After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 27

When the red fox woke up, he smelled a very attractive fragrance. There was still chaos in his head, just smelled the fragrance by instinct. He saw a two-legged beast that seemed weak on the outside, holding a basin full of meat strips, and smiled at him. It was not a two-legged beast… The mist in the fox’s head seemed to have been blown away, and a thought trickled in. They are human beings, they were of the same kind.

    What was a human? Why were human beings the same kind? The red fox didn’t know anything. But when he faced the young man, he still obeyed his instinct and put away his claws and fangs.

    “Dahong! Are you awake? Hurry up and eat something!” Mingyou smiled and placed the food bowl in front of the red fox under the protection of three little fluffy ones.

    Arthur was worried that the three plush pests would stimulate the red fox’s vigilance, so all three of them would become small. Arthur crouched on top of Mingyou’s head, and the other two each sat on one of Mingyou’s shoulders and guarded the youth together.

    However, the little wolf had lost his seriousness again, and was not considered a combat power. He was trying to jump into the red fox’s food bowl, but was tightly grabbed by Arthur’s drooping tail.

    Dahei’s tail was getting stronger and stronger, Mingyou thought, maybe Dahei could learn how to use energy to strengthen his tail. But Mingyou was also a little worried. He was the one who got grabbed by the tail the most. But if Dahei learned how to strengthen his tail…cough cough, it was possible that Dahei would take things too far. For the sake of his safety, caution him in the future. Mingyou walked away for a while, and the big fox had already begun to eat.

    Spirit beasts were supernatural life forms, and their instincts would guide them to eat food that was beneficial to their bodies. The meat strips in the fox’s food bowl were very fragrant and had more energy content than the wild animals he usually hunted. The hungry body of the red fox immediately rushed to the side of the bowl and chewed.

    Mingyou sat next to the red fox, holding his chin and watching the spirit beast eat. He helped the red fox check his body while he was sleeping. He had been in a bad mood. But seeing the big red fox wolfing down food, Mingyou’s mood improved a little.

    The spirit beast did not give up hope of survival, how could he, the spirit beast master, be trapped in negative emotions and be unable to extricate himself from them? The red fox gobbled up the meat strips. After a contented hiccup, the red fox wandered to the river to wash his face and tidy up his fur.

    He sorted it out very carefully, and at a glance, he knew that things were as expected. The red fur under the sunlight was like a flame, making his half-burnt face even more eerie and terrifying. The flesh and bones that moved along with his expressions were disgusting.

    At least the big fox thought so to himself. He looked at his reflection in the water blankly for a while, then stretched out his front paw and splashed the water surface to scatter the water’s reflection. The big fox turned around and looked back at the young man who was giving him food. At this moment, the pain in his wound has not yet started. Although his memory was blurred, his reason was still there. The red fox knew that this young man had saved him.

    The red fox faced the young man, squatted on the ground, his claws placed in front of him, and his head lowered: “Wow! Wow… Wow?!

 “Dahei, Dabai, Dahui, have you heard! Dahong’s cry is so cute!” Mingyou gushed, holding his chin in both hands, “Dahong is so polite! He is thanking me, he is thanking me, right?! “

    “Hmm, his voice is very cute, and he is very polite.” Arthur pawed Mingyou’s black curly hair that had been turned into a mess and said, “Quickly take you out as the spirit beast master skill, with Dahong’s affection, make a contract with the cute and polite little red fox.”

    Although Dahong has a nice name Xianluo, weren’t their names part of a set? They were all named after colors, so this fox must be called Dahong.

    “No need for thanks, we are companions, I’m here to find you.” Mingyou took out a nutrition cube that was tantalizing to spirit beasts, “Will you leave with us? Let’s find your other companions. We will live together in the future. No one will go hungry or be cold.”

    Mingyou spoke slowly, just like talking with a preschool child. The light blue energy rippled like waves on a pond towards the red fox, enveloped the spirit beast like a mist, and conveyed the feelings in Mingyou’s words to the red fox.

    Companion? The red fox chewed on the word repeatedly in his heart. His brain was not advanced enough for him to understand the word, but he liked it very much. When he thought of this word, it was as if the pain that had always plagued him was relieved from the wounds that spread over half of his face.

    When spirit beasts degenerated, they did everything by instinct. The red fox liked the young man in front of him very much, and liked the word “companion” in the young man’s mouth. He swallowed the nutrition cube first, then turned his head and looked for something in his fluffy tail, took out a flower, and placed it in front of Mingyou.

    The three little plush squatting on Mingyou looked at the big fox in disbelief. How did this fox hide a flower in his tail? Is there a magic space in his tail? Mingyou picked up the flower and unlocked the introduction with knowledge points.

