After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 43

At the end of the live broadcast, Mingyou gave a thousand packets of sauce this time.

    As long as there were raw materials for the seasoning, the robot could help make the product. Although compared with Mingyou’s hand-made seasonings, the seasonings made by the robots lacked the power bonus of the spirit beast master, and the flavor and nutrition would be slightly worse, but for the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance, it was already delicious and nutritious enough.

    This time the winning audience would receive a questionnaire, they had to fill out the questionnaire and upload it to get a bag of Mingyou’s hand-made special seasoning.

    Mingyou’s hand-made special seasoning totalled one hundred packets, and would be drawn on the deadline for the submission of the survey questionnaire, and the winning audience members would receive this gift.

    The audience was very excited. This time the benefits were really great. The winners this time may get two prizes! They must get drawn this time.

    The Tibetan fox with two small paws tucked under his head, stood up with a big belly, and tried to widen his eyes to be cute. Oh Roommate, I beg you for a sauce pack! The high-grade wild animal meat and the best chefs will be provided by him, he only needed to provide the sauce and seasoning package!

    Tan Chenxi’s mouth twitched. What does this dead fox take him for? Koi? Spirit beasts didn’t have fish forms. When Tan Chenxi drew the prize again, he fell silent. Was his spirit beast form really a koi? A long-haired koi seemed very disgusting.

    After welcoming the indigo kangaroo, Mingyou and the others continued to move on to the next location. Mingyou discovered that the little fox’s mental state did not seem to be very good.

    He didn’t know if it was due to the band performing, or the injury had complications. Since the live broadcast, the little red fox had been able to maintain his senses most of the time. The awake red fox had always been quiet and gentle, but Mingyou still felt his depression from the fluctuation of his empathy power.

    Mingyou first pretended not to know the fox’s psychological state, and made a lot of special food for the red fox to make him happy. Later, when he saw that even food could not make the little fox feel better, he carefully asked the reason for his depressed mood.

    The red fox laughed: “Mingyou, don’t be so shy, I won’t be angry.”

    Mingyou grimaced and scratched his head.

    Dahei and the others had already noticed that the red fox was in a bad state, but they all told Mingyou not to worry about this little problem, the fox could solve it himself. But Mingyou thought, even good food couldn’t make that Dahong feel better. This situation was really serious.

    The black cat licked his paw and glanced at Mingyou: “Then you can ask, don’t blame me for not reminding you when he is angry.”

   The little fox was listening to Mingyou saying that it was the black cat’s slandering, saying that he would definitely do it. After getting annoyed and throwing a fireball, he said helplessly: “Am I having a bad temper in front of you guys?” He paused, and added: “When I was a kid doesn’t count.”

    Mingyou hugged the little red fox, rubbed his ears and said: “Dahei has a bad temper himself, and he thinks that others are as bad as him…Ouch!”

    The black cat slapped Mingyou’s arm with a tail: “You can talk bad about me, are you ready to go to bed alone?”

    Mingyou immediately stopped complaining. Dahei always liked to threaten him with the same thing, it was nothing new. The black cat snorted,whatever worked.

    “Go, go, go, I’m going to talk to Dahong, and all the passersby will leave.” Mingyou told him not to be nosy, and drove out all the other spirit beasts. “Xiaotian, help me set up noise barriers to prevent them from eavesdropping.”

    Xiaotian holographically projected a thumb, and then stopped listening to the instructions of the black cat.

    Arthur:??? This AI has rebelled, it’s beyond help, donate it :).

    “Okay, Dahong, now please treat me like a tree in your mind and complain as much as you want. Although I don’t know what I can do for you, I can definitely do a little thing like chatting with you.” Mingyou sat on the chair and put Dahong on the table and sat solemnly face to face.

    The little red fox squatted on the table, raised a small paw to cover his mouth and smiled for a while, then said, “Okay.” He would definitely not tell his comrades about this little emotion, but if it was the little spirit beast, it should be okay.

