After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 35

“It is said that there is a way to make a perpetual motion machine. As long as two cats hold their paws together, according to the theory that cats always land on their feet, the two cats will form a perpetual motion machine.”

    “Haha Haha, Dahei, don’t hit me!” The little cat laid on top of Mingyou’s head and slapped his forehead vigorously. He was so angry! Wasn’t it a sudden onset of obsessive-compulsive disorder! Mingyou laughed! Dared to laugh!

    After being washed, the color of his fur became more radiant, and the monkey gleaming like gold scratched his head. Was the little bald monkey being bullied? But why did the bald monkey laugh so loudly?

    The gray wolf glanced at the yellow-haired monkey. Was he stupid? His Royal Highness paw has been moving for so long, and there was not even a red mark on the boy’s forehead. Did he believe him when said he hit hard?

    The yellow-haired monkey scratched his head again. It was too complicated for the monkey to understand. After the yellow-haired monkeys returned to the team, they naturally had to hold a naming meeting again.

    Mingyou: “Speaking of a monkey, it is naturally Sun Wukong!”

    “Then it is Dahuang.”

    Mingyou: “You may not know what Sun Wukong means. I will tell you a summary of Journey to the West!”

    “Sure enough it should be Dahuang.”

    Mingyou: “In fact, it’s not bad to be called Big Brother.”

    “What else can yellow fur be named after then Dahuang? I decided it to be Dahuang.”

    Mingyou: “…Shouldn’t it be Dajing anyway? He is obviously a golden monkey?”

    “Who agrees and who opposes? Okay, unanimously approved. You will be called Dahuang in the future.” Arthur clapped his paws.

    Minyou, whose vote didn’t count, could only squat in the corner and draw circles. The yellow-haired monkey continued to scratch his head. Dahuang was fine, he didn’t care much about the name. But the little bald monkey seemed to be sad, should he comfort him?

    Arthur jumped on Dahuang’s head: “Why do you always scratch your head? Are there any fleas on your head?” Arthur pulled back the monkey’s fur to reveal a large scar.

    Arthur: “…You Stupid!!!”

    Mingyou was frightened by the kitten’s scream and jumped up like a startled creature: “What’s wrong…what’s wrong? Such a big scar! Let me take a look!” Arthur jumped aside, and Mingyou began to examine the monkey’s wounds. After an inspection, Mingyou found that the wound had been caused by the teeth of a wild beast, not an old wound suffered on the battlefield.

    “There is a clot in the brain. This blood clot may be the culprit causing Dahuang’s amnesia.” The system’s treatment device was very advanced and could directly perform in depth scans. Mingyou said after the examination, “There is not much blood, and it is wrapped in energy. Thank God spirit beasts are energy life forms. Daily massage and acupuncture should speed up the absorption of the congestion.”

    Mingyou took out the acupuncture box from the system space and opened it with a “pop”. There were neatly arranged rows of silver needles of various lengths. The longest silver needle was actually palm-length. The numerous fluffy people who were demented and not demented stepped back together, looking at Mingyou with horrified eyes. Use this stuff to pierce their heads? He was sure?

    “Don’t worry! No problem!” Mingyou patted his chest, but no one believed him.

    The yellow-haired monkey shrank behind the big polar bear, hugging his knees and shaking. This monkey can’t do it! No way!

    “It doesn’t hurt, it really doesn’t hurt.” Mingyou said, “Don’t hide from the doctor, this is an energy stone acupuncture box, this is the only one in the All Star Alliance, I have not found a substitute, it is super precious! Believe me, what is wrong with it?!”

    Arthur felt that he was too small and felt very insecure, so he changed back to liger form, trying to use his huge size to strengthen his courage: “Xiaoyou, are you sure it’s okay to stick these needles?”

   The polar bear glanced at him. He took a look at his prince. Why wasn’t he called silly at this time? Your Highness, I have never seen you so cautious before.

    “It’s really okay.” Mingyou tried to widen his eyes, trying to make his expression look convincing, “Although I haven’t tried it on spirit beasts, it must be fine!”

    He was a S-level in the system. Acupuncture and moxibustion final exam passed! As long as it was an energy life form, he could show it to them! Although he hasn’t tried it on the spirit beast… Even the polar bear shuddered.

    “Why haven’t I seen you use it before?” Arthur’s face wrinkled, and he was very worried. It was not that he didn’t believe in Mingyou, it was just that… this head piercing was different from other places. Mingyou couldn’t produce convincing evidence, he really didn’t dare to let him get started. What a big liger!

