After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 36

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Tan Chenxi sat on the torn bed sheet again, opened the live broadcast room, ready to watch the live broadcast. His Tibetan fox roommate was lying at his feet, with a big bag on his head.

    Tan Chenxi kicked him while his eyes never left the live screen: “You are hiding. Fox is a fox. I was excited to split living costs with you, but how much have we spent on dorm renovations!!!!!!” The fox roommate cried with both front paws holding his head. He didn’t want to, he couldn’t control himself!

    “Didn’t you participate in training? Didn’t they teach you how to control yourself during the training?” Tan Chenxi was panicked. After he became a spirit beast, would he also look like a ghost? Right, his phobia of spirit beasts had reignited.

    The Tibetan fox raised his head, opened his squinted eyes, and said with a holographic teleprompter: “Yes, but it’s useless. It is said that if you get used to the shape of your spirit beast, you can control it. Am I not a new spirit beast? Lack of control is normal.”

    “I am afraid to say more, you really are new, but no improvement has happened. “Tan Chenxi said with a poisonous tongue, “With your wide face and squinting, going out would be a joke. “

    Tibetan fox roommate TAT. When humans had small eyes, they were pitiful enough. Why did they get even smaller after become spirit beasts? Can’t they give him big fluttering eyes? Otherwise, eyes like ordinary foxes would do!

    The seniors in the barracks did not call him by name, even by species, they called him wide-faced fox, squint-eyed fox, and even emoji fox. Bullying recruits was too far!

    Obviously there were other small-eyed comrades, after they became spirit beasts, they all had beautiful eyes. There was not much difference between his spirit beast and human beings! He would rather have eyes like a bear than his squinting ones!

    The Tibetan fox roommate took out his collection of idol photos. Look, with the same type of eyes, Xianluo was a big beautiful fox, and he was an emoji. Seeing his roommate holding Xianluo’s photo again, Tan Chenxi couldn’t help kicking him again: “Don’t cry, the live broadcast is starting!” 

    The Tibetan fox sniffed and put away the photos and paid attention to the stream. Tan Chenxi touched his forehead, took out a towel and wiped the saliva while gritting his teeth, lest he drip drool all over the place. What kind of magic was there in this live broadcast room, the broadcast had not yet started, yet his roommate was beginning to drool?

    “Hello everyone, I…ah!” Before Mingyou finished his opening remarks, he was hit in the head with a bunch of branches. The silly plushies who were playing dodgeball with the monkey saw that they were in trouble and immediately disappeared.

    “Don’t play with food!” Mingyou pulled the branches off his head and loudly reprimanded, “Otherwise, today’s snack is gone! Nothing!”

    The two young deer hiding behind the tree trunk immediately jumped out and walked obediently in front of Mingyou. Bowed their heads and admitted their mistake. The little red fox stuck his tongue out and stood up to Mingyou. For the sake of his beauty, don’t be angry!

    “Dahong!” Mingyou said helplessly, “If you get into trouble, you will act cute. Who did you learn this from?” The little fox blinked and tilted his head. Was he not cute? Was he not beautiful?

    “Cute, lovely, and beautiful, but don’t change the subject.” Mingyou knelt down and flicked the fox’s ears. “First apologize and admit mistakes.” 

   The little red fox unhappily shook his tail and his ears drooped “Wow.” The spirit beast master was so strict! Actually indifferent to his beauty! Okay, just apologize if he wanted it. This fox will cherish food in the future and will not play around again.

    “This is good.” Mingyou praised, “Dahong is indeed the most beautiful fox in the Star Alliance in heart and appearance!” The little red fox raised his ears and his head in pride. That’s right, this fox is the most beautiful fox in the Star League! This fox forgave the spirit beast master’s sternness!

    “Uh…who is that little red fox? Wasn’t this the live broadcast room of Ten Heroes?” Tan Chenxi asked.

    “Are you too worried about your brother, you didn’t hear anything about the live broadcast room I introduced to you?” After entering the holographic live broadcast room, the fox roommate could finally use the voice mode without the teleprompter. “The little red fox is my idol Xianluo. The spirit beast master can make spirit beasts who trust him smaller.” 

   “Why make the spirit beasts smaller?” Tan Chenxi was puzzled.

    “I sent you the information, please read it for yourself, don’t disturb me while watching the live broadcast.” The Tibetan fox flicked his tail, “Ah, Senior Xianluo is so beautiful. I wish I could be so beautiful too.”

