After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 40

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Mingyou saw it. Although everyone was very happy about their companions returning to the team, Daqing’s status in everyone’s hearts was obviously very different. Daqing was really the elder among this group of fluffies, right? Seeing the indigo kangaroo with loving eyes, watching the group discussing how to prepare the welcome party with all kinds of cute voices, Mingyou felt a sour emotion in his heart.

    The indigo kangaroo seemed to feel Mingyou’s mood swings, walked in front of him, and stretched out an arm and gave Mingyou a firm headpat. Mingyou hugged his head and smiled. Why was he sour? Daqing was his spirit beast, also his elder, right? He was finally a person covered by elders!

    “Let’s make pagoda meat tonight!” Mingyou had an idea, “There are not enough materials to make cakes, but we can make wild beast meat pagodas instead!”

    Wild beast meat pagoda? A pagoda made of meat? What was this? Did it sound delicious? Despite thinking so, the plushies still expressed support for Mingyou’s proposal.

    Nonsense, Mingyou was the only cook, they could skip the food if they didn’t support it. And Mingyou has taken out too many things that at first looked inedible, but in fact was delicious. The food had been stuffed into their big mouths.

    “Should I grab some of the soil that Daqing ate before?” Arthur asked, “Maybe you can figure out a way to make the earth delicious?”

    The kangaroo relied on soil to replenish energy, even though it had a slight negative effect on health, only a few sessions of acupuncture and moxibustion was enough, which meant that this kind of soil still had an effect, right? There were not many foods that could replenish energy.

    “I need to study this for a few more days, so I’ll have a look later.” Mingyou said. He had a guess about special abilities before, and this time he had “energy soil” to verify some of his guesses. If the next experiment could get results, he would be able to find the true face of special power.

    “Hurry up, I’m still waiting to see all the spirit beasts of the galaxy eat dirt.” Arthur urged. The other fluffies looked at the black cat with contempt. The cat was very ill-intentioned.

    “Okay.” Mingyou rubbed the cat’s ears. “Dahei is so kind. He always thinks of other spirit beasts.” The black cat’s head arched in Mingyou’s arms and proudly said: “That is true.” 

   The other fluffies continued to look at the black cat with contempt. Your Highness, didn’t he want face? Although he did have other comrades in his heart, he definitely just wanted to watch everyone eat dirt!

    The black cat ignored the rays of contempt, he arched his head into Mingyou’s arms, hit Mingyou’s behind, and then happily ran away. Mingyou got up from the ground and shouted: “Bad Dahei!”

    “Oh oh oh meow.” The black cat ran happily, and the bell on the cat’s paw jingled along.

    The indigo kangaroo tilted her head, looked at the polar bear while silently asking, the black cat had been bullying the little spirit beastmaster like this? The polar bear vigorously nodded. The indigo kangaroo was thoughtful. One can’t get used to the problem of bullying, and she had to give the black cat more training in the future. The kangaroo nodded, it was so decided.

    Tan Chenxi went to the logistics office to pick up a small cookie, and beside him was a square-faced fox whose tail had turned into a fan. The logistics staff who gave the cookies couldn’t help but glance at the fox whose squinted eyes couldn’t hide his pride. They thought to themselves, this fox’s proud look, was as if he had won a lottery.

    Beside the logistics staff, there was a man with gold glasses. When he saw Tan Chenxi’s arrival, he called “Young Master”. The square-faced fox hurriedly squeezed between Tan Chenxi and the gold glasses, showed his teeth, staring at the glasses man with a wary face. His eyes were wide slits.

    “Young master, please consider what I said carefully.” Gold glasses ignored the Tibetan fox’s gaze and smiled. “Although the real young master is back, you are the eldest son of the consul. There’s still a possibility. It’s just a small biscuit. The eldest master is in the barracks, he will definitely not be short in the future. Why not make a contribution to the family?”

    The Tibetan fox’s eyes widened. His body was slightly lowered, his mouth opened, and a threatening roar came from his throat. This guy said these things in front of the logistics department, he clearly wanted to provoke discord and make Tan Chenxi unable to stay in the barracks!

