After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 28

Mingyou was making incense. He picked the raw materials, kneaded, sifted, cooked, stir-fried, simmered, and ground them finely. With the help of a high-tech cooking cabinet that could control temperature and humidity, coupled with Mingyou’s abilities, the incense making would soon reach the final step.

    Mingyou put the incense powder into the water with special ingredients, and then filtered it with a fine cloth. After the powder settled in the water, the fragrance powder was completed. After that, the mixture was shaped. After hardening, it could be made into incense for burning, or it could be placed into a sachet to wear directly.

    They needed to wait for the powder to settle. Mingyou had made incense in reality for the first time, and did not continue to work without knowing the effect of his homemade incense. He wanted to wait and see the effect of the finished product, and make improvements to the shortcomings before making it again.

    Seeing a few big plushies jumping around, Mingyou was itching for action, so he asked Xiaotian to drive the RV to the hillside and ran to get a musical instrument from inside. While the RV was driving up the hillside, the red fox’s dance stopped for a while, but after sniffing the RV, he relaxed his vigilance and continued to dance to the polar bear’s drumbeat.

    Xiaotian: “Mingyou! I’ll let the robot help you move the piano!”

    Mingyou rifled through the cabinet and said, “No, there are too many flowers and plants here, and if the piano is scratched, Dabai will feel distressed. I will use this!”

    Mingyou smiled and took out a small box: “The musical instrument I specially asked the guys to help me find. Apart from the piano, this is what I am best at!”

    Xiaotian holographically projected a big question mark, which followed Mingyou out of the RV, and then split with a “pop” into a handful of colorful petals, sprinkled on Mingyou’s head.

    Xiaotian: Bring out the special effects!

    “Come on, have fun together!” The black cat was dancing and laughed so hard that he noticed the addition.

    “Okay.” Mingyou opened the box, took out the suona, and puffed up his cheeks, “Dudududu!” 

    The big red fox’s feet slipped. The little wolf howled out of breath. The drumsticks flew out from the white bear’s paws. The audience who was smiling and wiping tears in the live broadcast room were frightened by the suona’s roar. What sound was this! It sounded like a cannon!

    The big black cat stopped the dance and rubbed his ears: “Mingyou, what are you playing?”

    Mingyou put down the suona and said, “Suona, I asked you to find it for me. Did you forget?” Whenever he is in a bad mood, or when neighbors at the nursing home were in a bad mood, everyone liked to have him to the garden and play the suona.

    Suona, plus the flute, erhu, gongs, and drums, everyone played together, it was lively.

    “Suona…” The big black cat rubbed his ears again, “It sounds very lively, and it looks like a bugle.” The big black cat has never heard of such an instrument in the concert hall, and was very curious. He jumped over and touched the suona: “Are there any good suona songs?”

    “Are there any bad suona songs ?” Mingyou said, “What style of music does Dahei want to listen to?”

    Dahei: ” Lively! Strong rhythm! Suitable for dancing!”

    Mingyou nodded, “Okay, then I will play “Gokuraku Jodo” for you.”

Suona song cover by Piaosanye:

Official song by GARNiDELiA:

    The black cat tilted his head, “Gokuraku Jodo”? It sounds like a very cheerful tune.

    Mingyou picked up the suona and raised her cheeks: “Dududu, dududu, dudu, dududu!” 

    The black cat shuddered all over, and his tail fur stood on end. Damn! What kind of music was this? Why was it so awesome? Very festive, but why was something off? The polar bear twitched his ears, summoned the robot, and replaced his snare drum with a drum kit.

    “Boom, dum, dum.” The polar bear quickly found the rhythm and bopped his head little by little.

    The ears of the red fox were raised, and he lightly stomped on the ground, then jumped, his head raised, his tail flicked, and his body twisted.

    The black cat scratched his head and a light bulb lit up. Others who were able to support their hind legs stood up, twisted their waist, and their front paws swayed left and right, which matched the red fox’s tail dance.

    The gray wolf was also energetic. He raised his head and kept up with the tune, louder and louder, and when suona made an interesting sound, he screamed and moved his body. Mingyou smiled with his eyes, and while playing, he shook his head and danced.

    Xiaotian found the lyrics of “Gokuraku Jodo” from the “Records of Past Life Music” compiled by Mingyou, and posted them on the public screen of the live broadcast room.

    A fox was lying on his front paws, silently staring at his twin brother, and the tip of his tail involuntarily bounced. Again and again… “Tap!” The big tail was like a flickering flame, his ears twitched, and he began to feel restless.