    “I have a twin brother who has a very bad relationship with me.” Now that he decided to tell it all, the little red fox said straightforwardly without pretense, “After I recover, I want to repair the relationship with him, but I don’t know what to do.”

    Mingyou said with emotion: “It turns out that Dahong also has an older brother. I also have an older brother. I also want to repair the relationship with him, but I don’t even know who my older brother is.”

   The little red fox tilted his head: “You don’t know who it is?”

    Mingyou was annoyed: “My brother is six years older than me. I haven’t seen him since I was born, and I don’t know anything about him. But everyone in the Tan family said that my eldest brother hated me for killing our mother. He didn’t come to see me, so my relationship with him is not good, right?”

    “Although I really want to meet this brother who I haven’t seen before, but now… forget it, I’m not Tan Changgeng anymore, seeing him will only cause trouble for both of us.” Mingyou said embarrassingly, “I’m sorry, why did I start talking about myself. You continue.”

    The black cat guarded the door and sent him a message, saying that he should be a tree in the mind. He must tell the other party in a timely manner that he was the same as him, or even worse than him, so that he could resonate with the other party and ease their emotions.

    Mingyou strictly abided by the teachings of the cat instructor outside the door. The black cat’s guidance was very effective. After hearing that Mingyou was like him, even worse than him, the red fox’s shame disappeared a lot. Everyone had troubles, so discussing it together shouldn’t be shameful.

    “Our family is a family of dancers, the education at home is very strict, and the treatment of children is very strict.” The little red fox slowly slid into the past.

    When Xianluo was very young, he showed extraordinary talent for dancing. No matter what the dance moves, he could imitate them in a decent manner as long as he watched it once.

    With age, experience and emotion, Xianluo’s dance became more spiritual. He did not need to arrange in advance, or even need music accompaniment, dance was the language he used to express his emotions.

    When he saw colorful butterflies leaping among the flowers, when he saw stars twinkling in the misty moonlight, and when he saw the crowds shuttling in the street market, Xianluo felt something and could put it into practice. 

    In contrast, his elder brother Xianwei seemed mediocre. In fact, his brother was also a dancing genius, but there was a gap between their genius. And because his brother was also a genius, he understood the gap with Xianluo.

    When the two danced together for the first time when they were young, Xianwei danced halfway through and couldn’t go anymore. Xianwei’s emotions collapsed. He couldn’t stand on the same stage as Xianluo. Since then, the two brothers had drifted away. Those “sorrows” that lingered around Xianwei formed a seemingly impossible high wall between the two.

    “Xianwei is also a genius, it’s a pity that he has a talented younger brother.”

    “Obviously watching Xianwei dancing is very beautiful, and compared to Xianluo, only so-so.”

    “If Xianwei was not exactly the same as Xianluo. With his talent, it shouldn’t be the way he is now.”

    “It’s miserable, it’s really miserable. Although he danced well, I think of Xianluo when I look at that face, and then I can’t stand it anymore.”

    Jealousy, from the voices of the audience, Xianwei gradually treated Xianluo as if he was an enemy. If there was no Xianluo, these praises would be all his.The young Xianwei once roared at the young Xianluo.

    “I looked down on him very much when I was a kid.” The little fox lay on the table, with two paws on his chin, and fell into a memory, “I just dance well, I just look good, I am good at everything. You are ugly to hate me.”

    “Obviously he has the same face as me, but is disgustingly ugly on the inside. I can’t bear this. So I treated him with great cynicism. Later, I saw that he was taunted in every possible way and refused to give up. When dancing, I felt a little better about him. At least, he still knows how to work hard.”

    “But I think his direction of effort is wrong. He pays too much attention to details, hoping to present what others have taught him to perfection. I can see that he has been denied by others, so he is afraid to make any innovations. He just hopes to dance ‘error-free’ and dare not take a step beyond the pond.”

    “It’s not his fault. When everything is strict, the harsh language weaves into a cage with spikes, imprisoning his heart, so his dance can only be done in a small cage.”

