After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 34

The big polar bear rushed out of the car and raised a frozen fist. The golden monkey grabbed the branch and swung it, then beat his chest and rushed up, fighting with the polar bear.

    The two fought with their fists, and there was a sense of refreshment of a martial arts master’s tricks, and Mingyou kept applauding.

    The black cat tied Mingyou tightly with its tail, as if a parent tied their child with a tow rope. Fearing that Mingyou’s hand would start to itch, he rushed into the battle, punched the  white bear, and kicked the yellow monkey.

    Seeing Mingyou applauding, the little red fox jumped on the ground, as if cheering on the big bear. The little gray wolf lay in Mingyou’s arms with a look of disdain.

    Dabai’s skills had regressed a lot, and he hadn’t taken the annoying monkey down yet. At the beginning, they crushed the monkey. However, the golden monkey was indeed a combat genius. He quickly absorbed the essence of the regular army’s style of play and jumped into the elite army. The gray wolf turned his head and glanced at the eager big black cat.

    Speaking of that, the golden monkey was brought back by His Royal Highness himself, and later on, he had always made an exception to bring the monkey around and focus on cultivation. If His Royal Highness personally came forward, even if the monkey had lost his mind, he would let go of any hostility, right?

    The little wolf turned his head again, and saw the big golden monkey laughing wildly while fighting. Uh… This should still be hostile?

    “The big monkey looks very happy.” Mingyou asked, “Did he recognize you?”

    The black cat lazily said: “No. He just likes to fight. But he is not hostile to Dabai, and he didn’t use his abilities while fighting.”

    Mingyou curiously asked, “What is the monkey’s ability?”

    The black cat said: “Special Earth type, usually he only use soil type. He digs pits, builds walls and traps that are particularly powerful. He is a very insidious monkey. You see, didn’t dig pits around Dabai…”

    The black cat hadn’t finished speaking when the white bear fell into a pit that suddenly appeared. The monkey jumped around the pit excitedly, grabbed soil and threw it into the pit, trying to bury the polar bear alive.

    The black cat hurriedly changed his words: “He just got Dabai now…stupid bear was careless.”

    “It’s just a pit, Dabai is fine.” Mingyou said.

    As soon as Mingyou finished speaking, Dabai stepped on an icicle and jumped out of the pit, and continued to chase the big monkey. The big monkey was too agile, and Dabai’s attacks always missed, making him a little anxious to see the fluffy ones next to him.

    The red fox leaped vigorously in front of Mingyou, saying that he could turn the yellow-haired monkey into a bald monkey and let Mingyou help him evolve.

    “Don’t worry, Dabai is just playing with the big monkey.” Mingyou held the little fox in his arms and touched his ears, “If Dabai really wanted to win, he would started AOE attacks early.” The white bear was indeed playing with the yellow-haired monkey.

    In order to let the golden monkey take the initiative to follow them, the polar bear decided to help Mingyou brush up on favorability and play with the big monkey for a while. When the yellow monkey put down his vigilance and was willing to eat with them, their goal would be more than half accomplished. The polar bear believed that no spirit beast could resist the temptation of Mingyou’s spirit beast food. 

    The yellow monkey had a great time. He felt a strong sense of excitement when he saw the weird, lifeless but moving thing. Therefore, he grabbed a tree to block the way. The monkey was even happier seeing the spirit beast coming out of the strange thing.

    Although he didn’t know why he was so happy, he had to show his happiness with actions, such as burying the white bear in front of him alive: the yellow monkey’s inner voice told him very loudly that he would be happier if he made the white bear grumble.

    The attack of the yellow-haired monkey was not painful, but it was extremely messy. Soon, the polar bear became a big brown bear, shivering and dusty. The big bear sneezed, and the golden monkey rolled on the ground with a smile.

    “Okay, don’t play anymore.” Mingyou couldn’t stand it anymore, he patted the black cat’s tail and asked the feline to let him go and persuade him to desist.

    The black cat sighed deeply and let go of his tail. This dead monkey, after he recovered his sanity, would definitely be made into an ice sculpture by Herman.

    “Dabai, I will help you sweep the dust off first, and then you will take a bath.” Mingyou took out a big brush and prepared to clean the big white bear.