    Tan Chenxi expressionlessly poured the small biscuits from the special bottle into the palm of his hand, and broke them in half with a “crack”.

    “Wow?” The expression of the Tibetan fox roommate changed from (= w =) to (-ω-). The biscuits were so delicious! ! The fox roommate shook his tail again, turning from a fierce fox into a large pet dog.

    “You are also a person who can walk outside. You understand what position Skyblue Star is in the Star Alliance, don’t you?” Tan Chenxi wiped his hands on the fox’s head, and said, “Sky Blue Star compared to the Star Alliance. In other words, it’s like a small city on a planet… No, with Sky Blue Star’s economic and cultural development level, it should be said to be a small town.”

    “I’m good at handling a promising young reserve officer and ran to a remote small town. It’s called delegating. Don’t bark, let’s go, Cui Li.” Tan Chenxi patted the fox roommate on the head, and after bidding farewell to his comrades in the logistics department, he turned and left.

    The Tibetan fox roommate raised his paw, made a gesture at the golden glasses, and then followed Tan Chenxi away. The biscuits were so delicious!

    “Puff.” The officer of the logistics department coughed dryly and said, “The family visit is over, you should also leave.”

    Gold glasses adjusted his eyewear and said calmly: “Who said the young master has a good temper? This is called a good temper?”

    “Your Sky Blue Star lost his brother. He didn’t shoot you on the spot. Doesn’t he have a good temper?” The officer laughed.

    A look of helplessness finally appeared on the face of gold glasses: “I didn’t lose him. Forget it, as a subordinate, it is a matter of course for Shangfeng to take the blame. I will go back to my life.” 

   The officer waved his hand: “Go slow, don’t hit the door on the way out. “

    After gold glasses left, a recruit from the logistics department was surprised: “Wasn’t this a person from the Sky Blue Star?”

    “Aren’t the people from Sky Blue Star members of the Star Alliance?” the officer said, “Being a subordinate, as long as you don’t In violation of the Star League laws, he must obey Shangfeng’s orders. This has nothing to do with his position.”

    “But the Tan family is really funny. It’s probably because they have been in a small place for a long time, and their horizons are too narrow. Even if the Tan family is an emperor, they are only the ruler of the sky blue star, and they are nothing except the Sky blue star. The Star Alliance has how many executive stars? He doesn’t know his own weight. Just like Tan Chenxi said, why would he go to be the consul of sky blue star now, who would bother?”

    “Ahee .” The black cat sneezed loudly. He raised a paw and rubbed his nose, and concluded: “Someone is saying bad things about me!”

    The polar bear, who was handling fruit with the black cat, violently pushed the big black cat away, disgustingly said: “There are countless people in the Star Alliance saying bad things about you every day, let alone the Zerg side. If someone saying bad things about you causes sneezes, then you would already be dead. “

    Pawn…on your head! The big black cat rubbed the cat’s nose again, and squatted aside obediently, so as not to splash spit on the food. Mingyou quickly took out a mask and put it on the black cat.

    The black cat violently grabbed the mask: “I don’t have a cold, achoo!”

    Mingyou hugged the cat, dragged him into the treatment room, stopped processing food, and checked the black cat’s body. Seeing Mingyou’s eyes flushed with anxiety, the black cat covered his nose with both paws, trying to hide his discomfort. How could this young man be so fragile mentally. Obviously holding a needle into Dahuang’s head, he didn’t change his face and heartbeat. He just sneezed a few times, and Mingyou looked like the cat was dying.

    “Why is your hand trembling? What if it’s a cold?” The black cat twitched Mingyou’s tail lightly, and said in a dull voice, “You don’t care if they don’t care, but you are burning with anger.”

    “My hands are not shaking.” Mingyou hugged the black cat, buried his face in the cat’s collar, and took a deep breath before suppressing the panic in his heart.

    When the black cat was sneezing, Mingyou felt that the cat’s energy was suddenly disturbed. This was definitely not a small cold. Now that the problem had not been found, Mingyou couldn’t show panic and let other spirit beasts follow him in anxiousness. But the cat’s physical condition was very strange. When sneezing, his entire energy body seemed to oscillate with the sneeze. But when not sneezing, it was normal.

