After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 32

Mingyou took out the treated green stones. The greenstone was like a peeled fruit, emitting a tempting fragrance. The two little deer cried out “Yo-yo-yo-ba”, sounding like little baby goats, and their saliva flowed out.

    Arthur swallowed a mouthful of saliva: “Dabai, why do I think this stone tastes a little tempting?”

    The white bear blinked his eyes and scratched his ears: “It seems a bit?” 

    The little gray wolf was talking with each other. Fighting with his own reason, he bit his claws and let out a scream. The little red fox who had not recovered his memory would not have so many worries. He bounced to Mingyou’s feet, rubbed his ankles, wagged his tail, and his mouth made a coquettish sound.

    “Want to eat?” Mingyou picked up the little red fox with one hand, and put the green stone close to the little fox’s mouth. The red fox held the green stone with his front paws, stretched out his pink tongue, and took a bite out of the green stone.

    Arthur set the audience’s sympathy sense in the live broadcast room to the little fox. The audience only felt that the bite seemed to be like licking a mint-flavored popsicle, and the refreshing sweet scent flowed straight into their heads.

    Especially plant-type supernatural beings, the cool and sweet fragrance created unprecedented satisfaction, making small flowers float behind them. The plant spirit beasts suddenly raised their heads and found that it was actually not an illusion. They couldn’t help but mobilize their abilities and sprinkle a bunch of flowers on themselves.

    This, this… Was this a stone? Was this really a stone? The audience watched the little red fox lick the green stone, and it shrank with each lick, just like licking ice cream, and there was a gurgling sound in their throats. This stone… seemed to be edible?

    Arthur was a big cat full of curiosity. Seeing the red fox eating happily, he hurriedly ran and spread his paws in front of Mingyou: “Give me one too.”

    Mingyou took out a green stone that was polished into a small disc. There was a wooden stick inserted in the small disc of green stone.

    “What’s this?” Arthur approached and sniffed.

    “Greenstone lollipop!” Mingyou stuffed the lollipop into Arthur’s paws, “This way you don’t have to worry about stains from the greenstone.”

    After becoming a spirit beast, Arthur didn’t really care about food hygiene issues. He looked at Mingyou, then took a lick of the lollipop.

    “Hiss!” The black cat stuck his tongue out, “This is strong!”

    “Dabai, do you want one?” Mingyou took out a box of greenstone lollipops.

    The polar bear scratched his ears, and embarrassedly accepted a green stone lollipop. Mingyou smiled and bent his eyes. He knew that this group of lovely people could not resist the temptation of delicious energy crystals. Therefore, he had already processed the green stone and made it into a variety of candies to reduce the psychological resistance of the big cuties.

    “Come here, everyone has it.” Mingyou continued to distribute candies.

    The little gray wolf was biting a greenstone bone, while Dalu and Xiaolu were like the red fox, directly holding the carved green stone and chewing. The black cat and the polar bear always felt a little embarrassed with a lollipop in their hands.

    This was not just the embarrassment of the fragrance in their faces, the little spirit beast master made the greenstone into a candy, coaxing them like a child, and it also made them feel very embarrassed. They always felt that the little spirit beast master’s pampering was a tad off? Also, they had stayed with the Little Spirit Beast Master tomorrow, and they don’t know when the spirit beast master had carved these greenstone candies.

    Mingyou: The system holographic space is super easy to use! If one day it is broken, just wait for two days!

    Arthur winked at Herman: This guy was like a sieve, with holes everywhere. Herman nodded while licking the lollipop. Mingyou was unprepared for them. Although he was very happy about this, he still had to remind Mingyou to pay a little attention.

    Arthur continued to wink at Herman: Let him pay attention? It’s not as good as when we pay attention. Herman continued to nod. Yes, yes, Mingyou is too innocent, so let’s pay more attention. Arthur put the greenstone lollipop in his mouth, and stretched out his paws to help Mingyou who was sprinkling the greenstone seasoning on the grill.

    In fact, Arthur was not particularly worried about whether Mingyou will be full of loopholes in front of outsiders. First of all, his brother gave Mingyou the identity of the only orphan of the spirit beast master planet, and all secrets could be pushed to the non-existent spirit beast master planet. Furthermore, Mingyou had some social anxiety. In front of outsiders, let alone revealing secrets, it took a lot of effort to finish a sentence.

    The black cat sighed. Yes, how did he feel that they were more worried? Indeed, this was more worrying than any secret. The black cat imagined that they would become human after healed.

    Spirit Beasts: Hello, Mingyou, we are actually human beings.

    Mingyou clutched his chest, suffered a heart attack or cerebral hemorrhage, fell to the ground and died. At the end of the play, bad end was the finale. Oh no!!! The big cat put down the grill, held his head in his paws, and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets.

