After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 41

In the live broadcast room, there was a happy and peaceful atmosphere. There was a group of spirit beasts that could eat and drink at their leisure.

    They could do the same things as humans in the form of spirit beasts, and they could practice combat skills without restraint. Look, how happily they laughed. The claws of the spirit beasts in the live broadcast room almost dug holes into the floor.

    Tan Chenxi reluctantly kicked the Tibetan fox a few times: “Stop your claws.” 

   The Tibetan fox barked and lay on the ground with two paws hugging Tan Chenxi’s thighs, crying like a two-hundred-pound child. Tan Chenxi indifferently looked at her trouser legs as the tears of his roommate soaked the fabric, and her heart twitched.

    Of course, he wasn’t worried about his fox roommate, but his pants. He also cared about his future. Tan Chenxi had been in grief and anger because of his younger brother. This grief and anger turned into energy and broke through his bottleneck. He felt that he would soon become a spirit beast.

    He didn’t know what his spirit beast form would be. But he really didn’t want to be like his Tibetan fox roommate. Being unable to control himself was really terrible.

    Moreover, after becoming a spirit beast, his roommate had been in a state of semi-starvation for a long time. The stronger the strength, the more hungry his stomach was. In the end, he was so hungry that his head was not clear, and he became a true beast.

    Just thinking about it, Tan Chenxi’s beast phobia couldn’t help but rise up. Only this time, no matter how scared he was, he would no longer prevent his ability from becoming stronger.

    What if he became a beast? Only if he had enough power could he gain greater power. Only one with greater power could force the Tan family to find his younger brother. Even if the Tan family threatened him with his brother as a hostage later, it didn’t matter. He just wanted to see his brother alive. What’s more, now with the little spirit beast master, he might not be too miserable.

    His Highness was already eating. They were getting close to the day when they would be full, right? The spirit beasts in the live broadcast room could only comfort themselves in this way. Otherwise, sad tears would shed from their eyes and mouths.

    Even the spirit beasts who grabbed a cookie before could not say anything to show off. They broke their heads for a small biscuit, but His Highness was able to eat it freely.

    Although knowing that there were good things, of course, they must first pay close attention to His Royal Highness and the ten heroes. Only when His Royal Highness and the ten heroes got better, the future of the Star Alliance would be brighter.

    But, at least give them another little cookie, thank you. The wishes of the spirit beast viewers in the live broadcast room were so humble, and the audience who didn’t see the spirit beasts were a little bit uncomfortable.

    “Although I am an S-rank supernatural ability person, I haven’t reached the threshold of transformation. After seeing the messages from the predecessors of spirit beasts, I almost have a spirit beast phobia.”

    “Spirit beast phobia plus one. Although I heard that it is difficult to adapt after becoming a spirit beast, I didn’t expect it to be so difficult.”

    “No wonder some people say that beastization is not evolution, but degradation. It’s too difficult.”

    “Senior spirit beasts came to explain, the beast’s transformation must be evolution, becoming an energy body is indeed more handy for supernatural powers, and combat effectiveness. It’s just that the current spirit beast care is too backward and there is too little research on spirit beasts, which makes us not full.”

    “Yes, right, right, right, the biggest problem with spirit beasts is not getting enough food. Other problems such as irrationality, endurance of combat power, and difficulty in treatment are essentially not being able to eat their fill QAQ.”

     “Our spirit beasts are all malnourished little ones. Poor viewers who have watched the previous live broadcasts of the little spirit beastmaster know that he said that spirit beasts have strong self-healing power. It’s the benefits of the energy body. ” 

    “But the key is to have enough to eat ah! Hungry and ruthless enough to start burning mental strength, if mental strength is not enough to burn vitality, it reveals how much consumption is needed for survival!” 

     “As a S-level superpower, I just want to say, no matter which power, please protect our little spirit beast master. Whether it is black or white, eat your full first and then talk about power struggles.”

