After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 38

When the RV set off again, Mingyou was enrolled by the black cat for a lot of non-spiritual professional courses.

    “One Hundred Youth Inspirational Stories”; “Give You a Good Mood”; “A Thousand Great Men Who Touched the Star Alliance”; “Life Will Not Betray You”; “Fear the Past, Don’t Fear the Future”; ……The above was Mingyou’s new curriculum book list.

    Mingyou looked at the names of e-book lists, and scratched the little curls on his head: “Chicken soup for the soul?” Arthur held Mingyou’s face in his paws and shook his face vigorously: “Psychological counseling!”

    Mingyou’s face was startled, and was pinched by Arthur’s claws: “Psychological counseling?”

    “So that you don’t say any more stupid things like you will die with the spirit beasts.” Arthur’s paw pads rubbed Mingyou’s cheeks, turning Mingyou’s cheeks into red apples. Mingyou couldn’t laugh or cry. Dahei was still talking about that before. Wasn’t he talking about the plot of the novel before?

    However, Mingyou happily accepted these extra courses, because the stories in those books were true stories that happened in the Star Alliance. In the nineteen years since he was reborn, he was completely isolated from the world and knew nothing except the knowledge in textbooks. However, Sky Blue Star’s textbooks basically didn’t mention the Star Alliance, only local affairs, and he was very curious about the Star Alliance.

    Arthur blew his cat fur with anger. It seemed that Sky Blue Star’s anti-Star Alliance education had been very successful. The children of Sky Blue Star regarded the Star Alliance as a “neighboring country.”

    Sky Blue Star was a small planet with poor resources. The powerful people of the Sky Blue Star had narrow vision, unlike some consuls in other autonomous regions. Although they were not very capable, they still looked down at the Star Alliance. The dignitaries of the Sky blue star had their sights on such a small ball, making the sky blue star not like an interstellar civilization.

    Therefore, although the Star Alliance was determined to solve the problem of autonomous regions, the importance of the Sky Blue Star ranked last. As the Star Alliance government, they must proceed with the overall situation. This choice was understandable. But as part of the privileged class, Arthur had privileges, such as giving Mingyou a hand.

    If Mingyou didn’t want to be the leader, then send his brother to be the family patriarch. Anyway, Sky Blue Star didn’t know which heir to inherit from. Mingyou’s brother was both an upstanding and the most orthodox heir.

    Then again, the royal family of the Star Alliance had a lottery inheritance system. He didn’t expect the planet to have such a backward inheritance system. Mingyou just saw the Star Alliance’s lottery inheritance system from the Chicken Soup book, and the atmosphere not good.

    “Draw?! Even if the emperor of the Star Alliance is a decoration, this is too trifling!” Mingyou snarled into the black cat’s ears.

    The black cat raised his paw and rubbed his ears: “What are you yelling at? How is this my business?” Mingyou helped rub the cat’s ears: “I’m sorry, I was so surprised.” 

   In the management of the new industry for the creation of the spirit beasts, the polar bear who was correcting the documents on the light brain raised his paw and adjusted the round glasses on his nose, mentally slandering the feline.

    First of all, the emperor of the Star Alliance was not a decoration. Second, your Highness, if his family’s business was not related to him, who would actually be related? Forget it, everyone in the big cat family stubbornly thought that the throne had nothing to do with them. As a subordinate, he was used to it.

    “Star Alliance is …… really amazing.” A few days after the Mingyou read the inspirational story of the Star Alliance, his goodwill towards the Star Alliance greatly enhanced, “So we really are interstellar civilization ah!”

    Arthur: “……”

    This child had been poisoned by the Sky Blue Star’s education. It seemed that even if the problems of the autonomous region were gradually solved in the future, education had to be put on the agenda first. At least the elementary and middle school curriculums needed something standard. He didn’t want to hear the words “It turns out that our Star Alliance is really an interstellar civilization” that hurt his brain again.

    “I always thought that star alliances were loose alliances formed by planets. Although transportation can reach other planets, each planet is self-sufficient, has complete autonomy and sovereignty, and generally does not communicate with other planets.” Mingyou exclaimed, “It turns out that this is not the case.”

    It turned out that a planet in the Star Alliance was equivalent to a city or even a county in his previous life? Technology really narrowed the distance.

    “Managing so many planets, the Star Alliance government is really amazing.” Mingyou sighed again.