    Tan Chen Xi: “…” He thought about his roommate who wanted to be beautiful. Then almost spit out more remarks. After reading the information given by the Tibetan fox roommate, Tan Chenxi finally understood the power of this young spirit beast master.

    In the past two days, he had been trying to contact his mother’s old friend at Sky Blue Star to inquire about his younger brother. He was really not interested in the live broadcast room. He didn’t even look at the information his roommate gave him.

    The fact that spirit beasts were energy life forms had long been ascertained by the Star Alliance, but no one has ever mentioned that after energy was compressed, it could enhance the self-healing power of spirit beasts. According to common thought, it was impossible for people to rejuvenate, so no one had studied that. But thinking about it carefully, after the energy body is compressed, shrinking was not an incomprehensible thing.

    Tan Chenxi cast his eyes on the young man who was introducing the new food. When he saw his soft black curly hair, a strange sense of familiarity emerged in his heart. He raised his hand and touched his hair, knowing where the familiarity came from.

    “Curly hair is not easy to manage.” Tan Chenxi said. He usually straightened his hair, but at the moment he had no time to take care of his hair, so it became curly again.

    After discovering the similar hair, Tan Chenxi looked at the spirit beast master, the more familiar he became. “My brother should be about the same age as him.” Tan Chenxi suddenly felt depressed.

    The Tibetan fox scratched his ears with his hind legs. Here it comes, Tan Chenxi’s unique “Brother Vision”, he thought of his brother when he saw anything.

    “Get up, doesn’t the joyful atmosphere in the live broadcast room make you happy?” The Tibetan fox roommate said, “I hope you can quickly break through the bottleneck and become a spirit beast. After you become a spirit beast, what are human problems? The troubles are gone, the resulting feeling is super happy.”

    Tan Chenxi: “…” No, he didn’t want to fly in the air, thank you. Today’s phobia of spirit beasts was doubled.

    “Today’s ingredients are also available to everyone.” Mingyou introduced the fruits and leaves found by the yellow-haired monkey. “Today I will make biscuits. The taste and nutrition are not worse than nutrition cubes.”

    “ I have recorded live broadcasts so many times, but I have never given the viewers benefits. This time I will send…” Mingyou paused, then turned to ask the black cat, “Dahei, how many should we send?” 

    The big cat stood up. His fluffy self helped Mingyou use the machine: “Pick a thousand copies, one biscuit for each one.”

    Mingyou hesitated: “One piece? Is this too stingy?”

    The black cat looked disgusted: “Then you do it. A thousand cans of biscuits are given away. How long are you going to go without sleep? Or are you only going to give away one can of biscuits?”

    Mingyou continued to hesitate. Although…the lottery only drew a cookie, was this too stingy?

    The black cat pushed Mingyou’s head with his paw and said, “Then ask the audience in the live broadcast room, should they draw a thousand people for a thousand cookies, or choose one lucky audience member to get a thousand cookies?”

   The polar bear immediately turned on voting for five minutes. Not surprisingly, the option of drawing a thousand people, each one getting a cookie won with the majority.

    “Everyone is really good, one cookie will do.” Mingyou was shocked when he heard the result of the vote.

    The little wolf sighed on the head of the big bear. The focus of the spirit beastmaster was always subtly different from normal people. This voting focus had nothing to do with one cookie or a jar of biscuits, but a question between one lucky person and a thousand lucky people.

    “That’s it.” Mingyou rolled up his sleeves, put on his apron, took a look at the cat and bear on his body, took out two aprons and two pairs of gloves and put them on. Mingyou squeezed his chin, tilted his head and looked for a while, always feeling that something was missing.

    “Chef hat?” The little wolf spoke.

    Mingyou suddenly realized: “Yes! There are also hats!” He took out two hats to put on the black cat and the polar bear: “So that fur won’t fall into the food!”

    Black cat & polar bear: ” ……” The gray wolf smiled and fell to the grass, his paws kept hitting the ground. Hahahahahaha, grandpa liger and grandpa bear!

    The big cat and bear looked at each other, and said in unison: “Dahui’s head is already healed, let him work with us when he grows larger.”

    “Yes.” Mingyou’s body flashed, and the little pup who was rolling on the ground turned into a big bad wolf, “Come on! Uniform, uniform!”

    Big bad wolf: “…” The black cat smiled like a tiger. The big bear smirked. “Hello, grandpa wolf.” 

