleep sound from his throat.

    “Step on Dad’s tail…”

    “Slap Dad…”

    “Kick Dad’s butt…”

    “Hit Dad’s face with a fireball

    The nephew was obviously in an intoxicating dream, and the expression on his fluffy face was extremely happy. Sleeping after eating, what a cute child who was easily satisfied.

    Mingyou lovingly touched the leopard’s head, and adjusted the energy fluctuations of the snow leopard’s body with the power of his heart.

    Although the snow leopard was not his contracted spirit beast, but Mingyou’s heart power had been enhanced a lot through practice, and he could sort out the energy for other spirit beasts.

    Under Mingyou’s careful grooming, the dormant state of the big snow leopard was getting deeper and deeper.

    The leopard’s body began to emit a faint light. The light scattered into dust and floated into Mingyou’s bracelet. When the light faded, the snow leopard turned into a little leopard cub the size of his palm. Little snow leopard rested his head on Mingyou’s palm and slept soundly.

    Mingyou held up the little leopard and said, “When his dormant state ends, his energy body will be repaired to a certain extent. After waking up, we’ll continue to supplement him with nutrients, and then continue to sleep. After several repetitions, his body should be able to recover. Return to the state of a normal spirit beast.”

    The spirit beast energy body was really convenient. If it was a human being, no matter how nutrition was supplemented, it would not be able to make up for the stunting of the past.

    “Okay, very good, it looks like he won’t be beaten any time soon.” Arthur glanced at the little snow leopard the size of his palm.

    Now the older nephew had become a younger nephew. In the future, let Mingyou make his nephew smaller, and throw him before his sister-in-law’s grave to show her. His sister-in-law had always regretted that she did not see the appearance of her silly son turning into a baby spirit beast.

    “He just eats, sleeps, sleeps, eats, nothing else?” Arthur rubbed the little snow leopard’s head with his head.

    One big and one small, two cats, one black and one white, were rubbing their heads against each other, and it seemed that Mingyou’s heart was about to burst from the cuteness. Now the black cat was like the father of the little snow leopard.

    “When he wakes up, I’ll give him a physical examination to find out.” Mingyou said, “Don’t worry, I’m here, no problem.”

    The snow leopard’s treatment plan only needs a symbolic single knowledge point, indicating that he had already covered the knowledge content of the treatment plan for the little leopard cub.

    Now that he had found so many nutritious raw materials that could be eaten by spirit beasts, Mingyou was no longer stymied by a lack of ingredients, and he was full of confidence.

    “Okay, I’ll leave it to you. Use this leopard cub as an experimental subject to write a paper, maybe it will open a new subject for spirit beast preschool education.” Arthur kept poking the nose of the sleeping little cub with his whiskers .

    The little snow leopard wrinkled his nose, sneezed, and his little claws moved restlessly. The black cat was amused and laughed, and Mingyou gave him a fist on the forehead.

    “Okay, the live broadcast is over, the little snow leopard is going to sleep.” Mingyou put the little cub in his arms and said goodbye to the audience.

    The audience was naturally reluctant to say goodbye, but this little anchor who couldn’t see the barrage and comments never cared about their opinions.

    Couldn’t see a thing. In the eyes of the little anchor, they were probably millions of silent viewers :).

    After leaving the live room, viewers flocked to the internal forum to continue discussing what they saw in the live room today.

    “His Royal Highness Hans is really miserable. It turns out that he was really weak due to long-term malnutrition. Who said that pure special power users are weakened mutants?”

    “His Royal Highness Hans’s physical condition is actually similar to that of the severely injured Prince? It’s shocking. But I can imagine that I only have a little special power, and I used a few special powers on the battlefield. The power use made me hungry.”

    “His Highness Hans’ willpower is really strong. When I didn’t have time to replenish my powers, my head hurt like it was about to explode. His spirit beast state has been around since childhood. Didn’t he eat?”

    “He must have eaten something. The spirit beasts will find food by themselves after they are hungry and recover their instincts.”

