After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 24

So based on some comments I received, the Arthur’s nickname I used has some unintended connotations. So I am debating changing the nickname to something like “Shadow” or using the pinyin “Dahei”. If the latter, then it might be better for to change the other spirit beast nicknames to pinyin as well, to make things more consistent. I would greatly appreciate everyone’s input on which it should be.

Mingyou placed the ice covered kitten and wolf cub on the piano stand, moved a chair beside him, and put a stool on the chair. He placed the little white bear on the stool and let him sit up to the height of the piano keys.

    Mingyou smiled at the camera: “Okay, the commotion has been resolved, everyone, please continue to listen to the piano music.”

   The bear cub waved a paw and smiled with his eyes, looking like a little girl’s favorite teddy bear. The audience couldn’t sleep at all. Wait… What the anchor just said was degeneration, right? It was degradation, not evolution, right? Why could he still use abilities when in child form? Was it so easy to use abilities?

    No, they were not surprised by this. Just now the anchor and the little cat and wolf were attacked by an ice-type ability, right? Why did the kitten and wolf cub, who were spirit beasts, become ice sculptures, but the anchor only shivered?

    How could Colonel Herman’s superb ability only affect the cat and wolf in the arms of the anchor, but didn’t hurt the anchor? Was it so awesome? How was this possible! That was obviously an indiscriminate ranged attack! They were not blind!

    The melody of the piano music played by Mingyou was very gentle, like a little butterfly dancing in the warm spring sun. Everywhere one looked, the garden was full of spring imagery. But the hearts of the audience were refreshed.

    They looked at the two animal ice sculptures on the piano stand, then looked at Mingyou’s gentle face and the well-behaved little polar bear.

    Shaking… It was amazing! No wonder the little anchor could take care of His Royal Highness and the ten heroes alone. Could his defensive power be comparable to this group of S-level abilities? The song ended. Mingyou asked the little polar bear who could see the barrage, what was the audience’s opinion.

    The little bear’s tender voice sounded in Mingyou’s mind: “The audience said cold.”

    Cold? Mingyou didn’t quite understand. The polar bear cub understood, but he didn’t want to say anything. Little Mingyou was so gentle and lovely, where was he scary? Were these people, blind and needed glasses?

    “They probably want to listen to some more passionate music.” Dabai said.

    Mingyou nodded, thinking about what to play next, while looking at the two ice sculptures on the piano stand: “Should they be released?”

    The polar bear cub said, “They won’t be hurt.”

Mingyou whispered, “But I’m afraid they will catch a cold.”

    Little bear refuted, “It’s fine to drink medicine if they get a cold.” In short! He was so angry now! Resolutely refused to let them out. Seeing that the polar bear was really angry, Mingyou did not continue to persuade him. Although he felt sorry for Dahei and Dahui, these two actually jumped and danced on Dabai’s treasured piano, which should indeed be scolded.

    Even if they broke their own things, Mingyou wouldn’t be angry. But knowing that the piano was a very important thing that Dabai loved, these two still refused to listen. Therefore getting frozen for a while could be considered a sort of time-out. When the two of them came out of the ice sculpture, Mingyou fed them a bowl of ginger soup to warm their bodies.

    “It needs some more passion… Then “Song of Sorrow” is good.” Mingyou didn’t know much about Star Alliance music. Although he had a piano, the Tan family did not specifically hire a music teacher for him, or even allow him to connect to the star network.

    So after he got the piano, he just played the songs he knew in his previous life over and over again. But music was a transformational language without borders. Mingyou believed that people from the Star Alliance would understand the feelings in “Sonata Pathetique”. In particular the third movement of the piano sonata.

    “The composer of “Sonata Pathetique” is Beethoven, a talented musician.” Mingyou introduced the origin of this piano piece that was world-famous in his time.

    Beethoven was less than thirty years old when he composed this piece, and both his age and his career were at his peak. However, when he wrote “Sonata Pathetique”, it was not the feelings of a young man who forcing himself forward. At that time, his ears were gradually going deaf.

    For a musician who had just entered the peak of his career, his ears going deaf would shatter his world. But this song gave people the feeling that it was more about praising heroes and courage. The name was “Sonata Pathetique”, but there was no sadness and decadence.

    Fight, fight! Every note was fighting! Every beat was pounding! It was like a person who was about to be pulled into hell, even if half of his body had been burned, he still had to raise his arms and fight against the sky!

    Even though his hearing continued to decline, even after his hearing was completely lost, Beethoven did not give up on music until his death. He put a stick on the piano resonance box and continued his music career by relying on his intuition and vibrations of sound.

    “Sonata Pathetique” was the beginning of his suffering, the beginning of his struggle, and the beginning of his glory. When he was completely deaf, his music career reached its peak accompanied by suffering and resistance.