     “I like dancing, but dancing is not everything to me. I have other things. The things I love, such as the Star Alliance. Dance is only part of my life, just my language. I don’t need to be on the stage or have a career as a dancer. No matter when and where I am, as long as I want to dance, I can dance.”

     “So I threw away the crown, went against the wishes of my family, and into the army. Dance was everything to him. He always wanted to surpass me, but I left the stage. perhaps In his heart, this was also an insult to him.” The red fox sighed, “I felt the long-lost connection during the live broadcast. As twins with the same spirit beasts, I know his emotions and mine. It resonated.”

     “I thought, has he figured it out? Has he left that cage and no longer cares about the rumors? I want to reconcile with him, but I don’t know if this reconciliation is it necessary for us?” Xianluo hadn’t said a word to his brother in nearly 30 years. It’s been thirty years, and reconciliation seemed a bit ridiculous. What if they reconciled? Because of their status and situation, they would continue to drift away. Pointless.

    “Well, because I don’t have the fortune to get along well with my family, what I think is not necessarily right, it’s just my own thoughts.” Mingyou listened quietly, and after Xianluo finished speaking, he whispered, “The significance depends on oneself. Even family members with good relationships may not always be together when they grow up. So maybe you don’t need to worry too much about the future? Reconciling is just to make up for the regret in my heart.”

     “If it were me, I would definitely ask the other party to explain. As for whether the other party was willing to reconcile with me, it didn’t matter whether the other party was willing to continue to get along with me after reconciliation. I just do what I want to do.”

     Mingyou rubbed the little red fox’s head: “Even if you are arguing with the other party, it is better than holding back.  I think you can fight with your brother. “If you didn’t exist,” it’s true but it’s hurtful. Of course, after the quarrel, you can figure out the bad guys who are instigating separation between two children. These adults really don’t know how to raise children. Wouldn’t they encourage cooperation? Learning from each other, can’t you grow up together?”

     “Ahem, although you may not like to hear this, I think your parents are also very problematic. If anyone tells my spirit beast these kinds of words, I will give them a full power punch. They still let others talk nonsense to provoke the relationship between their two children?”

     “What a wonderful fate for twins, two cute little foxes that look exactly the same, even if they don’t do anything, just stand together. It’s enough to make people’s hearts burst. Those bad guys who speak against each other or even provoke discord…bad spirit beasts? They have no heart!” Mingyou raised his fist and said angrily: “Anyway, kids don’t understand anything, you two have a relationship. No, it’s all the fault of that group of big bads!”

    The red fox first lay on his paws, tilted his head and watched Mingyou give a speech with indignation, then he suddenly smiled. “Yes, it’s all those people’s fault. I think they are jealous of me and my brother.”

    “Yes, they are jealous of you! Their mouths are so cheap, they danced with you? The person who said that was also hinting at you, right?” Mingyou continued to raise his fists, becoming angry like a pufferfish, “As an adult, can’t even compare to a child, so they’ll spit sour words! Beat them!”

   The little red fox stretched out. Lazily lying on the table side: “His Royal Highness said something similar to you.”

    Mingyou maintained a fist position, but was surprised: “Dahei? What did he say?”

    The fox said: “His Royal Highness said. You brother can’t do it. When others instigate separation, you should rush up to give that person a couple hits, and then fall to the ground while rolling and crying, saying that he encourages your brothers to fight. If you do that a few more times, no one will dare to talk nonsense in front of you.”

 Mingyou: “…” He put down his fist, thoughtfully: “It’s very powerful.”

    “Although this is shameful, if I really did that at the time, it seemed a bit relieving. “The little red fox rolled from side to side on the table and said, “It’s great to be under His Royal Highness, you don’t have to worry about this at all.”

    “And me.” Mingyou patted his chest, “Me too. Very good! I will make you many delicious foods. When you go to see your brother, I will cook a big meal. For the sake of the lavish meal, he will definitely come!”