   Mingyou: “Yes! Dahui really looks like a grandpa wolf with a scarf around his neck, plus an apron and a soft hat. Dahui, do you want to wear an apron and a soft hat? What about a pink one? Does it look more like this?”

  Wolf: “No thanks!”

    The yellow-haired monkey jumped from the tree and pointed to himself. What about his?

    “Dahuang does not need to work. You wait for the food.” Mingyou smiled, “Would you like to help me carry the fruit?” The yellow monkey nodded.

    Although the monkey ate and drank with Mingyou and the others, and treated Mingyou quite well, his favorability was always so low that Mingyou could not turn the big monkey into a little one for the time being. However, the level of favorability should fill up quickly after a meal.

    Arthur complained that if Mingyou hadn’t used a needle to prick Dahuang’s head, his favorability would have reached the target level. Mingyou was very wronged. He just helped Dahuang to heal. After Dahuang woke up, he would definitely understand his painstaking efforts!

    Arthur continued to complain. After the monkey became sober, it was assumed that the joke of “finding a needle in a haystack” would still become a psychological shadow. Mingyou was very angry at Arthur’s poisonous tongue and broke off with the cat for a second. In short, although the monkey was very big, his memory had not come back. There was no way to manipulate the machine and could only do the rough work of moving the food.

    “Forgot to tell everyone, this is the new Dahuang. These ingredients were found by him.” Mingyou originally wanted to complain about such a simple matter in the live broadcast, why couldn’t the spirit beast research scholars think of it.

    But he knew his identity, and he couldn’t fight those people. He also didn’t want to cause trouble to Dahei and the others, so he reluctantly smiled, “So everyone can rest assured, even if the usual food is not enough, when everyone is hungry, When you rely on instinctive activities, you can definitely find the right food on your own.”

    “Dahuang’s head was scarred by a wild beast but it doesn’t matter, because the injury will heal itself, and after the spirit beast regains his rationality, the memory of when he loses his sanity will become blurred.”

    Mingyou moved his hand. A large, half-person high hatchet chopped down a bunch of twigs and sprouts. “It doesn’t matter at all.” He chopped. “Even if it hurts at the time, he will forget it later anyway.” Mingyou continued to chop. “Spirit beasts are very smart, they can protect themselves without the help of others.” He chopped and chopped.

    After chopping up the branches and leaves in front of him, Mingyou raised his head and raised a smiley face: “So don’t worry.”

   The big black cat raised a paw and covered his eyes, and the corners of his mouth were twitching frantically.

    What was yin and yang dissonance? This was the so-called dissonance. It’s so silly that he didn’t know that he was giving mixed signals, he was still very wronged in his heart, thinking that he was making excuses for others.

    It was so funny! The polar bear and the big wolf looked at each other, showing helpless smiles. The yellow monkey shivered behind the tree trunk. Behind the big monkey, there were three little animals trembling as well. The little spirit beast master seemed to be angry, and the appearance of the hatchet chopping branches was terrible!

    “Sigh… That little spirit beast master is so violent.” The fox roommate hugged his tail and shrank into a big plush ball.

    Tan Chenxi touched the stubble on his chin and asked, “Since the spirit beast knows what to eat that is most useful to them, if you install a tracker for the spirit beast, can you know the diet of a spirit beast?”

    The Tibetan fox side glanced at Tan Chenxi and said, “Why didn’t I find you so stupid before?”

    Tan Chenxi: “…”

    The Tibetan fox roommate sighed: “A spirit beast will not return to its instinct until they are about to die. Before the Zerg invasion, which spirit beast would be driven to a dying desperate situation? The elders wanted to capture a few spirit beasts for human experimentation. His Majesty turned into a lion and lay on the operating table. The whole scene was broadcast live, letting them cut the knife. They were dissauded.” 

    Tan Chenxi: “…”

    Tibetan fox roommate: “Watch the live broadcast, it’s very profound. You only know the training and the little brain can’t understand it. I don’t know if after you turn into a spirit beast, if your head becomes bigger, will your brain capacity become bigger.”

    Tan Chenxi: “…” Was this dead fox too arrogant? If he won a cookie, he must gnaw it bit by bit in front of the fox, and leave him no crumbs!

    The Tibetan fox roommate opened his slit eyes and disdainfully glanced at Tan Chenxi. Just relying on his extreme darkness, when he was on the battlefield, he meet an enemy raid by sending materials to the rear line, and he wanted to get a cookie? Who gave him the courage?