    The polar bear viciously squinted and glanced at the monkey, making a note in his heart. Ice sculpture preparation! The golden monkey got up from the ground, looked at the fluffy ones in front of him, and then cast his gaze on Mingyou, who only had hair on the top of his head.

    “Squeak?” Where’s your fur?

    Mingyou’s hand brushing paused: “Huh?”

    Hey, wasn’t this big monkey regressed? Why was the meaning of the question conveyed so clearly? It seemed much higher than the IQ of the other fluffy animals.

    The  monkey scratched his head, and asked, “Squeak?” Was it plucked by other beasts?

    Mingyou: “…” Although he understood what the big monkey said, he didn’t know how to answer for a while. Did he want to answer, he didn’t have fur in the first place? No, he still had hair, but it’s sparse? No matter what the answer was, it felt wrong.

   While Mingyou was thinking about how to answer, the monkey’s fur suddenly spiked, and his body exploded with supernatural power, triggering a strong earthquake, making all the fluffies fall to the ground by surprise.

    When Mingyou was about to fall into the polar bear’s arms, a lot of force suddenly came from his waist. The golden monkey unexpectedly picked him up around the waist, fought against his shoulders, kicked back, and leaped several meters.

    The white bear’s ability exploded at the same time when Mingyou was picked up. He was afraid of hurting Mingyou, so he only created ice under the monkey’s feet. But where the yellow-haired monkey’s footsteps fell, the ground cracked, and the ice also shattered along with it. The friction coefficient increased and it could not stop his footsteps.

    “Chase!” The black cat rolled on the ground and turned into a little kitten, stepped into the void and rushed out.

    Spirit beasts were energy life forms that could live freely in space. They were driven by supernatural powers and possessed mobility similar to mechas. But in a gravitational environment, only those with special abilities could float in the air.

    Because special abilities were difficult to supplement, spirit beasts rarely use special abilities in non-emergency times, not to mention when they were not healed from serious injuries. But obviously, the current situation was definitely an emergency for Arthur.

    Arthur regretted things very much now. He trusted his comrades too much, and saw that the big monkey was not hostile to them, so he let Mingyou come into contact with him. How would he know that the monkey actually snatched Mingyou away? !

    If the big monkey was hostile to Mingyou, he would be able to observe it right away, and he could definitely protect Mingyou. But this was so sudden and explosive, he directly attacked, carrying Mingyou and ran away. Arthur and the others really did not expect this.

    The little cat chased and scolded himself for leaving the battlefield. Within a few years, he had changed from a big tiger to a domestic little kitten, and his fighting instinct was so terribly slow! The young man was snatched away by a monkey under his nose! Snatched by a monkey! Why didn’t he peel the monkey’s skin! He would not be called a liger from now on, but a cat! Idiot!

    The polar bear was originally ready to chase it out, but after running two steps, he stopped and barred the little fluffies who were rushing forward.

    “Xiaotian, lock coordinates and catch up.” The big bear carried a deer in each of his front paws. The little gray wolf bit the little red fox’s tail. The little fluffies who obeyed the discipline were dragged onto the RV.

    That monkey usually loves to snatch things, but this time he snatched a person?” The little wolf let go of the red fox’s tail, and the fox used a fireball to catch up and jump up and down, “Xianluo, don’t throw a fireball! What should I do if the car is ignited?!”

    Although the RV was actually a small multifunctional auxiliary battleship, it was unlikely to be ignited by this small fireball, but his fur would be blackened! The little red fox continued to throw. Who was Xianluo? His name is Dahong!

    Little Gray Wolf: …

    Their comrades who had lost their minds were really troublesome, and they suddenly sympathized with Dabai. He decided to relieve the bastard bear for a second.

    The white bear couldn’t care about tidying up his dirty fur. He was anxiously spinning around in the cab: “What happened to Dahuang? Was he not in a good mood just now? Why did he suddenly get into trouble?”

    Xiaotian also followed up with a question mark, and said to himself that data was deficient. The monkey had not returned to the team yet, and he decided to call him Dahuang? It seemed that the names of teammates who will return to the team in the future had also been determined.

    Mingyou was also thinking about this issue when he was grabbed by the big monkey and swung on his shoulders. He still didn’t feel that the monkey was hostile to him, so he didn’t feel much panic in his heart. He was a super spirit beast master, it was a trivial matter to break free. And this big monkey was Dahei’s comrade in arms and would definitely not hurt him.