    “The Ninth Symphony”, Beethoven’s work after his complete deafness, was his greatest masterpiece. Eternal! Immortal! And now, Mingyou was playing the beginning of the composer’s harsh journey towards the peak.

    It was sad. It was tragic. But not a tragic song. It was the beginning of a hero’s song. With the brief introduction over, Mingyou finally found the feel and began to play.

    He played this song many times in school. He was soft, but didn’t want to be cowardly. He was humble, but yearning for heroics; no matter if he was immersed in a fantasy, as long as he could climb out of disappointment and despair, as long as he could return to the sun, all means of self-help were not shameless.

    Didn’t the hero imagine that he would become a hero when he grew up? Did those thoughts called secondary disease really disappear with age? The chairman of the game company who gave him a special account in the game world encouraged him not to give up his life and told him that men and women could be boys and girls until they die.

    This song was dedicated to all the real heroes and their families in the live broadcast room, as well as to those with “eighth grade syndrome” who were dreaming of becoming a hero like himself.

    Even if objective conditions did not allow it, as long as they had the idea of ​​saving the world in their heart, they would definitely be able to work towards that goal in their actions. From studying and working hard, to being kind and being helpful to others, all actions that could make themself better, weren’t they actions that made the world a better place?

    As long as efforts are made, dreams are not shameful daydreams. An unreachable goal was still a goal. Mingyou felt many emotions every time he played “Sonata Pathetique”. His feelings were amplified by his surging emotional waves and conveyed to every listener’s heart.

    His Majesty the golden lion king was dozing off when suddenly, it was as if his brother shouted into his ear, “Sleep, are you paralyzed!” He was so startled that his soft golden fur stood on end. The piano score titled “Sonata Pathetique” did contain deep sadness and despair, but pressed under his feet. Even if he was in purgatory, his heart would never give in.

    His Majesty closed his eyes again. Scenes of past despair appeared before his eyes, and this sadness reached its peak when he saw his younger brother who could not restore his human form.

    But as described in the song, even if he was desperate, he couldn’t stop the struggle, because stopping meant that he would be completely plunged into the quagmire of despair, and there was no hope of survival. Regardless of his dignity or his love for his family and hometown, His Majesty will not lower his noble head.

    Before leaving, his brother, who had never listened to his words, made a funny and exaggerated expression and told him: “Brother, even if I die, don’t lower your head. The crown will fall and the enemy will laugh.”

    In the military camp, many soldiers who wanted to watch the live broadcast to have a good night’s sleep, all accidentally floofed their hair, and the special camp was full of super fluffy dumplings.

    Even the S-rank supernatural beings who had just transformed into beasts had experienced wars-in those wars, spirit beasts were not the only ones fighting. Among those who died, not only were there S-rank abilities, but there were also many ordinary soldiers.

    There were many forms of sacrifice, like when an ordinary fleet was surrounded by Zerg. The soldiers used mechas and rushed towards the Zerg frigate, tearing themselves apart while damaging the opponent’s frigate, allowing the commander to drive the flagship towards the other side. In the ambush, the flagship used the same sacrifice and fearlessness to achieve the “victory” of trading less for more.

    Among those who had experienced war, who had not encountered difficulties and despair? Whose soul was scarred with marks that could not be erased forever?

    But the Star Alliance could fight back despite the desperate situation and obtain unexpectedly brilliant results. After the war, should they let themselves, their comrades-in-arms, their families, and their hometown fall into despair because of the evil intentions of demonic ambitions of a few people?

    Except for Prince Arthur’s privately owned spiritual beast sanatorium, which took an random number name, other spiritual beast sanatoriums all had auspicious names. Many of these nursing homes housed spirit beasts that had been seriously injured and could not restore their human form.

    Although their condition was not as serious as the ten heroes and there was hope of a cure, many of them were destined to have life-long disabilities. Some may even retire from the ranks of superpowers and become ordinary people.

    They had been desperate and painful, but no one had thought about seeking death. No, they didn’t think about it, they were just waiting for news from Prince Arthur.

    Victory was finally won, how could the person they hate the most seek the fruits of victory? Whether Prince Arthur was dead or alive, they would live until the day when the truth of the war was announced, for when the people who stabbed them in the back during the war would be held accounted for.

    They were all heroes, and they were living evidence. As long as they were alive, history could not be arbitrarily changed. Even if Prince Arthur died, they must obey Prince Arthur’s last wish: unite with His Majesty, and make their last contribution for the protection of the Star Alliance.

    They protected Star Alliance from outside harassment, and they never allowed internal moths to destroy the peace that their comrades had spent their lives for while the Star Alliance’s vitality was severely injured.

    This was the only request that His Royal Highness made to them before he left. Now that His Royal Highness was back, he was still optimistic and lively in the live broadcast, just like on the battlefield. His Highness’s self-confidence and optimism was like the sun in everyone’s mind. As long as Prince Arthur was there, they believed that victory would belong to them.