     “Didn’t you say other spirit beasts don’t have enough to eat? No matter how big a misunderstanding there is, isn’t it important to fill your stomach, right?” Mingyou began to drink water. For the sake of his own spirit beast, it should be okay to use a little threatening?

    “Well, if he doesn’t come, I won’t give him delicious food.” The red fox smiled and swept his tail on the table.

    “That’s right.” Mingyou said with a smile, “Are you still sad?”

    “I wasn’t sad at first, but he watched my live broadcast and resonated with me. It was a bit surprising.” The little red fox started. He got up on the table, shook his fur, and said, “He actually danced with me.”

    Mingyou helped the red fox comb his fur while saying : “I really want to see you dancing together, it must be super awesome!” What was super? Great? Wasn’t it supposed to be beautiful? The little red fox was helpless.

    What he didn’t know was that a scene of the red fox dancing appeared in Mingyou’s mind. That big tail swept all the grass clippings on the ground into the air. With another big fox, it was estimated that the grass would be swept bald. Wasn’t it amazing? If the brothers wanted to dance together, he must choose a bare stage, and wipe the stage spotlessly clean.

    After Mingyou and the little fox ended their heart-to-heart talk, the fox immediately regained his vitality. The recovery was a bit too much. The red fox who had recovered his mind was very gentle and quiet. Now his temperament had become a lot more lively, a bit like when he was in a juvenile state.

    The black cat whose face was hit by a fireball wiped a handful of black dust from his face, and said, “You took the wrong medicine? You have such a bad temper?”

   Xianluo blew the smoke on his front paws: “I just thought, Mingyou was right, that happiness is the most important thing. You have become spirit beasts, and you should no longer abide by the shackles of being a human being.”

    The black cat: “…” Mingyou said this before? Mingyou never said it! Because he didn’t even know that they were human! He started to worry again.

    “Xianluo, how are we going to tell Mingyou that we are actually human?” The black cat licked his ear, “Will he feel deceived and ignore us?”

    “Impossible, even if Mingyou ignores us after we become human, as long as we become spirit beasts, he will immediately stick to us.” Xianluo was still very confident of his beauty.

    “It seems like this…” The black cat began to use his mind to imagine.

    Arthur: Mingyou, I have become a human being.

    Mingyou: Change back!

    The black cat “clicked” and slammed his head on the floor, turning into a long strip of cats and bugs. Such development is not good at all!

    “Dahei? Why are you lying on the ground? Are you uncomfortable?” Mingyou, who had just finished studying, saw a cat worm on the ground, and was very anxious, rushing to the medical room and giving the cat a physical examination. He was about to tell the big black cat that the big bad wolf whose destination had reached his face twitched slightly.

    “No matter how many times I see Mingyou running around with us, I am very uncomfortable.” Apparently, the big wolf had also been carried to the medical room by Mingyou, who was too concerned about his body.

    Speaking of it, when he was regressed, Mingyou lifted him above his head because he was blocking the road, and he was thrown out like trash. Why was there still a memory left when he lost his mind this time?! It must be the fault of too much nutrition.

    “So in front of Mingyou, try to become a little spirit beast. In this way, you will be held in the palm of his hand.” Xianluo said while combing his tail.

    Gray wolf: “…” He always felt that the image of his comrade-in-arms had collapsed. Or was it that after getting smaller, they will be affected by their body, and their personality would be closer to that of childhood?

    When the big wolf remembered that he had become smaller, he always wanted to fight with the stupid bear, so he couldn’t help sighing in his heart. Did he want to become smaller and be held in the palm of the hand by the little spirit beast master, so he didn’t need to do any work? But he still wanted dignity.

    The little fox pushed up his mask and maliciously stared at the wolf’s fluffy tail. Want face? Did this mean he was shameless? Did he want a scorched wolf’s tail?

     After Mingyou performed a detailed physical examination on the black cat, he found that the “excess energy” symptoms of the black cat had improved a lot, and the mask could be taken off.