    The flower was called Baby’s breath and it grew on shrubs. The flower had the effect of a neutralizer, and could soothe violent energy, which included Zerg energy. Neutralizer? Mingyou understood why the red fox hid a baby’s breath in his tail. The wound on the half of the fox’s face was entwined with violent energy similar to where the black cat hurt his leg. This kind of flower could ease his pain.

    “Dahong, where did you find this flower?” Mingyou saw that the red fox was very kind to him, so he stretched out his hand, touched the red fox’s muzzle, and injected his emotional waves into the fox’s spirit. After receiving the meaning of Mingyou’s words, the red fox said “Wow” at Mingyou twice, and signaled to follow him.

    At the fox’s invitation, Mingyou mounted the big fox and asked take him to the place where the baby’s breath flowers grew. The three little plushies naturally followed Mingyou. The silly little wolf lay in Mingyou’s arms and began to doze. Arthur and Herman squatted arrogantly on the red fox’s head while chatting.

    “Xianluo’s temper is too good.” Arthur was slightly dissatisfied with the fact that the red fox was willing to act as a mount the first time he met Mingyou. He was struggling!

    The little polar bear didn’t understand, the red fox was close to Mingyou, yet His Royal Highness was still dissatisfied. He changed the subject and said: “I thought you would ensure Mingyou be more careful. I didn’t expect you would let Mingyou leave with Xianluo.”

    “Be careful? We are all here, what are we afraid of?” Arthur licked his paw to clean his fur that was mussed up by the wind, “I have seen his dreams. He will go crazy when the zerg residual energy in the wound on his face bursts. And he was basically torturing himself when he went crazy. But would not take the initiative to attack other creatures.”

    Xianluo was such a gentle person, even if he lost his memory and reason, his gentleness had not changed. The white bear was silent. His ears were drooping and he was very depressed. Among those who survived, he suffered the least injuries, which put a heavy psychological burden on him. Did he not try his best? Was he too useless? Herman couldn’t control his negative emotions.

    Arthur glanced at the depressed bear without comforting him. Unless everyone’s injuries were healed, Herman’s psychological burden would always be so heavy, and he would always deny himself, and no one could persuade him. Arthur was too lazy to waste saliva.

    Anyway, with Mingyou’s presence, everyone’s injuries would be healed, and the psychological shadow of the stupid bear would be dispelled. Arthur llicked his paw and continued to wash his face. The red fox ran so fast that it made his fur stream backwards. But even so, Arthur was not ready to get off the red fox’s head. Because it looked so majestic!

    The little bear gave the handsome Arthur a glance, then carefully moved back along the big red fox, and crawled back into Mingyou’s arms. He doesn’t understand how handsome the hair dryer was. Let the little black cat blow in the wind by himself.

    While the big fox was carrying Mingyou on his back to pick flowers, Xiaotian controlled the RV and leisurely followed them. When the red fox arrived at a hill full of stars, the RV had been parked under the hill.

    On the hillside, one meter high bushes were clustered together in twos and threes, forming a dense grove. Small beige flowers were dotted among the dark green branches and leaves. From a distance, they look like stars in the night sky.

    There was a small cave on the hillside. Looking at the leftover bones and fur at the entrance of the cave, Mingyou guessed that this place should be the red fox’s temporary residence. Mingyou jumped off the back of the red fox, before he could fix his messy hair, he immediately squatted on the ground to study the flowers.

    There was no baby’s breath in the supplies shipped from outside. The baby’s breath was not a “special product” of this planet, but the Star Alliance did not realize the role of the flower, and the wild beasts did not use it as food. So they did not consider the baby’s breath to be a useful resource.

    Mingyou checked the records of baby’s breath in the Star Alliance encyclopedia. Baby’s breath was non-toxic, slightly bitter, had no edible value, and had no medicinal functions. Why didn’t the Star Alliance detect this gentle energy wave in the baby’s breath flowers? Mingyou was puzzled.

    Although it was impossible for the Star Alliance to study all plants on all planets under its jurisdiction, since this planet was used as a sanatorium for spirit beasts, the main plants that grew on the planet should have been carefully studied. From the plant illustration book he got, baby’s breath was a common wild flower at this latitude, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

    “Of course I have studied it.” Arthur explained to Mingyou, “But the energy in this flower is not only weak, but also difficult to collect. Even if it is collected, the effect is not as good as the current mitigation agent commonly used by the Star Alliance. So it’s treated as a weed.”

