After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 44

The light blue seal was still lying on the boulder by the sea, with his belly facing upwards, as if to absorb the essence of the sun to practice exercises. The essence of the sun? Mingyou suddenly thought of the sand found in Daqing’s territory.

    In order to find other spirit beast partners, they couldn’t stay there for a long time to do research. After he found all the spirit beasts, he would go back and do some experiments. Mingyou cast his gaze on the boulder under the blue seal. Was there anything special about this boulder?

    Mingyou petted the black cat’s head: “Dahei, you should lie down and try it too?”

    Dahei: “???” He was not seeking marriage!!!

    “I suspect that the stone might have some special effect on spirit beasts.” Mingyou continued to push.

    The black cat vigorously shook his head like a rattle. This feline refused, he had black fur, which absorbed heat, so it was uncomfortable to bask in the sun.

    Mingyou hugged the black cat’s head: “You didn’t say that black fur absorbs heat every time when you are in the sun. Go and try!”

    The light blue seal grimaced at the person and cat, “Ahhh, Ah ah oh.” Those with a spouse stay away!

    Spouse? Mingyou and the black cat looked at each other, then stared at the blue seal at the same time. This guy was really mentally diminished!

    “Dabai, you try it.” Seeing that he could not move the big black cat, Mingyou had to ask the polar bear for help. The white bear also shook his head. If lying on the rock was considered courtship, he was determined not to lie down.

    Mingyou asked again, no one wanted to lie down, not even the fluffies that had not recovered their minds. They just had amnesia, and they were not mentally retarded. Who was going to court the seal?

    So Mingyou had to lie down on his own. As a spirit beast master, maybe he could feel any abnormal energy fluctuations? Although the system said that this was an ordinary stone, maybe there was a time when the system was wrong?


    In the end, Mingyou touched his blushing face and admitted that the system was correct. This was an ordinary stone without any abnormal energy fluctuations at all.

    The blue seal patted Mingyou with his front fins. Brother, don’t be discouraged. After lying down for a while, it is normal that no beast comes over. Let’s lie down for a while, maybe some beasts will come to see us.

    “How long have you been lying here?” Mingyou asked.

    The blue seal sighed: “Ahhh.” It’s been a year.

    Mingyou: “…One, one year?”

    The blue seal raised his head and looked at the sparkling sea. Yes, since he regained “consciousness”, he had been coming to the beach, showing his belly to court someone. Except eating and drinking, he lay here the rest of the time, showing his furry belly for courting.

    “How do you know that you need to court here?” Mingyou asked.

    The big blue seal patted his furry belly. What do you know? He just knew.

    “Did the seal have a mate before?” Mingyou asked the black cat, “Is it because he got a partner in this way, so now his subconscious mind is waiting for the other person to come to him?”

   The big cat raised his paw and rubbed his ear frantically: “I don’t know if it counts.”

    “You don’t know?” Mingyou was puzzled.

    “Dalan had an ambiguous mate, but they all denied that they were in a romantic relationship with each other. If he said too much, he would be anxious and angry, so I don’t know if this counts as a partner.” The black cat was rubbing his ears with both paws. “It is also possible that the two of them are okay. Dalan misses the other person.”

    Mingyou hurriedly covered the torn ears of the black cat: “Why are you abusing your own ears?”

    “No abuse, just can’t help it.” When troubled, Arthur always wanted to rub his ears.

    “His ambiguous object…” Mingyou guessed an unfavorable possibility. He leaned into the cat’s ear and whispered, “He was lost in the war, right?”

    The black cat didn’t answer, his eyes drifted a little. Mingyou turned his attention to the white bear, gray wolf and red fox who had recovered their memories. All their eyes were looking to the side.

    Mingyou: “Then what should I do now?”

    The fluffy beasts looked at each other. How would they know what to do?

    “Go back first.” Mingyou decided to retreat temporarily.

    For this stubborn blue seal who has been outside for a year, it was obviously not enough to rely on words to persuade him to leave with them. But if they told him the truth, let alone whether the blue seal who had lost his memory would believe it… Mingyou can’t let this heartache down.

