After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 33

Nothing happened at night, so Mingyou did not immediately close the live broadcast. He took out a basket of greenstones, took advantage of the situation, and hurriedly carved food for his cuties.

    The polar bear instructed the robot to clean up the barbecue racks, the little wolf and red fox didn’t want to have a tree-climbing competition for some reason, and the two deer were chasing the emoji symbols released by Xiaotian. The black cat yawned, lay down on the ground and turned into a feline wool blanket, continuing to provide Mingyou a backrest.

    There was no fixed business content in the live broadcast room, Mingyou could not communicate directly with the audience, and did not know what the audience wanted to watch. He directly hung around in the live broadcast room and did his own thing. The audience would watch if they liked to watch, and leave if they didn’t like it.

    It was that wayward. After several times of “sleeping like a log” in the live broadcast room, the audience finally found the long-lost sense of tranquility in the live broadcast room. They immediately scrambled to find a place to sleep, entered a state of low-level combat readiness, ready to fall asleep at any time.

    Mingyou’s sculpting technique had a unique rhythm. Energy waves rippled from his hands, hitting the audience like sound waves, and a faint sound of music could be heard in their hearts.

    There was no background music in the live broadcast room, but Mingyou seemed to have his own background music with the night breeze, insects, and the sound of a carving knife passing through the greenstone, plus the purring sound from the cat’s throat. It intertwined into a lullaby with the fragrance of green grass.

    Ding ding dong dong. The carving knife in Mingyou’s hand hit the greenstone, and the sound hit the audience’s eardrums. The energy fluctuations on their bodies seemed to resonate with Mingyou’s rhythm, mixed with the lullaby their eyelids became heavier and heavier.

    The big cuties around Mingyou didn’t know when they stopped working and frolicking. The white bear also turned into a fluffy little cub. He found a spot beside Mingyou and slept on his stomach. Mingyou’s legs turned into pillows for the spirit beasts, and he slept in a row of fluffy animals.

    Xiaotian carefully manipulated the robot, erecting a transparent barrier around Mingyou, covering the wind, dew, and mosquitoes, lest the fluffy people wake up and find that their noses were bitten by mosquitoes.

    Mingyou was a bit cold at first, but now he had a few more fluffy quilts, but now felt a bit hot. Still a little heavy. At this time, the physique of the spirit beast master could play its role. He thought, after these babies woke up, his legs shouldn’t be so numb, right?

    The black cat looked up lazily, feeling upset. All the fluffies treated Mingyou as a bed, but he could only use him as a pillow. Forget it, who made this little spirit beast master his family? The big cat flicked his tail and wrapped it around Mingyou’s waist.

    Mingyou’s hand could be placed on the cat’s tail, using it as a support, to not have to raise his hand. The black cat closed his eyes with satisfaction and continued to take a nap. Spring was sleepy and autumn was lacking, summer was for dozing, winter was for when he couldn’t wake up.

    Tan Chenxi finished vacation and returned to the barracks, and found that her roommate Cui Li was completely exhausted, his face was red, in stark contrast with the shaggy, depressed, and haggard usual self.

    Cui Li was a young military officer who graduated from the same military academy as Tan Chenxi. The Cui family had taken root in the Star Alliance army for generations. Compared with Tan Chenxi, who rebelled and left home early, Cui Li could use much more resources. Therefore, although his aptitude was slightly worse than that of Tan Chenxi, he broke through earlier and turned into a spirit beast.

    When resisting the Zerg invasion, although Cui Li and Tan Chenxi were both recruits, they also went to the battlefield to kill the enemy with their predecessors. After the battle, both of them inevitably suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Cui Li turned into a spirit beast in this situation, and his spirit was more unstable. Therefore, Tan Chenxi, who was late to break through, minored in the cultivation of spirit beasts, and was responsible for taking care of his roommate and comrade-in-arms who had saved his life on the battlefield.

    Then Tan Chenxi and Cui Li found out that cultivation of spirit beasts was problematic. According to the operation of releasing wild animals, Cui Li’s spirit became even more unstable. But Cui Li’s situation in the barracks was pretty good. Their predecessors had all experienced the new spirit beast syndrome, as long as it has been through this period of time. The seniors said that as long as one accepted that they were a beast, let go of their restraint as a human when becoming a beast, and let oneself act happily, this issue would be over.

    Cui Li said that it was easy to say but difficult to do. Tan Chenxi, who was raising spirit beasts and almost collapsed, almost failed to heal from post-traumatic stress disorder after the war, and suffered from spirit beast phobia.