    “It’s too expensive, I only redeemed it now.” Mingyou said.

    All the fluffy animals knew that Mingyou had a learning light brain. Like the light brain when they were in school, they must complete exams and homework to get credits before they can get rewards from the light brain.

    But this was not the point they wanted to understand. To pierce their head or something… “Try to find a wild beast first.” Arthur finally made a decision and waved a paw, “If the wild beast is okay, let’s have a look. His head is so big. A single wound is fine, and there is no big problem with being pierced by a needle.”

    The little gray wolf frowned: “Your Highness, please think twice.”

    Arthur said: “The problem in Dahuang’s head, don’t believe Mingyou, can you believe other people? Do we dare to ask another doctor to perform brain surgery on Dahuang?” The gray wolf was speechless.

    According to common sense, the medical skills of the old doctors who had been in medicine for many years were naturally more trustworthy than the little spirit beast master. But now they had determined that psychic animology was fundamentally wrong. In other words, the correct treatment plan may be completely different. After the spirit beast body is injured, if it cannot return to its human form, it could almost heal itself. So Mingyou had no experience, and the doctors were also inexperienced.

    The veterans of the Academy of Sciences once said that they wanted to “practice” with spirit beasts. But donating the corpse was nothing more than human experimentation that didn’t have scientific principles was tantamount to murder. Since the progress of science required spirit beasts to make sacrifices, why not choose to let the little spirit beast master who had saved them work?

    “It’s really okay.” Mingyou slapped his head, and then remembered that in this world, acupuncture was not common. “I will pass on the theory to you. Although the body structure of energy bodies mimics living things, they are still essentially the same. So the silver needles wrapped in energy will not be recognized by the immune system as a foreign body, causing rejection.”

    “These silver needles are good energy conductors… It’s hard to explain, let’s take a look at the information!” Only then did the little silly Mingyou pass the relevant information to them. There were texts, videos, and pictures in the materials, which were simple and easy to understand. After all, this was the most basic treatment in the game world, which was almost the same as tying a band-aid.

    The new information was an improved version suitable for this world after the system combined the information of the spirit beast. When Mingyou perfected the encyclopedia of spirit beasts, the system’s database was constantly enriched, and many skill trees cultivated by spirit beasts were added. Mingyou now spent knowledge points like water, and secretly entered the system to learn every night.

    Now he dared to pat his chest proudly, even Dahei, who used him as a pillow and quilt, didn’t notice that he stayed up late to study again. Mingyou blabbed his mouth when introducing the information, and Arthur looked suspicious. His eyes seemed to be looking at which part of Mingyou was good, then opened his big mouth, and bit this young man who never learned how to behave to death.

    The polar bear pawed his forehead. The little wolf shrugged silently. Right, he just said that the little spirit beast master was raised by His Royal Highness to be more and more similar to His Highness. Sincerely admit his mistakes but never correct them after repeated teaching.

    Mingyou also found out that he was overwhelmed and then missed his mouth. He covered his mouth in horror and shook his head vigorously. That wasn’t what he meant, Dahei let him explain!

    The black cat vigorously shook his head, his ears flattening. He wasn’t listening, Mingyou was a fool! After the yellow-haired monkey is rescued, let’s see how he can clean you up! At least thinking about it and reviewing it by hand, absolutely indispensable!

    Mingyou QAQ. He didn’t want to be overwhelmed anymore.

    “Your light brain is not only a learning system, but also has very powerful data processing capabilities. It is equivalent to a super light brain.” Arthur gave Mingyou a vicious look before he started to talk business, “I will help you with this. When you report it, say that your light brain is a super light brain that integrates all the research data of the whole spirit beast planet, and it is the crystallization of the knowledge of spirit beast masters.”

    “This super light brain is bound to your genetics, and only you can use it. It is also equivalent to a learning light brain. Only when you pass the exam and learn enough knowledge can you unlock the next system ability.”

    “In addition to study and exams, other methods of unlocking will cause the light brain to self-destruct. The catastrophe of spirit beast master civilization made them not believe in anyone other than your descendants.”

    “Do you understand?” Arthur asked. Mingyou nodded hard. He understood! Should…should?

