After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 37

Arthur thought about whether the distribution of the biscuits would cause looting. But soon after, he dispelled the doubt. Only a thousand small biscuits. His brother could send someone to deliver the biscuits to the door. If they want to eat it themself, they can unpack it and eat it on the spot. If they want to keep it in exchange for other resources, they must have made an appointment early on how to exchange them.

    The audience who saw this live broadcast room would not be so stupid that they couldn’t even keep a small cookie. Mingyou, who was pulled out as a unit of intelligence for comparison, was very aggrieved. He didn’t lose a little biscuit. Dahei’s habit of despising people with loans like this was very bad and needed to be banned. “You get no biscuits!”

    “Then your cat pillow is gone!”

    Mingyou conceded and offered biscuits with both hands. The red fox was very dissatisfied. Why was the little spirit beast master so obsessed with the cat pillow? Was the fox pillow bad?

    The polar bear’s face showed the vicissitudes of life: “You will know if you sleep with Mingyou all night.” The wolf looked the same: “You don’t understand how bad Mingyou sleeps.”

   The little red fox pushed up his mask with a little paw. He did not believe it! Such a cute little spirit beast master, how could his sleeping appearance be bad!

    The polar bear and the gray wolf said in unison: “Then you try it.”

   The little red fox proudly recommended himself as a pillow. Mingyou was very moved, and immediately put the red fox on the bed. Arthur smiled with disdain. That night, the little fox experienced the infinite horror of being kicked out of bed by Mingyou, and then climbed into bed and then was kicked out of bed. The next day the fox was wilted, and even the original red fur was not shiny. .

    Dahong: “One day His Royal Highness and I had a small quarrel woo, woo when I gave Mingyou a small pillow, he kicked my stomach all over.”

    Wolf: “He invited me when I was a little wolf at the time, my tail almost got gnawed off, he might have been eating food in his dream.”

    Polar bear & wolf: “In short, Mingyou’s territorial awareness when sleeping is very serious, excluding His Highness, including pillows and quilts. Everything else within….” Kicked out of bed! Kicked all out of bed!

    Mingyou squatted in the corner, buried his face on his knees, and said dullly: “Should I go to see a doctor?”

    Arthur said with a stern face, “Actually, I already know why you have ADHD when you sleep at night. ” Mingyou and the fluffies turned their faces to Arthur.

    “Mingyou is hyperactive when he sleeps because although his body has entered sleep, his thinking is very active.” Arthur said, “Research has shown that when a player enters a holographic game, his body will be holographic but still conscious. Active and twitching slightly in the game. So…”

    “Mingyou, you often stay up late at night in your learning brain, right?” Arthur’s eyes shot out death rays.

    Mingyou jumped up and hid behind the polar bear: “No, no, no.”

    Arthur raised his paws: “Be frank and honest.”

    Mingyou opened his mouth: “I say nothing!” The big white bear turned his head back, with condemning expression. He looked at Mingyou.

    Mingyou immediately changed his words: “I didn’t do it, I just slept differently! Dahei, you have no evidence, how can you convict me by conjecture!”

    “There is nothing wrong with guilt !” Mingyou shouted out a powerful slogan impassionedly.

    Arthur’s claws trembled, his ears were level with the top of his head, his tail hung down, and he hit the ground vigorously like a drum. There is a muscle in his head that twitched: “Aren’t you afraid of society? Why do you have such sharp teeth now?”

    “I am afraid of humans and beasts.” He had been protected by the spirit beasts, spoiled even. If the black cat opens his jaws and puts his head in his mouth, he wouldn’t be afraid. Mingyou’s tone was super arrogant, who else would try to stuff a mustard-flavored candy into a liger’s mouth.

    Arthur: “…Do you still want a cat quilt and pillow?”

    Mingyou finally came up with countermeasures for the only means that could threaten him. He lay on the back of the polar bear, and said in a sad tone: “I can’t sleep without a cat quilt and pillow. If I can’t sleep, I will have low energy, and without enough energy, I will get sick. If I am sick, there will be no way to make good food for you. . But there is no way, right? Then let me have insomnia and sickness.”

