After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar chapter 29

Kerry and Ellie were twin brother and sister, both of whom had the form of green sika deer. Because of the destruction of their power cores, Xiaotian was unable to pinpoint their locations, and could only use satellite maps to capture images and roughly determine their current range of activities.

    The black cat had a devious idea, have the big white bear squat in a conspicuous place, constantly emit power fluctuations, thinking that spirit beasts might attract each other. As a result, the sika deer did not appear, but a large group of wild beasts appeared instead. They had a good meal of meat in the evening.

    The fully-fed red fox lay on Mingyou’s lap, affectionately rubbing the back of his hand. Beside him, the little cat and wolf were sitting side by side, their complexion dark. The color of the black cat’s face was not very noticeable, but the dark face of the little gray wolf was particularly conspicuous. The faces of the two men had been blackened by the flames.

    They wanted to squeeze with the little red fox to share Mingyou’s embrace. They were then hit by the little red fox’s fireballs. Although it didn’t hurt, their faces were covered in soot.

    The black kitten wiped the ash from his face, vomited two puffs of smoke, and said, “Xianluo had this kind of character when he was a child?” The gray wolf was dumbfounded. Obviously he could not accept this fact.

    The polar bear hugged the black cat and the gray wolf and washed their faces, with a sad expression on his face. Yan Yi finally spent more time awake, no longer secretly hid in the corner, and suddenly rushed out to bite his leg and tail. He didn’t expect that Xian Luo, who was as gentle as water as an adult, was so domineering when he was a child?

    The little red fox also had gentleness. His tenderness was currently only aimed at Mingyou and the big black cat. But when the black cat became a kitten, he couldn’t be treated tenderly by the red fox.

    Enemy! They were all enemies who wanted to grab the spirit beast master from me! Mingyou rubbed the little fox’s ears, and couldn’t laugh or cry: “Dahong, be friendly with your companions, don’t be petty.”

    The little fox raised his head and gave a “Wow”, but didn’t care. He knew that even if he was self-willed, the little spirit beast master would forgive him. Who made him the most beautiful spirit beast. The little red fox smoothed the half mask on his face, and then barked twice, rubbing Mingyou’s palm with his ear.

    Mingyou tapped the top of the red fox’s head: “It’s useless to play cute, go and apologize.” The little red fox raised his head with a very pitiful expression. It was self-defense! The polar bear can freeze them into ice cubes in self-defense, why couldn’t he throw a fireball!

    Mingyou was amused by the little red fox. He tapped the top of the little red fox again: “I am your spirit beast master. I can tell at a glance if it was self-defense. Go, Dahong is the most beautiful little fox, but beauty should be both internal and external, right? Dahong’s heart is also the most beautiful, right?”

    The little red fox tilted his head, stood up from Mingyou’s arms, walked to the black kitten and gray wolf cub, clasped his paws together, and bowed his head: “Wow.”

    Okay. He was wrong. He was a little fox with a beautiful soul. Next time he beat these two annoying guys, he must find an excuse to let the little spirit beast master not find any mistakes. That’s right, the little red fox did it on purpose.

    The little cat relied on being the beast master’s first spirit beast, always occupying the little spirit beast master’s attention, and also pestering the little spirit beast master to praise him.

    Who was the best spirit beast in the world? It was him alright? Why was he the prettiest little fox in the world, and the stupid cat was the prettiest beast in the world? Where was the stupid cat better than him?

    The little gray wolf was even more exaggerated! Actually pretended to be schizophrenic! For a while, acting cute and mischievous, and then pretending to be deep, were all means of fighting for favor?! The red fox pushed up his half mask, his fighting spirit was burning bright.

    The polar bear sighed. After Xianluo became smaller, he was much more sane and his IQ was also much higher, at least higher than Yan Yi’s IQ when he lost his mind. But how did his personality become completely petty? The polar bear was a little tired. He used to be a cold personality person, right? Why was he now moving farther and farther towards a worried mother setting? Because he was the least injured in this group of comrades, did he have to suffer this torture? But didn’t His Royal Highness’s injuries recover quickly?

    “Your Royal Highness, I think you should take on the responsibility of an officer.” The polar bear spoke earnestly and persuaded, trying to make the black cat take more responsibility.

    Arthur licked his paws: “Okay, I have decided to leave the matter to my adjutant.”

    Polar bear: “…”

    On four paws, Arthur hopped around to play with the little red fox. He saw the fighting spirit of the little red fox. It was fun, it was very fun to tease children. It would be best to record it again, and after Xian Luo woke up, send him the video of his fight when he was a child.

    It was particularly interesting for a gentle beauty to start a fire. Xiaotian typed emojis expressing his approval. No problem! He would record every bit of his rehabilitation process. All tears would turn into laughter.