    Mingyou, who was sprinkling the seasoning, saw the black cat turning over the grill, suddenly grab his face and made a classic pose, could not help but wonder: “Dahei, what are you doing? Saw a bug?”

    The black cat stared. Mingyou glanced back: “Am I a liger afraid of bugs?”

    Mingyou said, “A bug stopped on your nose. I’ll catch it for you?” 

   The black cat crossed its eyes. There were really bugs! The black cat covered his nose with paws, arched his back, and his tail exploded into fluffy fur, stood straight, and bounced far away. The polar bear bit the greenstone lollipop, took the place of the black cat, and helped Mingyou turn over food on the grill.

    The little fox squatting on Mingyou’s shoulder licked the greenstone fruit in his paws, and his beautiful amber eyes glanced contemptuously and made a fist at the liger. The whole body had “Incompetent Fury” written all over it. Virtue. Humph. He didn’t know what the Little Spirit Beast Master liked about this black cat. Was it because of stupidity?

    The audience in the anchor room had no time to pay attention to the black cat whose nose was stung by an insect. They laid on the ground, with blank eyes and smashed mouths. Lick, slurp, greenstone lollipops were so delicious.

    Humans smacking their lips may make people feel disgusted, but a group of big plush dumplings collectively licking their mouths, there was actually a unique kind of cuteness.

    The logistics staff glanced at the fluffy dumplings who had gathered together to watch the live broadcast, and quietly sighed, clutching their chests. Their comrades in arms were usually more fierce, and they had become more fierce than other spirit beasts before. Why were they all lazy and cute now? The magic of this live room was terrible.

    In order to promote new knowledge of the spirit beast cultivation, the audience permissions in the live broadcast room of No. 1 Nursing Home had been opened up. As long as the political review was qualified, the logistics staff of the S-class superpower unit could also enter the live broadcast room.

    It was now in the political trial stage, and soon they would be able to watch the legendary live broadcast. The logistics staff looked forward to it very much. After watching the live broadcast, could they also learn to make their usually calm comrades so happy? As logistics personnel, the only thing they could do was to make the life and mood of this group of comrades on the front line of the battle more comfortable.

    “Okay, now the final processing of the wild animal meat.” Mingyou brought out a box of greenstone powder that had been specially treated. He added the spirit beast juice to the green stone powder, mixed the green stone powder into a paste, and then used a small brush to evenly brush the greenstone sauce on the wild beast meat. After brushing, Mingyou used a knife to cut out fish scale patterns on the beast meat, and then brushed greenstone powder again.

    “Okay, let me taste…ah!” Mingyou just cut off a small piece of wild beast meat and blew it away, a huge cat head leaned over his shoulder, whimpered, and snatched away the wild beast meat from Mingyou’s knife.

    Before Mingyou had time to react, the red fox squatting on his other shoulder raised his tail. A fireball half the size of the cat’s head smashed towards the big cat. The black cat drifted and escaped the fireball, which hit the tree next to him.

    “Dabai!” Mingyou exclaimed, and the polar bear glanced at the dead tree. The flame on the dead tree went out and turned into a tree ice sculpture.

    Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief. He took off his apron and put his hands on his waist: “Dahong, Dahei!” 

   The big cat immediately squatted in front of Mingyou. The little fox immediately jumped onto the black cat’s head and sat nicely. A plush head was covered with a small red plush, and the big and small expressions were exactly the same: innocent, pitiful and pretending to be ignorant.

    Mingyou squeezed his fists and tapped Dahei and Dahong’s heads one by one: “Go to the wall under that tree and think about what you have done. You can eat only after the others have finished dividing the meat!”

    The black cat held the red fox on his head and wilted. He squatted down to the wall under the tree and reflected.

    Arthur: “Stupid fox! Why did you almost set the tree on fire, I want to follow along!”

    Xian Luo : “Smelly big cat! If it wasn’t for you who stole meat, why would I hit you with fireballs!”

    Although the fox and liger seemed to be thinking about it stubbornly, in fact their mouths were gurgling continuously, making Mingyou look helpless. After dividing the meat for the other spirit beasts, he brought two plates of meat and walked to the pair who were still arguing: “Okay, stop arguing, eat meat.”

    “Next time you play around, don’t use something as dangerous as a fireball.” After Mingyou trained the red fox, he trained the black cat. “Just tell me what you want to eat. Don’t grab the meat from the knife. What do I do if you scratch your mouth?” 

   The big cat was incredulous: “You made me think about it, because of this?!” He thought it was because the stupid fox threw the fireball and almost set the tree on fire. The chief bore joint responsibility!

    “Of course, it’s dangerous.” Mingyou turned on his nagging mode.

    The black cat’s ears were automatically attached to the top of the head, turning into a black cat with no ears. While being fed meat by Mingyou, the little fox curiously looked at the black cat’s mouth. Was the black cat’s mouth so fragile? Could a small blunt knife cut his mouth?