    “So His Highness Hans was hungry, he drove the aircraft into the live broadcast, and threw himself into the little anchor. embrace? “

    “Perhaps that is the case? After all, as a  purely spiritual type, maybe he has an ability that we can not imagine?”

    “If I now broke into the live scene with an aircraft, is being hungry an excuse?”

    “First of all, you have to know the coordinates of the No. 1 healing planet; then, you have to get the approval code for Skynet access!”

    “Actually, when I saw His Royal Highness Hans appearing, I was very upset. His Royal Highness and the others just got to live a good life. His Highness Hans is not a war hero, how can he be taken care of by the anchor? But seeing His Highness Hans staring and dizzy, I apologize for my prudence.

    “Same as upstairs. Let’s not look at His Highness and the others being raised very happily. If they really want us to believe in a young man we don’t know, try food we’ve never eaten before, and experiment with treatments that no one has ever used before, who would dare to go? For example, Green Stone, if his Highness did not eat it first, who would want to eat stone?”

    “Yes. What did His Highness say when the live broadcast was about to end? His Highness said that His Highness Hans was being used as an experimental subject to study the teaching of young spirit beasts. This live broadcast room is a large-scale experiment. His Royal Highness and the ten heroes are using themselves as experiment materials.

    “They are just like trial users when a new drug comes out. Whether the drug is effective or not, it is up to them to try it first. How can we blame the volunteers for taking the medicine first, after the medicine is determined to be effective?”

    “At least three phases of experiments are required to launch a drug, and volunteers are required for both the second and third phases. After the drug is on the market, I accuse the volunteers who participated in the second and third phases of being the privileged class and enjoying the drug first. Isn’t this a very good rhythm?”

    “It’s still an internal live broadcast, and so many people have been led astray. It’s hard to imagine how those people would criticize His Highness after this incident was made public, tsk tsk. “

    “Will the matter of the spirit beasts be made public? Isn’t this a Star Alliance secret?”

    “What kind of secret, everyone who should know it, other than the public. The reason for not letting the public know is also very simple. The research on spiritual beasts has been stagnant for a long time, and we ourselves do not know what is going on with spiritual beasts.” 

     “There is no way to guarantee the safety of the spirit beasts themselves and the public. In order to maintain stability, they can only hide from the public. Now that there is the little spirit beast master, research has finally moved from theology to science. It needs more people to join in the research, and it will naturally be made public.”

    “When the teaching materials for spiritual beasts are re-formulated, this subject will definitely be open for admission. Just wait and see, it’s a good wave of rhythm when enrollment starts. “

    “Yes, yes, they are all masters of publicity. His Highness and His Majesty’s family took the lead and took the initiative to be experimental subjects, and it could also be said that they were taking advantage of the privilege to enjoy first. What else are they afraid to say? “

    “My brain circuits were almost taken into the ditch by them. I’m sorry Your Royal Highness QAQ. Indeed, the promotion of the new spirit animal science definitely requires spirit beasts as experimental subjects. His Royal Highness and the ten heroes volunteered to be the experimental subjects, and they also broadcast the experimental process live to us. Such a great and selfless thing, His Royal Highness does not want to publicize it. Their sacrifices should be ignored.”

    “So it’s probably a long time ago that Hans’s Royal Highness went down as an experimental subject. After all, His Highness Hans is the only pure special power user in the Star Alliance who has survived until now. “

    “But it must be true that His Highness Hans sneaked away…According to the gossip, His Majesty is very mad.”

    “If I were His Majesty, I would be mad too -v-. In front of the entire live broadcast audience, I said that I would beat His Majesty every month. Dun, hahahaha, what a true son.”

    “Fortunately, His Royal Highness Hans has become smaller, otherwise… tsk tsk tsk, worthy of a ruthless royal family, father and son cannibalize each other (funny).”

    “I’m ready. The small money is waiting to buy nutritional products. Your Highness is an experimental body to develop delicious food for us, I absolutely believe in Your Highness! So can the lottery draw me?”

    “Go pay respects @Tibetan Foxphobia, this person is definitely a beast of auspiciousness, he has already been drawn twice.”

    “Twice? Isn’t it really a black box?!”

