After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 45

The blue seal was back. Apart from the black cat, he was the spirit beast in the best condition, and could basically maintain a clear consciousness for a long time.

    When the blue seal returned to the team, he handed Mingyou a food list. Gu Hai wrote a small program for him. When he became a spirit beast, this program would automatically monitor his physical state, and record the types of food he eats and the corresponding energy changes in various physical states.

    Due to historical reasons of the Star Alliance, spirit beasts did not trust researchers related to spirit beast cultivation. Moreover, spiritual beasts themselves had a high status, and it was impossible to accept “research” similar to all-weather surveillance. So this kind of data is very rare. After obtaining this set of data, Mingyou could verify and integrate current research results. Otherwise, he would have to spend at least a year collecting the data himself.

     After the blue seal woke up, he showed so much sadness. It was not that he forcibly endured, Mingyou could feel his true emotional state through his heart power. The blue seal had indeed been relieved.

     “Has it been two years, as early as gone then.” The blue seal laughed, “Compared to his sacrifice, it’s embarrassing that I actually lay in the sea for a year.”

     Black history ah, black history, each spirit beast that Mingyou found couldn’t be avoided.     The other fluffies didn’t seem to care too much about it. It seemed to them that it had been two years, no amount of sadness, no matter how many tears, all had passed. People would not forget the past, but also should not indulge in the past. They were all trying to look forward. However, Mingyu still couldn’t let go.

    Especially when he thought of Gu Hai’s soul light, he always hoped that people could be resurrected from the dead, even if in other states.

    “Who doesn’t want to revive the dead?” The black cat patted Mingyou’s little head with his paws and said, “Do you know how many people died in this war? Of course I hope they all could come back to life.”

    Mingyou pursed his lips. If there was a hope, he also hoped that his mother in this life would return to life. He heard that his mother in this life was the only person who expected him to appear in this world. However, if he could be more greedy, he still hoped to go back to his previous life and let his parents live in his previous life. If he could have a healthy body, even better.

    “I also hope my parents don’t die soon after giving birth to me.” The black cat was lying at the head of the bed, and Mingyou regarded the cat as a leather sofa and leaned cross-legged in the black cat’s arms. , “Of course, there are also comrades in arms.” And his sister-in-law, whom he regarded as his mother.

    “Actually, it may be a good thing that people can’t be resurrected from the dead. If people could be resurrected from the dead, I guess we wouldn’t be able to look forward. We would just keep sticking to the past and fixing those mistakes.” The black cat said cruel words, hearing it made Mingyu a little angry.

    But after he thought about it, Dahei was right. The incompetent and unhappy Mingyou rubbed the black cat’s head, then shrank into the feline’s arms, closed his eyes and went to sleep ignoring the big cat.

    Arthur scratched his cat ears that were itchy, and sighed. As a boss, his role was to bring hope to everyone when everyone was desperate, and then to extinguish these unrealistic “hopes” when everyone had blind hope.

    But seeing Mingyou angry with him, the black cat still had a little thorn stuck in his heart. Mingyou was young, so he had to be careful with him. The black cat was about to apologize the next day, but Mingyou had already forgotten his anger and began to worry about other things.

    “Wow! It turns out that Gu Hai is not a spirit beast, but a human being!” When Mingyou exclaimed, except for the blue seal, the faces of all the sober big plushies showed the despair of “the end result is impossible to escape” expression.

    So the blue seal patted the polar bear with his fins: “Herman, what does Mingyou mean?” Dabai sent a message to the light blue seal, revealing Mingyou’s social anxiety. First of all, Mingyou’s past and present life must be explained to the blue seal, so that the seal could help Mingyou round his life together with them. Then, it was time to talk about the Tan family.

    When they investigated Tan Chenxi, they found that he was investigating for the revenge of their biological mother, by the star thieves. This matter was likely to contain inside and outside collusion. In other words, the Tan family was also one of the murderers.

    Mingyou’s mother was killed by a scumbag, but the pot of killing his mother was put on his head. He was convicted of the crime and was placed under house arrest in school by the Tan family for nineteen years. After that, Mingyou was taken away by someone who was regarded as his best friend, and was completely blocked or even hunted down by the Tan family.