    Mingyou gave the blue seal some nutrition cubes. After the seal happily ate the cubes, he continued to turn their belly to sunbathe. Mingyou looked back at the silly blue seal, praying in his heart, hoping that the beast he was waiting for was also waiting for him.

    In the RV, a group of beasts sat in a meeting with serious expressions. But no one spoke at the scene. Everyone just sat facing each other stupidly, facing each other for several minutes.

    Mingyou coughed, and said, “Don’t be so pessimistic. Didn’t you say that he didn’t admit it before? Maybe he was thinking of another person.”

    “It’s also possible that after he lost his memory, he saw other beasts courting. Just started on a whim?”

    After Mingyou finished speaking, he felt that this was unlikely. On a whim, how could he last for such a long time?

    “Then… maybe it’s someone else? If he really loves the other person, how could he not admit it before?” Mingyou said weakly.

    Arthur tugged his ears and said: “It may be because he is stupid.”

    Yan Yi sneered and said: “It may also be because of his arrogance.”

    The polar bear said blankly: “One is spoiled, the other dare not say anything.”

    Xianluo looked at the polar bear: “You seem to know some inside information?”

    The polar bear was leaning against Arthur, scratching his round ears, and said, “I have a good relationship with Gu Hai. Gu Hai really liked Louis, but Louis said he liked big breasted beauties. Louis’s parents were also very traditional. He didn’t like artificially nurtured children and hoped to have a child born naturally, so Gu Hai hoped that I could help him cover up.”

    “But Louis’s feelings…I can’t see it.”

    Mingyou found that he couldn’t understand at all. It turned out that spirit beasts also liked big-breasted beauty beasts? What do you think of this big breast? Was that why he had to turn his belly? Why did he feel so wretched?

    Was Gu Hai a male or a flat-chested female? Couldn’t give birth anyway? Knowing that he lacked common sense, Mingyou closed his mouth and listened silently to the side, letting the reliable spirit beasts present to discuss how to solve the problem.

    However, the content of this group chat did not seem to be about solving problems at all, but rather about discussing other people’s emotional drama.

    They half-covered their mouths with their paws, and there was a “I heard” for a while, and a “rumor has it” for a while, and their expressions were extremely gossipy.

    From the four fluffy conversations in front of him, Mingyou probably summarized the ambiguous relationship history between the blue seal and his partner.

    The blue seal was named Louis, and the partner was named Gu Hai. Gu Hai was the adopted child of Louis’s family, two years older than him.

    Gu Hai had a calm and gentle personality, while Louis had a more lively personality and was spoiled a little too much. Although Louis’s personality changed a lot after entering the army, he still looked like a big baby in front of Gu Hai, and even had to walk two more steps on Gu Hai’s back.

    When the two had conflicts, it was mostly Louis making trouble unreasonably. But Louis would apologize after making unreasonable trouble. When he apologized, he lay down on the ground and exposed his fluffy belly to lure Gu Hai.

    Louie: Okay, I’ve got my belly up, so you’re not allowed to get angry.

    Gu Hai: Hmm…

    The spirit beasts silently cast their sights on Mingyou. Mingyou was full of question marks. What did they see him doing? Was he the kind of person who would give up all principles as long as he had a fluffy?!

    The spirit beasts continued to look at Mingyou silently. They didn’t say anything, Mingyou’s defense was his own guilty conscience.

    “Cough.” Mingyou, who also found himself without a leg to stand on, was busy changing the subject, “The spirit beasts are fluffy themselves, and they like to rub other people’s fluffy bellies? This hobby is a bit peculiar.” He was not a furry. It’s normal to like plushies!

    The spirit beasts silently locked away. They couldn’t answer this topic. Should they say that Gu Hai’s power level is only A, without a spirit beast form?

    That little spirit beast master would definitely hold his face and scream, “What! Spirit beasts fall in love with people? Man and beast? Too heavy!” In order to avoid falling now, they could only circumvent this topic.

