After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 31

Mingyou began to prepare for the barbecue. A few small fluffy squatters lay on the ground, staring at him with piercing eyes. Mingyou’s sense of danger sense was pinging.

    What was wrong? What was going on here? He was just giving a gift, why were they staring at him? Even the polar bear that had always been reliable had become a little bear cub, sitting on the ground, staring at him aggrievedly?

    “This…this is the most suitable gift for Dalu and Xiaolu. When I get rich, everyone will have a lot of gifts.” Mingyou admitted. Regardless of whether he could afford it in the future, make a promise first. High-luxury brand things! Everyone had them! When he earned money, he would buy bags for everyone!

    Arthur licked his paws and washed his face: “Mingyou, you are like a scumbag with rhetoric now.” The other fluffies vigorously nodded.

    After finally regaining his sanity, the little wolf actually didn’t want to nod, but everyone was nodding, so he reluctantly followed the crowd. As for the two fawns, who were originally only half a meter long, but now had shrunk once more, they looked at each other with confusion. Although they didn’t know what was going on, since everyone was bullying the little spirit beastmaster, let them bully him too.

    Mingyou’s heart was broken. He grabbed the two fawns in his arms and rubbed their ears vigorously. Two little unscrupulous people! Who was he being criticized because of? The two of them were also helping the abusers! The two fawns tilted their heads, blinked their watery eyes, and acted like babies.

    Mingyou sighed. Forget it, these two little deer were still children, they didn’t understand anything, so why was he wronged? “I warn you that the mood of the beast master will affect the taste of the food. Be careful that after you bully me, the food I make for you is bitter.” Mingyou had to resort to a final push.

    The plushies all showed the expression of “Σ(°△°||)”.

    Arthur face was shocked: “Stupid Mingyou, you actually will threaten your people astray!!?”

    Mingyou arrogantly put his hands on his hips: “He that knows nothing doubts nothing”

    The other plushies uniformly turned their heads and stared at Arthur with condemnation.

    Arthur: ??? At this time, the cat’s head was covered with a small question mark?

    Arthur vigorously shook his head, throwing away all the question marks. He slapped his paws on the ground and angrily exclaimed: “What does this have to do with me? Don’t mess around!”

    Seeing the other fluffy cubs beginning to criticize the little black cat and ignoring him, Mingyou set up the grill with satisfaction. “By the way, do you want to start a live broadcast?” Two more spirit beasts had been found. Mingyou thought it was time to tell the audience in the live broadcast room.

    Since the spirit beasts may own an entire planet, there may not only be the comrades of the spirit beasts, but also their families among the audience watching the live broadcast. His live broadcast method should also be changed, from being a master of spirit beasts to from the spirit beast themself.

    The spirit beasts with their own civilization and planet should have the right to watch live broadcasts and purchase goods on their own, right? Now that there were more plushies to be raised, he needed to make more money so that he could buy bags for them.

    The things in the system mall couldn’t be bought, and if he worked hard in reality, he could still make money every day and become a rich man. Mingyou set himself a small goal.

    “Wow, Mingyou, to be the richest man is a small goal, what is the big goal?” Arthur liked to hear Mingyou brag the most. Because he also liked to brag. Mingyou pointed at the sky with one hand on his hips: “The sea of ​​stars!”

    Arthur jumped on top of Mingyou’s head and wiped the dirt and grass clippings from his feet at the same time. Anyway, he would take a bath and wash his hair every day, so rubbing a paw on Mingyou’s head was not bullying.

    “Okay, set a small goal first.” Arthur Cat said, “Now we can start the live broadcast. By the way, we can disclose the information about energy crystallization to the audience.” 

“Can you disclose it?” Mingyou asked, “Won’t it cause prices to soar?”

    Arthur tail tickled Mingyou’s ears lightly, and said: “Oh, I’m not stupid, I know it will cause prices to skyrocket.” 

   Mingyou muttered, “I wasn’t stupid. People have seen it, they are driving up prices, what should you do if your spirit beast planet can’t buy enough energy crystals?”

    “Relax, these two days, an emergency bill has been passed, energy crystals have been nationalized, and private sales must be priced in accordance with the state.” Arthur flicked his tail and said proudly, “That kind of ore is the product of energy mines, which were originally produced in the most state-owned mines. The emergency bill is just a stick that is not easy to use. Who dares to drive up prices, the Star Alliance government will leave them without any pants.”

    Mingyou immediately remembered the state regulation in his previous life, patted his chest and said: “It turns out that the control of the Star Alliance government is about the same as the world in my previous life, and it will not affect people’s livelihood. I feel relieved.”

    “What do you mean by original? Did you think the Star Alliance government was very weak?” Arthur said badly.