    Mingyou checked for a long time, but there were no problems, so he asked the system. The system sat on the floor and raised the price, deducting half of the knowledge points accumulated, and gave Mingyou a lot of information.

    Mingyou: “…Is there a simplified version of the conclusion?” After he finished reading this pile of books, would his cat still survive?

    System: “Eating too much energy-rich food, absorbing too much of your mental energy, the energy body is over-nourished, and the shape may change in advance.”

    Mingyou: “…I still don’t understand.”

    System: “He’s struggling with overconsumption.” Mingyou: “…”

    He looked at the black cat who was still sneezing, and stopped talking. The black cat saw Mingyou’s, and was a little nervous: “It’s not a cold?”

    Mingyou’s face was blank: “Overeating.” The black cat tilted his nose, ears twitching: “what?”

    Mingyou pounced on the big cat and vigorously rubbed the cat’s head: “Eating and resting, eating and resting! Too much energy absorption! So it caused a shock of energy! Dahei, you scared me to death That’s it!”

    The black cat looked dumbfounded. More than a month ago, he was a poor cat who was always half hungry. Now, could he still eat?

    “Start to lose weight, Dahei.” “Hey!” 

   “Puff, I’m kidding. The energy body doesn’t need to lose weight.” Mingyou was completely relieved, he squeezed the black cat’s thumping cat ears and said, “When the excess energy is released, the energy body will be stabilized. Dahei, I will double the time for training skills every day from now on.”

    “Okay.” Dahei sneezed a few more times. Although he really wanted to be a lazy cat, it was still necessary to maintain the identity of the young generation’s top power.

    Mingyou put a mask on the black cat and asked him to find an open space to practice his powers, so as to vent the energy sooner. He didn’t immediately tell the black cat about the change in form, because he himself didn’t know what kind of change it was. Since it was a change after the energy body became stronger, it must be a change for the better. Maybe he was evolving again?

    Mingyou was going to work overtime to learn new knowledge in the evening, and after he had fully grasped this knowledge, he would tell the big black cat about it. His study time would be doubled in the future! Mingyou made a plan quietly in his heart. Anyway, he only needed deep sleep for one hour, right? Mingyou glanced at the black cat with a guilty conscience. As long as it was not discovered by Dahei, it would be fine.

    When Mingyou came out with Dahei, the other spirit beasts were calmly preparing to celebrate a party. The polar bear even took out musical instruments from the car, saying that he was going to play with the wolf.

    The big wolf looked reluctant, but did not refuse. Only then did Mingyou know that the two used to be part of a band together in junior high school. However, because of opposition from the wolf’s family, the gray wolf quickly quit the band.

    “What’s wrong with His Highness?” The polar bear asked.

    He saw that Mingyou was very anxious, but as a spirit beast, he knew that the black cat was in a very good state, at most it was a cold, so he was not worried.

    “He over-ate.” Mingyou said, “It seems that the amount of ability training has to be increased.”

    “He ate too much?” The white bear looked dumbfounded.

    “Have you eaten?!” The wolf’s face was also dumbfounded.

    “He’s eaten…” The little red fox pushed the mask on his face and sighed, “A spirit beast can still eat and be overweight.”

    The two deer whispered to each other for a while, walked to the black cat, and looked carefully: “Yo-yo!”

    He was indeed a lot fatter. The black cat waved away the two deer: “Go, go, I’m not fat, I’m just fluffy! How can an energy body be fat!!”

    “Yes, but more energy absorption, may hold with me every day. It’s also relevant with sleeping with Dahei.” Mingyou reflected, but didn’t plan to leave his cat pillow and quilt. “My heart energy can also be absorbed by Dahei.”

   The black cat covered his mask and said: “I absorb your energy, will something happen to you?”

    “No, this is my unconscious sporadic energy fluctuations, and also it would be a waste to not absorb. After the injury, if you did not recover, I can sleep in the same room.” Mingyou just had an idea, “Recycling!”

    All the spirit beasts had black lines behind their heads. Waste utilization, who do you say, Mingyou, waste? Himself? Was it really okay if he said this about himself?

    “Okay, I don’t need it.” The polar bear said, “Too crowded.”

