After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 46

The entire audience in the live broadcast room had fascinated smiles on their faces as they watched their most beloved prince lead their most brave and fearless subordinates to chase down Prince Hans.

    Of course, the distinguished His Highness Hans did not admit that he was a crown prince.

    A prince was a potential future emperor. And the big cat family has always drawn lots to decide who was the emperor. Therefore Hans believed that he would never become emperor.

    Even though he had the weakest ability, the worst brain, and the worst luck, he still firmly believed that he would not become the emperor.

    It was said that human luck was conserved. Hans felt that he had been unlucky for decades, losing his favorite mother, and even his second favorite uncle (His Majesty the Lion:???) was almost lost. The good fortune brought by these terrible events should be enough to bless him in the lottery ceremony.

    In short, His Royal Highness, who did not admit that he was in the line of succession, was beaten in the live broadcast room. This seemed to confirm the rumour that there was a gap between the two princes.

    “Wow, His Highness Hans runs really fast. Who said His Highness Hans is weak? He can escape from the siege of His Royal Highness and the ten heroes. With this ability, who would dare to say that he is weak?”

    “Who said that His Royal Highness Hans and His Royal Highness Arthur were the same? Well, I admit, they are indeed quite similar. Look, His Royal Highness is so angry that his tail is like a propeller.”

    “His Highness Hans’s tail is also like a propeller, but why do I feel like he is very happy?”

    “His Highness Hans’ ears are really upright, and he looks happy at first sight. But when the big cat family is happy, shouldn’t their tails be upright, only the tip of their tails twirling? His Royal Highness Hans looks like… cough.”

    “It doesn’t matter, I’m not afraid of retorts, anyway, I have been banned many times. His Royal Highness Hans, he seems to be a canine :).”

    “Upstairs, you are not wrong.”

    “What’s wrong with dogs? What’s wrong with canines? Is a dog lower than a cat?! As a dog fan, I protest! It’s also a curse word.”

    “It makes sense…”

    Mingyou scratched his head, his hair dripping wet. Why did a cute snow leopard suddenly fall from the sky? Why did Dahei lead the other fluffy ones to rush out and beat that cute leopard?

    Well, he actually knew the answer to the second question. Mingyou glanced at the soup, and water on the table… The soup was mixed with sea water. Although it’s not that they couldn’t eat it, let’s make a new one.

    So Mingyou poured the emerald pearl ball soup “polluted” by sea water into the kitchen waste disposal robot in front of the audience in the live broadcast room.

    The audience, who were happily discussing the indifferent royal family, were stunned. Then, they exploded.

    “Wait, wait?! It’s just dumped?!!!”

    “That’s too wasteful! It’s just a little seawater, isn’t it still edible?!”

    “In addition to the seawater, there may be a little bit of sand and the like. But little anchor, when spirit beasts hunt by themselves, they eat wild beasts but don’t wash it. That is much dirtier than this pot of soup. You don’t need to treat spirit beasts according to human eating habits at all. Stop it!!!”

    “I’m going crazy. Such a good pot of soup. If you don’t want to eat it, little anchor, you can give us through lottery! As long as it is vacuum-packed, it can go straight to our mouths! I don’t mind that this is the soup that His Royal Highness and Ten Heroes drank! “

    “I not only do not mind, I am even willing to pay a higher price. We are still hungry, small anchor please don’t waste food okay?”

    “Miserable miserable, the studio now has been infiltrated by so many unknown creatures will certainly attack the little anchor and His Highness. I can only imagine what they would say, When the whole nation’s spirit beasts are starving, His Highness’s live broadcast room is extravagant.”

    “Add one plus one, last time His Highness was taken after eating. There was a big wave of rhythm, really an old rhythm master.”

    “QAQ, my heart hurts. Can’t we even eat leftovers?”

    Mingyou, who couldn’t see the barrage, couldn’t care while changing clothes.  He diligently cleaned up the table, and prepared to re-make a pot of jade pearl ball soup.