     “Plus one. Plus one, even the cruelest  star thief leader will try his best to protect our little spirit beast master. You must know that if you sit in the position of the star thief leader, you must be a spirit beast, and they still can’t eat enough.”

   “As they reveal the nursing home staff, my only hope is that they reveal the research division for the public as soon as possible, they reveal our nursing home who can not wait.” 

    “His Highness certainly wants to hurry, is there someone more than His Highness who cares about our people? Impossible, impossible, impossible, right? His Highness was willing to show his black history live, not just on a small platform? ” 

    “Yes, although His Highness ate a lot (shed sad tears), the little spirit beast master must be really capable.”

     “Natural sciences are only results. It turns out that the anchor can make his Royal Highness support them, and it will definitely make us full (humble). So the anchor is definitely correct.”

     “Although I am very sorry to the gray-haired psychologists and researchers, I believe in Mingyou. Looking at Mingyou’s clear eyes, this is the light of hope. (I just want to eat)”

    “I was hesitating. The teachers have studied for more than a hundred years. Why should I believe in a child who is still younger than the teacher? But…Forget it, the spirit beast scholars who can feed the spirit beasts are good people. I’m convinced.”

    “Can I say that my teacher has already been a student for Mr. Mingyou? My teacher is a great man who can be a teacher for the psychicologist of the All-Star Alliance. Humph. I’m helping Mingyou right now by arranging the information, are you envious? Are you jealous? Slightly.”

    “I was surprised to see the same, hold the paw! Did you get scolded today?”

    “You actually asked me if I was scolded?”

    “I’m here to shake my claws and give a cipher. Mingyou can organize the data in one night, and you have more than one hundred people and haven’t finished half! Are your brains made of paste!”

    “Paws and claws, it turns out that the teacher’s curses are almost the same, laughs around.”

    “Big guys upstairs, which teacher are you under? Academy of Sciences, I’ve not heard of this.”

    “Obviously, this incident has bypassed the Academy of Sciences. For His Royal Highness, who has beaten and looted the Academy of Sciences, he thinks the Academy is the enemy of his big treasure, how is this difficult to understand. Is it difficult?”

    “I don’t believe in the Academy of Sciences either. The scum who can deduct front-line supplies during the war should be sent to a military court.”

    “In fact, the Academy of Sciences is okay, and it has made a lot of contributions to the Star Alliance. The villain is the Senate Association. But on the spirit beast science side, we really can’t believe them.”

    “Didn’t the Academy of Sciences say that the materials were  counted? Originally, the deployment of materials takes time, and the prince’s arrogant grabbing damaged a lot of materials. This caused a lot of casualties for spirit beasts, okay?”

    “Upstairs is from the Academy of Sciences, haha.”

    “Can the Academy of Sciences also be in the live broadcast room? Can you kick it out? Haha.”

    “Have you no sense of shame? You can turn black to white while His Royal Highness is still recuperating. When His Royal Highness comes out, do you dare to speak with him. Dare you say this in front of him?”

    “I guess he’s a young man who doesn’t understand anything. Otherwise, he won’t be so naive. Be good, watch the live broadcast quietly, the spirit beasts have bad tempers, be careful of real people PK.”

    “Thinking. I followed the prince and rushed into the senator’s meeting. I’m still very excited. The security system was down. So most of the Academy of Sciences are still good people. We must unite all the forces that can be united. This is what His Highness said.”

    “Anyway, there are people who discredit His Highness, saying that the casualties of the frontline beasts were because he swallowed supplies. Very powerful.”

    “Yes, His Royal Highness swallowed it. You see that His Royal Highness has eaten it.”

    “Darn, I can’t refute it!”

    “God, how are we going to help His Highness explain (funny). His Royal Highness ate it all? He has to grab it. Now he has to digest it. It’s not like swallowing supplies. How can he eat it?  With the energy content of wild animal meat, His Royal Highness would have to eat a ton, right?”

    “A ton is enough. I bet ten tons.”

    “Upstairs, your number is off.”