    The golden lion in the palace also tried to control his restless front claws, even when held together, they still involuntarily twitched with the music. At this time, a white shadow flashed in front of him, a cat with black spots on a white background, as if drunk, was wriggling madly along with the music.

    Sigh… the lion glared at his stupid son, but swallowed any dirty words. His front paws were not moving, but his tail was completely out of control, and it flicked to and fro following the rhythm of the dancing snow leopard in front of him. The golden lion covered his ears with his paws, trying to block the magical sound from entering his brain, but his tail flicked even harder.

    At Dulan’s house, a black bear with a white crescent on his chest nodded his head blankly, as if dozing off. If the rhythm of his head was not consistent with the rhythm of the suona in the holographic live broadcast room, Ian really thought his eldest brother was about to fall asleep.

    Ian scratched his head. Was this music really so effective on spirit beasts? Why didn’t he feel anything, was it because he still couldn’t transform into beast form…Huh! When did he start tapping his feet?!

    In the barracks dormitory, Yan Tong turned into a big black wolf, and watched the live broadcast. She heard her brother’s howling, and suddenly her throat felt a little itchy. She felt like… “Wow!” The big black wolf raised her head and howled.

    At the same time, many wolves and dogs in the barracks raised their heads at the same time, and the sound of howls were like waves, about to lift the roof of the barracks. The logistics staff were at a loss. What happened? Today was not the night of the full moon, and there was no meal now. Why were the wolves howling?

    They rushed into the military camp dormitory and saw a group of fluffy people wearing holographic devices on their heads. The fluffy that came out was almost into a dust storm.

    “What are you doing?!” The logistics supervisor grabbed a familiar spirit beast, leaned close to the opponent’s ear, and loudly roared. It wouldn’t work if he didn’t speak loudly, these spirit beasts were all howling. While shaking his tail and head, the dog told the logistics supervisor through typing: “Dancing to Gokuraku Jodo.”

   The logistics supervisor:???

    “Hey! The spirit beasts in our sanatorium are all dancing.” The staff member of the sanatorium said while his head swayed wildly.

    The old dean smiled and said: “Today is really nice, quickly record it, later use it as background music for morning gymnastics.”

    “I don’t know if I can ask His Highness for an instrumental version of the whole song.” The staff looked at a spirit beast who arrived half a month ago. The dying one-legged spirit beast was now using its prosthetic limb, and was jumping wildly along with the music, laughing and almost crying.

    This song was too magical! One couldn’t help but want to jump up with it. At first, seeing the miserable appearance of the red fox made everyone feel uncomfortable. Looking at the fox dancing, they remembered the appearance of the most beautiful dancer Xian Wei from Maple Leaf Star. They had guessed that the red fox with a half-ruined face was the genius dancer Xian Luo who was once very popular.

    Xian Luo was once the dream lover of many men and women in the Star Alliance. Even though Xian Wei had become popular throughout the Star Alliance, people who had watched Xian Luo dance still regarded him as the white moonlight cinnabar mole in their hearts, an existence that could never be replaced.

    They couldn’t believe that such a delicate and slender beauty would actually abandon the wind, snow and moon, and go to the brutal and bloody battlefield. Xian Luo had been ridiculed by many people who were jealous of him, and even after he became a hero, there were still some dark-hearted people ridiculing him.

    There were so many S-rank abilities on the battlefield, and he was not alone. As a living cultural treasure, Xian Luo didn’t need to perform military service. He could clearly stay in the safest back area comfortably. At most, he would go to the front to dance and encourage morale. But he would actually go to the battlefield in person. Stupid. Although he was still alive, he was so ugly, it was ridiculous.

    But now, they couldn’t laugh. If the first dance reminded the audience of Xian Luo, the dancer who was once beautiful as a dream, now the red fox happily flicking his tail, pulled them back from a dream to reality.

    Standing in front of them was Xian Luo, one of the ten heroes who had experienced cruel wars, one of the most powerful S-level abilities of the Star League, and made outstanding contributions. What was noble and beautiful was an evaluation imposed on him by others. The real Xian Luo, singing, dancing and laughing, looked like a flame that never went out.

    “Hahahahaha, I can’t breathe or play anymore, I surrender!” Mingyou put down the suona and laughed so hard.

    The red fox and black cat’s dance was really magical! They even started to cooperate, like dancing a pas de deux, tossing each other around! He knew what Dahei was like, but he did not expect Dahong to join in! The red fox clung to Mingyou’s side, arching against his side. The one eye that was not blind, but dim and godless, was now very bright, and the other eye was full of smiles.

