After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 26

All boys had a desire for driving cool machines, and Mingyou was no exception. He thought that he would be driving the vehicle as the only human, but he obviously overthought things. Mingyou hugged the black cat and the little wolf, and enviously looked at the polar bear sitting in the driver’s seat.

    The little cat kicked his hind legs and jumped to nest on the soft black curls of Mingyou’s head. He laughed and said, “You don’t even have a driver’s license, so how could you drive?” 

Mingyou lowered his head with a flushed expression. He mumbled things like “autonomous driving”, “AI is useful”, “special affairs” and so on. The car was filled with a jovial atmosphere, and even Herman, who was usually stoic in bear form laughed out loud.

    Mingyou shrank into a ball on the seat with an aggrieved expression. If he refused to say anything, no one would laugh at him. Everyone was too much, especially the liger!

    Arthur laughed louder. The RV was just called that by Mingyou himself. In fact, this was a special supply and transportation machine with a very long name. Mingyou couldn’t remember it, so he called it a RV according to his impression, and nicknamed it “Xiaotian”.

    “Xiaotian means little city in the sky.” Mingyou told them the story of a city in the sky. Laputa, a city created by a high level civilization but was abandoned because of human ambitions, and how it was finally forced to disappear for the sake of human peace.

    “Finally, Laputa returned to its original appearance. The Tree of Life growing on a flying island above the sky, protecting humanity forever.” Mingyou said.

    The RV’s AI appeared on the control screen, drew a big smiling face to Mingyou, and appreciated the name. Herman covered his eyes with blazing paws and couldn’t bear to look straight.

    RVs were not equipped with such intelligent AI. This AI was the main battleship AI “Number  093” of Arthur’s special forces. Number 093 had super high intelligence and authority, which symbolized the crystallization of Star Alliance’s AI technology and was one of the most advanced AI in the Star Alliance.

    They had experienced countless cruel battles with Number 093. Number 093 was not an auxiliary AI in their hearts, but a comrade-in-arms. When Arthur was recovering from his injuries, Number 093 shut himself down, squatting in Arthur’s brain, and ignored everyone. He was so angry that the Academy of Sciences repeatedly criticized this AI for being too self-conscious, disobeying the AI ​​rules and should be destroyed.

    When Arthur woke up, Number 093 also gradually woke up. But it has been secretly observing and only appeared in front of Mingyou today. Now, they probably can’t call their own AI “Number 093” anymore.

    In truth, the members of the special forces had tried to name their AI, but they were all rejected by Number 093. Herman was very puzzled, why was the common name “Xiaotian” chosen? If he yelled “Xiaotian” down the street, more than a dozen people would turn their heads. The AI’s tastes were really strange.

    Seeing that the RV had such a high IQ AI, Mingyou immediately set aside any frustration of not being able to drive on his own and started chatting with Xiaotian.

    His old optical brain didn’t have an AI, and the system was a mindless automated voice. Mingyou had long been greedy for real AI. Herman the polar bear wanted to tell Mingyou that the AI was very serious at work and would not chat during working hours. 

     But then he saw Xiaotian having a heart-to-heart talk, chatting with Mingyou very happily, all kinds of emoji holographic projections wildly flew across the screen, and he closed his mouth with a jealous click. Probably, it was not that 093 was too silent, but that they were not good enough.

    “Xiaotian, you are amazing! You know everything!” Mingyou said excitedly.

    Xiaotian: “<( ̄︶ ̄)>Of course, I am one of the most powerful AIs in the Star Alliance!”

    Mingyou applauded like a little seal, Xiaotian’s emoji holographic projection “<( ̄︶ ̄) )>” swelled up further, flying around the car. With a flick of the wolf cub’s tail, he grabbed the holographic projected emoji from the air.

    So “<( ̄︶ ̄)>” flew to the left and right for a while, and continued to tilt and puff from all angles, causing the little wolf to pant and bark.

