After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 23

The shadow liger and the polar bear quarreled. Arthur said that he and Mingyou had the deepest bond, so he was the most suitable candidate for degeneration. Moreover, he had an injured leg, and he could be in the experimental group after he deteriorated.

    The polar bear said that he had the best body and the least injuries. Of course he should be chosen for the first experiment. The two quarreled and fought. The black cat waved his paw, and the polar bear waved his paw. The two exchanged blows, as if two martial arts masters were fighting each other.

    Mingyou tried to dissuade the fighting, but was forced back by the fierce black cat and polar bear. The big wolf was also shivering. He tried to break into the battle, but was beaten and thrown out by the black cat and polar bear.

    Mingyou sat on the carpet holding the wolf’s head. The wolf lay on Mingyou’s thighs and his front paws were holding his waist. The expressions of the person and wolf gave off the feeling of  panic, helplessness and pity.

    The black cat and the polar bear fought each other for a long time. They didn’t use their abilities or their teeth. They were evenly matched and one couldn’t tell the outcome. In the end, they both collapsed on the ground out of breath with lolled tongues, like two panting blankets.

    Mingyou patted the wolf’s head, and the canine immediately stood upright, with an eager pair of orange eyes. “Don’t rush.” ​​Mingyou saw the wolf’s thoughts and hurriedly stopped him, “Be careful of Snowy’s ice.”

    The big wolf’s tail immediately drooped. Right, even if the polar bear had no energy, he still had abilities. When could he defeat the polar bear and become the king?

    Mingyou walked over and patted the two motionless fluffies panting on the floor: “I recommend letting Blacky try first. Blacky is my first partner, and we trust each other the most. Don’t worry Snowy, nothing happens if the operation fails and will not cause damage to Blacky.”

   The polar bear’s dark eyes looked directly at Mingyou’s light brown eyes for a while. After a while, the bear turned his face and closed his eyes, “I see, I believe you. . “

    “Thank you Snowy! “Mingyou fed the black cat to recuperate some nutrition. The wolf immediately arched into Mingyou’s arms, his tail almost shaking off. He wanted some too! The big wolf drooled.

    “Okay, you too.” Mingyou thought, whatever, he could only take out ten pills a day. He will take one more now, and then he will take one less later. It was estimated that arithmetic problems could not be calculated based on the wolf’s current IQ.

    “How should I cooperate with you?” After eating the nutrition cube, Arthur became energetic. His tail was wrapped around Mingyou’s waist, and his expression was very smug. As he knew, Mingyou would definitely choose him. 

    Mingyou said, “Trust me.” Arthur raised a paw and cleared his ear: “That’s it?”

    Mingyou nodded, “Although we have not met for a long time, I believe that the depth of a bond has nothing to do with time. We only met each other after crossing countless galaxies and times under the guidance of fate. This miracle with a probability that is infinitely close to zero is enough to prove our bond.”

    The polar bear stretched out his claws and expressionlessly scratched his ears. Mingyou was good at everything, but his declarations from time to time made him embarrassed. He pierced the floor with his two hind paws, and was about to dig out chunks from the floor.

    Arthur squinted and showed a tiger-like smile. Obviously, he did not think Mingyou’s lines were too embarrassing, but they were very useful. Arthur stretched out a paw: “That’s right!”

    Indeed, Mingyou and he met through countless galaxies and time, it was a miracle and the probability was infinitely close to zero. When he and Mingyou met, they were destined to fire up the blood of the Star Alliance, they were the darlings of the destined era!

    There had never been anyone who suited his appetite like Mingyou, even the eldest brother who took care of him and the dumb bear who accompanied him when he grew up! Mingyou also stretched out his hand and tightly grasped the cat’s fluffy paws. The two looked at each other, as if flames were burning in their eyes.

    These were the passionate flames of their bond! The polar bear walked beside the large wolf and the former reached out to cover the latter’s eyes.

    Big Wolf: O_o? ? ? Polar Bear: Don’t look, or you will be corrupted.

    “Ah, Blacky! I’m so excited!” Mingyou let go and rushed towards the feline. Arthur squatted on the ground, spread his arms, caught Mingyou, and lightly patted the youth on the back.