    All the spirit beasts were shocked. Was this still their silly little spirit beast master! But why was this tone so familiar to them? All the light bulbs on the plushies head were lit with a bang, and their condemning eyes shot towards Arthur. Your Highness!!!!!

    Arthur pointed at himself, his face dumbfounded: “Wait, no, what does it matter to me that he broke his studies? Why do you all think it is my fault!”

    All the plushies: what do you think!

    “What do I think, I think it’s not me.” Arthur said, “maybe he learned from Dabai.”

   Polar bear: Ha ha.

    “It’s also possible that he learned from Dahui.”

    Gray Wolf: Ha ha.

    “Dahong is so capricious, he must have learned it from you?” Sparks appeared from the red fox’s mouth, and his unkind eyes kept looking at Arthur’s fur. He had long been dissatisfied with the cat scarf that was so attractive to the little spirit beastmaster.

    “Of course, although Dalu and Xiaolu are a little silly, it’s still possible.” The two deer looked dumbfounded. Weren’t they acting as part of the scenery? What’s the matter with deer?

    “Right! Mingyou went bad as soon as he returned to the team. It must be Dahuang’s fault?” The monkey who was eating the fruit hiccuped.

    “Anyway, you can’t push it on my head.” Arthur’s paws and tail slap the ground at the same time, super loud.

    The polar bear pulled Mingyou, who was hiding behind him, in front of him, and rubbed Mingyou’s soft black curls: “Mingyou, His Highness is a bad example, don’t learn from him.” 

    The big wolf said: “His Highness has many good aspects, but don’t learn his temperament and character.”

    Although the other fluffy heads were not completely good, they all reflexively nodded. In short, even if they were ignorant, their subconscious mind thought that the wolf was right. Mingyou obediently listened to the advice, even if this matter had been exposed. Arthur’s fluffy face was full of disbelief.

    Wait, weren’t we criticizing Mingyou? Why did it become a criticism of me? Are you so easily diverted by fools? Should the word “stupid” be pinned on your heads? !

    Mingyou made a face at Arthur. The plan to transfer everyone’s attention to Dahei was successful again! Arthur groaned on the ground with anger.

    Mingyou happily went to the RV to continue learning, and the polar bear carried the large black cat’s neck and said:. “You know how Mingyou will not listen, it is better to follow him.”

    “You spoil him, Sooner or later, Mingyou will turn into a bear child.” Arthur said weakly, “He has started to be a bit bearish now.” Betrayed by spoiling!

    “If you think about taking all the time to learn is considered ‘bear-like’, then parents all over the world want their children to be more bear-like.” The wolf said with a blank expression, “It’s not us who favored Mingyou too much, it’s you, Your Highness. Since Mingyou is young and usually has a good mental state, indicating that evening study will not affect his health. Why should you care too much?”

    Arthur maintained the posture of a cat held by the neck, insisting: “It’s not good at night. His sleeping posture is wrong! The holographic mode is no better than sleep! Mingyou is still growing, and it’s very important to have a good sleep! Besides, he has done enough, how can he not even get rest in the evening? Can’t he relax? This is child labor!” Arthur was filled with indignation.

    The polar bear and the big wolf looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Could they say that time was really tight now, and it would be more beneficial for Mingyou to sort out more information? Now their resources were almost all on Mingyou. Although Mingyou didn’t say anything, he must have already felt it faintly in his heart, so he redoubled his efforts. Plus Mingyou was already an adult, what kind of child labor was this?

    “Persuade some more, I hope he can listen.” The polar bear was the first to compromise. Although knowing that the situation was urgent, it was also true that Xiaoyou’s health was more important than anything else.

    The grey wolf rolled his eyes. All of them were like parents who doted on their children. Where did the Prince Arthur and Colonel Herman who killed decisively on the battlefield go? It was said that the youngest son and grandson, the lifeblood of the elderly were to be spoiled, was Mingyou their youngest son or grandson?

