After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 21

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That night, Arthur woke up in the middle of the night. He habitually stretched out his paws to pull at Mingyou, who might have kicked off his quilt, into his fur, but his paws met open air. His fur stood straight up, and he immediately woke up.

    As soon as Arthur got up, he saw the open window in front of the big bed. Mingyou was wearing a coat and sitting on the ground hugging his knees, staring out into space.

    Arthur rushed over and bumped into Mingyou’s back with his head: “Will you wake up and sleepwalk during the middle of the night?” Mingyou the startled sleepwalker rubbed his eyes, and showed a soft smile as always.

    Arthur walked towards Mingyou and squatted down, then turned his head to look carefully at Mingyou’s face. The young man’s eyes were red like a rabbit. Had this guy cried?

    “What are you crying for?” Arthur’s ears twitched, his tail flicked, and Mingyou’s back was lightly tickled.

    “I didn’t…” Just as Mingyou was about to lie, Arthur raised a paw and pointed at his eyes that reflected the moon’s light, which looked like two laser lights.

    “I said, I have such a big pair of cat eyes, I am not blind during the day or night!” Arthur said in an angry voice, “If you don’t tell me, forget it, I won’t ask.”

    “No, it’s nothing.” Mingyou hurriedly said, “I just feel…a bit…a bit guilty.”

    Arthur scratched his ear and tilted his head in confusion: “Guilty?”

    Mingyou tightly hugged his knees, buried his face on his knees, and muttered: “I, I’m too selfish and timid.”

    Arthur scratched his ears again: “Huh?” What had unnerved the young man?

    Mingyou slowly spoke: “Before, I said to you that I would bring everyone back first, then I would diagnose everyone. You said that you will take me when Snowy gets better. Later Snowy regained his abilities. He can take me to find the others, but I didn’t mention it again.”

    “I found that the amount of resources on my… body is barely enough for maintaining the nutrition for you and Snowy, and alleviating your injuries. If there are a few more spirit beasts, no matter whether it was spirit beast food or my own knowledge reserve, it is not enough, not enough…” Mingyou said, sobbing again. “I’m afraid, I’m afraid I can’t cure them. I’m afraid they will die in front of me. If I can’t cure them, it would be like I killed them.”

    “I’m timid, I can’t bear the weight of other people’s lives, and I don’t even dare to imagine. …I can’t imagine the consequences if I can’t save them.”

    “I guessed that the IQ of the spirit beasts in this world must be overall higher than the average level of those in the world of the elves. Your status is very high, you …You are still heroes. If I can’t cure it, if I can only watch you weaken and die after the diagnosis of the injury, not only my conscience can’t stand it, but there may be other troubles.”

    “For example, family members, other comrades-in-arms, and those who worship you. I’m afraid to bear their anger. So you didn’t mention it. I’m like an ostrich… I want to wait until I have accumulated more knowledge before mentioning anything further.”

    “But seeing Grey today, if he did not subconsciously want to say goodbye to you, if he did not return here, he might be somewhere we don’t know…It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault… Even if he couldn’t be cured, I could alleviate their injuries and let them live an extra day, so they could have more hope.”

    “You are so good to me, but because I was timid and selfish, I almost killed your comrade-in-arms, I…”

    Arthur lay down, arched his head into Mingyou’s arms and lifted Mingyou’s crying face from his knees. He rubbed Mingyou’s face with his own and with a bit of licking, removed Mingyou’s tears.

    The big cat lay in Mingyou’s arms and said, “Fool, you are too weak to bear pressure. You must not become a doctor, especially one in the emergency department. The emergency department has patients who cannot be rescued every single day. There are many family members of ill patients who have medical trouble.”

    Mingyou tightly hugged Arthur’s head and buried his face between two cat ears: “Yeah.”

    “But… it’s me who should apologize.” Arthur said again. His tone was still so arrogant, it didn’t seem to be an apology, “I’m sorry, I put you under such a lot of pressure. I’m sorry, letting you take responsibility that you shouldn’t bear.”

    Mingyou was still only nineteen. The young boy was a little sick seedling in his previous life. In this life, he had been kept in school by the Tan family and never went out. His mental age may not be as advanced as his peers who grew up in a normal family.

    Such a child panicking was natural when suddenly given the burden of a stranger’s life. Arthur had tried his best to dilute this pressure, but this young man was too kind-hearted, others didn’t give him pressure, he himself took the initiative to bear the weight, really stupid.

    Arthur rubbed Mingyou’s face again: “Don’t worry, they all have detection devices. I can tell who is not in good condition at a glance.”

    “Grey subconsciously thought he could not hold on, but in fact his  test data showed that he had not reached the critically dangerous value. Am I the kind of monster that ignores my comrades? If something happens, I will get them back even when I have a lame leg.”

    “You haven’t passed the probation period, I shouldn’t have told you too much, now secretly tell you something in advance to make you feel at ease.”