    Mingyou pressed his cheeks against Arthur’s head so hard that he felt like his cheeks were going to be rubbed bald. Arthur started to push him with a paw before he let go.

    “Quick, quick! Let’s try the degeneration technique now! If it succeeds, we can turn the big wolf into a baby wolf, and the furniture at home will not suffer every day!” Mingyou clenched his fist. His eyes glowed with uncontrollable excitement, “Even if there are eight more fluffies, our home will not be torn down!”

    The black cat remembered the crawling frame that had been chewed up. Gah!!! The young man worked so hard to create a climbing frame for him! It was taken apart by the silly wolf before he played with it for a few days! The polar bear remembered his battered bedroom.

    As soon as he didn’t pay any attention, the silly wolf tore up his pillows, quilts, and sheets into strips, and the tables, cabinets and chairs were chewed, and nothing was okay. If the remaining eight comrades who had lost their minds all have the destructive power of the wolf…As an ice-type superpower, the polar bear actually shuddered.

    “Let’s start now.” Mingyou took out the spirit beastmaster bracelet from his system backpack.

    The Beastmaster’s bracelet looked like an ordinary metal bracelet. When Mingyou put it on his right wrist, the bracelet seemed to melt and reformed into a transparent brace around  Mingyou’s wrist. If one didn’t look carefully, they couldn’t see that Mingyou was wearing something on his wrist.

    “This thing is cool, can our technology copy it?” Arthur stretched out a paw to poke Mingyou’s transparent wristband.

    Mingyou grasped Arthur’s paw, and said: “It should be possible, but my current knowledge is not enough. When I redeem the blueprints, I will know how to copy it with Star Alliance materials.”

    “That’s yours. Before you know how to replicate it, don’t tell others that you have this thing.” Arthur said solemnly.

    “Yeah, I know.” Mingyou nodded vigorously, “Rest assured, except for a partner who has signed a contract with me, no one can see the spirit beastmaster bracelet, it comes with optical stealth!”

    The polar bear had almost guessed Mingyou’s secret. Although Mingyou didn’t take the initiative to confess, Mingyou didn’t avoid him while chatting with the black cat. Even if there were few strings in Mingyou’s head, His Royal Highness would not be neglectful. His Royal Highness must have deliberately let him know about Mingyou’s secret.

    This was a secret that only belonged to them and Mingyou. They could not reveal anything, even to family members. The polar bear believed that the other nine comrades-in-arms must also be able to keep this secret, and together they would guard this simple young man.

    “Come on, Blacky, strike a handsome pose!” Mingyou’s feet were slightly apart, his hands moved in a circle, and then stopped in front of his chest, holding the spirit beast master bracelet with his right hand, “Come on! Let the world feel a bond that is more dazzling than the sun!”

    Arthur shook his fur and tried to make his injured leg stand upright, his upper body slightly lowered, resembling a tiger descending the mountain. His eyes narrowed, revealing his fangs, and his expression changed from the usual lazy big cat to a domineering beast.

    The polar bear was shocked, a little glad that he was not the first beast to try this. Did he have to pose and say lines for degeneration? No way, no way? Wouldn’t it be so embarrassing? While the polar bear was spacing out, Mingyou’s and the black cat’s eyes met.

    At this moment, they felt the other’s heartbeat without using their empathy power. Badump, badump, the heartbeat was accelerating, but the rhythm was still slow.

    Mingyou’s right hand touched the spirit beast master’s bracelet, light blue spiritual power poured into the bracelet, which was turned into a powerful energy wave, and rushed to the liger posing as the tiger descending the mountain.

    When Arthur received this energy, he felt as if he had entered a different space composed of pure energy, and his energy also merged into this space. When he was about to lose his consciousness, he heard his heartbeat again.

    Badump, badump. It was the heartbeat of that silly young man. Arthur breached Mingyou’s emotional depths again, the cold and dark sea. In the icy sea, there was a small ball of light, clutching a dilapidated pallet, trying to steer it towards a bright spot.

    This young man was still trying to save himself. Arthur smiled and sighed. Mingyou also breached the emotional depths of the black cat. Compared with the vague emotional touch before, this time Mingyou saw a scene created from Arthur’s inner emotions.