    Mingyou nodded: “Yes, when I was at Sky Blue Star, I didn’t feel the presence of the Star Alliance government at all.”

    Arthur was furious. Little bear and wolf looked at each other, and turned their ears together, as if they had become cats one by one. That was normal for an autonomous region. An autonomous region was equivalent to a franchise country, could it be the same as a central region?

    However, listening to the little spirit beast master say that, they were still a little uncomfortable. They had an aggrieved sense of making a fool of themselves in front of their little spirit beast master.

    A few people secretly made up their minds; the other autonomous regions didn’t matter, they must find a way to take back the autonomy of Sky Blue Star. When the time came, if the spirit beast master was willing, he would get a reward.

    After the other comrades woke up, discuss with them, and if they wanted to come, they would definitely agree to give this gift to the little spirit beastmaster. The little wolf, white bear and black cat formed a chat group to discuss the matter.

    Arthur very much agreed with their proposal and began to compose a paragraph. “Patriarch Tan: Did the young master who was expelled starve to death?

    The subordinate replied: No, sir, now the young master is the captain of the sky blue planet, and you have become his subordinate.”

    Gray wolf and polar bear thought that what Arthur Cat said was something, and then disbanded the group. They still felt that if they stayed in a group with Arthur, they would be embarrassed to death sooner or later. His Royal Highness has many unfortunate things.

    Mingyou didn’t know that the three plushs were discussing him. He finished the draft and opened the live broadcast. There was no advance notice for this live broadcast, which caused a lot of exclamations around when the live broadcast started. However, the audience was used to it for several live broadcasts. They quickly found a good position and started watching the live broadcast on their stomachs.

    Come, let them take a look, what would the little anchor broadcast today? Cooking? Singing? Dancing? Or making toys? They saw the night sky, meadows, a river, and a huge barbecue grill.

    “Hello everyone, I am the anchor Mingyou, today we will broadcast a picnic.” Mingyou said while cutting meat, “In order to avoid some viewers feeling uncomfortable with the hunting and slaughtering wild animals, the live broadcast has skipped the slaughtering process.

    “If there are viewers in the live broadcast room who are uncomfortable with the handling of meat ingredients, they can temporarily exit the live broadcast room and wait for the barbecue to start before coming back in.”

    “Then what if there are viewers who feel the same feeling of pain for barbecuing meat?” The yin and yang of the liger was weird.

    Mingyou thought for a while, and said, “Then come in when you all eat meat?”

    “What if the audience feels the same painful feeling about eating meat?” Arthur continued to be suspicious.

    Mingyou was not sure: “Would you like to post an announcement on the live broadcast room, today we are eating meat, vegetarians please take caution?”

    Arthur saw Mingyou discussing with him seriously, and he rolled around on the grass with a smile. Herman bear stepped on Arthur’s tail while holding the seasoning. “Meow!!!” Arthur jumped up from the ground.

    Herman apologized insincerely: “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

    Arthur hugged his tail and said angrily: “I have such a big tail, are you blind?”

    Herman took a closer look at Arthur tail. , Seriously said: “I’m sorry, it’s too dark, where is your tail?”

    Arthur: “…” Wasn’t his fur only a bit dark! I don’t believe he was night blind!

    Mingyou believed it to be true, and quickly took out a reflective vest from the system backpack and put it on the big cat, and put a fluorescent bow on the tip of the cat’s tail: “So everyone can see the big black at night, no one will bump into Dahei!”

    Shadow liger =_=. Was the young man really stupid or being deliberate?

    “Yes, this vest is very suitable for Your Highness.” Herman nodded his head and smiled.

    The big black cat lazily glanced at the big bear, lying on the ground and pretending to be dead, the bow on the tip of his tail was floating in the air-because the tail was too dark to see, it seemed like only the bow was floating around in the air. Mingyou thought his joke was funny, but no one laughed, and even felt a little bit cold. Mingyou, who was discouraged, had to go to the bacon in a desperate manner.

    The audience chatted in the barrage. “The wind is so comfortable today, and I really want to join the picnic.”

    “The little anchor said that someone would be afraid of killing wild beasts? Was he serious? Does he not know who is watching the live broadcast?”

    “Watching the live broadcast In addition to soldiers, there are family members. Maybe there are really people who can’t look at someone handling meat.”

    “Noble, understand that meat grows out of the refrigerator.”

    “Is Colonel Hermann really the guard of His Royal Highness? It’s not that the Colonel’s heart is on His Highness, and there are even rumors that the Colonel has a crush on His Royal Highness? Is this a secret love? How do I feel that the Colonel dislikes His Highness?”