    “Meow!” Mingyou looked up and saw a little cat chasing by stepping on colorful clouds. The colorful clouds were fake, but the little black cat was real.

    The little tension in Mingyou’s heart also disappeared. He lay on the monkey’s shoulder and raised a hand, waved at the little black cat, and showed a smile of “Don’t worry, I’m okay”.

    The little black cat, who moved his paws like hot wheels in the air, almost slipped and fell. He snarled frantically at Mingyou: “Since you are so energetic, hurry up and use your infinite power, knock the big monkey out with one fist, and get back! The monkey head is within your reach. I don’t believe you can’t smash it!”

    Mingyou stretched out his right hand, clenched a fist, raised his thumbs, and smiled, showing two rows of white teeth. Huh! rest assured! The black cat really slipped. He wanted to raise his foot and kick Mingyou’s forehead.

    You give me a thumbs up! You show me two rows of teeth! You still kidding with me! Huh, huh! Mingyou, are you trying to piss me off?! Is it fun for you to make me mad!

    Mingyou retracted his thumb and lay on the shoulder of the monkey, not looking at the angry little cat. Of course he understood the cat’s meaning, but the emotion that the monkey passed to him was closeness and care, and the little black cat followed behind him. He didn’t think he would be in danger.

    Mingyou wanted to see where the golden monkey would take him, and wanted to know why he wanted to take him away. Going deep into the spirit beast’s heart and solving the problem fundamentally would help establish a real bond with the spirit beast.

    So, he was sorry, Dahei! Mingyou put his hands together. The little cat flattened his ears, slowed down, and set a weakened version of optical stealth-he had a variety of abilities, he would also use the tricks of the Dalu and Xiaolu.

    The monkey looked back and didn’t see the little cat with a big voice. He breathed a sigh of relief and started to head home. “Squeak!” Don’t be afraid, we are safe!

    Mingyou looked at the big monkey suspiciously. Safe? The big monkey had snatched him away, was he worried about his safety? Why did the big monkey think that his safety was threatened by Dahei?

    After making sure that the spirit beasts did not catch up, the big monkey ran towards a towering tree. The big tree was located in a valley, covering the floor, resulting in a valley with only some irritating fungi and other plants. However, there were many places on the trunk of the big tree that could shine in the sun. The “home” of the big monkey was on one of the trunks wide enough to ride a bicycle.

    The monkey put Mingyou down, pointed at the big hole in the main tree trunk and “squeaked” and said: This is my home, and this will also be yours in the future!

    Is it also my home? Mingyou looked curiously at the big tree hole whose entrance was covered by big leaves.

    The big monkey uncovered the leaf. The tree hole was quite spacious. In addition to a nest of haystacks, there were many fruits and tender leaves. The big monkey took out a bunch of red fruits from the tree hole and handed it to Mingyou: Eat the fruits!

    Mingyou used the system to scan, and the system called out. The energy fluctuation of this fruit was no less than that of the spirit beast fruit, and was an excellent material for making nutrition cubes. Where did the big monkey find such good food? Was it with such good food that he was so smart, right?

    “Squeaky! Squeaky!” Eat! Do not be afraid! The big monkey continued to urge.

    Mingyou didn’t waste the big monkey’s rations. He tried to communicate with the big monkey and asked why he wanted to catch himself. The big monkey’s claws danced and explained for a long time, Mingyou finally understood the monkey’s train of thought that had gone a hundred thousand miles away. The big monkey thought Mingyou was a hairless little monkey. The reason for the hairlessness was that he was bullied by the group of spirit beasts and shed his hair.

    “Squeaky!” I will shed hair if I become too anxious! The big monkey saved others by oneself.

    Mingyou couldn’t laugh or cry. Did he look like a monkey? Or was it because the spirit beast master’s affinity for spirit beasts makes the monkey think that he was of the “same race” and a “family”? Did the spirit beast master really have such a strong affinity for spirit beasts? So strong that the monkey saw his comrade-in-arms, but still snatched him back to be his family?