    They could cheer up a little more, they would live a little longer, and wait until His Royal Highness Arthur fully recovered. When His Royal Highness stood before the public again, they could rest in peace. The badly injured spirit beasts thought so. But when they heard “Sonata Pathetique”, the spirit beasts who were lame, blind, or even missing half of their body hesitated.

    There were many livable planets in the Star Alliance, and there were other interstellar civilizations outside. They had never heard of this musician from an unknown little planet. But according to the little anchor, when this musician suffered from a disease where all the Star Alliance’s technology could not allow him to hear, didn’t the musician lose everything?

    For musicians, sound was not just one of their senses, it was their everything. Only by relying on his intuition and a small stick, this person could continue his dream. What about them?

    There were prosthetic limbs for lame legs, false eyes for the blind, and a mecha could be used even if the body is paralyzed. Even if they lost their power in the end, couldn’t they continue to live as an ordinary person?

    The majority of the people in the Star Alliance were ordinary people, and there were many ordinary people among the soldiers who died on the battlefield-they were generally part of logistics or mechanics, but they still didn’t fear sacrifice, and they were well-deserved heroes.

    If they had the intention of seeking death before, it was because they didn’t want the Star Alliance to waste the resources on themselves as a useless person, but the anchor who called himself a “spiritual beast master” brought news. Groundbreaking spirit beast cultivation knowledge, perhaps the Star Alliance would no longer be short of resources for cultivating people with supernatural powers in the future.

    Since giving up was no longer a sacrifice, but a cowardly suicide, they had no reason to give up. Just like this piano piece, “Sonata Pathetique” was only the beginning to suffering and subsequent glory. They were able to walk out of the sea of ​​war and blood, how could they fall before dawn?

    The saying it was darkest before dawn? Their sun was still there! Their sun also carried a small star that heralded the approaching dawn, encouraging them not to fall before the light came. At this moment, the dying spirit beast struggled to get up and crawled towards the food bowl.

    They didn’t want to indulge in the quiet atmosphere of the live broadcast room to sleep peacefully, they wanted to stay awake. Eat more, so they would have more energy to move towards the dawn.

    When the staff of the spirit beast nursing homes saw the surveillance monitoring data, and when they saw the anorexic spirit beasts enduring nausea and eating, they couldn’t help hugging the people around them and shouting with excitement. As long as they could eat, the spirit beasts had the desire to live! They saw hope!

    “His Royal Highness’s live broadcast room is too powerful, that little anchor is really too powerful!” The dean of a spirit beast sanatorium took off his reading glasses and murmured with tears.

    “The spirit beast master is really amazing, and I really want to be like that.” A young man said with emotion.

    Another added, “Definitely. Even without the special abilities of a spirit beast master, as long as we learn, we will definitely be able to deploy the spirit beast food and medicine in the live broadcast room.”

   The old dean nodded: “We learned knowledge from the live broadcast. After improving the existing treatment methods in the sanatorium, good results have been achieved.”

    Before, they isolated the spirit beasts and raised them like wild beasts. Now they were trying to carefully communicate with the spirit beasts under the premise of taking safety precautions. They found that although most of the spirit beasts had no previous memories, they were very friendly to humans who had good intentions towards them and got along well with them.

    The spirit beasts were even more sensitive to human emotions than when they were still human. They could always pick out the one who was the kindest and who had the deepest affection for them and was sticky. For example, the old dean was deeply loved by all spirit beasts.

    The old dean was already reporting to the above, applying to change the way family members visited, so that family members could also join in the treatment process. Although there were garbage family members, for most people, family was still one of the pillars of the soul.

    “Why doesn’t His Majesty let the anchor give us lessons directly?” Someone did not understand, “We can’t directly ask questions to the anchor, and many things cannot be answered.”

    “This is the protection of His Majesty and the prince for the young anchor. Before His Highness’s body has recovered enough to appear in public, it’s better not to be disturbed by other people.” The old dean said, “And the anchor is young and has little qualifications. If he enters academia in the usual way, he will be going in blind. There are industry rules, he will definitely suffer a lot of grievances, the results have to be recognized by the public, and there will be many detours.”

    “But a live broadcast is different. The audience thinks that the anchor speaks well, and they try according to what the anchor said. This is not the same as academics. It doesn’t matter if he’s in the public eye, the academic community can’t control it.” The old dean laughed, “This live broadcast platform can be watched by all senior leaders in the Star Alliance, S-level abilities of the Star Alliance, their families, and related personnel of spiritual beast cultivation. It is a semi-public live platform.”

    Semi-public meant a lot of viewers were online, from all walks of life, who would be able to manage them all. This was not a publicly broadcast platform for ordinary people, so dissenters could not wantonly smear and slander.