    “Let the robot do physical examinations on Mingyou every day. If his body shows any fatigue, please immediately ask him to stop studying at night.” said the wolf, “Mingyou is a sensible and good boy. Show the medical examination report in front of him. He should know how to adjust his schedule.” Fine, the gray wolf gave up resistance. Just spoil, he hasn’t tried to pet anyone before.

    “We can only do this.” The polar bear agreed. Arthur let out a weak “Oh”.

    “There is already a way, why are you still stupid, Your Highness?” The polar bear lifted the black cat and shook him.

    Arthur shrank his paws and let the polar bear sway, like a fur coat: “I think you are pushing yourself too tight now. After he knows the truth, will he be okay?”

    “Even his anxiety? The fear is very serious, but for our sake, he will definitely force himself to deal with those monsters who have more schemes than pores on their bodies. I just think about it, and I feel so sad.”

    As soon as the polar bear’s claws loosened, the black cat turned into a puddle, and slammed it on the ground with a click, turning into a tuft of fur. The polar bear left blankly. The big wolf sighed and left without expression. The other spirit beasts didn’t understand it at first, so they continued to ignore the black cat.

    What was there to worry about in advance for things that haven’t been seen yet? Worry about buying a loan? Besides, when the little spirit beastmaster appeared in front of the public, they would definitely be able to transform back into human form. Wouldn’t they do things like dealing with people? Let the little spirit beast master charge in and fight, Your Highness, was his brain okay? Had it been filled with nutrition cubes?

    This black cat was beyond help, waiting for death and saying goodbye (wave their claws). The big cat lay on the ground and continued to sigh. How could this be called worrying about buying a loan? It was reasonable for him to plan from the worst situation. For example, what if they collectively had diarrhea and couldn’t get out of the toilet? Right? This kind of thing was entirely possible.

    Even the other fluffy animals with amnesia looked at the black cat with deadpan eyes. Although they had no memory, they were not stupid? Even if he planned for the worst, it was not so bad, okay? He might as well say that one day the RV exploded and only the spirit beastmaster was left alone!     

   Arthur fiercely slapped the ground: “For this kind of thing that is likely to happen I have to find a way, even if Mingyou is a silly person, I need to protect him!!!” The others rushed away and didn’t want to pay attention to the nervous cat. This black cat was beyond help, waiting for death.

    He was a cat, and he would have the big cat disease at some point. As a big black cat, Arthur could not resist this universal truth. Arthur had been very neurotic recently. With the help of Xiaotian, his plan “How to protect Mingyou from being foolish in various situations” had tens of thousands of words – of course, these are all what he said, Xiaotian sorted out each day. His paws couldn’t type that many words.

    When he gave the plan to the other plushies to discuss together, the group of beasts was shocked by the name and turned into a large-scale exhibition of stone sculptures.    

   “Your Royal Highness, I think you should change the name of this plan.” When the polar bear began to use honorifics, it showed that he was going to spit poison. “How about the rules?” 

   The wolf waved his paws expressionlessly: “Agree, seconded.”

     Mingyou, who had finished studying, walked over and took a look at the plan printed by Arthur. Mingyou was censored, and he could only see the title of each chapter. Each chapter name was in “what if XXX” format: “Dahei, are you writing a novel?”

     “Yes, I’m writing, if we have an accident, how you will survive by yourself .” Arthur complained to himself.

     Mingyou blinked, and said in doubt, “If you are all dead, why would I still be alive?”

     All the spirit beast’s fur rose. The polar bear palmed his forehead: “Your Royal Highness, I think we should indeed discuss the topic you mentioned before.” 

   The gray wolf had a blank expression, and his tone was dry: “Seconded, I agree.”

    Mingyou patted his forehead: “That’s right! How can I go with you right away! Of course I have to avenge you first! Let me think about how to do that… Ah!”

    Arthur’s paw pushed Mingyou into the kitchen: “Mingyou, go cook your meal! Don’t think about the things that are there or not!”