    “His Royal Highness is really good tempered. He wasn’t angry even after his tail was stepped on. It’s rumored that His Highness has a vindictive temper, which is rarely seen. Why do I think His Highness’s temper is good so far?”

    “So His Highness either has problems with his head, his bottom, maybe both have problems.”

    “Never mind the bow, but the reflective vest is quite practical. I also have black fur, and I always get my tail trampled on during night training, which makes me uncomfortable.”

    “Come on, who comes out at night? The task is to wear a reflective vest? Do you set up a special target for people to hit?”

    “Why do spirit beasts have tails? Tails are too anti-human!”

    “Second! I feel that a tail is not part of my body at all! I have been scared by my own tail several times! I treated my tail as an enemy to bite!”

    “Scared by my own tail, I used my tail as an enemy to bite +1 (lighting a cigarette).”

    “Take the tail as an enemy bite +2 The tail is really uncomfortable!”

    The audience started to line up without knowing why, they all criticized the tail as something that should not be part of a spirit beast, and it would get in the way no matter what. Fighting between spirit beasts was due to the tail eight or nine cases out of ten.

    Why did you step on my tail? You pressed my tail, your tail hit my face, and your tail poked my food. In short, it was all the tail’s fault! We should build an anti-tail alliance!

    His Majesty the lion said weakly: “Is the focus of the most elite fighters of our Star Alliance a bit too boring? Ouch! Who stepped on my tail!”

    The big snow leopard tilted his head, his face blank. His Majesty turned around and swung, and the poor snow leopard hit the ground several times. The snow leopard felt very wronged. Dad, the carpet is golden, and his tail was also golden. Large cats walk with their heads up and their chests held high. Wasn’t it normal for him not to see a tail? Why did he hit him? Hey, he really was picked up, he had to find a way to sneak in and go to his uncle! The leopard clutched his pounding head with his paws and made up his mind.

    “By the way, I want to tell you good news. We have found two more companions. Dalu and Xiaolu, say hello to everyone.” After Mingyou marinated the wild animal meat, he waved in the distance.

    The audience followed Mingyou’s line of sight, and two deer were walking towards them with cheerful steps. Dalu and Xiaolu? The little anchor’s level of naming was still as bad as ever. Among the ten heroes, there was only a pair of twin brothers and sisters. The audience could guess who this pair of deer siblings were. Kerry Clyde and Ellie Clyde, a pair of muscular siblings who beat the barracks with their bare hands.

    Kerry and Ellie were once sent to a training camp as instructors because they were at odds with Shangfeng, specializing in teaching soldiers to fight unarmed. Many spirit beasts present had suffered their devastating strength.

    To be honest, Ellie’s face looked pretty good, like a girl of seventeen or eighteen. And her face was very thin, and she usually smiled shyly, blushing when she got a little excited. Just looking at her face, Ellie was a rare soft and cute girl in the military camp. It was a pity that the head of this cute little girl grew on a body of steel.

    Ellie was a really strong woman who could run with horses on her shoulders and smash boulders on her chest. Although she had a plant-based power, she used her powers to strengthen her body, setting a record for dismantling small battleships with her bare hands.

    Now the strong woman in the barracks had become a delicate fawn wearing a flower on her head. The boys and girls who had been tortured by Ellie in the barracks couldn’t help but get goose bumps.

    When this little flower-like deer was nestling next to the little spirit beast master, while gently rubbing and acting like a baby, many viewers felt their stomachs churn, and even the smell of barbecue could not arouse their appetites.

    When the steel strong Kerry also lowered his head, rubbed his beautiful antlers against the little beastmaster’s palm, and raised his head revealing a pair of big watery eyes acting coquettish, many viewers were forced to stop watching the live broadcast and ran to the toilet to vomit.

    Enough of you guys! Even if the age was forced to shrink! Don’t have so much of a personality contrast! Arthur glanced at the fighters trained by the Clyde siblings on the verge of collapse, and who began to talk nonsense, like a crazy bullet screen. Arthur showed a cat-like disdainful smile.

    The race of the Clyde brothers and sisters was like this. When they were young, they were super cute and soft, and their body would change in adulthood, and they would develop towards steel and iron bones.

    The same was true of their spirit beasts. Did the deer look cute now? The adult body was a muscular devil. How else do they think the two were assassins? Of course, first sneak into the enemy camp with their ability, and then tear open the clothes to reveal the muscles and open fire.

    The big black cat scratched his back. His butt had been kicked by the muscle deer before, but now that he thought about it, he can still feel the pain and the stinging sensation. He didn’t know if Mingyou could still say the disgusting words “Dalu and Xiaolu are the cutest deer” when he saw how the elf deer grew up into. The black cat seemed to have seen the poor little spirit beastmaster’s expression of collapse, and couldn’t help but utter a joyful sound.