    The other fluffy guys were chasing the snow leopard. Xiaotian monitored the barrage in real time and noticed the audience’s grievances. He hurriedly notified Arthur, who pressed his eldest nephew to the ground and slapped him wildly.

    Arthur said with a snort: “These people are looking for trouble. Let Mingyou increase the number of lottery places, and they will lose their memory in an instant.” The other fluffy silently looked at their boss. Boss, aren’t you going too far?

    Arthur coldly snorted and sent a message to Mingyou while riding on the back of his eldest nephew.

    “Lottery draw? Okay.” Mingyou said, ” Pearl balls can be made in batches, so this time, just like drawing seasonings, we can just give a whole bag.”

    “In addition to the pearl ball soup, there are many sauce packets, I can pump out one thousand packages of it.”

    “Recently tried baking a lot of new flavors of cookies, with some to spare …… one thousand portions.”

    “This a total of three thousand gifts. The audience fills in the questionnaire and submits it, and the questionnaire also has a lottery. The winner of the questionnaire can get a sauce bag made by myself… If the sauce bag is too small? Plus a hundred pieces of greenstone candy I carved is ready.”

    “Dahei, is that enough?” Mingyou asked.

    The black cat glanced at the barrage.

    “Today I’m part of the Mingyou Guard!”

    “If anyone criticizes the anchor, I will step over his body!”

    “I’ll help the anchor clean the ground with my own fur now!”

    Well, just as he said, they lost my memory instantly. His fluffy subordinates sighed: Your Highness, an experienced psychologist. Ashamed (hands over money).

    After getting the consent of the black cat, Mingyou took out the pearl balls that had been prepared a long time ago: “Just take this bag of pearl balls. This whole bag of should be enough for a family of three or four beasts to eat?”

    The spirit beast viewers in the live broadcast room stopped boot licking and began to stream complaints.

    No no no no, I think this bag is only enough for one beast. No one stipulated that a pot of pearl ball soup could only be eaten for one meal, right?

    “At the same time, the recipe for Pearl Ball Soup will also be made public. According to Mr. Gu Hai’s last wish, the recipe will be given directly to the Star Alliance government, so you don’t have to worry about profiteers raising prices.”

    “But Dalan said that even if there is a will, Mr. Gu Hai’s family may come to compete for this part of the interests…” Mingyou scratched his head, “Dalan said that he can communicate… Ah, it’s so troublesome, I don’t understand this kind of thing. It doesn’t matter if the appeal is unsuccessful, I have perfected Mr. Gu Hai’s patented energy crystal technology, they sell pearl balls, I’ll just sell the other ones, so you don’t have to worry about not eating them.”

     “Actually, if his family treated him well, I wouldn’t say that. Mr. Gu Hai should also be willing to let his research give a better life to his family. But Dalan said that Mr. Gu Hai’s family treated him not well at all. No, then I will definitely not give in on this point.” Mingyou raised his fist, and while Dahei was beating up his nephew, he shouted with righteous indignation, “I will never let them take advantage of Mr. Gu Hai. For his own benefit!”

“This…that…does the little anchor know who Dalan is? Well, I know he doesn’t know, Dalan should also know that he doesn’t know (funny).”

     “Gu Hai’s family is the family of Lieutenant Colonel Louis, right? I remember Gu Hai was the adopted child of Lieutenant Colonel Louis’ family? Lieutenant Colonel Louis is really… amazing.”

     “As a member of the Ruth family, I have a very complicated mood. The situation of that family is indeed very complicated. The young people are basically on His Royal Highness’s side. The old people and the elders were getting closer. It is normal for Lieutenant Colonel Louis to take precautions in advance. The matter is completely on the opposite side of the Star Alliance.”

     “Lieutenant Colonel Louis doing this can be considered politically wise. As a member of the Ruth family, he made it clear to the public in advance, and the Ruth family couldn’t interfere, so naturally he wouldn’t make a mistake.”