    “Stupid dog.” Arthur yawned. “<( ̄︶ ̄)>” flew over the little black cat’s head.

    Arthurt: “…Xiaotian, are you being arrogant?”

    Xiaotian made the “<( ̄︶ ̄)>” emoticon bigger. Yes, arrogance!

    Arthur laughed angrily in cat form and yelled at Herman to drive manually and shut Xiaotian in the small black room. Herman put on earmuffs taking Arthur’s words as the wind. The cat exploded into a black fur dumpling, and Mingyou’s hair was also turned in a black dumpling by an angry kitten. Mingyou, who was suddenly fluffy as well: “…”

    An unexpected disaster. Mingyou sighed as he watched the little black cat join the team chasing the holographic emoji projection. It was just a holographic projection, so what if it is caught? The side effects of degeneration were indeed a headache, and even Dahei has been degenerated.

    When Mingyou saw the happy expressions of the little black cat and the little gray wolf, and the projection of Xiaotian’s more and more cheerful emojis, he had an epiphany. How could Dahei not know that the holographic projection couldn’t be caught? Dahei only played around with Gray and Xiaotian.

    Mingyou silently moved to the front of the car and sat in the front passenger seat to watch the scenery, without disturbing the two little fluffy dumplings at the back of the car playing with Xiaotian.

    “His Royal Highness is like this. His seemingly absurd behavior is actually meticulous and considerate.” Xiaotian knocked on Mingyou’s employee lightbrain, and after adding a friend with Mingyou, he sent a message to Mingyou. Mingyou thought about Dahei’s usual behavior, and nodded vigorously, his eyes curled into crescent moons.

    When Dabai lost his mind, Arthur accompanied him to play music and dance, and when Gray lost his mind, he accompanied him to chase the emoji. After Dabai and Dahui became sober, they said that this was an embarrassing story, but they were not too ashamed. Because their boss, the sober-minded big black cat, would take the initiative to join their black history.

    Even if their comrades were not aware of it, Dahei will make them happy. It was so great to have Dahei around him. Mingyou smirked, thinking that he must have saved the world in his last life. Herman’s stern face also showed a gentle look. His Royal Highness was indeed very gentle. Otherwise, why would so many people follow him?

    His Majesty the Emperor treated His Royal Highness Prince better than to his son. Because when His Highness was very young, when His Majesty was sorrowful and sad, he turned into a little black cat that couldn’t stand still to perform acrobatics and make the Emperor happy.

    Herman remembered how he decided to follow His Royal Highness for the rest of his life. At that time, he was the only polar bear in the family after his transformation. People with a broken mouth laughed at him as an albino with birth defects. He was stupid as a child, and believed it to be true, and thus felt inferior for a long time.

    After the Prince knew about it, he painted himself white, and told everybody that he had genetically mutated into a white liger. “Whoever says I have congenital defects, I will beat them.” The little black cat, who painted himself as a white cat, arrogantly said, “If you dare to fight back, I will tell my brother to beat you!!”

    Since then, no one has said bad things about “albino” babies. After the matter was resolved, His Royal Highness gave him a candy made in the shape of a kid who spoke badly about him: “Bite his head off, and you will no longer be afraid of him!”

    He bit the candy head off and swore allegiance to His Royal Highness. No one in the family knew about this. They didn’t know the reason why His Royal Highness made a whim and dyed his hair, or what that candy meant to him. Everyone in the family thought he was stupid, and a piece of candy could take him away. He was stupid when he was a child, but no matter how stupid he was, he could recognize true sincerity.

    “His Royal Highness previously did something that was considered by the upper class to be black history. But nothing was done for his own sake.” Dabai said, “Mingyou, you will be in contact with the outside world soon. When someone tells you about His Highness’s dark history, I hope you can believe in His Highness.”

    Mingyou’s eyes were round, and he looked at Arthur’s cat form, “Why should I listen to others? I don’t know them. I only believe in Dahei and you.”

