After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 42

After eating, the robot was responsible for cleaning up the pots and pans, while Mingyou and the spirit beasts had a concert.

    The polar bear played the drums, the wolf played the bass, Mingyou was on keyboard, and the black cat acted as the guitar and vocalist.

    Mingyou: “…” Did he remember correctly that the black cat was tone deaf? “Is it really okay?” Mingyou was very hesitant.

    “Anyway, the audience in the live broadcast room can only hear the wailing, I don’t know if he sings to the tune.” Dabai said that there was not much pressure.

    Mingyou: “The audience can’t hear it, but Daqing can hear it, and we can hear it too.”

   Dabai said helplessly: “But Daqing likes to listen to His Royal Highness’s singing. She said that His Highness is powerful when she hears it.”

    Yan Yi was expressionless while tuning the bass. Although he formed a band in junior high school, he was still very familiar with the instrument now, which showed that he often secretly played by himself.

    As far as spirit beasts were concerned, the structure of their claws was of course different from that of ordinary animals, and they could do exactly the same things as humans. Even if their claws couldn’t do it, they could still use an ability to make up for it. Play a musical instrument was possible, it was just that who would spend so much energy on unnecessary entertainment, so no spirit beast had tried it.

    The polar bear and wolf had not tried playing instruments in spirit beast form, but this kind of thing had its own quirks, and he can get started quickly if they get used to it.

    “Dahui, you also persuade…Ah!” Mingyou was slapped by the black cat.

    “What? Are you dissatisfied with my singing voice?” The black cat raised his paw and slapped Mingyou’s forehead

    The black cat sang out of tune but liked to sing. This was the legendary ultimate tyrant, right? The audience in the live broadcast room was reminiscing the taste of pagoda meat, and suddenly saw that His Royal Highness began to bully the little spirit beast master.

    The big liger slap of His Highness, with a little effort, could slap the little anchor’s head halfway off, right? Such a dangerous thing, why was no one stopping His Highness? The audience in the live broadcast room expressed shock, and then saw that Mingyou didn’t even have a red mark on his forehead, and couldn’t help being speechless for a long while.

    Whether this was because His Highness’s slap was too light, or the physique of the little anchor was too terrible, this was a question they were not willing to think about it.

    The former seemed to be acting like coquettish with the little anchor, which was terrifying; the latter…the latter was also terrifying, shivers.

    They were thinking about what they were arguing with the little spirit beastmaster. They saw their respected prince stand up like a human, turned the guitar on his body, tilting his tail, and waving his claws. The audience had a bad feeling. When they saw their respected His Highness the big black cat approaching the microphone, a few of the audience panicked.

    “What is His Highness doing? Don’t tell me the prince is going to sing!”

    “The anchor said they are going to form a band to celebrate Adeline’s return, right? This band would have a lead singer? This lead singer could not be His Highness? No, no, no will he?”

    The newcomers asked quietly, “Is there any problem with His Highness singing?”

    “The problem is big! Although my admiration for His Highness is endless like a galaxy, I have to yell at the sky and beg His Highness not to sing!”

    “My hand holding a cigarette trembled slightly. How do you describe the prince’s, you can’t say that he is not good, you can only say that this is a song?”

    “Enough! Don’t remind me of the pain of singing with His Highness ……”

    “Actually, it is not a problem to pull songs in the same team as Your Royal Highness, that is, the tune of the entire team is biased by your Royal Highness, and then the people around you are angry.”

    “Isn’t it just out of tune? It’s out of tune, you can still listen. Can you still be a fan of His Highness? His Highness can sing without worry! The Prince’s Guards will always be with you! (with headphones on)”

    “Yes! Your Highness’s singing is the best in the All-Star Alliance. It is you who do not know how to appreciate it. Crowdfunding to release an album for His Royal Highness! (Here is 50 cents)”

    “It doesn’t matter, we are separated from the live screen, as long as we don’t turn on energy resonance, we will not hear His Highness’s voice. (Energy resonance has been turned off)”

    “His Highness…(Curious) How terrible is his singing, it has maximized the energy resonance.”

    “The more you talk, the more I want to hear it, even if it is out of tune. How can ordinary people have a chance to hear His Highness’s live concert?

    ” It makes sense, grit your teeth and listen. There is also Senior Herman and Senior Yan Yi playing live, you must listen.”

    “I don’t know what a spirit beast concert looks like, will it be like the little spirit beast master before? It’s the same as when playing the piano, which makes us have strong emotional resonance.”

    “Turn on emotional resonance silently. That’s right, maybe although His Highness’s songs are out of tune, but emotions are not out of tune, we still feel good. Spirit beast’s ears may be different from regular people’s.”