    “The emperor of the Star Alliance is also very powerful, the prince is also very powerful.” Arthur cautiously led the topic to his home.

    Mingyou curiously asked, “Is there a prince in the Star Alliance? Is it the kind in charge of charity? In business? Or is he an entertainment star?” When it came to the royal family, of course, the first thing that came to mind was royal families from his previous life.

    Arthur: “…” The polar bear and the wolf were listening with ears erected: “…”

    The big wolf couldn’t bear it anymore: “Mingyou, do you know the name of the Star Alliance?”

    Mingyou thought for a while and shook his head. As an ordinary citizen, he didn’t even know the names of the Sky Blue Star deputy consuls. How could he know the names of the emperors of the Star Alliance?

    Even if he occasionally caught a glimpse from the news, the news only called him His Majesty Emperor XXXO. The names were automatically censored into garbled characters by Mingyou’s light brain. Don’t care, don’t care. As for the prince, it was not within the range of information received by Mingyou’s system.

    “It turns out that His Majesty the Emperor also has a younger brother.” Mingyou looked, but didn’t know what melon seeds he wanted to eat.

    Arthur’s mouth twitched, and he didn’t want to discuss this topic with Mingyou anymore. He thought he was famous enough, but he didn’t expect that in Mingyou’s mind, he was a mystery.

    Hello, I am Prince Arthur, the younger brother of the Emperor of the Star Alliance. I’m in trouble now, and I urgently need a thousand yuan to go back to the Star Alliance. Please give me one thousand yuan, and I will return you 10,000 yuan after I return to the Star Alliance. ——Arthur believed that if he continued speaking, in Mingyou’s head, he would evolve into a classic but persistent image of fraud.

    Or wait until he can turn back into a human, and drive a pumpkin carriage to pick Mingyou to the dance…Wait, why was it a pumpkin carriage? The black cat, who was recently poisoned by Mingyou’s bedtime story, covered his face.

    Mingyou didn’t know that he had caused a strong psychological shock to the poor star alliance emperor’s brother, Prince Arthur, and made him submit a report on the reform of compulsory education textbooks in the autonomous region overnight to his brother. The proposal suggested that autonomous regions should be forced to use the Star Alliance unified teaching materials for teaching. Even if they couldn’t, add a general knowledge course anyway.

    Mingyou happily learned about the current situation of the Star Alliance from the story, and set himself a grand wish that one day he must go to the gate of the palace and take a photo with the guards.    

   “I will go when I go to school! I will take you with me!” Mingyou’s excitement was like the first time a person from a rural village entered the capital. “We will also go to the square to watch the flag-raising ceremony! Dahei, you can’t not accompany me just because you want to sleep late!”

     Arthur said helplessly: “Okay.” Yes, his Royal Highness Prince Arthur along with the StarCraft Ten Heroes, would go to the gate of his brother’s palace with Mingyou to take a photo with him. Brother and his eldest nephew also joined in, and the family was complete, so it was time to take a family portrait.

     The big wolf twitched his mouth, and finally couldn’t help it. He covered his head and giggled. The polar bear pushed up his small round glasses between the bridge of his nose and began to think about how to make a travel itinerary. The famous attractions of the Capital Star of the Star Alliance must be arranged for the little spirit beast master who has not traveled far away except this time.

     Mingyou also thought of this. His eyes were shining, as if there were countless little stars: “When I go to school, I can finally go out shopping! I want to eat the entire Capital Star’s food! Let’s eat together! I want to make more money now! By the way, how do I make money now?” Mingyou asked.

     Arthur said helplessly: “I already said that the rewards in the live broadcast room are yours, and the shares from the spirit beast nutrition and medicines will be paid to you. Wait at least half a month, and you will be able to see the money in the account.”

     “Okay! Then the money will buy you delicious food!” Mingyou clenched his fist, with a heroic expression of the head of the family.

     “But aren’t you afraid? Can you really go shopping? There are many people on the street.” Arthur poured cold water on Mingyou.

    “With you all, I won’t be scared. No matter how scared I am, didn’t I come here alone from Sky blue Star?” Mingyou blushed and stammered in his defense, “I only have a little bit of fear. A little bit of public anxiety. It won’t be in the way!”

    Arthur showed an expression of disbelief: “Oh, I will see your performance at that time. Don’t be so scared that you stick yourself around my neck.”