    “It’s definitely not a black box. This guy came from a country in the autonomous star region. How can there be a black box in the Star Alliance? Relationship? Even now he is not even a spirit beast, but an ordinary S-level ability user.”

    “As a B-level ability user who posted for the first time after registering for the expansion of the forum, I must say, ordinary S-level power user is amazing.”

    “Xiaomengxin, you have to get used to it. Their tone is really not pretending. After all, this used to be a dedicated forum for spirit beasts.”

    “QAQ I will get used to it. I hope one day, I can also become an ordinary S-level power user.”

     The publicity master Arthur was lying on a sun lounger with his legs crossed, and a small snow leopard on his stomach rose and fell with his breathing.

    He was holding a cup of Mingyou’s specially prepared spirit beast nutritional juice in one hand, and the other hand tapped on the virtual light screen. All the public opinion trends of the forum were within his grasp.

    Could his stupid nephew be able to disrupt his plans by parachuting into the live broadcast room? How was that possible? Don’t even look at who he was?

    After the live broadcast, Arthur and his brother had a video call. The sleeping nephew was temporarily left in the nursing home, and his brother would make time to come over.

    Even His Majesty the Emperor of the Star Alliance had to use the form of a golden lion when he came over. Arthur would never give in on this point.

    “Your Royal Highness, no matter how much you hide it, it will take another half a month at most, and the one who should fall off the horse will still fall.”

    “Can a suspended execution of the death penalty be the same as immediate execution?” Arthur’s eyes were empty, showing a melancholy expression.

    He put down the juice and stroked his fur: “How about you get off your high horse first?”

    Herman said decisively: “Everything has to go in order, of course, your Highness is first, we will follow.”

    Arthur thought of this bear in the past. What about his brave and fearless guards? Which guard said your Highness first, then they follow? This damn bear should really be fired.

    Not far away, Mingyou was holding up his trouser legs and picking up shells on the beach with the blue seal.

    It was said that the energy fluctuation of this kind of shell was also very strong, and it could be made into food and even spiritual beast equipment. However, Arthur suspected that Mingyou was just looking at the shells and wanted to make decorations.

    The first string of shells had already been put on the little red fox’s head, and Arthur was not envious at all. He couldn’t imagine how funny it would be to wear a string of colorful shells on his black feline head.

    “Mingyou didn’t mention the matter of taking His Highness Hans as a partner spirit beast?” Herman changed the subject. He didn’t want to be pushed with military orders to be the first to fall off his horse. With the shamelessness of His Royal Highness, it was really possible.

    “Stupid Mingyou said that his energy is limited, and the number of spirit beasts that he can take care of wholeheartedly is not large. In addition to the subordinates I haven’t found yet, a total of eleven spirit beasts are enough for him to support. If there are more, he is afraid of taking care of one and losing the other.” Arthur showed a look of disdain, but the tip of his tail circled happily.

    “Now his heart power is strong enough, and his spiritual power is also growing. Even if Hans is not his own spirit beast, he can help check their bodies, so there is no need to partner up. My comrades are hurt the most. I need him the most.”

    “Ah, he said he was selfish, he cared about himself first, and others stood behind.” Arthur stroked his metaphorical beard again, “This selfish character suits my taste. “

    He was selfish? Shouldn’t he be selfish and persuade Mingyou to take good care of his nephew and elder brother? Herman thought helplessly.

    “Dahei! Look! A shell garland I made for you!” Mingyou ran towards Arthur holding a large string of shells.

    Arthur hurriedly shoved his little snow leopard nephew on his stomach into Herman’s arms, rolled off the sun lounger, and quickly slipped away on four paws. This tiger said, he won’t wear any shell garlands!

    “Dalan! Go! Stop Dahei with water circulation!” Mingyou commanded while chasing.

    The blue seal, like a large dog, kicked on two powerful hind legs, passed Mingyou, and chased Arthur with the current.

    Heman held the little snow leopard in one paw, and rubbed the feline’s head with the other paw. He was about to take the little leopard to a quiet place to bask in the sun, when a shadow suddenly covered his eyes. Herman looked up, and the indigo kangaroo was smiling at him.