    Arthur practiced his supernatural powers to fry fish, and watched the audience quarrel in the barrage. By the way, he used a trumpet to fan the flames. For example, the “person from the Academy of Sciences” who embezzled supplies was actually his trumpet. This number wasn’t actually real, but the owner lent it to him.

    He was looking triumphant, but suddenly found the comment that “His Royal Highness had embezzled supplies, causing him to gain weight” and his expression soured.

    Arthur backhanded a few accounts that were expressing love, but in an instant the bans on these accounts were lifted, and the administrator who lifted the lockdown was his brother. Arthur felt very wronged. Was this his brother?

    His brother sent a message: “I’m still hungry, you’re already overweight. Didn’t you embezzle the supplies, to eat so much?”

    Arthur: “…” Fine, he understood, his brother was jealous of him. No wonder he kept sneezing today, it turned out that there was something waiting for him.

    The black cat sneezed a few more times, silently releasing his abilities, his back was so sad that his tail drooped. If the liger was wronged, he wanted to make trouble.

    The big cat had decided, he will now let the military court arrest people. With such blessings, what else was needed for the Senate. The prince was unhappy, and he wanted to make the disgusting person even more unhappy.

    Mingyou didn’t know that his partner was being bullied by the emperor of the Star Alliance, nor did he know that the barrage was so noisy. The young beastmaster, who couldn’t see the barrage, thought that the audience in the live broadcast room was watching him cooking, so he explained every step of the wild beast meat pagoda in great detail.

    Although the nutrient content of wild beast meat was not high, it was not impossible to eat when combined with other high-energy ingredients. The fluffies loved to eat meat, and he wanted to make the meat delicious and nutritious.

    Although the black cat sneezed straight after being fed by him, weren’t there still a few spirit beasts that haven’t sneezed? If the spirit beasts of his family were all able to eat, it would prove that the food in the family was good.

    “First of all, we have to choose a large piece of pork belly. Yes, it is the pork belly. Ah, this beast is really big.” Mingyou ran a fork over the meat like a rake: “Dahong, use your flames to char the skin.”

    The little red fox obediently lit a block of fire, ironing the skin back and forth, much more efficient than a blowtorch.

    “Okay, now the skin has darkened. We clean ……the skin, Dahei! Only you can use water spells, come help me wash the meat!”

    They revealed to the entire system the black cat running over to soak the meat, the two deer manipulated vines to scratch the meat, washing the pork belly clean.

    “Next, we’re going to deep-fry the meat so that it won’t be too oily. Dahuang, help me make a stone step, the pot is too big.”

    The monkey raised a dirt step in front of the stove and sent Mingyou above the pot. The big wolf raised a paw, controlled the movement of the meat in the oil pan, and helped Mingyou cut off the heat.

    The attribute of the wolf was metal, but Mingyou believed that this was obviously not the ability that the wolf was really good at. Maybe the wolf was more inclined to the “special type”, but his “special type” was not “light” nor “darkness” as described by the Star Alliance Spiritual Beastology. According to Mingyou’s previous life’s classification, the attributes that Big Bad Wolf excels at are more like “mind power”. 

    “Just fry the surface of the meat until it’s slightly yellow. Next… Dabai, give the meat a quick freeze.” The wolf levitated the meat in the air, and the polar bear quickly cooled the meat.

    “Freezing the meat is to make the meat better. If there was a refrigerator, it is estimated to be frozen in the freezer for several hours… Ah, what? Ten minutes is enough? Is the technology of Star Alliance so advanced?” Surprised face.

    The audience in the live broadcast room finally turned their attention to Mingyou’s side. They watched a large piece of half-fat and half-lean wild beast meat being lifted by Mingyou with a fork, and once again felt the strength of this little spirit beast master was beyond common sense.

    Those who watched the live broadcast for the first time began to huff, not believing that the little spirit beast master was so powerful, and asked if the spirit beasts were using their abilities to help him.

    “Haha, you don’t know anything about the anchor’s strength.” The regulars in the live broadcast room sneered, as if they hadn’t been scared by Mingyou.