    He managed to escape to this nursing home, so he developed a strong social phobia, and it was difficult to get along with humans. Mingyou didn’t know anything about the outside world, so he didn’t know that spirit beasts were the new forms of the S-level power users after breaking through the boundaries. He thought that there was a planet full of spirit beasts in the Star Alliance. They were all residents of the spirit beast planet, and His Royal Highness Prince Arthur was the prince.

    “Mingyou always thought that after he passed the observation period, he would be able to settle down on a planet of spirit beasts.” Heman sighed, “We used to talk about it, what would he do if spirit beasts were actually a human?”

    “Just a guess, he would faint.” Herman’s entire bear face was full of vicissitudes.

    The blue seal hesitated. He really did not expect that Mingyou, who was so optimistic, cheerful and even a little silly, would have such a miserable life experience. But regarding past and present lives… did they really exist? Then would he meet Gu Hai in his next life?

    It’s just that although he missed Gu Hai very much, he still had his parents and relatives, his comrades, and the Star Alliance, so it was impossible for him to easily end his life saved by his comrades for love.

    He didn’t know if Gu Hai would wait for him to be reincarnated together. But pinning his hopes on others was not his style, he still had to live as long as possible in this life. He must live a few decades longer than the reincarnated Gu Hai, so that they could just catch up with reincarnation together.

    Anyway, if Gu Hai wanted to wait for him, he would have waited for two or three hundred years, and he didn’t care about waiting a few more decades. This was the safest.

    After Mingyou realized that people and spirit beasts could fall in love, he quickly accepted this setting. Spirit beasts of different races could fall in love, regardless of racial segregation, so it had nothing to do with humans, right? It would be better to treat human beings as bizarre spirit beasts.

    Although human beings and beasts were a bit heavy-handed in terms of human common sense. But it didn’t matter at all to treat people as a kind of spirit beast. Seeing that Mingyou accepted this matter so quickly, the spirit beasts who had already recovered their senses breathed a sigh of relief, but also had more headaches.

    Mingyou’s brain circuit was really… they always felt that it would be more difficult for Mingyou to accept the setting of “spiritual beasts were actually people”.

    One of the most troublesome was Arthur. After knowing that humans and spirit beasts could be together, Mingyou swore to the black cat, he just wanted to sleep with the big black cat in a pure way, and he had absolutely no wrong intentions.

    The spirit beasts present did not know what expressions to show. It was just pure sleeping… Mingyou’s words really sounded like an irresponsible scumbag. The scumbag, His Royal Highness Prince Arthur slapped Mingyou far away. The blue seal almost rushed over, but was stopped by his companions.

    “Don’t go, His Highness knows what to do. Mingyou deliberately rolled on the ground, he touched porcelain.” Herman deeply sighed. He thought that he had completely changed from a ranting servant to a sighing servant.

    Touch porcelain?!!! The blue seal didn’t know what to say. “Mingyou… has his brain circuit been so strange?” asked the seal.

    Even the silly fluffies vigorously nodded. That’s right, the brain circuit of their little spirit beast master was so strange. Even if they lost their minds, they all thought it was strange. Only the indigo kangaroo nodded with a smile, indicating that Mingyou was very lively, very good, it didn’t matter at all, she looked like an old doting mother.

    “Dalan, do you want to do research with me!” Mingyou, the scumbag who had finished teasing the black cat, got up from the ground and flirted with the blue seal.

    The seal was puzzled: “Doing research?”

    Mingyou nodded: “When Mr. Gu Hai was doing research, Dalan was Mr. Gu Hai’s partner, right? Dalan must have a good understanding of Mr. Gu Hai’s research, right?”

    “Dahei said that there are actually a lot of spiritual beast scholars in the Star Alliance who are working hard, but they are working in the wrong direction. Dahei is indeed correct. Mr. Gu Hai’s research is heading in the right direction, and he has also figured out how to use the power of the heart.”

    “He must be the most powerful spiritual beast scientist in the Star Alliance, right? His research results should not be buried, let’s sort out these research results together and publish them, okay?” Mingyou said very seriously.

    The blue seal laughed: “Mingyou is the most powerful beast scientist in the Star Alliance.” 

    Mingyou shook his head: “No, no, no, I’m not a member of the Star Alliance. I’m not a great researcher, I’m just bringing knowledge from another world to this world, just a porter of knowledge. Dalan, please help me, only you who know his research best can do this with me.”

