After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 30

Arthur’s threat to the two fawns brought about serious consequences. Mingyou had been feeding the deer for two days, but their favorability was still fixed at vigilance, and it hadn’t risen at all.

    Mingyou clenched his fists and vigorously drilled the black liger’s temples: “Look at what you have done.” Arthur shook his head, and his ears trembled. The shadow liger didn’t know, it had nothing to do with him! Mingyou weakly sighed with his face buried in the black cat’s collar.

    “Don’t say any extra words next time.” Mingyou raised his head, pulled the black cat’s ears, and spoke into them.

    The black cat scratched his ears. He knows, he was annoyed, it was all chattering. The two fawns were hiding in the shadows, looking at the weakest two-legged beast, pinching the most ferocious black cat’s ears and reprimanding him, with a hint of curiosity in their big watery eyes. The big black cat didn’t bite off the little two-legged beast’s head?

    “His Royal Highness didn’t mean to scare you, he just said things terribly.” The polar bear persuaded, “Even if you are afraid of His Highness, Mingyou gave you food and drink to help you heal your wounds. He is always a good boy. Don’t reject him, Mingyou will be sad.”

    The two deer looked at each other. Although they were still worried whether this group of ferocious beasts wanted to fatten them up and eat them, the little two-legged beast was indeed very good to them, not as if he would hurt them.

    So… Kerry lowered his head and poked his sister on the back with his antlers. You go. The younger sister took a step back. She refused, the big black bully was there, who dared to go? The big white bear sighed, walked to Mingyou, grabbed the black cat’s nape, and dragged the feline away.

    Kerry lowered his head again and poked his sister with his antlers. Go quickly. As soon as the younger sister took a step forward, the little red fox jumped into Mingyou’s arms. The younger sister quickly backed away. She retreated, the little red bully showed up. Kerry was worried.

    After his observation, the little two-legged beast was in charge of food. As long as they pleased the little biped, the siblings wouldn’t have to worry about being hungry. But it was really hard to please. The sister kicked Kerry with her hoof. Why didn’t he go? He was the brother, he should go! Kerry deer skittered on the ground, then gritted his teeth and walked out of the shadows.

    While helping the little fox comb his tail, Mingyou raised his head and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?” The little red fox glanced at Kerry from the side , opened his mouth, and created sparks. Kerry’s legs weakened and he knelt directly.

    Mingyou flicked the little red fox’s ears: “Dahong, don’t scare people.” After speaking, he put the little red fox between the two antlers: “Look, he’s been enthroned!”

    His Royal Highness the Prince of the Star Alliance, Black Cat:???

    The prince of the Star Alliance’s guard, Polar Bear: ???

    The black cat licked his paw and said, “If the fox was really allowed to ascend to the throne, my brother would be happy.”

    Big white bear: “…”

    Although he knew that the big cat family’s ascension to the throne was purely a matter of chance, he couldn’t really say that. The Star Alliance really needed the big cat family to continue drawing lots to choose people to be the emperor.

    Back then, when the Star Alliance was established, it was not that other systems had not been used. But there were still so many races on a planet that disagreed with each other, with so many planets, races, and distinct cultures. To integrate into a unified interstellar civilization, it was very important to create a unique cultural symbol for the Star Alliance.

    The founder of the Star Alliance had been elected for a long time between religion and the royal family, but still thought that the religions had too many contradictions. It was better to choose an individual as the emperor in name.

    The emperor’s family had been able to produce capable people from generation to generation without admiring power. Usually a symbolic leader, the Star Alliance was capable of turning the tide in an emergency. So the large cat family was pushed to the throne.

    Was there anyone more suitable to be emperor than the big cat family who wanted to doze off for 24 hours a day? Moreover, big cats were natural leaders. They were lazy and at the same time protected their shortcomings. As long as they couldn’t get rid of the “curse” of natural supernatural beings, they could not resist the nature derived from their genes.