    Herman: “…This was given to me by His Highness.” The indigo kangaroo smiled.

    Herman: “…You can’t rob.” The kangaroo continued to smile.

    Herman trembled slightly. Should he be braver now? The indigo kangaroo held out her hand. The bear reflexively handed the little snow leopard to the kangaroo.

    “Herman, you are such a coward.” Yan Yi stood upright like a werewolf and walked to the bear’s side, holding a glass of juice.

    “If you’re so brave, you snatch the little leopard back.” Herman retorted.

    “Hmph, His Highness didn’t give me the little leopard to hold.” Yan Yi continued to despise.

    The big kangaroo ignored the wolf and bear who were arguing again. She carefully put the little leopard into her pouch, stopped jumping, and used teleportation to move it into the RV. The weather was so hot, what kind of sun was there? The little leopard should go to a cool place and have a good sleep.

    “Is everyone used to abusing abilities now?” The little red fox held the shell garland on his head and jumped, not knowing what dance he was choreographing.

    “Who told everyone to have so much food energy now?” Dalu was sitting in a tree, holding a bunch of leaves in his arms.

    The shape of the deer had swelled, and the shape of the muscles appeared on the body. He would soon be able to walk upright. On the contrary, Xiaolu was still a delicate and lovely deer that was jumping around. Now she also had a string of shells on her head, and she was happily turning around in front of the mirror.

    “Kerry, can you not show the appearance of a middle-aged uncle?” Xianluo said unhappily, “Did you know that the little spirit beast master was scared by you?”

    The former dainty Dalu, now muscular devil deer Kerry lazily raised his eyes: “But didn’t Mingyou accept my new appearance immediately?” Kerry himself couldn’t believe it, Mingyou actually accepted his current appearance and personality so easily.

    “That’s how spirit beasts have evolved, I’m used to it.” Mingyou not only accepted it readily, but also showed an expression of vicissitude, which made Kerry want to ask what kind of mental blow Mingyou had suffered before.

    Mingyu: Thank you. In fact, I haven’t experienced any psychological blows, but the game company was too funny, and often exaggerated the gap between the juvenile and the adult bodies of the spirit beasts.

    For this reason, the executive president, who also served as the art director, had publicly stated in the media many times that all this is the chairman’s pot and has nothing to do with his aesthetics.

    So now seeing the spirit beasts growing up, Mingyou had become accustomed to the contrast between youth and adulthood. At least, he was still a deer, he hasn’t turned into anything else. Such as a deer-shaped robot and the like.

    “Dalu, why are you being lazy again?” Finally, he caught Arthur and placed a gorgeous shell crown on the black cat’s luxurious fur and walked away with the current dog-legged blue seal comrade to in front of Kerry. The deer immediately hid behind the leaves.

    “Don’t hide, I saw you nibbling on a bunch of leaves from a long distance.” Mingyou touched Dalu’s antlers and said, “Dalu, will your antlers shed like ordinary deer every year?”

    “What do you want to do?” Kerry vigilantly looked at Mingyou.

    “I want to make a pair of antlers for Da Hei.” Mingyou said honestly, “There is a snowy area in front, and I want to dress Dahei as a reindeer.”

    Kerry: “…I’ll order it for you online.”

    Arthur pulled his shell wreath off and shouted: “I absolutely will not wear! Roll!” Arthur directly headbutted Mingyou.

    The blue seal protected Mingyou with water, raised his front flippers and yawned. Today, Mingyou made His Highness furious again. But even if he was mad, when Mingyou took out the whole reindeer costume, His Highness would still wear it with a waving tail. Maybe even pull a snowmobile for him or something.

    “What a joy.” Kerry also raised his front hoof and yawned.

    Xiaolu jumped in front of Kerry and made two “baa baa” sounds like a sheep. Kerry immediately put on a kind smile on his face, and fed his cute little sister. Eat more, grow up quickly, his sister was too thin now.

    The blue seal shook his head, he still didn’t understand the aesthetics of the deer family. Obviously, Xiaolu looked even cuter now.