    The big white bear wrinkled his nose and smiled helplessly. That’s right, he thought too much, there was no need to remind Mingyou of this kind of thing. At this time, the tired Arthur and the little wolf jumped onto Mingyou’s lap at the same time, and arched into the youth’s arms. Mingyou immediately put nutrition cubes in their mouths.

    The two regained their energy, Arthur  slid onto Mingyou’s head, and the little  wolf wrapped his tail around Mingyou’s legs, and at the same time began to take a nap with closed eyes. Mingyou was also sleepy listening to two small animals snoring.

    He flattened the seat, hugged the little black cat on top of his head to one side of his face, and then hugged the little wolf against his stomach, smelling the scent of sunshine, and then entered a dream.

    Arthur lying against a paw, raised his head and glanced at Mingyou. He turned into a liger, and put the little gray wolf sleeping like a log in the polar bear’s arms. He stood up and grabbed Mingyou and went to sleep in the carriage. This “RV” was a small battleship with many small rooms. Mingyou had a separate bedroom with him.

    Your legs are almost better?” The white bear was surprised to see that Arthur could walk upright.

    “I can bear the load.” Arthur’s tail was held high, and he was obviously very proud of his ability to recover so quickly. “Stupid massage is very useful.”

    “The so-called veterans of the Academy of Sciences say that they have spent all their lives researching. It would be impossible to heal such a serious illness. Mingyou cured most of it in one month.” The black cat flattened his ears, “What serious illness? It’s just long-term malnutrition. They can’t find a solution, and they can’t even investigate the cause. What can they find out?”

    “Stop complaining, take Mingyou to bed first.” Herman’s parental mode was on, “Mingyou was over-excited last night and almost stayed up all night.”

    Arthur’s ears became even flatter. That’s right, even if he kicked Mingyou out of bed, he couldn’t stop Mingyou from keeping his eyes open until dawn. Arthur looked at Mingyou’s tired sleep with dissatisfaction, his expression seemed to want to bite off Mingyou’s small head.

    Mingyou slept fitfully, and it was already afternoon when he woke up. The RV was parked by a small stream, and the  robot helper was cooking. Mingyou washed in the stream and was mocked by the black cat.

    “Do you know how dirty the river is? Do you know how many animals bathe and urinate in the stream? Is there not enough water in the car for you to use?”

    There wasa water purification device on the car, which could pump out purified water at any time. Mingyou did not need to use the stream directly. Although the black cat said it was disgusting, Mingyou was not affected at all.

    “But in the wild, washing in the stream is more adventurous!” Mingyou boldly said, “Dahei rest assured! Flowing water washes dirt away! And I did not drink, I just gargled!”

    The black cat glanced at Mingyou, cocked his legs in front of Mingyou, and made a pee posture.

    Mingyou: “…” Mingyou rolled up his sleeves. The big black cat ran away. Mingyou lifted a large rock next to him and smashed it towards the big black cat. The black cat moved in a serpentine manner.

    “What are they doing?” asked Xiaotian, as Herman acted like he hadn’t seen Arthur teasing Mingyou.

    Xiaotian replayed the video. Herman who was about to wash his face by the river: “…”

    Herman: vomit!

    “Don’t worry, Your Highness has a sense of measure. He is just pretending, it is impossible to pee in the drinking water.” Xiaotian said after some analysis. Although the water in the car had been purified, it is still extracted from the stream, and Arthur would not disgust himself.

    Herman Bear: Oh! Even if he knew that, it was still disgusting!

    He regretted that he said something nice about His Highness! His Highness was not worthy at all! So Herman also joined the ranks of chasing Arthur. The little wolf dipped his paws in water and washed his face, then played with his reflection in the water.

    He played around and saw his reflection turn fiery red. The gray wolf froze for a moment, and immediately began to howl, and then was slapped flying by a big fluffy creature behind him. When the little wolf was about to fall into the river, Arthur was like a black lightning bolt, grabbed the little wolf in his mouth, stepped on the surface of the water and returned to the shore.