    Mingyou rushed over, still in the midst of keal prep: “Dahei, don’t be lazy, quickly help me barbecue.”

    The black cat who wanted to be lazy stood up helplessly, showing off his layer of soft fur. The cat’s claws sadly clutching the barbecue. As a furry creature, he actually wanted to barbecue near the fire? Only a guy like Mingyou who didn’t know what weird things were in his head could do this kind of thing.

    The polar bear glanced at his boss. Yes, yes, he spit out rejection, but never refused the spirit beastmaster’s request. Your Highness, are you going to add another “toughness” to your character label that was already a thousand words long? Tsundere His Highness? The white bear trembled. It was disgusting!

    “Is Dabai cold?” When Mingyou saw the big white bear shudder, he hurriedly took out a particular felt hat from the system backpack, tiptoed up and placed it on the bear’s head. Dark green, with two ear flaps and a red five-pointed star in the middle!

    Mingyou gave the big white bear a thumbs up: “Northern style! Want alcohol? There’s tons and tons!”

    Polar bear: “…” The little spirit beast master was saying something incomprehensible again.

    “This hat is pretty good-looking, give me one too!” The black cat said to Mingyou. The wind at night in the mountains was so strong that it hurt his ears.

    Mingyou took out a stack of dark green felt hats from the system backpack like magic. This felt hat was also high-tech, it could automatically change size according to the shape of the spirit beasts’ heads. It could even form holes for spirit beast ears and horns. So the black cat, red fox, gray wolf and the two deer all became spirit beasts of the Great North. Mingyou also put on a hat, and opened his mouth with a string of Northeastern dialect.

    Black Cat: “…” It was awful, and he thought of the horror of being shown to the whole live broadcast.

    “Dahei has also become a Siberian tiger.” Mingyou said with a smile.

    The big black cat tilted his hat: “What does a Siberian tiger look like ?” 

   “It’s a large orange cat.” The news that he saw a certain year appeared in Mingyou’s head, a certain Siberian tiger who was overweight in winter.

    Big Black Cat: “…” He decided to break off with the spirit beastmaster for a minute!

    Arthur looked down at his slightly bulging soft belly. Was he really fat? No? A month ago Mingyou still said he was skinny? Was he disliked for being fat now? But the spirit beast form had nothing to do with his human form. His human form must still have eight pack abs! Or, eat less meat today?

    “Dahei? Why are you in a daze?” Mingyou wondered.

    “Not in a daze.” The black cat vigorously shook his head, almost knocking his hat off. What was he thinking! The Siberian tiger was an orange cat! He was not a Siberian tiger! Even by color, he was a big black cat, and his brother was an orange cat! Orange cats would become fat pigs! His Majesty the lion sneezed, spraying saliva on the snow leopard’s face rolling in front of him.

    Snow Leopard: “…” This day is really overwhelming! Dad beat him violently for a while, and slobbered on his face for a while! Dad shouldn’t have Alzheimer’s anymore? He couldn’t live like this! He must find a way to return to his uncle sooner! The snow leopard made up his mind again.

    Mingyou didn’t know he was about to usher in a snow leopard sneaking away soon. He was now wondering how to tell the audience in the live broadcast room about energy crystallization. “Today’s barbecue will use a new ingredient called…” Mingyou asked, “What is this called?” The

    The big black cat lazily said, “Energy-associated mine.”

    Mingyou couldn’t laugh or cry: “I know it is mine energy stones. It should always have a name, right?”

    The big black cat glanced at the two fawns playing nearby, pouncing at each other in fun: “Call them Greenstone.”

    Mingyou was speechless: “Dahei, isn’t this too perfunctory?” 

    The big black cat sneered, “Why didn’t you feel perfunctory when you named us?” The other fluffy animals nodded.

    Mingyou: “…” Was it impossible to get around this matter? He was persuaded.

    “Ahem, this kind of ore is familiar to everyone. It is called greenstone. It is wood attribute energy crystal. Wood attribute energy crystals are very suitable for plant-based supernatural powers. But my spirit beasts are picky eaters and refuse to eat solid stones. I had to make it into a seasoning.”

    “The spirit beastmaster can inject the energy from the wood attribute energy crystals into the food, but ordinary spirit beasts can only eat the energy crystals directly. However, I have submitted the relevant research papers, maybe the Star Alliance will find a more convenient way to use energy crystals to make food for spirit beasts.”

    “Dahei said, in addition to those who raise spirit beasts, there are many economically free viewers watching the live broadcast. Spirit beasts can buy some energy crystals and taste it themselves. The taste is really good.”

    Audience: … Who the hell can eat stones! Little anchor, are you kidding me?! 

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