After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 25

Mingyou woke up and found that there was no black cat in his arms. He rushed downstairs without any shoes and, and was relieved when he saw the black cat on the sofa. Mingyou knelt down on the carpet, held the big cat and refused to let go.

    “Had a nightmare?” Arthur wondered.

    Mingyou buried his face in Arthur’s fluffy fur, and gently shook his head: “No.” Mingyou thought waking up without seeing the black cat was the worst nightmare.

    Even if it had been almost a month since he met the big cat, if he opened his eyes and didn’t see the black cat’s fur, Mingyou always thought that he was still alone. The black cat, the polar bear and the wolf were all in his dreams after he became too lonely and crazy.

    The black cat stretched out a paw and pushed Mingyou away, and said, “Why did you run down barefoot? There are so many wolf and bear hairs on the ground, it’s so dirty.”

    While brushing the little gray wolf, the polar bear said: “Your Majesty, my apologies. To put it bluntly, you are the one who has shed the most fur. Look at your stomach, it’s all bald.”

    The big black cat immediately jumped up from the sofa with straightened fur, Mingyou continued to hang on him. Arthur took Mingyou the small pendant and rushed towards the polar bear, opened his mouth wide, and bared two fangs, screaming: “Nonsense! I have shed no hair! The belly fur was lost when I was injured!”

    The polar bear wiped the saliva off his face, tried to block the black cat while holding down the small wolf, and said: “Oh.”

    The black cat: “What are you saying oh for?” One bear paw could not deal with the little gray wolf, so he had to add another bear paw: “Yeah.”

    The black cat: “…” No, he couldn’t stand this grievance! The black cat popped out his claws and decided to fight the polar bear to the death.

    “Achoo!” Mingyou noisily sneezed. The black cat and the polar bear immediately gave up their confrontation, picked up Mingyou and sent him upstairs.

    “Why don’t you wear a coat when you feel cold? The air conditioner is turned on and the room temperature is only 20 degrees!” The black cat pawed the coat and put it on Mingyou’s head. “You fool, why won’t you take care of yourself?”

    “Yes. Yes, I just forgot.” Mingyou obediently put on his clothes, took a look at the time, and said, “Ah, it’s night now, no wonder it’s a bit cold.”

    “How do your eyes work? Even if the curtains are closed, when you get up, you should take a look at the time.” The black cat vigorously shook Mingyou’s head. Mingyou was shaken and he became dizzy. The polar bear slapped away the black cat: “Are you still uncomfortable?”

    Mingyou caught the little wolf in his arms and petted the animal. The gray wolf twitched his ears and said: “I’m not uncomfortable, I’m just a little hungry.”

    “The food in the kitchen is always ready. Go eat first.” The polar bear said, “By the way, Mingyou, today the little wolf was affected by you. The sound of the piano stimulated him, and he was temporarily awake for a while.”

    “Music can mobilize people’s emotions, maybe it can also amplify emotional power?” Mingyou lifted the little wolf and shook him, “Dahui is so powerful! That’s great! He will get better soon!” The little wolf knew that Mingyou was complimenting him, and his tail happily wagged.

    The black cat and the polar bear were helpless. The little wolf suddenly regressed. Before they had time to be surprised, the wolf cub made a series of barks and tried to bite the polar bear’s short tail.

    The polar bear thought that the little wolf wanted to bite his tail while he was awake, and almost turned the baby wolf into a diamond shaped ice cone. Fortunately, Arthur’s eyes were quick, he turned into a big liger and protected the reckless little gray wolf.

    They still didn’t know when the little gray wolf regained consciousness, and how he suddenly changed back to his original state. But this matter must have something to do with Mingyou’s piano playing.

    “Did they like Beethoven’s music?” Mingyou put the little wolf on his shoulder and followed the black cat and polar bear downstairs to eat.

    “I liked it.” The polar bear said, “I’ll take time to sort out more of your world’s music scores in the future.” The polar bear tickled the cub. When he turns human again, he will have a lot of music scores to learn.

    Mingyou vigorously nodded. It would be great to be able to promote his favorite music in this world! Originally, Mingyou was a little worried when it was broadcast live, but Arthur had asked him to perform without worry.