    When the ten heroes used their abilities to help the small anchor handle the ingredients, the audience in the live broadcast room shed tears of envy.

    Report to the instructor, there were spirit beasts wasting abilities here! According to the rules, wasting ability energy means their provisions should be cut! But they were raised by a spirit beast master, so they could eat such a big piece of meat without losing any supernatural power?

    <(╥︶╥)>Look, I am straightening my waist, I am very proud, I am not envious at all, and I did not shed tears.

    But where did the little spirit beast master live before? Why didn’t he have any common sense? As a chef, he didn’t even know the power of a refrigerator? The old audience was beginning to talk proudly to the new audience again.

    “The anchor comes from a planet with many spirit beast masters. That planet may be located in the dark zone and has been destroyed due to natural disasters. The anchor is the only remaining orphan of that planet. But I think that in the event of a disaster, they could send a child, they should also be able to send more people. Either the orphans of other spirit beast masters have not been found everywhere, or the planet was not destroyed by natural disasters at all.”

    “Don’t be heard by the anchor. He thinks natural disasters are natural disasters. Originally, he alone survived on the entire planet. It was miserable. He managed to cheer himself up so bother him less with dark things.”

     “I guess that the beastmaster planet is not a complete planetary civilization, but a group of spirit beasts. A research base of academic-related  scholars. So it is not that the planet was destroyed by natural disasters, but the research base was destroyed. It is said that the little anchor  inherited all the heritage of the entire spirit beast master civilization.”

     “No wonder, I’ll just say how the little anchor can know nothing of the Star alliance, but can even take care of the sacred beasts, he does know how to take care of his Royal Highness and the ten heroes? “

    “I guess we must ask His Highness. Perhaps His Royal Highness knew about the spirit beastmaster’s research base a long time ago, and only Mingyou was saved when he went to pick up people?”

     “It must be so. His Royal Highness definitely knew about the spirit beast master long ago, and the beastmaster probably knew him too. In the war against the Zerg, we were prepared to use research results to help the Star Alliance, but the news was leaked, and it was miserable. I think the spirit beasts should be Star Alliance people, right? Just hiding in the dark secretly conducts research.”

     “Think about the ghostly appearance of our star alliance psychic animology development. It is normal for some scholars to sneak away. Normal research is estimated to be persecuted. Tsk tsk, people who even dare to detain war logistics materials, what can’t be done.”

     “I’ve long felt that our Star Alliance’s natural sciences are so advanced, but psychic zoology is “creative writing” and “mythology”.

    “Yes, yes, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, light and dark, is this writing a novel? According to the energy system and element system, it shouldn’t be so divided? For example, manipulating gravity is actually darkness.”

    “Probably because the light will become darkness when it turns into a black hole (smoke ring).”

    The polar bear and the wolf were helping process ingredients while searching for effective information in the barrage. They saw that all the abnormalities that Mingyou showed were successfully “explained” according to Arthur’s plan. The audience also spontaneously used their imagination and supplemented the details, and they couldn’t help but admire Arthur’s plan again. Arthur’s psychological grasp of these people was very accurate.

    But this was also based on Arthur’s stellar reputation. Although there were many loopholes, as long as the thought “Prince Arthur is omniscient and omnipotent, this must be done by Prince Arthur” persisted, all loopholes would be filled.

    With Arthur endorsing Mingyou’s background, even if the Tan family of Skyblue Star was shameless, and jumped out and showed a lot of evidence that Mingyou belonged to their family, it would be impossible for anyone to believe them.

    “Don’t worry, it’s time to cut the meat.” Mingyou reminded. The polar bear and the gray wolf quickly returned to their senses and continued to help with the ingredients.

    Mingyou was now going to cut the meat into slices. This cutting method is like peeling an apple, so that all the “skins” are connected. It was easy to “peel” a spherical fruit like that. Because the meat was square, he needed to be careful around the corners.

    But Mingyou didn’t have to worry about this. Meticulous work was the cat’s strong point. His was a cat with all kinds of abilities, each one was relatively weak, relying on micromanagement to defeat the enemy.

