After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 22

“The current discovered attributes of spirit beasts are gold, wood, water, fire, earth, light and dark, but this traditional classification is too generic.”

    “For example, light and dark are considered special elements, but what kind of energy are they? What kind of energy do they need to use? Ways to supplement? Light can be understood as light particles, but what about darkness? The academic community has not determined an answer. Many scientists want to study further, but due to the traditions and authority of the academic community, this research cannot be carried out.”

    “Spirit beast cultivation and spirituality. The energy classification of a spirit beast is closely related to its origin. Therefore the foundation is wrong, and the cultivation of spirit beasts has naturally not progressed…”

    Mingyou was listening to the class while taking notes. His online class teacher was an old man nicknamed “Old Undead” Lu. Professor Lu lectured step by step, explained profound concepts in simple language, and in a fascinating way. Mingyou’s intuition told him that Professor Lu was definitely a very powerful scholar.

    Blacky’’s status was really extraordinary to be able to let such a powerful person teach him. Mingyou couldn’t help but feel a sense of anxiety. But soon, he laughed at himself for being overly concerned about gains and losses. As the only spirit beast master of the Star Alliance, even if Blacky’s family was more powerful, he could continue to be Blacky’s partner, and the two would not be separated.

    Spirit beasts were different from human beings, so they didn’t need to care about stark differences in status. Mingyou regained his energy and continued to discuss academic issues with Old Lu. The old professor helped him make up for the shortcomings of basic common sense regarding Star Alliance spirit beast science. Mingyou provided the professor with a new scientific research direction from the perspective of elves, and the amount of knowledge points steadily increased.

    After the class, it was time for self-study. With the reading card Blacky gave him, Mingyou could enter the Star League National Network Library and borrow any books related to spirit beasts. Perhaps because of the atmosphere, his learning speed was very fast, and he only needed to read it carefully once to master the knowledge points in the book.

    At the same time, Mingyou turned on the sound prompt when acquiring knowledge points and used the chiming as background music for reading and learning. This gave him a feeling of racing against time and filled him with enthusiasm.

    In order to study with great concentration, the lunch was made by a cooking robot, and Mingyou’s lunch was delivered on the black cat’s head. When the setting sun filtered through the window, Mingyou stopped studying and prepared to cook dinner for the spirit beasts at home.

    After dinner, he needed to massage the black cat, teach the polar bear how to use the energy inside the ice gem, and help the wolf sort out his mental power.

    There were many new gains today, and the knowledge points he earned were enough to unlock the final treatment plan for the polar bear. But he decided to save for now, and directly bought the highlighted special treatment method that all severely wounded spirit beasts could use-degeneration technique.

    Mingyou knew that at the beginning of learning the knowledge about spirit beasts in this world, it would be easy to obtain knowledge points. As his knowledge accumulated further, it would become more and more difficult to obtain knowledge points. Therefore, the knowledge points must be carefully spent, and the degeneration technique was the most cost-effective spiritual beast treatment plan recommended by the system.

    Degeneration technique: the spirit beast master used the power of their heart to resonate with the contracted spirit beast, helping the spirit beast to compress the energy in their body, and degenerate the spirit beast to infancy.

    Spirit beasts were essentially energy beings, and forced degradation was equivalent to energy compression, which could reduce the consumption of vitality and mental power, enhance self-healing ability, and facilitate subsequent treatments. When the spirit beast evolved from a degraded state, it was time to heal.

    After learning how to help the spirit beasts degenerate, Mingyou no longer had to worry about having too few resources to stabilize the eight injured spirit beasts that had not yet appeared. The degeneration technique required few resources, but it placed high demands on the spirit beast master. Fortunately, Mingyou came equipped with a super spirit beast master halo, this requirement was nothing to him.

    Mingyou wondered what he needed to do next, while calling out the three spirit beast’s names. If this had been before, the shadow liger would have jumped out of nowhere and headbutted his waist; the polar bear would follow immediately behind him, usually holding a cleaning tool in his hand.

    Now that there was a big wolf, Grey would wildly wag his tail, and lie down and touch porcelain in front of him? Who knew why the big wolf loved to touch porcelain. Whenever Mingyou accidentally stepped on him, he would immediately jump up and yell “Wow Wang Wang”. You stepped on me! Give me nutrition cubes!

    Most of the time, the large wolf was unable to precisely express his intentions, but whenever he succeeded in touching porcelain, the ideas he conveyed to Mingyou were very clear, leaving one person and two beasts comforted to a degree yet speechless at the same time.

    “Blacky, Snowy, Grey?” Mingyou frowned in confusion. Where were they? Why was it so quiet?

    He looked around the first floor lobby and didn’t see the three big spirit beasts. He quickly walked out of the gate and finally found a black cat, a black bear and a black wolf in the newly built spirit beast playground in the yard.

    Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief but suddenly felt something was wrong. Mingyou counted carefully. Big black cat, big black bear, big black wolf.

    That’s right, there’s three… wait!!! Since when was there a black bear and a black wolf from his house? Had a new spirit beast appeared?!

    Mingyou took a closer look and found that the dull-faced black bear and the black wolf whose tail wagged frantically trying to rush up were Snowy and Grey? Why had they become the same color as Blacky?!

    The blackened polar bear pressed the blackened wolf down, and the black cat slowly stepped forward and said, “I ordered the robot to boil the bathwater. Don’t be angry.”

    Don’t be angry? Why would he be angry? Mingyou took another look at the polar bear and the wolf, and realized that these two were all covered in dark mud from somewhere.

    Mingyou quickly asked for clarification. It turned out that the polar bear took the wolf out for a  walk in the forest in order to vent his excessive energy. The two of them walked for an afternoon, and they became like this when they came back.