    “Do you know how many administrative stars there are in the Star Alliance? Even people on the same planet cannot know the musicians from their own planet.”

    “Besides, many administrative stars in the independent regions of the Star Alliance have no access to the Star Alliance network at all. Not to mention people in the dark regions. As for music from those alien galaxies, it’s even more unknown. So you don’t have to worry about leaking anything at all.”

    “Furthermore, my brother arranged the identity of an orphan spirit beast master for you, and also gave you the title of spirit beast master on a fictitious planet in the dark zone. You can say that the spirit beasts in your previous world were blocked by sacred beasts living in space. Only when trainers defeat them and get their approval, can you explore space. Before you died, the elf world had not yet begun to explore space? You only experienced one planet and can put all the celebrities from your original world into the fictional planet my brother gave you to live on.”

    “So you can rest assured and boldly reveal information. The more perfect the planet civilization you have created, the more the public will believe in my brother’s fabricated life experience. But why are there four sacred beasts?”

    Mingyou replied, “There are four heavenly kings and four sacred beasts. Isn’t that all common sense?”

    Arthur mockingly shrugged and refused to hear any more “common sense” Mingyou said. This was definitely not the common sense of the Star Alliance! After Arthur patted his chest, Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief since he was vouched for.

    He was very self-aware. In addition to learning about spirit beasts and music, his brain was not as big as a walnut in other aspects. Dahei said yes, so it would definitely be possible. He didn’t need to hide himself, just mold himself into a bun with no internet connection, Mingyou was happy to relax.

    Knowing that using music could amplify emotions, Mingyou tried a few more times. After listening to the music, the little gray wolf briefly woke up again. However, his mental and physical injuries were very serious, and he was only awake for less than five minutes each time, and then returned to his silly dog ​​appearance.

    Seeing the worried expressions of the black cat and the polar bear, Mingyou counseled: “Dahui is seriously injured in his mental body, and now he can regain consciousness for a short time, indicating that the direction of treatment is right, and his desire to survive is also very strong. Don’t worry.”

    The black cat put his head in Mingyou’s arms and said nothing, and the polar bear said: “I know, thank you Mingyou. I just thought, after he is fully awake, how much shame he will feel when he sees the video of him messing around.”

    Mingyou : “…” Dabai! How could he calculate Dahei! You are white colored! Look at your belly fur; really white! Mingyou privately asked the black cat, “Did Dahui offend and Dabai?”

    “Offended, he was very offended.” Arthur scooped the young man into his fur to prevent him from kicking the quilt, catching a cold and sneezing. He continued to gloat, “After the stupid wolf became smaller, his mind became younger too. He only remembered the little grudges against Dabai from elementary school. He wanted to bite Dabai a few bites when he had the opportunity. It’s ridiculous.”

    Mingyou worried: “Then should I take Dahui to our room to sleep? If he is in Dabai’s room, he will be very noisy, right?” 

    The black cat wanted to wait for him to make a fuss, but thought if everyone was recuperating but couldn’t sleep. It would affect their injury recovery, and the ears are pulled into the ear canals of the airplane: “I can’t speak.”

    Although the young man’s opinion was recognized intellectually, why was he so anxious in his heart? The black cat scratched his ears and attributed it all to a domineering big cat’s territorial instincts. He selectively ignored that he had no sense of territory when everyone was playing on the ground together on the battlefield.

    “I built a few small nests in the room. They can sleep in the small nests when they were young, and when they are able to control themselves, they can go back to their rooms to sleep.” Mingyou hugged the cat’s head, He kissed his ears and soothed, “The liger is a solitary animal, and he is not used to sleeping with other people. Dahei is the most gentle.”

    “That is true.” The black cat flicked his ears. He lifted a paw and pressed Mingyou, who was holding his head, into his arms, and awkwardly said, “You know how many sacrifices I made. It’s just a short sleep when they get younger. The black cat felt a little more comfortable. Just a little bit.

    The next day, Mingyou told Dabai about Dahui temporarily changing his room. The polar bear held up two bear paws in agreement. He desperately needed a good sleep! His bear fur was not shiny anymore! But on the moving night, the little gray wolf slipped out of the den, rushed into the polar bear’s room, and bit the white bear’s ear.