    Here, there was a vast field full of flowers. The big cat squatted among the flowers, seeming to have a nap with eyes closed. This should be a warm and beautiful scene, but among the flowers, there were numerous stone monuments. Some of these steles were engraved with names, birth and death dates; some were more vague, with only records of death in a certain battle.

    The flowers blooming in the bushes were actually tombstones. Surrounded by flowers, the tombstones had spread to the horizon. The black cat squatted quietly like a graveyard’s guardian statue. Blacky’s optimistic heart, in truth, had always been entrenched in sadness.

    The heartbeats continued. Mingyou and the black cat were looking at each other across different spiritual spaces. “Stupid, you are thinking about it again. You are so sentimental, you need me to sing a song for you, how difficult is it for me to do it?” The black cat disliked Mingyou’s face.

    Mingyou laughed. Even if there was deep sadness in his heart, Blacky was still a sun that would illuminate others. The torrent of energy dissipated. With a pop, the black cat fizzled out like a holographic projection, which frightened the polar bear who was dazzled by the light.

    “Your Royal Highness?!!!” The polar bear pounced on all fours.

    “Meow?” A little black feline with a strange collar stood where the big cat originally stood, licking his paws and letting out a kitten cry. The polar bear slammed the brakes and almost knocked the little cat into the air. Arthur glanced at the polar bear with disgust, and kicked with his hind legs. “Meow!” 

    Arthur’s eyes were wide, and he immediately meowed, while spreading his four paws, he ran from one end of the house to the other end. Arthur was so fast that there were only afterimages.

    Wow! His legs are healed! He can have fun! The cat was so happy. He began to jump up and down, from one cabinet to another, even on top of the polar bear. “Meow!” Arthur stood on top of the polar bear, roaring like a vicious feline.

    Polar Bear:???

    The polar bear grabbed Arthur from on top of his head, held the kitten in his palm and said with a trembling voice: “Mingyou! His Highness has a problem!”

    Mingyou took the little black cat that could be held in his palms, and said in doubt: “Where? No, he’s very lively.”

    Polar Bear: “He’s too lively!”

    Arthur jumped, kicked Mingyou’s poor nose, and leaped on top of Mingyou’s head: “My legs are better, I can run and jump. Why too lively? Bear Herman, why are you so old-fashioned?”

    Herman:??? What was this magical name?

    “Your Majesty, even if you feel good, it would be out of hand to step on someone else’s head. Your body just temporarily turned into a baby, not your IQ and mind.” Knowing that Arthur had not lost himself due to degeneration technique. After gaining IQ, the polar bear breathed a sigh of relief, and resumed his previous cold attitude, “To be blunt, it’s stupid.”

    Arthur put his paw in his hand and said righteously: “There was no one else, only you and Mingyou.”

    “It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind. It’s so beautiful to have a little cat on my head, people can’t ask for more!” Mingyou also said.

    “Mingyou, you will go to heaven if you pet His Majesty.” The polar bear removed Arthur from Mingyou’s head. “After His Highness gets smaller, how can he restore his original body shape?”

    Mingyou said: “Blacky is not too weak. So as long as he concentrates on mobilizing the energy in his body, he can transform on his own. It’s just the leg injury that has to be healed step by step.”

    “If it’s Grey, I can use the spirit beastmaster bracelet to help him change when he needs to transform in an emergency. The steps are the same as degeneration. But my power is limited. I can only help the spirit beast degenerate and evolve. If you want to enhance the spirit beast’s moves, you need to borrow high-purity energy crystals.”

    Mingyou asked the polar bear to temporarily lend him the ice gem: “Blacky, you also have ice attributes too. Would you like to try to use abilities at this size?”

    Arthur jumped out of the polar bear’s arms, proudly shaking his fur, and his tail cocked. “Try it out. Let’s turn the stupid wolf into an ice sculpture.”

    The big wolf understood and jumped behind the polar bear to hide. Although he didn’t know why the black cat could actually become smaller, the smaller cat made him feel extremely dangerous. In short, he couldn’t win.