    The first big cat emperor was coaxed to the throne. All work would be done by others, no work was required. Every day they only needed to eat, drink, sleep, and play, and leave the troubles to the cabinet. Wasn’t such a good thing suitable for the big cats?

    The big golden lion in power today, His Majesty Emperor Aldrich said that he believed in a lie. The polar bear thought this monarchy of the Star Alliance was very strange. Many people thought that the Star Alliance monarchy was very weird.

    But no one wanted to abolish the monarchy. Because the large cat family had repeatedly turned the tide in the history of the Star Alliance, an emperor-in-name so good that no one in the Star Alliance could afford change. So even if someone was jealous of the big cat’s power, they just wanted to support a weak-charactered big cat to become a puppet emperor, they themselves don’t want to go up.

    Even if they thought about it, the people of the All-Star Alliance would not agree. The wish of the Star Alliance founders had been fulfilled. When it came to the ever-changing cultural symbols and beliefs of our Star Alliance, only His Majesty the large feline stayed. Without His Majesty the large cat, the Star Alliance had no special features, and it didn’t have that uniqueness anymore.

    The big cat family, which had been persevering in submitting proposals to abolish the imperial legislation every year, was still struggling. The polar bear said that he couldn’t help because he was also one of the people who voted against it. Who made the big cats have a strong sense of responsibility and protect their shortcomings, as long as they were in that position, they would be protective of the Star Alliance?

    The little red fox stood up from the antlers, jumped onto the ground, and pushed at Arthur, who had become a little kitten in order to escape the shackles of the polar bear. Arthur fled vigorously: “What are you doing! What do you want to do!” The red fox bit Arthur’s tail and pulled him towards the direction of Kerry.

    “Let go! My tail is about to break!” Arthur yowled, clutching the ground firmly. The white bear picked up the cat, and the red fox let go of the cat’s tail. The polar bear put Arthur upright in the middle of the antlers, and the little gray wolf squatted lazily, with a somewhat ironic smile, and clapped. Congratulations to the black cat ascending the throne.

    Arthur Cat:??!! Damn it! There are always people who want to hurt him!!

    Mingyou, who didn’t know the secret of the Star League regime, clapped: “Dahei is amazing! Everyone wants Dahei to be the emperor!”

    A chill spread to Arthur’s limbs, tail and ears. He felt a biting chill. The fur all over his body exploded and the cat turned into a small black hair ball. “Meow!!!!” Arthur jumped off Kerry’s head, hitting his bottom, then staggered towards Mingyou’s embrace and plunged into his arms.

    Don’t make him!!!! Who wanted to be the emperor!!!! He was determined not to!!!! The cat was about to cry. He knew the current prestige of his subordinates. If they wanted to promote him as the emperor, then he may really be knocked out and tied to the throne. Even his dear brother couldn’t save him!

    “Why are you so scared?” Mingyou held up Arthur in surprise, “Is it so terrible to be an emperor?”

    Arthur nodded vigorously. The frequency of the cat’s head and ears flicked up and down so high that he could hardly see his ears. He turned into a black seal head. “Then nevermind.” Mingyou’s expression of “Dahei is the most important thing”, let Arthur breathe a sigh of relief.

    There was an awkward, barking cry from the side. Arthur looked back and found that one big and two small fluffy smiles formed a ball, and tears came out of his eyes. Kerry’s big watery eyes blinked, and suddenly couldn’t help laughing. Although he didn’t know what was going on, his heart told him that he must laugh out loud at this time.

    His sister tilted her head to look at the jovial atmosphere of the scene, carefully walked out of the shadows, stood side by side with Kerry Lu, lowered her head and lightly bumped the little black cat in Mingyou’s arms. The little cat immediately grabbed Mingyou’s clothes, and his paws almost scratched the clothes.

    He looked wary: “Don’t even try to play this set of forcing me to ascend the throne! I tell you, I have depression, mania, schizophrenia, you dare to force me, I will show you the illness every minute!” 