    “It turns out that his childhood sweetheart also liked his belly, so he was lying on the coast baring his belly because of a spirit beast named Gu Hai.” Although Mingyou had never been in love, he read about it on the Internet in his previous life. There were many sentiment analysis posts, and the news talked about it in a similar way, “Then what should we do?”

    What should they do? Who knew what to do? The fluffy beasts continued to look at each other. They couldn’t run in front of the blue seal and ask him who he was waiting for. If it was Gu Hai who he was waiting for, then he was already gone?

    Even if they were cruel, the blue seal couldn’t remember who he was waiting for, and the topic couldn’t continue.

    This meeting was nothing more than that. In the end, everyone reluctantly came up with a compromise. Mingyou performed a physical examination for the blue seal, and then left enough nutrients to let the seal continue to lie on the boulder while courting, until he regained his sanity and remembered everything.

    In short, no man or beast was willing to be a wicked person. That night, Mingyou couldn’t sleep, so he woke the black cat and asked the feline to accompany him to the beach.

    Arthur raised his paw, covered his mouth and yawned big enough to swallow Mingyou’s small head. He had no choice but to accompany Mingyou to the beach. When Mingyou got to the beach, he took off his shoes and stepped on the water.

    The black cat crouched on the beach with a “-_-” expression. He thought that Mingyou asked him to accompany him to the beach because he was worried about the blue seal. As a result, this silly boy just wanted to play in the water.

    “I have never been to the beach!” Mingyou said excitedly, “It turns out that the sea is really salty and bitter!”

    The black cat continued to be speechless “-_-“. He really went to drink sea water. Stupid.

    “Dahei, Dahei, come here!” Mingyou waved his arms, “Do you know how to swim? Will you be a swimming ring for me?”

    Black cat: “…” Although he could swim, he didn’t want to get in the water. Wet his noble and gorgeous black fur…Ah! Mingyou was a fool!

    Mingyou took out a basin from the system backpack, scooped out sea water, poured it on the black cat, and then ran away laughing, and a rabbit was not as fast as him.

    The black cat flicked his fur, squared his four paws and chased after Mingyou. I, Arthur, will kill this brave fool today!

    Insomniac Herman: “What are His Royal Highness and Mingyou doing?”

    Yan Yi, who was also insomniac: “Play a game where you chase me and I chase you?”

   The insomniac Xianluo: “Let’s go too?”

    Herman and Yan Yi vigorously shook their heads. It’s so stupid not to go or not. Xianluo sneered at the two men who wanted face. Where was it silly running on the beach under the moon? So romantic!

    The little fox jumped around to play with the man and a cat, but got stuck in the sand and couldn’t get up for a long time. Mingyou rushed over and pulled the little fox out of the sand, and put him on the seal’s head who was slowly crawling next to him: “Help me take care of him!”

    The blue seal: “???” This little two-legged beast, why was he familiar? Mingyou smiled triumphantly.

    After listening to Dahei saying that the blue seal was very lively before, he suddenly wondered whether he could use the excitement to attract the seal from the boulder.

    Although in the heart of the blue seal, the lover may occupy the most important position. But other comrades-in-arms would leave a trace in his heart, right? It should be able to evoke his memories by everyone having fun together.

    It didn’t matter if the blue seal’s feelings for his comrades were not triggered. Mingyou knew that if  he dragged the black cat to the beach, the other fluffy would follow.

    Everyone was in a bad mood today, and it was not bad to come to the beach together to play and be happy.

    “Dahei! Go! Throw both Dabai and Dahui into the sea!” Mingyou pointed at the white bear and the gray wolf with one hand on his hips.

    The black cat made a fierce “whoop” and rushed towards the polar bear and the large wolf.

    Herman and Yan Yi: “???” Your Highness, do you want go two to one? Very arrogant?

    As soon as they set up a defensive posture, they saw Mingyou touch the spirit beast master’s bracelet with his hand, and the black cat’s body flashed with blue light, and his speed instantly increased, so fast that his shadow was no longer visible.

    Herman and Yan Yi: “???” Your Highness! He cheated!!!

    “When is two-on-two cheating?” Under Mingyou’s continuous charging, Arthur threw the polar bear and wolf into the sea one by one with his abilities. He, Arthur, was the strongest warrior with abilities!