    “Don’t bully Grey.” Mingyou squatted part way in front of Arthur and put the ice gem on his beastmaster’s bracelet. “Feel this power…Ah, Snowy, go to the kitchen and get a clean bowl. Blacky, first try to condense a piece of ice, and we will eat shaved ice later!”

    “Shaved ice? You asked me to use abilities, just to eat shaved ice?” Arthur slapped Mingyou’s calf with his tail, but didn’t stop him. “I want to eat braised pork flavored shaved ice.”

    Mingyou thought seriously and said: “Okay, I will cook a bowl of braised pork for you now. Should it be braised pork with ice or ice with braised pork? Or braised pork turned into meat sauce and poured on ice?”

    Arthur: “…Mingyou, you really don’t have a humorous cell in your body.” Mingyou was confused.

    “Okay, let’s eat fruit-flavored shaved ice and pour meat sauce on the remaining shaved ice.” The polar bear brought a small bowl over, “Your Majesty, do what you say.”

    “No, I can’t do it.” Arthur said in shame, “Okay, okay, hurry up and experiment. With this ice gem, can I really use abilities? Although my legs are better now, the energy in my body has not accumulated to the extent that I can use my abilities.”

   It was still very easy to change the subject with today’s Mingyou. He immediately put aside the idea of pork shaved ice: “No problem, leave it to me.”

    Mingyou held the jewel in his right hand, touched his bracelet, and released energy waves similar to the degeneration technique rushed towards Arthur. His tail swayed, and a diamond-shaped ice block condensed on the tip of his tail.

    “Oh, that works!” Arthur flicked his tail, and the ice cubes flew into the basin. “It’s easier than using the ice-type ability by myself.”

    “By using an external force to induce the spirit beast’s energy, it is naturally a little easier than using their own abilities. However, this requires a high level spiritual beast master, and energy crystals are necessary.” Mingyou explained, “This is actually very useful during childhood. Childhood teaching tools can help control abilities. Even if not under their own power, they gradually feel the flow of energy and can more easily master their abilities.”

    “Spirit Beast infant education?” The polar bear nodded his head, “Very useful.”

    “It is more than spirit beast infant education. With this, adult spirit beasts can finally repeatedly train their abilities.” Arthur said.

    After Arthur explained further, Mingyou learned that the way the spirit beasts use their abilities was very crude, basically throwing out outputs when they condensed their abilities, and they didn’t use any techniques.

    Because the energy in their bodies was limited, their recovery was slow. So energy could not be spent on training. Especially for special spirit beasts, once the power was used, the energy in the body would be reduced by a little, and it was barely replenished from food. When fighting, they had to plan carefully, not to mention the extravagance of training.

    “I have a little bit of all elements in my body. Although it is random and not refined, any kind of food can replenish a little energy, so my state is better than other special spirit beasts.” Arthur revealed his shortcomings.

    Some big cats called themselves shadow ligers, but they were actually small and weak cats. Too many types of energy were needed to show any capability, and even the strength of supernatural power was very pitiful. However, Arthur played tricks with his very poor power moves, and firmly secured the throne as the youngest generation’s top power.

    Seeing Arthur chin curled up in triumph, Mingyou nodded: “Blacky is a master of coordination!”

    “Master of coordination?” Arthur tilted his head.

    Mingyou immediately hugged the little black cat and kissed him, and was slapped by the cat: “A spirit beast needs to be experienced, not only to increase the energy in their body, but more importantly, to freely use their abilities.

    “For example, the ability of the same energy level would be more powerful after compression. But how to compress? Is it round or diamond shaped? Would it be more lethal if it is rotated? Will it be more concealed if condensed into thin needles? How to combine with different attributes moves? This is the ability to coordinate.”

    Mingyou remembered that in the “Elves World” game, the chairman and chief designer of the game munchkined the rules and steamrolled ordinary players. First they prayed for rain to turn a tornado into a waterspout, and then used blizzard to create a water dragon. The attack turned into a cold water tornado, and it freezed as it moved, which created a freezing battle tornado.

    This was the magical effect of combo moves and required a strong coordination ability. Although the most influential players in that game were the CEO and Chairman, the rankings of the world game were fluid, and there were regular quarter-finals. However, as a powerful educator, Mingyou was very interested in coordination and wanted to study the subject matter.