     “But was the Ruth family really treating Lieutenant Gu Hai badly?”

    “Do you really not understand or just pretend to not understand? This kind of adoption is a pretense for a noble family. They are actually cultivating loyal family servants. These children have called their own family, master, lady, and so on since they were young. You can’t say it was well. It’s definitely better than being in an orphanage; but status is not equal, how much better can it be?”

    “Lieutenant Gu Hai is different from those children. Gu Hai was the child of Louis’ parents’ comrade-in-arms. The Ruth family treats Lieutenant Gu Hai like a servant. So didn’t Lieutenant Colonel Louis’ parents take Lieutenant Gu Hai and Lieutenant Colonel Louis to leave the family?”

     “Lieutenant Gu Hai’s adoptive parents are quite good, just the rest of the Ruth family are a bit problematic (to prevent the ban, this sentence only refers to the members of the Ruth family who bullied Lieutenant Gu Hai).”

     “I searched Lieutenant Gu Hai’s academic papers. Most of his papers have been approved by the Academy of Sciences. No, the scientific title has been standing still, and even no spirit beast research institute was willing to accept him. The Ruth family looked down on him, and there was a reason for this. But! Our Royal Highness Prince Arthur! Directly transferred Lieutenant Gu Hai to the core group! After that, Lieutenant Gu Hai has been by the Queen’s side as the left and right hand!” 

    “It’s very comfortable. As expected of His Royal Highness, who can compare with his ability to discern people? Lieutenant Gu Hai has been promoted several times in the military rank under his command, and he was also dispatched to the Queen’s side. It clearly shows that His Royal Highness recognizes Lieutenant Gu Hai’s ability very much.”

     “It’s a pity… Forget it, it’s uncomfortable to mention that. Fortunately, the little spirit beast master first found His Highness the Prince. Otherwise, I don’t know how much torture I will suffer.”

     “Maybe what the little anchor was facing an assassination. How come there is no Spirit Beast Master planet? I don’t believe in any natural disaster, just like I don’t believe the news of the Lion King’s route is true. That the Zerg cracked it.”

     “Don’t talk about it upstairs, be careful that you don’t have a ban.”

    Xiaotian summarized the news of the barrage to Arthur again, and the liger suddenly lost the mood to beat his nephew.

    “Why did you come here?” Arthur jumped off the snow leopard, and patted the snow leopard on the head.

    The snow leopard, with thick skin, was chased and beaten for a long time without pain. His round ears fluttered, then he stuck out his tongue while saying: “I’m hungry!”

    Arthur: “…”

    This child deserved to be born with insufficiency. When he was born, it was obvious that the brain lacked oxygen, causing mental degradation, right?

    “Go back quickly after eating this meal, don’t cause trouble for big brother.” Arthur looked at his eldest nephew who was “waiting to be fed”, and looked very happy.

    The other plushies, big and small, ignored the pair of uncle and nephew, and began to swim upstream to help Mingyou cook again.

    Family drama or something, they didn’t want to watch it. Anyway, His Highness Hans got into trouble, and His Majesty and His Highness would clean up the mess for him.

    In fact, they laughed out loud when they thought that their Prince would be so devastated to clean up other people’s mess. It would be a nice turn of events! 

    Arthur really had a headache. Originally, only a few of their wounded spirit beasts were raised by Mingyou, so the hungry viewers in the live broadcast room would not be too unbalanced.

    But now that there was one more privileged person who ate and drank, or directly catapulted into the live broadcast room, no matter how he thought about it, it would cause a crisis of public opinion.

    It seemed that he had to quickly push Mingyou into the public sphere and fully expand the offline sales channels of spirit beast food.

    Now with Gu Hai’s technology, low-end spirit beast food was made by machine, and mid-to-high-end spirit beast food could be jointly created by supernatural beings.

    The original work plan was disturbed by the leopard nephew’s sudden appearance, so he could only work overtime to advance the plan, and Arthur felt his head had swelled to twice its size.