    Xianluo hopped on the seal’s head. Look! The white bear and the gray wolf looked like two poor drowning dogs!

    Herman and Yan Yi: “…”

    They looked at each other, rushed to the coast, grabbed the little fox and threw him into the water.

    Blue Seal: “???” Although he didn’t know these two spirit beasts, he had a hunch that these two would be bad :).

    Mingyou pursed his lips and smiled. A fire blazed into the sky. A big red fox with a half mask rushed out of the flames. Two explosive bullets hit the bear and wolf. The two aflame spirit beasts rushed into the water to cool down.

    The two of them could block the ordinary explosive bombs, but there was a little spirit beast master on the shore, swiping a card to help the fox increase the power of his flames.

    After training and running with a few spirit beasts, Mingyou found that when the Star Alliance fought side by side with the spirit beasts, he couldn’t use the experience from the game world.

    In “Elf World”, the player occupied absolute dominance of the battle. Players looked at the overall situation and commanded the battle. The spirit beasts only needed to follow instructions to fight. Although sometimes it was necessary to cultivate autonomous combat ability, the player’s anticipation of the opponent’s skills was the key to determining the outcome of the battle.

    In the real world of the Star Alliance, the spirit beasts had extremely strong fighting qualities, and they themselves knew what to do. If Mingyou gesticulated on the sidelines, it would only add confusion to the spirit beast. When the spirit beasts were fighting, Mingyou believed that hiding himself would not cause trouble to the spirit beasts, and would be more helpful to them.

    Even if he improved his combat literacy in the future, he would still be inferior to a spirit beast with full perception in terms of controlling the battle. Even if the spirit beasts had blindspots, they still had AI. Mingyou would only mess up the battle if he pointed out how to use their skills.

    To put it bluntly, even in “Elf World”, field battles and arena battles were different genres. Mingyou couldn’t use competitive sports tactics to fight against the spirit beasts in the Star Alliance. After training and exploration, Mingyou found that active attack skill cards could not be used, but passive skill cards were very helpful to spirit beasts. Some passive defense skill cards also had good effects after Mingyou and the spirit beast improved their understanding.

    In other words, Mingyou can act as an aide for adding buffs in online games, giving the spirit beasts the buffs for speed, strength, defense, and spell damage. When Mingyou accumulated enough experience points to exchange consumables in the mall, he could also use medicines that increase health, add mana, and relieve negative statuses to the spirit beasts in battle.

    Through the transformation of Mingyou’s mental power and the spirit beast master’s bracelet, these medicines would become energy waves and directly act on the spirit beasts like supernatural powers.

    In this way, Mingyou’s role in the combat team was to be an almighty supporter who healed health and mana to increase the positive buff and dispel the negative buff. The black cat and the others had all played games and knew how to cooperate with Mingyou.

    They were very excited. They had long wanted to find a comprehensive support ability for the team. Especially when they saw those Zerg on the battlefield, they would buff the fierce worms who were in charge of fighting. The queen of the Zerg could even buff a Zerg legion. While it was so disgustingly unfair, they also wanted an all-powerful auxiliary ability user.

    Now, Mingyou was adding various buffs to Xianluo, letting him abuse two wounded spirit beasts to play.

    Injured polar bear and wolf: “…”

    They couldn’t bear it anymore. While the little spirit beast master went, no more cheating was allowed, so let them fight two-on-two in a water battle to see who was more powerful!

    “It’s boring to play water fights, let’s play water volleyball.” Mingyou pulled out a volleyball net, a water volleyball, and an inflatable pump from the system backpack.

    Watching Mingyou chuckle and inflate the volleyball, the bear wiped a handful of sea water and sand from his head: “How big is Mingyou’s storage space? Why does he have everything?”

    “Look at him taking out so many things , I suspect that he really inherited the legacy of an entire planet.” Arthur also complained.

    The indigo kangaroo came over with a yawn and asked what they were arguing about. Playing water volleyball? Okay, count her in, she just happened to be bored. After the kangaroo finished speaking, she dragged the yellow monkey sleeping in bed out of the caravan.