    Mingyou played with the black cat for a while, and then began to prepare for the banquet. Dahei said that his eldest brother was coming over and asked to eat the dishes he cooked in the live broadcast room. Although the food processing can be done by robots, Mingyou still would be busy in the afternoon.

    The black cat actually wanted Mingyou to give his elder brother some nutrition cubes to cope with the past, but Mingyou was still thinking about settling on the planet of spirit beasts. Dahei was the Prince of the Spirit Beast Planet, so Dahei’s eldest brother must be the Emperor. For the sake of Spirit Beast Planet citizenship, he should try his best to please His Majesty the Golden Lion.

    Arthur was frustrated: “What does your nationality have to do with this?.”

    Mingyou rolled up his sleeves and started work in full swing:. “This is even more reason to please your family.”

    Arthur scratched his head: “He’s hungry all the time. If you give him something to eat, he’ll be happy enough, no need to be so troublesome.”

    Mingyou kicked Arthur out of the kitchen. Go go go, did he say that about his big brother? If he wouldn’t help, don’t make trouble around him.

    Arthur was lying on the ground, meanwhile Daqing took the little snow leopard out of her pouch, put him in the middle of Arthur’s belly, and gestured to slow down his breathing rhythm. It seemed that the belly was the snow leopard’s cradle.

    Arthur: “…” Dare to be angry and dare not speak, this liger was furious.

    “Your Highness is right, Mingyou, you don’t need to be so nervous.” Herman, who helped with the ingredients, said, “His Majesty is very kind.”

    Mingyou sliced ​​Dabai’s frozen wild animal meat and prepared the ingredients for the hot pot. Although His Majesty the lion only ordered the dishes Mingyou cooked in the live broadcast room, Mingyou wanted to serve His Majesty better food. Such as hot pot. This was a tonic base for hot pot that he had studied for a long time, suitable for boiling any ingredients they had found that could be eaten by spirit beasts.

    “No matter how kind His Majesty is, he will be angry when he hears that his son openly said in the live broadcast that he wants to beat him once a month.” Mingyou said to Dabai, “Let His Majesty eat a little more happily, so that the little leopard’s bottom will be safe.”

    Yan Yi helped Mingyou to smash bones with his special mental ability and said, “Are you sure Your Majesty won’t beat him more vigorously when happy?”

    “Don’t the big cat family all feel sleepy when they’re full?” Mingyou asked back.

    Louis the seal, who controlled the water flow in the pot to keep the ingredients in the soup from sticking to the bottom of the pot, almost overturned the container. He glanced back at Mingyou, and was full of admiration in his heart. It hadn’t been a long time since they’ve known each other, and Mingyou has already mastered the cat family’s Achilles’ heel.

    “When His Majesty has eaten and slept and woke up, it’s time to go back to work.” Mingyou said while processing the ingredients, “During this time, we hide the little leopard in Daqing’s pouch, I don’t believe the leopard’s father would dare grab the child from Daqing’s care.”

    The kangaroo, who was holding a big mallet and pounding the seasoning, put down the mallet and turned around and gave Mingyou a thumbs up. No problem, leave it to her!

    “Dahuang, since you haven’t recovered your memory yet, His Majesty will definitely not be angry with you. If His Majesty insists on beating the little leopard despite being sleepy, you can grab the little leopard from His Majesty’s claws and run away, don’t let him catch up. ” Mingyou ordered.

    The yellow monkey sitting on a small stool picking vegetables let out a weak “squeak”. It was too difficult for him to recognize such a bald monkey brother.

    “It should be fine, right?” Mingyou asked.

    The other fluffies nodded in unison. No problem, definitely no problem, His Majesty would be defeated by his routine, and will never beat his son this time. But Mingyou, even if His Majesty couldn’t beat him now, he could beat Hans in the future. If he protected the snow leopard for a while, it would only make the beating harder next time.

    Although His Majesty’s ability was going downhill, it was definitely not comparable to the little leopard who had never received training. Besides, if His Majesty wanted to beat the little leopard, would the little leopard cub dare to fight back?