    Tan Chenxi thought being a spirit beast was too difficult, and it had almost become a psychological shadow for him. Maybe this psychological shadow was what caused him to be unable to break through. Unexpectedly, as soon as he came back from Sky Blue Star, his roommate had passed the new stage of the spirit beast’s cuteness, and now he had joined spirit beast combat training.

    Tan Chenxi felt sour in his heart. He had been away for a month, why was his roommate improving so fast? The gap between him and his roommate was getting bigger and bigger.

    “Oh, are you back?” A two-meter-long brown fox raised the holographic inscription board to say hello, “Is it solved?” It was obviously a fox, but Cui Li’s face was narrowed with the Chinese character when in the shape of another person. Squinting, it looked like a “囧” emoticon pack.

    Tan Chenxi checked the information for a long time, only to find out that after Cui Li became a spirit beast, he looked very close to a kind of fox called “Tibetan Fox”. The origin of the name was no longer available. It was said that it was named after the place where the fox was first discovered in ancient times. But the nickname of the “walking emoji” had been passed down.

    “No solution.” Tan Chenxi sat down on his torn sheets and said, “My brother is gone.” The Tibetan fox glanced at the sheets and quilts tossed into scraps of cloth with a guilty conscience, and coughed dryly. Using a holographic prompter, he said: “Doesn’t your brother have a light brain? The Star Alliance is strictly controlled, and there is identity verification everywhere, how can you not find him?”

    Tan Chenxi clenched his fists and beat his knees: “The Sky Blue Star is different from the Star Alliance.” The Tibetan fox raised his front paw and scratched his head.

    He didn’t understand things about autonomous regions. As a youth who was born in the central region of the Star Alliance and grew up under the glory of His Majesty the Big Cat, he always felt that the autonomous region and the central region of the Star Alliance were painted with a completely different brush.

    “Is there anything I can do to help?” The roommate who hadn’t gone crazy was an enthusiastic and reliable man, “If it’s in the central area of ​​the Star League, I should be able to help a little.”

    Tan Chenxi was silent for a while, and said hoarsely: “Thank you.” The big Tibetan fox scratched his head again, not knowing how to comfort his roommate. There was no comfort in the matter. The Tan family covered the sky within the Sky blue star, letting the people of the Tan family disappear, and he really didn’t know how to find his brother.

    Although he and Tan Chenxi both believed that the Tan family would definitely keep his younger brother as a bargaining chip to threaten him. But what about knowing? Life was not necessarily better than death.

    Tan Chenxi had never heard from his brother since he left home at the age of twelve. He didn’t even know whether his brother was fat or thin, tall or short. He only knew that his brother was under house arrest in a noble school run by the Tan family. He was not allowed to leave the school gate even one step.

    This time, if it hadn’t been for the news that the Tan family was welcoming their new young master home, Tan Chenxi would not have known that his brother had been replaced.

    Although Tan Chenxi didn’t know what his younger brother looked like now, when his mother had an accident, he followed his mother and watched his younger brother’s birth, knowing that his younger brother had been judged by the doctor to be born weak. Without abilities, he could only be an ordinary person for a lifetime. Therefore, the new younger brother, the S-rank psychic who looked very similar to his father, may have the same father as him, but could never have the same mother as him.

    The Tibetan fox sighed. Tigers don’t eat their own children. The head of the Tan family, because his wife might support the rumor that Sky blue Star will be incorporated into the Star Alliance’s central zone, colluded with others and killed his wife. The son didn’t let it go.

    “Things are not necessarily as desperate as you think. Your father didn’t know that you had found out the truth of that year, thinking that you still hate your brother. He joined the Star Alliance army only to fight against the star thieves and avenge his mother. Right? As long as you don’t show your stuff, your brother should be fine.” The Tibetan fox racked his brains to come up with such comforting words.

    Tan Chenxi rolled his eyes. What’s the logic of the comforting words? Wasn’t it more important his brother is to him, the safer it was? But now he was just a small soldier in the barracks, even if he entered His Royal Highness’s direct troops by virtue of his battle exploits, he couldn’t get into the eyes of the above. If he couldn’t get into the eyes of the above, naturally he can’t get into the eyes of the Tan family. When they were doing things, they don’t care about themselves.

    He must become stronger, must have more combat exploits, in exchange for a higher status. Even if he was used as a chess piece by the Tan family, at least his brother’s hope of survival would be higher. Tan Chenxi thought of returning to Sky Blue Star secretly this time, and seeing the “fake brother” named “Tan Changgeng”.

