After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 39

Adeline Curtis, the instructor for the special operations team formed by Arthur. Special operations team, the predecessor of the death squad. The vast majority of the death squads were composed of young people under the age of 100. These young people had been taken care of by Adeline.

    Among the ten heroes who survived, Adeline was the oldest, only one hundred and fifty years old this year, and was everyone’s eldest sister. Although the lifespan of a strong ability person could be close to 400 years, the peak period of an ability person was less than one hundred and fifty years old, and the ability began to decline after that age.

    Therefore, after one hundred and fifty years of age, ability users would be transferred from the special service to ordinary service where the pressure and danger are not so great. Adeline happened to be stuck on the one hundred and fifty-year-old line.

    During death squad action, Arthur wanted to remove Adeline from the squad list because of selfishness, and was beaten by her. Adeline’s husband and two children died from revenge by Star Thieves. Since then, Adeline had lived in the barracks, the barracks was her home, and the soldiers she led were her children.

    As the best spirit beast instructor, when fighting against the Zerg, Adeline’s “children” died in batches on the battlefield. Among them, she was the most proud and closest to the young people in the death squad. To Adeline, these people were no different from her own children.

    Death squad. This was a group of people who bravely went to death. Adeline obeyed the organization’s arrangements, but this time, she wanted to be with her proudest children. Besides, she was originally a member of the death squad. As a comrade-in-arms, she would never be a deserter. Adeline was very strong. She survived again. Arthur was worried about Adeline’s mental state, but her will to survive was much stronger than Arthur had imagined.

    “Your Royal Highness, you are still alive, I have to continue to take care of you.” Adeline smiled when everyone separated from the nursing home building.

    Arthur tilted his head and looked at Adeline, who had lost her memory. The kangaroo was trying to feed dirt to the trembling white bear and gray wolf in her nursery bag. The cat smiled and rolled around in Mingyou’s arms. It looked like he was gloating to the extreme.

    The ears of the little white bear and little gray wolf were perched on the top of their heads. This cat! They shouldn’t have come to the rescue! Mingyou was very weak. He might as well pick up the black cat himself. Okay, now there were two more beasts that needed to be rescued.

    “That… Miss kangaroo.” Mingyou took out a few more nutrition cubes, “This is more nutritious, feed them this.”

    The kangaroo silently looked at Mingyou, then she put down the earth, stood up, and gave a bow to Mingyou. After the bow, she took the nutrition cubes from Mingyou’s hand. The little bear and gray wolf gorged themselves and ate quickly, fearing that the kangaroo would continue to feed them dirt.

    The cat lay down on Mingyou’s arms like a king, with his tail coiled and said in a strange manner: “Oh, what kind of problem is still going on now. Isn’t it just a bite of soil? Daqing lets you eat, you eat. Maybe this soil, like green stone, contains energy? Even if it is ordinary soil, what could happen when you take a bite? What should you do if Daqing gets annoyed, and gives you a drink of poisoned milk?”

    Arthur repeated what the little wolf had said before without missing a word, and added a few silly tones, making the little wolf grin. Bastard cat! His eyes were smaller than the tip of a needle!

    “Miss kangaroo, we still have several little beasts in our house.” Mingyou observed for a while, and suddenly had an epiphany, “I can’t take care of them by myself. Can you help take care of them?”

   The kangaroo looked lovingly at the little boy. The gray wolf grinned with the black cat. After hearing Mingyou’s words, she raised her head and looked at Mingyou, with a little hesitation in her eyes.

    “Dahei, Dahui, Dabai, they are all my family and children.” Mingyou said, “I will take them home. But I can’t take care of them by myself, can you help?”

   The little cat, white bear, and gray wolf simultaneously looked at Mingyou with an expression of “-_-“. Wait, who was the child? Mingyou, did he have a slight misunderstanding of his position in the family?

    “In addition to these three, there are two deer, a red fox, and a yellow monkey at home. When everyone is acting naughty, I am really busy on my own. Come.” Mingyou complained with a half-truth, “Miss kangaroo, can you help me?”

    Two deer, a red fox, and a yellow monkey? Several images appeared in the kangaroo’s mind. In the picture, it seemed that there was a little beast with the two-legged beast, which was strange but made her feel very kind. All were a group of good and lively children. The kangaroo’s eyes became more and more gentle.

    “Daqing, you will take care of us.” Arthur’s tail twirled in a circle, showing his fluffy belly to the kangaroo, “just like before.”