    Mingyou carefully read the records of the baby’s breath in the system, and said: “The energy of the flower acts as a neutralizer, and it has a good soothing effect on violent Zerg energy. If I make it into incense, the effect will be doubled.”

    The materials used to make incense with baby’s breath were among the materials found on the spacecraft. Mingyou could also redeem the incense production method from the system. He finally found a supplementary medicine that was made entirely of local materials from the Star Alliance that could heal spirit beast wounds.

    “Dahei, you said before that after becoming irrational, spirit beasts will instinctively look for things that are useful to their body, like wild beasts?” Mingyou asked, “Does that mean that something useful for your injuries might be near the place you chose to live in the wild?”

    Arthur’s ears moved left and right like a radar, he kicked his hind legs, stepped on Mingyou’s nose, and jumped on top of his head. “Your conjecture is very interesting!” Arthur’s tail was raised high, and the paw pads patted Mingyou’s head. “After I get them all back, I will send someone to their residences to collect plants and plants. I’ll help study the specimens.”

    Mingyou hesitated and said, “I’ll do it myself. I…I don’t believe those researchers very much.”

    Mingyou lowered his head, looked at the flower branch in his hand, and muttered: “From the finding food recipes that are useful to spirit beasts, to finding useful medicines and self-help methods after they lose their rationality? Is this way of thinking really difficult? Didn’t ever think of it?” Mingyou still didn’t believe that the Star Alliance really did their best for Dahei and the others.

    “Yes, it’s difficult.” Although Arthur hated certain people in the Academy of Sciences, he still had to evaluate the matter objectively, so as not to be too sentimental. “Was the process of proving theorems in elementary school textbooks very simple? It was proved by the predecessors, and only the latter knows the simplicity.”

    “There are so many types of Star Alliance resources. To immediately understand each function of each resource is tantamount to naive dreams. When the direction of research is wrong or the way of thinking is wrong, scientific exploration is the opposite. You know when researching a new drug, How much money and time cost will be invested? How high is the failure rate?”

    “You idiot, don’t think that people in this world did not study it well just because some knowledge was common sense in your previous life. This is very arrogant.” Arthur drooped his tail and poked Mingyou lightly. “Of course, the Academy of Sciences of the Star Alliance does have some problems, but most of the scientists in the Star Alliance are still trying very hard to solve spirit beast cultivation problems. “

    Mingyou listlessly apologized:” I’m sorry ” He was too arrogant and pessimistic.

    “It’s okay. You provided the research direction, and I think they will be able to come up with useful research results soon.” Arthur comforted, “Don’t worry too much, it’s not too late. We have survived all these years, we can hold out for a while. You said that the baby’s breath can be made into incense? Does it smell good? Does it restore energy?”

    “Yes. I will write down the formula and production conditions. With the technology level of the Star Alliance, they should be able to study the corresponding Mass-produced machine method.” Mingyou said.

    He originally wanted to directly exchange the machine blueprints for making incense, but the drawings were based on the technology from the game world, and it might be inaccessible to the Star Alliance. It would be better to write down the formula and production conditions needed for the incense, and let the people of the Star Alliance study how to mass-produce them.

    Dahei was right. The Star Alliance was just studying in the wrong direction. It doesn’t mean that the people here don’t want to study, let alone that they are stupid.

    “Send me a copy, and I will transfer it to my brother. I will help you register a company, and you will have shares in everything that flows out of your hands.” Arthur looked around and said, “Can you make incense now?”

    “Yes .” He had super powers! Mingyou rolled up his sleeves, “I will do it now! Incense is good for the fox’s and your injuries!”

    “Okay, let’s start a live broadcast. By the way, tell the audience that we have found another spirit beast comrade.” Arthur jumped off Mingyou’s head and turned into a big cat.

    The big fox was startled, but he carefully looked at the big cat and then went back obediently. His subconscious told him that the black cat was worthy of his trust. The black cat walked to the big red fox and sat down. After a while, the black cat placed a paw on top of the red fox’s head, and rubbed it a few times.

    “Thanks, silly fox.” The big cat patted the top of the fox’s head.

    The red fox’s head was tilted, as if thinking about something, but his hollow eyes seemed to be empty. But after he was patted on the head by the big cat, he was neither angry nor resisted. His expression was very clever, unlike the violent fox from before.

    The black cat rubbed the head of the red fox again and sighed. Mingyou said that he saw tombstones in his heart. Hidden in flowers, endless tombstones extended to the horizon. He knew that those were his soldiers, the lives that fell on the battlefield under his command.

    As the commander-in-chief, the sacrifice should have been only a number in his heart, so that he can use rational thinking to fight this war. But after the war, he couldn’t take the lives lost on the battlefield as a medal on his shoulders. Those tombstones were all his responsibilities.