    The wolf also said that he was in good condition now and wanted a separate room.

    If there was a separate bedroom to sleep in, who wanted to squeeze with others? Besides, he could only sleeping in the little spirit beast master’s bedroom only as a little wolf. Whenever he became a little wolf, he couldn’t control himself, and gave the polar bear a bitter bite.

    When he and Herman were young, the feud was too deep, as long as his body gets smaller, it was easy for emotions to get heated.

    The little fox’s two front paws were brought together, and he bowed to Mingyou: “I will be disturbing you.”

    “Dahong, you became polite after you regained your memory. I am not used to it.” Mingyou hugged the little red fox and kissed his ears. Don’t be polite to me, okay? I’ll be sad.”

    The red fox said gently: “It’s not neing polite, just showing courtesy. If you don’t like it, I won’t do it in the future.”

    “Okay, Dahong treats me like before. If Dahei upsets you, you can continue to throw fireballs at him.” Mingyou rubbed the little red fox’s head.

    The black cat covered his mask with one paw, raised a paw, and pointed his nails at Mingyou. Fool, use him to please other spirit beasts, he will die!

    The indigo kangaroo made a coughing sound in her throat and glanced at the black cat with a smile.

    The black cat retracted his claws, and patted the ground twice. Sister Daqing was partial! The kangaroo smiled. Yes, she liked the eccentric, cutest and most obedient child.

    The black cat was so angry that he sneezed three times and made the surrounding spirit beasts laugh.

    “Dahei, go and train your abilities.” Mingyou smiled, “What should I do if you are still sneezing while eating later? Don’t you want to eat the pagoda meat?”

    Dahei sneered. His ears and tail turned into propellers, and he angrily rushed to the nearby river to fry fish.

    “Do you want to start the live broadcast now?” Seeing that the black cat was full of vitality, Mingyou finally put his thoughts on the live broadcast.

    “Come on.” The big wolf said, “By the way, let everyone know that His Highness is overweight.” The black cat swiveled his ears and slapped the big wolf when he rushed up.

    “Go, go, practice your abilities, don’t mess around, we are preparing for the party.” Mingyou smiled and pushed the black cat away, “Dahui, don’t tease the cat, be careful that Dahei will give you a hard time.

    “Yes.” Listening to the threatening sounds of the big cat, the wolf flicked his tail and was in a very good mood.

    The spirit beasts present were in a good mood. Could they be in a bad mood from not having enough to eat?

    “Hello everyone, I’m Mingyou, the anchor of No.1 Live Room.” When Mingyou’s regular opening remarks sounded, the barrage in the live room had already brushed several layers.

    “Xiaoyou Xiaoyou, the biscuits are so delicious!”

    “I hate the emperor, there are some non-spiritual beasts who can draw the biscuits. Aren’t the cookies limited to spiritual beasts! What about the others?!”

    “Although you are not royalty, there are friends. Those friends of the royal family divided my half a biscuit wow.”

    “So the question is, where do I pick up a half a biscuit can be divided by friends of royalty?”

    “Instead of asking where one can reach the friends of the royal family, it is better to ask where they could receive from the division. “

    “Yes, may I ask when the country reveal the distribution division? These resources are sent to divisions. The country will definitely allocate it, right?”

    “Please assigns the spirit beast division.”

    “The proposal has been submitted, and I hope the country can allocate a spirit beast division.”

    “I hope the country can allocate a spirit beast division +1.”

    “Actually, I have always wanted to ask, Why do you say that the lucky person is the emperor, and the bad luck is the non-chief.” The fox roommate showed off on the barrage first, and then complained to himself.

    “I don’t know, there has been that saying since the establishment of the Star Alliance, who knows what the origin is?” Tan Chenxi couldn’t stand the tail swinging  of his Tibetan fox roommate, and moved to a different position, “Can you stop swinging your tail?”

    “No, I can’t control myself.” The Tibetan fox roommate’s tail flicked even harder.

    Tan Chenxi put on a mask. Today, he still had a phobia of beasts.

    “This live broadcast we still welcome a new partner. Dangdangdang! Our kangaroo sister Daqing!” Mingyou stood beside Daqing, “Daqing is the elder of the spirit beast team, so we specially prepared a party for her. Today, we eat the super complicated pagoda meat instead of cake.”