    Just like before? There was a confused expression on the kangaroo’s face.

    “We’ve all grown up and don’t need your care. But the idiot in front of you, although his strength is big and he was smart, he has a lack of common sense, and will lose his head when he encounters a little conspiracy. It’s filled with frozen tofu dregs, and is beyond help.”

    “What’s worse is that this kid also has social anxiety and is bad with crowds. He froze when he met people and couldn’t even speak clearly. He will go to school in the next few months. Do you think he can go to school like this? You could get scared to death by the crowd.”

    “Oh, Adeline, please help this one who may be out of school at home. Silly little Mingyou. Oh, Adeline, you are fine, help this poor little liger who has no power except the empty title of a marshal.”

    A smile appeared in the kangaroo’s eyes, then she picked up the little cat and stuffed him into her pouch. The three wide-eyed little plushies huddled together in the nursery pouch.

    Mingyou smiled: “Miss Kangaroo, you can’t overfill your bag, let me hold a few.”

    “Yes, let me hug you.” Arthur quickly said, “And we are all grown up, no need to stay in the nursery bag again!”

   The kangaroo hesitated. She carefully looked at Mingyou for a while, then took the white bear and gray wolf out and returned them to Mingyou, but the black cat was still kept in the nursery pouch. Well, now they could see who had a higher status in the eyes of the motherly kangaroo.

    “Give Dahei to me too.” Mingyou put the little bear and wolf on his shoulders first, and then pointed to the top of his head, “Dahei’s royal position.”

    A smile appeared in the kangaroo’s eyes. She took out the little black cat out of her pouch and put it on Mingyou’s soft curly hair.

    “Let’s go home together! Everyone is waiting for us.” Mingyou stood up and reached out to the kangaroo. The kangaroo nodded to Mingyou.

    When Mingyou returned with the kangaroo, Xianluo was surprised. He didn’t expect that with the character of a mother protecting her calf, Mingyou would be able to take the child away so quickly.

    When he heard that Mingyou “lied” to the big kangaroo with the excuse that “there were a few little spirit beasts waiting for you to take care of”, Xianluo didn’t know what to say. It could only be said that Adeline’s motherly instincts would not be reduced even if she had lost her mind. Although Arthur was a cat, he was indeed a bear child to the extreme.

    Even in the face of his beloved Adeline, he did not plan to give up the nickname system. As a result, the kangaroo was officially named Daqing. The kangaroo graciously accepted this very tacky name.

    Mingyou covered his face in shame. He was wrong, he was really wrong, he shouldn’t be lazy and named Dahei, Dabai, and Dahui like that. The other fluffy stuff was fine, but the kangaroo gave him the feeling of an elder, and it was too shameful to call an elder “Daqing”.

    “You know you’re wrong? It’s too late to know you’re wrong.” Although startled by the kangaroo pouch, the black cat, who was now recovering, pawed Mingyou’s forehead and said, “Quickly give a checkup to Daqing. She is in good condition, why does she still have no memory?”

    Mingyou hurriedly checked the kangaroo. The kangaroo lay in the medical room very cooperatively, much more cooperatively than the yellow monkey.

    Mingyou said to the monkey: “Look, how brave Daqing is! Dahuang, you study hard!” Dahuang felt a little wronged. This was just a check, he was not afraid yet! Mingyou pierced his head with a long needle!

    “Come on, Daqing, relax, feel my energy, don’t resist. Yes, that’s it.” Mingyou checked the instrument with his power while further investigating the energy status of the kangaroo. He felt that in the spirit beast’s body, in addition to the wounds caused by zerg energy, there were also many complicated energies. These energies were not compatible with the kangaroo, causing energy disorders.

    Mingyou analyzed the plants, water and soil near her living environment, and found that the energy that the kangaroo couldn’t digest was related to her food, the soil she tried to feed to the little ones.

    This kind of soil contained many kinds of energy, and each kind was very weak. Although the indigo kangaroo relied on eating soil to alleviate her physical injury, it was a three-point poison. The indigestible “impurities” settled in the kangaroo, causing new problems. The method to solve the problem was very simple, as long as these “impurities” were guided out. As a result, the big kangaroo really needed acupuncture.

    “The fastest treatment method to channel out energy is indeed acupuncture.” Mingyou said that if he didn’t decide to go to acupuncture in case of trouble, he couldn’t afford the system points.