    He seemed to be looking for his brother too. Perhaps the Tan family really didn’t do anything with his brother. The existence of his own brother was also the shackles of the fake Tan Changgeng. Otherwise, the fake Tan Changgeng could return to the Tan family as the illegitimate child of the Tan family’s head, instead of replacing someone else’s identity. Even a child would not believe the excuse that he could compete with himself for the right of family inheritance.

    “Don’t think too much, come here, let me tell you some good news.” The Tibetan fox came up with his light brain.

    Tan Chenxi quickly pushed away the long muzzle of his roommate. This guy, every time he became a spirit beast, he would forget that his body shape was different from that of a human being, and he often had trouble grasping distances. The muzzle smashed the glass, his tail was caught by the door, and ears got covered in a layer of dust from somewhere. Something happened to the Tibetan fox roommate several times a day.

    “His Royal Highness is back!” The Tibetan fox perseveringly held the light brain towards Tan Chenxi. Tan Chenxi’s eyes lit up and he finally had some energy: “Really?!”

    “Yes! His Royal Highness and the ten heroes are in the No. 1 Nursing Home. The No. 1 Nursing Home is a private nursing home under your Majesty’s name. Now the nursing home has opened a live broadcast.” The roommate tried to stretch out his paws, turning into Tan Chenxi’s face. “Quickly fill in an application, as long as you have been on the battlefield, even if you are not a spirit beast, you can also apply for viewing rights! S-level ability is preferred!”

    Tan Chenxi quickly received the message from the Tibetan fox light brain and began to fill in the application . The roommate squatted aside and talked about the live broadcast of the No. 1 Nursing Home. Especially the magical little spirit beast master, it was simply a weird flower—the kind of praise word.

    “It is said that the little spirit beast master is the only surviving orphan from the spirit beast master civilization. Their planet seems to have been blown up by someone, which is terrible.”

    “If the knowledge taught by the little spirit beast master in the live broadcast room is true, all the spirit beast cultivation textbooks I learned must be rewritten. But I think it must be true. Whoever said it is right, our spirit beasts feel the most intuitive.”

    “S-level abilities players with many bottlenecks said that after watching the live broadcast, their abilities improved. The bottleneck was loosened. You watch the live broadcast for a while, and maybe you can break through the bottleneck and become a spirit beast. It’s just that although the audience permissions have been relaxed, the qualification review is stricter. Some people have applied for more than half a month and have not been approved yet…” 

“Passed.” Tan Chenxi said.

    The Tibetan fox squinted his eyes and stared wide, “Passed? How is it possible?” Tan Chenxi opened his light brain to his roommate. Tibetan fox roommate=□=.

    Tan Chenxi touched the stubble on his chin, and said, “Maybe because I belong to the troops directly under His Royal Highness?”

    The Tibetan fox tilted his head: “Maybe?” Maybe his left paw! The guy who had been waiting for half a month and was still being approved was also a comrade in arms from their same unit!

    “Oh, the identity of the young man is about to be exposed.” The black cat gloated after receiving a special reminder.

    The white bear stretched his head and took a look, and said, “Tan Chenxi? Mingyou’s brother?”

   The big cat scratched his ears and continued to gloat: “I don’t know if Tan Chenxi saw Mingyou in the live broadcast room. What kind of expression.”

    Polar bear said: “Aren’t you going to say something to Mingyou?”

   The big black cat said: “What? Anyway, it’s not Mingyou who is unlucky. Even if the Tan family jumps out now, here is his home. Yes, will the people of the Star Alliance believe it? Heh, they have destroyed all the relevant information on the Sky blue star.”

    “The Tan family does not necessarily have no data to keep.” The polar bear said, “but they have already said the original. The young master is fake, they just don’t want to admit it.”

    “There are so many people in the Star Alliance, it’s normal for two of them to look a bit similar.” The big cat had a rascally expression, “Furthermore, Mingyou is still in his growing phase. When his facial features develop further, maybe they don’t look very much like they used to be. No big deal, I’ll take Mingyou for plastic surgery.” 

   Mingyou, who was collecting plant and ore specimens, poked his head over: “Dahei, Dabai, What are you two whispering about?”

    The big black cat said: “I said I will take you to get plastic surgery.”

    Mingyou touched his face: “Why? I am not ugly, right?” The

   The black cat pawed onto Mingyou’s shoulder and said: “Your whole body, so your house will not be able to find you.”