    The spirit beasts of the Star Alliance could carry out large-scale battles with the Zerg invaders. It stood to reason that the use of these moves should have been studied long ago. However because the cultivation knowledge did not keep up, the spirit beasts did not dare to waste energy training moves, forming a vicious circle.

    “When your stamina and abilities are restored, I will help you train supernatural moves.” Mingyou had found something to do. “After degeneration treatment, spirit beasts can also train in advance, which can strengthen the rehabilitation process. When you regain your original body shape, you can also master the moves you trained in the infant form.”

    “Come on.” After Arthur spoke, he jumped to the ground and changed back to full-size with a bang.

    “How come you changed back?” Mingyou said, while burying his face in Arthur’s collar. Sorry, this was a conditioned reflex.

    “I’m going to eat, it’s stupid to not turn back into a big cat, right?” Arthur moved his injured leg, “I feel that the energy is running smoother than before. From now on, I will be a kitten for a few hours every day. Oh, yes Mingyou, have a good rest today since tomorrow you have to play the piano live “

    After the Mingyou rubbed the feline, he raised his head and asked:”Eh? Why should we live broadcast piano music?”

    “My brother revealed that recently the soldiers sleep poorly in the barracks. You should play some music for them. Although there are no energy fluctuations after recording, there’s at least the placebo effect, right?” Arthur was not sure, “I heard that the placebo effect is very useful.”

    Mingyou laughed: “Okay.”

    “When the time comes, the three of us will become small animals together, and frighten everyone.” Arthur stood up and smirked up at the polar bear.

    The polar bear was entangled: “Does it have to have a pose?”

    Arthur sneakily said: “Not only posing, but also to exchange a heartfelt vow with Mingyou.” The big white bear was frightened.

    “No need, no need, don’t listen to Blacky’s nonsense.” Mingyou hurriedly said, “I and Arthur just saw each other’s hearts because we took the initiative to show each other our secrets. Generally, it’s just a blend of minds and no illusions even show up. Don’t worry about your privacy.”

    Arthur sat down on the ground, raised his two paws waving frantically:” I’m not, I’m not talking nonsense! “

    “You are!” “No there isn’t!” “Yes!” “No!” “Yes!”

    The polar bear carried the back collar of Mingyou’s clothes with one paw, and Arthur’s nape with the other, pulling away the two naive ghosts who were inexplicably “arguing”. The wolf stared at the polar bear for a while, then turned his head to signal that the polar bear should also grab the nape of his neck. It seemed very fun!

    Great White Bear: …His heart was tired. He hoped that Yan Yi would be a little more obedient after becoming a baby wolf.

   The audience was looking forward to it, and finally it was time for the third live broadcast. This time, they collectively flooded the screen with protests, condemning the anchor for being too lazy. Why couldn’t it be broadcast every day? It would be best to install a camera in the No. 1 Nursing Home so they could watch the live broadcast every second! Even if the live broadcast was just the prince sleeping…

    “You have been banned, next time you violate the rules, you will be kicked out of the live broadcast room.” Administrator Bear Herman went online.

    The audience shivered, and the newly established offensive and defensive alliance fell apart in an instant. Kicked out of the live broadcast room? Wasn’t this punishment too heavy? 

    They were persuaded. It’s fine to watch a live broadcast. Why did they ask for so much? The anchor was in a bad mood and asked for a month or two off. What cared if everyone doesn’t have to watch? Who on earth urged us to protest first? Beat them!

    The audience began to fight internally like a mob. His Majesty the Emperor was so angry quickly that slapped a hole in the floor. “A little threat made them give up? Are these still soldiers of our Star Alliance!?” His Majesty the Emperor was very angry.

    The secretary suggested, “Why doesn’t Your Majesty directly tell His Royal Highness that you want him to live broadcast every day?”

    His Majesty buried his fluffy lion head between two paws: “If Arthur disagrees, wouldn’t I lose face?” The secretary’s mouth twitched, and he mentally slandered the emperor. With all due respect, he was already very shameless now.