    Mingyou: “…” He really underestimated Dahei! Mingyou angrily went to set the stove to cook. Today they are going to eat roasted stew in the wild.

    The stewed rice was filled with large pieces of wild animal meat that had been marinated in green stone powder. The rice was mixed with small sun-dried fruits and mashed leaves. Even the black cat who didn’t like rice ate a large pot.

    “His Royal Highness, Mingyou rarely talks about going out to play, why are you dissuading him?” After Mingyou left, the polar bear said with a disapproving expression, “What he needs at this time is encouragement.”

    Arthur became guilty in his heart. The little kitten tilted his head: “Meow.” This cat didn’t understand what the bear said. It was just a conditioned reflex, when he saw a smug stupid face, he wanted to take a stand, he didn’t mean anything else.

    The polar bear took the little cat and hung him on a branch, letting Arthur reflect on himself within the bars. Arthur lay on the branch, leaning his ears to watch the fluffy subordinates under the tree surrounded by Mingyou in harmony. His tail turned into a propeller, as if it could fly in the sky. Why did he feel that his status in the team was getting lower and lower? This should not be an illusion.

    “Haw!” When Arthur was sighing with his ears curled, he heard several cough-like sounds. The little black cat looked around the branch and met a pair of round eyes.

    “Meow?” Arthur did not have time to make a suspicious cry, and was plucked from the tree by two paws. “Meow?” Arthur made a short meow again, then the voice disappeared, and he was stuffed in a hot and humid bag. Meow… Meow!!! Adeline, you mentally compromised, what do you want to do to me!

    The cat hurriedly stretched his paws and pulled himself out of the pouch to take a breath of fresh air. Then, his cat face was blank. Where was this? Where was he? He just stayed there for a second, why did the location change? Did he teleport?

    “Growl, cough.” The kangaroo who stuffed Arthur into the pouch tilted her head, showing a kind smile.

    This kangaroo had a very peculiar appearance. Most of an ordinary kangaroo’s fur was reddish brown, with only the fur on the tail and back spine having a grayish blue. Meanwhile this kangaroo was indigo blue, and it looked like she was poisoned. But Arthur knew that his subordinate was not poisoned, but could synthesize toxins in her body, which could be called a melee master with poison.

    As for how a poison master also added melee capabilities… Arthur turned around, lying on his back and looking at the kangaroo’s delicate face and developed muscles. Very well-developed chest muscles… This was not Arthur’s imagination. The cyan kangaroo’s muscles were indeed very developed, like iron. These muscles were not worse than the devil muscled deer.

    Among the melee masters in their team, the deer siblings had their invisibility and combat recovery, who knew whether they were close-combat assassins or priests; this kangaroo used poisonous fists. In terms of harvesting lives, she was much stronger than the two deer.

    The female kangaroo’s pouch was used to synthesize toxins. She stuffed her fist into the bag, and when she took it out, the poison on her fist was changed to a brand new type, making it too late to find an antidote.

    Now, the cat was stuffed into a toxin-making pouch by the kangaroo. His face was a bit dark. It was not because the fur was black. Arthur knew that when he entered the kangaroo’s bag, his life was held in the hands of his subordinate. As long as Adeline had a little bit of hostility towards the poor, weak and helpless kitten, he would be immediately enveloped in toxins.

    It was impossible to die. As a multi-attribute spirit beast, although Arthur’s poison attribute was one of the weaker aspects, it should be okay for him to persist until he escaped, but he will suffer a lot of damage.

    So… the pouch was good, let him lie down first. Arthur’s ears moved around. He was wondering how he got to this point. He was caught by bear and hung on a branch, complaining about himself, then he met a pair of kangaroo eyes, was dazed, and that was it.

    Was it his fault? Really? Really? Certainly not! Why did he linger for a few seconds when facing his subordinates? As a boss, he couldn’t even react? Arthur retracted into the bag, showing only a pair of ears and a pair of cat eyes, for fear that he might accidentally provoke his sister who may not be sober at the moment.

    When Arthur was caught by the kangaroo’s claws, Xiaotian immediately took a video and notified the other fluffies. But they just turned their heads, and the cat was already in the pouch. At this moment, no one dared to move.

    When the kangaroo leaped and disappeared from everyone’s sight, Herman was furious: “Such a big kangaroo! Didn’t any beast notice when she approached?! Xiaotian, why did your radar fail again?!”