    After the big monkey explained it clearly, he started jumping around on the trunk, like a gorilla, slapped his chest vigorously, looking very excited. He had a family! He had family! The big monkey swayed on the branches of the tree and startled a group of flying birds. The golden monkey seems to be particularly attached to family? Mingyou was thoughtful, and quietly hid the red fruit in the system backpack.

    After going back, give Dahei and the others a meal!

    “Meow.” The little cat pulled away the dense foliage and sneaked up to Mingyou’s feet.

    “I asked Dabai to park the car outside the valley.” The black cat said with a condemning expression.

    Mingyou hurriedly stuffed the little cat into his clothes. Arthur pulled Mingyou’s collar and exposed a small cat head: “What are you doing?”

    “Hide you.” Mingyou said, “Lest the big monkey be afraid.”

    “He is not stupid enough to be afraid of a little palm-sized tiger.” Arthur said snappily, “You ask what is going on?”

    “I asked. He thought I was being bullied by you, a monkey that’s shed it’s fur, that’s why I was snatched away.” Mingyou said, “He said I was his family.”

    “That’s it…” Arthur’s ears trembled, “Family is indeed his obsession. . His mother and brother died at the hands of star thieves.”

    The monkey was named Leo and had no surname. The star thieves destroyed his hometown and took his mother as a slave. Although Leo was the child of Star Pirates, his mother did not hate him, but had always protected him and wanted to teach him to be a normal person. Leo’s dream was to take his mother and younger brother away from Star Pirate Ship, but his dream was broken.

    After his mother was old and dying, the star thief leader threw her into the cage of beasts, watching them bite her for fun. His young brother witnessed his mother’s tragedy with his own eyes. After being frightened, he fell ill and followed his mother.

    Leo originally planned to commit suicide after learning about it. He was rescued by Arthur, who was out on holiday, and became a “real” star thief with a cruel heart and a sharper hand than the leader. The high-level team then joined Arthur, destroying the entire Star Pirates group, and returned to Arthur.

    Arthur thought that Leo had regarded their comrades-in-arms as family. But in Leo’s heart, he was still looking for a blood-related family. It turned out that the regret in his heart had not been healed because of the revenge and the presence of comrades-in-arms.

    “Speaking of which, his brother had black curly hair.” Arthur changed Leo’s story slightly and told Mingyou.

    Mingyou still didn’t know that spirit beasts were human beings, so he hid the fact that Leo was a star thief’s child. He only claimed that the star thief were enemies with him, killing his mother and brother.

    Mingyou put his chin on the top of the little cat’s head, and was silent for a while, and said, “So that’s it. He has no family members.” The black cat raised his head and poked Mingyou with the tip of his ears: “He has. I am his family. “

    “I am his family too. “Ming you rubbed his eyes, smiled and said,” Dahei is my family. “

    “Of course, you are in my household account. “The little black cat snappily said, “You are the bravest bear kid in my family!” He was ashamed!

    Mingyou sighed: “I’m not so courageous to watch you follow me?”

    “Yes, yes, I spoiled them all.” Arthur licked her ears. This young man was really confident!

    Mingyou rubbed the cat’s head and beckoned to the big monkey still swinging on the branch. The big monkey hurriedly returned, and he caught the cat’s head at Mingyou’s neckline at a glance.

    Arthur raised a paw to say hello: “Meow!”

    “Squeak!” The big monkey screamed! His brother was kidnapped by the evil little cat!

    “Calm down, calm down.” Mingyou pacified, “He is my family’s Dahei, not a bad spirit beast. I don’t have fur and it’s not because I’ve been bullied, I’m hairless.” The big monkey kept holding his face. Tilted his head and wondered. How could there be a hairless monkey?

    “I’m not a monkey, I am a human, and humans look like this… Ah, the explanation is not clear. Just treat me as a special kind of monkey called a hairless monkey.” Mingyou tried to explain in language that the big monkey could understand. Said, “Those spirit beasts are my family, they didn’t bully me.”

    The big monkey finally understood. Then his head and tail drooped, and it was visible to the naked eye. It turned out to be a monkey with a family, not my family.

    “Squeaky.” I will send you back. Although sad, the big monkey still tried and squeezed an ugly smile at Mingyou.

    Mingyou stepped forward and held the monkey’s paw and said: “You go back with me. We are here to find you. Although you can’t remember, you are also our family.”