    At the Dulan household, Ian was also frantically swearing at these weak people. When Lieutenant General Mundy, who was thirty years older, knew that the stupid boy was being used as a gunman again, he really wanted to shoot Ian away with a paw! However Ian was a weak brother who had just broken through the S-rank and could not transform into a beast!

    Compared to Herman! Although he was a little simpler when he was a child, His Majesty Arthur abducted him as a guard with a lollipop, but at any rate Herman was a natural S-level supernatural ability, and he could transform into a beast when he was in elementary school. His brain is a little slow, but that could be explained as the energy being spent on his abilities.

    But what about Ian? Only S-grade now! His mind was not smart either! He was only half of Herman in the end! How many times had he been bullied! Lieutenant Mundy was very tired. He was talking about the live broadcast and quickly turned to Herman. He needed to watch the polar bear to cleanse his eyes so as not to be pissed off by Ian!

    Yan Tong received a special notice from Arthur to start the live broadcast in advance, asked for leave early and returned home to wait for the rebellious cousin to appear. The Yan family had always stood in a neutral position, not participating in the internal power struggle of the Star Alliance. Behind their strict behavior, there was a philosophy of life-saving gratitude.

    The Yan family believed that the first rebel among the younger generation would be Yan Tong, who had not been very well-behaved since childhood. They guarded Yan Tong strictly, but they didn’t expect that Yan Yi, the most honest child in the family, would actually stand on the side of Prince Arthur that no one was optimistic about at the time. He joined the special advance team organized by Prince Arthur.

    The elders in the Yan family were almost angered to death by Yan Yi. When the family announced in public that they would cut off relations with Yan Yi they didn’t feel any pressure at all. Anyway, Yan Yi’s parents had already been sacrificed on the battlefield, and they bullied an orphan who had eaten free food.

    Now, this group of people regretted so much that their intestines turned blue. They were probably waiting for Yan Yi to die, so that they could unilaterally announce that he and the Yan family had reconciled, and borrow the hero’s name for their own benefit. Yan Tong laughed sarcastically.

    “Hello everyone, I’m the anchor of the No. 1 live broadcast room… Hey! Blacky, Snowy, Grey don’t fight!” Mingyou just started the live broadcast, and was already interrupted by three small animals under his feet before he finished reciting the opening words.

    The viewers who entered the holographic live broadcast room took a closer look, there were indeed three little, cute but strong plush cubs beside the little anchor. Little black tiger? Little white bear? Little gray wolf?

    “My goodness! Is the anchor so amazing? He gave birth to three children so soon?”

    “Hey, hey, not to mention whether the anchor can even give birth, even if he could, he can’t have three children in just half a month! “

    “I don’t care about that! I unilaterally announce that the anchor and His Royal Highness Arthur gave birth to a kitten, ah, ah, ah, I’m dead!”

    “You wait to be banned. Huh?! You are not banned.” “Really?” “Okay, no response, these three children are really born by the anchor.”

    Mingyou couldn’t see the barrage, otherwise he would have blushed and loudly explain that he didn’t give birth to anyone. He was now chasing behind the three little plushies of different colors that had started squabbling, trying to separate them.

    The cause of the incident was like this. Mingyou successfully helped the polar bear and wolf degenerate to their juvenile stage. That was it for the polar bear, but he felt that his body’s abilities were stronger, his head was very clear, and there is no difference compared to normal.

    But at the same time, maybe because of the hormonal influence of the body, his behavior had regressed back to when he was a child. In short, arbitrarily doing things. Therefore, when the little wolf rushed to bite his ears, instead of using any ice abilities, he waved his paws and slapped the little gray wolf.

    The little gray wolf had become younger and his body had become stronger, but he had also become particularly aggressive in response. Did this little bear dare to slap him? Watch this wolf bite back!

    “The two of them squabbled from kindergarten to elementary school, and their relationship only gradually improved after entering junior high school.” Arthur squatted on Mingyou’s shoulder and explained, “It seems that your degeneration technique is not without side effects. Their minds have obviously become younger.”

    “But, Blacky, your mind is fine…Huh?” Before Mingyou finished, Arthur leapt off his shoulders, flew between the little bear and the little wolf, and slapped each of them to the ground. Then he ran away with his tail held high.