    Mingyou: “…”

    Arthur: “The stupid wolf is amazing. Dabai, did you tear his workbook when you were in elementary school? Why does he hate you so much?” The big white bear has already made himself into an ice black.

    “Then… Dabai also comes to my room with Dahei to sleep.” Mingyou had no choice but to suggest, “Sleep with us in the same room. Dahui will not continue to harass you and in order not to wake me and Dahei.”

    After getting smaller, although Dahui was still a little bit naughty, he was very considerate to him and Dahei. Using him and Dahei as “deterrents”, Dahui may restrain himself a little. The polar bear squatted in the ice cube and hesitated.

    Arthur stretched out a paw and knocked on the ice cube: “What are you hesitating, you won’t be embarrassed when you get smaller.”

    Forget it, there was a little stupid wolf in the bedroom, adding another bear was okay. Arthur’s heart was not stuffy, his heart was not congested at all. So when the polar bear slept at night, he could only be wronged and turned into a little bear, sleeping in the small bed Mingyou prepared for him.

    Mingyou’s hands were very clever, and the bear’s and wolf’s cribs were all made by him. Arthur posted the video of Mingyou making the bed on the live broadcast network as an advertisement, and the audience was confused.

    Your Royal Highness, do you think the live broadcast room still needed advertising to attract traffic? Or is it that he deliberately provoked us? Although the black cat was not in a good mood, he didn’t deliberately bully the audience. He recorded with conscience and wanted to post some short welfare videos to give back to the audience.

    Arthur: Then I won’t post it anymore?

    Audience: No, no, no, no, no, Your Highness is right, please post more!

    Although it was not a holographic live broadcast, they would be in a good mood as they watched the young boy working hard to make nests for the spirit beasts in the video. At the same time, if they could live in the No. 1 Nursing Home and be taken care of by the young people, they would feel even better.

    Since it was a nursing home, they could also go in the future, right? The big deal was that the threshold is just a special class, a trivial matter. The barracks were full of excited plushies, and the instructors’ paws were itchy. Especially those instructors who could no longer go to the battlefield and can only engage in teaching work, their paws were even more itchy.

    ……When Arthur was working hard to manage the popularity of the live broadcast room, Mingyou devoted all his time to organizing materials. The foundation of spirit beast cultivation was just a few books- as big as pillows and as thick as bricks, with too little content, and Mingyou has already memorized them all. After memorizing it, Mingyou wanted to sort out the knowledge points by himself.

    There were many fallacies in the basic textbook of the Cultivation of Star Alliance Spirit Beasts. Mingyou was ready to digest the learned knowledge while making corrections.

    Old Lu was very supportive of Mingyou and was willing to be his assistant, let Mingyou entrust him with the tedious work such as proofreading, and he only had to ponder the content. Revision was a long-term work, and Mingyou thought that his accumulation of experience and knowledge was not enough. Sorting out the materials sent was one of the important ways to accumulate experience and knowledge.

    All energy things related to spirit beasts could be unlocked for specific purposes by paying knowledge points in the system. But like other functions of the system, the deeper Mingyou understood such things, the cheaper the unlocking fee would be.

    Therefore, in order to save knowledge points, Mingyou first searched for the relevant records of these materials from the Star Alliance Library. After understanding the current research content, he used the knowledge points to unlock further items in the system.

    If it was not too late, Mingyou would like to do more experiments on his own to verify the effects of those materials, and then use the system to check for deficiencies. But there were eight fluffy ones waiting for him to save them, time was life, and it only cost a little more knowledge points.

    In order to hurry up, Mingyou only slept for two hours a day. Of course, the two big plushies at home did allow Mingyou to overdraw his body so much, but the youth had a system of cheating devices. After he fell asleep, he entered the system holographic space and continued to organize information. On the surface, he still maintained a good sleep for seven hours.

    But Arthur, who hugged him to sleep every day, still found a clue. After Mingyou entered the system space, his mental energy fluctuated. He seemed familiar with this kind of activity. Arthur carefully recalled, and the light bulb lit up. Wasn’t this mental power fluctuation the same when playing a holographic game? ! Although he pretended to be asleep, what about his holographic gaming helmet?!