    “Mr. Gu Hai, not only is he a great fighting hero and the most powerful beastmaster in the Star Alliance… He should be considered the first beastmaster in the alliance, right? After all, he could already use the power of his heart. His reputation won’t end and disappear because of life.”

    Mingyou tried his best to persuade him, Arthur licked his paw and washed his face a few times, and said, “Dalan, help him. As long as someone remembers Gu Hai, he won’t disappear. Besides, don’t you want those who despised him to regret it? Gu Hai said that when he finished his research, he would smash the faces of those people who said he was ignorant.”

    “This was his wish, right? “Arthur shook his tail, “As a widow, taking their husband’s possessions, to continue his study, completing his wishes, is it not what you should be doing?”

    “What widow, what deceased husband, His Royal Highness you are talking nonsense.” The blue seal has more than a few black lines on the back of his head, “You all talked about this, can’t I help? But Mingyou, I don’t know much about academic matters, I only know about the experiments that Gu Hai did. I may not be able to help you.”

    “If you can, it will be of great help! I don’t understand the specific process of Mr. Gu Hai’s experiment!” Mingyou said quickly.

    After the blue seal slightly sighed, he scratched his head with his front flippers and said, “Also, don’t call him Mr. Gu Hai, what kind of gentleman was he, just call him by his name.”

    “Not to mention being a war hero, just talking about his academic persistence and achievements is enough for me to honor him as a gentleman.” Mingyou insisted.

    The blue seal raised his front flippers and hit his forehead. Gu Hai had always been ridiculed in the spiritual beast research circle, so the elders of his family also deeply misunderstood Gu Hai. He didn’t expect anyone to respect him so much now.

    However, Mingyou and His Highness were right, even if Gu Hai had passed away, his research results should not be buried. Taking advantage of the imminent transformation of spiritual beast academia, it was the only thing he could do for Gu Hai right now to get the academic world to recognize his research results.

    Dalan the seal readily agreed. In a place where the blue seal couldn’t see, Arthur raised his paw and high-fived Mingyou. The plan was very successful!

    Mingyou didn’t know the blue seal, so he could only judge from the fluctuation of heart power that the seal was in a normal mood now. But Arthur knew his immediate subordinates very well, especially now that there were only ten people left. As soon as he frowned, Arthur knew what the guy was thinking.

    Louis did not indulge in grief, but his words and deeds greatly changed. In the past, Louis was a lively young man who loved to play, laugh, and had a temperament similar to that of Arthur. Now Louis was too calm, to the point of being a little reticent. He had become gentle, considerate, and attentive. These traits were the character traits that Gu Hai had. After he sacrificed himself, Louis was forced to grow up and become more and more like the person who took care of him.

    Arthur understands this phenomenon well. During the war, people kept dying, kept staying, and kept changing their temperaments. So did his older brother.

    Heartbreak could not be healed, and moving towards the future did not mean forgetting the past. Instead of avoiding his past feelings like plucking out a piece of heart, it was better to live with each other’s dreams. From then on, if he lived, it meant Gu Hai lived on.

    Before the war, Gu Hai’s biggest dream was to let the spirit beast academia recognize his research results, so that his research could benefit more spirit beasts. This dream, which could cost a person’s life, was very suitable for Louis.

    Arthur considered that their prestige was too much, and returning to the army might lead to many people blindly adoring them. Of course, he believed that his subordinates would not behave badly. But no one was perfect, and even the wise were bound to make mistakes, and they could not guarantee that the decisions they made were completely correct.

    Moreover, the post-war army reverted to seniority. They were all young people, not old officials. When they entered other people’s fields, they would only be pulled into the battlefield where others were good at, and they would be defeated by others with their rich experience.

    In order to rely on his own prestige, to have a greater right to speak, and to make the reform of the Star Alliance go smoothly, Arthur decided to enter a new field that was currently blank – the field of spirit beast masters, to establish a new order.

    Mastering the new field of spirit beast master research was equivalent to grasping the highest combat power of the Star Alliance. His right to speak was no worse than that of the army, and even the army had to rely on him.

    Research on spirit beast masters, just like military technology, was crucial to the Star Alliance. It might even become a key to enhancing the capabilities of the entire interstellar.