    The little leopard had heart but no courage, so he only dared to say a few words in his dreams in a semi-dazed state. In reality, he could only be a leopard with a tucked tail, and His Highness Arthur couldn’t protect him.

    If the queen was still alive, it was possible… it could be mixed doubles. Arthur, who was lying at the door of the kitchen, heard the conversation in the kitchen clearly. Ouch, Mingyou, when did his belly turn black? He dared to trick his brother?

    But this also proved that Mingyou was not afraid of my brother at all, and didn’t care about his status. Dahei didn’t know if it’s because he said his brother was also a spirit beast, or because Mingyou trusted his relatives very much. Arthur scratched his stomach. How long was he going to lie here? Who would take this leopard cub away?

    “Your Royal Highness, carry him yourself.” Because his memory was restored, Kerry, the one in charge of carrying the ingredients, passed by the black cat carrying a bundle of branches.

    Behind him were the little green deer and the little red fox with small bamboo baskets on their heads.

    The baskets above the two’s heads were full of berries, and they already knew how to find healthy berries. Mingyou taught them how to use their own energy fluctuations as a radar to find food.

    The black cat lying on the ground sat up and looked down at the little leopard sleeping soundly on his stomach with a tangled expression.

    “I feel that if use this paw, I will crush him to death.” The black cat looked down at his big paw and hesitated, “Even if he can’t be crushed to death, what if he wakes up? He can’t sleep. What should I do if the comfort affects his recovery?”

    “Then you can continue to take care of the child.” Kerry glanced at His Royal Highness.

    He always felt that His Highness was just being lazy and didn’t want to go into the kitchen.

    The steam in the kitchen was rising, not only hot, but also very humid, which would make the black cat with long fur uncomfortable.

    “Dahei!!! Come and help me cut vegetables!!!” Mingyou yelled from the kitchen.

    The black cat immediately grabbed the little leopard and put him on his head, and went into the kitchen to cut vegetables.

    Kerry: “…” What about all the excuses he just said? Why was it when the little spirit beast master shouted, there was no entanglement and hesitation?

    “In this family, the world is big, and there is no one higher than Mingyou.” Xianluo the fox raised a small paw and snickered, “Kerry, see clearly, Mingyou is the head of the family.”

    “Clearly. It’s crystal clear.” Kerry walked into the kitchen and saw beasts wearing an apron and a hood, his heart tightened. Would the little spirit beast master also make him wear an apron and a cap?

    “I’m going to build a stove outside to make a shed!” Kerry took the initiative to find work, “Beautify the dining environment!”

    “Okay, let’s go, get some more flowers or something, let His Majesty know that we are really serious.” Mingyou didn’t notice Kerry’s careful thoughts, “Xiaolu and Dahong also go, I don’t really believe in Dalu’s aesthetics.”

   Was it okay to nag every day that his sister’s muscles were too thin? He was afraid that Dalu would use branches to build a few muscular deer sculptures while scratching his head.

    “Don’t worry, Mingyou, with me watching, he won’t dare to mess around.” The little fox patted his fluffy chest and assured, “If he dares to mess around, I’ll burn him.”

    Kery the deer muttered dissatisfied. After a few words, he walked away obligingly, and he looked like a useless middle-aged man with no status.

    “Dahei, didn’t you say that Dalu is very powerful?” Mingyou whispered in the feline’s ear, who was chopping vegetables, “Why do I think Dalu’s temper is much softer than before after regaining his memory.”

    “He’s just a bit of a mother-in-law. That’s it.” The black cat poked his ears and said, “He is not soft-tempered at all…but he is still nagging.”

    Therefore, although they were also devil deer, the recruits would rather be trained by the hot-tempered Ellie, rather than follow the relatively soft-tempered Kerry. Kerry’s mouth could make people’s ears cocoon and smoke from the seven orifices.

    “Understood, that’s Tang Seng.” Mingyou was stunned after hearing the explanation.

    He thought that Dalu was just physical, but he didn’t expect that the kung fu of talking was equally powerful. If Dalu was a Tang monk, the monsters along the road would be really miserable.