    “Hurry up and start the live broadcast! Don’t you think this scene is particularly fun!” Arthur grinned while leading a little bear and a wolf all over the house.

    Although Mingyou thought that Snowy might think this is black history, he had always listened to the shadow liger’s words. When the black cat said to start the live broadcast, he immediately opened it.

    “Okay, let me explain. There are no new spirit beasts at the Spirit Beast Sanatorium. These three are Blacky, Snowy and Grey. Uh, has Grey been introduced before? It seems not? In short, someone new has arrived at the Spirit Beast Sanatorium. With new materials, I had new gains, and I can temporarily help them degenerate to their infancy.”

    “Degeneration is equivalent to energy compression, and their rehabilitation efficiency in this form will be increased. But degradation seems to make their character also return to a child-like state? “Mingyou look slightly annoyed,”Snowy and Grey started fighting right after degenerating, were they really like this when they were young?”

    Yan Tong couldn’t help laughing even while thinking about dark things. Although her smile was still very stiff, she laughed out loud, which proved that she was in a better mood. Snowy should be Dulan’s ice supernatural power Herman, right? When Yan Yi was in elementary school, he and Herman were at the same table. Every day he came back from school, he would scold “that annoyance at the same table” several times.

    “During my self-study, he knocked on the stationery box and said it was a drum set?”

    “Take my clarinet apart and say he wants to form an orchestra?”

    “Every day, I hear ghosts in my ears saying that he was singing a song?”

    “Is that bear mentally retarded? I suffered. No more! I euphemistically talked to him and he didn’t understand at all, and asked me if I wanted to form a band together! I want to change tables!”

    For Yan Yi, who was strictly educated at home to be a noble, he was unorganized and uncultured. Herman, who didn’t understand any noble language, was his nemesis. Yan Tong smiled and cried, covering her face. She was useless and couldn’t protect her brother. Fortunately, her brother followed a good boss.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhh there is no more! The spirit fruit dessert is gone!

    The three fluffy dumplings instantly stiffened, and Arthur immediately rushed to Mingyou’s feet, climbed up his trouser legs, and squatted on Mingyou’s shoulders: “I didn’t do anything, don’t worry about me, meow.”

    Mingyou couldn’t help but laugh when there was a meow sound in the words conveyed by Arthur. He lightly flicked Arthur’s forehead: “You are the worst.” Arthur laughed triumphantly. Obviously Mingyou was complimenting him.

    Mingyou picked up the little white bear and little gray wolf, and soothed them one by one: “No fights are allowed, everyone should get along.”

    “Yeah.” “Wow.” The  little white bear and little gray wolf’s sounds warmed Mingyou’s heart. Any used up nutrition cubes at this time would not be counted.

    Mingyou put the three fluffies on the piano stand, and finally started live broadcasting. “Blacky told me play the piano today. I don’t play the piano well though. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

    Mingyou prepared the seventh song in Robert Schumann’s suite. “Fantasy” could be used to express remembrance and yearning for love, family affection and friendship, as well as the longing for a better life. Mingyou figured this song should be very suitable for the spirit beasts and their partners who had experienced the battlefield.

    Mingyou tapped the keys with his fingers, and the light blue energy fluctuations from his body spread to every corner of the music room along with the melodious piano sound, gently soothing the spirits of the audience watching the live broadcast.

    This was always the case. Whether it was live cooking, making toys, or playing the piano, the little anchor would always calm their hearts in an instant, as if they had returned to the most comfortable and quiet environment. His Majesty the Emperor closed his eyes, and the golden lion’s face showed a peaceful sleep. 

    “Dang-dang-dang-kang-kang!” A series of noises interrupted the emperor’s meditation, and he impatiently raised his head.

    “Ah! Grey, don’t step or sit on the keys.” Mingyou hugged the little gray wolf and said embarrassedly, “Let’s continue.” The melodious melody sounded.

    “Kang ding jingle!”

    “Eh eh eh! Grey, don’t play on the keys! Get down. Blacky, why are you here too?! Don’t dance on the keys! Grey, Blacky, dancing on the piano is not okay! ” The small polar bear had a dull expression and then ice erupted from his body.

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