    Arthur calmly manipulated the meat cleaver, “attacked” a few times, the frozen meat seemed to have entered a pencil sharpener, and the meat slices rolled and fell on the plate. There were no broken pieces. After the frozen meat was “cut”, Arthur used his ability to put the frozen meat back to its original appearance, and then placed the frozen meat into the sauce.

    This sauce was the secret to the meat pagoda, and its energy value was comparable to nutrition cubes. It was made with newly found ingredients suitable for spirit animals, such as green stone powder, taking into account both taste and energy value.

    But Mingyou wouldn’t eat this dish. He would make himself a small bowl of ordinary braised pork when he steamed the meat later.

    When meat was marinating, Mingyou used the cut-off meat leftovers, mixed with the leaves of the big tree named “Leo Tree” after the monkey, and turned them into fillings.

    Finally, Mingyou put the marinated sliced meat into a special pagoda mold, then placed the filling in the middle, stuck a large plate at the bottom, and it could now be steamed in the pot.

    The strong smell of meat silenced the entire audience who had been crazy chatting and yelling in the live broadcast room. The spirit beasts took out the food and started to eat with the smell of meat; even non-spirit beasts also felt a little hungry and began to look for snacks. His Majesty the golden lion hooked his tail and shook the bell, attendants filed in with delicious meals.

    While eating, His Majesty the lion asked: “Where is Hans?”

    The secretary/butler said: “His Royal Highness Hans is not at home today.”

His Majesty muttered, “Isn’t this kid on vacation? When can I go? “After muttering a few words, the golden lion threw any thought of his furry child and continued to eat beautifully.

    Although the energy content and taste was not good, due to the fragrance and energy fluctuations in the holographic live broadcast room, His Majesty squinted and imagined the food he ate was that beautiful pagoda meat, he felt like he could eat two more bowls.

    Now, his Majesty the Big Golden Lion, who was having dinner in the live broadcast room of his brother, was very melancholy. As the emperor of the Star Alliance, his life was really miserable. For the first time, he wanted to push his younger brother onto the throne.

    Food is heaven for the people, and the emperor of the Star Alliance was also a person. When one can’t eat enough, it was easy to have the idea of smashing his brother into a wall. Normal, very normal. The old secretary secretly wiped away tears.

    “Open, let’s open the dish!” Mingyou asked the big wolf to uncover the mold of the pagoda meat. The beautiful mountain of meat sparkled like a gem, and after the sauce was poured on it, it looked like a large ice cream.

    In short, the spirit beasts of the Mingyou family were very thankful that they did not act badly, otherwise they would be beaten in the face again this time. Mingyou scooped up a bowl of rice and ate his ordinary braised pork on the side. The plushies of his family began to happily cut the pagoda meat.

    Spirit beasts were not classified as carnivores or herbivores. They were all energy bodies. The difference in appearance was just because of the different nature of energy, so the fawns also happily ate meat.

    After eating two bites of meat, the fawns ran a short half circle, and then came back to continue eating meat. Although the kangaroo was surprised at the deliciousness and energy abundance of this food, she still ate while taking care of the spirit beasts around her. Worthy of being everyone’s mother/elder sister.

    The little fox ate two bites of meat, squinted for a while, and ate two more bites, then suddenly his IQ disappeared quickly and he began to jump around in circles.

    The yellow monkey was originally just stuffed and bitter. After getting half-full, he found that Mingyou hadn’t eaten the “cake”, so he tried to put some in Mingyou’s mouth, but the youth frantically refused.

    The three big plushies, Arthur the cat, Herman the bear, and Yan Yi the wolf, who had basically returned to normal, looked like they had a get together, eating meat and drinking juice while chatting, but they didn’t know what to talk about. Chatting with a serious face.

    The atmosphere of eating meat in the live studio was very beautiful. The audience felt this beauty, and then suddenly felt that the food in their hands was not fragrant. Although it was originally not fragrant to begin with :).

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