    Herman, Yan Yi and Xianluo, who were now sober, all supported Arthur’s decision. They belonged to the royal guards before the war, and they remained so after the war. After experiencing starvation, they understood the spirit beast’s obsession with eating enough.

    People took food as their heaven, and so did spirit animals. They dared not put the matter of filling their stomachs in the hands of others. What more, their own little spirit beast master was so stupid, they didn’t dare to hand the care of the little spirit beast master to others.

    Arthur knew his subordinates very well, and he knew that the rest of them would definitely follow him. Everyone was very ambitious, but none of their ambitions were the traditional kind of fame and fortune. Their ambition was to hope that the Star Alliance would become better in their hands.

    They all wanted to be great men who promoted the progress of their time, and hoped that their names would still be admired after thousands of years. Arthur used this “ambition” to bring them together.

    Louis has such ambitions too. Fulfilling Gu Hai’s dream and taking into account his own ambitions, Arthur believed that there was nothing more suitable for Louis’ future. Planning the future for his confused subordinates was also what a boss should do.

    Louis did not notice the painstaking efforts of Mingyou and Arthur, but he did regain his vitality and partially changed back to his former appearance in the process of helping Mingyou’s research.

    Mingyou held his face in both hands again, and mimicked the action of the classic painting “The Scream” from his previous life. He was surprised: “Can’t seals only crawl with their hind legs? Why are Dalan’s hind legs so strong that he can even pedal a bicycle?”

    The blue seal stood up and scratched his head with his front flippers: “Because I’m a spirit beast, isn’t this very reasonable?”

    Was it… reasonable? Mingyou still held his face and made a puzzled expression. Arthur rolled on the ground with laughter.

    Oh my Stars! O Heavens! Finally, it was Mingyou’s turn to ask whether something was reasonable and unreasonable!

    One of the seal’s flippers held a soda, and the other flipper controlled the flow of water to open the bottle cap, and then he kicked the black cat that was rolling on the ground as a large obstacle: “Your Highness, don’t block here. The laboratory is not an obstacle. If you have nothing to do, please go out and run, lest you get stuck again.”

    Arthur got up and viciously roared at the blue seal, then swung his tail like a propeller, sneezing while he left in a huff.

    “Dahei is hungry again.” Mingyou put down his hands, “Should I adjust the recipe for him?”

    The seal took a sip of soda and said, “Is it useful? Your Highness wants to steal more, can you stop him? “

    Mingyou confidently pondered, then said: “He doesn’t not eat a lot anyway, his body is not hurt and we have enough supplies, how much Dahei eats does not matter.”

    Dalan the seal was speechless. So what did he mean to say? You spoil the big greedy cat, you continue to feed him.

    “Dalan, do you want to try my new biscuits, sea salt flavor!” Mingyou took out a large box of biscuits from his system backpack, “I made them with the seabed ore you found!”

    “Yes.” The blue seal said without hesitation. He finally knew why His Royal Highness kept eating. The little spirit beast master launched new flavors of spirit beast food every three days. Every taste test turned into a meal. Mmm, delicious!

    “After we have found all our companions, we should do a thorough search of the place where you used to live. Where there is mineral sand, there must be good quality energy crystals.” Mingyou took a bite of the biscuits. Good, sea salt biscuits were actually quite suitable for human tastes. However, humans could not digest the energy crystals, so it was just like swallowing sand, so he still ate less.

    “As usual, when a new person joins, we all have a live broadcast to celebrate. Dalan, what do you want to live broadcast this time?” Mingyou didn’t think about what to broadcast, so he threw the problem to the blue seal.

    The blue seal scratched his head and said, “I don’t know. What do you usually broadcast live?”

    “Cooking, making toys, giving concerts, dancing?” Mingyou counted off his fingers, “It’s boring.”

    “I think the audience would be really happy if they watched live-stream cooking.” Dalan said.

    Mingyou said: “Just live cooking? That’s not interesting.”

    The blue seal said, for spirit beasts, it was amazing to be able to make their stomachs feel satisfied in a holographic live broadcast. Thinking this way, the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance were really miserable.

    “You can’t think of anything else to broadcast right?” The blue seal said, “We found a bunch of ingredients, just give them some new things to try.”

    “Okay. Mr. Gu Hai’s research results revealed that part of the sea. Dahei said that he will help me submit the manuscript. Don’t worry, Dahei will do things without any problem!” Mingyou said proudly.