    “When you saw us, were you not very happy? Does it not feel very familiar? Even without your memory, you still subconsciously know we can be trusted, right? You really do not remember Dahei yet? No impression? “

    The cat jumped out of Mingyou’s neckline, onto the branch, and became a tiger. The ears on the tiger’s head were still very flat. The big monkey circled Arthur a few times, then scratched his head: “Squeaky.” But I look different from him.

    “Even if you have no blood relationship, you can be a family.” Mingyou said, “You and I have no blood relationship. Didn’t you just say that we will be family members in the future? You gave me delicious fruits.” The big monkey scratched his head again. It seemed like this. But although the monkey in front of him had no hair, it was also a monkey. As long as it was a monkey, it was the same species, right?

    “Your definition of your family is too narrow.” Mingyou continued to persuade, “Some people are enemies even though they are related by blood; although some people are not related by blood, they can give their lives to each other. If there is a blood relationship, I have to admit that the other party is a family member? Why can’t I be a family member if there is no blood relationship? I am the same as you. I am also an orphan picked up by Dahei. He is my family.” Mingyou stubbornly said. “It’s useless for anyone to object, Dahei is my family.” 

    The big monkey glanced at Dahei again. Several images faintly appeared in his mind. In the picture, an unusually handsome man and a majestic big black tiger appear alternately.

    “If you want to die, it’s not too late to die after you get your revenge. After you get your revenge, first read what your mother and your brother want to see, eat what you want to eat, and play with what you want to play. It’s not too late to die. Otherwise, you go to reunite with them, you won’t know what to talk about.”

    “Why do you trust me? You don’t even believe the prince of the Star Alliance, who can you believe? Besides, you still have to. Is there anything you can lose?”

    “According to the agreement, I came to pick you up.”

    “Yes, I asked you to cooperate with them to fight, just to make you owe more people’s favor, so that your favor will not end. You can’t die.”

    “In this world, besides family affection, there are many other precious feelings. Even if it is family affection, can it only be produced in blood-related family members? You have been a volunteer in the orphanage for a few months. Don’t you understand?”

    “You are all my brothers and sisters. I took my family to fight and kill the enemy. I rushed to the front and have you to guard the back.”

    “Leo, there are only eleven of us left. To live, to live for the dead brothers and sisters, to look at the future of the Star Alliance for them, whether they are worthy of their sacrifice.”

    Your Highness, I did it. I worked very hard to survive. The big monkey remembered that one day, he felt dying, and his consciousness was lost. But he didn’t want to die. He remembered that His Highness told him that he wanted to live on for his dead brothers and sisters.

    His life carried the souls of his comrades in arms. Then, he felt a wave of energy calling him. Since then, he had settled on the big tree that called him. Although he had lost his memory and even reason for living, he was still working hard to survive.

    “Wow.” Arthur raised his head and raised one of his front paws. With the big liger’s sound, his words sounded in the big monkey’s heart. According to the agreement, I’m here to pick you up.

    Mingyou released the monkey’s paws and pushed him in front of the big black cat. The picture in the big monkey’s mind was broken, and he lost his memory again. But this sentence made him very nostalgic.

    The big monkey stretched out a paw and lay it on the big cat’s paw. He blinked, not knowing why, he suddenly felt like crying. The big cat squinted his eyes and looked displeased. Why were his paws underneath?!

    He took back his paw and put it on top again, the cat was on top!

    Big monkey:??? Retracted his hand and put it on top again.

    Big black cat:!!! The cat’s paw is on top!

    Big monkey: Zhizhizhi. The monkey’s paw is on top.

    The big cat has spiked up his fur. The cat’s paw absolutely must be on top! The big monkey chuckled, this game was fun! Monkey paw is on top. Monkey paw is on top. Monkey paw is on top!

    Mingyou squatted on the ground, supporting his cheeks with her hands, watching the big cat and monkey for some reason, and played a game of paw-lifting. The two fluffy claws waved out afterimages, pattering as if they were fighting.

    The polar bear finally comforted the other plushies. He asked the little wolf to look after the few lunatic companions. He became a little cub and climbed up the tree.

    “What are they doing?” Little polar bear panted.

    Mingyou smiled and said, “Playing a game of paws?”

    Little White Bear: “…” The cat has mentally regressed! 

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