    Mingyou took out a bracelet made of small fire-red stones and put it on the fox’s paw: “This is volcanic crystal. Legend has it that they are the crystallization of phoenix fire. The phoenix can be reborn from their ashes. Phoenix flames also have the effect of restoring the vitality of fire-attributed spirit beasts.” Phoenix flames could increase the life level of fire-attributed spirit beasts , but this volcanic crystal did not have that powerful effect.

    “By the way, Dahei, are there any bird beasts among your companions?” Mingyou sat on the ground and panted. Although his vitality was good and he had the physique of a super spirit beast master, playing Gokuraku Jodo for more than ten minutes was still exhausting.

    “Currently no, we are all beasts.” The black cat also sat beside Mingyou, poking out his tongue like a dog, panting, “All furry beasts.”

    Scientists from the Star Alliance have long been curious about how that came to be. When they were replaced by ordinary animals, they were fluffy mammals. But no results have been found yet. Mingyou nodded. The system says that the spirit beast from the game were of the same origin. Could it be said that the interstellar spirit beasts were only descendants of one of them?

    Then the many props he had for birds, reptiles, and aquatic beasts were useless. Take them apart. Disassembled for research. He didn’t know if he could make spirit beast auxiliary props.

    After the red fox accepted the gift, Mingyou closed the live broadcast. The audience in the live broadcast room collapsed on the bed and gasped on their chairs. Oh, why were they so tired from watching the live broadcast today, their voices were hoarse. Alas, just ask a friend to go out for food and drink. It happened to be a holiday on the same day as the live broadcast.

    Speaking of it, they hadn’t asked their friends out for a long time. After the war, their hearts remained on the battlefield. Even if they tried very hard to get out of the battlefield, it had little effect. In order not to hurt their relatives and friends, most of them became lone rangers, and only the comrades in the barracks could understand each other’s feelings.

    But now, they might be able to have a good chat with their relatives and friends. There were still a lot of troubles, and their wounds still hadn’t healed, but they really wanted to do something happy. For example, drinking, singing, tasting food, and playing games. These things they liked before the war began, can now be regained.

    “That suona musical instrument is really interesting.” The spirit beasts wagged their tails, dangled their ears, and searched the internet for information on suona. The source was untestable. It may come from an unknown asteroid in a very distant era where history had been lost.

    Regarding the role of suona: a folk musical instrument dedicated to celebrations, one sentence was used on the Internet to evaluate it. With the sound of suona, it’s either lifting the coffin or worshipping in the hall.

    Emmmmm. The plushies were silent. Then they clapped their claws and laughed. With the sound of suona, it’s either a coffin lift or a marriage! Why was the little anchor so interesting! There was also the custom that both red and white are called happy events, which was too interesting! Even in the face of death, everyone sounded suona and danced, and even if they were forced to laugh, it was better than crying.

    “How about this incense?” Mingyou didn’t know that suona had become popular in the upper strata of the Star Alliance. He was now focusing on improving the incense he named “Xianluo”.

    The red fox used to be called Xian Luo, and the name would also be written on his household registration book. Although to Mingyou, Xian Luo was Dahong, the newly made incense named after the big red fox would sell better as “Xianluo”.

    The black cat glanced at Mingyou. Better to sell? Isn’t it nice to hear? Would it sell better because it sounded good? Unexpectedly, looking at the silly young man, there was the heart of profiteering.

    “It smells very good and comfortable.” Dabai said.

    The black cat wrapped his feet in the incense: “This is so good, my feet are much more comfortable.”

    “Use it to treat you.” Mingyou squatted down and squeezed the black cat’s hind legs.

    In his previous life, Chinese medicine used moxibustion as a therapy method, and there were also aromatherapy and essential oil massages abroad. There should be no problem using Xianluo for aromatherapy and sunburn treatment.

    After he sorted out the relevant information and gave it to the system, let the system score, and then use knowledge points to let the system check any deficiencies. If the system determined that this treatment plan was usable, this would be the first treatment plan that Mingyou had come up with entirely on his own. Mingyou was very excited.

    “How is Dahong?” Mingyou touched the red fox’s head. The little fox wearing a half-mask tilted his head and said, “Wow.” His face no longer hurt.

    “Then Dahong has to keep wearing this mask, tell me when the scent of the mask has diminished, I’ll change it for you.” Mingyou picked up the red fox wearing half of the mask, his heart filled with pink bubbles.

    Mingyou used Xianluo powder and mixed it with some materials produced by the system to make a clay texture face mask. After the little fox puts on the half-face mask, not only would the incense continuously neutralize the remaining zerg energy in his wound, but it also covered his scars, making the red fox very happy.