    The little doe didn’t understand. What kind of depression, mania, schizophrenia, but her eyes were crooked like crescents with a smile, and she made a cheerful sound. She thought, it turned out that black cats were not terrible.

    Mingyou also laughed. He didn’t know why everyone was just joking, why Dahei was so resistant. Was there an emperor for the spirit beasts in the Star Alliance?

    By the way, they all called him His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, was Arthur really a prince among the spirit beasts? Impressive. Had the spirit beast nation established diplomatic relations with the Star Alliance? Or was it that the spirit beast nation was one of the alliance planets? With so many planets and races in the Star Alliance, it would be normal to have a planet belonging to spirit beasts. Mingyou wondered if he could live on the planet of spirit beasts in the future?

    Mingyou raised up and was teased by the group. The cat’s ears were pulled back, and his tail turned into a big windmill: “Dahei, are you really the prince of the spirit beast country? Then can I follow along? Are you going to live on your planet?”

    Arthur was raised to be level with Mingyou’s face, he looked directly at Mingyou’s eyes, and said in a bad mood: “Did you forget that you are already on my household account?”

    Mingyou’s eyes were round, like a pair of cat eyes: “Yes!”

    “Stupid.” Arthur’s tail was tired, he turned his head and said to the still smiling fluffies, “No jokes like this in the future! I was so scared that my heart almost came to a sudden stop! Sooner or later I will get killed by you guys. In the hands of this group of stupid idiots!”

   The idiots in question smiled happily. Even if the little red fox and the two little deer didn’t know what their actions meant, or why they laughed from the bottom of their hearts, it was true that they laughed very happily.

    The two fawns looked at each other, and they thought, were they really be a group with these beasts? If they weren’t a group, how could they blend into the joyous atmosphere so naturally, and laugh out loud together? Even if there was no memory, did the subconscious remember this sense of familiarity?

    The two fawns lowered their heads, and took turns lightly bumping the black cat again. The little black cat flicked his tail, and slapped Kerry’s antlers and Ellie’s ears fiercely: “Go and go, leave me alone.”

   The two deer looked at each other again. Petty. The black cat seemed to have no malice towards them, even if he was angry, he just tapped them with his tail. Kerry yelled cheerfully, lowered his head, boldly, and shook his antlers vigorously. Mingyou only held the little cat lightly, so Arthur flew out from between the deer’s antlers.

    Arthur turned over in the air, and landed on all fours, though the cat’s face was annoyed. Sure enough, there was no problem. Kerry happily shook off his hoof and ran away.

    “Stupid deer! Stop for me!” Arthur rushed out with a swish.

    Kerry jumped out of the RV and happily went outside. The cat chased behind the deer, and from time to time he used his tail to pick a piece of grass or a small stone, and slammed it at the suddenly bold deer.

    “Stupid deer! I want to make you into venison skewers!” Arthur roared.

    Hearing the familiar threat, his sister was not afraid anymore. She leaned against Mingyou’s arms and touched his chest affectionately. Mingyou was very pleased to see the two deer’s increasing favorability.

    Sure enough, one must make their own wrongs right. Dahei had to make up for the evil that he did. No matter how gently he served the two fawns, their favorability was stuck like glue, and remained motionless.

    Mingyou could finally observe the deer in front of him. The younger sister was half a meter long, and the fur was a tender green, like fresh moss, dotted with white flowers marks. One of the white five-petal flowers grows on the deer’s ears, and the fur on that spot was a bit long, it looked like a real white flower, dotted behind the ears of the female deer.

    Mingyou rubbed the doe’s hair, which felt great. “It’s so beautiful.” Mingyou couldn’t help sighing, “It’s like a meadow covered in morning dew with white flowers growing. Is your race an elf deer?”

    “What is an elf deer?” He didn’t know what that was. It was time to return with Kerry, Arthur lying on the back of the deer, waved a paw and said.