    “Ordinary people wanted to say something, but when they thought that it wasn’t a spirit beast, they couldn’t hear anything even if they turned on the energy resonance, and they were suddenly sad.”

    “Ordinary people +1, please give us a little benefit for ordinary S-level abilities.”

    His Majesty the golden cat’s face wrinkled into a ball. The terrible magic sound of his unwary brother made him feel lingering pain when he thought of it. But after so long, he still missed his brother’s cursed singing a little bit.

    And he also wanted to know whether a song sung in spirit beast state would be different from the normal state. In the end, His Majesty the lion did not turn off energy resonance. As an older brother, he must support him.

    Many people had the same thought as His Royal Majesty. Although they knew how terrifying Dahei’s singing voice was, they still gritted their teeth and decided to stick with it.

    The black cat looked at the audience cheering him on with a tragic atmosphere in the barrage, and his fur exploded with anger.

    Didn’t he just go off tune occasionally, was it so bad? No, he really wanted to sing well this time, and he will sing great! The black cat handed the microphone to the youth. Mingyou was full of question marks.

    “Take me to sing with your heart power.” The black cat had a sinister smile, “just use the one we often play.”

    Mingyou suddenly realized: “The result of practising the resonance of our heart?” The black cat said proudly: “That’s right.”

    Herman and Yan Yi showed expressions of “I can still do this” on their faces. But when they thought about it, they really could. Mingyou’s heart power, the fundamental principle for increasing a spirit beasts power was energy resonance. And sound was also a kind of energy.

    So when Mingyou and the black cat, who got better first, were training to increase the strength of the mind together, they tried to use the resonance of sound to increase the energy resonance.

    That meant, they could sing lines that stirred emotions together. In this regard, Mingyou and Dahei cooperated very well, so much that Herman and Yan Yi thought that they could not cooperate with Mingyou to the same degree as the black cat. Because they really couldn’t do the same as those two.

    However, training tacitness was not only about reading lines, but in principle, using sound to create energy resonance, and foreign lines were no problem. For example, singing was one way.

    Singing was originally the best way to express feelings with voice, so when one used difficult coordinating tricks, using singing as an introductory effect was very good, but the warm-up was a bit long.

    After the synchronization, the black cat could sing the same song as Mingyou, not to mention the tune, even his breathing was the same.

    One of the ten heroes was particularly good with sonic moves. They imagined that when this person cooperated with Mingyou, he might really be able to sing the “song of death” that Mingyou had spoken about.

    It was exciting to imagine destroying a fleet with one song. But then again, in order to release the powerful ability, it was necessary to sing a song first, which made them very embarrassed.

    When he heard that it was not just singing, but also dancing. Xianluo expressed his praise very much, while Herman and Yan Yi shook their heads fast they left after-images.

    “It’s okay to play a musical instrument,” Mingyou said.

    The polar bear instantly changed his mind, leaving the solemn and rigid Yan Yi faltering.

    In short, this time the band played, Herman also wanted to try to see if their spirit beast forms could do something with music with Mingyou’s help. If it did, then Herman would be able to return to his status as a performer (sort of). In short, Yan Yi was forced to participate, and he was miserable.

    Now the black cat is fired up by the “insults” in the barrage, and he wanted to start right away, leaving no buffer room for the audience. Yan Yi was a little sad.

    If His Royal Highness and Mingyou succeed in the experiment, there would be more reasons to sing together, and even pull him to sing together. Thinking about it, with the character of His Highness, would he form a chorus of ten heroes in the future?

    Yan Yi touched his beloved bass, thinking to himself, he should accompany the stupid bear. Since the accompaniment was not as scary or embarrassing as singing and dancing.

    “Come on! Then let’s sing the song that we practiced the most before!” Mingyou smiled, full of enthusiasm, “Let’s sing together!”

    As soon as Mingyou finished speaking, Xiaotian directed the robots to give gifts to Herman and Yan Yi. On the microphone, Arthur said that he would work hard to adjust the electric sound and lighting to achieve the best performance of the band.

    Yan Yi: “…”

    He tried to find the bear to form a united front and refuse to embarrass himself through song, but the big bear had already begun to debug the microphone. To deal with music, we must go all out!

    Yan Yi: “…”

    He understood, he really understood. As His Royal Highness’s playmate and guard since childhood, Herman, this stupid bear, only had a cold face, but in fact he was almost the same as His Royal Highness. Otherwise, how could he be caught in the eyes of His Royal Highness?!

    The Yan Yi who was also sneered by Arthur’s glance, drooped his ears and tail, and started to adjust the microphone. Even if he was unwilling to face the order, he had to go all out. This was the aesthetics of this wolf.