    “Elder?? Is it Senior Adeline?!”

    “Instructor Adeline, Instructor Adeline is back!!”

    “QAQ This is great, Instructor Adeline is okay. I would rather be tortured another hundred times, and I pray instructor Adeline recovers quickly.”

    “Mother Adeline Yeah! Thank you Little Beastmaster! Please take good care of Mother Adeline!”

     The young S-level abilities made a sensation, and the gifts exploded into fireworks in the live broadcast room. Among the ten warriors, apart from Prince Arthur, they were most concerned about instructor Adeline.

    They finally waited until the instructor Adeline appeared! And instructor Adeline looked pretty good! Very good!

    “By the way, after Dahui regained his memory, our red fox has also recovered! But Dahong’s injury is a bit serious, so he still maintains the appearance of a little red fox.” Mingyou held the little fox up again.

    The little red fox was in Mingyou’s palm, with his paws close together, bowing to the audience.

    “Xianluo, I am your fan!”

    “Senior Xianluo is really too elegant, looking at his posture, he deserves to be the most beautiful spirit beast in the Star Alliance.”

    “Come on, dancers and interstellar heroes have a wall, who dares to come out now?”

    “I also want to hold Senior Xianluo in my palm and cover my face. I really can!”

    “It’s different for me. I want to be held in the palm of the Little Spirit Beast Master.”

    “Your number is gone upstairs.”

    “Dahuang is finally not afraid of acupuncture and moxibustion, willing to sign a contract with me. Come, Dahuang, use your equip. Say hello to everyone! Do a trick!” Mingyou urged.

    The yellow monkey glanced helplessly at his self-willed brother and took off the bracelet on his wrist. The bracelet lengthened automatically and turned into a stick.

    He twirled the stick twice in a perfunctory manner, and then the stick shrank, and he clasped it back on his wrist as a bracelet.

    “Hahahaha Lieutenant Colonel Leo is so good-tempered. Let the Little Spirit Beastmaster pet him.”

    “Is that Nianli metal? It looks so cool, and it can turn bigger and smaller. “

    “There are equipment that spirit beasts can use? Then, can we also equip it in the future?”

    “Definitely. I want a stick too. I am also a monkey. There is absolutely no problem playing with a stick.”

    “The rank of lieutenant colonel must be promoted .” It’s a promotion, right? The lieutenant colonel is too low.”

    “It will definitely be promoted, but I didn’t know if they were alive or dead, so I didn’t decide.”

    “I really want to go to the No.1 and grab things.”

    “It’s different for me. I want to go wherever the little spirit beast master is. It doesn’t matter even if it’s on the bed.”

    “Dabai is tuning the instruments. Today he and Dahui will be responsible for the music performance. I heard that Dabai and Dahui have formed a band together before, but his face is not very good when he mentions this. He seems to think that forming a band was his dark history?” Mingyou slammed the wolf’s head at himself. The wolf grinned, but it was not effective on Mingyou.

    “I heard that right? Colonel Herman and Colonel Yan Yi formed a band? Aren’t they two big ice cubes? What kind of band can they form?”

    “As a former junior high school classmate of Herman and Yan Yi, there was indeed such a band. “

    “There was a lot of noise, the colonel got scolded by the Yan family “

    “Yan Yi was not recognized? Before Colonel Yan supported His Royal Highness, his family cut off relations. “

    “I did not expect such a thing, the colonel family would like to take advantage of capital, tut. “

    ” Yes, next it’s Dahei who is frying the fish, it’s not an enemy attack.” Mingyou joked, “Dahei was overeating, so he can only practice his abilities and release his energy. It seems I have to adjust Dahei’s recipe. “

    The barrage in the live broadcast stalled for a few seconds, and then exploded violently.

    Too much to eat?!!! We can’t get enough to eat every day, but His Royal Highness can still eat?! At this moment , wailing came from everyone watching the live broadcast.

    In a splendid palace, His Majesty the golden lion slapped the floor fiercely, as if he wanted to make a hole in the ground. Your Majesty the Star Alliance Emperor was still starving!!!

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