    Tan Chenxi opened the pendant of his necklace. Inside was a picture of a thin woman sitting on the bedside of a hospital bed and holding a small baby: “It was given by my mother and my brother.” The Tibetan fox roommate said nothing. The garbage roommate brought out the heavenly mother and lost brother. What else would he dare to say? Anyway, it was a turnaround.

    Other viewers in the live broadcast room were also shaking. Even if the dissonance was weird, they actually wanted to have the strangeness. But at the same time he was giving mixed signals, could he not chop branches with a hatchet? Although they killed Zerg on the battlefield without blinking, did Mingyou still remember his weak, pitiful, well-behaved and pure character? This contrast made the audience feel uncomfortable!

    Besides, they had already seen the strength of the spirit beast master, and if this hatchet went down, he might be able to chop off the head of a spirit beast. Shudder.

    Speaking of which, the monkey should be Leo, right? Legend had it that Leo was originally a pirate, born humble and cruel, and many people opposed His Royal Highness taking him to his side. Even though Leo had made many contributions, the military had never eased up on him. There were also rumors that Leo bullied people with merit and often stole things from others.

    Leo had always been with Prince Arthur, doing secret and dangerous work, even if they were both S-ranks, they rarely saw Leo. Now when they looked at the live broadcast room, where did that hard working monkey look like a bad apple?

    The yellow monkey was startled by Mingyou’s hatchet. After hiding behind the tree and shaking for a while, he leaned forward to help. From moving things to being motionless, the yellow monkey looked at the little spirit beast master like a little monkey of his own species, very affectionate and kind. At first glance, he was a good-tempered monkey. Who used to spread rumors? Just because Leo had no family background, he could be smeared at will, right?

    Nowadays they were all monkey fans! Protect our industrious and kind monkey! The beasts of the monkey species had sent messages to support Dahuang. This was the only monkey among the ten heroes. He must be protected!

    The star chasing audience covered their noses, tsk, the atmosphere had turned too pink. Dahuang didn’t know that he had a group of fans. He was standing in front of a big machine, curiously watching Mingyou bring out a bunch of tools.

    “Don’t play with the tools.” Mingyou stopped, “After you recover your memory, I will teach you how to do it.”

    “Viewers in the live broadcast room, there is no food processor suitable for spirit beasts. I use the existing ingredients to cook. Now I’m going to make one. My actions will be slowed down a bit, so everyone can record the screen in advance. Today, the ingredients in the live broadcast room are all available outside, and everyone can follow along at home according to the screen recording tutorial. You can make delicious and nutritious biscuits yourself.”

    “I heard from Dahei that the audience watching the live broadcast is very, very powerful. It is very simple to modify the machine. You can watch it again.” Mingyou said, and modified it. After remodeling the machine while wearing special gloves, overalls, and splash masks, Mingyou began to control the cooking.

    The black cat, polar bear, and gray wolf immediately moved away, and took away the two deer and little red fox. The monkey tilted his head and didn’t understand why these fluffies suddenly backed away.

    When Mingyou’s torch ejected a powerful flame, countless sparks burst from the poor cooking machine, and the monkey screamed in fright. He waved his arms angrily and roared at the big cat, bear and wolf. Since they knew! Why don’t they remind him?

    The elderly liger, polar bear, and gray wolf raised their heads to the sky at the same time pretending to be mentally handicapped. The beast was old and their ears were bad, what was he talking about?

    Dahuang: “…” There seemed to be something in his mind about taking action. There was a gate in his head, shutting some very important things inside. Whenever he thought about it, his head faintly hurt.

    Now, stimulated by these three funny beast elders, the gate in the golden monkey’s head had a gap, and the memory trickled in, turning into countless fragments entering his mind. These fragmentary images, without exception, were a few pieces. You fix me, I make you, the beast bites the beast, and the noisy scenes filled the golden monkey’s heart.

    He thought at the beginning, Leo hit the group one by one… Wait, who was Leo? Wasn’t he called Dahuang? The monkey fell into contemplation, the gap between the gates was again blocked, and the fragmented picture turned into mist, merged into the monkey’s subconscious, waiting for the next awakening.

    Mingyou deliberately teased Dahuang, waving the welding torch around. Seeing that the big yellow monkey was scared away, Mingyou showed a tricky smirk and continued to explain how to transform the cooking machine.