    Or, just throw his snow leopard of a nephew out of the atmosphere? What kind of meal, don’t give it!

    Although Arthur thought so in his heart, seeing the snow leopard holding the cookie box Mingyou took out, stuffing biscuits into his mouth and crying, his heart softened as an elder.

    Whatever, anyway, sooner or later, it would come to this point, and the eldest nephew came over, and it could be regarded as a wave of advertisement for his silly Mingyou.

    Watching the snow leopard cry like this, the non-spiritual beast audience members could probably understand how important these foods were to spiritual beasts.

    Arthur silently connected the holographic empathy to his nephew, which made the audience in the live broadcast room experience feeling out of breath and had to put food in their mouths. The suffocation of stuffing yourself to death.

    “Uncle… I’m sorry… burp… I know I shouldn’t come… burp… But I’m so hungry… I have a headache…” The big snow leopard apologized while stuffing food into his mouth, crying and hiccuping, looking so miserable. Mingyou couldn’t help but stop his work and wiping the leopard’s fur with a towel.

    “What’s wrong? Why are you crying like this? Whose family does this child belong to?” Mingyou felt extremely distressed.

    Child? All the fluffies looked at the big child who was crying, and then raised their paws and pointed at the impatient big black liger.

    Arthur: “…” Fine, this “child” was indeed part of his family.

    “Really from the big cat family.” Mingyou carefully looked at the baby feline, “He spoke so fast that I did not understand the intention of what he was saying. Why was he crying?”

    Arthur hesitated whether to embarrass the big cat family, and told Mingyou what the snow leopard howled.

    Mingyu understood. “When the live broadcast is over, I will give him a physical examination.” He asked while wiping the snow leopard’s fur, “How about we end the live broadcast now for a physical examination?”

    Arthur glanced at the whirlwind howling below in the live broadcast room. The audience said: “No need to close. Let him eat something, and then give him a physical examination. The physical examination can also be broadcast live.”

    Not only did this child become a spirit beast at the age of 30, but after he became a spirit beast, his condition had been even worse than ever. Others were bad; the other spirit beasts were half hungry and half full. Meanwhile Hans was hungry every day, and there was no way to train well.

     After an examination by the spiritual veterinarian, they said that Hans was a pure special-type spiritual beast, so it was difficult to supplement the energy needed after turning into a spiritual beast, and he could only rely on his own body to generate energy.

     Arthur suspected he may also have been affected by the long-term nutritional deficiencies of the spirit beast body which was why his eldest nephew also had a low IQ when he was in human form. 

    When Mingyou’s observation period ended, Arthur would have shamelessly used the privilege, and immediately ask Mingyou to check the health of his eldest brother and nephew first, and it was now just done in advance.

     “Is the status of your spirit beast body data public?” Mingyou asked, “Isn’t it private?”

     “You didn’t disclose the three-dimensional data, just the energy detection data.” Arthur said angrily.     

Mingyou visually inspected the 3D data for Arthur and said, “Dahei, isn’t your 3D the same? No, now the waistline is obviously… ah!”

    Mingyou was slapped by a feline paw again. The black liger grit his teeth hard. This guy just can’t stay out of trouble for three days, one day he will kill this idiot!

    Mingyou smiled while covering his forehead that was slapped red, and said to the snow leopard: “Don’t choke, there will be pearl ball soup later, don’t just eat the biscuits. Dahei, where’s your nutrition cube stash? Take it out for emergency use.”

    Arthur took out a jar of nutrition cubes from his storage space, and poured out ten pieces of each type of nutrition cube: “Here, you can only eat ten pieces of each type of nutrition cube a day.”

    The leopard cried again. So much food! What a lot of energy! What a happy feeling! In the live broadcast room, the audience also cried happily.

    Although His Highness Hans ran to steal food and made them very angry, but because of Hans, they also “ate” a wide variety of treats in the live broadcast room, and also tasted the new sea salt biscuits made by the little spirit beast master. So happy.