    Mingyou and the black cat had talked about family matters many times. Whenever he was in a bad mood, he would pull the big black cat and mutter, so it was not surprising that the black cat would say this.

    He touched his face again and said, “I don’t think it’s necessary. I knew they wouldn’t let me go to college, so after I entered high school, I disguised my face and waited for the college entrance examination to end. They definitely don’t recognize me now.” Mingyou proudly pulled out the photos he took with the system. The black-rimmed glasses on the face created a look that was very different from what it is now.

    The big cat was speechless for a while, and said, “But Mingyou, you are going to school with your own student status, so no matter how you pretend, they still know who you are.”

    Mingyou was stunned.

    The big black cat held his forehead with his paws: “You didn’t expect this, did you?”

    Mingyou was sluggish. The big black cat sighed, and the other fluffy eavesdroppers followed with sighs. Life was not easy, each beast sighed. Why was their little spirit beast master so stupid?

    Mingyou squatted on the ground and drew circles. He thought he was already very smart! When he first entered high school, he was preparing to successfully escape from home three years later! Wasn’t this smart enough!

    “Okay, okay, I have created a new identity for you. You are now an orphan of the spirit beast master civilization, and you were invited to enroll without an exam. It has nothing to do with Tan Changgeng.” The black cat patted Mingyou’s head. “Plus with your hard pretense when you were in high school, you should be able to get past.”

    Even if he didn’t have a disguise, he could get there. He used the identity of the hero of the Star Alliance as Mingyou’s platform, saying that the evidence of the Tan family was false. It was the group of ignorant scholars and the forces that wanted to split the Star Alliance cultivated by the spirit beasts. Coupling, perjury used to slander Mingyou. See who the people of the Star Alliance would believe. Arthur had never lost in a battle of shamelessness. The big cat had a crooked mouth and evil smile!

    “Yeah.” Mingyou felt comforted. He hugged the big black cat and said, “Dahei, you are so warm. You are the number one cat in the Star Alliance!”

    “You said my fur is very warm.” Right?” The black cat pushed Mingyou away, who was rubbing hard against his fur collar with disgust.

    “By the way, when I think about it, someone knows who I really look like.” Mingyou tapped his right fist in the palm of his left hand, and suddenly remembered something very important, “I also told him that I will change my name to Mingyou in the future.

   The big cat’s face stiffened: “Who?”

    Mingyou scratched his head embarrassedly: “It’s the person who replaced me now. I used to be good friends with him, so I told him everything.”

    The big black cat raised a paw. Mingyou took a step back. The black cat waved his paw down. Mingyou clutched his head: “Don’t fight, don’t fight, Dahei, I know I’m wrong!”

    The white bear pawed his forehead. Forget it, they will give Mingyou platform support as interstellar heroes, saying that all the evidence was forged by the interstellar division forces and the scholars of the spirit beast cultivation.

    Besides, Mingyou’s identity was not actually a black spot. It was just that Mingyou’s status as an orphan with the spirit beast master was not arranged for Mingyou, so it is difficult to explain his many secrets. So thinking about it from another angle, as long as Mingyou had so many secrets, no one would believe that Mingyou was the “little young master” of the Sky blue star Tan’s family.

    With Tan Changgeng’s life experience, it was impossible to grow into such an excellent appearance as Mingyou. The polar bear thought for a while, and thought it didn’t matter whether Mingyou had been disguised. His identity was an orphan spirit beast master, this would not change, the Tan family should not seek benefits from Mingyou.

    The only elder brother who may never persecute Mingyou is their subordinate. The other so-called relatives and enemies were the same. Who would tell Mingyou? This time they gave Tan Chenxi the green light because of the news they got that he had sneaked back to the Sky Blue Star for Mingyou, and perhaps wasn’t an enemy. Although they thought that it was enough for Mingyou to have them, but to have a relative who was kind to him, may help his social fears. Observe first, if Mingyou really wanted his big brother, they would help Mingyou realize his wish.

    “Okay, don’t fight, we are going to set off.” The white bear stopped when the black cat pressed Mingyou on the ground.

    The black cat angrily left Mingyou’s back. Mingyou patted the grass clippings from his body and held the black cat’s head. The big cat was furious. This guy did not reflect at all!

    “Yes, of course I have.” After getting in the car, Mingyou saw that the black cat was still sulking and smiled. “I didn’t mean to tell him that I’ll be called Mingyou in the future. Once he asked me what name I would give myself if I left the Tan’s house. I reflexively answered. I just said that once! Maybe he has forgotten it!”