    Yellow monkey:??? When did this monkey want to play water volleyball? Five missing one? Nothing to do with him. 

    The indigo kangaroo raised her fist. The monkey changed his tune, “It’s related to him. This monkey also wants to play volleyball, and doesn’t want to sleep at all.”

    Dalu and Xiaolu got up, one by each side of the net, responsible for refereeing and picking up the ball. Xiaotian video monitored the progress of the game throughout the whole process, and also pulled up a lamp post to illuminate the beach with bright lights.

    Mingyou moved an inflatable cushion and sat beside the blue seal and said, “We are cheerleaders, cheer for them!”

    What was a cheerleader? What was it? The blue seal thought for a while, and suddenly understood the meaning of these two words that had never been heard. This feeling was amazing. It was like having another brain in the body.

    “Your fur is so beautiful.” Mingyou wanted to find the blue seal and pour some chicken soup for the soul. But as soon as he saw the blue fur of the seal soaked in seawater, after a beautiful halo reflected in the light, he instantly poured the soulful chicken soup into a ditch.

    What beautiful fur! Want to touch it! Mingyou’s fingers were about to move. The blue seal glanced at Mingyou, feeling that his current expression was familiar. His brain was working again. In the other brain, there seemed to be someone who said the same thing to him. These words didn’t make him happy, but instead made him feel wronged. Fur, fur, fur, he never praised his human appearance, only his good-looking fur and soft belly.

    No matter how he annoyed him, as long as he changed back to his beast shape and showed his belly, he would lose his breath in an instant, and would show an exaggerated smile. He just liked seals, right?!

    The big blue seal lay down on the spot, showing his belly to the sky: “Ahhh.” Touch it.

    “Is it really okay?” Although Mingyou said so, his hands were completely out of his control. After the seal’s fur was soaked in water, it felt like smooth silk, which makes people love it.

    “It’s so beautiful.” Mingyou admired, “Dalan must be the most beautiful seal. The entire universe will definitely not be able to find a second such beautiful seal.”

    Xiaotian scored the three-on-three water volleyball game. While keeping an eye on Mingyou’s situation. His robotic defensive weapon had been aimed at the blue seal. If the seal launched an attack on Mingyou, it would be immediately stopped by the robot.

    The spirit beasts playing volleyball were not big-hearted, they were fully prepared. Mingyou’s affinity for spirit beasts was amazing, and it was easy to get the favor of spirit beasts. The previous spirit beasts were smoothly “picked up” by Mingyou, and this time, Mingyou had a try.

    After all, they really couldn’t think of how to persuade the seal to leave with them. When Xiaotian heard Mingyou’s praise of the big seal, it always felt a little familiar to the AI. Oh, these words, Mingyou had said to the other beasts.

    In front of the spirit beasts, Mingyou was not only unafraid of society, but also full of rhetoric. In the words of His Highness, this little spirit beast master was talented in fraternization. In other words, he was a partial scumbag. Xiaotian thought this observation was very interesting, and sent the results to the black cat and Mingyou.

    The black cat, who was catching the ball, plunged into the sea water and choked. Mingyou was so startled that he almost bit his tongue. His face was flushed, and his chest was blocked with a series of excuses, but because the other party was just an AI, he didn’t know how to convey it to Xiaotian. Send a message?

    Listening to Mingyou’s praise, the blue seal was falling into a misty memory. When Mingyou stopped, he patted the youth with his front flippers. Why didn’t he keep boasting?

    Mingyou sighed: “In short, I have never seen such beautiful blue fur.” This was the first blue spirit beast he has ever seen. This was absolutely correct, it was not a scumbag quotation at all!

    The blue seal cocked his head twice. That was right, he said the same. So he has been lying near the sea for a year, where was the other person? The blue seal stood up and got up, covering his belly, leaving Mingyou out. Too much, some people will feel sad. He didn’t want that person to be sad. But who was that person? Where was he?