    “Your energy body is more stable, and you will soon be able to evolve.” Mingyou looked at the inspection report that he unlocked with knowledge points, “I don’t know what kind of change is it? Will you grow wings?” Mingyou finally told the black cat about the change, and asked if there was a precedent for the black cat’s evolution.

    The black cat understood what the “physical change” was about when he heard it, and quickly stalled. Oh, he would be able to transform back into a human form in no time. Mingyou’s social fear was about to explode. He hadn’t figured out how to tell Mingyou, so that he would not be shocked. It was a really big problem.

    Mingyou was now separating spirit beasts from humans, relying on “there is a spirit beast planet waiting for me” to barely maintain his current optimistic appearance. If he knew that the so-called spirit beasts were the humans he feared most, the so-called spirit beast planet was an entire star alliance… alas, it really made the liger’s head pound.

    His head was already big enough, could they stop it from getting bigger? Arthur’s mood didn’t improve when he saw his new comrades in arms. The new comrade they found this time was a seal with light blue fur. The seal was lying on a rock, basking in the sun, and he was motionless even when he saw a strange beast coming over.

    “What’s wrong with him? Hungry and fainted?” Arthur asked in a very bad mood.

    “No…” Mingyou read the mood swings of the light blue seal, and said, “He…he is courting.”

    The few sober spirit beasts: “???”

    Mingyou saw the light blue seals notice them. Without any resistance, he dared to move forward, squatted in front of the seal and murmured and communicated in a completely different language for a while, and said: “He said, as long as he shows his belly, true love will appear.”

    What was that? Even if he had lost his mind, this guy was too mentally compromised, right?! 

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  1. I had been really enjoying this but I’ve just skipped ahead from chapter 25 to see if the nicknames have been brought back and now I need to know, WHY ASK OUR OPINIONS ABOUT THE NAME CHANGE IF YOU DON’T CARE? The vast majority of the comments in that chapter, and in the later chapters that I read, asked for English nicknames.

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  2. Love Dahong! 🦊. He’s so narcissistic, but he owns it. 😆
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  3. A new family member has appear 😆. Poor Dahong, I hope he’ll reconcile with his brother soon ;( And since Mingyou mentioned his brother, does that mean they’ll be meeting up soon? :O definitely looking forward to it. And and I also want Mingyou to find out that they’re human aaaa. Wonder how long will it take for the secret to be found out :3

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    Thank you very much for the chapter ❤


  4. With everything that’s happened, I think everyone should have a sobering lesson on gratitude for the fan translators. It’s a LOT of hard work and there are still entitled and selfish people out there criticizing it! Please, everyone who may stumble upon this, take a few moments to check your tempers at the door and see what the world would be if every translator gets a mean spirited comment like this on a good day, not to mention now when everyone’s hearts are hurting over these tumultuous times. The least you can do is be kind. Its alright to have preference but either be grateful you got anything at all or go forth and translate yourself if you have such a problem with it. And honestly, change and choices might grow on you more than you think. And if they don’t, well, no one is forcing you to stay so don’t destroy things on your way out the door.

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  5. Though this is very late and the novel is already done…
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    So… here’s the found cubs for now: (I say cubs but I’m younger than all of them lol)

    Dahei = Black Liger
    Dabai = Polar Bear
    Dahui = Gray Wolf
    Dahong = Red Fox
    Dalu = Green Sika Deer
    Xiaolu = Green Sika Deer
    Dahuang = Yellow Monkey? Ape?
    Daqing = Indigo Blue Kangaroo

    and now a Light blue seal so… Daqian? Dalan?


    1. Though my earlier comment about liking the English names than the Chinese ones may sound mean it’s just my frustration and the lack of sleep by reading this at like 3 AM talking. I’m very sorry about that.
      Thanks for all the trouble of translating this work! It’s definitely much more digestible than the mtl. I just have to keep looking at my list whenever my dum brain forgot who’s who ahahaha


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