    In the palace, His Royal Highness the golden lion had cut a hole in the floor. The secretary and housekeeper immediately had His Royal Highness be carried to another room, and the construction team immediately came to repair the room.

    “What’s the matter? Why did Hans go to the No. 1 Sanatorium?” His Majesty the lion was so angry that his fangs were bared, “This child! Can you not make trouble for Arthur!”

    “Master Hans is hungry these days. It’s not easy if he can’t change back into a human form, and it’s not easy to endure until now to lose his mind.” The secretary and housekeeper took out a handkerchief and kept wiping away tears, with a very distressed expression.

    His Majesty put away his fangs and looked at his secretary and housekeeper with dissatisfaction. Okay, he knew who helped this furry kid smuggle himself out.

    There were thieves in the house! This secretary and housekeeper couldn’t be counted on! He’ll fire them when Hans comes back :).

    “Isn’t the greenstone mine already in trial processing? The edible energy crystal extraction machine has also been successfully manufactured in the laboratory, and now it is seeking assembly line production.” It’s not that the golden lion didn’t feel sorry for his son, but now was the critical moment, they must not cause trouble for Arthur, “He will be able to eat energy crystals at most in half a month, so why is he in a hurry?”

    The butler thought, if it weren’t for Your Majesty, after he became a spirit beast, his temper was very short-tempered, and he would be very ill-tempered. If he didn’t beat his son, Master Hans would not run away from home. Couldn’t he reflect on himself?

     Obviously, although His Majesty Emperor Aldrich thought about himself every day, he never self-examined. It was impossible to be wrong.

     So the more he thought about it, the angrier His Majesty the Great Golden Lion became, and he quickly ordered the housekeeper to arrange an itinerary.

     At the same time, find his brother for a meal. What should he order? His Majesty fell into contemplation. Forget it, only children made choices, adults needed all. It only took His Majesty a second to decide on the menu of the feast that his brother would hold for him.

     Arthur, who was far away on the healing planet, sneezed. The surrounding subordinates laughed at Arthur for being overwhelmed again. Arthur hurriedly defended himself saying that it wasn’t him, and this time someone definitely spoke badly about him.

     The laughter of the surrounding subordinates became more cheerful. As the old saying went, if one spoke ill of His Highness Arthur, and he sneezed, he’d already be dead from sneezing too much.

    Mingyou worried about his black cat, and found that Dahei wasn’t in danger, just sneezed, and he continued to take care of the snow leopard eating.

    The child was very hungry. He didn’t even chew while he ate. He choked while eating. He needed Mingyou to help him.

    Mingyou now knew that the snow leopard was the nephew of his cat. Although this nephew was a few years older than his own Dahei, his nephew was stunted and starved for a long time, and his mother had passed.

    How old was he? The age of spirit beasts was different from that of humans. in the previous life, some elves were still underage babies even after decades, and with the silly appearance of the snow leopard Mingyou did not believe that he was anything but a minor.

     Spirit beasts should be qualified based on their degree of development. For example, their black cat must be an adult spirit beast. But big snow leopard, Mingyou privately thought that Hans was a spirit beast baby.

     All the viewers watching the live broadcast: … Little Spirit Beast Master, whatever made him happy. 

    However, if they pretend to be a young baby, they can accept the feeding of the little spirit beast master. They also wanted…

     “Is the No. 1 nursing home recruiting staff? The anchor must be too busy alone?”

     “Yes, yes, robots are still not enough, I think I can completely replace the robot to help the anchor carry things!”     

“The nursing home should expand the enrolment, I want to be fed by the anchor.”     

“Upstairs, your identity information has been recorded, and the spirit beast who wants to be fed by the anchor must be  unable to work well, and you are no longer qualified for the interview.”

     “Kuh! It’s really His Highness’s account! Your Highness, is it really good for you to mock us while you eat a big meal?! Please pay attention to the influence of public opinion!”…As soon as Arthur finished mocking, he was silenced by his brother. Furious!