    Alas, since the big black cat was so weak, he wouldn’t bully him in the future. Little spirit beast master said, his body and soul were beautiful. Not bullying the weak was a manifestation of spiritual beauty, right? The red fox supported the half-face mask on his face and barked twice at the big cat, indicating that he would not bully the black cat anymore.

    “Dahong is awesome!” Mingyou stopped nagging, and after complimenting the little red fox, he continued to face the black cat’s head. The big cat was holding meat in his mouth, and while eating mechanically, his eyes had been nagged by the little spirit beast master and lost their shine.

    The two fawns were muttering while chewing on meat strips. The big cat had been scolded again. Yes, he was trained again. Happy X2!

    A smile appeared in the polar bear’s eyes. It was rare for him to see His Royal Highness obediently listening to scolding, something even the Emperor could not do. The gray wolf showed a suspicious look while gnawing at the meat.

    Even if the spirit beast master was their savior, was His Highness too kind to the youth? Just explain something like a knife piercing their mouth. How could a spirit beast be slashed by a small knife? Why was it that His Highness was so nagged that his ears were on his forehead, but he doesn’t excuse him? Forget it, this wolf didn’t understand, the wolf just ate meat.

    In the palace, His Majesty the golden lion also showed a suspicious look. He took care of Arthur during his bear child phase, and he had never seen Arthur so honest. Besides, Arthur did nothing wrong in this matter. A spirit beast would not be scratched by a knife, and there was no need to listen to Mingyou’s nagging.

    “My uncle seems to be strictly controlled by his wife.” The silly leopard said nonsense while drooling.

    The sympathy sense of the little red fox had not shut down, and the indescribable deliciousness of greenstone powder barbecue was filling their mouths. Spirit beasts were tired of eating wild beast meat, especially grilled wild beast meat, which they ate most often after fighting and hunting. They didn’t expect much from the camping food in the live broadcast.

    Well, there was a little expectation. When they watched the live broadcast for the first time, the crispy roasted meat made by the spirit beast master tasted quite good, much more delicious than the wild animal meat they ate. But they still wanted to eat something unique, such as nutrition cubes. If it really didn’t work, just lick two more greenstone lollipops, they didn’t think it was a stone.

    So, what about barbecue… What a barbecue!!! Was this really a barbecue!!! They had never eaten barbecue with such flavor!!! The fluffy people were shocked and exploded. The raw material of this deliciously fried barbecue was really the wild animal meat that they were tired of eating? How could wild beast meat have such strong energy waves?!

    The big snow leopard was distracted, his head was down, and he didn’t know what he was talking about. But His Majesty the lion fell into contemplation. Thinking carefully, Arthur’s appearance was really familiar.

    When Arthur and his sister-in-law were still there, he was scolded just like this. His Majesty the golden lion overlapped his paws and suddenly felt a little sad, and even the taste of greenstone barbecue in his mouth was not good anymore. War, war, this horrid thing, had taken half of his life.

    “Wow!” Seeing someone in the barrage asking about greenstone Barbecue, Arthur immediately forwarded his comments to Mingyou, and stopped the spirit beastmaster from further nagging.

    Mingyou took water from the polar bear, moisturized his throat, and said, “Why is greenstone barbecue better in taste and energy than ordinary barren beast meat? Of course, I used greenstone powder and spirit beast juice. The ability of the beast master can change the energy fluctuations of these ingredients and become more suitable for consumption.”

    “It may be difficult for you to understand what I am saying. I will show you an example.” Mingyou patted the black cat, and the cat immediately melted into a pile of fluff lying on his stomach. Mingyou turned and sat on the ground, sinking into the cat’s fur, as if sitting on a sofa.

    When the little red fox was eating barbecue, he almost ate a mouthful of cat hair. He was so disgusted, he jumped to the ground and leaned against Mingyou’s calf. Mingyou touched the head of the little fox, rubbed the cat’s collar, and took out an untreated greenstone from his system backpack.

    This grey-fluttering stone is like an ordinary pebble that could be seen everywhere on the roadside, and the energy fluctuations it emitted were also very ordinary, completely unable to arouse the appetite of spirit beasts. The fluffy eyes in the live broadcast room widened, very curious. Was this really the same kind of stone as the greenstone they ate?

    The polar bear brought a basin of water and placed it in front of Mingyou; the two little deer were lying on the side with two clean towels on their heads; the little gray wolf looked left and right, hey, what could he do?

    “Control yourself, don’t lose your mind, don’t make trouble.” The polar bear said solemnly.

    Little Gray Wolf: “…” Although he wanted to say that he could, it really didn’t depend on his will. So he could only shrink on the shoulders of the white bear, hoping that the big bear could help control him when he couldn’t.