    Arthur kicked his legs. Fortunately, when Mingyou helped treat his legs, he had not exchanged the acupuncture box. After seeing so many familiar little plushies, the kangaroo trusted Mingyou as much as the other plushies who had already followed Mingyou. Mingyou said acupuncture, and she immediately agreed. When the needle pierced her body, the kangaroo’s expression did not change, and she looked calm, as if Mingyou was tickling her.

    Mingyou brought the monkey out to say: “Look! Can’t you learn from Daqing’s bravery! Daqing was not afraid of the first acupuncture and moxibustion! You have experienced acupuncture and moxibustion several times! What are you afraid of? Did my acupuncture hurt you!” Mingyou was angry when he saw that the monkey’s favorability was like a roller coaster with each acupuncture treatment!

    Could he stop being so confused? ! Because his favorability was not up to standard, he couldn’t help with further treatment! There was no way to give him props!

    The yellow monkey held his head and thought about it. Can this be controlled by a monkey? Can this be controlled by a monkey? He was afraid to see such a long needle pierced into his head. Was this something he could control? This monkey was wronged! As a result, the monkey’s favorability for Mingyou declined again.

    Mingyou: “……” He shook the monkey like a rattle. “You gave me a favorability drop and it’s still not good enough for you, this monkey!!!!”

    A wolf paw poked the polar bear: “Herman, look at Xiaoyou’s actions, aren’t they a bit familiar?”

    The polar bear nodded his head, and then stared at Arthur with condemnation. Arthur, who was lying on his side stretching, was stunned by the white bear’s look. What happened to him? Why was he staring at this cat again? Herman, could he have even the slightest respect for his boss?

    When I regain my human form, I will fire Herman. ——Arthur the cat.

    The big wolf sighed: “Yes, he learned it from His Highness. Should we separate Mingyou and His Highness for a little bit? Mingyou and His Highness are becoming more and more alike.”

    When did he provoke him? What was with his attitude?

    When I regain my human form, I fire the bear and wolf. ——Arthur the cat.

    The polar bear and the wolf whispered to each other; the yellow monkey was held up by Mingyou, and his face was utterly unlovable; the red fox, who was awake for longer and longer, was trying to teach the two deer. The cute little deer was so depressed that he sighed constantly on the ground.

    The black cat rolled around on the carpet, yawning and mocking his companions. The kangaroo was sitting on the carpet, smiling and watching the very harmonious scene in front of her. Suddenly, Mingyou heard a system prompt; the indigo kangaroo’s favorability for him had reached the required level, and the contract could be established. Mingyou became even more angry.

    When the plushies heard that the kangaroo’s favorability for Mingyou reached the required level in less than a day, they first showed a little surprise, and then calmly said that with her character, they observed that Mingyou took care of so much. It’s a matter of fact that the favorability would soar.

    “So Dahuang, are you ashamed!” Mingyou hugged the monkey and shouted into his ears.

    The monkey expressionlessly covered his ears. Ashamed, ashamed, extremely ashamed. As long as he didn’t have to prick him with a needle, he promised to have a higher affection than that of the black cat!

    Arthur snorted: “I have the lowest degree of favorability for Mingyou.”

    The plushies: “Oh.” Your highness, you just want to be happy. We have already understood that you have added the term “Tsundere” to your character, and you won’t feel sick anymore at your words.

    Arthur: “???” He felt seriously offended.

    When I regain my human form, I will fire you all. ——Arthur the cat.

    “Dahuang!!!” Mingyou cried and howled.

    The yellow monkey looked at Mingyou helplessly and sighed. Most likely his brother, this was a kind of creature that gave people a headache. Okay, no matter if it was acupuncture or something, he wouldn’t reject it anymore, okay?

    Mingyou jumped off the monkey’s back and said proudly: “Dahuang’s favorability is also up to right level!” He was indeed the most powerful spirit beast master in the Star Alliance!

    “Well, of course, because the All-Star Alliance currently has you as a spirit beast master.” Arthur stood up, shook his head, finally cheered up, “Hurry up and get the props out, you have another one this time. What kind of interesting props?”

    “Although Daqing’s favorability reached the standard first, Dahuang came back first, so first is his spirit beast props. Dangdangdang! Magic staff!” Mingyou proudly took out the spirit beast props he had prepared long ago, the Nianli stick.

    The Nianli stick looked like an ordinary metal stick, but it has special effects like fighting and super power bonuses. In reality, when the yellow monkey held this stick, the destructive power of melee combat would be greatly increased; he could also use his mental power to remotely control this stick to fight, which was much easier than manipulating other props. It had the same effect as manipulating by hand.