    He glanced at Mingyou, who greeted the snow leopard nephew, and frowned even more. This guy, could the problem of liking the new and disliking the old be cured? Where were his hands touching? Were snow leopard round ears nice to touch? He was embarrassed that his ears were pointed. Did the snow leopard thick short fur feel like felt? His fur was semi-long and it felt too soft?

    The more Arthur thought about it, the more angry he became. When Mingyou petted his subordinates, Arthur was not angry, but when the target was another big cat, he couldn’t help but become dissatisfied.

    “No, you can’t eat it, you’re already full.” The snow leopard raised the rice bowl with both claws, miming that he would like more rice, but Mingyou waved his hand and refused.

    The nephew persevered and put the rice bowl in front of Mingyou, flattened his ears, turning into the same style as Dalan, and whimpered begging for food: “Meow, meow, meow.”

    Mingyou held the bowl with one hand and pushed the snow leopard’s head with the other hand: “No! Eating too much will make you uncomfortable, and I will give you a physical examination later.”

    The snow leopard hugged the rice bowl and lay down on the ground, exposing his belly, and continued to whimper.

    Mingyou said solemnly: “People and beasts who are hungry then suddenly eat a lot will have their stomachs burst. Come, let me tell you a story.”

    Story?! Mingyou was going to tell a story again?! The spirit beasts who were poisoned by Mingyou’s stories immediately lay down their ears and put their hands tightly against their heads.

    The black cat who was seriously dissatisfied and thinking about how to protest to Mingyou laughed out loud. He also covered his ears and looked at his snow leopard nephew with a gloating expression on his face.

    The blue seal has no ears and had never heard Mingyou tell stories. But when he saw the appearance of his boss and comrades, he knew that something was wrong. The seal’s ear holes could be opened and closed freely for swimming purposes. He closed them in a leisurely manner and continued to drink soup.

    The audience in the live broadcast room was very puzzled. What was with the reaction of His Highness and the ten heroes? Why did everyone put their hands over of their ears?

    Then, they heard Mingyou’s story. A series of stories of people who have been hungry for so long suddenly eat a lot and then eat themselves to death. Mingyou’s storytelling skills, exaggerated expression and tone, perfectly restored the horror elements, and imitated the demeanor of the people who were killed by overeating.

    The snow leopard nephew stopped rolling. He hugged the food bowl and covered his stomach with the bowl. No no no no, he had an energy body, so his stomach wouldn’t burst.

    “The energy body, maybe the whole beast will explode into fireworks with a ‘bang’.” Mingyou raised his arms and made an explosion, “Are you right, Dahei… Dahei! Your ears are covered!”

    Mingyou looked around and found that his partner spirit beasts all had their ears covered, very dissatisfied. What was the point of telling a story without anyone listening? What about the audience in the live room? He couldn’t see their feedback or chat with them, they were not a live audience!

    ‘Silent’ Audience: ???

    Mingyou walked up to the black cat and manually uncovered cat’s ears: “Fix it, don’t let them fall.”

    Dahei: “…” Do I want to bite this stupid Mingyou to death?

    Then Mingyou walked in front of the other plushies and set their ears one by one: “All fixed! Don’t fall down! I’ll strike tomorrow if they stay covered!”

    The yellow monkey shivered. Mingyou’s “needle in a haystack” story still gave him nightmares at night. Could he spare this monkey?

    “No, you said it yourself, you will be my brother in the future. My brother must listen to my story!” Mingyou put on a bully face, super arrogant.

    The yellow monkey covered his head with his hands, and called out twice, his voice was full of sadness, depression and helplessness. Go, go, go, be successful, Mingyou was bald, he was awesome, it was all up to him.

    “I’m not a bald monkey.” Mingyou muttered, his eyes turned to the blue seal.

    Dalan: I don’t have ears ⊙_⊙.