    “The planet where this sanatorium is located contains many wild animals. When we are in bad health, we will hunt with the wild animals. Living together, the speed of self-healing will be slightly higher than usual.” Arthur didn’t directly collect resources on this planet, he didn’t want to destroy the healing environment of his comrades.

    “The researchers of the Academy of Sciences believe that spirit beasts preying on the live beasts at the most vigorous moments may be the reason for the improvement of their self-healing ability. However, their experiments have not yet obtained reliable data.”

    “But if your research is correct, maybe when we lose consciousness and live like real beasts, we will instinctively replenish ourselves with food suitable for the body like wild beasts.”

    “I didn’t rush to find them back, and the spirit beast resources in your hands are not enough for everyone to eat. The reason is with your twisted temper, I don’t know what you will be driving yourself into.”

    “The spacecraft sent to collect the materials has already returned, and it will arrive in at most two or three days. Then we will take them back in one breath. . Waiting for two or three days, I’m not in a hurry, why are you in a hurry?”

    The black cat raised his head and gently licked Mingyou’s cheek: “Silly, relax, everything is arranged by me. I will bear all the responsibilities. I will be responsible for all consequences, and your safety will be protected by me.”

    “You don’t need to have any pressure, do what you can do now, and be your foolish self every day.”

    ” Do you understand?” Arthur squinted his eyes, flattened his ears back, and threatened Mingyou. “Don’t think about it, you know? Otherwise, the cat pillow the cat blanket…”

    Mingyou quickly nodded: “I know, I know!”

    “Hmph, go back to sleep! Don’t sneak away!” Arthur stood up, his tail moved again, “Go and wash your face, tears and snot are dirty!”

    He still licked when his face was dirty… Mingyou quietly slandered and ran to the bathroom to wash his face. It’s really strange. Mingyou thought to himself, he just felt like he was about to be overwhelmed by pressure and guilt, but now he felt that all his troubles were just mediocre.

    Blacky was really good. His tone always made people believe that as long as he promised, there was nothing in the world that could not be solved. Was this the sense of security a real hero gave?

    Tomorrow, he will study harder and accumulate a lot of knowledge points so that he can heal all the spirit beasts quickly! Mingyou lay back on the bed, buried his head in the big cat’s collar, smelled the same scent of body wash, and fell into a deep sleep. The next day, when Mingyou was busy in the kitchen, Arthur told Herman about what happened last night.

    “The young man is so stupid that if he can’t save them, he thinks he would be the one who killed people. How did he live so naively that he hasn’t been cheated to death?” His Highness Arthur frantically kicked his legs. He almost kicked the flowers off.

    Herman’s two bear paws had been healed. Now he teased the large wolf who liked to bite anything interesting in his line of sight and then sighed: “It’s silly. Your Majesty, we have to take good care of Mingyou.”

    “Like I need you to say it.” Arthur stopped kicking around. When he felt annoyed, he wanted to scratch his ears.

    They chatted for a while, and when Mingyou called for the meal, they immediately shut up and pretended to be innocent. The young man was fragile and liked to make trouble for himself, neither Arthur nor Herman wanted him to think too much.

    The wolf ate a meal made by Mingyou, and after being fed a few nutrition cubes, was completely tamed by the youth. Not only did he stop biting people, but also chased Mingyou and touched the porcelain. He rushed to Mingyou at every turn. Braked, turned over and showed his belly as an obstacle on the spot. Mingyou almost stepped on him several times.

    Arthur laughed at Herman: “Trash, can’t even stop a stupid wolf.”

    The iceberg melted from the big white bear’s face, showing a simple smile: “You do it then.”

    Arthur hurriedly hid behind Mingyou, avoiding the big white bear’s deadly gaze.

    “Snowy has worked hard.” Mingyou hurriedly persuaded.

    Herman reluctantly persuaded: “Don’t pet His Majesty too much, he has enough spoiling.”

    A cat’s head snuck out from behind Mingyou: “You are a bear.”

    Herman was lazy and ignored the black cat’s change of subject: ” Mingyou, didn’t you want to take an online class? Go ahead and I will take care of the rest.” Mingyou turned around and patted the shadow liger’s head.

    “I know, I will help too.” Arthur muttered, “Don’t let me slack off at all, wicked young man.”

    Mingyou smiled and left, and the big bad wolf continued to sprint to touch porcelain. One step, two steps… Mingyou took a few deep breaths and lifted the big bad wolf.

    Big Bad Wolf: O_o?

    Mingyou gently tossed the big bad wolf behind him, walked into the study, and locked the door. Although the fall didn’t hurt, the big wolf, who had suffered inexplicable fear, trembled on the ground with a tucked tail. The big black cat and the big white bear were frozen in shock again. Maybe they had a bit of misunderstanding about the warm and soft Ming Xiaoyou? 

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