    Arthur knew that Mingyou brought his previous life’s light brain after passing through. He didn’t ask what role this light brain that followed Mingyou’s soul had. For the young man’s peace of mind, he was very considerate and let the young man keep a few of his own secrets.

    Everyone was an independent individual, and they should have their own secrets. This was for their peace of mind. The young man’s secrets were not disclosed. If he became a wild liger in the future, the young man would also have means to protect himself.

    But now, Arthur wanted to force Mingyou to surrender his secret. This guy! Relying on his silly and sweet face, he actually deceived their elite fighters! So the two big ones and the small three fluffies met again.

    The polar bear frowned, and was about to go cross-eyed: “I think the power outage may be useless for Mingyou’s personal light brain.”

    The temporarily awake little gray wolf calmly said: “Except for threatening him with ourselves, there is no other way.”

    Arthurhu cast an admiring gaze to the little wolf. As expected of the most ruthless lone wolf among his subordinates, this trick hits the nail on the head, and the blood seals the throat! It was just that the hottest lone wolf, Dahui, just finished making suggestions, and began to tilt his head and wildly wag his tail. He was handsome and lost his mind in a few minutes.

    Arthur: Life was not easy, he sighed.

    The cool Herman bear turned into an old mother when faced with the young man. It was also reluctant to bear that; Yan Yi, who could use cruel methods, began to wag his tail and became a dog within a few minutes. The dog was not as good. As the only normal person, Arthur was very tired.

    “Your Royal Highness, since you are the only normal person among us, please make your own decision.” When Herman faced Arthur, he did not have the gentleness of an old mother at all.

    Arthur drooped his ears and said, “It might be possible to sternly berate him? But unless he is forced to tell his secrets, he can always find a way to avoid it. But… Forget it, I will persuade him.”

    Herman looked helpless. Yes, they all hoped Mingyou would live more comfortably. Even if there were secrets, he dared to use them in front of them, without worrying about being questioned. Any action that may undermine Mingyou’s peace of mind should be carefully considered.

    As a result, Arthur could only tell Mingyou that he was not allowed to work secretly, and that they could relax control of Mingyou’s sleep time.

    “Four hours!” Arthur’s paw vigorously shook Mingyou’s head, “Don’t challenge my bottom line!”

    Huh? It turned out that learning secretly with the system would also be discovered? Mingyou nodded his head like garlic with a guilty conscience. He had just obtained the satellite image of the resource exploration of this planet, and wanted to sort out the resources on this planet first, so that they could be used for the treatment of the spirit beasts in the nursing home. When he was ready, he must have a good rest!

    So Mingyou still spared two hours to work secretly during the four hours he was sleeping. This time, Mingyou specially told the system, remember to block his mental power. After Mingyou fell asleep, one, two and three fluffy animals immediately got up and surrounded him with dark expressions.

    “Awesome, the mental energy fluctuations have disappeared?” Arthur gritted his teeth and wanted to give Mingyou a paw for “sleeping peacefully”.

    The little wolf licked his paw: “It’s better to be tougher and use some threats.”

    Little bear was very worried: “The mental power can disappear? Is it blocked? There are no problems, right?”

    “Is there any problem? He used a shielding device in all likelihood. I used to refuse to sleep, and when I wanted to secretly play holographic games, I dealt with my brother like this.” So Mingyou’s little trick was immediately seen through.

    “What do you do then? Really threatening?” Little Baixiong moved his short legs and covered the quilt for Mingyou, who was still kicking the quilt while he was learning. “He is working so hard for us. We can really threaten. Is he?”

   The little gray wolf glanced at the little white bear: “Since you say no, do you have an idea?”

    Little white bear thought for a while, and said: “Ask Mingyou, is there anything we can help? Mingyou’s workload is the root cause of the problem.”

    Arthur stroked his beard and said: “Yes, I am confused. Who knows that he is raring to work and does not know that asking for help is the root of the problem. It’s done, and I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

    Little bear’s eyes were crescents, and he walked back to the cot to sleep. The little wolf was very fired up. This bastard bear, he won this time! He will never lose next time. The little gray wolf lying in the den was so angry that he bit its tail. But soon he lost the feeling, because he lost his mind again.