    “I guess His Majesty’s next move is to wait for the other spirit beast sanatoriums to imitate the anchors’ practices and achieve good results, and then let the anchors appear in public with conclusive research examples, go beyond the academic world. Become the new spokesperson of the spirit beast cultivation world.”

    “Fundamentally destroy the group of ignorant scholars in the spirit beast cultivation world!”

    After Mingyou finished playing the piano, he suddenly felt dizzy. The little bear immediately became a big polar bear to catch the dizzy Mingyou.

    “Uh…why are you spinning in circles, Dabai?” Mingyou stupidly asked.

    “I am not going around in circles.” The polar bear hugged Mingyou, and the youth shrunk into the bear’s warm and fluffy fur. He felt like the world was spinning like a drunk.

    He had never been drunk. It was said that when one was drunk, the world was spinning. Should this be the feeling? The polar bear removed the ice from the little cat and wolf, and the two little fluffy creatures immediately shook like quails splashed with water, and they sneezed.

    “Spray any saliva on the piano, and you two will continue to be ice sculptures.” The white bear threatened.

    The black kitten immediately jumped on the spot, leaped on the polar bear’s shoulder, and warmed up with the white bear’s fur. The little gray wolf also pounced on the other shoulder. He opened his mouth and bit down on the bear’s shoulder with a whimper and hung on. The polar bear glanced at the little wolf who was inexplicably hostile to him, and ignored the provocation.

    Arthur shivered and cut off the live broadcast. The excited audience members were kicked out of the live broadcast room before they could react. They were so angry that many fluffies howled at the window like a wolf on a full moon night. Even His Majesty the golden lion, who didn’t like to yell very much, angrily uttered a series of foul curses.

    This bastard brother! He hadn’t eaten any nutrition cubes today! Before closing the live broadcast, have a few nutrition cubes! He was looking forward to tasting the nutrition cubes! The snacks were in front of him!

    Angry! His Majesty decided to take some time to visit the nursing home in person to train his growing younger brother!

    “Is he okay? Do you want me to call a doctor?” Arthur wanted to become a large cat, but there was a polar bear, and the two plushies were squeezed together instead of moving, so he stayed in the form of a kitten, squatting next to the pillow and guarding Mingyou.

    “His emotions are too intense, and the mental power is too active, which leads to physical discomfort. A common problem among those with supernatural powers.” Dabai looked at the diagnosis report from the treatment robot and said, “When he stabilizes his emotions, he will need some rest. “

    “You can make yourself faint by playing the piano. You are the stupidest idiot in the world.” Seeing that Mingyou was okay, Arthur breathed a sigh of relief. He jumped onto Mingyou’s forehead and kept tapping Mingyou’s nose.

    “I was wrong …… ah ……I was wrong.” Mingyou felt wronged, “Nothing happened when I played before?”

    “Spiritual power rapid growth will have this kind of adverse reaction, like a child getting growing pains. This is not a bad thing.” The calm tone of the polar bear was like a clear spring, soothing Mingyou’s inner anxiety, “You can play the piano, just take a break when you feel unwell.”

    “Is it useful for you to eat the nutrition cube we eat?” Arthur warmed Mingyou’s forehead with his fluffy belly, and relieved discomfort like a heat pack. “My nutrition cubes can be given to you.”

    Mingyou laughed: “Thank you Dahei, I don’t think it will be useful. I have no problems, but I’m just a little sleepy, just sleep some more.”

    “Then go to bed.” Arthur urged.

    After Mingyou fell asleep, the polar bear replaced the cat with a normal heat pack, picked up the little wolf who wanted to drill into Mingyou’s bed and left the bedroom.

    “Today, Mingyou’s energy waves when playing the piano were too amazing.” Three fluffy animals sat in a meeting, with the polar bear as the host.

    Arthur nodded: “A thousand times stronger, compared to when our team attacked the Zerg nest, and the Zerg queen released a war aura.”

    Arthur opened his mouth and spit out a series of game terms, and the polar bear, who was used to his way of speaking, nodded: “If more spirit beasts can be cultivated, the combat effectiveness of the army will be greatly improved. We must protect Mingyou.”

    “Does the war aura have anything to do with our protection of him?” Arthur licked his paws, and washed his face, “Dabai, you are really utilitarian.” The polar bear wanted to slap the black cat to death. Did he mean this? He just emphasized Mingyou’s greatness!

    “I suggest picking up our other comrades as soon as possible.” After hearing the two’s words, the little wolf expressed his opinion, “Mingyou’s power is too special, and His Majesty can’t resist public pressure for too long. Mingyou will soon be forced to appear in front of the public. The more people who can protect him, the better.”

    “Yes. I don’t believe the eleven of us can’t protect one silly youth.” A pause, and then Arthur hunched back and jumped on the spot like a startled animal, “Meow?! Stupid wolf, did you wake up?!!!”

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