    The blue seal murmured, of course he knew that His Highness would take action, and there would be absolutely no problem. But Mingyou didn’t know the true identity of His Highness, so why did he trust His Highness so much?

    A “Prince” of the so-called Spirit Beast Master planet was equivalent to the younger brother of the mayor of a small city on a planet, right? What power could he have? The brain circuit of the little spirit beast master was really incomprehensible.

    Mingyu: No matter! Dahei can do anything!

    The seal poured more biscuits into his mouth, leaving none of the confections for the black cat who was practicing his supernatural abilities, and other comrades in arms, and then walked to the outside of the RV to soak. Although as a spirit beast, he did not need to rely on water like a real seal, it was still a very relaxing thing to soak in water.

    Mingyou sorted out Gu Hai’s academic research, and selected some academic achievements that were similar to what he had explained in the broadcast room before, and prepared to announce them in this live broadcast.

    The audience in the live broadcast room might not be very interested, but the few recipes Gu Hai left behind would probably be of interest to the audience. The “recipes” that Gu Hai left behind were actually experimental plans. At the beginning of the war, these experimental plans were still theoretical, and he did not have time to complete them.

    Mingyou carefully read the experimental pland left by Gu Hai, and slapped his forehead, eh! Isn’t that the recipe? He decided that the most perfect recipe was called Pearl Ball Soup! This live broadcast he would cook this!

    The blue seal would like to say that if this experiment was successful, the finished product should be called “Sphere of Supernatural Energy for Marine Creatures”.

    “Tonight’s dinner is going to be pearl ball soup!” Mingyou rolled up his sleeves.

    Blue Seal: “…Okay.” Forget it, let’s just name it pearl ball soup.

    With access to the recipes he chose every day, how important was the name? Compared with eating “Ocean Creature Supernatural Energy Crystal Sphere” tonight, it was more appetizing to eat “Pearl Ball Soup” tonight.

    When Mingyou changed Gu Hai’s imaginary research products into delicious dish names, the blue seal had the illusion that “the reason why Gu Hai was rejected by academia was because the names were too bad”.

    “Mingyou, isn’t that too vulgar of a name?” The black cat held a bowl of pearl ball soup and had a hard time speaking while eating.

    “If you think the name is too vulgar, don’t eat it, Dahei.” Mingyou arrogantly held a spatula. He was very arrogant when it came to cooking.

    The black cat flattened his ears: “Nevermind, I’m complimenting your choice of a wonderful name. Another bowl.”

    Mingyou gave the black cat another bowl: “Pearl ball soup is really too much. If it’s so vulgar, let’s call it Jade Ball Soup. You see, the balls are white, green, purple, and yellow, and there are so many colors of jade, how nice.”

    What was the difference between Jade Ball Soup and Pearl Ball Soup? Was there an extra jewel color? Why didn’t he call it gem ball soup? Although the black cat complained in his heart, he didn’t want to lose the chance to eat, so he obediently held back his complaints. He managed to grab this food to try it out, so he didn’t want to give it up.

    When Mingyou was looking for taste testers to try new dishes, the other fluffy beasts were a little hesitant. Try it… What should they do if they eat something strange? In the end, apart from the blue seal who was doing research with Mingyou, only the black cat was forced to join.

    At that time, the poor black cat was really not willing. He was bodily dragged by Mingyou. But now, hiccup, it smelled delicious! The other fluffies were drooling outside the kitchen door smelling the fragrance and energy waves. Meanwhile the cat and seal had finished their third bowl of pearl ball soup.

    They were wrong. They shouldn’t question Mingyou’s craftsmanship. Even if it was a new dish, it tasted better than the raw animal meat they ate, right? What were they being hypocritical about before? After they were full, they started to be picky. Now that they regret it, can they join the tasting team?

    “No, you can only eat it during the live broadcast!” Mingyou also had a temper. They looked down on his craftsmanship, and I’ll be greedy for you!

    The plushies, big and small, stood in line, bowing their heads and thinking. Even the indigo kangaroo, the elder, lowered her head, obediently admitting her mistake.

    At this time, the sky and the earth were big, and there was no small spirit beast master who could make delicious food. Mingyou stood akimbo, wishing he could look up to the sky and laugh three times, his expression was extremely arrogant.