    “In fairy tales, there was a race born from the world tree, very close to the forest and nature, and the darling of the forest. They were good at using bows and arrows and natural magic… abilities. They had slender bodies and pointed ears. The elf deer were their mounts and comrades in arms.” Mingyou looked at the deer again.

    Kerry’s fur was dark green, and dotted with beige flowers. The flowers were much smaller than those on the younger sister, but they were more densely distributed, just like clusters of flowers blooming on dark green bushes. They were actually very similar to the baby’s breath in full bloom. There were no flowers on Kerry’s head, but his antlers were the color of the flowers, their texture was like crystal, and it would shimmer with a faint golden light in the sun.

    “They are all beautiful deer!” Mingyou touched Kerry’s antlers and said with emotion. The little red fox was dissatisfied, he stood up and shouted, waving his claws vigorously.

    “Okay, Dahong is also a beautiful fox. Everyone is of different races, so there is no way to compare them together.” Mingyou hurriedly hugged the little red fox in comfort. The red fox still looked very dissatisfied.

    Now that everyone was of different races, couldn’t compare them? Then who said that the black cat was the most beautiful, cutest and most powerful spirit beast? Or was it that the race of the black cat was a spirit beast? Why was it different for them?

    Mingyou didn’t hear the red fox’s complaint. The partiality of the spirit beast master, could that be called partiality? As long as he did not hear, he would not fall into the battlefield. The white bear smiled, shook his head, and rescued the little spirit beast from the question: “Kerry and Ellie are really called Dalu and Cuihua?”

    “Dalu is okay, Cuihua is fine. “Mingyou said, “The sister is a girl, and a girl should have a cute name.”

    Polar bear: “…” He didn’t want to argue about the naive question of who was the cutest and who was the most beautiful before, but the name mattered. , Even he can’t stand it anymore. “What do you mean a girl should have a cute name? Mingyou, are you admitting that you didn’t care about naming us before? You didn’t name it at all, you just didn’t bother to think about it, didn’t you? 

Mingyou has a horrified face. “No, no, I’m not like that. I really thought of the name!

    “Men and women are equal.”

    “Everyone is a color, so why should Ellie be an exception.”

    “If you have a Dalu, then call her Xiaolu.”

    “Agree.” “Wow!” (Agree!) 

  The little red fox hadn’t recovered his memory, but his instinct made him stand on the side of the polar bear, the black cat, and the gray wolf. Kerry thought for a while, Dalu and Xiaolu, he nodded as soon as he heard that they were brothers and sisters. His sister was ignorant, and since her brother nodded, she nodded too. So Mingyou, the only one with an objection, was ignored.

    Mingyou squatted in a corner and drew circles. He also found super nice names from his favorite novels, such as Baguio or Silver, what a good fit for a doe with a white flower on her ears!

    Arthur, Herman, Yan Yi, and Xian Luo felt even more upset after hearing this. Why! Why was Ellie being treated so leniently by the spirit beastmaster because she was a woman! Even Arthur didn’t have such a well-named treatment from the eccentric Mingyou! Okay, the spirit beastmaster’s opinion was rejected, and Ellie would be called Xiaolu from now on.

    “Speaking of which, the remaining spirit beasts have different skin colors. You can continue to name them with colors.” Arthur’s paw patted and counted. “There are five, four, three and two, five in total. Wait, Herman, when you selected people, did you choose according to the color of the fur? How exactly…”

    Herman rolled his eyes: “Your Highness, please forgive me to remind you that our death squad was not only ten people. There are only ten people left. It’s just a coincidence.”

    Arthur’s tail and ears drooped immediately: “Oh, yeah.” The little wolf kicked the bear’s hind leg. Herman sighed and scratched his ears. He just said candidly, what should he do if His Highness feels down? Who should he call?