    “To extract the energy of these ingredients, a special environment is needed. Do you know molecular cuisine? The energy extracted from food is similar to the principle of using molecular science to make food. Temperature, air pressure, and electromagnetic wave frequency all have a great impact on the ingredients. For specific criteria, I will let Dahei into the live broadcast room later, so everyone can do it by themselves.”

    “Dahei has helped me apply for a patent, I will provide it to everyone for free, so everyone can use it without worry. As for patents by unscrupulous vendors, don’t get scammed.”

    “The life of spirit beasts is not easy. I don’t know how much money was scammed by useless nutrition products. Now I can save a little bit for everyone. Everyone, unite and support yourself. Be self-sufficient for food and clothing, and no longer be restrained by bad businessmen.” Mingyou felt resentment in his heart, and sensibly told himself not to say more, he couldn’t help muttering and complaining.

    The spirit beasts in the live broadcast collectively tilted their heads in bewilderment. Um… Your Majesty, what strange things did he say to the young spirit beast master, he seemed to have a little bit of misunderstanding about them?

    In the eyes of the little spirit beast master, why were the spirit beasts weak, pitiful and helpless, like the lowest level of society? Did he not know that the so-called spirit beasts were the strongest S-level superpowers? They were the top class of the Star Alliance. Moreover, most of the spirit beast nutrition industry nowadays was concentrated in the hands of the families that had spirit beasts. So…Was it true that they pitted themselves?

    The spirit beasts fell into contemplation. It seems that they really cheated themselves? Convex (艹艹艹)!!!!! They couldn’t bear this. Money was in their hands, and power was in their hands. Why did they have to suffer so much? Didn’t they want money and power to make their life better? Otherwise, what did they want those things for?!

    After becoming a spirit beast, their human mindset was subtly reversed, and the spirit beasts who acted on instinct rolled all over, feeling that they were very wronged. The most tragic thing was that a small part of this grievance was still something they asked for!

    “I told my father that if he doesn’t support Little Spirit Beastmaster, he will starve his son to death!” 

   “I’ll have a fight with my parents when I go back! To grow fruit trees, I will eat when I am full and then I will say whether to sell or not.”

    “I have bought so many resources to raise barren stars, but I still can’t eat enough, this person does it?”

    “What’s the use of asking for money? When I am hungry and have nothing to eat, I don’t have a doctor to see if I am sick, can money buy a little spirit beastmaster?”

    “First get a small biscuit, taste the taste, the holographic sympathy in the live broadcast is uncountable. If the biscuits are really delicious and nutritious, who would be happy to eat raw meat?!”

    “First of all, you must be able to get small biscuits.”

    “Never mind, is the anchor not teaching us how to modify the cooking machine? We’re powerful S-class warriors, hand-made warships are no problem, can a little cooking function stump us?! That’s right!”

    Mingyou took out a bunch of parts: “First of all, we have to replace this.”

    The audience: “What is this?”

    Mingyou released his heart sense: “It is best to use your heart to debug the electromagnetic force fluctuations first. So that the frequencies of the two are as similar as possible.”

    Audience: “Where does the power of the heart come from?” 

   Mingyou explored the energy fluctuations around you one by one: “If you have a spirit beast by your side, the energy waves can be matched to them. The food produced in this way will be more suitable to the taste and nutritional needs of different spirit beasts.”

    Audience: “So, where do you find a spirit beast master?”

    Mingyou combined the machine: “Isn’t it easy to transform like this?”

    Audience: “Yes, it is easy. I have learned that only one spiritual beast master is left, so please tell me where the spiritual beast teacher comes from. Will it be distributed by the country?”

    Mingyou: “We can make biscuits now!”

    Audience: “Please answer me! Where does a spirit beast master come from! Is the country distributing one in a package!?”

    Mingyou began to happily purify the energy food and bake it into small biscuits. The air exuded an attractive fragrance, and its energy fluctuations were indeed very different from previous foods. It must be said that this was a bit similar to greenstone.

    But greenstone’s temptation for them was more of a desire for energy. But this time the little biscuits really conquered their perceptions from the perspective of deliciousness. Just the smell when roasted was so mouth-watering. If they could eat the small biscuits, it must be indescribable happiness, right?

    The spirit beasts raised their paws, wiped the corners of their mouths, and stared at the lottery page. So, which lucky audience members could get a cookie? If the nickname will be announced in the live broadcast, could we… a group of fluffy people who wanted to do bad things were ready to move. 

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