    The blue seal covered his mouth with his front flippers and hiccupped: “Mingyou has always been so lively and cute? Like a child.”

    “You were more lively and cute than him when you were his age.” Arthur replied without hesitation. What did it mean to be like a child? What was the matter with being lively? He finally managed to make Mingyou think about things and keep his lively appearance now, shut up!

    Blue Seal: “…” He didn’t say anything yet, why was His Highness angry? Wasn’t His Highness’s attitude of protecting a calf a bit too much? His Highness had never been so protective, even of his own nephew.

    But His Highness’s nephew was ten years older than him. It was just that when His Highness was in elementary school, His Highness Hans treated the dog-legged younger brother as his own, but was the only one who liked to take the initiative to carry the blame, and was thrown by the Emperor to study abroad in a distant outer space.

    When the Zerg invaded, His Highness Hans drove a civilian private spaceship back from outer space, and wanted to head directly to the battlefield to avenge the Queen, but was beaten by His Highness until the war ended.

    His Royal Highness Hans was born with lower power and was a rare person in the royal family who only turned into a spirit beast at the age of 30. Although His Royal Highness Hans liked to fight very much and his mind was full of muscles, his fighting skills were really bad and he couldn’t go to the battlefield at all.

    Some heard that His Highness Hans hated Arthur because of this, and planned to get close to the group of elders of the Academy of Sciences, and compete with His Highness for the throne. Uh, if this was true, His Highness must be very pleased that there was finally a person in the family who took the initiative to seek the throne.

    The spirit beasts of the Star Alliance and the relevant personnel waited, and waited for the announcement that the live broadcast room would be opened. As usual, was there another hero returning to the team this time?

    When they saw the blue sea leopard standing up like a terrestrial animal, carrying trays of seaweeds in the live broadcast room, the ignorant audience in the live broadcast room let out a shocked cry. Why could this seal walk?!

    “It’s definitely not the spirit beasts that are shocked. Spirit beast seals are not real seals, what’s wrong with walking?”

    “Tsk tsk, there are many strange creatures mixed in the live broadcast room. I just said, registration should not be opened.”

    “Yes, yes. After the registration was opened, the atmosphere in the live broadcast room has changed a lot.”

    “I recommend that people with experience below level 4 in the live broadcast room are not allowed to comment.”

    “Only I am thinking, instead of being shocked that this seal can walk, Why don’t you be astonished why this seal is sober as soon as it comes back?”

    “The little anchor is talking about this, listen quietly.”

    They listened quietly, and then the group fell silent. No one wanted to post a message on the screen. Gu Hai. They may not have heard of that name. But the supply ship “Lion King” that Gu Hai was on when he died was deeply imprinted in the minds of everyone who went to the battlefield.

    The “Lion King” was a supply ship built at the private expense of the queen, and was joked about by outsiders as part of her dowry. When the war entered a stalemate, the conflict between the front-line soldiers and the elders of the Academy of Sciences intensified, and there was a big gap in the supply of the front-line battlefield.

    The Queen personally led the team, driving the “Lion King”, and opened up a new supply line. Coupled with the sudden landing of Prince Arthur’s soldiers, the elders were caught off guard. With the cooperation of the two, they firmly held the battlefield supplies in their hands.

    It could be said that without the dangerous move of the Queen and His Royal Highness, there would be no subsequent victory. So when the route of the “Lion King” was leaked and the Zerg fleet suddenly appeared and surrounded them, there were many conspiracy theories.

    When they got the news that the “Lion King” was surrounded by the Zerg fleet, they knew that many comrades in the logistics force would die, but they believed that the queen stay safe.

    The Zerg were not stupid, and they understood that taking the queen as a hostage was obviously more beneficial than killing the queen. They did not expect that while Zerg was indeed going to take the Queen hostage, the Queen drove the “Lion King” into the Zerg flagship and perished with them.

    Almost all members of this supply fleet were ordinary power users, and there were almost no spirit beasts. They relied on technology weapons, relied on their familiarity with the route, and their own undeterred spirit, they fought with the Zerg battle fleet to the death, and won a beautiful victory that would be recorded in the Star Alliance history books.