    Xiaotian sent a grieved emoji. Sister kangaroo flashed under the tree, and then suddenly disappeared in the air. It was just an auxiliary small starship that was transformed into a RV. How could it detect space jumps? Herman held his chest with a paw, feeling that his heart stopped beating. What should he do if his Highness was in danger?!

    Although Dahei was taken away, it was by his partner, so Mingyou, who was not very worried, raised his hand and asked, “That kangaroo won’t hurt Dahei, right? She stuffed Dahei into her pouch, so she was treating him as a child.”

    Xiaotian explained to Mingyou: “Daqing’s bag is also a toxin synthesis pouch. If His Royal Highness angers Daqing, he will suddenly die.” Xiaotian immediately answered Mingyou on the spot . A simple stroke and a cat died suddenly and his soul ascended to heaven.

    Mingyou: “…” This image was too vivid, he wanted to ask, did Xiaotian have hatred with Dahei? Why did he feel that Xiaotian was gloating a little? This must be his illusion.

    “Then, what shall we do?” Mingyou also panicked, “Wait for the kangaroo to return Dahei?”

    “First find out what’s going on in her space jump.” The big bad wolf calmed down first, “Otherwise she will run away when we get closer.”

    Mingyou asked, “Isn’t she able to jump in space before?”

    The wolf said: “She can move in a small area, but unlike now, you can’t see any shadows.”

    Mingyou thought for a while, said: “Space movement is also attributed to the special department, right? Her ability has improved, doesn’t it mean she found a way to supplement the special energy of the special?”

  Herman finally calmed down, and he smiled bitterly: “Mingyou, how can you analyze it so calmly?”

    “Well, because I know Dahei must be fine.” Mingyou took out a skill card from his system backpack, “I have a poison resistance card. As long as he is within my sight, I can add poison resistance to him, allowing Dahei to escape from the nursing pouch.”

    “Also, I think, although the nursery bag can synthesize toxins, its main role is still to protect the children of kangaroos, right? So if the kangaroo purposely put Dahei into the bag, she will definitely not hurt him.” Mingyou comforted, “Don’t worry too much. She is your companion, even if she has no memory, she won’t take the initiative to hurt you.”

    The red fox was crazy before attacking them. Even so, he didn’t use his full strength. The fighting power of the deer brothers and sisters was not counted, the monkey was completely playing around.

     After listening to Mingyou’s analysis, the two big plushies finally breathed a sigh of relief.     They were a little embarrassed, how could they think that the little spirit beast master who could stand the worst was actually more calm and objective than them. Was it messy because they cared?

    “Probably because I believe in spirit beasts.” Mingyou said, “I believe in Dahei. With his ability, how could he be caught so easily. If it was really dangerous, Dahei will definitely find a way to escape. He hasn’t run away yet, maybe he doesn’t want to hurt the kangaroo, but wants to find a safe way.”

    Seeing Mingyou’s blind trust in the black cat, the polar bear and the big wolf were even more embarrassed. It stood to reason that as people in the know, they were the ones who trusted His Royal Highness the most. In practice, they actually couldn’t compare to the little spirit beast master. Mingyou comforted them with a smile, but his hands trembled in the pockets of his pants.

    In fact, he was also very flustered, but as a spirit beast master, he had to calm down. Moreover, he and Dahei had communicated with each other several times, even if they were in two places, they could vaguely feel each other’s emotional state. Mingyou felt that Dahei wasn’t panicking at all, just a little embarrassed.

    A beast the size of Dahei was snatched away by a kangaroo and stuffed into her nursery pouch. Mingyou could understand Da Hei’s embarrassment. Dahei was only embarrassed, so it must be all right. Mingyou clasped the palm of his hand against the skill card and forced himself to relax.

    Mingyou didn’t know what he could do, but at least he couldn’t let Dabai and Dahui distract their minds to take care of him. He knew that Dahei’s status was absolutely very high, and the two were his subordinates. Although Dahei was often dismissed, he was undoubtedly the backbone of this team. Once the main body was lost, even if one was very reliable, they would lose their calm.

    The little fox regained his senses from the stress. He jumped onto Mingyou’s shoulder and stroked his face with a tail: “Don’t worry.”

   After hearing the little red fox’s soothing words, the polar bear and the wolf It was only then that they noticed the hair on Mingyou’s forehead was wet with sweat. Mingyou was also worried about His Royal Highness, he just forced himself to calm down.