    “At that time play the whole documentary.” Arthur lay lazily in Mingyou’s arms, let the boy help him comb his fur, and glanced at the little red fox at the same time. Humph, his palace was not dead, the fox would always be a concubine. The little red fox bit his claws in anger.

    Mingyou’s hand scratched the cat’s chin: “Dahei, watch less ancient historical movies.” Arthur smiled and rolled in Mingyou’s arms. Mingyou squeezed the soft flesh of Arthur’s cheeks, and gently tugged: “Don’t bully Xiaohong. What happened to your camaraderie?”

    “Fighting is like a kiss, scolding is love, love kicks with one’s feet in the depths.” Arthur and Mingyou communicated not with voices, but with thoughts, so even if his cheek was pinched, his words were still very clear. Mingyou held the round cat head in both hands and rubbed hard.

    The little red fox immediately ran over, squeezed Arthur away from Mingyou’s arms, and put his face in Mingyou’s palm with an expectant look. His face was nice to pet as well!

    “You have a wound on your face.” Mingyou touched the little red fox’s head, “When your face is healed, I’ll give you a massage.”

    “Wow!” The little red fox rubbed Mingyou’s palms, and then got caught. The cat kicked him away Mingyou’s thigh. The poor little red fox was kicked and rolled twice on the ground, all covered in mud.

    “Wow!” Can I hit him with a fireball now? The red fox got up from the ground, shook the mud on his fur, and straightened the crooked half of his mask.

    Mingyou held his forehead: “I hold Dahei, and you kick him. The fireball is still good, and be careful not to light the surrounding grass.” Mingyou grabbed the cat’s neck, and Arthur shrank his paw. He tilted his head to be cute: “Meow!”

   The little red fox backed up a long distance to run, and kicked! Take this! Arthur’s eyes were quick, and the two paws covered his head, just blocking the little red fox’s kick.

    Little Red Fox: …QAQ.

    “Be obediently beaten, don’t do unnecessary things.” Mingyou held back a smile, and continued to hold Arthur’s nape with one hand, and the other hand caught the cat’s two front paws. 

    Arthur, whose two front paws were raised above his head, twitched innocently on his hind legs: “Mingyou, isn’t this too much?”

    “Fighting is like a kiss, cursing is love, kicking is a form of affection. “Mingyou said solemnly.

    Arthur: “Oh, I’m going to teach you that was foolish.” 

    The white bear stretched out two paws to cover the little gray wolf’s eyes: “Don’t look, stain your eyes, you will learn badly.”  The little gray wolf was impatient. Cut open the paw of the big white bear. Stupid bear, I am not silly now!

    The little red fox leaned close to the cat, who was constantly bouncing on his hind legs like a frog. The fox’s eyes narrowed, and his two front paws grabbed Arthur’s long tail, which had nowhere to go. He put it in his mouth and bit down!

    “Meow!!!!” The little red fox spit out the cat hair in his mouth and sneered. Arthur hugged his tail that lacked a tuft of fur, curled up in Mingyou’s arms and sobbed.

    “Will you provoke Dahong in the future?” Looking at the fake crying cat, Mingyou felt a little pain, but at this moment he needed a tough and serious posture to let Dahei know his mistake.

    “Provoke.” Arthur raised his eyes, a face full of rebelliousness. It really was fake crying.

    Mingyou: “…” Forget it, this cat was not saved, let’s say goodbye!

    Beside the fire, the little cat and the red fox were fighting, the polar bear and the gray wolf occasionally pulled sideways while watching with cold eyes, while Mingyou analyzed the ore collected with Xiaotian, while looking at the plushies. He glanced over and mumbled a few words “Don’t make too much trouble”.

    There was a green deer lying in the alpine bushes, quietly observing all this. His eyes fell on the bottle hanging from the neck of the little black cat. Although he didn’t understand what was in the container, he felt a strong energy fluctuation when the little black cat distributed the food inside.

    This energy was more delicious than the one in the stones he found for his sister. If his sister ate the shiny little stones in the bottle, would her body get better faster? But these beasts just killed a lot of native beasts here. The green deer had to waste a lot of energy to grab food from the native beasts here. He would not be able to beat these cruel beasts.

    The green fawn’s ears drooped. If caught, he would probably be eaten by this group of ferocious beasts like the other native beasts, right? Very scary. The green deer knew that he didn’t have a chance against these powerful beasts, but he needed energy too much.

    After these beasts went to bed, could he find a chance to steal the bottle? The green deer, who only had the ability to conceal his presence, spent a whole day lying in the bushes with little hope. After they fall asleep, he would give it a try.