    The little gray wolf kicked the bear’s leg again, and pointed his front paw at Mingyou who was drawing circles in the corner. Still thinking? Find the little spirit beast master! Herman immediately picked up Arthur with drooping ears and tail, and ran to Mingyou’s side, and stuffed the cat into Mingyou’s arms.

    Mingyou: “???”

    Arthur: “???”

    One person and one cat looked at each other, relatively dumbfounded. Herman retreated and went to command the robot to build a fire. Tonight, they continued to eat barbeque meat. As the spirit beastmaster said, today he would try to use wood attribute energy crystal stones he just found as seasoning. Although they were still a bit reluctant to eat stones, they had no problem with stone powder as a seasoning. Wasn’t salt also a mineral powder?

    Mingyou and Arthur were relatively dumbfounded for a while, and the latter asked: “Are your feet numb?”

    Mingyou moved his legs: “They are numb.”

    Arthur had a disgusted expression: “Then shouldn’t you get up soon.”

    Mingyou swayed and stood up, Arthur jumped on the ground and turned into a liger, holding on to the unsteady Mingyou due to his numb legs. Mingyou. Mingyou leaned on Arthur and refused to leave.

    “Get up!”

    “Can’t afford it!”

    Arthur was so angry that his ears were pulled back into airplane shapes. In the end, the big cat compromised. Mingyou got his wish and rode on the big liger, and the two went to collect specimens in the nearby forest. Since Dahei’s legs were no longer lame, wasn’t it natural to ride a liger! Arthur curled his ears and waved his tail like a propeller.

    “It’s not like Mingyou’s ride.” Herman couldn’t help speak, “Isn’t it just to let Xiaoyou ride, His Royal Highness needs to be so angry?” 

    The little gray wolf gave the bear an annoyed look. Did he remember what His Royal Highness was like? Forget it, His Royal Highness didn’t refuse it, what would his subordinates worry about.

    The little red fox bit his tail with anger. If he was not happy, let him go! He would be happy! The two fawns also nodded. Although they were small, it was enough to carry a small two-legged beast. The little gray wolf sighed.

    Looking at the white bear’s appearance of “Why are you angry, your lord”, if the little spirit beast master said that he wanted to ride a bear, this fake iceberg bear would probably agree with it. Was it only him who still had self-esteem? Was it just him that was incompatible?

    As the little gray wolf was thinking about it, his IQ suddenly disconnected, and he began to roll around the ground, even lowering his head to gnaw on mud. Herman the bear glanced in disgust, and picked up the little wolf who was trying to eat dirt. Sure, what a wolf with self-esteem, so much self-esteem.

    When Mingyou came back riding a big liger and carrying a basket of wild vegetables and mushrooms, he thought about what gift he would give to the deer brother and sister.

    “Sure enough, the gift to elf deer can only be seeds of the World Tree.” Mingyou took out two emerald-like cores and said, “The legendary World Tree has been destroyed in the last era, and only a few are left. The seeds are scattered all over the world.”

    “The world tree is the origin of all grass-based elves… spirit beasts. They tried to retrieve the seeds of the world tree and revive the world tree, but they have not been able to realize this wish.”

    “Although The world tree cannot be planted, the seeds of the world tree still have strong natural powers. Legends say they increase the luck of spirit beasts close to nature. Fortunately, this illusory thing represents my blessing to you.” Mingyou said.

    Although luck was not known in the real world, the seeds of the world tree could improve the ability of grass-type spirit beasts, which was enough. The seed of the World Tree was precious. Mingyou had been hesitant before. He didn’t immediately take out the gift when the two siblings increased their favorability, just considering whether to exchange such a valuable item.

    In the end, Mingyou gritted his teeth and exchanged the seeds of the World Tree. The accumulated knowledge value was for the spirit beasts. Was there a gift more suitable for brother and sister than the seeds of the world tree? Since not, since sooner or later the World Tree seeds would be exchanged for the two, why was he still hesitating?

    The other fluffy people looked down at the gifts hanging on their bodies. Who knocked over a bottle full of lemon juice?

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