    “I’ll sort out this passage and send it to you. You will memorize it.” Arthur stuck out his paw and shook Mingyou’s head from side to side. The tofu in his head was mixed with water and frozen. Fool! Arthur’s two cat paws held Mingyou’s head and shook violently, wishing to shake out all the tofu residue in his head, almost causing a concussion.

    The little wolf lay on the ground and sighed. He hoped that his companions would wake up quickly, and they would work together to protect this little fool. Although the gray wolf looked disgusted, his eyes were full of smiles.

    Perhaps for this group of warriors who had seen too much darkness, although Mingyou was so talented in the cultivation of knowledge and music of spirit beasts, other aspects were simpler and easier to understand than white paper. They would accept him as their family without any complaints. After all, they had encountered enough betrayals.

    Mingyou was disgusted by the fluffy family he raised, but his treatment plan passed. It was not that the spirit beasts didn’t have the courage to dedicate themselves to science, but had to give a more reliable plan. Like the kind of application submitted by the Academy of Sciences, “I don’t know what to study, first try to dissect a spirit beast”, who would agree to it?

    Arthur snorted, when he was in the video with his eldest brother, he slapped the printed academic papers: “Look, even the naive Mingyou suspected that there is a problem with the spirit beast research system of our Star Alliance. Asked me whether recording the life habits of wild beasts, or starting daily observation of spirit beasts, would not make the cultivation and learning of the spirit beasts look like this.”

    “What could I say, I could only fool him, saying that everyone was just looking in the wrong direction. In fact, they were still working hard. Serious my foot! The Star Alliance has been at peace for too long. The S-level supernatural powers have become displays, and easy to use, just like a tactical threat weapon. Many people in the alliance don’t even bother to do maintenance, and they say that the people in remote regions are still grazing. With this money, it would be better to improve people’s livelihood!”

    “Anyway, there is no war in the Star Alliance! As a result, war broke out. The logistics couldn’t keep up, the medical treatment couldn’t keep up, and the cooperation couldn’t keep up. It all relied on the life and willpower of S-level abilities to keep it up!”

    “In the end, those bastards said it was our fault. If we let a few more spirit beasts do their unreliable human experiments, research results will come out soon? If they came up with academic papers like Mingyou, I would personally take the lead to volunteer for them!”

    His Majesty Aldridge made no sound. He read the paper first, then turned his head and said to the person next to him: “Professor, what do you think?”

    “It’s easy to understand, and you can take it out as a training manual.” The professor hit the ground with a stick.” The Academy of Sciences veterans have been completely eroded, they have dominated the domain, and now only work to cover themselves.”

    “Before we had no choice, but now we have Mingyou. It’s time for the Senate Association to disband. It’s best to solve all of this before Mingyou walks into the public eye. I don’t want him to be hurt by the Star Alliance again.” Arthur typed wildly with his claws.

    “Take good care of him.” Seeing that his brother had returned to his former liveliness and arrogance, Aldridge’s serious face couldn’t contain his relief.

    “Of course.” Arthur’s tail was raised high. That was the motto of his family, he took care of what was his. After arranging the matter with his brother, Arthur walked on tiptoe to the newly renovated “treatment room” by Xiaotian.

    In the treatment room, there was a yellow-haired monkey tied up by vines and flowers. The yellow-haired monkey could not read the paper, and he still thought he couldn’t. So he was tied up. Here, Arthur was the boss, and since he said yes, then it was completely okay.

    “Don’t move, you don’t want to get more needles?” Mingyou persuaded him with a simple and kind expression, “If you move too much, the needle might get broken in the head, I have to open the skull to find the tip of the needle.”

    “Hey, looking for a needle in the brain, is it also called finding a needle in a haystack?” Mingyou thought he made a very funny joke, and hurriedly talked to the plush beside him. The other plushies shivered. What a joke! Why was it so cold? It made your back chill!

    “Isn’t it funny? I think it’s funny.” Mingyou, who was still annoyed by the difference between his humor and those of today, sighed.

    The yellow-haired monkey was stiff. He was stiffer than an ice sculpture made by the polar bear. He even breathed carefully, fearing that a muscle tremor would be too great, causing the energy needle to snap in his head, allowing the little bald monkey to find a needle in a haystack.

    Arthur stroked his big tail that exploded into a feather duster, and silently exited the treatment room. Did Mingyou know how terrible what he said was? He guessed he really didn’t know, right? Fortunately, he was not the one undergoing treatment.