    But the green deer’s attempt failed. This group of beasts actually went to sleep in a big box. He wandered around the outside of the big box but couldn’t find a way to get in. The green deer’s head hung down, big tears poured out of his eyes, and he dejectedly walked towards the cave.

    No bottle was stolen and no food was found today. It didn’t matter if he was hungry, but what about his younger sister? Could he still find food now? Sure enough, he shouldn’t be greedy. If he gave up early and collected food like before, at least he wouldn’t go hungry today.

    “Alert! Found Kerry’s whereabouts!” Xiaotian yelled out, and the four fluffy animals immediately became awake.

    When the big cat woke up, he removed the earmuffs on Mingyou’s head. Mingyou rubbed the belly of the black cat and fell asleep again in a daze.

    “Xianluo, Yan Yi, guard the fool.” The black cat carried the red fox and the gray wolf onto Mingyou’s bed, temporarily becoming Mingyou’s pillow, shook his fur, and turned into a little cat. Then he jumped on the head of the polar bear, “It’s been three days, and that guy finally appeared.”

   In the past three days, they had searched the neighborhood, but without precise positioning, finding two deer in such a large mountain area was no different from looking for a needle in a haystack.

    They all wanted to give up temporarily, and after they found other comrades who were easy to find, they would search for the whereabouts of Kerry and Ellie together, but the deer himself appeared. What was even more unexpected was that when the deer appeared under their noses, they didn’t even notice it at all. Even if they were in poor physical condition and their perceptions were degraded, why was the radar on the car silent until now?

    “This deer has horns. It’s Kerry. But why is he twice as small as he usually is?” The polar bear’s fluffy face was very solemn, “What happened to his body?”

    “Wait to catch him. You’ll know when you come back.” Arthur jumped onto the podium and mobilized the capture device in the car.

    After experiencing the runaway big red fox, Arthur transformed the RV with the help of Xiaotian, allowing the vehicle to catch spirit beasts or assist them in the fight. The RV was originally an auxiliary battleship, and it had combat capability, so it is easy to change.

    “Kerry and Ellie’s abilities can make them optically invisible.” The polar bear continued, “Is it possible that they have mastered the method of temporary degeneration like we did with Mingyou’s help, and recovered the abnormality? Maybe?”

    “I already said you’ll know after we catch them.” Arthur pawed the light curtain, and the tail fluttered into a windmill, “Heman, you are so long-winded!”

    Polar bear: “…” Wasn’t it a matter of course to hold a combat meeting during a battle? What else would he do?!

    The polar bear rushed out of the RV angrily, shocking Kerry, who was dipping his head and weeping. Kerry immediately spread his hoofs and frantically fled. With a wave of a bear paw, an ice wall blocked the deer’s path. Kerry couldn’t brake fast enough and slammed into it.

    Arthur seized the opportunity and snapped the launch button. A ball of light hit Kerry’s body and turned into a sphere, shutting Kerry inside. The deer kept hitting the trap anxiously, but it was like transparent rubber, full of elasticity. Kerry’s antlers tried to pierce a hole but bounced back with a “pop”.

    Kerry kept digging the soil, and dug out two small holes in the ground. His tears flowed again, dripping down his cheeks, pattering on the ground, like raindrops. Caught, to be eaten! How to do? How to do?

    Arthur jumped from the RV and turned into liger form. He walked up to Kerry proudly, ready to “threaten” the deer. Some of them will be delicious and delicious in the future. For spirit beasts that had lost their minds, the most efficient way was to coerce and lure them into the car first, and then slowly figure things out.

    But just as Arthur opened his mouth, a fawn without horns sprang out of the bush. The hornless deer stumbled and ran over, as if trying to hit Arthur. Arthur raised his front paw, pressed them against the deer’s head, and slammed the brakes on the deer’s charge. Then he pressed his claws down, and the deer landed on the ground.

    Let go of my sister! Kerry screamed in fright and slammed into the barrier, but was still blocked by the trap. After he knew he couldn’t get out, he immediately knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing at Arthur. Let go of my sister, eat him, he was bigger, please let her go.

    Arthur: “…” How could he behave like a bully? Who said he was going to eat her? And how did he know he could communicate? If the opponent was a native beast, was it useful for him to kneel and kowtow like this? It was really naive.

    Arthur was now very glad that he didn’t give up and went to other places first. He thought that even if a spirit beast lost their power, they could protect themself in the wild. The spirit beasts of the Star Alliance had survived this way, and there was no record of a spirit beast dying in the hands of a desolate beast.

    But Kerry was like this now… Arthur pressed his paws and pressed the frantically struggling Ellie to the ground: “Don’t kowtow, I’m not planning to eat you. I’m here to find you. We are a family, idiot!”