    Kerry’s aesthetic sense was indeed not online. After being burned by Xianluo a few times, he gave up his fiddling and became a tool listening to Xianluo and his sister.

    Kerry worked tirelessly to control the trees and vines to build sheds, and also allowed the trees and vines to bloom with small flowers.

    Although these trees and vines would probably die tomorrow in this cold place near the ice, it would certainly be fine to last the evening meal.

    While controlling the plants with his supernatural powers, Kerry babbled: “It’s too wasteful and extravagant to use superpowers to build a shed for decoration.”

    “Even if you can eat a full stomach, it’s too wasteful, you still have to talk to Mingyou. Talk about it, it can’t be like this. The power has to be used in key places.”

    “Forget it today, it’s a big deal to welcome Your Majesty

    ” How long do you think we can have enough to eat? It’s wasted now. Maybe His Majesty will blame us.”

    “…” The little red fox gestured, “Your brother is so annoying.”

    The younger sister rolled her eyes and replied, “It’s really annoying.” She suspected that her memory hasn’t recovered yet, because she didn’t want to remember her brother’s nagging.

    The little red fox patted his chest. Ah, the decades of nagging, what a horrible thing!

    The little red fox and his sister frowned, and Kerry had a big alarm bell on his head: “Xianluo! What are you trying to do! I warn you! Don’t do anything to my sister! You…”

    Kerry was sent flying by vines summoned from his sister. The vines made a loud noise.

    The younger sister deer turned her head to look at the little red fox: “This way he won’t nag.”

    Little Red Fox: “… um.” Kerry, you think too much, do you think I dare with your sister?

    When Mingyou brought out the soup base for the hot pot, he found that the younger sister had recovered her memory: “I knew that when Dalu has recovered his memory, Xiaolu will definitely recover her memory soon. Come, I will give you a medical examination.”

    Ellie, who maintained the appearance of an elf deer, jumped and followed Mingyou into the medical room.

    After some inspections, Ellie’s body was in good condition, but she still needed to maintain her petite figure for a while.

    After Ellie’s body fully recovered, she could still switch freely between the muscle deer and the petite deer like Arthur. That was to say, when Ellie fights, she could start the appearance of a cute deer, and burst into muscles when she was serious. This made Ellie very happy.

    Her family was a fighting family, and one of the troublesome things about the family was that when they grew up, their body shape would develop horizontally.

    Now, at least when she was a spirit beast, she could regain her petite and cute appearance. Kerry squatted in the corner, moving deer hooves in circles.

    Bad muscles? It was obvious that the muscles were good-looking, a thin body is so ugly. Look at him, he would rather force himself to become bigger than keep the state of a deer.

    Mingyou touched his younger sister’s petite deer head and said, “Don’t learn from Dalu, your brother’s aesthetics are very problematic, and you should communicate with Dahong more.”

    The younger sister tilted her head and rubbed Mingyou’s palm, facing the little fox Xianluo. Very soft and cute called out.

    Xianluo nodded stiffly. The little spirit beast master really gave him a big problem.

    His Majesty Emperor Aldridge wanted to set off immediately to beat his son, but because of his son’s airborne landing in the live broadcast room, it caused some trouble for him and his brother’s plans. It took a few days until the trouble was resolved.

    When he set off, his son was said to be asleep. His Majesty Emperor Aldrich’s anger turned into worry.

    However, when he reached the sky above the No. 1 health star, and changed from His Majesty Emperor Aldridge to His Majesty the Great Golden Lion, his worry turned into anger.

    Worry about what? With a younger brother, what was there to worry about regarding his stupid son? Must be beaten first!

    His Majesty the Golden Lion became angry when he thought of those old and immortal expressions he had seen in the past few days.

    Stupid son! He seemed to have itchy skin and wanted to be the emperor!

    The aircraft separated from the emperor’s royal ship and landed in front of the RV. His Majesty the Golden Lion walked with elegant steps. As soon as he ascended the stairs on the red-carpeted escalator of the aircraft, he smelled a tantalizing fragrance.

    At this moment, all thoughts of sons and brothers were left behind by His Majesty the Golden Lion. 

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