    “When I think about it now, my friendship with him was fake from the beginning. He was an S-level supernatural power. What kind of campus violence and jumping into the river… it must all be fake. I am really stupid as expected.” Mingyou laughed at himself. “No matter in my previous life or in this life, I was an orphan born with parents but not raised by them. I had no vision, no experience, no emotional intelligence. Only the spirit beasts would not dislike me.” Listening to Mingyou’s self-deprecation, the big black cat was so angry. Can’t go down anymore.

    The white bear slapped the black cat away: “Okay, don’t think about unhappy things. How can you guard against thieves for a thousand days straight? You have done well enough.”

    Mingyou nodded vigorously and was elated. Dabai gave some sunshine, and immediately became bright: “Yes, that’s right, I have done well!” At least he did not expose the system!

    Of course, this was because during his nineteen years, he had not even seen a hair of a spirit beast ←_←. The little fox walked behind the big cat, picked up the cat’s tail, and bit it “Wow”.

    The big black cat immediately hunched its back and jumped half a foot high on the spot: “Meow! What are you doing!”

   The red fox bit the black cat’s tail and didn’t let go. Let him bully his little spirit beast master! Kill him! The little gray wolf, who had failed in the struggle for reason, stared. What! This fellow bullied his little spirit beast master! The little gray wolf jumped up and bit the big cat’s hind leg.

    “Meow!!!” The black cat frantically kicked his legs and wagged his tail, trying to get rid of the two little fluffy balls with sharp teeth. The two fawns looked at each other, bowed their heads, and charged.

    “Meow!!!” The big black cat uttered a scream after being hit on the back by the deer.

    “Huh? Don’t fight!” Mingyou hurriedly stopped, but was carried away by the polar bear.

    “They are playing around. Ignore them, and wait for them to stop making trouble.” The bear carried Mingyou and left.

    The black cat rolled around on the carpet of the carriage. Did these bastards dare treat him that way! The following had been committed! Military law disposal! Okay, okay, he was wrong, he shouldn’t open the pot and poke at Mingyou’s shortcomings.

    Enough!!! Stop biting!!! Although they hadn’t broken the defense, the black cat was lying motionless on the carpet with an aggrieved heart, like a dead cat who had lost his dream. Mingyou was very worried. He broke free of the polar bear and ran to save the big cat that was ravaged by the fluffy dumplings. The black cat cried falsely in Mingyou’s arms.

    At the beginning, he was the group favorite. Now what? He saw the newcomer laughing, but not the old crying. Mingyou couldn’t laugh or cry, just trying to say some comforting words, Xiaotian suddenly braked.

    “What’s the matter?” The polar white bear wrinkled his eyes and asked.

    “Strong spirit beast fluctuations are detected, there are spirit beasts lurking nearby.” Xiaotian said.

    “Find a new partner again?” Mingyou hugged the cat’s head and ran to the front of the car. Before the black cat could react, Mingyou dragged him directly from the car to in front of the car, feeling almost suffocated.

    “Which spirit beast is it?” Mingyou finally let go of the black cat’s head, and the cat was panting on the ground with his tongue out, like a big dog.

    The white bear had a very complicated expression: “See for yourself.”

    Mingyou looked at the screen in front of the cab. A big golden monkey was carrying a tree and blocking the front of the car. The big monkey “planted” the tree on the ground, held the tree with one hand, and stood akimbo: “XianXianXian!”

    “What, what is going on?” Mingyou didn’t know.

    The white bear palmed his forehead: “It’s probably… blocking the road.”

    Mingyou was shocked: “Huh?” The black cat lay on the ground, covering his eyes with two paws, and couldn’t bear to look straight. This guy was a convict they collected from the Star Pirates. Although his loyalty to the Star Alliance was unquestionable, the habit of a star thief couldn’t be controlled as long as he became a spirit beast, and it won’t be once or twice to grab things from human and beast alike.

    “Then… he didn’t see us as pleasing to the eyes?” Mingyou was puzzled after listening to the explanation, “Why?”

    “Who knows what that monkey is thinking?” The big cat complained, “Herman, go down and beat him up! Follow the rules of star pirates, whoever has the biggest fist is the boss!”

    “Really?!” Mingyou was very excited, “Can I try it? I haven’t tried the fighting power of the super spirit beast master…Ah!?” A big cat pounced, pressing Mingyou down. The polar bear immediately rushed out of the RV, looking to knock out the gold monkey. How could they let Mingyou take a shot? If the little Spirit Beast Master really won, wouldn’t their soldiers who have served on the battlefield lose face?!

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