    “Wow!” The little red fox jumped a few times in front of Mingyou.

    Mingyou squatted down and touched the red fox’s head: “You’re going to be bigger and help us dance? No problem! Dahong, leave it to you!” Mingyou turned the little fox into a big red fox, and the fox and two little deer went together, discussing how to accompany the dance in a while.

    The yellow monkey squatted on the side with a lack of interest and wanted to only watch, but was kicked by the big kangaroo and pushed over to the big red fox. You go too!

    The yellow monkey wanted to refuse, but he didn’t know why, when he saw the indigo kangaroo, he was frustrated and couldn’t help acting according to the other’s orders. The monkey had slumped shoulders and head slumped, boldly highlighting “I am not happy” and “I am forced” on his face.

    The big red fox glanced at the yellow monkey and ordered a series of actions, “Wow, wow”, the yellow monkey’s shoulders drooped more severely.

    The monkey was not happy, but he could not resist. The monkey did not know why this was the case, but he knew that resistance would be even worse. Dahuang had many grievances.

    As a result, the wolf and monkey were pretending to be happy were mixed in a group of spirit beasts, and the concert began. Xiaotian started lighting up, and the drums and Mingyou’s keyboard sounded at the same time.

    The very rhythmic prelude sounded, and a melody that had never been heard immediately captured the hearts of the audience in the live broadcast room. Immediately afterwards, the voices of the black cat and Mingyou sounded at the same time.

    “Flying Boat”, one of Mingyou’s favorite songs.

    Don’t be afraid to fight, enter the vortex of this era, and fly into the wind and waves. Don’t care about applause or verbal abuse, bless the past, take on the future, and make life more brilliant.

    Arthur also liked it very much. He thought this song was relatable. Herman and Yan Yi actually liked it very much, otherwise they wouldn’t be so familiar with this song.

    Mingyou used a lot of effort to change the song into the lingua franca of the Star Alliance, and Herman spent several days polishing the lyrics again, so that they were not inferior to the original ones.

    Together they would spread this ancient song to the interstellar. After discussing with Dabai, Mingyou has decided that if there was a chance in the future, he must promote the music of his hometown.

    Mingyou remembered the name of the songwriter, and of course he would put the name of the original work; these were all lyrics and music made by the predecessors of Mingyou’s “Beast master Planet”. Promoting these songs and the stories behind these songs to the Star Alliance would not only better shape Mingyou’s identity as a “spiritual beast master planet orphan”, but also allow Mingyou to relax his feelings for his homeworld.

    The restorer of a restored ancient song owned the copyright. Mingyou originally planned to promote it for free. However, after being free, it may allow others to profit from this and restrict its circulation for profit. Herman suggested that Mingyou take the route of commercial promotion, so as to give various channel merchants sufficient benefits.

    Mingyou obeyed Dabai’s suggestion and decided to use the money earned from songs in his previous life to establish a research fund for psychic zoology to promote the development of spirit beasts.

    Mingyou considered that a complete transformation of a discipline would definitely face a lot of pressure. Many scholars who wanted to change might be rejected by the upper echelons of the academic circle and could not receive research funding. He hoped that he could raise some funds to help these researchers who were on the right track.

    The money he earned from selling nutritional products was used to satisfy his own desires and raise his own spirit beasts, and the money he earned from other people’s music, Mingyou thought, should do something meaningful to society.

    When the black cat’s singing was remembered, the beasts who had heard the cat’s singing were shocked into stone sculptures. The spirit beasts who hadn’t heard of it sent comments and condemnation one after another.

    “The song that His Highness sings is bad? It’s ugly? It’s bad? Is there something wrong with your ears?!”

    “His Highness’s song can’t be said to be comparable to a singer, but it definitely didn’t sound bad, and the emotions are full, and the lack of skills is completely compensated by emotions. This can make the ghost cry and howling wolf? Senior Yan Yi blast your head with a wolf claw!”

    “How is this possible? How can your Highness’s song be in tune? No, this is not his highness…I don’t believe…”

    “I envy you all who can hear His Highness’s singing. I can only hear the voice of the little anchor. The anchor sings really well. The accompaniment of howling beasts is also very good.”

    “Suddenly curious about the beast-like song. The singing of the little anchor and the roars of the spirit beast must be quite effective, right?”

    “That’s more than just trying to be a good one. This time I really hope that His Highness can release an album. I am not greedy. I can hear the energy holographic version of the spirit beast singing and the solo spirit beast roar accompaniment version of the little spirit beast master!”

    “Me too, I now listen to their chorus in one ear, and listen to the sound of the non-holographic live broadcast studio with earphones in the other ear. It’s really cool.”