    He promised that these comrades would use their lives in exchange for a better future for the Star Alliance. Could Mingyou help him find a better future for the Star Alliance even if he didn’t know what direction he was heading? It has to be true.

    The black cat put away his serious expression, changed back to his usual lazy appearance, and walked towards Mingyou who was setting up the holographic live broadcast equipment, and lightly bumped Mingyou’s waist: “Remember to bring the live broadcast camera close to Dahong’s rotten side. Make a close-up of that half of the face and show it to him after Dahong get’s better.”

    Mingyou hugged the black cat’s head and rubbed it: “Dahei! Can you not be so bad!”

    “I’m so bad. Every individual must have some black history to survive!” The black cat tilted its tail, and the slowly drew a circle.

    “Bad Dahei!” Mingyou grabbed the cat’s two fluffy ears, “You hear me! Bad Dahei!”

    “I didn’t hear it, didn’t hear anything.” The black cat answered, “My ears are going to fall off! Stupid! You’re going to rip my ears off! Abuse! Where is the justice?” While the black cat was howling, the live broadcast started.

    The audience rushed into the live broadcast room, did not see the warm little house, but instead saw a sea of ​​flowers. Huh? Where was this place? Did they go to the wrong live broadcast room? It was not until the cat howling almost pierced their eardrums that they were sure that they did not go to the wrong live broadcast room.

    This time it was broadcast live in the wild? This sea of ​​flowers was pretty pretty. and many more! Who was that big red fox?! Was it also one of the ten heroes?! The little anchor had found another recovering hero?!

    The red fox seemed to sense something and glanced at the live camera. The live broadcast camera zoomed in, and the audience in the live broadcast room saw his gorgeous fur and his half-burned face.

    On the distant Maple Leaf Star, a handsome man in gorgeous clothes knocked over the tea cup in his hand. “Xiao Luo.” The man closed his eyes, his body flashed brightly, and turned into a big flaming fox.

    This big red fox almost looked exactly the same as the red fox in the live broadcast room.

 If the face of the red fox in the live broadcast room was intact, they would indeed look exactly the same. Because they were identical twins. Twins born together, but parted ways in the middle.

    The gender culture in the Maple Leaf Star civilization was inverted compared to most of the Star Alliance planets. When in vitro fertilization became the mainstream in the Star Alliance, women were liberated from giving birth. After the evolution of women on some planets, their strength was no different from that of men.

    The females of Maple Leaf Star were martial artists, while the males preferred more literary pursuits. In particular, the upper-class noble men engaged in various artistic activities. The Xian family was a family of dancers, and the boys in the family had been dancers for generations, and Xian Luo was a rare genius. As his twin brother, Xian Wei was suppressed by Xian Luo’s light since he was a child, and once loathed this talented younger brother.

    But this genius younger brother actually chose a path that Maple Leaf Star aristocratic men would never choose-joining the army, and gave him the position of the head of the Xian Family. At that time, Xian Wei thought he was pitiful.

    But when Xian Luo entered the special forces directly under Prince Arthur, participated in the beheading of the Zerg queen, and became one of the ten heroes, Xian Wei knew that there was no pity or insult. Xian Luo gave him the position of Xian Family Patriarch, and gave him the crown of the first dancer of Maple Leaf Star, because he didn’t care.

    No matter how beautiful the dance was, could it compare to the battlefield fighting to defend one’s home and the country? No matter how beautiful the dress, was there any brighter color  than blood splashed from the enemy? No matter how noble the dancers dancing on the high platform were, was it comparable to the red fox with half of his face ruined lying in the star-like flowers?

    Xian Luo’s dance was shocking, because his dance expressed the ideals and persistence that originated from the heart. And his own dance was just a culmination of skills. Beauty was from the soul, not dance steps.

    In the live broadcast room, the mysterious little anchor was making incense with common ornamental flowers in the Star Alliance. It was said that this kind of incense was very useful for the wounds of spirit beasts. Beside the little anchor, the polar bear was beating the drum, the gray wolf stood on top of the bear and howled, and the black cat was tap dancing in the flowers.

    “Come on, jump together!” The black cat jumped off the ground, landed on the polar bear’s drum, and jumped in front of the red fox.

    The big red fox tilted his head in thought, stood up and stretched his body. Mingyou looked up, just in time to see the red fox wagging his tail and lightly dancing on the drums. Standing on his toes, spinning and jumping, every movement was breathtakingly beautiful. Even if half of his face was ruined, it didn’t hurt him at all.

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