    “This stone is a greenstone just dug out of the ground. The attractive fragrance of the green stone candy is nowhere to be found? Even if it is a crystal of energy, it will hide like a fruit in nature. Hide energy waves and save yourself from being found by predators.”

    “The current greenstone is like a fruit with a hard shell. You must peel off its shell to eat the delicious pulp inside. Of course, if the spirit beast finds this kind of energy crystal in the wild, it can also be swallowed directly. Use your own gastric juices and supernatural powers to digest the inedible part of the energy crystals.”     

   “The spirit beast master can peel off the green stone’s ‘husk’ and change the energy state of the greenstone to make it more suitable for the spirit beast to absorb. It can also make it work with other ingredients to exert a stronger effect.”    

  “The tool that the spirit beast master uses to change the green stone energy is their own spiritual energy. Essence, that is mental power. Qi , which is vitality. Spirit, which is the power of the heart that I said before, the power of the spirit beast master’s emotions. As long as there are objects with life fluctuations, they have these three facets. Abilities are also the same as these three. This kind of power is closely related.” 

   Mingyou introduced while taking out props to polish the rough green stone in his hand.     There were light blue energy fluctuations in his hand. When the rough green stone was polished to a rounded luster by sandpaper, the light blue energy waves poured into the rough green stone, causing energy resonance.  

   The audience in the live broadcast room could see that the rough green stone was trembling and humming rapidly, and the special energy fluctuations in the greenstone began to appear.     Mingyou immersed the polished green stone in water, washed and wiped it dry, roasted it on the fire for a while, and continued to polish it. In this cycle, the fist-sized green stone, only half remained, turned into a pale green stone bead, emitting the alluring fragrance they had smelled before. This was the ability of a spirit beast master?

    “This is the most preliminary ingredient. However, each spirit beast has different physical conditions and requires different energies. Mature spirit beast masters will tailor food for spirit beasts according to their states. Especially when the spirit beast is recovering from an injury, or when their ability breaks through the bottleneck, it is even more important to tailor food for spirit beasts.”

    Mingyou doesn’t know what material the props were made of. It was like cutting tofu. The stone was easily cut in half. “I use Dalu and the Dahong as a demonstration. Dalu’s powers are mainly plant attributes. I need to maximize the natural energy fluctuations of the greenstone itself.”

    Mingyou continued to polish half of the small stone beads. Carving it into a leaf: “The shape of the stone bead is actually not very important. In the end, the energy is changed and compressed in the remaining stone powder. But in order to mobilize the spirit of the beastmaster, it is metaphorical. It will make the conversion of energy waves easier.” 

    After he carved a small leaf, he sent the small leaf to Dalu’s mouth, and the black cat immediately changed the sympathy sense to Dalu. Dalu chewed up the leaves, his face showed a drunken expression, and small broken flowers began to float on his body.

    The plant supernaturalists in the live broadcast room also showed intoxicated expressions. The logistics staff looked at the layer of petals on the ground and didn’t know what expressions to make.

    The spirit beasts said that they couldn’t use their abilities indiscriminately, and the recovery of their abilities was very slow. If they consumed too much, they would burn their vitality? Was it really okay for them to watch the live broadcast and use abilities? Pay attention to saving! The logistics staff felt very distressed.

    “Does it feel different from the greenstone lollipops? Because the energy fluctuations in the greenstone lollipops were transformed it into a state suitable for all spirit beasts, which is definitely different from special customized food.”

    Mingyou picked up the other half of the small stone beads: “Next, I will make Dahong’s exclusive greenstone food. Dahong’s ability is mainly fire attribute, any plant energy crystals that are directly consumed by Dahong, most of the energy will be wasted. But this does not mean that greenstone is useless for Dahong. As the saying goes, wood makes fire. Although Dahong cannot directly absorb wood attribute energy, he can activate his own fire attribute energy, just like a catalyst. To improve his own recovery speed.”

    Mingyou carved a small raspberry: “Dahong’s favorite fruit is raspberry. Carving the green stone into the shape of a raspberry, Dahong will be very happy.”

   The tail behind the fox swayed from side to side. He stood up, took the berry-like green stone with his two paws, and licked it. The black cat switch the sympathy sense to the little red fox in due course. The red fox squinted his eyes, and his tail ignited with a bang. The flame did not ignite the dead grass around the little fox. It seemed like the noon sun in summer. It was a little hot, but it didn’t hurt the things around him.

    “Wow!” The little red fox licked off half of the green stone berry, raised his hair and barked, a few sparks spurted out of his mouth.

    “Hiccup!” His Majesty the golden lion couldn’t help but burp, spraying out a cloud of golden flames, just hitting the snow leopard who was trying to say something. The white leopard’s fur was darkened with soot.

    Snow Leopard: “…” He couldn’t take it anymore. As expected, he should immediately go to his uncle right now! 

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