    “Unexpectedly, the little beastmaster looked gentle, gentle and well-behaved, singing. When I was at the time, I was able to be such a man. The sound is really great.”

    “The little spirit beast master is holding a tree and looking at you silently. What is a man? Can you eat it?”

    “The little spirit beast master is holding you up. Silently looking up at you. What is it? Can you eat it?”

    “I was wrong, I forgot that the little spirit beast master only has a weak face and expression.. You feel paralyzed when you sleep. I don’t want to go out and run a lap.”

    “I want to run a lap and add one. My claws can’t help but scratch the floor, and I get kicked by my roommate again. I think I will be abandoned by my roommate sooner or later. Hope my roommate is able to become a spirit beast as soon as possible, and join me (Tibetan Fox is watching.jpg).”

    Tan Chenxi gave the Tibetan Fox roommate a stern look. Although he also wanted to become a spirit beast as soon as possible, he did not want the blessing of his fox roommate.

    The phobia of spirit beasts had arrived today. Tan Chenxi sighed softly. Unexpectedly, the song actually loosened the bottleneck of his ability a lot. Listening to songs really increase one’s ability? Does spirit beast singing have this effect? The spirit beasts are really amazing.

    If it wasn’t for the Tibetan fox roommate who was too mentally retarded, Tan Chenxi thought, maybe he didn’t need to be so afraid of becoming a spirit beast.

    On a certain small ship, a certain snow leopard who was about to be smuggled by the AI ​​bypassed various levels and was trying to move in accordance with the rhythm of the music. His uncle was so hilarious. Wait! He’ll go and meet with the guys right away!

   Darn! Why did he meet someone who was secretly following him who didn’t know whether it was a friend or an enemy? Why is it so difficult! Uncle! Wait for him, wait for him to get rid of this tail, and go right away! The snow leopard gripped his paws and flicked his tail happily like a dog.

    When the music sounded, the red fox stepped onto the stage and stepped onto the stage.

    He stood on his feet, like a human, two diagonal feet propped on the ground, and a rotated three hundred and sixty degrees in place.Yo yo yo, get up! What was classical and elegant, this fox doesn’t know, it makes him bored!

    Mingyou almost sang out of tune. My goodness! My fox can dance hip-hop!

    The big red fox raised his head and flicked his tail, and was able to do modern dance. When it came to dancing, he was a genius!

    The two deer followed suit. They were on both sides of the red fox. Although they couldn’t do most kinds of complicated movements like the big fox, their jumping was full of dynamic rhythms and looked very energetic.

    The yellow monkey sighed and had to join the dance floor during the climax of the song. He turned his bracelet into a golden staff, his expression changed, and he moved seriously. That majestic look really resembled the Sun Waking that Mingyou mentioned.

    The yellow monkey and the red fox cooperated with each other. One danced with his tail and the other danced with the staff. They cooperated very tacitly, and danced as if they are fighting. And the two deer interspersed among them, alleviated the atmosphere of the scene, making the dance look light and agile.

    After singing once, Mingyou and the three beasts immediately repeated the song a second time.

    The kangaroo grabbed a glove and joined the “battle.” The glove changed into a boxing glove, and the indigo kangaroo punched, kicked, a few times, and every attack brought out a whistling sound.

    The yellow monkey looked more serious, and the dancing staff became more energetic.

    The big red fox pushed his mask, and there was an inverted rotation in the scene. He would not lose in dance!

    Maple Leaf Star, in a courtyard full of beautiful flowers, the tail of a red fox lying under the pavilion froze.

    My brother, what’s wrong with you, you, you? What’s the matter with this dance? It’s too inelegant! It’s elegant but not elegant, but after Xianwei’s tail froze, he couldn’t help but tap the floor with the music.

    Yes, he had itchy claws. The red fox saw that his brother wearing a mask had completed another difficult tumbling jump. He couldn’t help the itching in his heart anymore. He rushed to the open space of the courtyard, followed the music jumped up together.

    One action, two actions, Xianwei’s thoughts were empty, and he did not deliberately control himself, but his dance movements became more and more similar to Xianluo.

    In the live broadcast room, the red fox suddenly became sober. He did not stop dancing. Xianluo felt a mysterious feeling, a kind and unfamiliar energy fluctuations through the distant void, establishing contact with him.

    This connection seemed to have existed since he was born.They should be only one. Xianluo’s mouth bent into a mocking but sad smile. He knew what this feeling, this energy connection was.

    His brother was watching him, and maybe, dancing with him. They drifted away when they were very young. As twins, their feelings for each other were not as good as regular brothers in other families.

    But now, they danced together again in a distant space which hadn’t happened since they were small. 

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