    Destroying an elite Zerg fleet while losing an equal number of non-front-line troops, was this not a beautiful victory? Gu Hai was a member of this supply fleet, and he was one of the last heroes left on the “Lion King”.

    It turned out that he had already researched something similar to the little spirit beast master? It turned out that although he was only an A-level ability user, he also had the power of the heart? It turned out that there were scientists in the Star Alliance who had stumbled in the right direction? It turned out that there were actually researchers who could gain the whole-hearted trust of spirit beasts?

    “What I’m going to make now is Pearl Ball Soup, which is super suitable for water-type spirit beasts.” Mingyou took out a pile of seaweed and energy crystal ore and started to make Jade Pearl Balls.

    The process of making them was actually similar to the process of making biscuits before. The principle of extracting energy crystallization is the same, and the natural process was similar.

    Mingyou used centrifugal force, electromagnetic force, and the blue seal’s ability to separate the energy in the ingredients, condense them into small spheres, and then use normal cooking methods to make a pot of high quality pearl ball soup.

    This time, he didn’t use his heart power to cook. That was to say, if the spirit beasts in the live broadcast room found the correct ingredients, and then processed them strictly according to the parameters of Mingyou’s live broadcast room, and attached some water attribute ability, they could make delicious pearl ball soup.

    There was no need for the state to assign spirit beast masters, they could also eat delicious pearl ball soup. This was enough to prove that the pearl ball soup had little to do with the spirit beast master planet. This was the result of joint research by Gu Hai, and his good partner Louis the seal.

    “I heard that Mr. Gu Hai was called a grandstanding clown in the academic circle of the Star Alliance?” Mingyou asked curiously while serving soup to his family’s plushies, “A person who mocked Mr. Gu Hai can make such a delicious soup. Can they?”

    Because he underestimated Mingyou’s cooking skills, he refused to try it out, and the fluffy people who had not had the soup until now raised their bowls and drank.

    The spirit beasts turned on holographic empathy, and the saliva in their throats rumbled along with them. Right, it’s delicious. Even if they were not a water-type spirit beast, they still thought it was delicious.

    What? What did the host ask? The spirit beasts slapped the ground with their claws, and tears of disappointment flowed from the corners of their mouths.

    Yes indeed! They can’t make such a delicious soup! Even laughing at people who could make soup! If it weren’t for them, they could have been drinking delicious Pearl Ball Soup a few years ago!

    Who scolded Gu Hai? Let’s go get them fired!

    The Academy of Sciences could finally watch the live broadcast. The elders gathered a group of scientists to watch the live broadcast together, trying to get everyone to work together to find out evidence of fraud in the live broadcast room. Then the elders would look at some of the scientists present and start to swallow, their faces turning green with anger.

    “By the way, who rejected Gu Hai’s research paper?” The new president of the Academy of Sciences was a white sea lion. While wiping his saliva, he said, “I suggest starting the review process to check whether he has committed misconduct.” The spirit beasts nodded their heads one after another, and responses flew from the conference room.


    That’s right.

    Very very true.

    Second opinion.

    The faces of the elders turned pale. Perhaps the situation, they found, was really out of their control. While the audience in the live broadcast room was swallowing their saliva and frantically criticizing the group of researchers who had looked down on Gu Hai, the sky in the broadcast room flashed red, and a metal spherical capsule was ejected into the sea, causing a huge explosion. The waves chilled the group of people who were camping by the sea.

    The emerald pearl ball soup in the pot in their bowl was naturally soaked in sea water. The plushies, big and small, showed a wary look. Even if the coordinates of this healing planet were exposed, how could the Skynet system not respond at all? Who was the visitor?!

    “Uncle! I finally found you! I missed you so much!” A big snow leopard used a dog paddle to swim towards the shore.

    The big and small fluffies smiled kindly :). 

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6 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 45

  1. They’re so cute aaaaa. Arthur’s nephew?? Welcome aaa, too bad you soaked their food so maybe you’ll get punished? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  2. This little prince sure is starting things off on the right paw by destroying the long awaited food before the fluffies got a chance to eat it! I think the kind uncle this nephew is expecting to find will be more tyrannical than the father he ran from! 😂

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  3. Talk about arriving with with a bang. R.I.P. princeling, you soaked the food – I can only assume something extreme will happen. Goodluck to you. Thanks for the translation!!! Please keep safe everyone!!!


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