    Mingyou: Stare…

    Dalan: Seals don’t have blooming ⊙_⊙.

    Mingyou: Stare…

    Dalan: Look at my bald head, I really don’t have any ears ⊙_⊙.

    Mingyou: “Tell me what was the outline of the story I’m telling later.”

    Dalan: “…” Tsk, he wasn’t fooled!

    As a result, the fluffy beasts present were forced to listen to Mingyou’s horror story about “People who are starving will die if they eat too much at once. If they have an energy body, they may explode into beautiful fireworks in the sky”.

    It was great that they could never look directly at the fireworks again -_-.

    The audience in the live broadcast room shivered. Was this little anchor too cruel? Look how happy he was when he said that spirit beasts would explode into fireworks, and he asked His Royal Highness if he was funny.

    Your Highness, their expressions were already dull! The snow leopard used the food bowl to protect his stomach, and his furry face was full of disbelief.

    He just wanted one more bite to eat, as for scaring him like this? If the leopard doesn’t eat it, then just don’t refill the bowl, okay? Please don’t ask him what color fireworks he wants to explode into! The snow leopard rolled and moved behind the black cat and shivered, trying to block his weak, poor and intimidated self with the stalwart body of his uncle. Uncle, your little spirit beast master was so scary!

    “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Although the black cat was also shocked by Mingyou’s joke, when he saw his eldest nephew trembling with fright, his mood instantly improved.

    Arthur said with a smile: “Everyone is full, it’s time to check his brain. You see, Mingyou, he’s so big, and he’s not injured, but every time he turns into a spirit beast, he looks lost. The appearance is really very problematic.”

     Mingyou wondered: “Every time you turn into a spirit beast?”

    Numerous fluffy animals: “…”

    The black cat who made a slip of the tongue: “…” His cold sweat penetrated into his thick fur. Oops, how did he take back his words?

    There was an eerie silence. Mingyou keenly felt that something was wrong. Dahei, they definitely were hiding something.

    “Let’s do a physical examination first.” Mingyou dragged the snow leopard out from behind the black cat, he carried the snow leopard on his shoulders like carrying a pole. The back of his head rested on the feline’s soft belly, and turned around. He went straight to the medical room.

    The snow leopard stiffened, lying on Mingyou’s shoulders. The youth only had a weak appearance, and opened his mouth wide to let out a cry for help, which was extremely shrill. Those in the know knew that Mingyou carried him for a medical examination, but those who didn’t know thought he was going to be moved to the slaughterhouse.

    “Your Royal Highness?” Herman’s bear face wrinkled.

    Arthur wiped his face with a paw: “It doesn’t matter, it’s about to be revealed anyway.” In ten days at most, he can’t help but change into a human being. If Mingyou guessed it by himself and was mentally prepared, it would save a lot of trouble.

    At least Mingyou wouldn’t be scared to death by a big change of living situation. The tip of Arthur’s tail shook, and he followed Mingyou into the medical room. He was really worried about his eldest nephew’s physical condition, and definitely didn’t want to see the miserable appearance of his nephew being pinned to a medical bed. He hoped Mingyou won’t tell the “needle in a haystack” joke to his eldest nephew.

    The camera in the live broadcast room followed Mingyou and Dahei to the medical room. In the medical room, the snow leopard was lying on a shiny metallic platform with probes and wires connected to it. It looked as if he was being subjected to an illegal experiment, with the feline had a terrified expression on his face.

    Arthur laughed angrily: “Who are you showing this expression for? It’s just a medical examination, do you still want to pretend to be pitiful and ask for a few more cookies?” The snow leopard smiled shyly. Oops, his little abacus was exposed by his uncle.

    “As expected of your big cat family, he has the same virtue as you.” Mingyou complained.

    If it weren’t for the guilt that he said just now, Arthur would like to slap Mingyou. What was a virtue with him? What was wrong with him? Was he dissatisfied with him? This idiot was getting more and more arrogant.