    “Don’t worry, His Majesty will be fine.” The polar bear was very dissatisfied with his performance, and his face showed an angry look, “No big deal,  just freeze His Highness, and then freeze Daqing’s head and legs, leaving only the pouch. You can then take His Highness out of the nursery bag. Most of the toxins will slow down when encountering low temperature, and His Highness can hold on.”

    The big wolf and the red fox nodded at the same time. This was a feasible way. Mingyou couldn’t laugh or cry. Has the name of the kangaroo been decided as Daqing? Will there be more exotic colors later on? Was this name too perfunctory?

    “Location determined.” Although Xiaotian drew a gloating stick figure, he did not relax. He immediately located the light brain and delineated the kangaroo’s position.

     The big kangaroo is not far from their location, just behind the mountain. It could be seen that although her spatial movement distance was much stronger than before, it is not too strong, and everyone was relieved.

     In the end, they decided to all turn into little fluffy balls and strike up a conversation with the big kangaroo who seemed to be friendly to the little ones. Because of his situation, the little red fox may go wrong and turn into a big fox, so he was responsible for taking care of two deer and a yellow monkey.

     The poor monkey, because Mingyou had been continuously giving acupuncture, his favorability was up and down like a roller coaster ride, so he had not been able to sign a contract with Mingyou. The yellow monkey said he could help, he could hit a bunch of kangaroos with one punch.

     When he said this, the few people were even more afraid to let him go. The monkey had no resistance to poison, and if he annoyed the kangaroo, maybe he would really go to heaven.     Mingyou was originally asked to stay, but only he was able to use the poison resistance card, and he repeatedly stated that his poison resistance was also maxed, there was absolutely no problem, and then he was allowed to travel.

    According to the degree of the kangaroo’s care for the weak, Mingyou, a little two-legged beast that was completely incompetent at first glance, may also be under her protection. Mingyou’s safety should be no problem. What’s more, Mingyou had a little bear on his left shoulder and a little gray wolf on his right shoulder. They couldn’t beat the kangaroo two to one. They were quite weak looking.

    Mingyou took the little bear and wolf over the mountain and arrived at the territory. The slope on the other side of the mountain was very gentle, and revealed a vast grassland. There were a few big trees sparsely growing, and the kangaroo’s den was in one of the decayed trees.

    Now, the kangaroo was sitting on the ground, perseveringly trying to feed the little cat. Eating soil… The little cat stubbornly pulled the pouch with two claws, and buried his head on her belly, only showing the kangaroo the back of his head.

    Will not eat soil, firmly will not eat soil, no one can force this cat to eat soil. The kangaroo looked anxious. Why wouldn’t this kid eat?

    “His Royal Highness is still refusing even now.” The gray wolf complained, “Isn’t it just a mouthful of soil, Daqing asked him to eat it, and he should eat it. Maybe this mouthful of soil contains energy like green stone. What’s wrong with taking a bite even if it’s normal earth? What would he do if Daqing gets annoyed and gives him a bite of poisoned milk?”

    The little bear cub nodded gently. Mingyou wanted to speak but stopped. This mouthful of soil did contain energy, but the energy was very weak, and the taste… was like ordinary soil. It was really wrong for Dahei to eat this.

    The kangaroo, who was feeding a child, noticed Mingyou. She jumped up, showed a vigilant look, and set up a boxing posture. But after looking at Mingyou a few times, she sat down again and asked Mingyou to come to her.

    The polar bear and gray wolf cub looked at each other, thinking that Mingyou was right. Mingyou’s affinity for spirit beasts was really too powerful. As soon as Mingyou walked to the kangaroo, the kangaroo handed soil to Mingyou.

    Mingyou thought for a while, and took out a red nutrition cube: “Here, you give me food, and I will give you food.”

    The kangaroo tilted her head, took the red nutrition cube and sniffed, and then yelled in surprise. With a few sounds, the little black cat in the pouch was quickly lifted out, and the nutrition cube was stuffed into the little cat’s mouth.

    Little black cat:???

    “His Royal Highness is out! Grab him!” The bear and wolf pounced at the same time.

    “Crunch!” The kangaroo quickly put the little black cat into Minyou’s arms, and then her two paws accurately grasped the pouncing little bear and gray wolf, and stuffed them one by one into the nursery pouch.

    Little polar bear and gray wolf:???

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