    Mingyou chose this prop for the monkey. Apart from Arthur telling him that the monkey’s soil attributes were very destructive, but the power was not strong, the Nianli stick could make up for the monkey’s shortcomings. The most important thing was, how could Sun Wukong not have a magic staff!

    “When I get rich, I’ll get the rest of Sun Wukong’s outfit!” Mingyou started thinking about the future again, “The golden armor, the phoenix wing crown, and the lotus roots, all of them are bought for you!”

    The monkey didn’t know who Sun Wukong was. The little bald monkey said what he wanted? Dahuang was already a Buddha, and the others were sour lemons.

    “Stupid Mingyou, why does only the stupid monkeys get a complete set of equipment, what about us?” Arthur used his paws to push Mingyou’s head in dissatisfaction, “Why don’t we?!”

    Mingyou shook his head and said, “You don’t need to wear clothes.”

    Other plushies: “!!!” Why did they not wear clothes?! Their fur was not clothes!! The words of the little spirit beast master were very ambiguous!!

    “If you like it, I can also match you with a suit, but is it really not uncomfortable for you to wear clothes?” Mingyou asked.

    “It’s not uncomfortable!” Arthur gritted his teeth. He found that every few days, Mingyou always said something that made him want to kill him.

    “Okay, if there is a suitable one. I will keep it for you.” Mingyou took out a pair of gloves from the system backpack. “This is for Daqing. The name of this glove is poison therapy glove. It can be used as a boxing glove!”

    Poison therapy, as the name suggested, was that a certain percentage of poison damage was converted into health, that is, the poison attribute hits and returns energy. Mingyou heard from Arthur that although Daqing fought very hard, she did not have an ability to recover as a melee, and she often suffered injuries.

    With the poison treatment gloves, the more severe the poison, the higher the healing, Daqing no longer had to worry about melee battery life! As soon as Mingyou gave out the gloves, all the fluffies were shocked.

    They could only win by dragging Adeline into a protracted battle and winning by attrition. Now that Adeline had a combat recovery method, she didn’t need to use abilities, and could use props as a healing item. The more poisonous the blood, the worse the milk. In the future, if they were not obedient, then Adeline would slip to the training ground to teach. What then?

    When Adeline taught them, she just used poison that was not very powerful but made people very uncomfortable. Adeline used to fight for a while and she was tired, wasn’t it now that the more she fought, the more energy she got? This, this…

    “Mingyou, I think you’d better change the props.” Arthur, who has been taught the most, pinched his tail and curled his ears. He wasn’t scared, he was just worried about the new recruits that Adeline would take care of in the future.

    The indigo kangaroo quickly put on her gloves and put on a boxing posture against Arthur.

    “No, no, this item is most suitable for Daqing, you wear gloves, no one is allowed to grab it!” Arthur immediately changed his words.

    Mingyou murmured: “Dahei, you’re so scared.”

    Arthur’s tail came out from between his legs, and he slapped Mingyou: “Shut up!”

    “Counsel the cat.”

    “Mingyou, you look for a beating!”

    “Daqing! Dahei said he was going to beat me.” Mingyou immediately hid behind Daqing.

    The kangaroo turned his head and smiled at Mingyou and nodded, and then made a gesture to Arthur.

    Arthur: “??? Wait, no, other people have been here for a long time, and they just treat Mingyou as the group favorite. Daqing, you just joined the team and just met Mingyou?”

    Was his status dropping so fast! Daqing smiled, turned around and touched Mingyou’s head. She liked this kid, she liked him at the first glance, and no one could bully him.

    Arthur’s two-meter-long body was submerged by question marks. Did Mingyou’s emotional power have other weird effects, such as the favorability of spirit beasts going beyond max?! This was unscientific?!

    Mingyou laughed, and then the other fluffy people followed, even the two deer and the yellow monkey who had lost their minds. Everyone looked at the extremely depressed black cat, and couldn’t help being filled with a cheerful atmosphere. The black cat was so angry that he lay on his back.

    After teasing the black cat enough, Mingyou was ready to start the live broadcast. A comrade was back again, which naturally meant to give the audience good news. Maybe there was Daqing’s family and comrades in the live broadcast room, waiting for her news.

    “Then let’s hold a party to celebrate Daqing’s return.” The red fox suggested. The other fluffies nodded in agreement.

    The status of indigo kangaroos in their team was different. Naturally, they should be celebrated after returning to the team.

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