    “The energy value is extremely low, except that you are not injured, and your nutritional status is similar to when I met you.” After the inspection, Mingyou said, “It’s like you’ve never had enough to eat.”

    “He is the only pure mental-type spirit beast in the Star Alliance at present, and it is true that he has never eaten enough since he was a child.” Arthur raised his paw and rubbed the head of the snow leopard distressed, “So he is weak. He can’t avenge his mother on the battlefield.” After the snow leopard had a full stomach, his head cleared a lot more.

    Mingyu understood this. He looked at Arthur.

    Arthur briefly explained: “My sister-in-law and Gu Hai served on the same logistics ship, and they also died.”

    Mingyou hugged the snow leopard’s head and rubbed the his ears: “You will be full later. After you’re full, let Dahei teach you to fight. He has already helped you, and when you become stronger in the future, you can protect your father yourself.”

    The leopard’s head was crooked in Mingyou’s arms. His eyes looked like a little kitten: “Really? Can I really get stronger?”

    “Of course, believe me, and Dahei. With the two of us here, what are you worried about?” Mingyou rubbed the snow leopard’s round ears again, “Your powers are special, you will definitely be able to improve.”

    The snow leopard’s eyes lit up in the middle of the story : “Can I really become stronger? Everyone says I’m a waste spirit beast.”

    “Anyone who says others are waste, they are a waste themselves.” Mingyou said decisively, “It’s not a waste. People won’t say such uneducated words.”

    The snow leopard squinted his eyes, showing the standard smile of the big cat family: “Can I really become stronger?”

    “Absolutely!” Mingyou glared at the black cat.

    Arthur hurriedly said: “Yes, definitely. After your body’s energy reaches the normal value, I will help you train!”

    The squinted eyes of the leopard opened again, still round like a small kitten. He asked again: “Can I be stronger than my father?”

    Arthur: “No problem!” According to the age difference, it should be possible?

    Mingyou: “Absolutely no problem!” Although he failed to protect his mother, he must be able to protect his father!

    In the palace, the housekeeper was wiping his tears, and the golden lion sighed, with a proud and melancholy expression on his face. In fact, how could there be a weak person in the big cat family? His silly son was born with insufficiency because he was born with pure special abilities.

    Special ability users had strange abilities, and at the same level, ordinary ability users will have a headache against them. It could be said that as long as they are trained well, they were almost certain to be the strongest among the ability users of the same level. However, special abilities could not be supplemented from food, and could only be synthesized slowly in his own body, so Hans was born with insufficiency.

    When Hans wanted to go to the battlefield, he was stopped by Arthur. Hans was lying in the dark room crying until he fainted, and Arthur shed tears all night outside the door of the small dark room. And his tears dried up as early as the moment he knew the sacrifice of his lover.

    The child has grown up. His child would become stronger and stronger, enough to protect himself, the aging lion. As a father, how could His Majesty not be proud and melancholy? His Majesty looked out of the floor-to-ceiling window, to the bright starry sky, and to the distant unknown place of nothingness.

    Zhenzhen, our child has grown up and will soon be able to protect his old father. Should you be relieved? In front of the golden lion, there seemed to be a figure with a rare gentle smile.

    “Great, when I’m better than my dad, I’ll definitely beat him up!” The snow leopard wagged his tail excitedly, his eyes widened further. 

Mingyou and the black cat nodded vigorously: “Yes, yes, when you become stronger, you must beat… ah?”

    “No, only once is not enough. Beating once a month?” He asked his uncle and the little spirit beast teacher asked for advice.

    The audience in the live broadcast room feeling moved: …

    The gratified Lion Emperor: …

    Arthur raised a paw to cover his eyes. They were live now, silly nephew, big brother must be watching the live broadcast. He was done, silly boy.

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  1. What can I say? You can really tell these cat spirit beasts are based on actual cats. I can see my troublemaker Rikki Tikki Tabby in this uncle and nephew pair! Such arrogant, glutinous, but entirely adorable beasts!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!


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