    “Would you like to leave with us?” Mingyou asked, “You have been waiting for him here, but he hasn’t come, maybe he’s not here. Follow us and visit a few more places, maybe you can meet him.”

    The blue seal lay motionless on the beach, did not say yes, and did not agree, as if he had lost his mind.

    Mingyou dared to touch the head of the big seal. Since the seal was willing to let him touch his belly, it should be okay to touch his head, right?

    “Leave with us. We live together, it’s very lively.” Mingyou persuaded, “I will make many delicious foods. Is the nutrition cube you ate today particularly delicious? I will also make other delicious foods. We can also customize food for you according to your taste.”

    The bright blue eyes had been watching Mingyou. Someone said the same. He did the same.

    Although he learned a lot of psychic animal science, he refused to treat him according to the book. After he became a spirit beast, he treated him the same way he treated people, giving him good food, taking him around to play, and training with him.

    Although others had said that he did not do the right thing, he used to think that he was the most powerful spiritual beast cultivator. He also taught the seal how to find food that was good for him, and said that he should write the results into papers and publish them when the war was over.

    The war was over? The blue seal was stunned for a moment, and his eyes suddenly disappeared. The whole world seemed to be enclosed in a water ball, and all the scenery was distorted.

    Mingyou was racking his brains to seduce the big blue seal, and was stunned when he saw the blue seal’s big eyes suddenly filled with tears. What was wrong? Did he say something wrong? Why did the blue seal start to cry?

    The blue seal was lying on the beach, his head slightly raised, big tears pouring out of his eyes, and flailing on the beach, smashing small holes one after another.

    “What, what’s wrong?” Mingyou asked in a low voice. The blue seal blankly looked at the sea, without answering.

    Mingyou was about to continue to inquire, and suddenly felt a strange energy fluctuation. He pondered for a while, and remembered what this fluctuation was.

    The ghost spirit beasts of his previous life left him too deep, so this kind of energy fluctuation that would make people get goosebumps, even after nineteen years, Mingyou still remembered.

    He was silent. Ghost? There were ghosts in this world? Mingyou asked the system for help, and spent a lot of knowledge points to unlock the explanation.

    The soul was also a kind of energy. After a person died, if their regret was strong enough, their spiritual power would solidify, and become a special energy body.

    However, this energy body was very fragile and required a special environment to survive. And in this cosmic rule, there was currently no such environment suitable for the existence of necromantic energy bodies.

     So in this universe, necromantic energy bodies could not become long-lived ghosts like in the elves world, or simply become ghost spirit beasts. They would only continue to be weakened and suffer unbearable pain.

     While the atmospere weakened their energy, they also deprived them of their memory. Memory was the source of obsession. When the obsession disappears, they would transform into ordinary soul energy particles, looking for the next life body, and reuniting into a new soul to be born.

    There was no so-called past and present life, there was no so-called reincarnation, unless one encounters an adventure, one has only one life.

    Mingyou encountered such an adventure. And the soul in front of him didn’t. Mingyou put on the special glasses purchased from the system and saw a small group of lights that looked like fireflies.

    The little light kept trying to touch the blue seal’s tearful face, but passed through the seal’s face again and again.

    The body cannot be touched, words could be conveyed, and even if the obsession was deep, there were already different like yin and yang.

    But in the process of this little light being in constant contact with the blue seal, the emotional energy it radiated was continuously absorbed by the blue seal and became a part of the seal.

    The power of the heart was emotional energy. Mingyou could use the power of his heart to strengthen his partner spirit beast, and this little light could also use his emotional power to protect and heal the blue seal in front of him.

    “Enough, if you radiate more energy, you will disappear.” Mingyou hurriedly reached out to stop.

    The blue seal was in tears, tilted his head, and looked at Mingyou puzzled. Mingyou stretched out his finger, as if something was resting on his finger and talking to him. But there was nothing on his finger.

    “Are you… Gu Hai?” Mingyou remembered the name Dahei mentioned when they talked about the blue seal’s “emotional gossip”.

    The small light ball the size of a rice grain jumped on Mingyou’s fingers, and a clear consciousness flowed into Mingyou’s heart.