    Although it was terrible looking, Mingyou was right. Acupuncture was indeed a small treatment, as long as it is a spirit beast master. That was to say, the place where the acupuncture and moxibustion was this time was the head, which made the fluffy people very frightened. If Mingyou exchanged the acupuncture box early and pierced the big cat, no one would object to it.

    The effect of acupuncture treatment was very good. The energy needle pierced the surface of the congestion, and introduced Mingyou’s energy into the wound, and guided the yellow-haired monkey’s energy, and drove the congestion to flow into less important parts, reducing the damage of the memory area.

    Mingyou initially estimated that after a few more visits, the congestion in Dahuang’s head would disappear, and then the scars could be treated. Because rhubarb had a strong stress response to acupuncture, in order to calm his emotions, Mingyou prescribed acupuncture and moxibustion once every two days, giving Dahuang a buffer time.

    Dahuang squatted on the ground and covered his head. Although he did feel that the pain in his head was getting better, the “joke” of “finding a needle in a haystack” left a strong psychological shadow on him, and it was really difficult for him to receive treatment calmly.

    After the first treatment, they stayed for a few days. The leaves and fruits of the big tree were very suitable for spirit beasts. Mingyou and Xiaotian analyzed the big tree, and after getting the analysis report, they asked the Star Alliance government to search for similar trees, narrowing the scope of finding food for spirit beasts.

    On the surface, Mingyou was still silly every day, but when sleeping with the black cat in his arms at night, he dropped some thoughts.

    The big cat pulled Mingyou’s head into his collar: “What’s wrong?”

    Mingyou said dullly: “Distressed.”

    The big cat sighed, “Distressed about the big monkey?”

    Mingyou hugged the big black cat’s neck: “I love you. I love the spirit beasts. I learned the basics of most current studies reveal the basic treatment, to integrate them into a group, said to be able to enhance the self-healing power.”

    “Although this method is not wrong. The Star Alliance did not find a way to heal the spirit beast, so it let them find it by instinct. Instead of letting people who don’t know anything mess around, hope that the spirit beast’s survival instinct may be the only way.”

    “You say, they recorded those who are still alive, but not dead does not mean no injuries. even if the last wound healed, who has suffered injury, you have experienced the pain and suffering, It doesn’t mean it disappeared.”

    “It’s like Dahuang. After a long time, the blood in his head wound will disappear eventually, his memory will be restored, and his scars will fade. But what about the pain and torture he suffered during this period of time. Just forget it?”

    “You said that those who study spirit beast have done their best. I believe you, I may be arrogant… but is there really no way? Even if you place a tracker on the spirit beast, using the life of the spirit beast to find a way to heal them?” Mingyou said aggrieved, it seemed that the scars and pain were his own experience.

    “Um… Well, it’s a very complicated reason.” Arthur tilted his head up, alas, he couldn’t keep it secret. But he really didn’t want to tell Mingyou these nasty things.

    What should he say? To the long-paced Star Alliance, the spirit beasts were like a weapon that had been used for a long time and had a high maintenance cost? It was normal to rust after a long time?

    Normal his foot. But this was the truth of the matter. Especially, under the premise of underdeveloped research on spirit beasts, most of the S-level abilities capable of transforming beasts were good for many generations, and being in a high position made it risky to participate in research, which was really embarrassing for them.

    Even if there were spirit beasts with a poor family background, as S-rank supernatural beings, they were all treasures of the Star Alliance, and life-threatening experiments were impossible for them to participate in.

    The Star Alliance had been at peace for a long time, and the army usually fought with the Star Pirates. S-level supers are enough. They rarely used their spirit beast form. The possibility of injury and weakness was very low, and naturally there was no urgent desire to become stronger. Under this prerequisite, spirit animal studies had been solidified for a long time, forming a strong chain of interests.

    For example, a breeding base on a resource star, the cost could not be imagined. Of course, with such a large expense, the profits were also eye-catching. If the foundation of spiritual animal science was overthrown, it was equivalent to the huge interest groups built on this foundation being overturned. This was like the elimination of old industries by new industries, which would inevitably attract strong resistance from the old interest groups.

    In the era of peace, this chain of interests involved too many parties. If it was rashly broken, it would cause strong social problems. Even his brother could only hold his nose and endure it. However, a war tore up all the peaceful masks and disrupted the stable old interest groups.

    The Zerg posed a threat to the Star Alliance, and also injected a boost to the development of the Star Alliance. At least the families of S-rank supernaturalists would never tolerate the children of their family, once again suffering serious harm that could have been avoided in this war. The stratum of S-level supernaturalists was originally an overlap with the old interest groups. The war tore apart their alliance of interests, and the time for reform has come.