    Kerry raised his head and glanced at the big black cat, then looked down at his green furred sister, and then continued to kowtow. Sorry, he was not stupid. Obviously they were not the same species, what a family.

    Arthur: “…a family with no blood relationship. Forget it, you don’t understand.”

    Arthur asked the big white bear to help grab Ellie, pulled the nutrition box on his neck, and poured it out. A nutrient cube was stuffed into Ellie’s mouth.

    “Give you something to eat.” Arthur threw another nutrition cube into the trap. This trap could only block life forms, but not other things.

    “If you eat my things, you are my people. You will work for me in the future, and you will have something to eat every day.” Arthur was too lazy to explain, and said in the simplest language, “I have marked you, and can find you wherever you hide.”

    “If you dare to escape, I will make you into venison skewers!” Arthur showed a wicked smile and sucked his saliva.

    Kerry shivered, and Ellie also cried. Oh, although these two deer had amnesia, their IQs were quite high and they could communicate normally. It was good to be able to communicate normally, and to understand a threat. If it was two deer who had lost their minds, Arthur would have a headache. How could he make them understand, follow him, and have good food to eat?

    When Mingyou felt that the shape of the pillow in his arms was wrong, he suddenly awakened from his dream and looked for the big black cat everywhere. The big black cat returned with two crying deer.

    Mingyou hugged the black cat first, rubbed against the big black cat’s collar, and then said: “Found them? Why are they crying so hard?”

    “His Highness threatened to make them into venison skewers if they weren’t obedient. “The polar bear complained without expression. Although it was a helpless move in desperation, His Royal Highness was a bit too much and needed to be nagged by Mingyou.

    “Dahei!” Mingyou patted the cat’s head, and then hurriedly brought a towel to wipe the two deer’s faces, “These two deer are too young, are they underage? The Star Alliance will have underage spirit beasts go to the front line?”

    “How could they be underage? Of all of them, I am the youngest.” Arthur squatted on the ground, resting his head on Mingyou’s shoulder and said, “They were originally two-meter-long deer. Who knows how they became so small.”

    “Two meters long? That is too big.” Mingyou changed his words immediately. The size of spirit beasts seemed to be different from that of normal beasts. Everyone was about two meters tall.

    “Herman guessed that a similar degradation phenomenon may have happened to them. Therefore, Kerry, whose original ability core was destroyed, could now use a little ability to hide himself, and we have not been able to find them.” The big cat rubbed Mingyou’s face, “Quickly name them! According to previous naming rules, should the two of them be called Dalu? It would be difficult to distinguish between them. Let’s name the other one Cuihua.”

    Mingyou scratched the big cat curiously, ” Why named Cuihua? “

    “Before you soaked sauerkraut and joked about pickled cabbage?” Arthur two front paws protected Mingyou, and the cat glared menacingly at the two deer. He could see that the two had discovered that Mingyou was the weakest of them. These two deer seem to be well-behaved, but they are actually ready to attack. Want to break through from the weakest place? Their combat literacy had not been completely lost due to degeneration.

    But if they dared to hurt the young man, even if they were in a sorry state, they would be locked up in a black room. Arthur squinted his eyes, anf showed his fangs. The two deer immediately put away any intention to attack, and were obediently wiped by Mingyou.

    “Okay, don’t threaten them.” Mingyou was not afraid of Arthur’s teeth hanging around his neck. He affectionately flicked Arthur’s fangs and said, “They can’t hurt me, you forget that I have the super spirit beast master physique?”

    Arthur put away his fangs and smiled like a tiger: “Yes, give them a shoulder throw, let them know who is the weakest here.”

   The big red fox growled after a while. The fox’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he kept looking at the two deer in front of him. He heard that these two deer wanted to be mean to his little spirit beast master?

    The little gray wolf chased the deer’s tail and barked happily. There were two new playmates! The polar bear picked up the little wolf who was about to play the tail biting game, and was bitten on the shoulder instead. He made a note in his pocketbook. After Yan Yi was fully recovered, he would ask him for debt repayment.

    “We are here to find you. Don’t think Dahei is fierce now, he is actually just acting.” Mingyou conveyed his kindness to the two deer, “We are all friends. Do you understand the meaning of friends?”

    The deer vigorously shook their heads. Don’t understand, don’t understand.

    Arthur gritted his teeth, and the little red fox spit out sparks.

    The deer nodded vigorously. Understand, I dare not understand.

    Mingyou held his forehead.

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  1. I love how different all of these spirit beasts are! The deer siblings having kept their sanity but lost their memory is a neat twist! I will say my favorite part of that is how they were secretly planning on attacking Mingyou. Even cornered rabbits bite!

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