After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 20

In the middle of the hall, a silver-gray wolf was tied up, and was lying on the ground on his belly, like a pig waiting to be slaughtered. Mingyou felt very distressed, and tried to help the wolf several times, but was firmly stopped by Arthur’s tail.

    Arthur’s tail was wrapped around Mingyou’s waist like a rope, he threatened: “Remove the tail fell from your waist, and you will sleep on your own tonight.”

    Mingyou immediately sat down like a schoolboy, and wrapped his hands protectively around the tail. He was afraid that if he was not careful, the tail would slip off his waist.

    The polar bear tried to communicate with the large wolf, but the wolf only barked and could not communicate at all. Arthur was very troubled.

    When the big white bear had mentally regressed, he had the IQ of a two or three-year-old child, so he could stay patient and still communicate. This wolf’s head was completely broken, and the IQ is really that of a dog. However he was the kind of dog that wasn’t very smart.

    “Blacky, let me check him?” Mingyou softly asked, “My ability might be useful for him.”

    Arthur glanced at the tooth print on Mingyou’s hand: “Let him go, he won’t take a bite out of you?”

    “No, no, I will be careful this time!” Mingyou whispered, “Look, it’s just a tooth mark, even the skin is not broken.”

    Arthur’s ears flattened against his head: “Do you want to be bitten by him?!”

    “No, no, I mean, he was just play biting and didn’t intend to hurt me.” Mingyou explained.

    “Do you think I’ll believe that!!” The black cat opened his mouth and growled, and the jet of air turned Mingyou’s hair into a mess. Mingyou shrank into a ball and dared not speak any more.

    Arthur was so angry that his nose kept twitching, and he hummed like a machine gun. He wished to slap the disobedient Mingyou to death, but he was reluctant to bear it. He was so angry!!

    After he and Mingyou found a mess on the side of the kitchen, they followed the sound of barking and found the wolf near the window.

    This stupid wolf seemed to be ready to run away after hearing their footsteps. Who knew he panicked and chose a small window. The huge wolf head and two front paws made it through, but his belly got stuck in the window frame. He and Mingyou relaxed their guard before pulling the wolf out.

    Mingyou smiled and stretched out his hand: “Hello, my name is Mingyou.”

   The big bad wolf opened and shut his mouth: “Oh.”

    Mingyou: “…”

    Mingyou: “Ah!!!!!!”

    At this moment, Arthur thought there was a Zerg fleet firing laser cannons at him, blanketing his mind with white light. He rushed forward and pressed the wolf to the ground with a paw, and vigorously slapped the wolf on the back of their head.

    Let go! Stupid wolf! Give me a break!

    However, Mingyou stopped the cat paw with his unbitten hand, and kept saying, “Be merciful with your claws! His IQ is just like a child, and he can’t understand anything!”.

    In short, the scene was very chaotic for a while, until the polar bear rushed in and separated the one human and two beasts.

    The polar bear sighed and shook his head at Arthur: “He was seriously damaged at the beginning, and his self-consciousness was so damaged that he was completely unable to communicate normally.

    “Blacky, please.” Mingyou folded his hands, bowed his head and begged, “I will be careful this time. He is tied up, how could he hurt me? And he really didn’t do anything bad before.”

    “I heard a big noise. If it wasn’t for your strange spirit beast master physique, your hand would have been bitten off.” Arthur pointed a paw at his eyes, “Look at this pair of cat eyes. Not blind!”

    Mingyou couldn’t be fooled, and smiled: “Yes, as a spirit beast master I have a very strong physique. Although I will be almost as vulnerable as ordinary people when attacked by other technological weapons, the spirit beast will not hurt me. Lower damage to the lowest level. So it’s really fine.”

    “Don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt you again.” White mist condensed on the polar bear’s paws, and he patted the wolf’s mouth with a “click”.

    Big bad wolf (O﹏o)? ? ?

    “If you wear a muzzle, you can’t bite people.” The polar bear patted his paws and said calmly.

    Arthur: “…” He took a step back and hid his plush body behind Mingyou. He remembered the fear of being made into an ice sculpture by the white bear after waving a hand.

    Mingyou quickly grabbed Arthur’s tail and prevented it from leaving his waist. Arthur screamed in pain. “You fool, what are you doing!” Arthur clenched his teeth.

    “Don’t let the tail fall from my waist.” Mingyou looked innocent and pitiful.

    Arthur: “…It’s okay now.” Mingyou let go of Arthur’s tail and nodded vigorously: “Oh okay.”

    Oh his big head ghost! He thought his tail would be pulled off! Arthur hugged his tail heartily and gave Mingyou a fierce look. Mingyou pleased and kissed Arthur’s ear, walked to the wolf wearing the ice muzzle, put his hand on the wolf’s head, and read the wolf’s emotions with his heart.

    He felt that the wolf’s consciousness had been torn apart by a storm, leaving only scattered fragments, undulating in the ocean of mental power. Mingyou used his emotional power to comb through the mental ocean over and over again, trying to attract the scattered fragments of consciousness.