    Mingyou was not only the fuse, but also the core of this change, so Arthur was unwilling to let Mingyou know too much. Mingyou’s sentimental temperament was prone to overthinking.

    Arthur would not let Mingyou come out to attract firepower, he would block all the flames of war and darkness from the sight of this poor young man. Young people only needed to be happy, do research, raise spirit beasts, broadcast live broadcasts, and make a little money.

    What kind of conflicts of interest, what kind of dark humanity, what kind of class struggle, if scientists were worried, who would do the research? The establishment of the Senate Council was originally based on the original intention of allowing scientists to do experiments purely, but they deviated from their original intention. But the fact that the veterans were corrupted did not mean that the original intention was wrong.

    In terms of conspiracy and tricks, Mingyou had a simple mind to a terrible degree. This was a congenital mental retardation, which could not be cured. Arthur had given up treatment. Mingyou did his best to rescue the eleven interstellar heroes who often dealt with various conspiracies. If they also let the little spirit beast masters worry about those sordid things, would the interstellar heroes lose face?

    “If it’s very complicated, don’t tell me.” Seeing the black cat embarrassed, Mingyou burst into laughter, “I am very self-aware of my brain, and big black can handle things, so I listen. Troubles in vain.”

    “I will heal you and raise you to be healthy. In the future, other spirit beasts who have been bullied will be sent to me. I can’t do other things, but things such as the work of raising spirit beasts, there’s absolutely no problem!” After Mingyou restored his blind optimism,” Make you all nourished! “

    The black cat had lines at the back of his head: “Glowing?”

    “Yes, Dahei is black and fat at best, not white.” Mingyou 0_0.

    The black cat kicked Mingyou off the bed. Fool! Lessons owed! Mingyou climbed onto the bed, clinging to the big cat like an octopus, and the cat couldn’t kick him off. Arthur flattened his ears in offense.

    “Ah, Mingyou has a clear heart, but doesn’t want us to worry, so never said anything.” After listening to Arthur’s complaints, the polar bear sighed, “We haven’t done enough, so Mingyou is worried.”

    The yellow-haired monkey squatted on the ground. Ah, did the little bald monkey cry for him? He was such a big monkey, actually sympathized by the little bald monkey? Too shameless! No, he has to show his strength to the little bald monkey!

    So Mingyou received a lot of fruits and leaves from the yellow-haired monkey every day. They were all good ingredients with plenty of energy. Mingyou happily picked up the yellow- haired monkey and moved in circles: “Dahuang is too powerful!” The yellow-haired monkey was picked up by the little bald monkey, and was lifted up like a child.

    When he fell on the ground, the whole monkey was not good. This little bald monkey…really…was the weakest of them? The yellow-haired monkey was petrified.

    “Get used to it.” The little gray wolf was already calm.

    The yellow-haired monkey squatted on the ground and cried. His weak and poor family, he said to protect it? How to protect someone so strong? Arthur glanced at the yellow-haired monkey with disdain. Mingyou was strong, but stupid. After he recovers his memory, he could use his brain to protect Mingyou.

    The yellow-haired monkey held his head. He would be smart after recovering my memory? The white bear and the gray wolf looked at each other, not wanting to admit this in their hearts. The yellow-haired monkey is indeed their think tank. But he is really ill-fated, making it difficult to respect him.

    “Dahei Dahei! There are so many new foods this time. Do you think I should open a live broadcast and smoke some new food to send out?” Mingyou suddenly thought, “They just tasted the spirit beast food I made through a sympathy function in the live broadcast room. Maybe they don’t trust the food very much?”

    “Before the ingredients were limited, I was reluctant to take out the nutrition cubes. And they just got the nutrition cubes, but they were greedy, but there was no way to copy them. Now these are all local ingredients, I can give them to them after the preparation method, draw a lottery to send some food out. They think it is delicious, they should be able to do it themselves?”

    “I want other spirit beasts to taste the food sooner.” Mingyou said uncertainly, “After they taste something new, people who make the food might improve their own craftsmanship, right?”

    Arthur pawed the floor: “The suggestion is feasible, let’s do it!”

    Although Mingyou had a simple mind, people with simple minds have their own methods. Simple and violent method of breaking the game. As expected of my family! Arthur smirked big cat-style!

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