    Mingyou had long discovered that Dahong was very concerned about the scars on his face. Keeping the patient in a good mood was also part of the treatment. Xianluo incense proved to be effective. Mingyou rushed to give some to the black cat. The big cat ordered him to kneel and sit on a chair.

    “Stay up! Stay up again! Staying up late if I’m not paying attention! Do you want to die suddenly!” The black cat snarled frantically at Mingyou, spraying the youth with saliva.

    Mingyou was aggrieved and shrank into a ball, and vowed again and again that he would never do it again. After receiving the incense, the gray wolf, who had been awake for a long time, complained to the polar bear: “Mingyou is really like His Highness, he is humbly obedient, and never repents.”

   The polar bear looked at Mingyou with a reflecting expression and retorted: “It’s only once, Mingyou is a good boy.” The little gray wolf rolled his eyes.

    Haven’t they heard of what kind of people raise pets to be like themselves? Mingyou was raised by His Highness, sooner or later he will become more and more like His Highness.    However, he was very happy to let His Highness eat the suffering of the group of people who cleaned up his messes. Did admiring His Highness conflict with wanting to see His Highness languish? There was no conflict at all.

    After collecting a lot of baby’s breath flowers as a reserve for making incense in the future, the RV drove to the next location. They were going to an endless mountainous area this time. The mountains were high in altitude, and the places where the spirit beasts reacted, they couldn’t even see the forest, there were only alpine meadows and small shrubs.

    “What are Kerry and Ellie doing here?” Dahei stretched out a paw to stop Mingyou, who wanted to go off and mine ore and asked in doubt, “Aren’t they a mountainous race?

    “Maybe there is something useful for their wounds here.” The polar bear said according to the thought provided by Mingyou, “Kerry and Ellie have destroyed power cores, maybe there is something that can repair the power core?”

    “Wow. Oh, if this is the case, the Star Alliance scientific community will be in shock.” The black cat patted Mingyou’s back on the ground, “Why are you running! There are a lot of wild beasts here, do you run down to deliver yourself as food to the wild beasts? Although most of the beasts only eat ores, they don’t mind changing their food occasionally.”

    Mingyou put away his excitement and obediently sat back in his seat: “I’m so excited when I saw the crystal stone.” The crystal stone refers to the ores. Energy crystals useful to spirit beasts. In the game world, some energy crystals could increase the power of moves, and some energy crystals could even make them evolve.

    In the Star Alliance, the so-called evolutionary degradation of spirit beasts was only a difference in age. Unlike game spirit beasts, who directly become another species. However, energy crystals were still very useful to spirit beasts. The gifts he gave to Dabai and Dahong were essentially processed energy crystals.

    “These are the energy crystals?” Arthur let a little ore mining robot go out, “Aren’t they ordinary stones? Fineness is also very poor. These gems are raw energy crystals? How did I not feel anything before?”

    “When you swallow one in a spirit beast state and digest it with energy in your body, you will feel it. However, this is very inefficient. I know a grinding method. After making it into a item, it can be useful without needing to swallow it.” Mingyou loved crafting with energy crystals.

    This energy crystal emitted wood energy, which could promote plant growth. If there were wood-attributed spirit beasts around to help, combined with the wood attribute energy crystallization, it could accelerate spirit beast fruit growth, so that even if no substitute for the nutrient cube raw materials was found, he did not need to worry about spirit beast nutrition.

    A few plushies had black lines behind their heads. No wonder the Star Alliance scientists failed to discover that this kind of stone was useful for spirit beasts. Which spirit beast with normal IQ would swallow stones?

    “Wood attribute? No wonder Kerry and Ellie are here. They are both wood attribute spirit beasts.” The polar bear interjected, “Maybe these energy crystals can really heal them.”

    “The power core is destroyed. What does that mean?” Mingyou asked, “I didn’t find any knowledge about this in the book.”

    The polar bear explained: “It’s a popular saying that the core of the ability is destroyed. The ability does not depend on any organs, but exists in the spirit. Every body part can be used by a spirit beast after being mobilized by their spirit power.”

    “Current research shows that abilities are closely related to vitality and spirit power. If the spirit beast’s injury is too serious, or if it draws on too many abilities at once, The body will activate a self-protection mechanism, and the ability will disappear. At present, no way has been found to restore a disappeared ability.”

    When the ability disappears, even if a spirit beast supplements nutrition, recovers from injury, and becomes human again. They would just be ordinary people.

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