    “My bond with him is not deep enough, come and try together.” Mingyou said, “I will help you guide the power out.” The black cat and polar bear placed a paw on the wolf’s head.

    Under Mingyou’s guidance, the black cat and the polar bear’s bodies emitted light blue waves. They also saw the large wolf’s broken sea of ​​consciousness. The shadow liger’s face became darker, and the aura of ice around the white bear became stronger.

    The emotional power of the two poured into the wolf, as if a light blue vortex was created in the large wolf’s sea of ​​consciousness.

    “I can’t do it…” “I can’t hold on…” “His Royal Highness will be sad…” “Support it again …” “No way…” “Farewell to my comrades…” “Farewell…”

    The fragments of consciousness entered the light blue vortex of emotional energy and turned into sound fragments and reflected in the three people’s minds.

    These voices were intertwined and overlapped, like a large airtight net covering the hearts of the three people, making them breathless. The fragments of consciousness converge, and thousands of words converge into one sentence.

    Goodbye, comrades-in-arms. The wolf suddenly appeared in the building, just like the white bear, it was a subconscious thought. He just wanted to say goodbye.

    Mingyou tightly held the wolf’s head in his arms. The large wolf shook his tail, tried to break free of the rope and muzzle, and took another bite.

    From the emotional fluctuations that came from the wolf’s subconscious mind, Mingyou could feel that the wolf didn’t hate him. On the contrary, the wolf liked him very much. It’s just that he couldn’t control himself now, he followed his instinct. He wanted to bite whatever he liked, just like treating his favorite toy.

    “Stupid wolf.” The black cat retracted his paws, his ears drooped, and his face was wet.

    The big white bear did not cry, but furrowed his brows. The bear’s head drooped, and he said nothing. They saw this kind of thing a lot. But if they saw too much, it eventually made them become numb. It’s like a repeated wound, and in the end it would only form a more serious and hideous heartache.

    “I’m sorry, I should have waited until you regained consciousness before seeking your opinion.” Mingyou took out a silver scarf made of silk, “Snowy, please untie Grey.”

    The white bear looked at the black cat. The shadow liger rubbed his eyes with a paw and sniffed: “Untie.”

    The polar bear untied the rope from the wolf’s limbs and removed the ice muzzle. The large wolf turned over, jumped up and vigorously shook his fur. His tail swayed from side to side.

    He didn’t seem to be afraid of the person and two beasts just because he had been treated roughly. Instead, he had a deep trust in the human and two beasts because of their emotional power.

    For dogs, smelling the buttocks was a way to express positive feelings. Arthur hurried around the room with a curled tail, obviously unable to adapt to this way of expressing goodwill.

    “Grey, look at this square scarf? Does it smell good? Would you like it?” Mingyou ran after the wolf.

    The large wolf stopped, turned his head, leaned over, and tilted his head. Mingyou folded the scarf and handed it to the wolf: “If you like it, I can you give it to you?”

   The big bad wolf’s head tilted in the other direction, he blinked, and then he slammed round. Opened his mouth! Bite! He closed his mouth.

    “Hey! Stupid wolf! If you like something, you are not allowed to bite it!” Arthur rushed over, and before the wolf opened his mouth to bite, he shoved his paw into the wolf’s mouth.

    “Bah, baah.” The wolf hurriedly spat out Arthur’s paw.

    The polar bear was busy wiping Arthur’s paws. Arthur’s cat’s paws had decent defenses, so he was not injured, only his paw was covered in slobber.

    Not allowed? The big bad wolf seemed to understand but not understand.

    “It hurts to be bitten. If you like it, you can’t bite.” Mingyou tried to convey his meaning and made a demonstration. He put on sharp fangs exchanged from the system store, lifted one of the wolf’s front paws, and brought it to his mouth.

    Mingyou (づ ̄□ ̄)づ: Ahhh!

    Big Bad Wolf (メ⊙□⊙): Ahhh! Bark bark bark! ! ! ! !

    Mingyou took off the fangs, took out a paper towel, and spit out the wolf fur: “It hurts, right? So you are not allowed to bite.”

    The two meter tall wolf shrank into a huge silver-gray fluffy ball with drooping ears. Then, his hind legs tightly clamped his big gray tail, his front paws shivering, and constantly whimpering.

    “It hurts, right?” Mingyou asked again with a smile, his expression was very simple and kind.

    Gray wolf: Aow (ノДTT)…

    “Come on, I will tie the square scarf for you, and you will be my partner in the future.” Mingyou tied the scarf around the wolf’s neck, while the wolf shivered. Didn’t dare to move.

    Mingyou gave the wolf a scarf of perseverance. In game the scarf could make the character less susceptible to confusion and other mental status conditions. The lower the mana level, the higher the defence, referred to as mana lock.

    In this world, the perseverance scarf would temporarily stabilize a spirit beast’s mental power and vitality state, and increase the spirit beast’s resistance in all areas. This was suitable for the large wolf whose mental power value has fallen to a ditch.

    The black cat and the polar bear watched Mingyou bite the wolf and turned into two lifelike stone statues. 

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