    Mingyou got up the next day and was criticized by the fluffies again. This time he couldn’t get there anymore, because Arthur pressed his head and said that once again, all three plushies would move out of his bedroom.

    “Mingyou, you should rely more on us. It is not your job to save our comrades.” The white bear earnestly said.

    Mingyou obediently admitted his mistakes. Arthur shook his head vigorously: “Are you going to say, confess your mistakes well and never repent!”

    The big white bear turned and glanced at the black cat: ” Mingyou won’t be like you.” Mingyou nodded vigorously, and then shook his head: “Dahei won’t die without repentance! Dahei is very good!”

    This time, even The silly little wolf vigorously shook his head. No, no, no, although his memory was in chaos, his subconsciousness told him that this black cat with a strange collar had absolutely nothing to do with the adjective “good”!

    “Say, what can we do for you?” Arthur hugged Mingyou’s head with his paws, as if he was about to crush Mingyou’s poor little head.

    Mingyou thought hard, and finally gave them a resource map of the planet, asking them to help find the corresponding types of resources in the warehouse, and organize them, and fill in the detailed description of these resources in the form. After finishing the form, he could directly scan the data into the system and unlock the introduction materials of these resources in batches.

    “You should have told us long ago.” The polar bear was also a little angry. These things do not require overly advanced knowledge, just enough care. If they knew that there was such a simple but heavy job, how could they keep Mingyou busy for so long alone? Mingyou was trained again, and was also punished to kneel and sit in the corner, facing the wall thinking about it.

    Arthur immediately transferred these things to the old Lu—that was, Neil Grotte, who had been pestering to find the emperor to touch porcelain (Neil: He didn’t!). Many of Neil’s disciples and grandchildren were very leisurely, and they were suitable for this.

    After Neil learned of this, he said depressedly: “I told Mingyou earlier that if there were tedious tasks that didn’t need a lot of brainpower, to tell me that I’ll find someone to help him. Why doesn’t this kid listen to me at all? How did he develop the temperament to do everything by himself?”

    “It’s the issue of the elite education of their spirit beast master. In order to rebuild the spirit beast master knowledge system with his bare hands even if there is only one person left?” Arthur’s ability to speak nonsense was inherited from his brother.

    Neil believed it. He continued to sigh and urge Arthur to teach Mingyou well, not to let the youth tire himself out. After hanging up the phone, Arthur became more and more angry, so Mingyou was trained again, and the time spent facing the wall doubled.

    “You won’t dare to mess around after being punished.” Arthur tail crackled behind him, as if he was swinging a whip.

    Mingyou obediently sat on his knees facing the wall, with his forehead against the wall. Don’t dare, don’t dare, the angry Dahei was so terrible QAQ.

    Even with the help of more people, the work efficiency of organizing data had not increased much-this made the three plushies very angry. So many people working together was not equivalent to Mingyou staying up all night alone!

    However, during this period, Mingyou kept sleeping for more than six hours and was more energetic, which made them very gratified. With the compiled information, Mingyou was finally going to travel. He was going to drive around the planet in his RV and find all eight inhabitants. Mingyou was tossing and turning with excitement, and was still muttering in the sleepy cat’s ears in the middle of the night.

    The black cat and the other two pressed their paws against their ears, kicked Mingyou out of the bed with one of his uninjured hind legs: “Get out of bed if you don’t sleep!”

    Mingyou: QAQ Dahei was getting more and more fierce.

    The two little fluffies who also wanted to sleep turned over, but he didn’t see it. In front of sleep, Mingyou fell out of favor.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Gotta say, I really do prefer the English names that were used before. I’m already confused with Dahui(?) and…the other one. I only recognize Dabai because I know white is bai…it’s probably gonna get way worse when he gets the rest of the animals, lol. Also I don’t really get how bad his names are in the pinyin…they sound similar but not bad/uninspired like the translated names were. Also feels weird for characters named Herman, Arthur, etc to understand and judge the Da names for being bad.

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