    “Fortunately, I am lame.” Arthur was thankful. If his leg was not lame, Herman would have forced him to take the stupid wolf for a walk.

    Mingyou asked with concern: “Snowy, are you okay?” The polar bear twisted his face to the side, unwilling to look directly into Mingyou’s eyes. What a shame!

    He was dragged into a mud pit by the wolf first, and then he got angry and fought with the big wolf in the mud pit. When he recovered his sanity, it was already dusk. Could it be that he was infected with a stupidity virus from the foolish wolf? The polar bear had not figured it out until now.

    “Take a bath, do not catch a cold.” Mingyou noticed the mood and carefully did not ask further, “I’ll give you a ginger drink after the bath to warm your body.” 

“Wailing woo bark!” The large wolf vigorously arched forward. Because he was covered in mud and slippery, he successfully escaped from the polar bear and threw himself at Mingyou.

    Mingyou smiled and caught the muddy wolf and rubbed his head: “Bad Grey, now I have to take a bath with you and Snowy!!”

    The optimistic Arthur felt something was off, but before he could escape, he was overwhelmed by the polar bear.

    “Herman! Are you crazy?!!!” The mud-stained cat was filled with disbelief.

    The polar bear stood up with a comfortable expression on his face. “Snowy did a good job!” Mingyou gave the polar bear a thumbs up, “The family should be clean!”

    The large wolf wildly waved his tail in agreement. The polar bear nodded slightly in agreement. The black cat…was internally screaming!! He was very distressed! Herman’s tutoring was very strict. From kindergarten, he had been a stern top student. Although Herman was a bear and calm when he was a child, he was also known as a cold-hearted iceberg elite man as an adult.

    Can the two have let themselves go as soon as they became beasts? Even if Yan Yi was now a foolish wolf who thought he was a dog, Herman was sober! Could he not take the initiative to collapse the setting!

    The muddied polar bear grabbed the gray wolf by the tail, turned his head and said to the black cat: “What are you still doing? Don’t you want to take a bath?”

    Arthur rolled his eyes and almost slapped the polar bear! Didn’t he know that cats like to keep clean? He was embarrassing him! He was so angry ah ah ah ah ah! When he regained his power, he would deal with them all!

    Arthur was still yelling even after entering the bathroom, and Mingyou couldn’t help smiling while brushing Arthur. “My shadow liger is the cutest in the world!” Mingyou hugged Arthur and kissed him.

    “Don’t think that if you praise me, I will let you go.” Arthur quietly muttered.

    The polar bear pressed the wolf to the ground and vigorously rolled his eyes. When did His Highness have the attributes of duplicity? Was this the legendary tsundere? Kind of unpalatable. The polar bear had a disgusted expression.

    When the personnel transporting the supplies arrived, they found that there was a big wolf at the nursing home. Everyone was very happy except for a tall and dignified woman.

    The tall and dignified woman looked at the wolf chasing his tail, while sticking out his tongue and barking, her expression was like a weather-beaten half-dried tree, very pitiful. It was the first time that her colleagues saw such a fragile appearance, and the joy on their faces could not help dissipating a little.

    Mingyou thought, was she a comrade-in-arms who fought side by side with Grey? Military dogs all had trainers. The Star Alliance did not have a “spiritual beast division”, but there should be soldiers who were similar to military dog ​​trainers who fought with the beasts on the battlefield.

    She must be the same as the uncle before, a former partner of the spirit beast.

    “Grey, he will be fine.” Mingyou stepped forward, his voice and body were slightly trembling.

    Yan Tong looked at this young man who was afraid, and a stiff smile appeared on her mouth – she didn’t laugh often, so she only had a simple smile on her face.

    “Yan Yi…please.” Yan Tong stood at attention and saluted Mingyou.

    “I will work hard!” Yan Yi was Grey’s original name? Mingyou couldn’t help but straighten his back with a pale face “Blacky, Snowy, and Grey are deeply connected. With their heart’s call, Grey will definitely wake up!”

    Blacky and Snowy? Yan Tong looked at the two big fluffy dumplings, one black and one white, standing behind Mingyou with encouraging eyes, and the pain and irritability in her heart was wiped away.

    Yes. His Royal Highness was here, Yan Yi would definitely be fine. Yan Tong saluted the shadow liger and the polar bear again, and returned to work. Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief, his body lost strength and he slumped down. The black cat and the polar bear supported Mingyou from the sides.

    The polar bear praised: “You did well.”

    The black cat snapped: “Why will you be afraid of people’s problems? If we become human, what will you do? Be shocked and shiver with fright?”

    Mingyou immediately excused himself: “Will not become a person. Spirit beasts and humans are not the same..”

    The black cat laughed: “What if they reveal they can become human?”

    Mingyou looked horrified: “How could that be?”

    The black cat and the white bear looked at each other. Oh, it’s over. Looking at this reaction, the young man might collapse when he learned the truth.

    “Ah, do you see anything good from these supplies?” Arthur quickly changed the subject.

    Mingyou was silly and the topic immediately shifted gears: “Yes! Even if I didn’t find a substitute for the nutritional cubes, I still have a way to stabilize the wounds of the remaining eight spirit beasts!”

    Numerous plants that contained energy that he had never seen before. The plants and ore contributed a lot of knowledge points to Mingyou. He finally saved up enough to exchange the Degeneration Technique! 

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  1. Yan Tong has a pretty good temper. If I showed up to visit my ailing relative and their caretaker a) didn’t even know my relative’s actual name and b) had nicknamed them “Fluffy” or something I would be super pissed.


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