    When the little wolf was saved, the light from the spirit beast master’s bracelet on Mingyou’s wrist had not yet dissipated. When the fiery red fluffy dumpling appeared, Xiaotian started to raise the alarm, and they rushed back immediately.

    The moment the little gray wolf was attacked, Mingyou activated the spirit beast master’s bracelet and gave Arthur a speed boost, allowing the liger to save the little wolf. Everything was like pressing a fast forward button.

    “You should let me go.” After the little wolf was rescued, Herman said helplessly, “I can use abilities too.”

    After the black cat put down the little wolf, he washed his face and said: “During the rehabilitation training a few days ago, he had more time to cooperate with me, so the conditioned reflex is to let me go, don’t blame him.”

    Herman groaned: “I didn’t blame Mingyou…” Before he finished speaking, the big red fluffy ball turned around and yelled threateningly at them.

    Mingyou took a closer look and found that the big plush was a two-meter long flaming red fox, which looked like a monster fox in a novel. This fiery red fox should have been very beautiful, but half of his face was scorched black, as if he had been burned. The bones were clearly visible, and there was a thick ghost air that looked very evil and terrible.

    “Xianluo.” Arthur yelled at the fox, but he seemed to be in a state of chaos. Although he didn’t attack them, he kept hitting the trees and the ground, as if he was self-harming.

    “Dabai! Stop him!” Mingyou took out an ice skill card from the system, “Use the ice seal!”

    The skill card in the world of the elves was also called a move machine, which allowed the beasts to learn moves that were not natural. Most of the skill moves in the game world must be learned through skill cards.

    When the monsters have not learned the corresponding moves, the trainer could cooperate with their wristband and swipe the card to make the beasts “imitate” the move in the skill card to form muscle memory. When the proficiency was sufficient, the spirit beasts could use the corresponding moves on their own.

    Skill cards were very expensive. For this trip, Mingyou had exchanged several skill cards that could help the fighting power of the spirit beasts. Ice Seal was one of them.

    The ice spell was used in the same way as the polar bear’s ability to seal the Dahei and Dahui into ice cubes. However, the ice seal technique was more sophisticated, the sealing effect was better, and it would not cause damage to the spirit beast, which was equivalent to the full version of the “ice seal”.

    The skill card’s energy was transmitted to the polar bear through the spirit beast master’s bracelet. The bear’s abilities are automatically activated, and the explosion out of his control turned into a white beam of light and rushed towards the fiery red fox.


    The fox actually jumped on the spot, stepped a few steps in the air, returned to the ground, and escaped the ice technique. His tail stood up, and a red light flashed from his tail, as if he regarded the white bear as an enemy.

    “Spirit beasts can still use supernatural powers in an unconscious state.” Arthur guarded in front of Mingyou, and nervously said, “It’s just supernatural powers consume physical and mental power, so wounded spirit beasts usually don’t dare to use it. We have to stop him quickly.”

    “Dahei, you go too.” A black card appeared between Mingyou’s fingers, “This card is only for you. Don’t worry about my safety, Dahui will protect me.”

    Arthur looked down at the little gray wolf covered in fur, a disgusted expression on his face. What’s the use of such a small creature?

    Mingyou said: “Dahui! Evolve!” The little wolf turned into a big wolf and rushed towards the fiery red fox.

    Mingyou: “…”

    Arthur: “…”

    Arthur’s tail encircled Mingyou’s waist: “It seems that only I can be trusted.”

    Mingyou has no choice but to continue using the ice seal skill card. Although the big wolf had evolved, his brain was not good. Mingyou dared not give him a skill card for fear that he would accidentally hit the white bear. Would he have a sudden convulsion?