    “No buts! Mingyou! Give me a meal immediately!”

    “I’m not round and can’t be rolled.” Mingyou muttered as he walked to the kitchen.

    Wasn’t it talking about novels? As a veteran of online novels, he had 10,000 methods of revenge development in his mind. After dinner, he would discuss with Dahei again. Maybe after using his ideas, Dahei could become a popular writer cat! Then he was also proud of this as a spirit beast master.

    “Would you like to hire a psychiatrist for Xiaoyou, I think his mental state is really worrying.” The red fox shifted his mask and said in a deep voice.

    The three big plushies looked at the little fox, “Xianluo, are you awake?”

    Xianluo: “Woke up, when the little spirit beast master said, “Why would I still be alive? But the energy in my body is not enough. Although I woke up, I may not have much time every day. It’s better for me to keep the state of the little fox.”

    The polar bear sighed: “Understood. Like Yan Yi before, he will have intermittent convulsions, right? It’s okay, when you have amnesia, it’s easier to deal with than Yan Yi, at least you won’t tear my pillow and bite my tail. “

    Yan Yi’s face was slightly stiff. After he woke up, he never confronted the polar bear, just because he was worried about the black history when the white bear mentioned his silliness. However, it seemed that even if he tried his best to avoid it, he couldn’t escape the disaster.

    Yan Yi thought, let’s continue to fight the polar bear in the future :). The polar bear glanced at the big bad wolf, his face was disdainful. Afraid of you?

    Xianluo Fox covered his mouth with his little paw, and laughed: “Well, don’t fight you two, Mingyou will be worried. Your Highness, do you have a trusted counselor?”

    “Yes , but I don’t think Mingyou will open up to others. He has too many secrets. At least half of his current personality and psychological problems come from his unforgettable past life. If he wants to undergo counseling, he must confess his secrets. Although I think the psychologist we brought here is worthy of trust, Mingyou will never trust him.”     

   “Although he didn’t hide his previous life, he never took the initiative to tell you, right?” Arthur said, “The more people who know his secrets, the greater psychological pressure. He thinks that we are beasts connected to his life, not people, so he will trust us excessively. We tell others about him would be like betraying him.”

     Xianluo fell into thought. After a long while, he sighed and said: “It is true. We can only find a way to relieve the dark side of his heart.”

     “In fact, don’t worry too much, as long as we are well, he will be fine.” Arthur said. “I have connected with him in my heart several times and saw that he has tied all hope to us.” It was     tied to him. Arthur added in his heart. “So it’s okay.” Arthur waved his paw. “Although he depends on me, I can’t fall down.”

    Xianluo’s two small claws were close together, and leaned over to Arthur: “Yes, it will not be a problem to rely on His Royal Highness.” It was like when on the battlefield, all the soldiers’ hopes are pinned on His Royal Highness. His Royal Highness will never lose hope at the same time.

    “But I still have to discuss it carefully, at least he must be cured of his human phobia.” Arthur became handsome for a few seconds, and then sighed on the ground. “Can you imagine him knowing that we are behind us? Anyway, I dare not think about it.”

    Xianluo raised his head and switched his child state in a second. Sorry, he didn’t want to think about it. The polar bear and wolf shared looks, and decided not to be an enemy of the other side for the time being, and united to solve this large problem.

    The yellow monkey scratched his head, and the two deer gently rubbed each other’s ears. Who? What was a person? Were we not spirit beasts? What was this big black cat talking about? Why didn’t they understand? Forget it, this was too complicated, don’t think about it.

    The yellow monkey scratched his head again and went to the kitchen to help the little spirit beast master cook. This group of beasts was also something. Letting the little bald monkey cook so much food.

    “It’s fine if Leo wakes up, he has a lot of ghosts.” Arthur looked at the inexplicably mature, reliable, gentle and honest monkey, and sighed repeatedly in his heart. Who knew that when Leo lost his mind, he turned into the stereotypical old helpful monkey? 

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