    “Help him.” “Help him.” These two words constantly echoed in Mingyou’s heart.

    Most of the ghost energy had dissipated, most of the regret had disappeared, and only these two sentences were left.

    How did he find the blue seal in the vast universe? When he returned to the seal, did he regret that he was obviously happy but his lover was not satisfied? Did he want to confess? Or did he want to tell the blue seal to forget him, and live a good life alone in the future?

    Mingyou did not know. Because these thoughts had been worn away by time, only these two sentences were left, and only this thought was left.

    “Mingyou! What are you doing! What did you see!” The black cat rushed to Mingyou. He was wet, and had lost a lot of weight.

    “Dahei, it turns out that you are really fluffy, not solid and fat.” Mingyou squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying.

    “No, Your Highness is solid and fat, you don’t need to help him.” After the white bear habitually stabbed the black cat, he asked, “What do you have at your fingertips?”

    System: [Don’t tell them the existence of dead spirits. The dead are not tolerated by this realm. If they are known to the people in this world, they will be immediately obliterated by the rule. ]

    “Emotional power.” Mingyou thought, the system will tell him to do, for a statement, “and I have said to you, it’s a kind of emotional power. A proficient spirit beast master in the power of the heart is almost the same as a supernatural power .”

    “Powerful supernatural waves can exist for a long time even if they leave the body. It is like the residual power of the zerg, which has been eroding your body.”

    “If the emotional power is too strong, it can leave the body and exist for a long time.” Mingyou looked at the small ball of light on his finger and said: “I feel the heart power waves. It has been protecting the blue seal.

    The blue seal tried to stand up his upper body and approached Mingyou’s fingers: “Ahhh.”

    “He is here, he has been with you.” Mingyou used his own heart to protect the small ball of light on his fingertips, like rice grains. The little ball of light did its best to emit fire-like energy fluctuations, “Can you feel it? This power, and what he wants to convey to you?”

    Mingyou expanded the energy fluctuations of the little ball of light to let the surrounding spirits in. The beasts all heard the whispering voice.

    “Help him.” “Help him.” Who will help him. Who will save him.

    When seeing the seriously injured blue seal floating alone in the water, all the obsessions turned into anxiety, and all love words turned into cries for help.

    “I’m Prince Arthur, Louis’ boss, and I’m here to pick him up. Comrades, please rest assured.” The black cat squatted in front of Mingyou. His head was held high, his chest high, and his round eyes gleamed with slight fluorescence, like a statue of a guardian god.

    The energy fluctuation of the little ball of light changed for a moment. It flew away from Mingyou’s fingertips, in front of the big black cat, and shook.

    The black cat’s body suddenly gushed out a type of energy that was the same as the little ball of light, and it was injected into the light body.

    Mingyou was very surprised that the black cat still had ghost energy in his body? The light of the little ball continued to expand, and finally turned into a thin human form, like a poor-quality holographic projection.

    This inferior holographic projection could only be seen by Dahei and Mingyou. This was a man in the uniform of the Star Alliance.

    He did a military salute to the black cat, then turned his head and looked deeply at the blue seal who looked at him blankly, but couldn’t see anything.

    A helpless smile appeared on his mouth, as if he sighed, and then turned into light dust, flying into the sky with the night wind.

    The blue seal seemed to feel something, and he raised his head hard towards the direction of chasing the light and dust.

    “Gu Hai.”




    The blue seal’s thinking suddenly became very clear, as if the glass covered with mist was suddenly wiped clean with a dry soft cloth. He remembered why he was lying here.

    “Failed to strike up a conversation again?”


    “If you turn back into a seal with a fluffy belly and lie on your back on the beach, absolutely all the beauties will coming towards you, courtship is absolutely no problem. “

    “Rolling roll! “

    “I’m sure at least immediately to rush at you.”

    “Are you courting death?! “

    I’ve been lying here for a year, have you really rushed back from the self-destructing starship? “Report to Your Highness, Lieutenant Colonel Louis Ruth has returned to the team.” The last tear of the blue seal slipped down the corner of his eyes. 

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15 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 44

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