    But with the wolf joining the battle, the red fox was distracted, and finally the polar bear found an opportunity to freeze the fox’s feet with ice. Mingyou saw the opportunity and used the ice seal technique again, and finally sealed the flaming fox in a big ice block. But the fiery red fox sealed in the ice was constantly shining with red light, and he seemed to want to use his abilities to forcefully break through the seal.

    “Dahei! Dreaming Technique!” After limiting the actions of the flaming fox, Arthur was finally able to join the battle.

    In order to maximize his supernatural power, Arthur degenerated into kitten form, concentrated all his power into a single blow, and pulled the flaming fox into his dream. Arthur squatted in front of the ice block covered in a black fog, on the other end of the black fog was a red fox. Dreaming required constant upkeep. Arthur was forming a dream, trying to awaken the fiery red fox inside.

    “His Royal Highness is amazing.” The grey wold sighed, who knew when he regained his senses.

    Herman nodded. According to Mingyou, Dreaming was an illusion skill, and it could be used by spirit beasts of the mental type. There was no such classification within the types of spirit beasts in the Star League, but the three of them could use the “dreaming technique” skill card.

    But being able to use skill cards did not mean that you have learned this move. The most important thing about “dreaming” was not to pull people into dreams, but to weave dreams. If a realistic dream was not woven, the person who entered the dream would immediately wake up, and this trick would be useless.

    At present, during the training of the three plush melees, only Arthur could quickly weave a realistic dream and quickly control the opponent. With Arthur’s comfort, the fiery red fox’s anxiety seemed to be decreased.

    In the ice, the red light in the fox’s eyes faded and turned back to brown, his expression seemed to be much more docile. Arthur stopped the dream, and the polar bear also removed the ice seal technique. The flaming fox shuddered and fell to the ground, closing his eyes, as if he was asleep.

    “Both physical and mental strength are exhausted.” Mingyou checked the flaming fox under the protection of Arthur, “Feed a nutrition cube first.”

    Mingyou took out the nutrition cube, but couldn’t put the nutrition cube into the flaming fox’s mouth. Reluctantly, they could only use the clumsy method of blending the nutrition cubes into water, and then using a small straw feed the big fox little by little.

    Fortunately, the spirit beast’s instinct to swallow was still there. After feeding the water, the big fox drank it, and his physical and mental state became much more stable.

    “Most of the energy in the nutrition cube is wasted.” Mingyou felt distressed. “It would be great if an intravenous injection method was developed.”

    Of course, there were drugs that could be used for injection infusion in the elves world, but Mingyou’s main focus was cultivation, not medical. The medical knowledge was too vast, he hasn’t learned deeply yet. Even if he knew how to use the medicine, he couldn’t make the medicine himself, so he could only wait for knowledge points to be exchanged after unlocking the corresponding information with the system.

    “Take it step by step.” The white bear touched Mingyou’s head, “He has improved, don’t worry.” 

    The big wolf squatted in front of the red fox, looking at the rotten half of the red fox’s face. His face was full of anger. Now his tail was drooping, his fangs were half exposed, his figure was tall and straight, and his expression was cold, as if he was a real wolf.

    “You haven’t changed back to a puppy yet? You are in a good state today.” Arthur gaped, making the tension a little easier, “Dabai, you and Dahui stay here, I will bring Mingyou to prepare food. Xianluo is a big man with a matching stomach. He won’t run around when he is full.” Mingyou wanted to stay, but was dragged away by Arthur’s tail.

    “In the last battle, the three of them and I were a small team.” Arthur said, “Half of his face was destroyed while covering us. Dabai and Dahai feel uncomfortable and will be quiet for a while.”

    Mingyou felt very heavy. Half of the fox’s face was full of severe injuries. One of his eyes was dim and it seemed to be completely blind. It was hard for him to imagine that after suffering such a heavy wound, the fox was not lying in the hospital and being carefully treated by doctors, but surviving alone in this forest.

    Even if Dahei told him that the Star Alliance could not save them, but was powerless, Mingyou still couldn’t accept this in his heart.

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